Major Solutions for Minor Dilemmas in Clothing

How many times have you been ready to walk out the door, only to discover a major tragedy has befallen your outfit?  Discover short, easy and relatively painless solutions that will revitalize your wardrobe.

Keep a clever arsenal of handy helpers at the ready and easily accessible. The best place to store these items is in a small hanging cosmetic bag that you can keep in your closet.

What you need to assemble:
•    Clear nail polish
•    Glue stick
•    Masking tape or duct tape
•    Stick on Velcro
•    Small pair of scissors
•    Small, white candle
•    Safety pins
•    Sewing needles with large eyes

Now you are ready to tackle most minor problems.

•    Stuck zipper – Rub a small amount of candle wax onto the area of the zipper closest to the stuck zipper pull.  Work the zipper until you work it free.

•    Zipper won’t stay up – Use a safety pin, loop it through the small opening that is found at the tip of almost every zipper pull, and secure the zipper to your waistband.  Be sure to attach the pin with the sharpest side facing outward to avoid becoming pinched.

•    Loose hem – Use a strip of tape (the heavier the fabric, the stronger the tape) to secure the hem until you have more time to sew it up.  If you will be wearing the outfit for a long period of time, try to use adhesive backed Velcro.

•    Clothing pulls – Use a small needle with a large eye to thread the pull to the underside of the garment.  Secure it with clear nail polish, especially if it is long in length.  Try to use a smaller needle for finer fabrics.

•    Run in your pantyhose – Use a small dab of clear nail polish to stop the run from getting any larger.

A clothing emergency occurs and you are not at home. Not a problem if you think creatively. Hem needs a lift? Use scotch tape or a large Band-Aid.  Zipper won’t stay up?  Use a small, coated paper clip.  Run in your hose?  Use a bit of washable glue or glue stick.

Some mistakes are more easily taken care of if they are simply avoided in the first place.  Follow these simple suggestions and enjoy the absence of stress in your dressing moments.

•    Drip Dry Clothing – Invest a few pennies in the purchase of plastic hangers and avoid those unsightly rust spots that may occur if a wire hanger is used to dry your clothing instead.

•    Donning pantyhose – If your hands become rough during the winter months, simply apply hand cream or lotion on a nightly basis.  If you’ve forgotten to keep up with this ritual, simply apply a small amount of cream or lotion and work it into the fingertips while applying it over the hands before putting on the pantyhose.

•    Shoes – If your feet have a tendency to perspire, especially if you wear nylon hose, avoid the resulting odor by placing a fresh dryer sheet in the toes of the shoes.  Should the shoes become excessively damp, place balled up newspaper in the entire shoe.  This will not only absorb the dampness, but also the odor.

•    Clothing pulls – Some pulls can be easily avoided by paying attention to the surfaces that you sit upon.  Never sit directly on concrete or unsanded wood since these surfaces are notorious for creating pulls.

Preparing for the unexpected is stress free.  Being prepared when the unexpected occurs is stress free.  Remember the motto of the better-dressed woman, quick and easy makes my day!

Organic Products: Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste

For those individuals looking for organic toothpaste, Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste is perfect. Made from natural ingredients and certified as organic, this toothpaste is made from several ingredients including components of the leaves and bark of the Neem tree. In India, this tree is often referred to as the toothbrush tree since its twigs have long been used as flossers for better oral health. In fact, Neem products have been used for centuries.

I will say though that I had to get used to the look and consistency of Neem prior to using it. The consistency is much thicker than our traditional toothpastes that squirt out of the toothpaste tube almost effortlessly. Nonetheless, it isn’t difficult to squeeze Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste out of the tube once you get an understanding of the fact that you do need to apply a tiny bit more pressure than with those other brands.

The next hurdle that I needed to personally jump over is the fact that the toothpaste doesn’t have that bright, glistening appearance of many of the popular toothpaste brands out there today. In fact, far from the pristine white or speckled greens that make it consistently to the market, Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste is a muted brown shade that resembles the tan one often finds with furniture, wooden rulers and the like. I admit that I did not want to use it. In fact, it took me a full week before I could do so. I wanted the familiarity of my own normal brand of toothpaste and its pristine white coloring.

Eventually, I got over it and I did use Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste and I was pleasantly surprised that it did taste better than I expected. Plus, it wasn’t overpowering in the manner that some of today’s flavored toothpastes (lemon, vanilla, bubblemint) have become. This toothpaste is pleasant and mild to use so I suggest it for anyone who is looking for an organic option over other commercial brands of toothpastes. It leaves the teeth whiter and fresh tasting!

Unlike some toothpaste products, Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste does not contain any fluoride, parabens, saccharin, Lauryl Sulfate, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. You can try out Thera Neem Mint Toothpaste or Thera Neem Cinnamon Toothpaste. Formulated by a cosmetic chemist, Thera Neem Herbal Toothpaste can be coupled with Thera Neem Herbal Mouthwash for an optimal oral routine.

This product is distributed by Organix® South Inc, a company which also markets a line of other organic products. These items include an internal supplement for oral health, a 3-step skin care regimen, lip therapy products, shampoo, conditioner and more. Check it out by visiting their website at!

Joe Campanelli’s HEAVY-DUTY Green Cleaner Review

Let me just start by saying that I love to clean. Although I can’t get to it as often as I used to — before computers and kids — I still enjoy it when the opportunity presents itself. So, when I say that I’m impressed with a cleaner, I am! Joe Campanelli’s Heavy-Duty Green Cleaner is a product I am thoroughly impressed with! I can’t wait to share my insights on its performance.

