Ricotta Pasta Toss

Ricotta Pasta Toss RecipeThis dish is my new favorite. It is a very easy and simple dish that goes with most items already in your kitchen. I was lucky enough to have some ricotta leftover after making a vegetable lasagna that I went to find inspiration for a new meal to use it in.

Between what I saw online and what I had in my fridge and cabinets I created my own delicious recipe! It goes great with bread or breadsticks and can work with any variety of pasta and vegetable combinations. This is sure to be a new staple in my diet!

What you’ll need:

– Ricotta

– Pasta (I used shells and mini penne on two different occasions.)

– Butter

– Milk

– Vegetables (I used zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and red pepper.)

– Lemon Pepper Seasoning

– Olive Oil

– Salt

Ricotta Pasta Toss Recipe


Slice vegetables up. After the water for pasta is boiling, fry the vegetables all together in a pan with a little olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning, and salt. Stir occasionally. Cook pasta as directed.

Measure out enough ricotta cheese to cover your pasta and vegetables. Add a bit of butter and milk (If you have it on hand you could use heavy cream or an egg if you don’t mind consuming raw egg.) to your cheese to make it creamy and easy to coat your pasta dish. Add this to the dish before serving and mix well.

Ricotta Pasta Toss Recipe



Recovery Tips Following a C-Section

Sleeping woman by NetrisC-sections account for roughly one-third of all births in the United States these days. Some are planned while others are emergency c-sections. Whatever the case, it may help to have some recovery tips in mind when it comes to healing from your c-section. Of course, everyone responds differently to pain and each person’s body is different from the next. C-section recovery will certainly vary from one person to the next, but there are still a few important things you can do to help yourself heal if you know you are going to have a c-section.

Newborn baby by MelkingNo matter if you have a high or a low tolerance for pain, a c-section is considered major abdominal surgery. Even if you are the most active, on-the-go person, you must not overdo it. Your laundry and your dishes can wait. Your husband, parents, friends, siblings, or neighbors may want to help you with things around the house, run out to do your grocery shopping, cook you meals… let them. You need to take it easy and rest up so you can be the best mom you can be for your precious new baby.

Shannon Smith, a PR consultant and mother of a soon-to-be one-year-old, recommends the following advice when it comes to recovering from your c-section:

•Ice, ice and more ice. “I actually found an ice pouch at CVS that was shaped like a bag of pees and found that to be the perfect size,” advises Smith.

•Take a warm bath as soon as you’re given the green light. “The warm water really helps the healing process by getting your blood circulating by the incision, plus it feels so good and is a great way to relax,” she says.

•Walk as much as you can, as long as you can, but don’t push it. “I found that being active right away definitely helped get me back on my feet,” she recalls. “Even with a c-section, I lost all the baby weight within a couple of weeks. (Of course I would say that good genes, a lot of luck, and breastfeeding really helped.)”

•Stay on top of your pain medication. “Don’t wait until you ache,” Smith cautions. “Take your medication every four hours (or however it’s prescribed) so you can stay ahead of the pain. The 800 mg ibuprofen really helped.”

The C-Panty After Cesarean Underwear (Incision Care) may be another way to help your body recover from a c-section, especially in caring for your tender midsection. C-Panty is designed to help with swelling, scarring, sensitivity, tenderness, and slimming post partum. This post-surgery undergarment has a tummy cut and a non-binding, fluted waist to avoid putting pressure on your incision and surrounding areas. It essentially eliminates the elastic waistband found with most traditional underwear.  C-Panty also provides moderate support and compression to help control swelling and tummy shaping.

The interior of C-Panty has a silicone panel where the c-section incision is located to increase the moisture in that area while helping with scarring and related symptoms. This garment also has a full-cut rear and the entire piece is made of smooth, stretchy fabric. For more information on C-Panty and related products, check out www.cpanty.com or www.upspringbaby.com.

