Summerside Press Authors Champion a Cause Close to Their Hearts: Ovarian Cancer Research

Summerside Press and its authors help fund research for Ovarian Cancer.The facts can be daunting:
•    A woman’s lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer is 1 in 71, with most cases developing post-menopause.
•    Approximately 22,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year.
•    Currently, there is no reliable method of early detection for ovarian cancer.
•    Ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed in advanced stages and only 45% of patients survive longer than 5 years. If detected and treated early, the five-year survival rate increases to greater than 92%.

Two years ago, when author Sandra D. Bricker was invited to contribute to a lighthearted Christian devotional for women, she immediately saw an opportunity to combine two of her passions into one great project.

Summerside Press and its authors help fund research for Ovarian Cancer.“I was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer completely by accident,” she explains. “And during my surgeries and treatment, I learned so much about the disease that no one ever seems to talk about. Breast cancer? I was well-informed. But ovarian cancer? Not so much!”

Bricker decided to educate herself and, in doing so, sparked a passion for doing the same for as many women as possible.

“I’d been talking to one of my favorite authors, Andrea Boeshaar, about the idea for Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry, a devotional for busy women. As the plans blossomed, I was also learning about an amazing organization called the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and their fight to develop public awareness about the disease, as well as an effective diagnostic tool and eventual cure.”

Bricker asked Boeshaar and the other authors involved in the book, Debby Mayne and Loree Lough, if they would consider approaching the publisher as a group and asking for permission to include the OCRF logo on the back of the book as a sign that the authors all planned to donate a portion of their proceeds to the charity. Summerside Press hopped onboard immediately with enthusiasm for the cause.

“When we had book signings, people came out in droves,” says Mayne. “Many of them were either ovarian cancer survivors and patients or they were close to someone who was. Their stories were compelling, and I felt a connection with each one of them.”

“When Summerside’s awesome creative team started talking to me about making it an annual event,” Bricker adds, “I couldn’t get started fast enough!”

Next spring, the second devotional in the series from Summerside Press will be released. Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days mixes up the players a bit with Bricker and Mayne bringing some different names to the project. Popular CBA authors Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Trish Perry eagerly signed on. The project combined the opportunity to both support the OCRF connection AND provide a poignant and fun devotional for busy women who yearned for a few moments of quiet time with God to round out their daily routines.

Summerside Press and its authors help fund research for Ovarian Cancer.“It was a no-brainer for me,” says Perry. “I’d seen the first devotional and was so impressed with the heartfelt approach to the theme of taking time with God. But the OCRF connection just sealed the deal.”

Billerbeck has been friends with Bricker for years, and the two knew one another when Bricker faced ovarian cancer herself, but Billerbeck is also a co-member of the very popular Girls Write Out blog with Diann Hunt. “When Sandie came to me about contributing to the Bad Hair devo, my friend Diann was fighting her own battle against ovarian cancer. Any opportunity at all to raise awareness and direct research funds on behalf of OCRF really excited me.”

“Co-writing this devotional was such a blessing for me,” Hunt explains. “I was able to face down the fears and challenges of my own battle through my writing, but it also bonded me in a major way with Sandie and the other writers. We had a weekly email loop where we prayed for each other, we talked about OCRF and the strides they’re making through research, and we shared our concerns and challenges as women. I think that solid circle of support really shines through in the finished product.”

The five authors, some of whom had never met in person before, had the opportunity to spend some time together recently at the American Christian Fiction Writers convention in Indianapolis. “I knew Debby and Kristin already,” Bricker explains, “but five minutes with Trish and Diann, and I felt like I’d known them my whole life.”

Bricker brought along a very special gift for each of the authors, for book trailer producer Marian Miller, and for her agent Rachelle Gardner whom Bricker calls “instrumental” in pulling the devotional together. “There’s an organization called Choose Hope that sells these awesome ovarian cancer awareness bracelets with teal Swarovski crystals and the little ovarian cancer teal ribbon. A portion of the proceeds for anything on their site goes to cancer research,” she tells. “I thought that was the perfect gift for the members of our team.”

“I’ve been wearing the bracelet every single day since Sandie gave it to me,” says agent Gardner, whose blog has been named Summerside Press and its authors help fund research for Ovarian Cancer.multiple times as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer’s Digest. “I tend to be a creature of habit, wearing the same jewelry almost all the time, so I’m thrilled to have a new piece that is not only adorable, but a nice conversation piece, too. Plus it reminds me what a blessing Sandie is to me, and how happy I am that she won her battle against such a terrible disease.”

