Easy International Cooking at Home

Are your mealtimes taking a turn for the worst due to the hectic schedule you are forced to keep with seemingly endless lists of errands to run, places to go, and things to do? Maybe it is time to offer your taste buds a trip along international borders with a bit of zest and exciting new meal ideas for eating on the run or quick-and-easy menus. After all, isn’t life meant to be full of new and interesting experiences?

So, if you have ever been stuck for an answer to that question “What’s for dinner?” that almost every family member invariably asks when they arrive home after a long day of school or work, take the time to browse through the following suggestions to add a bit of zest to your dinner table tonight!

Tandoor Chef: Good Enough for Vegetarians
Experimenting with Indian cuisine is so easy with Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizza. I have to admit to being a tad bit skeptical at first, but I seriously mean it when I say, “This is one terrific pizza!” Forget that it is frozen. Forget that it is designed for a quick meal. All you need to know is that Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizza deserves to be raved about.

In fact, I recently learned that Cooking Light ran its first “Taste Test Awards” this past fall and Tandoor Chef’s new Margherita Naan Pizza earned the title of “Grand Prize Winner in the Pizza Category.” I can certainly see why. I found all four of their vegetarian Naan pizzas (Cilantro Pesto, Spinach & Paneer Cheese, Roasted Eggplant, and Margherita) flavorful while also having the perfect texture from the dough to the cheese.

Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizzas are hand-stretched, all natural, and baked in a Tandoor oven. Plus, they use no preservatives, have no trans fat, and use buffalo-milk mozzarella. They are also suitable for vegetarians. If you try just one, you will find yourself looking for more. At least, I think you will.

Lawry’s ® Marinades
Lawry’s ® Marinades, made from real fruit juice, offer a chance to give your food a bold new flavor whether you are grilling, baking, or broiling. Lawry’s Marinades are quick to use, allowing you to break out of boring food routines easily. Helping to tenderize your meat whether you are using chicken, beef, or pork, Lawry’s marinades seal in the juices each time leading to the perfect flavor for your meals. Plus, you can easily add a touch of “heat” or the perfect blend of herbs with Lawry’s Marinades.

Sold in 12 fluid ounce bottles, Lawry’s Marinades are available in many delicious varieties including the two newest flavors that I sampled – Sweet and Sour BBQ and Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato with minced garlic and olive oil. Both varieties offer a full, rich flavor that accents your dish with superb taste.

Remember to always discard any remaining marinade to avoid food contamination. For recipes and additional information, please visit www.lawrys.com. Lawry’s marinades sell for approximately $2.79 in most supermarkets and discount stores such as WalMart and Kmart. I received one bottle of each variety for the purposes of this review. Without a doubt, my family preferred the taste of Lawry’s Sweet and Sour BBQ marinade.

Tasty Bite
If you like international flavor but don’t have the time to cook from scratch or recreate one of your favorite international dishes, why not try a few of these delicious international microwaveable meals? Not only are these meals terrific for moms on the go, but they are perfect for college students, dads trapped at the office through the dinner hour, and latchkey children who need a healthy snack to tide them over until mom gets home. Tasty Bites’ international microwaveable meals can be eaten as a quick, tasty, stand-alone snack or they can be incorporated into a full meal.

Tasty Bite offers an entire bevy of quick microwaveable meals including Tandoori Rice, Thai Lime Rice, Punjab Eggplant, and Channa Masala. For an added touch of flavorful protein, try Tasty Bite’s Chunky Chickpeas or Zesty Lentils & Peas. You can add these to salads, soups, rice, and casseroles for a touch of aromatic, international flavor.

If you want to enjoy the blended taste of peanuts, coconut, and lemongrass, you should try Tasty Bite’s Satay Partay simmer sauce as a marinade, grilling sauce, or flavorful dip. For cooking with fish, you can try Tasty Bite’s blended taste of peanuts, onions, tamarind, and chilies in their Pad Thai simmer sauce. Visit www.tastybite.com for exciting tips, recipes, and more!

Thai Kitchen Food and Recipes…

Tips for Keeping Dry with “On the Cuff”

How many times have you wished that you had only remembered to roll your sleeves up or better yet, worn a short-sleeved shirt when washing the car, using facial scrubs, or washing the pet? Isn’t it “oh so annoying” to discover that your sleeves are all wet or your arms have water running up them simply because you were busy completing some task or other?