Having someone available to cook you and your husband dinner when you get home can be a lifesaver, at least from all the takeout you might otherwise eat. Try to avoid bending – crouch instead, only if necessary. Also limit climbing stairs or other challenging activities. Always follow your doctor’s orders!

But healing from the surgery isn’t the only consideration following a c-section. You may need help caring for other children that you have, for pets, or for your garden or other responsibilities. Another thing to consider is bonding with your new baby.

“The researchers [in this study] suggest that vaginal birth stimulates the more rapid release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin,” says Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, a medical doctor and nutritionist. “Oxytocin is released during active labor and delivery. It’s been shown to be a factor in mother-child bonding. Some research has linked C-section delivery with higher rates of post partum depression and this may be due to the discrepancies in oxytocin release.

“For increasing bonding and treating post partum depression, I recommend magnesium (400 mg twice a day in a magnesium citrate powder form… dissolved in water it can be sipped throughout the day) and zinc (10 mg) and a homeopathic remedy called Ignatia 30C, 4 pellets three times a day for a week.”

Dean advises that magnesium and zinc can also aid surgical recovery, in addition to good nutrition, fiber, and getting out of bed as soon as realistically possible.

About the Experts:

Shannon Smith is a public relations professional and mother of a soon-to-be one-year old. She shared her personal experience in recovering from a c-section.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND is a medical doctor and nutritionist with over 25 years of experience. She’s authored 22 books, including “Future Health Now Encyclopedia,” “The Complete Natural Guide to Women’s Health,”  “Hormone Balance,” “Menopause Naturally,” “365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power: Tips, Exercise, Advice,” “The Yeast Connection,” “IBS for Dummies,” and “The Magnesium Miracle.”

Images courtesy of http://www.stockfreeimages.com/


Expert Shares Tips to Prepare for Surgery How the ‘Herbal Martha Stewart’ Got Ready for Her Hip Replacement

Surgery saves the day by YanzWhile they’re the place we go for healing, all hospitals have the potential to be a hotbed for contagious infections.

But there are precautionary measures patients can take, both to reduce the need for a hospital stay and to condition the body to ward off infection and minimize pain when surgery is necessary, says Letha Hadady, a nationally-recognized herbal expert and author of Naturally Pain Free, just published by Sourcebooks (www.AsianHealthSecrets.com). Letha has been documenting in real time her recent hip replacement, preparation and recovery, in a video blog on her global website.

Cardiovascular Suture by Plandsman“We are fast approaching a time when antibiotics will be outdated because infectious bacteria – Superbugs – have become resistant,” she says. “We have to protect ourselves with the gifts of nature that germs cannot adapt to – foods, minerals, herbal remedies and other natural products that build our defenses.”

There are 600,000 knee-replacement and 300,000 hip-replacement surgeries performed each year in the United States, a number that has doubled in the past 10 years and continues to grow, Hadady says. As a health expert cited by NBC News, AP Radio, Newsday, the Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle and Barbara Walters, she says she is concerned about the risks, pain and fear as many people face both major and minor surgeries.

“These surgeries are only going to become more frequent as the baby boomer generation ages. People 50 and older with osteoarthritis are most likely to need hip- and knee-placements,” she says. “But plenty of younger people are affected, too. Runners, dancers, tennis players, soldiers – even high school students who suffer sports injuries. It could be you on the operating table!”

Hadady offers these tips to naturally condition the body before surgery:

Herbal strength: A few weeks in advance of her operation, Hadady ramped up her intake of herbal supplements. A key herb was Yunnan Paiyao, a traditional  medicine used in Chinese hospitals and by their soldiers to prevent excessive bleeding. Other herbs can be taken to help build up resistance to bacteria.

A calm and focused mind: Stress increases inflammation and is a burden on internal organs. A calm, centered mind — attained through techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and mineral baths – can help the body weather the trauma of surgery, she says.