The line of devotionals from Summerside Press will tentatively be released each spring, and Bricker will lead the teams of authors involved. “We hope to change up the authors every time,” she explains. “For instance, Debby will probably come back and contribute to a future book, as well as our original co-authors Andrea Boeshaar and Loree Lough, as we bring in new contributors here and there. Each book will have a specific theme relevant to today’s busy women, and of course we also hope to benefit OCRF with each edition. With everything they’re doing on a daily basis for women everywhere, I’m thinking it’s the very least we can do.”

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund now includes Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry in their online store as a way to thank the authors and Summerside Press for their partnership.

For more information about the authors, the publisher and/or the line of devotionals, contact publicist Jeane Wynn on Facebook at WynnWynnMedia.


Fun Halloween Food Ideas

Don't forget Candy Corn for your Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas!Try some fun Halloween food ideas to spice up your costume party or Halloween party! You can be as creative as you like in preparing food for Halloween parties. You can create a Halloween menu for any budget and for people with many diverse food preferences. Use your imagination to come up with creative and fun Halloween food ideas for your next spooky social gathering!

As you plan your Halloween party food, keep in mind everything from main courses and sides to snacks and dessert. You can prepare party food with creepy names, party snacks that are colored for Halloween, or even desserts that are decorated for Halloween.

Consider these suggestions for fun Halloween food ideas.

Fun Halloween Snack Food Ideas
Most times for any themed party, including Halloween, you can still get away with normal snack foods like chips, pretzels, and other munchies. If you would like a more creative spin on your Halloween party snack food, consider giving spooky names to your snacks, or try to find only snacks that are orange and black for Halloween (cheese puffs, blue corn chips). Consider pumpkin seeds as another option. You can also find other yummy snacks like soft pretzel bites, chips and dip, and more.

Fun Halloween Appetizer Ideas and Creepy Side Dishes
Some great Halloween appetizers to start with may be chips and dips, like the ongoing hit, buffalo chicken dip, which you can easily rename for the Halloween festivities. Consider mozzarella sticks (monster fingers), chicken tenders (witches’ livers), or other delicious hot foods you can creatively name for the Halloween party theme.

When it comes to fun Halloween side dish ideas, think about macaroni and cheese (monster brains), carrot sticks (skeleton bones), and other fun dishes to go along with your Halloween party food. You can modify or simply rename your favorite party food side dishes rather than coming up with something brand new.

Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Main Courses / Entrees
You can enjoy preparing fun Halloween main courses and entrees for your party from your list of favorites or even if you want to try something new. Consider these suggestions for Halloween party food.

•    Baked Ziti (baked fingers)
•    Pepperoni Pizza or Olive Pizza (eyeball pizza)
•    Meatballs (monster eyeballs)
•    Stew (witches’ brew)
•    Hotdog Mummies (Hotdog wrapped in crescent roll dough)
•    Mini Pizza Mummy Faces (mini bagels with cheese for mummy wraps)

Spooky Halloween Dessert Ideas
Halloween dessert can be the most fun kind of party food to prepare! Your creativity is pretty much your only limitation, besides the ingredients you have available. Consider these fun Halloween dessert ideas:

•    Frosted cupcakes, decorated with Halloween designs and characters
•    Cutout cookies shaped like bats, cats, pumpkins, headstones, and other shapes
•    Bowl of Halloween candy
•    Gummy worms
•    Candy apples
•    Finger cookies
•    Pumpkin pie

Plan your Halloween party menu ahead of time and don’t forget to write your shopping list of all the ingredients you need for making your fun Halloween food ideas. Lastly, check out our Halloween cocktail recipes! (If you have more Halloween food ideas to share, please leave a comment so all our readers can benefit from your tips, too!)

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume and Makeup Tips

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoTo create the perfect peacock for Halloween, you should first find your inspiration. Good inspiration should allow you to create the perfect peacock Halloween costume with great makeup and nails to accent your look. Always start with a photo of your inspiration. I wanted to create as real of a peacock as possible… so my inspiration came from photos of real peacocks and artwork of peacocks.

Then I put together my ideas of how I can put this together. Map out what you want to do. For me it was a pair of spandex, tank top, and then the tail. After that I make a list of all the materials I would need; again, an outfit, makeup and feathers. I then look for places that sell peacock feathers and I am lucky being in New York because you can get anything. I think I bought out all the peacock feathers.

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume
DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoI bought a variety of feathers, long short, dark blue, dark green. When you see all of them together you start to get more ideas for the peacock costume. The long feathers were for the tail, short feathers and range of colors were for the body. I decided to make my peacock Halloween costume a little more fantasy like, so I bought turquoise satin opera gloves and turquoise fabric for the arms to give the idea of wings without actually making them.

