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7 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Potluck Party

Holiday potlucks are a fun and economical alternative to the traditional corporate holiday party or holiday family gathering. Holiday potluck parties offer an interactive element that allows your guests to get involved by cooking, baking, or even picking up a … Keep Reading

Tips for Throwing a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash

Sweet Sixteen comes only once in a lifetime per person, and so many young girls look forward to this special birthday for so long. Sixteen marks the age in many states where a driver’s license may be obtained, and also … Keep Reading

Satisfying the Male Appetite Isn’t Easy Unless You Have “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” Among Your Cookbooks

Written by Lucinda Scala Quinn, the top expert on food entertaining for Martha Stewart, “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” emphasizes preparing tasty recipes designed to provide vitality and health while satisfying appetites for both men and boys. It features … Keep Reading

Simple Feng Shui for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Most if not all of us know just how hectic it can be to plan a memorable and successful event, much less a special holiday meal for the whole family and extended relatives. Sometimes everything comes together perfectly, sometimes nothing … Keep Reading

Thanksgiving Traditions to Enjoy with Your Family

Thanksgiving time is a great time of year to remember why we’re thankful in our lives. Celebrating a special holiday like Thanksgiving with family can become a cherished family tradition. You can also make up your own family traditions to … Keep Reading

1 lb Down in 5 Days Challenge – Fitness Tips from a Celebrity Personal Trainer

Repeat after me: “I am ready to be the fit and healthy person that I have always wanted to be.”  I am serious. Say it out loud because positive self-talk is going to help you tune out all of the … Keep Reading

10 Activities You Can Do With Your Teen Daughter for the Holidays

As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and mother, I understand how difficult it can be to get quality time with your teen daughter. With all of the demands that the holiday season brings, it can often be overwhelming. Between the … Keep Reading

Top 10 Seniors Travel Getaways for Older Singles and Mature Couples

No matter what your age or what activities you enjoy, you should be able to find the perfect seniors travel getaway to suit you and your friends or your sweetheart without stressing over it. From cruises to secluded retreats, you … Keep Reading

Healthy Holiday Travel

The holiday season is upon us, which means lots travel, unhealthy food, memorable moments, and our famous excuses such as, ”I’m traveling, there are no healthy options!” and “I’ll work it all off when I get home.” A typical American … Keep Reading

30 Fun Things to Do to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

You only turn 30 once, so why not celebrate it in style! Instead of dreading age 30, embrace it. Your life is not over, not even half way, so welcome age 30 with a smile and instead of moaning about … Keep Reading

Top Five Reasons to Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you’ve surely been told by countless friends, family members, and doctors to quit smoking. Well, many of us know that is easier said than done. If you would like to quit smoking but need a few tips … Keep Reading

Pink Ribbon Product Guide – Shop for the Cure: October 2009 and Beyond

This guide of pink ribbon products for October 2009 and beyond offers you a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can shop for the cure by making smart choices on breast cancer donation purchases … Keep Reading

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