You know that feeling you get when you can sit in your chair and gaze across the room to a sparkling clean countertop and a freshly mopped floor. That feeling you get when you can look out of a smudge-free window into the great outdoors and that amazing feel when your toes meet a fluffy, just vacuumed carpet…. You know that feeling, don’t you?

There is but one problem I have faced for years and years when it comes to getting the house entirely clean; the doors, countertops, and walls. I also have problems with some of my old pots and pans that I just refuse to toss out. I still use them but I wish they looked better.

The good news: I received in the mail, Joe Campanelli’s Heavy-Duty Green Cleaner. Now, the bad news: I did something I should have never done as a “reviewer of products”. I didn’t grab my camera, I didn’t “think” about the results I’d received, I didn’t even stop half way through my first experience to realize I had skipped the first job of a reviewer (to take pictures); I just kept right on wiping with total disregard to sharing (sorry).

I guess I was caught in the moment.  I simply opened the lid, grabbed the cool sponge it came with and headed straight for the biggest eyesore in my house – the front door.  If only I had taken the picture… you would have seen how wonderfully awesome this product works. I couldn’t help but “wow” with every wipe of the sponge.

It’s not that my door was that hideous. It was just dull looking from years of hand prints that built up to a dingy look. The door also had two oil streaks from a few years back when our landlord changed our dead bolt and door knobs. For some reason, the oil had leaked on each corner of the lock and streaked straight down to the bottom of the door. I was never able to clear those streaks no matter what I used and how hard I rubbed. There was just no cleaning this door. So, I did what every other person would do – ignored it.

Well, I’m happy to say that my door is now streak-free. There’s not a stain on this door nor is it an eyesore anymore. It makes me so happy.

Don’t fret though because once I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture, I called a friend. Part of my phone call was to tell her about the heavy-duty green cleaner and the other part was to ask if she had anything at all that needed some serious cleaning. She obliged. She came straight over with the center console of her husband’s Explorer (yes, the center console). Her husband works at our local refinery and uses the Explorer as his work vehicle, so the whole car has years of stains embedded in the leather.

Anyways, she brought over the console (I got pictures) and I began to clean it. Low and behold, it did it again. It gave me the same results as with the door… this stuff is “Heavy-Duty” when it comes to cleaning.

I need to stop right here and just lead you to Joe Campanelli’s site. If not, I can sit here and write a million other words to describe my satisfaction with the Heavy-duty cleaner…

FYI: Other products from Joe Campanelli’s include:
1.    Stain Removers
2.    Odor Eliminators
3.    Carpet & Upholstery Shampoos
4.    Super Scrubbing Sponges
5.    Heavy Duty Cleaning paste
6.    New Developing products that are at the moment – TOP SECRET

For more information please visit  You can also find a dealer in your area by visiting the Dealer Locator page.

101 Things to Do Inside on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm

101 things to do on a rainy day, things to do on a rainy day, what to do on a rainy dayIf the weather is preventing you from spending time outside, you can still find a lot of fun things to do inside, on a rainy day, or during a thunderstorm. Even a cloudy day can put a damper on your plans, especially on the weekend. Summertime thunderstorms can be exciting to observe while rainy days during the colder months of the year still call for things to do during your time spent indoors.

From weddings and graduations to days scheduled for picnics and barbecues, we often spend at least a few minutes here and there wishing away the rain and keeping our fingers crossed it just won’t come. Still, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. If you are wondering what to do on a rainy day and having a hard time thinking of something fun or worthwhile, consider these 101 things to do on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

Whether you want something fun, romantic, creative, mentally stimulating, productive, active, or just something relaxing to do inside, look no further. No matter if you need ideas for rainy day activities in summer, winter, spring, or fall, this list ideas for a stormy or dreary day can solve your dilemma with plenty of other options to spare.

What to do on a rainy day…

Romantic Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
If the weather is too yucky to go outside, you can still have a romantic date or spend some quality time together inside. Think up your own things to do on a rainy day or consider these top 10 romantic things to do inside on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

1.    Enjoy a wine pairing meal or a simple, at-home wine tasting. Share a box of chocolates or a decadent slice of chocolate cake. If you have a fireplace, now is the time to turn it on!
2.    Enjoy homemade fondue. After all, what can’t you dip in chocolate? Marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, brownies, rice krispie treats, need we go on?
3.    Write a poem. A few moments of sweetness and creativity can woo your love for years to come.
4.    Write a love song. See above – what’s more romantic than a song written just for you?
5.    Write a love letter. This is a sweet idea you can put into action on a rainy day where you won’t see your sweetheart.
6.    Spend the day in bed.
7.    Exchange full-body massages with your significant other. Try learning about different massage techniques or get a kit for an interesting massage like a hot stone massage.
8.    Watch a romantic movie. For every few action movies and thrillers, a romance comedy should work its way into your Netflix or OnDemand listing.
9.    Make dinner or a special dessert with your sweetheart. Cooking and baking together can be romantic and fun, so why not make the most of the weather by doing something fun in the kitchen?
10.    Light some candles and play the rest by ear. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and snuggling up to listen to the rain. If it’s boring enough, you’re sure to find other things to do.