Well, you can do away with wet arms and soggy sleeves with this clever little product, “On the Cuff,” designed for just that purpose. While they might not be very attractive to look at, they serve their purpose and that really is all that matters. After all, how many times do you have an audience when you rinse off dishes or wash the car? Isn’t everyone else always out of sight when it is time for certain tasks to be undertaken?

With “On the Cuff,” you never have to worry about wet arms again. Just think about how nice it will be to wash your child’s face or rinse out your coffee mug without worrying about wetting your office blouse or cocktail dress. Wet sleeves have always been a pet peeve for many people. It is reason enough alone to put off any task involving water.

“On the Cuff” is sold as a convenient one size fits all product. In fact, this feature makes these nifty items useful for both men and women so make sure you have several pair to share with other family members.

One of the added niceties to the “On the Cuff” product is that it is sold with a convenient mini-drying stand for easy drying. You can use these cuffs over and over again countless times, so it is worth the small investment that you make to purchase them. Just make sure that you place them on your arms snugly so the water runs off without getting your clothing wet!

I received a generous sample of 4 pair of “On the Cuff” and a drying stand in an adorable aqua blue mesh bag. Before that, I didn’t even know they existed. Now, I am glad that I do and so are my clothes!


Cooking Game Guide: Great Gifts for Kids and Adults Who Love Cooking

Cooking games and food games can be great gift ideas for all ages. What child didn’t grow up with a kitchen play set, play food, and toy pots and pans? Even adults can enjoy cooking games from video games to board games. If you need a present for a family member, you can find countless cooking games for girls, for boys, and for kids in general. Cooking games and baking games are great gift options for children since they can be educational as well as fun. Consider these suggestions for cooking games for all ages.

Cooking games come in all shapes and sizes for kids and adults. You can find bona fide cooking board games or cooking video games for the tech savvy. You can find food games and play sets for kids or maybe even vintage Barbie cooking games on eBay. You can play cooking games online or you can purchase them as gifts. Once you determine the kind of cooking games and baking games that you need, you can move forward in the search for the perfect cooking game.


Check out this guide of cooking games for kids and adults to help you find the perfect one.

Cooking Games for Adults
Adults are sure to love a variety of cooking games with trivia and interaction. Many adults love to cook and bake, and a game with a focus on cooking or baking could be the perfect gift idea for that person. Consider this list of cooking games for adults:

1.    What’s Cookin? Game by University Games – This foodie friendly game is for adults 18 and up, offering challenges in five food-themed categories. Answer questions related to kitchen utensils, kinds of desserts, and more. The game can be different every time and works for even two players. The What’s Cookin? Game was designed with cooks, food lovers, and friends in mind. ($14.98)

2.    Celebrity Chef! The Game by Idea Farm NYC, LLC
– Designed to be a great dinner party game, the Celebrity Chef! Game presents challenges like Land a TV Show, Run a hot restaurant, Get product endorsements, Sign a cookbook deal, Be acclaimed in the press, etc. Celebrity Chef! The Game gives you questions about Chef School, Tools & Techniques, the Bar, Name that Dish, Chef Pop Culture, and more. ($14.93)

3.    Convivium: Cooking Entertainment Game – This cool cook game features a race to the finish as well as interactive cooking tasks and responsibilities to create a full meal. To prepare for Convivium, the party host can choose to provide all the ingredients for the meal or can ask each friend attending to bring something. This food related activity starts as a board game and finishes up as a full meal. ($27.75)

4.    What’s Cookin’? The Ultimate Party Game for Cooks – This interesting party game is great for the host or hostess who still needs to finish up the cooking while also entertaining guests. A great concept, the What’s Cookin? board game features more than 700 questions developed by foodies and chefs across the country. The game involves lots of guessing around kitchen tools, ingredients and dishes, restaurant history, and more. ($40)

5.    Food Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit – While this may not be a true game, it can be a fun way to pass the time with food in mind. This kit contains more than 240 word magnets with Roman type on a white background. A plastic storage case is included with the Food Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit. This food-themed item would make a great gift for any chef or foodie. ($12.90)

