Top 2009 Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a long awaited, much anticipated holiday for college students. Poolside may be the best place to relax for spring break. (Photo courtesy of year, students scatter across the country and even to the Caribbean and beyond for an exciting weeklong getaway. Spring break vacations take students away from books, homework, exams, professors, jobs, and even athletic team practices most times. For 2009, some of the top spring break destinations may not surprise you – but some other top 2009 spring break destinations may catch you off guard.

Read on for the top 2009 spring break destinations for college students.

Top Spring Break Destinations for 2009 – Overlapping Popular Spring Break Locations
While different travel organizations are bound to find some similarities and some differences in the top spring break destinations for 2009, it’s interesting to see those similarities as a means of gauging the most popular destinations. It is also quite interesting to compare the differences as a way of expanding the possibilities for spring break hotspots for this year.

Cancun, Mexico continues to be a spring break hotspot with Las Vegas, NV also taking a popular spot for spring breakers this year. Some surprising facts – Chicago is among the top 10 spring break getaways for 2009, as is Panama City Beach, FL, which has carried its popularity as a spring break hotspot for many years.

Poolside may be the best place to relax for spring break. (Photo courtesy of 10 Spring Break Destinations on Orbitz – Week of 3/16 (Spring Break)    

•    Cancun, Mexico
•    Orlando, FL
•    Phoenix – Mesa, AZ
•    Oahu, HI
•    New York, NY
•    Miami, FL
•    Los Cabos, Mexico
•    Riviera Maya, Mexico
•    Chicago, IL


Top 10 Spring Break Destinations on

•    Panama City Beach, FL
•    Cancun, MX
•    Fort Lauderdale, FL
•    Key West, FL
•    Summit County, CO (ski)
•    Lake Havasu, AZ
•    Las Vegas, NV
•    Lake Tahoe, NC/CA (ski)
•    Killington, VT (ski)
•    New Orleans, LA

In addition to the above spring break travel data and statistics, Travelocity has named Orlando, FL as the number one destination for spring break this year.

With highway travel in mind for some spring breakers, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reminds travelers to use its free 511 Travel Information System, which allows motorists to plan their travel routes ahead of time and call 511 for information on their customized routes to avoid traffic and stay safe. 511 is available in 34 other states, too.

For more information on 511 in Florida, please visit or, and for information on 511 in other states, check out

Recipe to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life

Thin, trim, athletic and slim… Many men and women across the globe wish for such a figure, but few are fortunate enough to have it without a great deal of work.

Whether you are an avid athlete or a chronic couch potato, this fairly easy dietary regimen should give you a good push in the right direction. Pair it with some regular exercise and a positive attitude, and you could be well on your way to the best shape of your life!

Tip #1: Give up soda.
It’s true – soda is full of empty calories. Sure, it may help you to stay awake at work, but it can also corrode your teeth and increase your waistline’s girth without warning. Sugary drinks impact the acidity of saliva, which quickly increases the likelihood of cavities. Furthermore, continuous consumption of soda and other super-sugary beverages can impact your digestive process.

If you can’t give up soda, at least decrease the amount of soda that you drink in a given day. Try to treat soda as just that – a treat. Have one glass a day with lunch or dinner, and drink ice water or spring water for the remainder of the day. Water is great for your body, helps to flush out toxins, and keeps you hydrated. That’s a lot more than we can say for soda!

Tip #2: Pass up salty, greasy fast food.
Believe me, as a French fry-aholic, I feel your pain. As a cross country runner in high school, I gave up eating fast food at all my favorite chain restaurants. I don’t think I ate a single French fry or chicken McNugget for six months or more. And how could I forget, when my running season was over and I indulged myself in an Extra Value Meal, my stomach cried out in pain for all the greasy chow dumped into it after months on a healthy diet.

Again, if you can’t give up the fast food, try to limit the amount you consume. You can pair your cheeseburgers with salads or fruit cup, or, you can consider switching to a healthier alternative like a deli sandwich or wrap.

Tip #3: Shut out the sugar.
Like I should talk here, being a self-proclaimed chocoholic. But without a doubt, I eat five or ten times as much candy now as I did during my high school sports seasons. Now, ten years later it is ten times tougher to prevent those sugar calories from sticking on my tummy, legs, and hips. What’s a girl to do?

During those months of training for my races, I gave up ice cream and 90 percent of the candy I used to eat. I also chowed down on healthier snacks, like carrot sticks and crackers when I got hungry. Try cutting out the majority of your sweet indulgences and treat yourself to just one (OK, or two) sugary treats a day. A small candy bar, a single brownie, two cookies…give yourself a limit and stick to it. If you feel especially motivated and determined, try to give up the sugary snacks completely for a few days a week.

Tip #4: Stop eating before bed.
Without a doubt, eating and sleeping should not go together as blissfully as they do. Eating makes us feel full and being full is akin to satisfied. Satisfied equals comfortable, and comfortable often leads right to sleep. But, if you limit yourself to eating dinner and all snacks prior to a certain time, you can help prevent those extra pounds from sneaking on late at night.

Sure, it’s all right to get a midnight snack once in a while, or to indulge at a friend’s party or other social engagement. The big idea is to work out a routine of eating before it gets to be late at night. Stick to the schedule as best as you can, and be sure to eat three balanced meals a day.

Tip #5: Exercise!
Adhering to the right kind of diet should help you initially, but exercise does the body good in so many ways. Whether you like to walk, jog, run, bike, swim, go to the gym, or do exercise videos, exercise is critical to keeping your body in the kind of shape you crave. Fitness is good for your body, mind, and soul. Paired with the right kind of diet, a regular regimen of exercise can really work wonders on any body!

* * *

Remember, everybody’s body is different. What works for me may not work as well for you, and vice versa. Whatever the case, cutting some of the sugary sodas out of your diet and working out on a regular basis should bring positive results.