Knowledge is power: While researching “Naturally Pain Free,” Letha tried alternative treatments for arthritis ranging from traditional Asian remedies to cutting-edge stem cell injections. Before her operation, Hadady asked questions and researched her hospital, doctors, the procedure, and insurance coverage. This allowed her to better prepare for the operation and gave her peace of mind.

Follow hospital recommendations: In addition to alternative therapies, it’s important to heed the advice of one’s doctors, before and after a procedure, she says. With her supplements, Hadady restricted her vitamin C intake, which thins blood, and she received an antibiotic ointment to ward off MRSA — an antibiotic-resistant superbug that can cause life-threatening infections.

Diet and exercise: “This may seem obvious, but it’s a message we cannot emphasis enough for overall health,” she says. One reason why replacement procedures are so prominent is due to the “sitting lifestyle” so many now have. Muscle atrophy from too much sitting can be a cause for joint-replacement, she says. “Sitting is the new smoking!”

About Letha Hadady

Letha Hadady has been called the “Martha Stewart of herbs” for her expertise in traditional Asian and alternative health. The author of five books, including her latest “Naturally Pain Free,” Letha has appeared widely on TV–including CNN, Today, The View — talk radio, and the internet. Letha is an adjunct faculty member for New York Open Center, and The Renfield Center for Nursing Education, Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. She has led stress-management workshops and acted as a natural product consultant for Sony Entertainment Inc., Dreyfus, Ogilvy & Mather, and Consumer Eyes, Inc. in New York.

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10 Steps to Healthy Digestion

10 Steps to Healthy DigestionThere’s more to good health than a great diet. Check out these 10 steps to healthy digestion to ensure you take the proper actions to help your body digest all the food and beverages you consume on a daily basis.

Sit down at the table to eat. A great many of us nowadays have got into the habit of eating our meals seated in front of the television. This means that we are not giving our full attention to what we are actually eating. As a result we tend to eat faster and food is not properly digested. Make an effort to eat at the table as many times a week as your schedule allows. If you can get all the family around at the same time, even better. It’s a great way to catch up on all that’s been happening during the course of the week and a chance for any grievances to be aired. Relax, enjoy the company, and take time to eat properly. Once the meal is over, don’t rush off to do other things straight away. Allow yourself at least another five minutes so that the digestive process can begin.

Chew thoroughly and relish your food. Chew each mouthful about 20 times and savor every mouthful. Be aware of what you are eating and the different textures in your mouth. You’ll find you automatically eat slower when you are not trying to do other things at the same time. Chewing lets your stomach know that food is on its way. You need to give your stomach time to produce the digestive enzymes required to break down food. Not doing so will result in a bout of acid digestion. The herb centaurium contains bitter glycosides that stimulate the production of digestive juices in the stomach. Whether there is too much or too little stomach acid being produced, a tincture made from the herb will help even it out. This is excellent for anyone prone to acid reflux, heartburn, or hiatus hernia.

Sit up straight when you are eating to allow your stomach and intestines to do their job and make digestion easier. The lungs are one of the main excretory organs in the body. Deep breathing helps the diaphragm to relax, again easing digestion.

Don’t overeat. Stop eating before you feel full. Try not to eat heavy meals late at night. Your digestive system will struggle to cope if you eat and then expect it to slow down in an attempt to go to sleep.

Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of still water every day to hydrate the body to keep stools soft and to limit the amount of fluid that is absorbed from the colon. Don’t drink at mealtimes, though. It is best to drink more than twenty minutes before or after eating so as not to dilute the digestive juices.

Be kind to your liver, gall bladder, and pancreas, limit greasy and fatty foods, and be careful about your alcohol intake. If fats are digested effectively, you should have good bowel movements and be less likely to get a bloated stomach. Use a tincture of milk thistle, dandelion, and artichoke to help support and cleanse the liver to allow it to produce and move bile more efficiently. If you have a high level of cholesterol, add a tincture of Cynara scolymus or Globe Artichoke, a herb known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels.