6.    Reveal Entertainment Food Lovers Trivia Game – Test your culinary smarts with this food trivia game that uses edible game pieces. You can get creative with candies, snacks, veggies, fruit, or drinks, and be sure to include recipes of the right color. Dedicated solely to food trivia, this Food Lovers Trivia Game is another great choice for dinner parties. ($24.48)

7.    Eat It Game by C-Me – Rated well on Amazon, this food game focuses on trivia for snacks and sweets. Designed for two to six players, Eat It includes a game board, die, thousands of trivia questions, and game pieces to help you get to the top of the Snack & Sweets Pyramid. This candy and snacks themed food game recreates the food pyramid and allows you to indulge in trivia about your favorite treats. ($28.53)

8.    Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers – More than 1000 food trivia questions keep players busy as they try to determine the answers to questions centering on culinary science, celebrity chefs, exotic cuisine, food history, and more. Rated well on Amazon, Foodie Fight makes another great addition to your dinner party. ($12.89)

Cooking Games for Girls…


Timothy Jay Candles Review – Fresh, Clean, and Elegant Scents for Men and Women

Timothy Jay Candles of West Hollywood, California, are the ultimate sensory gift for men or women for just about any occasion. These luxurious candles appeal to the senses with fragrances in four themes – Florals, Naturals, Greens, and Fruits. The candles are available as subtle gift ideas, home décor options, and more extravagant gift sets including nine 10-oz candles. Read on to learn about my experience reviewing two fragrant Timothy Jay candles.

I received two lavish 10 oz. Timothy Jay candles to check out in my own home and so far the experience has been great! I received Grapefruit (a pretty yellow candle), which is one of my husband’s favorite fruits, and Celadon (a lovely blue to teal colored candle). Both fragrances are full yet subtle enough not to overwhelm. The scents are clean and fresh, offering an inviting aroma to your home. They are pleasant to burn during the day or at night during or after a meal.

The 10-oz. Timothy Jay Candle is poured into a three-inch diameter glass container with a specially designed paper wick. The candles are made of soy-based wax and should burn for 50 hours. I’ve already burned mine three times for several hours at a time, and I don’t even notice the wax getting lower. Attention to detail on these candles is astounding! Besides the lovely fragrance and the high quality of the containers, the base is covered in felt to protect any surface where you’d like to burn your candle.

The candles are beautifully packaged in black and white boxes with bows – a very classy and truly elegant packaging style that is perfect for men and women alike. Each candle carefully wrapped in tissue and surrounded by a layer of sisal. These candles would make great gifts for the bachelor, a guy coworker who just bought his own home, or even for a guy friend, brother, father, or boyfriend. While these candles are neutral enough for men, they are surely not exclusively for men. The Timothy Jay collection offers just as many lovely options for the women you know.

The Timothy Jay Serenity Bowls are a lovely option for the home, whether a gift or a home accent for your family room, living room, or bedroom. These candles are contained in a black ceramic bowl with three separate wicks and 50 hours of burn time. You can also consider the Timothy Jay votive sampler (set of four votives), the Signature Selection (set of nine 10-oz. candles), or of course, the standard 10 oz. candles. Timothy Jay also offers the “Send A Candle Service,” which ensures an elegant shipping container and a hand written note for each and every candle sent.

Timothy Jay Sullivan started out as an advertising executive and left the business after 25 years to pour candles in his kitchen. Soon after, he found himself with a growing list of buyers, including many celebrity clients like Ryan Seacrest and Diana Ross and private clients like the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Bel Air Hotel, and Qatar Airways.

Timothy Jay Candles are available for sale online or at the store on North Harper Avenue in West Hollywood. For more information or to order Timothy Jay Candles, please see http://www.timothyjaycandles.com.


Dry Spice Flavor Saver Canisters Product Review

Let’s face it, we’ve all spent money on spices before. I usually purchase mine every time I visit the grocery store. Why? Because I find one or two spice containers that have crumbled up and become unusable.

This is one of the many reasons I was thrilled to try Dry Spice. It has made my grocery bill a lot less expensive and my trips to the store much more enjoyable. No longer am I re-buying spices I’ve recently bought. No longer am I adding rice to my spices (because most of the time it doesn’t work well enough for me) and no longer am I wasting money.

Dry Spice (if you haven’t heard) is a great spice saver that eliminates clumps and caking. It keeps your spices fresh by absorbing the moisture that is normally drawn into your spice containers over time. These small flavor saver canisters are simply amazing. They do so well at retaining the fresh flavors and aromas, as well as extending the shelf life of your spices… in the end, saving you lots of money!