So my materials are complete and now it’s time for putting it together. I individually glued each feather to the tank and shorts and put it on in a pattern. I let some feathers fall over the fabric hanging below the shorts and above the tank to form almost a fan like pattern over my chest. I cut the fabric so it was an even amount on both sides and attached the corner of the fabric with thread to the top. It is connected but it can move. I then made a DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica Maniscalcoloop at the other corner so I can slip it on my glove for me to hold it while I walk, again giving the movement of a wing. Think of a long wedding dress and how the bride can hold up her gown.

Once the body was made, next came the tail. For this I needed the long feathers, Velcro, and a small pillow. I started to glue the feathers in a pattern of a real peacock tail. I knew I was not going to be able to walk through doors if I made the tail stand straight up like a fan so I chose to make it how the tail looks when it is hanging down off of the peacock. Make sure the tail is narrow where it connects to you and wider at the end. The tail becomes very heavy due to all the feathers, so I needed something to keep it up. I took Velcro and attached it to the tail and used that as the belt to wrap around me to show that it was connected. I then sewed a little pillow and put that underneath the tail to hold it up.

DIY Makeup and Hair for Peacock Costume
DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoLast came the makeup. I was originally going to use a prosthetic to make the beak but I decided to do this all with airbrushing and paint.

I airbrushed my body skin green. For the face I glued small beads that I found at the fabric store to my head and then painted the face with blue, greens, and beige to give the illusion of a beak.

For the hair I used hair slick (you can find that at a professional makeup store) and plenty of blue hair spray paint to put my hair back into a ponytail.

There you go – your perfect peacock!

About the Expert:
Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit

Party To Do List – Get Ready for the Festivities with These Tips!

Try this party to do list to be sure you are ready for all your special events.Parties can be long-planned or quite impromptu – but even the most spontaneous party should have a short party to do list so you are prepared to entertain your guests! From food and drink to games, activities, and anything in between, you should put a little thought into your party ideas with a helpful party to do list. Consider these suggestions for both spontaneous parties and special events or even holiday parties.

Many times it is easy to forget something simple like bags of ice or plastic silverware. Party to do lists are a great way to keep yourself organized and remember all the essentials for your major event to your impromptu party.

Party To Do List for Spontaneous, Spur-of-the-Moment Parties
When a party comes together with very little notice, you can usually get by successfully with the basics on your impromptu party to do list. Be sure you have these things on hand so your spontaneous party will be great fun for everyone!

o    Beverages – Water, Soda, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Juice, Mixers – that kind of thing!

o    Food – Snacks like chips, pretzels, and Doritos are a good start. If you don’t have other food to toss in the oven, order some pizza

o    Solo Cups – If you plan to have a keg of beer or even if you are just mixing drinks, having plastic cups is vital. You can also use them for games like beer pong and flip cup!

o    Napkins / Paper Towels – Be ready for any spills and cleanup needs, just in case.

o    Music – This is something you probably always have on hand – hook up your iPod or play your favorite CDs for your guests in the background.

o    Games, Activities, or Another Party Reason – Most times you don’t need a reason to have a party, but it helps if you have something for your guests to do, whether it is watching a UFC fight, playing games, or simply catching up on old times in front of a bonfire.

Beyond having the above items ready for your spur-of-the-moment party, be sure to invite your guests with as much notice as possible. If you can think of anything else you need to do for a spontaneous party, please leave your tips in our comments to help others plan their parties!

Party To Do List for a Major Party or Event
When the party or event you are planning has more significance than a quick get-together, it helps to start planning further in advance. You can benefit from having some help from friends or family, but even if it is all you, you can still plan a successful party or event with a helpful and complete party to do list.

Consider these major needs for your party to do list!

Early Party Planning To Do List
o    Choose a date and party location. Reserve a hall or book a restaurant or other venue if you prefer not to have the party at your home.
o    Invite your guests. (Evites are helpful to keep track of RSVPs!)
o    Make up a party food menu and a corresponding grocery list.
o    Purchase party decorations if desired. (Balloons, crepe paper, banners, etc.)
o    Put together a music playlist or consider hiring a DJ or band if appropriate.
o    If you are going to cater the party, work with a caterer or restaurant to choose the menu and reserve everything you need.
o    Ensure you have crock pots and food serving stations available for your party.
o    Select a card and present for the guest/s of honor if appropriate.