Consult your physician before attempting any rigorous dietary routines or dietary supplements.

Exercising Steps to a Slimmer Spring

When the days start getting warmer, our minds automatically drift to swimsuit shopping, relaxing hours by the pool, and fabulous summer getaways. Well, that is until reality sets in and we remember we’ve got some work to do before baring our bods on the beach.

Winter’s chilly bite often tempts us into a pattern of laziness and over-eating. We’re bored, so we eat. We’re cold, so we eat. We’re hosting holiday parties and going out on the town, so we eat. The vicious cycle continues until we’ve packed on about five or ten pounds more than we normally weigh.

If you want to drop a few pounds before swimsuit season arrives, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forego all sweets, salts and carbs. In fact, a monster diet may not get you anywhere but frustrated. The key to slimming and trimming your figure lies within…you’ve got to make a commitment to yourself to live a healthier lifestyle, and the rest will fall into place.

First of all, get off your lazy butt! Muscles aren’t just attached to your body to hold your insides together… so start using them! Find activities that you enjoy and your workout sessions start to seem like playtime. Get together with a friend or a group of friends – or new acquaintances – and encourage yourselves to reach your goals. Positive reinforcement and motivation truly do impact your performance and success!

Try some fun and exciting activities on for size, to get yourself back into the size you want to be. You can participate in gentle aerobic exercises, weightlifting, intense physical workouts and more – it all depends on your personal style and what you like to do. Consider Pilates and yoga classes for a group setting – or you can buy the workout tapes and DVDs to get started in the comfort of your home.

You can also get active by trying these activities:
•    Roller-Blading
•    Running/Jogging
•    Power-Walking
•    Biking

•    Weightlifting
•    Sit-ups, Push-ups, Chin-ups…
•    Climbing stairs instead of taking the escalator or elevator
•    Walking instead of driving whenever possible

To really clinch your goals and get your body in the shape you want for the warmer months, you must also make a commitment regarding the foods you eat. You do not have to cut sweets entirely out of your diet, but it truly would help if you reduced your intake of sugary treats. Giving up soda may not be a bad idea, and it’s also a wise choice for your teeth!

Snack on crunchy fruits and veggies during the day instead of grabbing for cookies and potato chips. Fresh fruits and vegetables taste great and positively impact your health in so many ways. And did you know – carrots, apples and celery also combat bad breath!

Forget the diet pills, psycho dieting plans and insane, nonstop workouts. When you decide you are ready to make some positive changes in your life to better your body image, do so gradually. Make a conscious effort to eat healthier foods and cut down on the troublesome snacks. Make small changes and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Start out by exercising once or twice a week and see how great your body feels the next day. You’ll soon want to work out more vigorously, and your healthy appetite for exercise may even influence healthier eating!

Tips for Self-Renewal from Head to Toe

Are stressful days leaving you dragging? Invigorate your senses and relax your entire body for instant renewal that will keep you going the whole week through. Renewal of mind, body and soul can be achieved more easily than you think… just set aside some time for yourself and slip away into a carefree moment.

Renewal of Hair and Scalp
With extreme temperatures, excessive blow-drying and chemical processing, hair and scalp may suffer damages that are not immediately apparent to the naked eye. After time, dry, peeling scalp, split ends and brittle hair may result. To remedy these undesirable traits, revamp your daily maintenance routine.

Change products to a moisture-rich shampoo formula and a deep conditioning treatment. Something like St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner will generally provide immediate results in the texture of your tresses and the way your scalp feels.

While shampooing, gently use your fingernails on your scalp as the suds course through your hair. In a light scratching motion, refresh your scalp and rinse away any dry particles. For a truly invigorating experience, apply a deep conditioning treatment with a tingling effect. Before rinsing, allow product to saturate hair and scalp for two minutes or as directed.

If at all possible, avoid over-drying hair with a blow dryer. By allowing hair to dry naturally, strands are kept intact longer, leaving them soft, shiny and healthy-looking.

Renewal of Eyes
For tired, overworked eyes, get as cool as a cucumber by placing a cold slice on each eye. If no cucumbers are to be found, substitute a cold, damp washcloth, wrung out and placed over both eyes. Lay back and relax for a few moments while your eyes absorb the cooling effects. To best relieve bloodshot eyes, though, make an early appointment with your bed!

Renewal of Skin
First, a Facial…
To reinvigorate your skin and your body altogether, choose a gentle exfoliant to restore a healthy glow to your visage. (I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub.) Using your selected product, gently buff away any rough spots and dry skin cells in seconds. Remembering to repeat this process regularly will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and perfect.

For further rejuvenation, a facial mud mask applied at least once a week will dry out problem areas on your skin, relax facial muscles and relieve tension lines as the mask hardens in minutes. Allow the mask to dry as you relax while reading a book or magazine, watching part of a television program or writing out your shopping list.

Now, for the Whole Body Experience…
Macrobiotic Counselor Patrick Riley suggests doing a daily “body rub”, which involves dipping a white washcloth in warm water and vigorously rubbing every square inch of one’s body. He explained that this procedure would leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed, while also freeing the mind. (Note: this is a great exfoliating technique as well.)

Additionally, scented moisturizing lotions for dry elbows, knees and legs will help to keep skin soft and smooth, moisturized and healthy.

Renewal of Feet
Pedicures operate as an excellent stress-buster and they work very well as a means of refreshing and reinvigorating the body. If an all-out pedicure takes too much time, compromise with some aromatherapy foot lotion and a self-administered foot massage before heading off to bed. Relaxation and rejuvenation will send you straight to dreamland.

Self-Renewal for You, in Entirety…
For your entire body, enjoy a sensuous hot bubble bath with suds of your favorite scent or bath oil beads, bath salts, fizzers or other relaxing bathing products. Fill the tub with warm water – not scalding but not lukewarm. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to a half hour to enjoy serenity and the soothing suds and waters around you. After a long day in the office, a sporting event or intense workout, a calming bubble bath will wash your cares away.