The great thing about these canisters is that they are not only used for savoring spices. They can also be used to retain freshness in coffees, teas, nuts and grains, chips, crackers, and other known items that tend to lose their oomph over time.

What I was really excited to find is that they work so well in clothing canisters too. I thought I’d throw one in with my winter wardrobe just to see how it’d work. Normally, in as little as one month, my clothes begin to have that ‘packed away’ smell. Well this time, the clothes smelled as fresh as when I initially packed them. I opened another box (one that I didn’t throw a flavor savor canister in) and it was already beginning to have that stale smell. I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to see how one little canister can do so much. To say the least, I was (and am) very impressed.

PROS: I love that these flavor savor canisters are not just limited to keeping spices fresh.  If there is moisture to be drawn, these canisters can be used.

CONS: I’ve sat here for the past hour and still cannot come up with any problems.

Dry Spice can be found at a few fine retail outlets in California, Hawaii, and Texas. You can also purchase them at a few specialty stores online. Please visit www.dryspice.com for more details.

This product can be purchased as a 10 Dry Spice canister pack for as little as $8.99 each (including shipping). If ordering online, feel comforted knowing that they have many payment options (all with the security of PayPal).

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I received two 10-pks of Dry Spice from Dry Spice, through Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC. , for the purpose of my review. The thoughts and opinions within this post are my own (unless otherwise stated). Thank you.

Best Tips for Harvesting from Your Vegetable Garden

Try these tips for best results in harvesting veggies and seeds from your garden.Watching a garden grow to the point of producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or foliage can be immensely rewarding. Whether you start your garden from seeds, seedlings, or full-sized plants, the joy you feel at the onset of the blossoms and blooms or delicious produce is unmatched by many other outdoor hobbies.

To take full advantage of your gardening efforts, be sure to water your plants as often as needed, taking special care not to overwater them. Also, feel free to fertilize plants according to the packaging on the MiracleGro container or that of your preferred fertilizer product. Take the time to weed your gardens as needed, and apply plant-friendly pesticides if you find the bugs are out of control. If you take good care of your garden, your garden will take good care of you when it comes time to deliver the fruits of your efforts.

When your vegetable plants have matured and produced their first yield, you’ll surely be proud of your tremendous accomplishment. You’ll also notice your grocery bill should go down a bit, if you tend to purchase a fair amount of fresh produce regularly. To help you get the most out of your vegetable garden and its harvest, follow these easy tips!

“Harvest often,” says Roses for Dummies author Lance Walheim. “Letting crops get over mature will reduce future yields.

“If you don’t pick cucumbers, beans, peppers, squash, and others on a regular basis, the plant puts it energy into making those fruit bigger and bigger (and inedible) at the expense of setting more fruit that can be eaten. So if you don’t pick regularly, the plant stops producing. It’s better to pick and throw it away than to leave it on the plant.”

Gardening is great for goodwill and sharing. You can offer excess vegetables to your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers rather than letting the veggies spoil or grow too large on the vine.

Another good reason to harvest frequently is to give yourself an edge against the wild creatures that also like to pilfer your produce. Rabbits and deer are notorious for helping themselves to many things in just about any garden, and to gardeners, this can be especially frustrating. If you visit your garden daily or every other day, chances are that you can beat these critters to the punch and get most of your veggies before they end up half-chewed up or completely gone.

If you plan to pick a fair quantity of smaller vegetables such as peas, green beans, or small to medium sized tomatoes or potatoes, you may wish to bring a colander with you. The colander comes in especially handy when you end up cooking your fresh-picked veggies on the same day as harvesting them.

If you don’t get quite enough veggies in one picking for dinner, don’t worry. You can always save them for a few days until your garden produces enough for a meal. Most fresh-picked or store-bought fresh vegetables can last for anywhere between two days and two weeks in the crisper of your refrigerator. Some vegetables may benefit from bags or containers. Also, a good rule of thumb is to wait to wash your fresh produce until right before you want to cook or eat it.

Finally, if you are interested in collecting seeds from your garden for next year’s harvest, you may have to do a small amount of research, depending on the type of vegetables you’ve been growing. Collecting seeds from your vegetable garden should be a fairly easy process once you learn what steps you need to take.

