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Family is the glue that holds our lives together. When it feels like our whole world is about to crumble, our families are there waiting to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Whether you’d like some tips on how to celebrate family events or perhaps a bit of advice on sharing holidays with your in-laws, you’ve come to the right place.Browse through our family section to gather some tips on raising a family and teaching your kids things they need to know in life.

Thanksgiving Traditions to Enjoy with Your Family

Thanksgiving time is a great time of year to remember why we’re thankful in our lives. Celebrating a special holiday like Thanksgiving with family can become a cherished family tradition. You can also make up your own family traditions to … Keep Reading

10 Activities You Can Do With Your Teen Daughter for the Holidays

As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and mother, I understand how difficult it can be to get quality time with your teen daughter. With all of the demands that the holiday season brings, it can often be overwhelming. Between the … Keep Reading

Lucky Bee Bee Jewels Product Review

Over the past few weeks I have happily shared my experiences with some of the many wonderful play sets that JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer. The girls and I have been completely amazed with the amount of fun we’ve shared. … Keep Reading

Style Six Gem Decorator Product Review

Over the course of this summer, I have introduced you to some wonderful play sets from JAKKS PACIFIC. They are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, products from licenses such as Color Workshop, Creative Designs International, … Keep Reading

Dogs Get Sunburn, Too – Best Sunscreen and Sun Care Tips for Dogs and Puppies

If you’ve ever gotten a bad sunburn, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Did you know dogs can get sunburn too? If you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, it is your responsibility as owner to … Keep Reading

Style Six Airbrush Fashion line for Girls Product Review

That time has come again; our beautiful kids are off to a new year at school. Isn’t it great (for us anyways)?! To extend the excitement about their return, why not make going back to school, well… fun? With JAKKS … Keep Reading

JAKKS PACIFIC Extreme Performance Vehicles – Product Review

The first time I introduced JAKKS PACIFIC was when I excitedly spoke about the “bonding time,” ultimate pampering experience my girls and I shared. Today, I gladly shift to “boy stuff” by introducing the GX Racers & GX Racers: Tight … Keep Reading

After Parvo – Tips on Helping Your Dog or Puppy in Recovering from Parvo Virus and Life Beyond

While many dogs and puppies lose their battle to Parvo, just as many tend to survive, make a full recovery, and live a long life after Parvo. With that being said, if your dog or pup beats Parvo, that is … Keep Reading

A Common Puppy Virus to Watch Out For

Caring for a new puppy has its ups and downs, and you may not be surprised if your little pup gets an upset tummy in the first few weeks of ownership. If you are concerned that your new puppy might … Keep Reading

Product Review: JAKKS PACIFIC Spa Factory – Color & Sparkle Manicure Play Set

There are so many joys to being a mother… especially if you have three kids and two of them happen to be girls. Now granted, my son is fabulous (couldn’t have asked for a more perfect one), but for today, … Keep Reading

Top 10 Pets to Consider Adopting or Welcoming to Your Family

If you are looking to adopt a pet into your family, that’s great news! So many pets need a loving home, and owning a pet can make your home more complete. As you prepare to choose the type of pet … Keep Reading

Everything You Need to Know about Pet Insurance for Your Dog, Cat, or Other Pet

Enrolling in pet health insurance for your dog, cat, small animal, or exotic pet is a great way to help ensure you will never have to make a difficult financial decision when it comes to your pet’s health. Pet insurance … Keep Reading

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