To enhance the experience:
•    Burn an aromatherapy candle on your countertop, away from any potential fire hazards.
•    Immerse yourself in a good book or magazine.
•    Play soft and tranquil music in the background.
•    Treat yourself to a plate of healthy snacks – frozen grapes, vegetable sticks, applesauce, pudding or yogurt.
•    Close your eyes and daydream, but be careful not to fall asleep.
•    Wrap yourself in a fluffy towel at the conclusion of your bath.

Another body renewing trick makes things about as simple as they get… exercise! Mild exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, push-ups and maybe even an early morning run will help your overall spirit and frame of mind by awakening your muscles and reminding your body how great it feels to stay active.

By combining all of these steps or concentrating on only a few, your body should be well on its way to a more relaxed and recharged state. By adding some relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, your stress load should diminish, leaving you with more energy for those things that are most important to you.

Creatures Great and Small: The Majesty and Wonder of Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Bahamas

Given the choice between a traditional hotel resort and the majestic resort Atlantis, Paradise Island, the decision requires little contemplation.

The Atlantis resort welcomes guests with a regal Pegasus Fountain featuring the gleaming, golden Flying Horses of Atlantis. A magnificent golden dome ceiling extends upward in the lobby of the well-known Royal Towers, elaborately adorned with seashell designs and a brilliant blue sky. Ornate architecture spans throughout the entire resort, beginning with the common areas – including the casino, lobby and throughout the Royal Towers, Beach Towers and Coral Towers.

The breathtaking structural design stops short of nothing; ultimately creating a spectacular seascape that boasts 34 acres of water wonderland and 11 million gallons of fresh and saltwater. Perhaps Atlantis’ very claim to fame, this gorgeous underwater habitat is the world’s largest open-air marine habitat. Second only to the true natural oceanic habitat, the 11 great lagoons of Atlantis are home to more than 200 species of sea life.

Sliding with the Sharks…
The adventurous type will find favor with the world-renown Leap of Faith Waterslide located at the Mayan Temple. This tremendous slide sends brave guests on a 60-foot near vertical plunge through a clear tunnel in a shark and predator-filled lagoon. For those who don’t enjoy heights quite as much, the Serpent Waterslide offers a fun-filled slide ride in a single or double inner tube through the same aquatic environment. The more competitive guests can also enjoy a watery race down the electronically timed Challenger Slides.

Exploring The Dig…
Atlantis’ amazing sea creatures inhabit the waters far outside of the Mayan Temple. Telling a story with each underground twist and turn, The Dig creates a realistic subterranean labyrinth, brimming with saltwater and freshwater species from across the globe. The Dig signifies the ancient archeological excavations of the mythical Atlantis.

Marine Life for All to See
Portraying its ruins complete with an inventions room, a laboratory, crystal chamber and more, The Dig truly brings the legend of Atlantis to life. Eleven exhibits show off marine species in a mysterious, fun and interactive environment.

Tunnel of Life
Memorable and extraordinary is the 100-foot long clear tunnel that allows guests to become one with the waters of Atlantis and all its creatures. Buried deep within the Predator Lagoon, 1.5 million gallons of water surround this innovative viewing station. Here guests may see sharks, barracudas, groupers, snappers and other reef fish as they interact with each other.

Lucid Lagoon
The Seagrapes Lagoon contains 500,000 gallons of water and such marvelous creatures as the Spotted Eagle Ray. Atlantis also showcases sea creatures in The Great Hall of Waters – featuring nine-foot tall five-inch thick acrylic windows, the Ruins Lagoon – with a variety of native Bahamian fish, the Hibiscus Lagoon – home to Green Sea Turtles, and the Stingray Lagoon – where guests may touch and feed these friendly fish.

 * * *

Atlantis hosts more than 50,000 sea creatures in its vast underwater habitats. Among the ray family are the Cownose Ray, Southern Stingray, White-Spotted Eagle Ray, Smalltooth Sawfish and the incredible Manta Ray, whose wingspan may grow to 22 feet!

Fierce-looking creatures like the Green Moray Eel and Great Barracuda also populate the waters of the Atlantis resort. A fascination to many, several species of sharks also inhabit the Atlantean waters, including the Blacktip Shark, Bonnethead Shark, Zebra Shark, Nurse Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark and Great Hammerhead Shark. The hammerheads patrol a special lagoon where they circle and swim, their fins ever grazing the surface of the water.

A variety of groupers also dwell in the exhibits of the resort, including the humongous Goliath Grouper, which can grow to eight feet and more than a thousand pounds…not to mention his relatives, the Nassau Grouper, the Black Grouper and the Yellowfin Grouper.

Rainbow and Spotted Parrotfish also grace the waters, along with Yellowtail Snappers, Gray Snappers, Queen Angelfish and species of Hogfish. Spiny Lobsters sometimes creep closely into sight along the outdoor walkways between resort buildings. Exotic-looking creatures like Lionfish and Scorpionfish also find their homes at Atlantis, in addition to Seahorses, Bahama Starfish, Horseshoe Crabs and Queen Conchs.

With so many amazing sights to see and such a gorgeous waterscape to take in, it’s no wonder that Atlantis, Paradise Island is one of the most popular resorts in the world. The breathtaking exhibits and diverse underwater creatures truly lend themselves to an unforgettable, mystical experience to be enjoyed by all.

33-Tips on Coping with Stress in Your Life

Stress comes and goes, often sparked by certain factors in our lives, such as work, chores and obligations, finances, and so forth. Take a relaxing bath to relieve stress in your life.If no stress relief tips are followed, stress can grow to the extreme. Thankfully, stress relief tips come naturally for a number of people. From reading and taking time to relax to exercising and more, stress relief and stress management can be achieved.