Party Planning To Do List for 1 Week out or Closer
o    Get in touch with guests who have not responded in a timely fashion to ensure a more accurate party headcount.
o    Ensure you have enough party food for everyone who is coming, plus maybe one or two surprise guests who forgot to reply.
o    Do your grocery shopping when the party gets close.
o    Buy beer, wine, liquor, soda, water, or whatever you want to serve your guests as drinks.
o    Clean your house or arrange for an earlier time to arrive at your venue so you can decorate.
o    Make sure you have enough napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware, paper towels, and any other paper goods.
o    Start preparing food a day or two ahead of time.

Same Day Party Planning To Do List
o    Decorate the venue for the party or event.
o    Set up the music station.
o    Set out the food.
o    Do any last minute straightening and cleaning.
o    Set up the bar or drink stations.
o    Ensure trashcans are readily available.
o    Help yourself to a drink, relax, and let the fun begin!

If you can think of anything else you need to do to prepare for a party, please share it in our comments. We tried to think of everything, but if we missed something, we would love to include it still. Happy party planning!

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for All Seasons

Try these fun girls' weekend plans for all seasons!Exciting girls’ weekend ideas can make all the difference in having fun with your group of friends, even at a moment’s notice. Spending time with your girls is so important, even if it doesn’t happen as often as you like. Life gets busy with marriage, homeownership, having a family, and of course, working for a living. Take some time to plan a girls’ night or girls’ weekend with a few ideas for fun things you can do with the girls.

No matter what the season, you can find a wide variety of fun girls’ weekend ideas. Consider these suggestions for every budget for your girls’ weekends at home or away!


Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Winter
Winter can present a challenge if the weather is bad, but getting together with friends in the wintertime can be just as much fun as any other season if you plan it right. If the weather is cold and the snow is falling, consider these fun girls’ weekend ideas for your group of friends.

1.    Girls’ Ski Weekend
2.    Girls’ Spa Weekend
3.    Girls’ Getaway to Somewhere Warm and Tropical
4.    Ladies’ Cabin or Mountains Getaway
5.    Girls’ Wine Tour Weekend
6.    Cruise over a Long Weekend
7.    Hot chocolate and coffee plus conversation at someone’s house

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Spring
Springtime is a time of new beginnings, new life, and warmer weather. Consider these springtime girls’ weekend ideas for activities you can enjoy with your girlfriends.

1.    Girls’ Ranch Getaway
2.    Girls’ Winery Tour
3.    Shopping Weekend at the Outlets
4.    Wild Weekend in Las Vegas
5.    Spa Weekend

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Summer
Summertime is a favorite travel time and activity time for just about everyone. You can find a lot of fun and exciting things to do in the summer with your girlfriends. Consider these ideas for girls’ weekends and getaways.

1.    Beach Weekend
2.    Lake Getaway
3.    Road Trip Weekend
4.    Resort Getaway
5.    Culinary Weekend
6.    Houseboat Weekend

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Fall / Autumn
Fall is a nice close to the summer and offers splendid colors and decent, sometimes beautiful weather. Consider these suggestions for girls’ weekends near or far.

1.    Winery Weekend
2.    Football Weekend
3.    Niagara Falls Long Weekend
4.    Hike or Bike Weekend
5.    Haunted Weekend
6.    Halloween Festivities
7.    Breast Cancer Awareness Participation

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Anytime
Many of the above ideas, like going to the spa and checking out the wineries, can be a great fit for any season at all. Keep these fun activities in mind any time of year!

1.    Spa Weekend
2.    Resort Weekend
3.    Cruise
4.    Girls’ Night In
5.    Celebrations at the bar
6.    Movie Marathons
7.    Craft Weekends (Scrapbooking, pottery, ceramics, beading, etc.)
8.    Game Weekend (video games, board games, etc.)
9.    Wild Girls’ Getaway
10.    Shopping Excursions

These are just a few girls’ weekend ideas to consider. Keep them in mind and try to come up with some of your own ideas for girls’ weekends, too! If you have other ideas for girls’ weekend plans, please share them with us in our comments section!

Staying Fit and Toned with Banglz

Staying fit and keeping my body toned seems to be a never-ending challenge these days. In fact, I find myself reflecting on the phrase “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” more often than not when trying to decide whether or not it is worth the amount of exercise I will need to complete in order to offset the calories in a generous slice of triple-chocolate cake or gooey apple dumpling.


