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Top 2009 Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a long awaited, much anticipated holiday for college students. Each year, students scatter across the country and even to the Caribbean and beyond for an exciting weeklong getaway. Spring break vacations take students away from books, homework, … Keep Reading

Recipe to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life

Thin, trim, athletic and slim… Many men and women across the globe wish for such a figure, but few are fortunate enough to have it without a great deal of work. Whether you are an avid athlete or a chronic … Keep Reading

Exercising Steps to a Slimmer Spring

When the days start getting warmer, our minds automatically drift to swimsuit shopping, relaxing hours by the pool, and fabulous summer getaways. Well, that is until reality sets in and we remember we’ve got some work to do before baring … Keep Reading

Tips for Self-Renewal from Head to Toe

Are stressful days leaving you dragging? Invigorate your senses and relax your entire body for instant renewal that will keep you going the whole week through. Renewal of mind, body and soul can be achieved more easily than you think… … Keep Reading

Creatures Great and Small: The Majesty and Wonder of Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Bahamas

Given the choice between a traditional hotel resort and the majestic resort Atlantis, Paradise Island, the decision requires little contemplation. The Atlantis resort welcomes guests with a regal Pegasus Fountain featuring the gleaming, golden Flying Horses of Atlantis. A magnificent … Keep Reading

33-Tips on Coping with Stress in Your Life

Stress comes and goes, often sparked by certain factors in our lives, such as work, chores and obligations, finances, and so forth. If no stress relief tips are followed, stress can grow to the extreme. Thankfully, stress relief tips come … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips – Decorating and Food Preparation with Football on the Brain

To create a festive football atmosphere, you might consider some decorations for your home just in time for your Super Bowl party. Super Bowl party decorations are easy to find and also easy to make if you are creative. Check … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips

The Super Bowl comes around once a year, so make sure you make the most of it and the time you can spend with family and friends on Super Bowl Sunday. When it comes to Super Bowl party entertaining tips … Keep Reading

Food Ideas for Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties call for dynamite menus and exciting food ideas for Super Bowl party munchies. Chips and salsa, endless varieties of hot and cold dips, and meat and cheese trays or veggie trays are just the beginning. Don’t forget … Keep Reading

Telephone Calling Strategy in Business, Friendships and New Relationships

People all have a different feeling when it comes to using the phone in new relationships and even established relationships. Having a telephone strategy in a new relationship can have a variety of impacts on your relationship. When two people … Keep Reading

Best Restaurants across the United States – Favorite Restaurants as Recommended by our Readers

In a recent contest, Life Love Beauty readers shared their favorite restaurants, cafes, and eateries across the United States. Here is a list of our readers’ favorite restaurants – the best restaurants in the United States as recommended by people … Keep Reading

Tips on How to Relax and Free Yourself from Stress

Many women – and even men – tend to agree on a lot of really great tips for how to relax and free yourself from stress. From hot bubble baths and candles to music, reading, or even a glass of … Keep Reading

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