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Friends are the spice of life! Whether you enjoy movies, sports, parties and social gatherings, arts and culture, academic pursuits, or a wide variety of these things, be sure to keep your social life healthy and exciting. You can get great tips in our social life section, ranging from bachelorette party ideas to themed holiday parties and more. You can find just about any excuse to throw a party, so let’s get into the details of how to plan each event in a fun, exciting, and affordable way.Here you can read about various socialization and party topics that may interest you.

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Recipes – Alcoholic Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages for the Irish and Irish at Heart!

St. Patrick’s Day is a special holiday meant for celebrations and socializing. Whether you plan to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party at your home or simply wish to have a special St. Patrick’s Day cocktail as a pregame or … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips – Decorating and Food Preparation with Football on the Brain

To create a festive football atmosphere, you might consider some decorations for your home just in time for your Super Bowl party. Super Bowl party decorations are easy to find and also easy to make if you are creative. Check … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Entertaining Tips

The Super Bowl comes around once a year, so make sure you make the most of it and the time you can spend with family and friends on Super Bowl Sunday. When it comes to Super Bowl party entertaining tips … Keep Reading

Food Ideas for Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties call for dynamite menus and exciting food ideas for Super Bowl party munchies. Chips and salsa, endless varieties of hot and cold dips, and meat and cheese trays or veggie trays are just the beginning. Don’t forget … Keep Reading

Traditional Mardi Gras Dessert Recipe – King Cake with Cream Cheese Cinnamon Filling

Many visitors to Mardi Gras and Louisiana natives will tell you that king cake is a vital element of the Carnival season. The icing colors on king cake represent the feted colors of Mardi Gras – power (yellow), faith (green), … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Food and Football Recipes

With the Super Bowl getting closer, it’s a great idea to start planning your menu and gathering the necessary ingredients for all your Super Bowl party food and football recipes. The number of guests attending your Super Bowl party will … Keep Reading

Cocktail Recipes for Your Mardi Gras Party – The Perfect Hurricanes

Hosting a Mardi Gras party at your home may be more economical and more logical than flying down to New Orleans and celebrating with the crowds. With the right cocktail recipes (read: Hurricanes!) and some awesome Creole food recipes, you’ll … Keep Reading

Super Bowl Party Snacks, Appetizers, and Dessert Ideas

When it comes to planning your Super Bowl party menu, don’t forget the ongoing munchies and the sweet finale to your delicious spread. Your football fan friends will love your event even more when you’ve got every culinary base covered. … Keep Reading

Alcohol Free Hosting and Entertaining Tips for Holidays or Any Day

As you prepare to host special events at your home, a banquet hall, or elsewhere, remember to keep in mind that all your guests may not be interested in the alcohol. Some guests may be too young, some may have … Keep Reading

Holiday Gift Guide for Long Distance Friends, Relatives, and Loved Ones

Holidays and birthdays often bring relatives and loved ones together, even when some of the family may live far away from the rest. Shopping for long distance friends and relatives can be a challenging task for a number of reasons. … Keep Reading

19 Tips for Reducing Party Clean-Up Time

*These timeless tips for party clean-up are great for any special occasion!* Between inviting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating and gift-wrapping, birthday parties and other social events require a tremendous amount of energy, time and creativity. Sometimes the clean up involved … Keep Reading

Thanksgiving Entertaining: Hosting Styles to Celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday

When it’s your turn to host the holiday, the choice is yours for how you’d like to feed and entertain your guests. For Thanksgiving, you can host a holiday brunch or an all-out dinner or anything in-between. As you plan … Keep Reading

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