Never ignore the need to pass stool or else more liquid will be absorbed and the result will be hard stools. If you eat three meals a day, then you can expect to have a bowel movement every day. If waste material is not expelled from the body, it will ferment in the intestines, the end result being wind, bloating, belching, and general discomfort.

Include lots of fiber such as wholegrain breads and cereals, brown rice, pulses, and beans in your diet to keep the intestines running as efficiently as possible.

Be aware of stress and find ways to manage as it has the capacity to wreak havoc with your digestive system. To help deal with stressful situations in your everyday routine, consider the herb passiflora, which can help reduce the levels of anxiety in the body.

And last but not least: Exercise daily. This will help stimulate muscle activity and encourage the passage of food through the bowel. Yoga is an ideal choice to help increase mobility and strengthen muscles.


Easy Tips and Shortcuts to Improve Your Life in Little Ways

Over time I have found simpler ways to do things in life, especially when it comes to working smarter and not harder. I am thrilled to share some easy tips to improve your life in simple ways, from housework to personal relationships and everything in-between. Check out these cool shortcuts to help improve your life.

No matter what your age or shoe size, at least a few of these tips should change your life in very small ways….

Cleaning Shortcuts

  • Easily remove tea stains from your favorite mugs with just a little bit of baking soda on a wet scrubby sponge.
  • Remove ink on clothing or fabric with hairspray.
  • Soak up grease or melted butter from clothing with baby powder.
  • Remove foundation or concealer makeup from clothing with shaving cream and a toothbrush.
  • Remove red sauce with your favorite dish soap.
  • Remove lily pollen with tape and pure sunlight.

Cooking Shortcuts

  • Substitute olive oil for butter when making healthier dishes like stir-fry.
  • Line your pans with tin foil to reduce cleanup efforts.
  • When possible, make two nights’ meals and freeze one for later. (This works well with meatloaf, meatballs, lasagnas, chicken parmesan, and other favorite dishes.
  • If you don’t have oil, you can use applesauce.
  • Familiarize yourself with other food substitutions so you don’t have to run to the store every time.

Helpful Health and Eating Shortcuts

  • Use shaving cream or regular conditioner when shaving to avoid nicks and cuts.
  • Always keep a small first aid kit in your car, or at the very least, a band-aid in your wallet.
  • When eating corn on the cob, use your lower teeth, going across one row at a time to avoid getting any stuck in your teeth.
  • Try not to eat a big meal or any junk food right before going to bed or taking a nap.
  • Avoid chocolate before a big event if you are worried about acne. (This may not work for everyone but it works for some, despite popular medical opinion!)

Personal Life Shortcuts

  • Always strive to return phone calls, text messages, and emails.
  • Take turns making decisions about what to do, where to go, etc.
  • Choose your battles; remember that life is short and in the long run, some things don’t really matter at all. Those that do are worth fighting for, but a healthy relationship has more than one dimension to it.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff and never worry over something that’s out of your hands.
  • Actually listen to someone when they’re talking, just don’t hear their voice going in the background.
  • Spend as much time with your grandparents as you can while you still have them. Do the same with your parents.

These are just a small collection of points that may help to improve small facets of your life or perspective. Keep these in mind and please feel free to add your own suggestions and favorite tips to our comments below.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags Review

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags ReviewAs a new mom, I am certainly learning a lot about a lot. Breastfeeding didn’t come easy but it’s going much better now and our little one is doing great. I purchased a Medela Pump in Style Backpack to help me ensure our baby always has what she needs, even if someone else has her for a few hours. I have tried storing the pumped breast milk in sterilized BPA-free bottles as well as breast milk storage bags. I received a box of 25 Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags for the purpose of this review.

The Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags impressed me from the first use. I like the sturdy yet flexible BPA-free plastic bags and found them especially easy to fill, seal, and freeze. I did notice if I dropped a bag once frozen, or if one fell out of the freezer, sometimes the milk would leak when thawing or I might notice an “off” odor. This happened once in a while, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

I found it insanely easy to get the air out of the bags before freezing. These milk storage bags have a double zipper, which allows you to be very sure your milk is safe and secure, separate from everything else you have in your freezer, and protected from leaking everywhere.

The bags hold up to six ounces, making them ideal for a single pumping session, as well as for infants of different ages. These bags are also rated as the #1 storage bag for breastfeeding needs, and are marketed as the strongest bag available. Each bag has an outer tab that allows you to write the date and time you pumped as well as the name and number of ounces in the bag.

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags are free standing and can be easily stored in your freezer either standing up or placed flat. The bags come in a tissue-pack style dispenser and they are all pre-sterilized. Thorough instructions make it easy for even the newest mom (like me) to get it right on the first try – no fuss!

I am very pleased with my experience so far. We haven’t had to defrost any of the milk stored in the Lansinoh bags just yet – right now we are working on building up our supply until we have to leave the baby with a relative for a few hours. However, the entire experience so far has been flawless, and I expect I will continue to purchase these bags unless we opt for storing in breast milk storage bottles instead. (Our lactation consultant at the hospital urged us to use bottles rather than bags, but that came with a lot of extra work and we are still trying to find out if there is a legitimate need to do so.)

These milk storage bags are recyclable as well.

You can buy Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags at your favorite baby store or baby department of various large retailers, as well as online at Amazon.com. Depending on the number of bags in the package, Lansinoh Bags retail for about $8 to $20 per pack. You might also find coupons available to reduce your cost.

Get a Fresh, Clean Mouth the Easy Way with a Compact Electric Toothbrush

Perfect SmilePeople who are constantly on the go often need to find innovative products to help them get the most out of their day.  If you want proof of this, just empty out your purse onto the table and take inventory. Unless you’ve had problems with frozen-shoulder syndrome (most likely created by toting around a six to eight pound stash of makeup products, styling tools, wallet, compact mirror, tissues, water bottle, toothbrush,  keys, sunglasses, and tube of toothpaste), you probably have one of the largest handbags available, and it’s most likely filled to the brim.

The Eluo ToothbrushIn fact, you’ve probably tried to minimize the number of items that you lug around to no avail. After all, you never know when you might need some of those items, right? While you may not be able to reduce the number of items, you can minimize the weight that you are carrying by selecting smaller items. Choosing travel sizes for as many of your items as you can is one of the ways to go.

Now that you are on the right track to minimizing what you carry around with you, why not also search for products offering high performance? One such product that comes to mind is the Eluo toothbrush by Cenoire.  Its compact size is perfect for women who already carry too much stuff with them, and its high-performing capabilities provide an easy way to maintain good oral hygiene.

Capable of lasting for as many as 23,000 brush strokes in a single minute, the Eluo toothbrush operates on a single AAA battery. You will need to buy a battery separately though, so put it on your shopping list.

Styled in a mascara-style case, the Eluo toothbrush offers an elegant oral-hygiene tool that is perfect for women with busy lifestyles. Its attractive styling means that you can easily slip it into your hand or purse and carry it with you anywhere.

You may already know that an electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a fresh, clean mouth. In fact, you may even have one at home. Now, however, you can experience tooth cleaning without the embarrassment of carrying around your toothbrush for all the world to see.

Each Eluo comes with a replacement brush head and a protective cap that prevents germs from getting onto your toothbrush. A simple on/off button operates your sonic toothbrush. It is lightweight and comes with a one-year warranty. If you were to use your toothbrush twice a day, it would last 90 days.

Available at cenoire.com, the Eluo toothbrush is available in pink, red, white, black, and lavender. I received a free sample in pink, and I love it!