Active Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Don’t let the bad weather get you down! You can still exercise your muscles or do something active on a rainy day or during some icky weather. Consider these ideas for something active you can do when your energy levels surpass the dullness of the weather outside.

11.    Exercise. Create a fun challenge for yourself to see how many exercises you can do. Work on strength training or cardio to improve your fitness level and muscle tone. You can also opt for an indoor exercise video you enjoy. My pick would be Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.
12.    Do yoga or Pilates. Get your mind and body in sync with a fine balance of stretching and breathing.
13.    Shoot pool / billiards. If you don’t have a pool table, call around to the local billiards centers and see if they have a table available. You can head over with friends and pass the time together.
14.    Play darts. Shooting darts in your basement can be fun, but if you’re old enough, head over to a bar and challenge your friends. Loser buys the next round.
15.    Have a NERF gun fight. This activity can be fun for all ages, even if the power goes out. Make it more exciting by building forts or playing a version of “capture the flag”.
16.    Do some sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, or other indoor exercises. Start a routine for yourself to keep up even on the nicer days. Or you can lift weights. It’s another simple fitness suggestion, but it can give you results that you’ll love. It may only be 15 minutes of activity, but you will feel great as you start to see improvements over time.
17.    Go to the gym. Find a fitness class to try or play racquetball or another indoor sport. You can also use the indoor pool if they have one, or an indoor track or other workout equipment.
18.   Play hide and go seek inside. Depending on the layout of your house, it may be too easy to find your opponents, so you might want to make up new rules to the game or have a home base where you can dash to if you don’t want to get caught.
19.    Visit a gym that has an indoor rock-climbing wall. Climb to your heart’s content and then go out for lunch or dinner.

Creative Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Rainy weather shouldn’t stop your creativity. In fact, a thunderstorm or a rainy day is the perfect excuse to try a new craft or some other creative things to do. During the next thunderstorm, consider these interesting and crafty ideas for a dismal day.

20.    Do a craft you find on Pinterest. Seriously, I read the comments you guys leave and if you get to the end of the article and haven’t found a thing that you want to do, I am all for sending you over to Pinterest where you can find countless crafts to try.
21.    Learn to crochet or knit or cross-stitch. I made an awesome handmade blanket for my husband before we were married or even engaged. It featured his favorite hockey team and I even free-handed the team logo for the corners of the blanket. It is one of his prized possessions to this day, so don’t knock the needle crafts!
22.    Paint something. Get canvases and make your own artwork or paint rocks or seashells. You can make a noodle sculpture by gluing macaroni or other noodles to a box or other household recyclables and then spray paint the noodles. Get creative and have fun with it!
23.    Draw something. Try to sketch your dog or your true love. Draw your house or your dream house. Doodle. Play Pictionary with your friends. It’s a fun way to pass the time if you like to put pen to paper.
24.    Sculpt something. Use modeling clay or Playdoh. For even more fun, make your own salt dough and craft your own holiday ornaments, animals, or scenes.
25.    Build a model ship, airplane, or rocket. This can be a fun project to try with friends or siblings. It can also be a time-consuming hobby that becomes a favorite pastime. Give it a shot and see what you think!
26.    Make a homemade pinata. You just need a balloon, flour, water, scissors, and newspaper for the most part. Once you are done with that, you can use crepe paper to decorate it. I’ve always wanted to make a pinata of one of our favorite NFL team’s football rivals that we could bash on game day. A rainy day could be the perfect day to try that!
27.    Hold a photography shoot in your home. Play old school dress up with your friends or take cute pictures of your pets or kids (if you have any).
28.    Make homemade jewelry. Depending on the materials you have, you can try to make friendship bracelets, shell jewelry, beaded jewelry, jewelry with stones, and more. Take a look at Etsy to get ideas of what kinds of jewelry people make and sell. You can also make your own hair bows, headbands and other accessories if you feel crafty enough.
29.    Paint your nails. Make your own nail designs for the season, crafting cute characters or a classy look with jewels or sparkles. You should definitely find the time to do a soothing pedicure at home – just soak your feet and listen to music before you get around to choosing what color to paint your toes.
30.    Create and organize new photo albums. It’s been on my to-do list forever, way back to my wedding and now the birth of my daughter. If you have the photos and the albums, spend a few hours putting everything together.
31.    Create a scrapbook. Ditto – see above. I am such a slacker when it comes to scrapbooking and creating photo albums. Maybe one day, one of the next few rainy days…?
32.    Hang some photographs on your walls. Even if you have some artwork already there, consider changing things up a bit. You can get a lovely new look for your favorite rooms by simply changing the art on the walls.
33.    Take up sewing or craft a new sewing project. Some fun things to make may be shaped pillows, tutu skirts, quilts or t-shirt quilts (for all the t-shirts you collected when playing sports but never wear), or other fun sewing projects.
34.    Start a new hobby like brewing your own beer. If you aren’t old enough to brew or drink beer, maybe you’d enjoy a root beer float or Coke float! Just add some ice cream to your favorite soda pop.
35.    Find some old white clothes and give them a tie-dye face lift. This can be very fun with shirts, but also with socks, sports bras, white skirts, shorts, sweats, sheets, and more.
36.    Play pretend. Play made up games like house, school, circus, pet shop / dog pound, museum, newspaper, or other games of make-believe.
37.    Write a song and/or play an instrument. If you are talented enough to do both, go for it. If you have a piano or keyboard at home, this can be a fun way to pass the time in the rainiest of days. Learn a favorite song on your instrument or make up your own.
38.    Learn to play guitar or another instrument if you don’t already know. (Sidebar: Playing guitar in the rain can be an irresistible way to attract certain members of the opposite sex in the future. Who can resist an attractive musician playing a favorite song while the rain trickles down?)
39.    Begin writing a novel or book. If you haven’t written a book yet, why not? You can surely find something to write, whether it’s an actual real-life story or more of a comic series.

