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Friends are the spice of life! Whether you enjoy movies, sports, parties and social gatherings, arts and culture, academic pursuits, or a wide variety of these things, be sure to keep your social life healthy and exciting. You can get great tips in our social life section, ranging from bachelorette party ideas to themed holiday parties and more. You can find just about any excuse to throw a party, so let’s get into the details of how to plan each event in a fun, exciting, and affordable way.Here you can read about various socialization and party topics that may interest you.

Simplify Your Party Clean Ups with Flings® Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Containers

Having a party takes a lot of work and planning, but it is certainly worth the effort to see lots of smiling faces, hear giggling and laughter, and catch up with old and new friends. Clean up, however, is another … Keep Reading

Mardi Gras Party Food Suggestions and Recipes

If you are planning a Mardi Gras party, your menu and party food ideas should be at the top of your priorities. Mardi Gras party food can be as basic or as elaborate as you’d like, and beginners have just … Keep Reading

Tips for Planning and Hosting a Mardi Gras Party

For an unforgettable party idea, host a Mardi Gras party during Carnival season or any time of year. Your Mardi Gras party can be as tame or as wild as you like, but you should be sure to focus on … Keep Reading

What to Wear for Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, or a Mardi Gras Party

Visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras is an amazing, unforgettable experience, and the outfits you decide to wear to the festivities should reflect that. From the colors of the New Orleans Saints to the traditional gold, green, and purple of … Keep Reading

Food Ideas for a Super Football Bash or Super Bowl® Party

Gathering a few friends together for an afternoon or evening of watching football can be a lot of fun, especially if you prepare a few delectable treats ahead of time. From dips and chips to quesadillas and flavorful chicken nuggets, … Keep Reading

How to Plan an Annual Wine Tour

Annual wine tours can be a truly memorable and exciting tradition for you and your friends to enjoy. Wine tours can bring together diverse groups of friends who may not otherwise have met. Even if you are a novice wine … Keep Reading

Good for the Soul Gifts for Friends or Acquaintances by Yara’s Bliss

Sometimes certain friends are difficult to buy for, and other times you may have just met someone and quickly need a present, not having a clue about their tastes. In these cases, it’s usually a good idea to get the … Keep Reading

Cocktail Party Checklist for Shopping and a To Do List

If you are planning a cocktail party for your guests, be sure to create a cocktail party checklist to help you prepare for the occasion. A cocktail party checklist will give you great guidance as a shopping list as well … Keep Reading

Top 10 Kinds of Christmas Cookies to Make

Christmas cookies are one of the holiday favorites for many people. Baking Christmas cookies together with your family can be a fun tradition that lasts generations. Little girls often love baking cookies with their moms, and little boys can have … Keep Reading

7 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Potluck Party

Holiday potlucks are a fun and economical alternative to the traditional corporate holiday party or holiday family gathering. Holiday potluck parties offer an interactive element that allows your guests to get involved by cooking, baking, or even picking up a … Keep Reading

Tips for Throwing a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash

Sweet Sixteen comes only once in a lifetime per person, and so many young girls look forward to this special birthday for so long. Sixteen marks the age in many states where a driver’s license may be obtained, and also … Keep Reading

Simple Feng Shui for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Most if not all of us know just how hectic it can be to plan a memorable and successful event, much less a special holiday meal for the whole family and extended relatives. Sometimes everything comes together perfectly, sometimes nothing … Keep Reading

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