You are probably familiar with the routine of eating, exercising, dieting, eating, and exercising some more just to get back in shape or maybe not so much back in shape, but at least down to a weight that allows you to fit comfortably into your “fat” clothes. Let’s face it. We all have them. The clothes we wear when we are bloated. The comfy sweat pants and oversized tops for those days after we have indulged in a week of gorging ourselves at office functions, birthday parties, and weddings. Unfortunately, our “fat” clothes aren’t quite as attractive as our nicer clothes and eventually we need to slim down as we firm up.

Of course, the slimming and staying fit process becomes more difficult as we get older, life intervenes into our daily routines and the amount of available free time for exercising and trimming off unwanted pounds becomes less and less. If this is happening to you and you are looking for an easier way to get some toning into your daily or weekly routine, try Banglz, a revolutionary set of bracelets and anklets designed to provide weight resistance that maximizes your daily activities while helping you to create stronger bones, a healthier heart, better balance, and enhanced strength.

Banglz can be worn with interchangeable sleeves so that you can match them with your current outfit. Banglz are available in four styles:
•    Wrist: ½-pound wrist bracelet for everyday use
•    Wrist Walker: 1-pound wrist bracelet for walking and fitness training
•    Ankle: 1-pound ankle bracelet for everyday use or fitness boost
•    Ankle: 2-pound ankle bracelet for fitness training

I recently used the ½-pound Banglz, which is a perfect weight for everyday use. They’re not too heavy, too bulky, or too difficult to get used to wearing. Plus, they are rather cute. I received a free set for the purposes of this review, and I am thinking about getting a pair of the ankle Banglz so I can tone up my legs a bit.

Banglz provides an informative exercise routine that is easy to complete throughout the day for better health. Their 10 steps to a firmer form are easy to work through without investing a great deal of time. Plus, you can get more out of your Banglz with a few extra minutes a day since you can wear them with effortless ease!

Visit for more information or to purchase your Banglz bracelets and anklets. Check with your physician first to see if you if the Banglz wearable workout is suitable for your situation.


Funny Bone Readers: Learning Literacy Laughter

I am so overly thrilled to be sharing information with you about these books. They are definitely worthy of being looked at, and purchased for the young reader in your home. They are fun, colorfully energetic books that teach kids about caring, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, and citizenship.

When I received a set of 12 books from Funny Bone Reader, I couldn’t help it, I was more than excited with what I saw. The covers were so bright and inviting. The pages were full of silly characters and big legible words (for even the new reader) and the pictures were all too comical. Even I couldn’t help but chuckle at a few.

The girls were instantly drawn to their favorite titles and from there, to the others. By the end of the day, Piper had already finished reading every one of the books and was starting at the top of the pile for the second time.  I was very impressed with the overall enthusiasm and eagerness they shared. It was priceless.

The most rewarding part about being a “review person,” as my daughters would call me, is that my girls enjoy taking part in the process of delivering a thoughtfully genuine testimonial.

When I asked my girls if they’d like to be “interviewed” on their thoughts for the Funny Bone Readers, they were both more than happy to oblige. So, without further ado, here are my daughters’ takes on their experience with the books. Enjoy!

Thoughts from a Seven Year Old:

Mom: What was your favorite Book from the Funny Bone Readers Collection?

Piper: Fun in the Mud

Mom: Why?

Piper: Because, at first, the pig was playing in the mud and wouldn’t let any of his friends play with him. At the end, he let them play with him and it was so nice.

Mom: What do you like about all the books?

Piper: That they’re all funny and I like Miss Moo from “Miss Moo Goes to the Beach” because she’s so funny and has tea with a shark. In “Fun in the Mud,” I like the pig because before he gets in the mud he’s all clean and shiny but when he jumps in the mud he gets all dirty and yucky.

Mom: Are the books easy for you (age 7) to read and understand?

Piper: Yes

Mom: Was there anything you didn’t like about the books?

Piper: Pretty much…NO!

Thoughts from a Nine Year Old:

Mom: What can you tell others about the books?

Patience: Most of them are funny. They have good messages, but some of them are just silly and fun to read.

Mom: What was your favorite book?

Patience: Squid and Pickles

Mom: Why?

Patience: Because on Squid and Pickles, this little alligator named Roy kept stealing food from an alligator named Helen. Helen and her friend needed to teach Roy a lesson about being nice so Helen and her friend gave Roy a sandwich with squid parts and pickle parts. They taught him that it’s not nice to steal and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to get hurt.

In the end, they taught him to be nice.

Mom: Which book did you think was the funniest and why?