What to Do – Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Other Options

With a little one on the way so many questions are swirling through my head. I recently asked some friends on Facebook what to do about the whole baby bottle sterilizer debacle. If you go on Amazon or Google and search for sterilizers, so many brands and styles are available that it becomes overwhelming to choose one that is right for your growing family. It also becomes difficult when thinking about different baby bottles – some are taller than others and the sterilizer information isn’t always clear about how tall the bottles can be.

I have seen both electric bottle sterilizers and microwave sterilizers for sale at all the major baby stores and other online retailers. It is hard to know which is better. When I asked my friends what they use and like, I got a wide variety of answers, so I have a feeling this is going to be a very personal decision based on our own preferences and what we’ve read and seen from others. I’m very grateful for the responses but I am still quite undecided on what I should do for our little one.

Here are the responses I got from friends when trying to figure out what to do about a baby bottle sterilizer:

•    Microwave Sterilizers – These sound convenient, affordable, and quick. I am tempted. The main thing I can’t get past is – aren’t you not supposed to put plastic in the microwave most times? Thoughts here are much appreciated!

•    Boiling Bottles in Hot Water – This makes sense. I think my mom used to do this sometimes, too. Although, I tend to keep myself busy and when I’m not overly busy, I get lazy. So, this one might be out. Also, what happens if you boil the plastic bottles?

•    Running Bottles through the Dishwasher – Again, what is the deal with plastic in the dishwasher – we usually don’t run our plastic items through, just plates, silverware, and glasses. I know you can, but is it safe and do the bottles break down sooner? Also, our dishwasher isn’t that great and it sometimes leaves a soapy residue, so that alone turns me away from this option….

•    Hot Soapy Water (after sterilizing once in boiling water) – This sounds right up my alley – just like washing dishes at home. I do like this idea but I just wonder about the initial sterilizing process.

I have been considering an electric sterilizer but didn’t know which brand to get or if it would fit the variety of bottle sizes we have. I may still consider it. I like the idea of an electric or microwave sterilizer, since they both can sterilize bottles in minutes instead of an hour and a half or whatever our dishwasher needs to run through the whole process.

So I guess I am back to where I started – do I get a bottle sterilizer or don’t I? If anyone can make a recommendation, I would be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts and experiences on baby bottle sterilizers! I’ll be glad to update this article with additional feedback as it comes through.


Stonefire Authentic Tandoori Naan

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads exclusively offer the only commercially available naan cooked in a Tandoor oven, an ancient method of cooking in high temperatures. Naan is a traditional teardrop shaped flatbread originally from Persia, but now popular in many places across the globe. Although this food is an often accompaniment to Indian cuisine, you don’t need to be eating this type of cooking in order to enjoy this product.

As a family owned bakery for more than 40 years, Stonefire Flatbreads focus on perfecting authentic and traditional recipes for its products. Stonefire Authentic Naan is made with all-natural ingredients, is hand stretched, and comes in three delicious flavors-Original, Garlic, and Whole Grain. Because there are no preservatives in Stonefire flatbread products, they should be used within 6 days or stored in the freezer.

I’ve received all three types of Stonefire Authentic Tandoori Naan to try out and all have my tastebuds’ approval! These flatbreads are perfect for creating a variety of meals, snacks, or sides from wraps, pizzas, and paninis to slicing it up and dipping it in hummus or guacamole.  Use two warmed naan to replace your basic slice of bread to create a Naanwich (TM). It’s also great just by itself to accompany any meal. As a huge bread fan I was happy just to snack on a warm soft piece out of the oven.

Stonefire Naan is quick and easy to prepare. Simple sprinkle on some water and heat in your oven or on your stovetop. I’ve used the convection oven setting on my microwave, which works perfectly as well. (The typical microwave setting is not recommended for heating of this product.)

Visit their website as well as on Facebook for more tasty recipe ideas, many of which were created and featured on the reality tv show, Hell’s Kitchen. Play the game at home and use your own imagination to create new recipes new meal or snack to your usual at home menu. If you’re not feeling adventurous with your diet, try melting cheese on the naan for a twist on the classic grilled cheese.