“It’s different for each vegetable,” Walheim says. “Lettuce needs to be allowed to bolt (go to seed), which means you can’t eat it. Tomatoes have to be deseeded and the seeds dried and properly stored.”


Tips for a Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is here! That happened fast this year – after that long winter, now is a great time to be outside and make our own yards and surrounding areas more beautiful. Earth Day is also a good time to reflect on our environment and do what we can to preserve it and keep it healthy for our kids, their kids, and generations to come. If you have a spare moment today, try to participate in one or more of the following tips for a happy Earth Day.

Earth Day comes just once a year, but we should be mindful of the environment and keeping our Earth healthy all year long. Consider these tips to be a bigger part of Earth Day today and every day.

– Carpool or walk to your destination (if safe) when possible. You can also take public transportation to reduce emissions into the environment.

– Plant a tree! This is something simple anyone can do! If you live in an apartment or just don’t have the yard space, consider planting seeds of some kind instead – herbs, vegetables, or flowers are a great pick!

– Try a new brand of organic or natural beauty products. You can help the environment AND protect yourself and your skin from harmful chemicals.

– Reduce your electricity consumption. Consider avoiding use of the air conditioner or the heater, depending on the weather today.

– Find out what your local municipality accepts for recycling. Make sure you are doing all that you can do to avoid filling up our world’s landfills. Some towns allow you to recycle cardboard and even styrofoam!

– Make an effort to conserve water. Take a shorter shower today and make a conscious decision to use less water for things like washing your car, watering your lawn, etc. all throughout the year.

These are just a few examples of ways you can recognize and be a part of Earth Day today and all year long. Have a Happy Earth Day!

Must-Have Products for Female Confidence

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewI think we all can agree when I say that there are a few items on a woman’s list that must be bought, at minimum, a couple times a month. That’s because we need them to feel better about ourselves. It’s called maintaining our femininity. We use these products religiously (whether we’d like to or not), so why settle for what’s offered on the shelves at the store, unless of course they offer it at your local supermarket. Otherwise, it’s nice to splurge a little on “the good stuff” if it’ll make you feel better.

I may have confused some of you with where I’m headed with this post. Don’t worry, I’m getting there.
Some of the necessities I am referring to are: panty liners (gotta have those), razors (some of us need to shave way too often) and workout clothing (and I’m talking comfortable attire so we feel better while we’re sweating our behinds off).

Did I get your attention? Great, because some of the products I’ll be talking to you about may come as a surprise. Maybe you wouldn’t think that shopping for these things could come from any place other than at your local grocery store. They do (or at least two out of the three products do) and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you see. I did. From the moment I received the products in the mail I have been thinking of ways to share the products with others (by ways of gift ideas, etc.).

Titan6 men's razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewThe first product I’m going to share with you is available anywhere hygiene products are found.  I’m talking about razors, but not just any razor. I’m talking about the new Shave Mate razors. They are amazing (by all accounts – mine of course) and I don’t think I could ever try another. I’ll tell you why.

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewShaveMate came out with a new razor (Diva6 for women and Titan6 for men) that has the shaving cream dispenser in the razor’s end. This is a complete, all-in-one combo razor worth getting excited about. It comes with six flexible blades for an extremely close shave. Now, normally I don’t make such a big stink about shaving. Usually, I don’t tell anyone when I shave unless I’m in a conversation with friends about the product they use, but that’s normally followed by: I have to shave everyday because my razor doesn’t perform the way it should. If this sounds like you, consider looking into the purchase of a three-pack of Diva6 shavers for yourself (and the Titan6 for the husband, boyfriend, or other).  It’s definitely the closest shave I’ve ever had, and I’ve been shaving for 20 years or so.

Available at: Walgreens, Meijer, Food City, and online at Amazon.com, www.walgreens.com, or www.target.com


Pantzies fashionable panty liners product reviewNext we have Pantzies… sound interesting? They are. I’m going to go as far as saying this product can fit in as a perfect “novelty” type, yet very practical, item. It makes a particular product that normally has a stigma for being serious… kind of fun to share and talk about. Yes, I am talking about panty liners, but the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

I have to say, when I first received product samples for review, I was thrilled (in a personal sort of way). I just thought they were the cutest and wanted to wear them, just because I could. Surprisingly, they are both cute and very comfortable, and I say this with the utmost confidence. I mean, trust me because it’s not every day that I freely talk about something as personal as panty liners. Just saying the word makes me feel like I’m talking about something I shouldn’t…

Please consider looking at this product in a bit more detail; I think you’ll agree that Pantzies would be a great novelty item for a friend or daughter (expecting mom, a young girl learning about panty liners, a bachelorette, etc.). Also, on a personal level, these are really great items to have in your purse just in case you need them at a moment’s notice. I do recommend them.