Here our readers share a wealth of stress relief tips that work for them. If you need a boost in the right direction to escape your own stress, consider these stress relief tips and relaxation tips. Recharge your batteries and renew your life while coping with stress and finding ways to escape the hard times.

Tips on How to Manage Stress or Deal with Stress in Your Life

“Stress Tip: To manage stress — whenever I feel stress — I ALWAYS try to get out my frustrations — whatever they are — if I am angry or upset… they I try to get those emotions out.  It’s not healthy to keep them in.  If I am sad–then I will cry.  I have learned that bottling up feelings is just not healthy.” – Shelley Krush, NV

“To manage stress – I try to make more organization in my life. This is very difficult for someone like me.  I start with buying a calendar that you can keep in your purse and making myself write down everything that I have to do for the day.”
– Diane Baum, MI

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life- Keep a sense of humor, laughing is healthier then yelling.”
– Katharine Davis, IA

Meditate or take the time to enjoy nature. (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)“To manage stress – never be afraid to ask for help.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“To deal with stress: I find that keeping lists and staying organized helps me deal with daily stress. I get pulled in many directions and my list helps me prioritize things. There are always surprises that come up and when they do if I find them overwhelming, I walk away to a quiet area and take deep breaths. That helps me get in control again and makes it easier to face the problems.”
– Heather Simone, GA

“Tip to manage or deal with stress in your life — listen to the iPod.”
– Kendra Gillilan, CO

“My tip for handling stress – I have a new mantra that I say to myself. It is ‘I will be ok each and every day.’ I have this written in Lipstick on my bathroom mirror.”
– Kelly Ann Thuet, MO

“Don’t worry about things you can’t control.”
– Susan Varney, ME

“How to manage or deal with stress in your life – I listen to guided imagery and do yoga.”
– Carol Drury, MD

“When you go to bed, imagine you are wrapping up all the day’s bad things into a trash bag then tossing it away into the trash. Corny, but it does help.”
– Debbie Christie, KY

“Stress tip: I try to do one relaxing thing each day such as read a book or take a bubble bath.”
– Alecia Gibson, MN

“Manage stress tip:  Spend plenty of moments throughout the day focusing on the pleasurable aspects of life.  For example:  looking at/smelling a flower, watching the aquarium fish, smelling the perfume on your wrist, smile at self in mirror, stroke your child’s hair, kiss them on the forehead, and whisper, ‘I love you’.”
– Doreen Kuneck, CA

“Stress tip: comfortable clothes (loungewear), good movie or talk with my husband, and a great wine and just relax.”
– Julia Smith, OH

“I like to take a nice long bubble bath with candles and some relaxing music when I’m stressed.”
– Jessica Lewis, NC

“My stress tip is quick and it’s free. Just take some very deep breathes and try to relax. Then count to 10. By the time you get to 5 you should feel better.”
– Donna Cohn, MA

“To deal with stress: It is important to take time out for oneself to get some rest and refresh oneself.  When I am stressed, I will ask my husband to watch the kids to that I can read or nap or finish up something that is bugging me and needs to get done.  I also like to focus on how I overcame stressful situations in the past.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

“I deal with stress in my life by taking long walks with my favorite Christian jams. They help me to get the focus off of me and back onto God.”
– Laura Griggs, TX

“Stress tip – I make sure I get at least 30 minutes of pure alone time every day.  With 6 kids, it’s not always so easy to de-stress.”
– Tammy Marshall, CA

“Stress tip – when life gets you down just buy yourself a bottle of tequila… or just listen to the song.”
– Samantha Pruitt, CA

“I do a form of deep breathing in one nostril and out the other then do certain acupuncture with my fingernails while I deep breathe. I indulge in a brownie if really stressed.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“Stress tip: If you are stressed, calm yourself by concentrating on the sound of your own breathing, and think about something that made you happy.”
–  Kayce Crews, TN

“Stress tip – I find that just calling up a friend to talk helps me to manage my stress.”
– Jean Hallinan, NY

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life – Do not let the things I cannot control bother me.”
– Joan Olson, FL

“How to manage or deal with stress in your life: Close my eyes and imagine everything the way I would like it to be.  It excites me and motivates me to do what I can to change the situation.”
– James Edward Anderson, NY

“I go running.”
– Ed Nemmers, IL

“Reading is a great stress reducer! Any book on any subject works, as long as it transports you from your present situation to a place where you do not have to think about the pain of life.”
– Kayleigh Ann Farris, CA

“To deal with stress I take the vitamin, Melatonin. To reduce stress, I try to keep everything in my house orderly and tidy – that way I don’t get stressed out about a mess!”
– Suzy Horvath, OR

“Tip – How to manage or deal with stress in your life — Exercise! And plenty of sleep. ”
– Heather Slater, WA

“When I am stressed I usually work out! It makes me feel better!”
– Jennifer Tanner, GA

“I think the best stress relief for me is sitting in a nice hot bubble bath, and my tub has jets so that really helps with the physical stress. For emotion stress I sit down with a good book and escape into it.”
– Michael Pease, VT

“I read books to deal with stress, take long hot baths, watch YouTube, play games on the computer & listen to Paolo Nutini.”
– Marcy Lynn Strahan, TX

“To manage or deal with stress in your life, pray.”
– Janet L. Mahurin, OK

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips – Decorating and Food Preparation with Football on the Brain

To create a festive football atmosphere, you might consider some decorations for your home just in time for your Super Bowl party. You can make your own football rice krispie treats with cocoa krispies and marshmallows just like traditional rice krispie treats! (Photo courtesy of Bowl party decorations are easy to find and also easy to make if you are creative. Check your local dollar store, Wal-Mart, and other mass retailers for ideas and materials on decorating your home for the Super Bowl.

Also, when it comes to preparing your home to host a bunch of rowdy football fans, you should be prepared on so many levels. Most of all, you should be prepared to join in the fun! With that in mind, you’ll want to prepare foods that can be served out of crock pots if possible, or electric buffet servers, electric frying pans, etc. With a buffet line set up, you can truly make the most of your festive Super Bowl party.