Green Drinks for St. Patty’s Day – Healthy Options with Juicing

Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patty’s Day is right around the corner and green drinks are a great way to celebrate. Even if you don’t want to partake in alcoholic beverages, you can find fun and healthy, non-alcoholic green drinks for St. Patty’s Day that you can enjoy at home or with friends. Consider these healthful green drinks as a fruity supplement to your diet these next few days and especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

You won’t need food coloring to decorate these green drinks. The natural and healthy combination of ingredients lets you feel good about your beverage of choice, which gives you ample servings of fruits and vegetables in one glass. Juicing is a great way to get your nutrients without the preservatives you will find in most bottled drinks. Because juicing extracts the nutrients in greater quantities than the fruits and veggies themselves, you are able to consume more vitamins and healthy nutrients in one sitting.

Consider these green juice recipes from OMEGA Juicers:

The Ultimate Pot of Gold

Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DayIngredients:
Orange Apple Green Juice
2 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1 apple
2 oranges
3 big handfuls of sunflower sprouts
1 big handful of broccoli sprouts
3 leaves of kale
1 handful of spinach
1 handful dandelion greens
1 handful cilantro
1 handful beet greens
2 baby bok choy
juice of 1 lemon
1 inch of grated ginger

1.    Combine all ingredients in a juicer.
2.    Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DayLuck of the Parsley

1 handful parsley
2 apples
1 handful spinach
1 cucumber
1 lemon
1-inch piece ginger

1.    Combine all ingredients in a juicer.
2.    Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DayThe Crazy Dublin

3-4 leaves of Kale
5 large Romaine Lettuce leaves
1 Beet, 1/2 bunch of Cilantro
1 Lime, 2 cups fresh Spinach
1/2 Apple
Cherry tomatoes for garnish (optional)

1.    Combine all ingredients in a juicer.
2.    Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Irish Twist

Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DayIngredients:
3 cups fresh baby Spinach
1 Lime, 1 large Tomato
2-3 Carrots and 1/2 Carrot top bunch
1/2 bunch Parsley
1 stalk Celery

1.    Combine all ingredients in a juicer.
2.    Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.


Green Drinks for St. Patrick's DayGreen Morning

4-6 Carrots
4 stalks of Celery
1 Lemon
1 Macintosh or Yellow Apple

1.    Combine all ingredients in a juicer.
2.    Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

For more information about OMEGA Juicer products, please visit www.OmegaJuicers.com.


It’s Not Too Late to Make Good on those Resolutions!

Let Your Spirituality Be Your Guide, Says Noted Doctor

The New Year is already well under way. Job deadlines – or job searching – has begun anew, and the stresses of bills, kids in school again, and the sometimes endless treadmill of daily life can make us forget those New Year’s resolutions we made not so very long ago.

Physician and healer Amnon Goldstein, who has earned an international reputation for his practice of both Western and Eastern medicines, says it’s time to slow down and re-evaluate.

“You’ve heard it said before and you know it in your heart, but it’s the external pressures that leave us feeling stressed, depressed, disappointed and overwhelmed,” says Goldstein. “Add to that the lingering economic troubles, families in flux and all of us working harder just to maintain our standard of living and it’s easy to forget the most person to take care of first is – you.”

Those resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier foods, meditate or otherwise tend to spiritual needs, they should be priorities, Goldstein says. They will ensure you’re stronger, happier, and better able to manage the external pressures, maybe even with a smile.

Quiet contemplation and a focus on spiritual growth – no matter one’s religion or beliefs – will lead to a clearer vision of how to accomplish the goals set for this year, Goldstein advises.

“Spirituality is no longer linked only to religion,” says Goldstein, the author of the recently released book Screwed: The Path of a Healer, a title that reflects the twisting nature of his global journeys as a healer and his own experiences with depression, divorce and illness.

