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Many components factor into your health and well-being, from diet and nutrition to your attitude and outlook on life. Genetics, your personal habits, and also various environmental factors can impact your physical and mental health. Nutrition is an important part of your health; from vitamin c to protein, you need to know what to feed your body. Read about it all here! You’ll get the scoop on various health concerns and treatments, dieting tips, dental care topics, and stress relief, to name a few.When it comes to exercise, you can learn about the hottest ways to get in shape here too – from belly dancing to working out with top celebrity instructors. Don’t forget about yoga, Pilates, and of course, the easy ways to get in shape. Get weight loss tips, motivation for weight loss, and workout routines, too.Read up on various health topics that may help to improve your life and your attitude.

Whittle Your Middle with Belly Dancing, a Sexy Way to Stay in Shape

For a sexy way to get in shape and stay in shape, try belly dancing. You can groove your hips and wiggle your way to a slimmer, trimmer figure while working on balance, coordination, and a beautiful flow of movement. … Keep Reading

1 lb Down in 5 Days Challenge – Fitness Tips from a Celebrity Personal Trainer

Repeat after me: “I am ready to be the fit and healthy person that I have always wanted to be.”  I am serious. Say it out loud because positive self-talk is going to help you tune out all of the … Keep Reading

Top Five Reasons to Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you’ve surely been told by countless friends, family members, and doctors to quit smoking. Well, many of us know that is easier said than done. If you would like to quit smoking but need a few tips … Keep Reading

Pink Ribbon Product Guide – Shop for the Cure: October 2009 and Beyond

This guide of pink ribbon products for October 2009 and beyond offers you a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can shop for the cure by making smart choices on breast cancer donation purchases … Keep Reading

Organic Products: Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste

For those individuals looking for organic toothpaste, Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste is perfect. Made from natural ingredients and certified as organic, this toothpaste is made from several ingredients including components of the leaves and bark of the Neem tree. In … Keep Reading

Top 10 Ways to Get in Shape

Many of us always have a goal in mind to lose a few pounds, shape up, slim down, or simply tone what we already have. If you are looking to get in shape or stay in shape, remember that it … Keep Reading

ActiVwater: Talking Rain Review

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is drink plenty of water. Water is essential for your very survival. It is also something that covers 71% of our earth’s surface so you can’t say you don’t … Keep Reading

How to Treat Individual Symptoms of Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies

If you are one of the 50 million Americans or others worldwide who suffer from allergies, you may be delighted to learn of some at-home remedies for all the most common allergy symptoms, such as coughing, runny nose, itchy and … Keep Reading

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out and Meet Your Fitness Goals

Meeting your fitness goals can be challenging even for the most adept athletes. Working out regularly can be a lot more difficult if you aren’t participating on a sports team with a regimented schedule. When you can only count on … Keep Reading

Yoga and Exercise for Allergy Relief – It’s All a State of Mind and Body Balance

As anyone with allergies can attest, the symptoms can be incapacitating at times, causing so much distress to your body – especially to your sinuses and respiratory system. Even with prescription medication, allergy sufferers still may not find full relief … Keep Reading

Gentle Over the Counter (OTC) Allergy Relief Products to Try When Meds Aren’t Enough

When your hay fever or seasonal allergy medication just doesn’t cut it, you desperately need to find relief somewhere. After calling your doctor and pharmacist to learn that you cannot combine or double-up on medication, you’re desperate to try anything … Keep Reading

Excessive Sweating, We’ve Got You Covered – Certain Dri Antiperspirant Product Review

Okay, so you’re sitting there, minding your own business when all of the sudden – you start sweating… PROFUSLY! Please don’t feel bad – it happens to the best of us. This is not uncommon really. The strength of your … Keep Reading

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