How to Host a Thanksgiving Cocktail Party

Depending on your crowd, a Thanksgiving cocktail party may be the perfect festive event when gathering together with all your loved ones. Consider hosting a Thanksgiving cocktail party with a different drink paired with each course of the meal. Spice NightYou can dress up your dining room with a nice centerpiece and serve each cocktail in a fancy glass.

For your Thanksgiving cocktail party, you can even make virgin beverages if you’ll be hosting children or teens. A cocktail party for Thanksgiving is a great way to get all your guests in a sociable mood and also to encourage mixing and mingling if all the guests don’t already know each other. Here are some tips and Thanksgiving cocktail recipes for your holiday cocktail party, compliments of Mara Siegler, a representative for PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur and Mount Gay Rum (Barbados).

“One of the best ways to make a meal or home thrown event memorable is a signature cocktail or serving a different cocktail paired to taste with each course,” Siegler says. “It not only eliminates the hassle and cost of buying tons of mixers and spirits, but it is something guests will be talking about (and asking for tips on how to make) for years to come.”

Following are a few cocktails that can be perfectly paired with many Thanksgiving favorites like turkey or pumpkin pie.

Cozy PAMA Cider


2 oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
3 oz. Hot Mulled Apple Cider
Super fine sugar
Orange spiral


1.    Heat white wine glass with hot water and empty before building the cocktail.
2.    Rim with cinnamon and super fine sugar.
3.    Add Pama and Hot Mulled Apple Cider.
4.    Garnish with orange spiral.



1 oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Fresh orange juice
3 oz. Champagne or sparkling wine

1.    Assemble the first three ingredients in a cocktail glass with ice.
2.    Slowly pour in the Champagne while stirring very gently to retain the bubbles and chill the mixture.
3.    Strain into a Champagne flute and garnish with an orange zest.

HOLIDAY EGGNOG (This goes great with deserts)

Makes 16 cups; serves 18-20.


8 large eggs
4 egg yolks
1 cup granulated sugar
5 cups whole milk
1 1/2 cup Mount Gay ECLIPSE Rum
1 cup 80º bourbon
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
2 cups whipping cream
2 tablespoons super fine sugar

Egg NogMethod:

Part one:
1.    In a mixing bowl, whisk eggs, yolks and granulated sugar until smooth.
2.    Pour into a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan.
3.    Stir in milk gradually, blending well with each addition.
4.    Heat slowly over very low heat, stirring steadily, until the mixture reaches 160º-170ºF on an instant read thermometer.
5.    The custard should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon: If you draw your finger across the back of the spoon, the line will remain distinct and the custard sauce is done.

Part two:
1.    Pour the custard through a fine-meshed sieve into large bowl.
2.    Stir in vanilla the Mount Gay ECLIPSE rum, bourbon and nutmeg.
3.    Let mixture cool, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold, at least three hours and/or up to one day.

Part three:
1.    Just before serving, whip cream to very soft peaks, beating in, superfine sugar as you go.
2.    Gently fold into custard mixture until incorporated.
3.    Serve from a chilled punch bowl or ladle into individual martini glasses, garnishing with grated nutmeg if desired.

Mount Gay Pumpkin Pie Frappe (again, a great desert)


2 oz. Mount Gay Rum Eclipse
4 tsp. pumpkin puree (canned)**
2 tsp. Sugar in the Raw (or Turbinado or Demerara)
pinch ground cinnamon
pinch ground allspice
3 oz. half-and-half (use fat free for a skinny version)
1 cup vanilla ice cream (slightly softened) (use fat free for a skinny version)


1.    Combine all of the above ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
2.    Serve in nicely chilled cocktail glass.
3.    Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

** There is a difference between pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie mix. Please use the puree ¬ it really does make a difference.**

Hot Buttered RumHot Buttered Rum Batter

1 lb light brown sugar
1/2 lb unsalted butter (softened)
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
2 teaspoons vanilla extract


1.    In a mixing bowl beat together softened butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract and spices until well combined.
2.    Refrigerate in an airtight, reusable container for up to a month, or place in your freezer until ready to use.

To make Hot Buttered Rum:

1.    In a pre-heated coffee mug combine 2 heaping tablespoons batter with 1 1Ž2 oz. Mount Gay Eclipse Rum.
2.    Top with boiling water and stir well to mix.
3.    Serve with a spoon.