“More and more people understand that they must nurture both body and spirit, which is why they make the sorts of resolutions they do. No matter how difficult your life, it will become easier and more joyful if you keep to those goals.”

Israeli-born Goldstein has practiced medicine around the world using conventional Western, traditional Eastern and less-familiar spiritual and mystical methods. In Screwed, he chronicles the path to wellness, understanding and enlightenment, a journey that takes the traveler to unexpected places.

Goldstein has known the horrors of war, witnessed the birth of new nations and experienced the mysterious healing powers of unconventional medicine. As a physician he has explored unconventional approaches to age-old physical and mental health challenges, embracing an over-arching philosophy that a life well-lived is not one which follows a straight or uncomplicated path.

Goldstein advocates proper nutrition as the basis for good health (no overeating, no dairy, no sugar), and exercise and meditation as the foundation of healthy living.

“We can live healthier and more fulfilled lives by looking inward,” Goldstein says. “Most of us will find that we have everything we need to celebrate the holidays in one form or another – either a healthy family, a warm home or some aspect of our lives that brings meaning. Expectation of perfection at this time of the year is toxic to our minds and spirits. Every healing is self-healing, but we need to take the time in the midst of our busy lives to take care of ourselves.”

About the Expert:

Amnon Goldstein, M.D. is a physician with more than 40 years of experience in conventional Western medicine and holistic and Eastern medicine. He has specialized in trauma care, vascular surgery and hypnosis, and has done in-depth study into the evolution of HIV and cancer research and treatments. A resident of Florida, Dr. Goldstein retired from medicine but continues to travel the world, learning, teaching and sharing with others the healing powers within each person. He is the father of three grown children.


The Beauty Benefits of Contact Lenses

Beauty Benefits of Contact Lenses - Colored ContactsNot everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfect 20/20 vision. Many of us have slightly compromised eyesight that worsens as we get older. Sometimes our eyesight is impacted enough that we need to improve our vision with glasses or contacts. Glasses and contacts each have their own pros and cons, and it is up to the wearer to decide which means of enhancing vision is best. Many will argue that the beauty benefits of contacts outweigh the beauty benefits of glasses. Consider these great reasons to consider contact lenses as a means to improve your vision.

Contact lenses give you an easy way to enhance your eyesight without anyone even knowing you’ve done a thing. Contact lenses are virtually invisible and undetectable, giving you better vision without changing your appearance. Glasses come in many shapes, colors, and styles, and they can certainly supplement your look while accenting your fashions and wardrobe choices, but not everyone likes how they look in glasses. Contact lenses give you the best option for adjusting your vision without the hassle of glasses.


Contact lenses do require a bit more maintenance than glasses, since they are worn directly on your eyes instead of just on your face. Good personal hygiene habits are crucial for contact lens wearers to ensure you don’t give yourself any irritation or infections in your eyes. Contact lenses are available in a wide variety of styles, including disposable lenses and those that you would wear over and over. Some are daily contact lenses while others tend to be monthly lenses. You can find hard lenses or soft lenses to suit your personal eye comfort.

If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like with a different eye color, contact lenses may be just the way for you to see that for yourself. You can find contact lenses in a nice array of eye colors, including brilliant blue, sparkling green, steely gray, brown, hazel, honey, and even amethyst and turquoise. Fun colored contact lenses allow you to change your look and correct your vision at the same time, if needed. Colored lenses can also be fun for Halloween or any time you might need to dress up in costume.

Of course, it can make a lot of sense to own both contact lenses and glasses, especially for those times when your eyes may be bothering you from seasonal allergies or other irritants. Glasses can also be useful for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to do something before going back to sleep. Having both contacts and glasses on hand gives you the option to alter your look however you desire to fit the occasion.

Have you ever worn colored contact lenses? Do you prefer daily lenses or longer wear contacts, or simply stand by your glasses? Share your favorite tips and personal experiences in our comments below.