Available by visiting: http://www.hyjean.com

ARP: Prices vary depending on amount purchased, but start at $7.95

And last, but definitely not least, we have Lolly 38. Talk about outrageously comfortable attire for curvy women.  The fabrics are simply beautiful and wearable – almost too perfect.

I think my husband has had to request that I wear something different. Not because he didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I simply could not get myself to do it otherwise. I felt so comfortable. So pretty and I just didn’t want that feeling to end. I really just didn’t want to change. At this point I wish I had an entire closet full of Lolly 38; that way, I could change, but I’d feel that same comfort no matter what.

Lolly38 yoga wear product review

It truly is a different feeling compared to what I’m used to.

You’re going to enjoy this part of my review. The clothing at Lolly 38’s Taffy wear; the yoga and active wear I was provided (didn’t cost any more than other good quality garments you’d buy at the mall). The quality of Lolly 38, to me, exceeds all the other brands I’ve ever worn before. I can’t even describe the difference… except. Okay, you know the bed sheets that you can’t get yourself to get out of. The softest (not silk), most stretchy (yet strong) fibered sheets that are a tie between cotton and spandex… yeah, that material. Well, it may not be that exactly, but you get what I mean right? It’s practically candy for your body. Definitely a must have in anyone’s active wear collection. But before you go drooling at Taffy, make sure you look at the underwear, sweats, and T-shirt sections. I know that my next purchase will be undies; if they feel anything like the Taffy line, I’ll be in heaven for life.

Available at: www.lolly38.com

ARP: all items vary; please visit Lolly 38’s site for more detail

I hope that you will consider visiting any of the sites listed above. Each and every one of the products made my life easier. From feeling so clean and soft to feeling positively comfortable in what I’m wearing; you will definitely find that these products are worth the rave. I am pretty convinced that once you try any one of the above products, you’ll be hooked. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that you can find use in one, or all, of the products listed above.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: The products shared in this review were sent to me in order to give you straight forward and honest opinions. The opinions written in this post are of my own and therefore, I claim no responsibility for those who feel differently. Thank you.

Top 10 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day or Any Day

Be a friend to the environment and do your part to reduce waste and make the world a better place to live. You can go green in so many ways, from buying certified green and organic products to driving less. With a little creativity and a lot of dedication, you can make a difference by going green for Earth Day or any day.

Green living can be as easy or as complex as you like – from something as simple as buying paper plates instead of Styrofoam to something as involved (read: expensive) as enlisting the help of professionals to get your appliances running smoothly, increasing efficiency. Consider your current lifestyle to help you decide which degree of green living you’d like to follow.

Consider these suggestions for how to go green for Earth Day or any day.

1.    Buy products that are produced in a green way, and especially those that are easily biodegradable.
Consider products like Earth Essentials Biodegradable Sugar Cane Bowls and Plates (available at CVS), which are made from sustainable sugar cane byproduct. These bowls and plates offer a super fast biodegrading time along with an especially affordable price – only $2.50 per package of 20. Best yet, they are still sturdy and able to hold hot and cold foods and liquids.

2.    Buy only cosmetics and beauty products that are not tested on animals.
Go green even more by purchasing organic and natural products that don’t contain toxins.

3.    Buy food and other items in bulk to reduce packaging, waste, and cost. “Bulk shopping makes it easy for consumers to go green in an affordable fashion,” said Bulk is Green Council member Clint Landis of Frontier Natural Products Co-Op. “It’s smart, sustainable shopping that uses minimal packaging and allows the customer to reduce waste by purchasing as little or as much as they need.”

4.    Plant a tree. You can help to bring back a tiny fraction of the trees that are cut down each year by planting a baby tree.

5.    Conserve electricity by turning off lights and unplugging things you aren’t using. Many people also help to save the environment by turning to solar power.