Keep Reading: More Things to Do on a Rainy Day…

If you are wondering about what things you can do on a day during the rainy season, keep reading for more suggestions…

Keeping It Fresh – Tips to De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

What good is the style and cut of the outfit, if they can’t take their eyes away from the wrinkles?  Maintaining your wardrobe to look its freshest is simpler than finding the perfect sweater to match your new skirt and less painful than paying the bill for your fashion expenses.

The best way to keep your clothes fresh and attractive is to avoid over stuffing your closet and drawers.  If you use your space wisely, you will save countless hours by not having to iron, continue looking for something that isn’t wrinkled, looking for a different pair of slacks to go with the sweater that is wrinkle free and most importantly of all not having to put all of those outfits back into their respective homes.

Keep it as organized and clutter free as possible.  Rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in three years, you never will.  Unfortunately, this never works for me.  I no sooner toss a relatively worn out shirt, then my youngest daughter asks me why I haven’t worn it.  Immediately upon discovering its demise, she bursts into tears and laments a lost opportunity to wear something truly retro and amazingly authentic.

What to toss:
•    Clothing you have outgrown (Believe me, if you haven’t lost the 20 pounds that you promised to lose on New Year’s Eve three years ago, you aren’t going to lose them.)

•    Pantyhose that have a run in a visible spot.  Even if you are desperate, you are still going to switch the skirt for a pair of slacks and grab a pair of socks.

•    Stained clothing, which have refused to bow down to the magical powers of the newest stain-removing agent, are never going to appear on your body outside of your home.

•    The t-shirt that the ex-boyfriend left at your home the last time he was there two years ago needs to find a new home.

•    The sweater that itches because it is made of wool and you are allergic to wool.

•    The ugly scarf that your sister-in-law gave you for your last birthday.

I offer a bit of cautionary advice here.  If it is one of your old favorites, a time proven classic, one of those items that is only worn at weddings or formal events, or something you might pass down to your daughter in a year or two, then find a place to keep it safe.  Otherwise, toss it in the trash or give it to a charitable organization that collects used clothing.

Quite possibly one of the best ways to avoid too many clothes in the closet is to curtail your shopping trips.  Let’s face it, no one needs three identical sweaters, which differ in color only.

Another easy method of maintaining a wrinkle free wardrobe is to invest in clothing that is relatively wrinkle resistant.  Many of the polyester and spandex blends offer a wrinkle resistant capacity that is nearly perfect.

What Kinds of Things Do People Search for on the Internet When It Comes to Celebrities

In case you didn’t already know, some really interesting search phrases go through the Internet’s search engines every month, if not weekly or even daily. Oftentimes these search phrases and keywords touch on fascinating topics, while other times the phrases could simply be the most random and even strange requests we’ve seen yet. When it comes to celebrities, people search for lots of interesting topics, which we will reveal in this article.

Interesting Searches Related to Gossip Girl Actress Blake Lively
According to lots of fashion and beauty posts across the globe, young actress Blake Lively got major props for her stunning and somewhat scanty gown that she wore to the 61st Emmys. Despite her sexy red gown and picture perfect style sense, Internet searches pulled up some of the most random questions, thoughts, and topics.

A few key searches for this young actress involved hair and fashion related queries. Some of the more interesting requests asked for Blake Lively breast implants and Blake Lively rhinoplasty. This leads the uninformed Internet bystanders to wonder if Blake Lively really did get breast implants or rhinoplasty, or perhaps if this poor girl is simply cast under public scrutiny.

Aside from wondering about Blake Lively’s breast implants (or lack thereof) or Blake Lively’s rhinoplasty (again, or lack thereof), searchers are also looking for information on her puppy, her address, and everything hair related, from her updo to her haircut to Blake Lively hair extensions, if there are such a thing.

Interesting Searches Related to Actress Angelina Jolie
Popular movie actress Angelina Jolie gets a fair number of searches for some common tips that could help the everyday woman, as well as a few more interesting search terms that dig a bit deeper into the celebrity’s personal life.

Perhaps the most interesting search term we found is Angelina Jolie impersonator. Honestly, who knew Angelina Jolie impersonators even existed? Perhaps fans of the hot celebrity would invite an Angelina impersonator to a party or social engagement. Perhaps it’s something where companies might hire an Angelina Jolie impersonator to perform a job or a role in a corporate event. For all we know, it could be a couple of crazies out there doing all the searches!

Thankfully, not all the keyword searches for this sexy celeb are about finding an Angelina Jolie impersonator. Many of the more down-to-earth search queries are asking for Angelina Jolie’s maternity clothes or her maternity dress. Others want to see Angelina’s family pictures or pregnancy pictures. Still others, possibly wishing for a similar shape as her killer body, are searching for Angelina Jolie diet and exercise tips or Angelina Jolie diet secrets. If only we all could be that lucky!