Hint: It is best to make the batter in advance so the spices have an opportunity to mingle. Be sure to remove batter from refrigerator at least six hours prior to serving to allow it to soften.

Spice NightSpice Night


1 1/2 oz. Mount Gay Eclipse Gold Rum
1 1/2 oz. scented apple juice*
1/2 oz. fresh carrot juice
One quarter ounce fresh lemon juice
One quarter ounce maple syrup
One teaspoon fresh ginger juice

Garnish: 3 Whole Allspice Pods
Glass: Cocktail/Martini glass


1.    Place all ingredients in cocktail shaker.
2.    Add ice and shake vigorously.
3.    Strain into chilled cocktail glass.
4.    Garnish with whole allspice pods (they will float atop cocktail).

* To Make Scented Apple Juice

1.    Overnight, combine 3 – 4 whole allspice pods with one cracked cinnamon stick to 2 cups of apple juice.
2.    Refrigerate.

**Ginger Juice
If fresh ginger juice is not available it can be ordered at

trong>About the Expert:
Mara Siegler is a representative for Mount Gay Rum. To learn more about PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, visit To learn more about Mount Gay Rum, visit

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Great Halloween Costume

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year for all ages. While the novelty of trick-or-treating wears off with age, costume parties are something we can enjoy for our entire lives. Wicked Witch costume, by Shirley of HollywoodWhen adults dress up for a Halloween party, they can choose costumes that align with their favorite things or even their fantasies.

As you begin the selection process for your Halloween costume, you should consider a few things to help you make your decision.

As you start thinking about your Halloween costume for this year, give yourself some time to get creative and to shop around for the perfect costume. Consider these five tips from Shirley of Hollywood, a boutique manufacturer and designer of costumes and lingerie fashions and accessories.

Shirley’s Top Five Tips on Halloween Costumes: 
Shirley of Hollywood offers the following tips for choosing the perfect Halloween costume this year:

Night nurse, by Shirley of Hollywood1. Accessories! Like any outfit, it’s all about accessories for Halloween. For instance, if you dress up like Little Miss Muffet, don’t just stop at wearing a frilly dress. Shirley of Hollywood’s Little Miss Muffet costume comes with a lace up dress, hanging spider, cotton cap, a ribbon tie choker and spoon, while our Roman Emperor costume comes with tunic, cape, breast plate, golden leaf crown, imitation leather ciraso and sword.  And you can add you own to finish your look with things like long satin gloves, boas, bling, boots and vintage shoes and fishnet or sheer hosiery.

2. Connection to Pop Culture. Costumes that connect to current pop culture and trends are always a hit. This year, keep your eyes open for Speed Racer & Trixie, Wizards (with the highly anticipated release of the final Harry Potter film), Olympic-themes, Wicked Witchy Woman or Glinda the Goody Goody Witch paired with Shirley’s Tinsel Town Tin Man plus great time period pieces — from Napoleon to Musketeers, Old English King & Queen, Scotsman & Scottish Lassie, Gangsters, and of course, the ever-popular cowboy / cowgirl and cave man / cave girl ensembles.

3.  Colorful Wigs… Wigs are a great addition to any Halloween costume. They really help ignite the fantasy of taking on an alter ego for the night. Shirley of Hollywood offers a range of wigs in all colors and lengths. Plus, a wig can be worn any time of year if you decide to get a little funky.

Cowboy and Cowgirl, by Shirley of Hollywood4.  Try Couples Costumes! Shirley of Hollywood has great his and her costumes. Some couples’ costume ideas: French Majesty and Miss Antoinette, Phantom of the Opera and Phantom’s Bride, Wizards, Gangsters, Scotsman and Scottish Lassie, King and Queen, Matador and Bull Fighter, Speed Racer or Racer X with Trixie, Musketeers, Pirates, Elvis paired with a Vegas Showgirl, Queen of the Nile and Roman Emperor, Pimp and “pimpette”, Cop and Inmate, and Man of the Mansion and hot bunny.

5. Emphasize Comfort. Approachable textures, breathable fabrics, and body-clinging yet functioning materials will let you live it up past midnight.

French maid, available from Shirley of Hollywood“Follow your fantasies, wherever they lead,” says Shirley’s President Roy Schlobohm. “That’s what Shirley’s Halloween Collection is all about. With Shirley, you can escape to Wonderland, be swept back to the French Revolution, engage in swashbuckling duel with the Pirates of the Caribbean or find grand passion as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Get a taste of the wild, wild, wild West in the Shirley Saloon, join the Circus, Circus, or dress up as a French maid and sweep the Man of the Manor away. Halloween is the time to unleash your inhibitions and let your imagination soar.”