6.    Recycle as much as you possibly can, both at home and in the office. Some places even allow you to recycle Styrofoam, scrap metal, cardboard, and more.

7.    Walk rather than drive whenever you have the chance. In addition to helping you go green, this is good for your body, too, giving you exercise and fresh air.

8.    Carpool when you can, and lump several errands together into the same trips.
The more you get done on one trip, the less driving you have to do for separate errands. Spend less time in the car!

9.    Start composting instead of throwing away food wastes. You can make your own nutrient rich soil for your garden while also helping to reduce what goes into the landfills.

10.    Use reusable shopping bags. Instead of getting plastic or paper at the grocery store or other stores, do your part to help the environment for not just Earth Day but all the time.

Keep these 10 living green tips in mind to help you go green for Earth Day and every day. Every person can make a difference by doing things to help and save the environment. From reducing resource consumption to recycling and reusing things when possible, we can all make out own differences in the environment. Going green is more than just a trend – it is a way of life.

Weekly Deal Dispatch – Hot Deals and Promo Codes for Online Shopping

Free Gifts From Our Top Brands at ULTA.comEveryone loves a good deal. That’s why we are going to be bringing you the hottest deals we can find on the Web each week so you can save money and get the most for your bucks. Because we’re going to be updating this very same page with the new deals each week, you can feel comfortable bookmarking this page and coming back as often as you like to check up on the great deals and promo codes on the Web with our partners and other exciting offers we find.

Enjoy these deals and promo codes for March 2010:

Saving money and getting good deals allows you to select nicer gifts for family and friends. Try to find great presents at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to choose memorable gifts for those you love.

Save up to 20% on Unique Gifts at RedEnvelope Red Envelope – Save up to 20% on unique gifts for him, her, or them. The men’s collar stays shown in the image to the left are a huge hit with my husband. They make a great gift for the guy who is the impossible one on your shopping list. No current expiration date.

Keeping up with the latest fashions can become a hard habit to break, but also an expensive hobby. When you scour the Web for deals and discounts at your favorite stores, you can save yourself some money as well as frustration.

Walgreens – 50% off photo prints (30+), valid 3/28/10-4/3/10. Use promo code EASTER

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Novelty Items worth Remembering: The Rack Trap and Jack Cards Divorce / Breakup Cards

Do you ever shop online, looking for novelty items to purchase as a birthday gifts, anniversary presents, etc.? I always have so much fun looking for odds and ends. Things that would normally not be considered, I find, just because I’m “that person.” I’m the gal that has the cool and “un-thought-of” gifts at every party. I’m the gal that hunts high and low for something fun, quirky, and out of the norm… yep, that’s me.

I had an especially fun time reviewing the following two products. They are great novelty items that I’m sure you’ll find interesting too.

THE RACK TRAP – that’s right, The Rack Trap… it’s an item you’ll wish you had encountered a long time ago. It’s an interesting little number that you place in your bra and it holds anything from cash to credit cards and your license/ID to pictures. Practically anything you’d like to carry with you “on the go” without having to lug around anything else. It’s convenient, practical and so simple you can’t help but smile. The Rack Trap is definitely an ingenious idea and I give props to the makers!

Editor’s Note: The Rack Trap is an especially great fit for padded bras or supportive bras, but it can also work with decorative and delicate lace bras. If you plan to wear a more decorative bra, such as a delicate lace bra, proceed with caution so your shirt doesn’t reveal your secret pocket, or be sure to get yourself one of the lace style Rack Traps for a more delicate fit.

ARP: sold individually or in a set of four. Gold Version is $7.95 w/free shipping and the four packs are sold at $19.95 w/free shipping.

Available at: www.theracktrap.com

Next we have Jack Cards. Jack Cards is an amazing online Card store that has the funniest, cutest, most outrageous cards I’ve ever seen. Example: they have cards for any imaginable situation a person can fall into.

So you have a friend who’s just gone through a divorce; you so badly want to cheer your friend up because after all, we all know how tough that must be, right? Well, break the ice, fears, and sorrow with an amusingly fun card from Jack Cards. These cards will make anyone smile (even if only for a moment).