No matter what the search terms, we know people are fascinated with celebrities in general, and the constant searching about a particular celeb shows, of course, curiosity and often admiration.

Interesting Searches Related to Celebrity Paris Hilton
Another interesting celebrity drawing countless monthly Internet searches is Paris Hilton. She has captivated the public with her presence and people want to know more about her as a celebrity and as a person. Apparently, Paris has some items for sale besides her perfume, as many Internet searches are zeroing in on her wares, from Paris Hilton perfume and her perfume gift set to Paris Hilton dream catchers and Paris Hilton hair extensions, not to mention Paris Hilton dog clothes. Despite these other searches, Paris Hilton perfumes seem to be doing quite well in quantity.

Internet searchers seem very interested indeed in Paris Hilton’s fashion and accessories, from Paris Hilton leggings to her footwear, dresses, and more. Paris Hilton shoes alone get whopping search requests in the thousands on a monthly basis.

One of the most interesting search phrases is Paris Hilton Sidekick. Lots of people seem to search for more information about the Paris Hilton Sidekick and anything to do with her experience. Why the Paris Hilton Sidekick is so fascinating… who knows. It’s not like we can crack into her personal life much more than the world already does through the tabloids and celebrity gossip Web sites. But no matter, people can still have fun trying!

Why Do People Search for What They Do?
Sometimes it’s easy to speculate why people search for certain keywords and key phrases that they do. Fashion and beauty related searches mainly draw tips and information on how to alter your appearance to look more like the celebrity. Product searches probably come from those who have at least a mild interest in buying or trying the celebrity’s signature products. Some other search terms are not so easy to interpret.

While we may never know why people search for Angelina Jolie impersonator or Blake Lively breast implants, we can only assume that a certain degree of it stems from sheer curiosity. Of course at times it could be borderline obsession, but let’s just rest in knowing that the world is full of curious people and the Internet search queries should and do reflect that.

Beer Olympics Party Theme Ideas and Costumes

If you’ve ever seen the movie Beerfest, you might be inclined to host your own Beer Olympics event in the comfort of your own home. Your own personal beer fest or Beer Olympics can be a great social activity with your friends and neighbors, with potential for great memories and lots of laughter. On the downside, you may also have to worry about people overdoing it… getting sick, making bad decisions, and even destroying parts of your house, all the while enjoying your Beer Olympics to the fullest.

So, proceed with caution as you plan to host your own Beer Olympics event or beer fest at your home. While fun is the ultimate goal, the safety of your guests should be your top priority. That being said, let’s move onto some fun and exciting events you can enjoy at your own personal beer fest or Beer Olympics.

Beer Olympics Events and Ideas
A Beer Olympics event at your home can be a great time to socialize with friends and inspire a little competition. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy your Beer Olympics festivities inside or outside, day or night. To coordinate your Beer Olympics event, first make a list of the Beer Olympics activities and ideas you might want to share and enjoy with your guests. Here are a few Beer Olympics ideas that might be suitable:

1.    Beer Pong or Beirut Championship
2.    Survivor Flip Cup
3.    Quarters or Speed Quarters
4.    Three Man (dice game)
5.    Kings (card game)
6.    Wiffleball (spin around the bat before you run the bases)
7.    Singing of Rugby songs
8.    Beer Slides (using slip-n-slide, crocodile mile, or the floor of a fraternity house – thanks Gettysburg)
9.    Guitar Beer-o (guitar hero plus beer)
10.  Make up your own!

As you organize your Beer Olympics events, just remember to find a good way to keep track of scores (a wipe-off board or even a notebook with a pen), and ensure that none of your events make it easy for anyone to get hurt (for example, obstacle courses plus drunk people do not usually have a good outcome). For an interesting touch, and to add an official flair to the festivities, try hanging personalized banners to announce the games-individually or all together. Be safe, but have fun!

Beer Olympics Costumes
If you are going to the trouble to host a beer fest or Beer Olympics event at your home, it’s only suiting to invite your guests to dress up in festive attire from their favorite countries or destinations to visit (Hey, everyone can’t be USA). For your Beer Olympics, if your guests don’t care to don costumes, you can still have lots of fun by asking everyone to wear a wristband or temporary tattoo or other fun piece of flair in the colors of their desired country.

Some fun Beer Olympics costume ideas may include the traditional form of dress for a number of countries, or quite simply, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt boasting the name or flag of a favorite country. You may also consider these fun and festive Beer Olympics costumes and costume accessories:

–    Kimonos
–    Sombreros
–    Kilts and tall socks
–    Lacy Senorita Spanish dress
–    German / Bavarian barmaid dress
–    Pants with suspenders
–    Belly dancing costumes
–    Rugby jerseys
–    And more

No matter what country you and your friends decide to represent, you’ll all have a blast whether you treat your Beer Olympics as a drinking party or a costume party.

Closing Ideas on Beer Olympics Party
Your Beer Olympics event or beer fest party can be a great time for everyone involved. More importantly than the food, the beer, the costumes, and the activities, though, is to remember that friends don’t let friends get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Someone should collect keys of those drinking or find a way to ensure that your friends don’t leave your home while under the influence.

Please remember – do not drink and drive or let friends drink and drive. Everyone can have fun – just drink responsibly and don’t take any chances by getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Top 10 Ways to Get in Shape

Many of us always have a goal in mind to lose a few pounds, shape up, slim down, or simply tone what we already have. If you are looking to get in shape or stay in shape, remember that it takes time, effort, and dedication in order to see noticeable and lasting results. You must make a commitment to yourself that you will work out and keep up your exercise routine in order to make that difference in your body.

