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Father’s Day Messages: Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Dad, Stepfather, Father-in-Law, and Grandfather

Father’s Day is a fun time to get together with Dad and make some great memories. Whether you choose to go out to dinner, barbeque at home, or take a fishing trip, your Father’s Day will likely be memorable and … Keep Reading

Top 10 Fun Things to Do for Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be most memorable when you spend quality time with your Dad or your entire family. If you and Dad are tired of the same old song and dance – dinner and dessert and then opening presents, not … Keep Reading

Refreshing Calorie-Free Beverages for Delicious Drinks

How many times have you wanted to enjoy a delicious drink only to forego the pleasure due to the calories? If you are like many women who are constantly watching their weight, you probably answered something like “quite a few” … Keep Reading

Memorial Day Cards, Messages, Greetings, and Comments for Loved Ones

Memorial Day weekend is a fun time to go away on vacation, throw a party, shop the Memorial Day sales, or just plain relax. If you are getting together with special relatives or friends, a Memorial Day greeting card might … Keep Reading

A Tip for Staying Healthy – Use Infectiguard Instant Hand Sanitizer

One of life’s modern creations that I have come to appreciate is the instant hand sanitizer, also commonly referred to as a waterless hand sanitizer. With today’s fast pace, it is difficult to find the time to stop and wash … Keep Reading

Top 20 Honeymoon and Vacation Travel Destinations for the Month of May

May is a lovely month for travel, whether it’s for your honeymoon, a Memorial Day weekend getaway, a Mother’s Day excursion, or any old vacation. The month of May offers plenty of traveling options, from tropical destinations to historic locations, … Keep Reading

Graduation Party Themes and Ideas

Graduation is such an exciting time for the graduate and loved ones alike. Graduating from high school or college opens the door to a wide-open future full of possibilities. Planning a graduation party is one special way to commemorate the … Keep Reading

Top 10 Things to Do after Graduation

Graduation is such an exciting time, no matter if you are graduating from high school, college, or graduate school. Make the most of your graduation and transition to new and exciting adventures. Consider these top 10 things to do after … Keep Reading

8 Fun Things to Do after Prom

Prom is one of those special events that girls often anticipate for years before it finally gets here. When prom time finally rolls around, it’s important to have most if not all of the special details in place – the … Keep Reading

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Throwing a Memorial Day party can be a great experience for family, friends, and all other guests. Memorial Day parties can be as casual or as elaborate as you like. You can host a Memorial Day barbeque or a potluck … Keep Reading

Best Tips for Harvesting from Your Vegetable Garden

Watching a garden grow to the point of producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or foliage can be immensely rewarding. Whether you start your garden from seeds, seedlings, or full-sized plants, the joy you feel at the onset of the blossoms and … Keep Reading

Top 10 Adventure Vacations for Couples

Sometimes an exciting and exhilarating vacation adventure can be all we need for a fresh take on life. Whether you want a change from your usual relaxing vacations or if you’re always on the go for action and adventure, these … Keep Reading

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