Let’s say there’s an occasion where a sincere card is more appropriate. Jack Cards can help. There are sections for birthdays and parties to humor and sincerity; romantic love to funny jokes and baby showers to giving thanks. In fact, there is not one occasion or situation Jack Cards won’t supply. The prices are exceptional and well worth the time to check them out; and with any purchase above $50.00, they are offering free shipping, too. Perhaps the nicest feature of all, Jack Cards will send your selected cards to you prior to the event or for you, addressed to your recipient. You still have the option to hand-sign each card with a personal message, while still enjoying the convenience of not having to visit the card shop.

ARP: As with any card, prices vary

Available at: www.jackcards.com

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Sample products were provided in order to gather enough of an opinion based on my experiences with use. The thoughts and opinions within this article are my own and therefore I claim no responsibility for anyone who feels differently. For more information on the products listed in this review; please take a moment and visit the official websites provided. Thank you.

Recyclable Shopping Bags to Help You Go Green – its-laS-tik by what’Surbag (Great for Mardi Gras!)

Whether you need a stylish bag to tote around groceries or a cute bag for all those last-minute dashing-out-the-door things Consider the its-laS-tic bag by what'Surbag as an alternative to paper and plastic shopping bags.you need to bring, its-laS-tik pouches and shopping bags by what’Surbag offer the most eye-catching patterns, colors, and designs around. What’s better yet – these bags totally stretch and conform to hold just about anything you’d want to bring with you to work, the gym, the store, the mall, on an airplane, or just about anywhere.

Make a point to go green this year and you won’t be disappointed. Reusable grocery bags have come a very long way from solid colors, straw-like textures, and awkward handles. They are designed to take the stress of heavy items you carry off your shoulders and arms by bearing the brunt of the weight in a very elastic, flexible, and durable bag. In fact, the bags bounce with each step you take.

Consider the its-laS-tic bag by what'Surbag as an alternative to paper and plastic shopping bags.Made of stretchy, flexible nylon and lycra blend, its-laS-tik pouches and shopping bags by what’Surbag are washable and they compress into very small sizes so you can take them along with you in your purse or other bag when not in use. They spring right back into shape and size when you need to use them again.

No matter what your sense of style and personality, you will be hard pressed not to find one if not several its-laS-tik shopping bags and totes to love. These reusable shopping bags come in countless colors and styles, from camouflage to shiny metallic and everything in between. These also strike me as a great alternative to the bridesmaid tote bag.

I received a beautiful tie dye its-laS-tik bag from the folks at what’Surbag, and it couldn’t be more fitting to my personality and sense of style. The vibrant colors of hot pink and yellow with a touch of orange are just the most fun hues for me to enjoy sporting anywhere I go. I find no matter how much of my stuff I pack into my cute pink bag, I still have room for whatever else, from a full sports bottle to gloves, tissues, 10 ounce bottles of body lotion, lip balm, my lunch, and so much more.

I honestly wish I had known about its-laS-tik by what’Surbag last year when my husband and friends and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. If you’ve never been to Mardi Gras, you must first understand the importance of catching as many beads as you can from the floats passing by the parade route. We had bags to fill up with beads, but once the bags were full, that was it – you either had to stop catching them, wear them, or try to get a hold of another bag. Had we had a few of these its-laS-tik bags, I am sure our take-home amounts would have far exceeded the beads we got – although we did end up with hundreds of strands of beads by the time Mardi Gras concluded. Honestly – if you are going to Mardi Gras and want the best bag you can get to carry all your beads and throws, order yourself a couple of its-laS-tik pouches and shopping bags.

A really neat tie-in…. its-laS-tik and what’Surbag actually hail from New Orleans! Perhaps they used their knowledge of the Mardi Gras culture and customs to help come up with the design for their kickass bags. Who knows? What I can tell you is that they manufacture these stylish and reusable bags in a factory that was rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Not only that, but what’Surbag donates a percentage of sales to Hope House in New Orleans. So, you can own a stylish bag (or several!), go green for the planet, and contribute to a second great cause – alleviating suffering in the community via faith-based Hope House.

You can order its-laS-tik pouches and shopping bags at www.whatsurbag-usa.com/shopping. Product provided free to writer for reviewYou can choose from countless colors and patterns and a variety of sizes. Pouches are 5″x 9″ with a zipper and a wristlet ($11.99), medium bags are 12″ x 13″ ($14.99), and large bags are 15” x 16” ($24.99). You can also check out backpacks and other products by what’Surbag.