For more Super Bowl party planning tips, read on to discover tips and suggestions on decorations and food preparation from our readers. You can learn a few tips and tricks on having a fun Super Bowl party with less hassle.

Decorating Your Home for Your Super Bowl Party
Decorating for a party – especially a Super Bowl party – makes such a big difference in the atmosphere. Even if you only go as far as decorating with both teams’ colors – or your preferred team’s colors – you can truly enhance the atmosphere of your Super Bowl party. Try these decorating tips for Super Bowl parties in your home.

“It’s easy to decorate for your Super Bowl party. Most supermarkets and stores like Target will have generic football decorations as well as decorations that represent your local team and the teams playing in the Super Bowl.”
– Cathy Copeland

“I like to have a party and use all football type serving ware. If you bend a cool whip type container into the shape of a football you can even make large cookies and decorate them with the teams.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

Food Preparation for Super Bowl Parties
As the host or hostess, you want to make sure you plan in some time for you to enjoy the party, too. Rather than spend your entire day in the kitchen, why not follow some of these tips for easier food preparation and serving styles for your Super Bowl party? Good luck!

“My tip is do has much as you can in advance – if possible make and freeze as much as you can- what you cannot make and freeze – if it is possible to make it the day before and then store properly.  This will save you a lot of worry and activities on the GAME DAY.”
– Clifton Wade, NC

Super Bowl parties are a blast with the right ingredients! (Photo courtesy of“My favorite Super Bowl party tip is to have lots of Pace Salsa on hand. You will need mild, medium, and hot. You will also needs lots of Tostitos chips. If you would like to have some variety you can always add the cheese salsa or you can just add Velveeta cheese to your Salsa and warm it up. I like the salsa better cold, but my son loves the cheese salsa heated up.”
– April Millwood, NC

“My best tip for a super bowl party is to organize the food ahead of time because everyone is always wanting to bring something to help out, so what I have done in the past and will do this year again is send out an e-mail to everyone who I’m inviting and a list of different categories, chips, dips, finger foods, soda, etc. and ask that when they reply to please reply to all so that everyone will have an idea of what’s going to be there and what we still need.  I usually end up taking whatever is left out from the list as well as worrying about the decorations and paper products. All my friends loved when I did this last year and it just made it so much easier to get everything together for the big day and no last minute trips to the grocery store to try and get something from the deli.”
– Kasey Proctor, FL

“My favorite tip is to have a pot luck with all you friends and family so that no one person has to slave away doing everything and you can enjoy the party with all your guests.”
– Joy Venters, OH

“Every year, we alternate hosting the party with our best friends, and each year, the food is themed.  Last year was Mexican, the year before that it was Italian. This year it’s “Comfort Food”. Having themed food adds such a fun element to Super Bowl!”
– Carol Dziuba, NJ

“My tip is that I always make one pot meals in crock pots. That way guests just help themselves whenever they are hungry.  The food stays hot for the duration of the game.”
– Marilyn Wons, FL

“The best tip for a Super Bowl party is to make sure you are well stocked.  Have a variety of drinks and the food should be good but gourmet.  And don’t forget the vegetarians in the crowd.”
– Carolyn Gonzalez, NC

* * *

Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party planning tips!

Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips

The Super Bowl comes around once a year, so make sure you make the most of it and the time you can spend with family and friends on Super Bowl Sunday. The perfect components to a fabulous Super Bowl Party - Remote, chips and dip, and of course, football! (Photo courtesy of it comes to Super Bowl party entertaining tips and suggestions for how to have a great Super Bowl party, some of the best tips come from word of mouth.

Pay special attention to the kinds of Super Bowl parties your friends and family members host and you’re sure to pick up a few great tips here and there. Beyond immediate connections to fun and exciting Super Bowl party entertaining ideas, you can surely find dozens if not hundreds of fabulous Super Bowl party suggestions online.

Here are a bunch of our readers’ favorite Super Bowl party planning tips and entertaining ideas for a fun and exciting football party in your own home. Consider these Super Bowl tips for a great party for friends, family – especially your kids, and all you invite.

Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips from our Readers
Life Love Beauty readers kindly shared their favorite Super Bowl entertaining tips. Here are the top suggestions for how to host a fun and exciting Super Bowl party at your own home:

“Invite family and friends over to watch the Super Bowl with you. If your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, then just pick a team to support, or just have everyone support their favorite team. Have everyone bring a food item.  And enjoy the game and excitement of the Super Bowl, which only comes once a year.”
– Patricia Treskovich, PA

“When you have a Super Bowl party, don’t be biased about who cheers for what team. It’s often more fun if there is a rivalry! Make both sides comfortable and welcome (even if they are a Cardinals fan).”
– Katie Smerick, PA

“The first tip is who you invite. You want some friends that get into the game. Then the food, you have to spend the extra money and get the quality spices, ingredients or the best caterer around. Then it’s the atmosphere – I mean put up some posters or balloons. Keep the food hot and accessible all through the evening. And have a wet bar available for refreshments. Have a big cake for the team you want to win. My recipe is Pace Salsa and I cut up tomatoes, pepper, onion, and add ketchup, and a little horseradish, sour cream, mix and serve Guacamole too.”
– David Puglisi, MO

The perfect components to a fabulous Super Bowl Party - Remote, chips and dip, and of course, football! (Photo courtesy of“For a successful Super Bowl party, have the game on in multiple rooms, and have them designated as ‘Serious Fans’, ‘Commercials Only’, and ‘We’re socializing during the whole game’.  This way those who want to watch the game without interruption about how cute a player is (and believe me it could happen this year since the Steelers are playing!) 😉  but those who want to watch without interruption can do so, and those who want to comment on things can do so without disturbing others.”
– Jennifer Short, WV