Keep these five tips in mind as you plan your Halloween costume and you should be off to a good start for picking the perfect costume. To help give yourself some additional ideas on costumes to consider, check Shirley’s Halloween collection online.

About the Expert: Shirley of Hollywood is a boutique manufacturer and designer of fine lingerie, accessories, and costumes. Shirley’s collections include corsets, babydolls, legwear, Halloween costumes, bras, robes, and other undergarments, to name a few. For more information or to browse Shirley’s catalogs, visit online at

Bachelorette Party Ideas – Wild Weekend Hotel Getaway

Just as the man has his bachelor party, so should the woman have her own night of fun. So get all the gal pals together and prepare to celebrate your bride-to-be’s last flickering moments of independence in style. Plan a bachelorette party she’ll never forget – here are some tips to help you along the way.

Bachelorette goods available at!

Bachelorette party planning can be fun and stressful at the same time. From the guest list to the location to the drinks, food, and trinkets or party favors, this is an event that requires some careful contemplation if it is to be a success. For a fun and unforgettable bachelorette party, start with these tips and then build out your perfect evening or weekend for the girls. Here are some bachelorette party ideas for a wild hotel getaway theme!

The Bachelorette Party Guest List
You want to plan an evening that involves the bride and all the bridesmaids at the very least, but you may also consider reaching out to female family members and close female friends. If you are planning to host the event at a hotel, or at least planning to use the hotel as a place to sleep, you may need to reserve more than one room, depending on the hotel’s policy.

Tip: Send out your invitations as early as possible so that you give people a lot of notice. You’ll be more likely to get positive responses if you get your bachelorette party event on people’s calendars sooner rather than later.

The Bachelorette Party Date and Time
No matter what the movies tell you, the night before the wedding is most likely NOT the best day and time for the bachelorette party (much less the bachelor party!). Plan your event enough in advance that it won’t conflict with the rehearsal dinner or any of the other special wedding week festivities. If possible, try to plan it in the same month as the wedding, but at least two weeks prior, if not more.

You will also need to decide on the duration of the bachelorette party. If you are just doing one night, that is one thing. If you are planning an entire weekend, you will probably need more money and better organization skills.

The Bachelorette Party Location – A Hotel Getaway
If you are planning a night of partying, bar hopping, and drinking, a hotel would be a wise place to crash unless you have a chauffeur to cart you around all night. A hotel room can also be a fabulous retreat where you can play games, watch movies, relax, and enjoy a few cocktails.

You might decide to rent a hotel room with a connecting door to another room so that your group can have a big bash between two rooms. You might also try to squeeze your whole bachelorette party crew into one room. Whatever you decide, make sure your guests are aware of the sleeping arrangements prior to heading out for the night.

Depending on where you live and what your group likes to do, you might consider a casino night bachelorette party idea. If budget isn’t an issue for your party planning, you might consider a popular bachelorette party theme: the infamous Las Vegas trip. The Signature at MGM Grant offers the ‘Sex in Sin City’ Las Vegas Escape Package, which features a two-night stay in a luxurious suite that is almost 1,000 square feet, boasting its own whirlpool spa tub, fully functional kitchen, dual flat-screen televisions, and DVD player, to name a few. The bride and three friends can enjoy all these amenities and more, starting at $425 per person (rates and availability vary) for the two-night stay.

This wild and exciting hotel getaway offers the following great perks, which you could also incorporate into your bachelorette weekend no matter what you decide.

•    Enjoy Cosmopolitans served in keepsake martini glasses.
•    Cozy up inside plush, pink chenille robes that are yours to keep.
•    Treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate fondue.
•    Relax in your own private cabana at the pool, and indulge in poolside massages for your group of four.
•    Cruise around for three entire hours in your own private limo. Check out the shopping or the hottest nightclubs, or whatever your hearts’ desire.
•    Check out the WET REPUBLIC 53,000-square-foot pool a la nightclub with its own pampering elements.
•    Dig into a sushi dinner for four at the award winning Shibuya, and then head over to party on at Studio 54.
•    Sleep in only to awake for a continental breakfast in the comfort of your own hotel suite.

