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Many components factor into your health and well-being, from diet and nutrition to your attitude and outlook on life. Genetics, your personal habits, and also various environmental factors can impact your physical and mental health. Nutrition is an important part of your health; from vitamin c to protein, you need to know what to feed your body. Read about it all here! You’ll get the scoop on various health concerns and treatments, dieting tips, dental care topics, and stress relief, to name a few.When it comes to exercise, you can learn about the hottest ways to get in shape here too – from belly dancing to working out with top celebrity instructors. Don’t forget about yoga, Pilates, and of course, the easy ways to get in shape. Get weight loss tips, motivation for weight loss, and workout routines, too.Read up on various health topics that may help to improve your life and your attitude.

Cooking and Baking Tips to Help You Lose Weight During the Holidays

Trying to stay fit and trim over the holidays? The baker or the chef may have nearly as much control in one’s weight gain as the person consuming the food. Several factors determine the overall healthiness of a meal – … Keep Reading

Exclusive Q&A with Kimberly Cole – How to Stay in Shape with Dance and Roller-Skating

Kimberly Cole is what many people call a well-rounded person. She’s a championship roller-skating athlete, a musician, a former MTV VJ, and absolutely gorgeous to boot. Her hit single, “Nitty Gritty”, is a catchy, contagious tune that is reminiscent of … Keep Reading

Healthier Eating Habits for Any Time of Year

Getting in shape is something we can do all year long. Whether you’re dreaming of the beach and new swimwear or thinking of those cold winter nights snuggled up by the fire, having a fit and trim body can become … Keep Reading

October and Beyond Shopping – Purchases of These Products Include a Donation to Breast Cancer Research and Support Groups

October is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Countless businesses do their part to help a good cause, and many individuals do the same. While Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place in the month of October, there are many … Keep Reading

Best Tips for Harvesting from Your Vegetable Garden

Watching a garden grow to the point of producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or foliage can be immensely rewarding. Whether you start your garden from seeds, seedlings, or full-sized plants, the joy you feel at the onset of the blossoms and … Keep Reading

What to Expect After Laparoscopy and Cyst Removal

Surgical procedures are never fun. For most people, they are downright unnerving. Even relatively noninvasive procedures and “routine outpatient surgeries,” like laparoscopies, laparoscopic cyst removal and so forth, still warrant cause for concern. Time and time again, of all the … Keep Reading

How to Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth and a Fresh, Clean Mouth

There’s really no wrong time for a fresh, clean mouth, and right now is a great time to get on track to whiter, brighter teeth and healthy gums. When soft drinks run aplenty and junk food spans as far as … Keep Reading

Relaxation Techniques: Drift Away from Stress

High-stress jobs, multiple roles, and endless personal obligations may leave just about anyone torn and tattered. Renew body mind and spirit with simple relaxation techniques that require only minimal time and energy investment. Take a few moments for yourself every … Keep Reading

20 Ways to Relieve Stress

When did daily life become so hard? Between jobs or school, household chores, typical errands, raising a family, and maintaining general sanity, days are packed to the gills with more than even Wonder Woman could handle! Here are 20 tips … Keep Reading

The Benefits and Basics of Pilates

Concentration, control, flexibility, alertness, shape, alignment, strength…. These wonderful characteristics unite in an effort to give you the body you’ve always wanted, merely using your strong mind and your determination. Pilates is a fun and exciting way to get your … Keep Reading

Peanut Allergies – One Ounce of Prevention is Worth Ten Tons of Cure

In recent years, the presence of life-threatening peanut allergies has increased by leaps and bounds. “Peanut-free Classroom” and “Peanut-free Lunchroom” are becoming household phrases as extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety and well being of all students. Something … Keep Reading

Holiday Beauty Tips to Pamper Your Soul

With the crazed hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many little things may get pushed aside. Taking some special time and solace for ourselves is often the last thing on our minds, and our favorite TV shows and moments … Keep Reading

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