“My tip is that you cook two days in advance so that all you have to do is reheat and the only stuff that you cook on the day of is anything fresh, like fresh fruit, veggies and anything with whip cream or egg whites in to keep these in their fragile states (without weeping).”
– MaryAnne Johnson, NY

“Keep plenty of the different varieties of Pepsi, especially Max. Guests can drink lots of this and stay sober and drive home safely.”
– Dorothy Rozdilsky, IN

“For my Super Bowl party we will have a gaming pool on just about everything from score to number of times the announcer says a certain word.”
– Leann Swinney, CA

“My favorite tip is prepare ahead – like making food ahead and making items them freezing to pop in oven later. Have a cooler out in the living room so there is no walking all around. We have a  all age party where the kids have their own party and watch movies and play games – the ones who want to watch there is a TV going for them too – TVs all over. Relax and breathe- enjoy the game- wear comfy clothes and remember it’s time to have fun, not be a restaurant so have enough jarred salsa and bagged chips, enough drinks and  enjoy. Another big tip is if there is drinking of any kind take away the keys as they walk in the door – one person determines if they are ok to drive and always have a designated driver.”
– Sandy Dulany, AR

“My tip: I let the kids plan a Super Bowl party every year. They are ages 13, 10, and 7. They make a football cake, veggie dip tray, hang streamers and balloons in team colors, make posters, etc… I try to get as much as I can from the dollar store, because we can’t spend too much on this (that’s where
the prize pack would come in handy!). Every year, dad is so ‘surprised’ when he walks into the living room for game time, like he never saw that coming, and the kids are so proud of themselves.”
– Paula Harmon, MI

“My favorite party tip is; DON’T FORGET THE KIDS! We always plan two parties, one for the super bowl in the living room and one for the kids in the playroom. They also have special snacks and games to play!”
– Heather Slater, WA

* * *

Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party entertaining tips!

Food Ideas for Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties call for dynamite menus and exciting food ideas for Super Bowl party munchies. Super Bowl Party Food Ideas (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)Chips and salsa, endless varieties of hot and cold dips, and meat and cheese trays or veggie trays are just the beginning. Don’t forget about main courses, appetizers, sides, and desserts.

You may want to find a way to keep the food warm or allow guests to serve themselves as needed, which allows you to be able to enjoy the Super Bowl and the commercials, food, and party atmosphere just as much as your guests enjoy it all.

Tips on food ideas for Super Bowl parties and how to serve the food are all included here, compliments of Life Love Beauty readers. Read on for suggestions on how to host fabulous Super Bowl parties with great food ideas and food preparation and serving tips.

Super Bowl Parties, Super Food Ideas, and Football Party Planning Tips
What is the best dish to serve at modern Super Bowl parties? What are the most popular menu items for watching the Super Bowl at home? Find out what Life Love Beauty readers suggest as their favorite Super Bowl party food ideas.

“My favorite thing for Super Bowl parties is: the large can of Hormel Chili – no beans, 1 jar salsa and one pound of Velveeta.  Heat and serve as a dip. Just delicious.”
– Cheryl Riecke, LA

“My family loves the Super Bowl! We make a ton of snacks and sit around the big-screen to see the Big Game. My favorite Super Bowl snack is a taco dip that layers of ground beef, sour cream, and taco toppings.  And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Pace salsa! Delicious!”
– Sarah Zappe, PA

“Make homemade egg rolls the day before and you’re all set.”
– Susan Varney, ME

“Super Bowl Party tip: don’t run out of food or drink!”
– Joanne Schultz, NY

“My Super Bowl party tip is to make foods or have friends bring foods that are representative of the teams playing — makes the atmosphere a little more festive when what you eat is just as much of a part of the teams cheered for!”
– Amy Mayer, NC

“We have four small crock pots that we put warm dips…our favorite is a bar of cream cheese warmed in a can of our favorite chili… kind of an updated version of bean dip.  We also have four cold dips and the buffet includes veggie trays, plain potato chips, corn chips, pretzels and tortilla chips!”
– Cynthia Karen Smith, NV

“Have a large variety of foods to serve.  Some popular snacks served include pizza, chips and salsa, chili, potato chips, nachos and wings.  Serve healthy snacks like vegetables, popcorn and pretzels for those watching their weight.  Offer both alcohol and non alcoholic beverages.  Let other people bring food if they offer. Jazz it up; have some fun with it! Find out the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl and create foods using those colors. Punches are easy to create in whatever colors you want, and food, as well, can be dyed to show off your team spirit.”
– Susan Smith, KS

“My tip would be to set up a buffet of many different dishes / foods.  People love all-you-can-eat variety.”
– Frank & Denise Blados

“For a football or any other party, we like plain old tortilla chips with melted Kraft Mexican cheeses sprinkled on and then microwave briefly to melt then cheese.  Of course, we then dip them in our favorite salsa.”
– Dee Sachs, CO

“Usually we order Pizza for super bowl. So no need to cook or clean up – And yes, Pizza can be dipped in Salsa. I prefer the hot and spicy variety.”
– Lester Huffmire, CA

“Make it a potluck so everyone shares the burden.  I love to make green salsa and have it with Fritos.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“My tip for Super Bowl parties is always to keep it simple! The game stays on fairly late and who wants to be up cleaning into the night!?! Clean as you go and make it easy on yourself!”
– Casey Halladay, NY

“There are so many easy ways to make salsa extra special for the big game. I like to soften some cream cheese, place it in a bowl and pour salsa over it. It’s great with tortilla or corn chips.”
– Julie Keilty, CT

“TIP:  Open up and have fun.  Keep plenty to drink and a lot of Pace sauce and chips!”
– Tommy Amos, VA

“The best tip I can really give is to never run out of chips.  Also, the key to throwing a good Super Bowl party is to never run out of beer.  I have been to parties that run out of beer way before the game starts.  Also, football number boards are a great way to keep everyone’s interest going nonstop for the entire game. The key is to keep everyone happy who is at your party.”
– Jason Nickolay, MN

* * *

Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party food tips!