Bride tank, available at!The Bride’s Get-up
Let’s not forget your special bride. Look into fun novelty items to get her in the mood to party like it’s her last night of freedom. Check out the bachelorette veils, bachelorette bash buttons, bride-to-be button, and adorable bachelorette t-shirts or bride-to-be tanks. You might also consider the bachelorette bad girl look.

Bachelorette Party: The Morning After
If there is any possibility of your evening getting a little crazy, consider keeping some Tylenol or Advil on hand, as well as enough Gatorade and bottled water for your whole crew. Continental breakfast – or depending on how everyone feels, a breakfast buffet – would be a great way to end the perfect bachelorette party weekend.


Whatever you decide to do for your friend’s bachelorette party, remember that this is a night your bride friend will never forget. It’s important to her that you are in attendance and that you celebrate together what just might be her last night out as a “single woman”.

Five Fun End of Summer Party Themes

The sun is shining…the drinks are flowing…what better time to rally up the troops for some summertime fun? Palm tree cooler, available at!When it comes to summer socializing, you can host a party at your own home as a great way to reunite with friends and family, even as the end of summer draws near.

The party themes are virtually endless, but here are our top five end of summer party themes for your entertaining and hosting enjoyment! We’ve included tips for food, drinks, music, and decorations for your end of summer party planning convenience.

Floral Leis, available at!1. Host a Hawaiian Luau. Send off the summer like it is just beginning. What better way to ring in the fall than to gather all your friends to enjoy great food, fun music, and bright decorations. Just follow these simple tips to create the perfect Hawaiian Luau in your own backyard! Don’t forget to order some flower leis for your guests! You can also encourage them to arrive in their favorite tropical or cruise attire, including sundresses and Hawaiian shirts!

Food: Consider a pig roast for a fun and festive theme meal at your Hawaiian Luau. You might also like: Chicken Hawaiian (pineapples and cherries included), rice with sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour meatballs, any kind of fish or seafood dish, especially shrimp cocktail or fried shrimp, fruit salad, and more. Let’s not forget about any vegetarian or vegan guests – be sure to have a nice garden salad, a veggie stirfry, vegetarian baked beans, and possibly one additional tropical dish.

Drink Umbrellas! Available at Mai Tais, pina coladas, Malibu bay breezes, and blue Hawaiians will get your luau off to a great start! Don’t forget some themed tropical glasses for all your friends. As a bonus, check out the palm tree cooler and the great ambiance it can offer to your Hawaiian Luau!

Music: Conjure up something from the Beach Boys collection, throw on some Jimmy Buffett, or rock out with some tribal rhythms or beats from a steel drum band. The right music can really set the scene for your Hawaiian Luau.

Decorations: Sand, seashells, bright tropical colors (neons work great – pink, orange, green, blue, yellow), decorative fish, shellfish, or other tropical creatures, candles, and synthetic or fresh tropical flowers all make for the perfect Hawaiian Luau.

Visit for tropical Hawaiian Luau decorations, music, and more!

More End of Summer Party Themes… Reggae and More! Keep Reading…

How to Plan a Fun Cinco de Mayo Party – Recipes and Party Games

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not just another excuse to party! Margaritas are fun for Cinco de Mayo!The holiday dates back to a battle between Mexican and French forces on May 5, 1862, when the Battle of Puebla took place.

Observed throughout the United States and in various other places across the globe, Cinco de Mayo traditionally involves music, food, dancing and general celebration. The parades, festivals, parties, and activities celebrate Mexican heritage.

Nonetheless, Cinco de Mayo is a favorite holiday for socializing and drinking, in addition to celebration in general. Many people all across the world celebrate this holiday, much in the same way as St. Patrick’s Day. The day finds favor with young and old and everyone in between. If you are thinking about having a Cinco de Mayo party, make sure you have a little bit of time to consider your options so you can have a fun and engaging party. Here are some ideas to help you get your party off the ground.

Food for Cinco de Mayo

When it comes down to the key components of just about any type of party, the food on the menu is an extremely important factor. As you prepare for your Cinco de Mayo party, make sure you plan out your menu for appetizers and snacks, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. If you guests are accustomed to American cuisine, you may wish to include a few items on the menu that do not classify as authentic Mexican food.