While working out to get in shape can be time consuming, the results are most often worth the sacrifice. We can motivate ourselves to get in shape with a new swimsuit, a pretty little cocktail dress, or another “reward” for getting back in shape. Staying motivated is one of the key elements in noticeably improving our bodies.

Besides staying motivated and physically exerting our bodies to get back in shape, we must try to keep a healthy diet and take in a lot of water to stay hydrated, especially when working out. In addition to a healthy diet and lots of water, consider these top 10 ways to get in shape.

1.    Running
– Running is a great way to get in shape if your body isn’t opposed. Run with a friend or a group for additional motivation benefits.

2.    Exercise Videos – Working out to exercise videos is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape – even for only a matter of minutes each day or every other day.

3.    Yoga – Practicing yoga can be relaxing and soothing while also providing a deep stretch to awaken the muscles. Yoga also helps to alleviate stress in many cases.

4.    Pilates – Like yoga, Pilates can positively impact the body and the mind. Practice Pilates for a deeper workout and a great way to strengthen, slim, and tone the body.

5.    Walking – Many folks prefer to walk a few miles as opposed to running or more physically exhaustive activities. Walking every day is a great practice to stay young.

6.    Actively Playing with your Dog – Not all people enjoy exercise and working out, but sometimes getting your pet involved can make the exercising more enjoyable. Stay in shape by playing fetch, Frisbee, chase, etc.

7.    Team Sports – Find a volleyball team, softball league, flag football tournament or another team sport to help keep you motivated and in shape.

8.    Lifting Weights – If you prefer the more solitary form of working out, opt for weight training. You can get in shape and tone your muscles without leaving the home gym.

9.    Swimming – Some people are more at home working out in the water. If this is you, consider getting a pool membership if you don’t have one and spend some time doing laps at the pool.

10.     Cycling – Spend some quality time biking with your significant other, close friends, family, or even your dog! (Yes, they now make a special doggie leash for cycling fanatics!)

No matter what your preferred type of exercise, remember to stay motivated, exercise regularly, eat a healthy and balanced meal, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Good luck in reaching your fitness goals!

Lucky Bee Bee Jewels Product Review

Over the past few weeks I have happily shared my experiences with some of the many wonderful play sets that JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer. The girls and I have been completely amazed with the amount of fun we’ve shared. From spa mini (sparkle and glitter) play sets to GX tight rope terror race car sets, it’s been nonstop fun and laughs for the three of us. I won’t even begin to say that I’m done because today we lavished ourselves with accessorizing via charms, bracelets, and dangles.

JAKKS PACIFIC is now eagerly introducing a new and exciting collection this fall, called Lucky Bee Bee Jewels, which are perfect for that little princess in your heart (or teenage beauty in your life). They are the trendiest and most charming collections a girl could want.

My six and seven year old daughters became fanatical when they saw the collection of jewels that lay before them. They were instantly attracted to the dangles and accessories and knew just what they wanted to try first. They were even more surprised when they found out that they were more than just charms and bracelets. You see, these are unlike any other charm set and jewelry collection I’ve seen. With the Lucky Bee Bee Charm collection sets, you’ll get to customize your jewelry, mix and match your bracelets, and even accessorize your bags, clutches or purses, but there’s more… you can play with some of them too. The collections are so trendy that you’ll see celebrities Jordin Sparks (American Idol), Chelsea Staub (Jonas) and KayCee Stroh (High School Musical) sporting their custom jewelry around too.

The new Lucky Bee Bee collections will introduce over 80 uniquely themed charms with prices starting as low as $4.99, perfect for all girls six years and older.

Here’s what’s coming to a retailer near you soon:

Charming Bracelet Collection: This charm pack includes three charms – two super cute charmers, one special “Bee” charm along with a fashion bracelet. The bracelets are available in a variety of colors. Girls can collect them all and wear multiple bracelets together for an even greater fashion statement. Ages 6+; SRP: $4.99.

Fashion Dangle Collection: This will add play value to everything “glam.” This charm pack includes two charms: one fun deluxe charm with tiny playable features, along with another adorable charm and a totally trendy fashion dangle. Girls will be able to display their charms on the versatile fashion dangle, which can clip onto anything and make a great accessory for purses and backpacks (just in time for school). Ages 6+; SRP: $6.99.

Deluxe Chain Link Accessory sets: This is awesome… choose your style with different metal chain link necklaces and bracelet sets that can be worn separately or mix and match the pieces for a cool layered look. Each accessory set comes with a necklace or set of bracelets, one super cute charm, and two deluxe charms with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $9.99.

Showcase Travel Bag: Now displaying and storing your favorite Lucky Bee Bee charms will be convenient and fun. Traveling case easily rolls up for on-the-go girls like you! Girls will want to trade and borrow their favorite charms with their friends as their collection grows, and this is the perfect way to showcase their charm of the day. Each Showcase travel bag comes equipped with one super cute charm and one deluxe charm with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $14.99.

Charming Carry Along: How about organizing and transporting your entire Lucky Bee Bee charm collection with this stylish and portable carry case? The cute purse-like design is completely functional. Opening to reveal your entire collection is a breeze. It has tons of storage and compartments and fun hidden areas to hide her most special charms. Each Charming Carry Along bag includes two deluxe charms with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $19.99.