Telephone Calling Strategy in Business, Friendships and New Relationships

People all have a different feeling when it comes to using the phone in new relationships and even established relationships. Communication is important in all kinds of relationships. (photo courtesy of a telephone strategy in a new relationship can have a variety of impacts on your relationship.

When two people first begin seeing each other, they’ll grow together as they learn more and more about the other person. Some people may be shy in a new relationship and may wish for the other person to call them instead. Some people may be more outgoing and very comfortable with using the phone, making initial contact in a new relationship seem much more natural. Some people may be indifferent to using the phone, using it as needed for brief or lengthy conversations.

Whatever the case, it is important to be open and honest about how you feel and express your feelings as appropriate. If you prefer in-person meetings rather than phone conversations, be sure to share that with your new love interest. Work together to establish a comfortable communication style in your new relationships.

Life Love Beauty readers share their feelings on using the phone in general and also which kinds of conversations they prefer. Read on for more details, or see any of our related articles on telephone strategy in new relationships.

Telephone Conversations and Using the Phone in General
“Phones have become necessary conveniences. They allow us to connect with family and friends as well as do business without leaving our homes. Perhaps best of all they are the sentries of our lives since when even a hint of danger threatens all we have to do is press 911. My phone use is quick and direct.  As much as I appreciate my phone I believe it should not replace in-person interaction.”
– Pat Nieh, CA

“My phone style is short but sweet.  I cover all topics in a timely manner.”
– Deb Berg, MN

“Phone style:  I tend to have long phone calls with those closest to me and quick phone calls with everyone else.  Sometimes I really need to hear the voices of loved ones, especially those who live far away.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

“It really depends on who I’m calling but with friends my phone conversation style is long conversation. There are so many different things to talk about even without gossip etc. I love a long conversation about what’s happening, what is going to happen, what we wish would happen. LOL”
– Catherine Frausto, CO

“Talk the ears off a tree – I could talk on the phone from sunrise to sunset! I’m really quiet in person but stick a phone in my hand and it’s like someone punctured a word balloon!”
– Jeffrey Gardner, NC

“I usually call only when I need something or want to ask someone to do something with me. I usually ramble but eventually get to my point. If someone wants to have an actual conversation then I’ll put in a little more effort!”
– Samantha Pruitt, CA

“I tend to talk long on the phone.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“Freestyle phone call – I don’t have a style because I am hard of hearing.”
– Floyd Jenkins, FL

“I guess since I am married, any ‘new relationships’ are new friends.  I am usually hesitant to make a call at first.  I tend to have to take a deep breath and just do it.  For first calls, I often don’t leave a message, but am getting better about that. I do try to not call too often as I do not want to seem too pushy (or desperate).  My phone conversation style is often long calls that include a lot of plain friendly gabbing. I even small-talk on business calls.”
– Melanie Horan, NJ

“I make quick calls to only a few businesses, otherwise, I use email to talk to people I know.”
– Ron Frakes, IL

“Quick efficient calls, I can’t hang around on the phone with a three year old and a 19 month old demanding your attention.”
– Katharine Davis, IA

“I chill out in my recliner as I converse with my friends about our buddies and families. We share our thoughts and aspirations. We discuss relatives and the antics they get into. Our neighbors wonder what in the world we are laughing about but we don’t have a care in the world.”
– Randy A. Young, MS

“When I am in a new relationship I find out what they person is comfortable with and this way they can find out the same thing about me. The best solution I have found for this is to be honest and upfront when the relationship begins. Some men love the attention while others feel as if you are crowding them. When we both understand what works best for both of us then there is never any misunderstanding! I think that when you begin a relationship by talking about situations which can and probably will come up then the relationship is so much better as there is no second guessing!

“My conversation style is different for different people. Some of my friends are not big on phone calls, so I tend to make quick phone calls and get to the point. I pretty much play it by ear as if I think the person is ready to end the conversation then I politely do it first so they are not uncomfortable with being the first person to say goodbye.  If it is with a co-worker about my job then I try and call and keep it short. If it is one of my closest friends then I kick off the shoes, grab a can of diet coke and the gab fest is on!”
– Rachel Robertson, MS

“I leave messages for anyone that does not answer; whether it is for companies or friends, or family.  I leave quick message usually, because I never know when the answering machine I am calling will turn off.”
– Marilyn Wons, FL

Best Restaurants across the United States – Favorite Restaurants as Recommended by our Readers

Romolos in Congers, NY (Photo from

In a recent contest, Life Love Beauty readers shared their favorite restaurants, cafes, and eateries across the United States. Here is a list of our readers’ favorite restaurants – the best restaurants in the United States as recommended by people just like you.

Read on for the best restaurants in various states such as California, Florida, New York, and Illinois, to name a few.

Favorite California Restaurants
“Favorite restaurant:  East of India — because it has vegetarian choices and the dishes are seasoned perfectly!”
– Doreen Kuneck, CA

“My favorite local restaurant is definitely Schooner’s. Their mac and cheese is the greatest, and the live music always rocks.”
– Kayleigh Ann Farris, CA

Favorite Florida Restaurants
“Luna Italian Restaurant in Stuart, Florida.  Authentic cuisine with flare. The Pasta Puttanesca is to die for.”