Some popular dishes for Cinco de Mayo parties include:

– Chicken and cheese quesadillas
– Taquitos
– Rice and beans
– Salsa and chips
– Guacamole
– Make-your-own tacos
– Cheesy nachos
– Bean dip
– Chicken, beef, or shrimp fajitas

Recipe: Smoky Chicken, Bacon, and Cheese Quesadilllas:


1 package (10 inch) flour tortillas
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
Cooked chicken, cut into small, thin pieces
Bacon pieces


1. Place one tortilla flat inside a large frying pan on low-medium heat.

2. Sprinkle cheese over tortilla.

3. Sprinkle bacon pieces or bacon bits over cheese.

4. Sprinkle pieces of chicken across the top.

5. Add a little more cheese.

6. When cheese begins to melt, place a second tortilla on top.

7. Flip carefully and continue heating another minute or two, until browned lightly and crisp.

8. Remove from the pan and slice into triangles to share.

9. Enjoy!

Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Coronas are classic drinks for Cinco de Mayo parties! (Image courtesy of morgueFile.)Now that you’ve got the food side of the party covered, you’re going to want to plan a nice selection of tasty libations for your guests. The options are many, so put some thought into the type of bar you will set up. If you’ll be serving alcohol, consider the favorites, margaritas and Coronas! But don’t stop there. Will you be using a blender? Do you have enough margarita glasses for your guests? Do you have rimming salt and a dish for it?

Don’t forget to stock up on delightful beverages and ingredients:

– Tequila
– Margaritas – regular and strawberry! (Decide if you’ll offer frozen or just chilled.)
– Corona beer with lime
– Sangria

Want a different drink from the typical Coronas and margaritas? How about a Miami Vice? I learned about this drink in the Bahamas, but it is too yummy to ignore for any party!

Miami Vice Frozen Drink:


Bacardi rum

Pina Colada mix

Strawberry Daquiri mix



1. Make one pitcher of frozen pina colada with Bacardi rum.

2. Make one pitcher of frozen strawberry daquiri with Bacardi rum.

3. Immediately pour half a glass of pina colada mix into one glass and top off with half a glass of strawberry daquiri.

4. Add a straw and serve! Enjoy!

Make sure you stock your freezer and coolers with plenty of ice, especially if you plan to break out the blender!

Games and Fun for Cinco de Mayo

Kids of all ages can enjoy some fun and festive party games and activities on Cinco de Mayo. Depending on your budget, you can keep things small scale or go hog wild. The party will surely be enjoyable based on the people who attend, but it’s always nice to have a few games, activities, or ice breakers just in case things aren’t going exactly as planned.

Consider these games and activities for your Cinco de Mayo party:

Get a piñata! Nothing says “Happy Cinco de Mayo” better than smacking around a crepe papered donkey filled with candy, gum, and small toys, and trinkets with a baseball bat.

Have a Mexican Hat Dance. If you get enough adults to partake in the beverages, you might just have an amusing sight to see when it comes to this activity.

Put together party favors for your guests. Fill goodie bags with candies, small bottles of tequila, or other novelties.

Give all your guests sombreros, Mexican hats, or wide-brimmed straw hats. Decorate the hats ahead of time if you wish. This can be a fun party favor and an instant conversation piece.

Look into hiring a live band. If it’s not within the budget, get a bunch of CDs with great party music and set them up to play on your stereo.

Set up a relay race. Give the competitors something specific to do besides running back and forth. Make it challenging and award a prize to the winning team.

No matter what you do to plan your Cinco de Mayo party, remember that it’s good company that makes the party a success. Invite your closest friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones for the most enjoyable party in town!

Bachelorette Party: Scavenger Hunt

Why do the bachelors get to have all the fun? Not anymore, with this clever bachelorette scavenger hunt game for the bride-to-be! Whether she’s your friend, your cousin or your sister, make this a night the bachelorette will never forget. No purchase necessary, no strings attached…just some good, old-fashioned fun for a bachelorette party extravaganza. A bachelorette party scavenger hunt game can keep you laughing for hours…. This bachelorette party and bride-to-be scavenger hunt is sure to knock your socks off!

Bachelorette party time is something just about every bride anticipates. A bachelorette party is a chance for one last night out with the girls as a single, unmarried woman. Granted the bride is soon to be married, but the bachelorette party time is a chance to experience for one last time what it feels like to go out and have a carefree good time. Create some hilarious memories with a bachelorette scavenger hunt!