You can bet I had fun with these charms. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a child ‘DIVA’ in the home. They’re inexpensive and worth the smiles you get in return. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to share this experience with my girls. You just can’t put a price tag on these smiles you’ll get with these accessories!

To find out more about these products, visit The collections are expected to retail nationwide in the fall 2009. Also, visit for more information on the company and the latest toys to come.

Style Six Gem Decorator Product Review

Over the course of this summer, I have introduced you to some wonderful play sets from JAKKS PACIFIC. They are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, products from licenses such as Color Workshop, Creative Designs International, Graco, Disney, and Cabbage Patch Kids, just to name a few. From action figures to art activity sets and vehicles to plush toys, from stationery and writing instruments to electronics and dolls, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for when shopping at

Today I’m jumping in to share a new kit I discovered. It’s the all new Style Six Gem Decorator. This kit is one seriously amazing decorator kit and it will literally change an ordinary item into something extraordinary. The kit includes rhinestones, ribbons, a gem decorator device, and ribbon loops. It’s a mere $19.99 to get you started. Again, the kit is recommended for children eight years and up. If you plan on supervising the activity, the child can be as young as five, but I wouldn’t recommend any younger than that. My girls are ages six and seven and I helped with every step.

When we began to decorate our t-s,hirts we actually sat at our coffee table, set everything out, and took a minute to look at everything. I then took another minute to read instructions and go over some of the rules I had for the girls. They weren’t big rules, but because their ages were a little younger than the recommended age for this kit, I wanted to make sure they knew what parts they would take in creating their designs. Once this was explained and understood, it was time to begin.

We used the stencils that were included in the kit to place the dots that would become future holes on the garments. The handy-dandy gem device was then used to pop holes where the rhinestones and gems would go. It took about 30 minutes to design and prepare each shirt for the gems, but it was so fun and time just flew by! I plan on doing a little slumber party in the next week or two and will be using the gem decorator as a fun time project.

What’s fun about this kit is that the gems are removable. My girls have removed and replaced the gems a hundred times now and the shirt is still holding well. They simply snap right on and for a six year old to do this, you know it’s doable. At the end of our project, Patience and Piper were full of smiles. They wore their new shirts proudly and I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining experience.

Other available sets from the newly launched Style Six line include, but are not limited to:

STYLE SIX FELTING MACHINE: This felting machine allows young trendsetters to customize any item in their closet with fun felt shapes! The felting device safely weaves felt into any piece of fabric without heat, adhesive, or sewing. It includes a felting device and assorted felt shapes. It is recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price is $14.99.

Girls will have so much fun setting their fashion mood for the day by attaching decorative fabric, fun broaches, and playful charms to any fabric surface. The set includes a snap-n-glam device, assorted fabric shapes, and plastic pieces. Again, it is suggested for children eight years and older and has a suggested retail price of $9.99.

STYLE SIX STYLE PACK REFILLS: Available in new waves of four different styles every four months so girls can keep up with all the latest trends. As with all of the Style Six lines, recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price for these will range from $4.99 – $9.99.

For more information on the many toys JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer, please visit Also, take a moment to check out the JAKKS cares tab and read about their ongoing commitments to ensure happy, healthy kids. You can read all about the partners involved in making things happen, information on charitable giving, and learn about how you can help.

ActiVwater: Talking Rain Review

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is drink plenty of water. Water is essential for your very survival. It is also something that covers 71% of our earth’s surface so you can’t say you don’t have any.

You can pretty much find bottled water in every store you enter. There are many brands and many flavors to choose from, but, nothing compares to the water I’ve just tasted. Nothing compares to the water I tried desperately to keep for myself but couldn’t. I couldn’t because my kids were looking at me like they hadn’t drunk a single drop of water all day. Yea, I caved in and shared with my kids…but that’s okay, I’ll have to buy more and I will.

If you haven’t yet, then I recommend you try ActiVwater. I was given an amazing opportunity to try 3 flavors from Talking Rain ActiVwater and I LOVE IT!!!

The only beverages I take part in consuming are; water, tea, flavored water and coffee (I love coffee). So when I was offered an opportunity to try Talking Rain’s new ActiVwater; I accepted graciously. So what’s so different and exciting about ActiVwater? Why, it’s only the best water around…and I do say this with the most honest thoughts possible.

For just $1.29 each, you’ll have 19oz of pure essential greatness. There are 8 flavors to choose from and each of them offer enhancements all their own. If you’re looking for water that will promote vigor, energy, balance, focus and/or power; if you’re looking to enhance your power, resistance or something that will help Wake you up then ActiVwater is the water for you.

Here’s what you’ll get with every bottle of water; ingredients include Vitamins C, B12, D and K; antioxidants from natural fruits; naturally occurring electrolytes and Erythritol. It also has 100% natural sweeteners with ZERO calories. Erythritol plays an important role in the fight against obesity (for those who didn’t know/like me).

My opinions of the Talking Rain ActiVwater are very high. My kids and I enjoyed every flavor, which by the way were Black Berry, Pomegranate Berry and Strawberry Kiwi and aside from the awesome flavors, each bottle was packaged refreshingly. I honestly didn’t expect to like it as much as I did; after all, it’s just water, but I did. It exceeded every expectation of what I thought it’d taste like and there was, not one, thing that I didn’t enjoy.