“Too Jays in Stuart Florida.  Authentic New York deli-type restaurant.  The chicken livers and gravy are outstanding.  The chicken noodle soup is made with real stock and is heavenly.  I’d tell you more about the menu selections but I always order the chicken livers.”
– Pat Krueger, FL

Favorite Georgia Restaurants
“Café Tu Tu Tango is a cool restaurant in Atlanta, GA.  It is very artsy and you usually go with a group and share a bunch of appetizers.  They have paint brushes at the table and paint pallets.  There are local artists’ paintings on display. The food is good and unique.  It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere.”
– Heather Simone, GA

Favorite Idaho Restaurants
“Zoe 75 – The have the best sushi.”
– Kathy Scott

Dengeos has two locations in Illinois. (Photo from Dengeos site)Favorite Illinois Restaurants
“P.S. Bangkok on North Clark Street in Chicago. This restaurant is relatively inexpensive for a big city like Chicago. The entrees start at $6.95.  The Panang Curry is the best I’ve ever had.  The curry sauce is velvety smooth and spicy piquant.  Busy but never crowded.  I usually take my friends from out of town here.  Never a bad meal.”

“I like the soups and vegetarian stack at Mary’s Market in Rockford.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

– Ed Nemmers, IL

Favorite Indiana Restaurants
“Village Inn because it is the only place we can easily get to and eat at with the kids (we don’t get out much).”
– Katharine Davis, IA

Favorite Maryland Restaurants
“My favorite restaurant is El Churrista – It is a small Mexican restaurant that is family owned – The service is fast and pleasant and they remember us – the food is wonderful and never disappoints – we eat there at least three or four times per month and also use it for carry out – my husband and I can eat dinner for under $20.00 – what’s not to love!!!”
– Carol Drury, MD

Favorite Massachusetts Restaurants
“My favorite local restaurant is Cafe Polonia on Dorchester ave in south boston.  It features homemade polish food at great prices.  The staff is wonderful, and the decor is ‘polish chic’!”
– Debra Dewald, MA

“My favorite restaurant in Beacon Hill of Boston is Grotto. It is a really cute and cozy restaurant that has an excellent menu which changes with seasons. It is a wonderful date place. It is tiny and hidden, a true beacon hill treasure.”
– Taj Kattapuram, MA

Favorite Michigan Restaurants
“Matter of Taste in Commerce, MI – It’s my fave, because it is cozy , located on a lake and has a wonderful array of food selections.  Some of my favorite are the House Salad (fresh veggie, fruits and nuts) heaped high on your plate, their homemade olive bread and their pasta dishes.  It is not unusual in the summer to have to wait until 10:00 pm to get a table. They also have a cute little catering store that also sells wine.”
– Diane Baum, MI

Favorite Minnesota Restaurants
“My favorite restaurant would be Rudy’s Red Eye Grill in Rosemount, MN.  Two reasons – 1. Popovers – 2. Flirty Martini’s with Champagne Chasers!”
– Deb Berg, MN

Favorite Mississippi Restaurants
“Penn’s Fish House, love the chicken on a stick.”
– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

Tips on How to Relax and Free Yourself from Stress

A hot bath can help to wash your cares away.

Many women – and even men – tend to agree on a lot of really great tips for how to relax and free yourself from stress. From hot bubble baths and candles to music, reading, or even a glass of wine, many people find comfort in these common things.

However, a number of additional tips to relax and free yourself from stress could make all the difference in your life. Consider these tips for escaping stress and finding relaxation in your life.

Reader Suggestions on How to Relax and Escape Stress in Your Life

“I take a long bath with candles and soft music.”
– Theresa Clift

“I have found that NOTHING beats a good relaxing bubble bath with a wonderful book. That is how I relax.”
– Shelley Krush, NV

“To relax – At the end of the day, before bed I reward myself with a nice hot bubble bath, complete with candle light.  Number two for relaxing is a candy bar and a novel.  Number three is just the candy bar….am I suppose to admit that?  Number four is muscle flexing – making a fist and opening my hand, opening and closing…”
– Diane Baum, MI

“My tip is to always before going to bed, place wet cold pack or wash cloth over eyes, it will help you get rid of dark colors under your eyes.”
– Mary Teneyck, FL

“To relax – hot bubble bath and a good book.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

“To free yourself of stress: If I have had a stressful day, I try to make some time for myself at the end of the day. I light lavender candles and try to take a soothing bubble bath. That quiet time will really calm your nerves and help you handle things.”
– Heather Simone, GA

“I pamper myself each morning with scented lotion. Depending on my mood, I may pick something earthy, sweet, floral or spicy. The aromatherapy starts my day off on a positive note.”
– Mary Beth Isaac, NC

“Relaxation  tip:  Light a lot of tealight candles, play new age music and sip a steaming mug of herbal tea.”
– Doreen Kuneck, CA

– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

“When I want to relax, I usually draw a hot bath, put on some soft music and pour myself a glass of wine.”
– Laura Griggs, TX

“I find that just putting on my favorite music and drinking a glass of wine always helps me to feel relaxed and takes my stress away!”
– Jean Hallinan, NY

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress – Take a few minutes and take a walk in the park or have a hot cup of tea and read a good book.”
– Joan Olson, FL

“How to relax and free yourself from stress: Closing my eyes and imagining the perfect life / situation, and really FEELING how I’d feel in that situation. That’s the exciting part.”
– James Edward Anderson, NY

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress: get one or two massages a week to avoid stress on your wallet… go to a reputable massage therapy school, go to the school clinic.”
– Amy Lutz, NM

A hot bath can help to wash your cares away.

“Tip – How to relax and free yourself from stress — Exercise really helps me relax!”
– Heather Slater, WA
“How to relax and free yourself from stress  – A long hot bubble bath with scented candles.“
– Jennifer Tanner, GA

“My tip is to do breathing exercises to relax. I was taught to breathe in for a count of two then breathe out for another count of two actually counting as you go. I was told this helps with pain management also.”
– Joni Chadwell, PA

“I take a bubble bath to relax.”
– Floyd Jenkins, FL

“I like to sit down with a good book and just ignore the rest of the world.  This gives me great mental stimulation without any pressure to “’perform’ at something.  Plus it is something that is ‘just for me’.  I could get lost in a book for hours on end.”
– Melanie Horan, NJ

“To relax and free yourself from stress, take a warm shower and lay down and read a good book.”
– Janet L. Mahurin, OK