Gather together the girls for a night on the town and be sure to have a designated driver if drinking is in the agenda. You might want to adorn your bride-to-be with a cute or mischievous veil to wear out, or maybe even a suggestive T-shirt proclaiming her last night of freedom. Whatever the case, prepare to send your girlfriend on a chase for some hilarious items and situations! Bride-to-Be Scavenger Hunt List and Dare Game: Safety in numbers, the more the merrier, and may the best lady win!

Put your gal-pal to work with these innocent, obnoxious, and embarrassing objects and situations in the bachelorette party scavenger hunt. OK, if you are feeling particularly generous, the rest of the female crew can join in the fun to see how many items the gals can check off the bachelorette scavenger hunt list of attractions! Make sure someone in the group takes pictures of the fun with each numbered item so the memories live on beyond the buzz.

Last Night Out Do-or-Die List:

1. Get a guy to serenade the bride-to-be. This shouldn’t be too hard if you know the right places to go… like a karaoke bar… or the local dive where you know everyone and their cousin!

2. Get a guy to buy her a drink. This should be an easy one if she has a veil or a T-shirt explicitly stating that she will be off the market very soon. A lot of guys may congratulate the bachelorette and hopefully at least one will offer to buy her a drink. If not, it shouldn’t be tough to get some unsuspecting male to pick up the tab for at least one shot. If alcohol is not part of the evening, opt for a soda or some spring water.

3. Get a guy’s phone number on a napkin. Again, this is child’s play. How old are we again, twelve? Let’s go, ladies, we should be on number five by now!

4. Get a guy to let the bride-to-be wear his hat. First you have to find a guy wearing a hat. Then you have to hope he isn’t superstitious about his sports team and his lucky hat. Once you’ve got that squared away, you’re golden. OK, onto the next project!

5. Get a guy to give up his underwear/ boxers. See, I tried to warn you this was the toughie. But I have faith that you girls will be able to stand up to this demand… after all, there’s a zany guy in any bunch—you just have to find him! Well, and get him to drop his drawers and hand over his loincloth. Good Luck!

6. Meet a guy with the same name as the groom-to-be and get the bride-to-be’s picture taken with him. Just think how great that will look in the scrapbook, with the caption saying, “Jane and John, before the wedding.” Honestly, this could be fun… Just hope your bachelorette pal isn’t marrying someone named “Poindexter” or “Wilfred” or some other unusual name!

7. Do a “Body Shot.” This one is targeted for the bride-to-be, but one of her faithful heroines can bail her out if she blushes or shies away from the notion. If alcohol is not involved in this party, skip to the next item.

8. Find a guy with an accent. Let her get it out of her system now while she is technically single. Many women seem attracted to men with foreign accents, so now is a much better time for her to get past that than on their honeymoon in Australia, Fiji or Jamaica.

9. Find a guy with an out-of state Drivers License. Who knows if it’s a fake ID or not… your only purpose is to find someone who isn’t a townie!

10. Find a guy who shares a love of the bride-to-be’s favorite sports team. (If she doesn’t like sports, she needs to pretend… OK, just kidding! Pick a team amongst the group and search for a fan).

Birthday Party Themes for Adults of All Ages

DrinkNo matter how old you are chronologically, you are still as young as you feel! Cut loose with some friends and have the times of your lives with these adult birthday party ideas. Add your own creative touches to make the night a shining success.

For a fun grown-up party you’ll never forget, try these party tips and ideas on for size…

Casino Night Party
For a big money theme, rent a hall or designate a large room in your home as the honorary casino. Plastic gold coins and paper money create the big-spenders atmosphere, scratch-off lottery tickets present the perfect party prize and black, red and white decorations, plastic cups and plates carry on the theme. Don’t forget the poker chips!

Decks of cards, dice and felt tablecloths (for blackjack, etc) provide some entertainment, but consider looking around for cheap slot machines, roulette wheels, and so forth (consider renting if buying is out of the question). Try to follow the theme for your musical selections and consider setting up a karaoke machine in case anyone is moved to tell jokes or sing songs. Give each guest an allotment of play money and offer additional tender if they agree to play dealer for a couple of rounds (if you can’t find people to sit in as dealers in the first place).

At the end of the night, give the birthday guest his or her presents and also present the casino tycoon with the most play money a present of his or her own. The fun and competitive nature of a casino should have your guests laughing for hours!