Patience: Silly Tilly and the Royal Rules was a funny book because she didn’t like all the rules so she came up with a no-rule day just for her. She was looking for things you cannot do – to do them. She found a frog pond that has a bunch of stones around so that no one could get in and the frogs won’t get out. Well, she let the frogs out because a sign said not to. It was a good thing her brother was following her because he helped get all the frogs back in, but she still got in trouble and had consequences for doing it. It was a fun book.

Mom: What age group do you recommend these books to?

Patience: For sure~ age 5 to 9 and maybe a little older. I’m nine and I liked all of them. They’re funny and we have to take them to Grandma’s house.

Final Thoughts:
I have to agree with the girls. The books were fun to look over. I loved the questions provided at the end of each book. The girls would sit and read each book and when they were done, they asked me to read (out loud) the questions at the end.

I’ve had Funny Bone Readers for almost three weeks now and they are read daily. I have them on my coffee table because they are a huge hit right now. I think they will be for some time to come.

Product Description:
Every child knows that some things are right, and some things are wrong. But helping children develop good character is more challenging than teaching right from wrong. With Funny Bone Readers: Developing Character in your classroom or home, children will learn from funny stories and silly characters while making connections to their own actions.

For more information on these books, feel free to visit Red Chair Press.

Funny Bone Readers can be purchased as a complete set of 12 (1 each of all 12 titles) for $23.70.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I was provided with a complete set of 12 books for the purpose of my candid review. There was no monetary compensation exchange nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.


Halloween Cocktails, Creepy Drinks, and Spooky Alcoholic Beverages

Halloween Alcoholic Beverages Midori Melon Eye TiniHalloween time is a great time to get together with friends for a drink. You can have a lot of fun mixing up Halloween cocktails, themed drinks, and spooky alcoholic beverages. Whether you need special Halloween drinks for your costume party or you simply want to mix up a few orange or green alcoholic beverages with your sweetheart, you can easily create some great Halloween concoctions in the comfort of your home.

If you want to create a signature Halloween cocktail, just choose a theme and a color scheme. You can do some research online to find colored cocktails, cocktail recipes for particular ingredients, and more. Consider these suggestions for Halloween drinks and cocktails for your Halloween party or anytime at all.

Halloween Cocktails to Make at Home
Gather a few ingredients and get ready to mix up some spooky Halloween cocktails this year! You’ll find everything from sweet to tart and everything in between. Have fun making these spooky Halloween drinks with your sweetheart, family, or friends.

Halloween Drink #1: Midori Melon Eye-Tini
Halloween Alcoholic Beverages Midori Melon Eye TiniBy Rob Husted of Florida

1 & 1/4 parts Midori Melon liqueur
3/4 parts SKYY Infusions Citrus
1/2 part Finest Call Agave Syrup
2 parts of Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
2 parts Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix
3 Orange Wedges
2 Fresh Ripped Basil Leaves
Strawberry Sundae Syrup

Procedure for Midori Melon Eye-Tini:
1.    In a shaker glass combine Midori Melon liqueur, SKYY infusions Citrus, Finest Call Agave Syrup, 3 Orange Wedges, and 2 Fresh Ripped Basil Leaves.
2.    Muddle ingredients together.
3.    Add ice and Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix.
4.    Shake for 10 seconds.
5.    Add Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale and roll drink back and forth between your mixing tin and shaker glass.
6.    Strain into a chilled martini glass drizzled with Strawberry Sundae Syrup to give an effect of a bloodshot eye.

Garnish: Chilled red seedless grape at bottom of glass (to look like an eyeball) and spanked Basil leaf floated on top of cocktail for aroma.

Spooky Drink #2: Midori Halloween Harvest Punch
No Halloween party is complete without a punch bowl or witches’ brew!

Halloween Alcoholic Beverages Midori Halloween HarvestIngredients:
1 part Midori Melon Liqueur
1 part Dark Rum
1 part Light Rum
2 part White Cranberry Juice
1 part Unfiltered Apple Juice
1 part Simple Syrup
Juice of one lemon

Procedure for Midori Halloween Harvest Punch:
1.    For a Punch Bowl (32 ounces) multiply this recipe eight (8) times.
2.    Add the liquid ingredients and mix well.
3.    Top with apple slices, blueberries, and melon balls.

Keep Reading: Halloween Cocktail #3: Jack-O-lantern and more…

Surviving a Heavy Menstrual Period – Or Getting Help and Fighting Back

According to a national survey, one in four women nationwide suffers from a condition known as cyclic heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). This uncomfortable condition is not only inconvenient; it can be downright incapacitating. The heavy monthly periods cause these women distress and discomfort, disturbing day-to-day life at work and at home, with family, friends, and social outings.