A run down on ActiVwater flavors and their enhancements:

1.    Black Berry: Balance for greater intensity (Vitamin A-Zinc, Gota Kola electrolytes and Glucosamine

2.    Tropical Citrus: Energy for greater recovery (Vitamin B, Tea Extract and Caffeine)

3.    Lemon Lime: Essential-E for greater nutrients (Vitamin A, B, E)

4.    Dragonfruit: Focus for greater clarity (Vitamin A-Zinc, Gingko Biloba, Gota Kola)

5.    Strawberry Kiwi: Power for greater strength (Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin C, B12, D, K)

6.    Pomegranate Berry: Resist for greater antioxidants (Tea Extract, grape seed extract, Vitamin A, B, C)

7.    Triple Berry: Vigor for greater vitality (Vitamin A, B, C and tea)

8.    Orange Mango: Wake Up for greater Strength (Vitamin C and Green Tea extract)

The mission of TalkingRain Beverage Company is to develop and market functional, natural beverage products in unique packaging for calorie-conscious consumers. Founded in 1987, TalkingRain Beverage Company is headquartered in Preston Washington. The plant’s 100 employees produce a wide range of low calorie, good-for-you beverages under the TalkingRain brand including TalkingRain sparkling ICE, TalkingRain Botanicals and airwater. Please visit to learn more. ActiVwater is also available nationwide.

Dogs Get Sunburn, Too – Best Sunscreen and Sun Care Tips for Dogs and Puppies

Dogs can get sunburn too!If you’ve ever gotten a bad sunburn, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Did you know dogs can get sunburn too? If you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, it is your responsibility as owner to make sure you protect your pet from sunburn. But, take note that sunscreen for dogs is not the same as sunscreen for people.

Some easy sun care tips can help you keep even the most active dog healthier when exposed to the sun. To keep your dog safe from too much exposure to the sun and protect from doggie sunburn or potential dog skin cancer, follow a few precautionary tips from the experts.

“Dogs can suffer multiple ill effects of sun exposure, including sunburn, skin inflammation, and several kinds of skin cancer,” says Dr. Louise Murray, Director of Medicine at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. “Skin cancers caused by sun exposure in dogs include squamous cell carcinoma and hemangiosarcoma.”

Q. – Which Kinds of Dogs Are Most at Risk for Sunburn, Heat Stroke, and Skin Cancer?

A. – Dr. Louise Murray, Director of Medicine at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital: “Dogs with thin hair coats, light-colored noses, and white fur are most at risk from sun exposure. Dogs with areas of white fur or areas where the coat is thinner are also at risk. All dogs are at risk in areas of the body with less fur, such as the groin and belly. Pets who have areas of missing hair, such as those who have had an area shaved for surgery, should be protected from sunlight.”

A. – Ann Hohenhaus, DVM at The Animal Medical Center in New York: “Sunburn is much less common in dogs than in humans since most dogs are not worried about a tan, have thick hair coats and dark skin. But we do see sunburn in the less haired areas of light colored dogs like the nose, ears and on the underside of dogs between the belly button and the back legs. White pit bulls, Dalmatians, Boxers and Whippets are especially sensitive to the effects of sun, but any light coated dog is at risk. Usually dog abdomens are not exposed to the sun, but rare dogs do like to sunbathe on their backs and will sunburn. Just like in humans, sun exposure can lead first to solar dermatitis and ultimately to skin cancer of the nose, ears and abdomen.”

Dogs that sunbathe can be at greater risk of sunburn and doggie skin cancer.A. – Dr. Alison Flynn, DVM, DACVD, Veterinary Dermatologist at Miami Veterinary Specialists:
“Pets at risk for sunburn and UV induced cancer:
1. The sparsely haired area on the top of the muzzle towards the tip of the nose and the belly are at increased risk of sun damage.
2. Pets with white / lightly colored hair coat and skin
3. Specific breeds have been reported to have an increased incidence of solar induced skin cancer such as those with short hair coats and white or piebald coat / skin color (Dalmatian, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, and Beagle).
4. White cats have squamous cell carcinoma about 13 times more frequently than other cats, owing to increased susceptibility to sun damage.
5. Pets with significant hair loss affecting a sun exposed area of the body
6. Pets that are naturally hairless, such as the Chinese Crested dog
7. Pets that spend the majority of their time outdoors
8. Pets that frequently enjoy sunbathing (even if they are indoors, basking in the sunlight through a glass window or door)
9. Pets that are receiving tetracycline antibiotics should stay out of direct sunlight completely, this medication sensitizes the skin to UV and may promote severe burns

“Pets at risk for heat stroke:
1. Those with a dense hair coat such as the golden retriever, Siberian huskey, chow chow, etc
2. Any pet in direct sunlight for longer than 30 minutes when the temperature is greater than 90F

“Pets that are at risk for worsening auto-immune disease are those that have been diagnosed with:
1. Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)
2. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
3. Pemphigus erythematosus (PE)”

Q. – What Are the Risks of Sun Exposure to Dogs?

A. – Dr. Alison Flynn, DVM, DACVD, Veterinary Dermatologist at Miami Veterinary Specialists:

1. Sun burn
2. Skin infections (may arise secondary to severe sunburns)
3. Skin cancer – squamous cell carcinoma in particular
4. Heat stroke
5. UV induced/ exacerbated autoimmune disease (rare)