Cocktail Party
For an elegant reception, cook some hors d’oeuvres and appetizers and purchase some wines and liquors for your guests’ enjoyment. Define a dress code in the invitations and either obtain the services of a DJ or pay your teenager to play music man for the night. Clear out a space for dancing and set up some chairs / sofas for lounging and conversation. This fancy soiree will be the topic of conversation for months to come.

Be sure to set aside a special place for gifts to be given to the guest of honor. Or, if you know of a particular “larger” or more expensive item the birthday celebrant desires, collect money from the guests as a down payment!

Blast-from-the-Past Party – bring back the styles and fashions of your younger years! Have a specific “decade party” or leave it up to your guests to decide if they want to groove with the 70s or rock out with the 80s. Ask each guest / couple to make up a CD with hits from the decade they are representing and play those tunes at the party. After the festivities dwindle down, present the guest of honor with the CDs to enjoy for decades to come!

Give a prize for the best outfit, decorate the party location with articles from previous decades and if you are feeling exceptionally ornery, break out photo albums that include photos of the guests back in the day!

Surprise Party
What’s more fun than hiding 15-20 people in a small room for 45 minutes and jumping out in false alarm about 3 times before the guest of honor arrives? Surprise parties are fun for all ages from younger kids to middle age to grandmothers and grandfathers!

Be sure to have the party somewhere that guests can easily find hidden parking or at least a location that allows them to walk only a short distance from their car. Make or order a cake, get balloons, food and goodies and be sure to hide all traces of the party until the special guest has entered the surprise area. An excuse like asking the guest to check on your pet while you are away on vacation (and leaving a key under the doormat, etc) or having a friend or family member escort him or her to lunch is a good distraction to help keep the party a secret!

Simple Parties with Minimal Planning

PG-13 and Nonalcoholic Bachelorette Party Ideas

Don’t be deceived by the title! This article may serve you well, should the appropriate situation arise. From underage bridesmaids to expectant brides, a PG-13 bachelorette party could be the perfect celebration solution!

What if your best friend is unexpectedly pregnant and she asks you to be her maid of honor? You know you can’t plan an alcohol-laden bachelorette party with a little one on the way.

What if your younger sister – not 21 yet – decides to get married on a whim? You’d best have some ideas on how she can celebrate her final days of freedom…legally!

Here are a few ideas for fun, alcohol-free, low-key bachelorette parties:

Plan a spa weekend. From soft, plush robes to pedicures, massages, facials and more wonderful pampering, what’s not to love? You can get all your girlies together for a fun day of facials and body wraps. Next day, get your manicure, pedicure, and a massage. You’ll all be on cloud nine!

Hit up a karaoke night. You don’t have to drink to have fun! You can still go out to the bar and play along with the traditional bachelorette party, but keep a leash on things and require ahead of time that all the attendees avoid ordering alcohol so the bride doesn’t feel left out.

Make it a milkshakes and smoothies night. Gather up your favorite snacks and some delish toppings and make milkshake masterpieces. Add items like fresh fruit – I highly recommend raspberries, strawberries, and bananas – or follow the temptation and opt for candy – peppermint patties, peanut butter cups – or even cookie pieces, especially Oreo cookies. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

Book a room at a posh resort for the weekend and gather up all the girls. Play the games you used to play in high school, have a movie marathon and watch Patrick Swayze over and over again – in slow motion – in Dirty Dancing.

Rock out at a concert. Who needs alcohol when you’ve got hot, sexy – sometimes shirtless – sweaty men singing to you from above?! Who cares if they’re taken…the eye candy is prime, grade A quality!

Wind down at the beach. You can relax, catch some rays, take a nap, ride the waves, and check out the hotties, all in the same place. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

* * *

If all else fails, discuss some ideas with the bride and see where her interest seems to lie. You may want to keep the party a secret, but that’s what bridal showers are for! Whatever you do, be sure you have some fun activities and party favors for your best friend or sister, the bride-to-be.

Tips to Plan the Ultimate Girls’ Night

Escape. Relaxation. Renewal. What’s on your menu for the evening?

Whether you’re hoping to evade the latest emotional roller coasters or simply looking to reunite with old pals, a classic “Girls’ Night” can serve as an entertaining and relaxing conclusion to an endless day or week. Forget the movie-style pillow fights in bras and panties and get ready for some serious pampering and story swapping!