The survey “Living with HMB: A National Survey of 500 Women,” conducted online in June 2010 by Harris Interactive® on behalf of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, revealed that two out of three women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding had a significant negative impact on their lives, including leisure, social life, and physical activities. More than 90% of these women said they are very frustrated and nine out of ten expressed that their lives would vastly improve during their period if they could reduce the flow. The study examined women ages 18-49.


Despite these ongoing health concerns, many women don’t talk to their physicians about the situation. Some of these women perceive their plight to be normal and may even feel as if their doctors have no control over the matter. Some are too embarrassed to discuss the heavy menstrual flow with their healthcare professionals. A number of women felt they would be more comfortable discussing the issue if greater awareness existed for heavy cyclic menstrual bleeding as a medical condition.

Thankfully there is hope for women beyond simply trying to “deal with it.” Various birth control pills have shown great success in regulating periods, reducing the symptoms of PMS, and even lessening the occurrence to only four times a year. Of course birth control is not an option for everyone, and with anything, there are certain risks involved. Another prescription medication on the market, FDA approved LYSTEDA (tranexamic acid), has shown reduced blood loss for women with heavy menstrual bleeding. It is vitally important to discuss the options with your own doctor or gynecologist if you are suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding and searching for a remedy.

What Some Women Had to Say about their Conditions
“I am unable to do any activity that will keep me away from a restroom for more than about 90 minutes–so most outdoor activities are out of the question, and doing things like seeing movies, going to plays, etc. are a serious challenge unless there is an intermission built in or I duck out partway through.”  Age 31, Very Heavy, Impact: A lot

“Sometimes I have to stay home from work.  When I can go to work I have to skip meetings or other events and stay in my office.  I visit the restroom up to 10 times during an 8 hour work day.” Age 46, Very Heavy, Impact: A Great Deal

“I usually have to call in to work. I can’t play in the park with my kids or go swimming with them because I’m afraid that I will soak through my pants and everyone will see.” Age 22, Very Heavy, Impact: A Great Deal

Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Studies suggest that 22 million women in America may be suffering from cyclic heavy menstrual bleeding, yet only 11% are seeking treatment. Here are the signs and symptoms to consider in case you might be suffering from this condition as well:

–    Heavy menstrual flow that interferes with regular lifestyle
–    Feeling tired or short of breath – the symptoms of anemia
–    Using double sanitary protection to control menstrual flow
–    Requiring  one or more tampons or pads per hour

Cyclic HMB can negatively impact so many areas of a woman’s life, from social outings to romantic relationships and even productivity at work and at home. If you suspect you might be suffering from this condition, or even if you just find your own time of the month to be overly uncomfortable or unbearable, consider speaking with your doctor about options to ease the symptoms and return your body to a better state of balance.

Tips for Keeping Dry with “On the Cuff”

How many times have you wished that you had only remembered to roll your sleeves up or better yet, worn a short-sleeved shirt when washing the car, using facial scrubs, or washing the pet? Isn’t it “oh so annoying” to discover that your sleeves are all wet or your arms have water running up them simply because you were busy completing some task or other?

Well, you can do away with wet arms and soggy sleeves with this clever little product, “On the Cuff,” designed for just that purpose. While they might not be very attractive to look at, they serve their purpose and that really is all that matters. After all, how many times do you have an audience when you rinse off dishes or wash the car? Isn’t everyone else always out of sight when it is time for certain tasks to be undertaken?

With “On the Cuff,” you never have to worry about wet arms again. Just think about how nice it will be to wash your child’s face or rinse out your coffee mug without worrying about wetting your office blouse or cocktail dress. Wet sleeves have always been a pet peeve for many people. It is reason enough alone to put off any task involving water.

“On the Cuff” is sold as a convenient one size fits all product. In fact, this feature makes these nifty items useful for both men and women so make sure you have several pair to share with other family members.

One of the added niceties to the “On the Cuff” product is that it is sold with a convenient mini-drying stand for easy drying. You can use these cuffs over and over again countless times, so it is worth the small investment that you make to purchase them. Just make sure that you place them on your arms snugly so the water runs off without getting your clothing wet!

I received a generous sample of 4 pair of “On the Cuff” and a drying stand in an adorable aqua blue mesh bag. Before that, I didn’t even know they existed. Now, I am glad that I do and so are my clothes!