Having a girls’ night can bring stress relief and relaxation, or it can call for a wild and crazy time with your best ladies. Having a grown up girls’ slumber party or a females-only trip to the bar makes the perfect excuse to get your closest friends together at a moment’s notice. Just make sure you keep your group’s preferences in order as you plan lots of fun activities or a low key night of relaxing, watching movies, and enjoying each others’ company.

Some suggestions to make your chosen venue into a home-spa extraordinaire…

  • Facials
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • New Hairstyles
  • Makeovers

Set the perfect atmosphere for your Femmes Only Shindig….

  • Grab some great chick flicks… Dirty Dancing or Ghost—Patrick Swayze is a great actor and doubles as eye candy!
  • Any Girl-Gets-Guy movie that strikes your fancy…
  • Or for those guy-less nights, go for the classic Thelma and Louise!
  • Share stories and jokes while flipping through photos—relive old times and catch up on new times!
  • Experience your youth all over again with Truth-or-Dare and other games you’ve played in your younger years.
  • Ogle the hot men in magazines, or take fun quizzes and read humorous articles…

Offer a scrumptious menu for your gal-pals but don’t overindulge…

A tummy-ache the next morning is not optimal! (Trust me—after fast food, cookies, potato chips, candy, ice cream and donuts all in one night—I’ve been there!)

  • Sweets—and LOTS and LOTS of them… Chocolate as far as the eye can see…
  • Salty delights—chips and French fries and popcorn and…
  • Wine, if you please, or cocktails make a very nice addition to any get-together.
  • If you’re on a health kick—try a fresh veggie tray, some fruit salad, crackers and cheese, etc.

Give Your Face a Lift!

Want a truly revitalizing experience to start off your night? Facials do many wonderful things to refresh and rejuvenate your skin—so grab some great beauty products and get ready to give your tired skin a soft, smooth revolution!

Typical routine for facial cleansing, done twice daily (morning and night), includes washing, then toning (use astringent or a toner to maintain the proper pH balance), and finally moisturizing. Weekly routine is an enhanced process, with the following steps: steaming (fill a sink with hot water, drape a towel over your head and the sink, and relax for about 10 minutes), deep cleaning (exfoliate or use a powerful cream cleanser, like Noxzema), apply mask, toning, and finally moisturizing (apply moisturizer to only the dry or tight areas of your face).

Products that will be especially valuable to you include: Face Scrub (exfoliating face wash), Toner or Astringent, and a mud or clay-based masque. Gather as many girlies in the bathroom sink area as you can fit and get to work—Steam treatment is a great relaxant after a stressful day. Next, use the face scrub to fully exfoliate and remove dull skin gently but effectively, or simply deep clean your face with a cream cleanser such as Noxzema.

Rinse your face and proceed to the next step: apply a generous layer of the mud masque to your face, paying special attention to your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) as well as any other trouble areas. Mud masques are my savior the night before a big event, a date or a special occasion…the wonder of this treatment is that the masque will lift the oils from your skin and transform your face into a beautifully smooth and soft rendition of its former self! No more worries about red blemishes or oily patches…usually within two days of applying the mask. Finally, toner or astringent can be used, followed by moisturizer, both of which should be applied to the face and the neck with middle and ring fingers in circular motion. As you complete this routine on a regular basis, your skin should become flawless and radiant!

Spoiling Yourselves after a Long Day… Manicures and Pedicures
Manicures and pedicures have been extensively known as treatments to pamper and beautify the body. Time involved varies on the detailing involved, but with a group of friends, teamwork can produce great results! Gather your favorite polish colors, grab a tub and some towels, some foot soak and scrub products and treat yourselves to a most relaxing evening with a lot to show for it! Something as simple as a pedicure on your poor, tired feet may cause you to feel just a bit stress-free as you enjoy your painted toes and soft feet for days and weeks to come.

Adventuring into New Makeovers and Hairstyles
If you are spending the evening in, great opportunity awaits to experiment with new hairstyles and makeup choices. When you don’t have time before work or school to try new styles, test your appearance with a group of your best friends during a Girls-Night-In. Your pals will be happy to give you pointers and honest advice about your chosen makeup’s color scheme and your new approaches to styling your hair, and you can do the same to help them. Worst case scenario: You let each other go wild with the colors and styles, take some pictures, and you’ve got loads of memories to laugh off forever!

* * *

No matter what you decide to do, your girls’ night in or girls’ night out can create countless memories to last for a lifetime. If everyone has a great time, consider making it a regular girls’ event!