Pink Ribbon Product Guide – Shop for the Cure: October 2010 and Beyond

The Beijo Pinky Promise Bag is an eye-catching pink ribbon purse that donates to a breast cancer charity.In keeping with tradition, Life Love Beauty releases a Pink Product Shopping Guide each October to help inspire us all to Think Pink in our daily shopping whenever we can. The beauty of the products and companies partnering with various breast cancer organizations and charities is that many of the products are ones we would buy anyway, or those that would make a great gift for someone. The pink product shopping guide includes everything from food and sweet treats to office supplies, gadgets, jewelry, clothing, and accessories, to name just a few. This guide of pink ribbon products for October 2010 and beyond offers you a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to help women in need.

It’s easy to shop for the cure by choosing products and gifts that include a special breast cancer donation. Our guide of breast cancer donation purchases spans this October and in some cases throughout the year. In this pink ribbon product guide, we’ve searched and scoured to find as many brands as possible that have teamed up to find a cure for breast cancer. While our list is not completely comprehensive, you can find a lot of great pink products and gift ideas here for any occasion. Don’t skip our last page of miscellaneous pink ribbon items either! It’s full of cool products and services that might surprise you.

It’s easy to do your part in the fight for a cure, especially when you can contribute to breast cancer awareness, research, and support while picking out really cool pink ribbon products to enjoy or share with your friends and loved ones.

In our 2010 pink ribbon product guide you will find countless breast cancer awareness products and pink ribbon items that donate to breast cancer research, support, and prevention with every purchase during the month of October, or in some cases, indefinitely. Check out our categories of breast cancer donation purchases that contribute toward breast cancer awareness, research, support, and prevention.

From clothing and accessories to beauty items, housewares, and more, you can make a difference while freshening up your wardrobe or improving the condition of your home. Many of these products actually are the color pink, making a great fit for anyone who likes the color. Even if you just want to help a great cause, consider checking out some pink ribbon clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. No matter how great or small, your breast cancer donation purchase makes a difference in the fight for a cure. Join the effort with these companies to help increase funding for breast cancer research and support.

Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be well suited for girls or boys, but especially when the sex of the baby is not known. When the expecting parents decide to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, it can be challenging to find the perfect baby shower theme. Still, it is possible to come up with a wide variety of adorable neutral baby shower themes for the special occasion.

If you need to plan a baby shower with a neutral theme or color scheme, you might need to put a little more time and creativity into your plans. While many of the baby shower party supplies are already designated pink or blue, you should be able to find a nice selection of neutral baby shower party supplies as well. Search for baby shower decorations and supplies in your favorite party stores and continue your search online if needed.

As you prepare to host a special baby shower for an expecting friend, sister, or cousin, consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

Neutral Baby Shower Colors
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Choosing colors for a baby shower can be tricky when you don’t know whether the baby on the way is a boy or a girl. For neutral baby shower themes, the first element to consider would be neutral baby shower colors. You can get creative with your neutral baby shower color choices, but sometimes pastels make a great starting point. Consider these neutral baby shower color schemes:

•    All Pastels – Use all pastel colors of the rainbow.

•    Green and Yellow – These are classic colors for surprise gender babies. For a fun variation, try turquoise or aqua and yellow.

•    Blue, Pink, and White – If you don’t know the right color, use both!

•    Pastel Purple, Green, and Yellow – Instead of Mardi Gras, you can welcome the new baby with these light and fun colors.

•    Orange and Yellow – For a fun and sunny neutral baby shower, use these cheery colors or lighter pastel versions of peach and yellow.

If you still aren’t sure about what to choose for a neutral color scheme, start thinking about neutral baby shower themes and see if anything strikes you as the right choice.

Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be a lot of fun to think up and put into action. You don’t have to stay between the lines of pink and blue. You can let your imagination do all the work and come up with a perfect neutral theme for the special baby shower. Consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

•    Character Themes – Consider themes with Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Book, and other popular kids’ movies and cartoons.

•    Jungle Theme – Animals are a wide interest loved by many, so it’s hard to go wrong with a jungle baby shower theme. The colors will be bright and pretty, so you can really appeal to the neutral baby theme.

•    Teddy Bear Theme – Teddy bears appeal to so many kids that this is a natural theme to consider for a baby shower when the baby’s gender is unknown.

•    Baby Theme – Find cute baby shower decorations with diaper pins, rattles, baby blocks, and other baby symbols.

•    Rubber Ducky Theme – You can make an adorable neutral baby shower with a yellow and white rubber ducky theme. Don’t forget balloons!

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...These are just a few suggestions for neutral baby shower themes and colors. You can come up with additional neutral shower themes to consider. If you do think of some good options, please share them in our comments so all of our readers can take advantage of more ideas on neutral showers.