New Year’s Eve Party Theme Ideas

New Year's Eve Party Themes and IdeasNew Year’s Eve is one of those holidays where just about everyone hopes to have somewhere to go. If you are hosting your own New Year’s Eve party, some great end of the year party themes will be a great way to get your guests in the mood for a good time. Consider these New Year’s Eve party themes and ideas to kick off your party in style!

Before you choose your NYE party theme, keep your budget in mind as well as your guest list. Think about the friends and family members who are most likely to come. Does your party need to be kid friendly? Will you have a full house or just a few close pals? Once you know the expected dynamic, you can plan a more successful New Year’s Eve party theme.

Top New Year’s Eve Party Themes
Here are a few exciting NYE party themes to consider for your holiday shindig:

•    Semi-Formal – Encourage your friends to dress up for the occasion!

•    The Big Apple – Plan your NYE party as if you are really celebrating in Times Square.

•    80s Party – Get your pals to dress up in classic 80s getups and be sure to have an appropriate playlist for your iPod.

•    Casino Night – Set up a few card tables and other fun games for your guests to enjoy.

•    Bad Sweater Party – While typical for the holidays, you can certainly extend this one for New Year’s.

•    Kegger – Break out all the beer games you enjoyed in college and be sure to keep it authentic with an actual keg of beer, or more if needed.

•    Murder Mystery Party – Host a Clue Party or other live murder mystery party to enjoy with your guests.

•    Fight Night – If there’s a fight or other sporting event on television, be sure to take advantage of the built-in party theme.

These are just a few ideas for New Year’s Eve party themes. What other ideas would you suggest for a New Year’s party? Be sure to share your suggestions in our comments below for all readers to consider.


Peppermint Centerpieces for the Holidays, Winter Weddings, and Other Elegant Events

Peppermint centerpieces offer a lovely decoration for your tables, whether for a wedding, a holiday party, or a small gathering at your home. You can create simple centerpieces with peppermint candies for an elegant look at your holiday event. Consider a red color scheme to match the red and white peppermint coloring as you contemplate your peppermint centerpiece ideas.

Peppermint centerpieces can be relatively simple or they can be quite grand scale. The number of centerpieces you need, as well as your budget, can ultimately dictate what style of peppermint centerpiece you choose.

Here are a few options to consider for your peppermint themed centerpieces:

Vase Centerpieces with Peppermints
Fill a pretty vase with wrapped peppermints for your guests to enjoy. You can choose traditional starlight mints or other bite-sized peppermint pieces. You could also mix up an assortment of differently shaped peppermints.

Peppermint Sticks with Ivy or Flowers
In a glass vase or tall bowl, drape some dark green ivy and intersperse some old-fashioned peppermint sticks throughout the arrangement. You can also place a mirror underneath and add a few vanilla scented white votives around your arrangement for added effect.

Red and White Flowers with Scattered Peppermints
Choose a nice red and white holiday flower arrangement, even the typical poinsettias or amaryllis, and place them in a festive vase. Scatter peppermint pieces or starlight mints around the vase in random patterns.

Red Candle in Hurricane with Peppermints
Place a hurricane candle holder on a mirrored or glass dish, and add a beautiful red pillar candle inside. Scatter loose peppermints along the base of the glass hurricane, in the dish, and around the centerpiece.

Assorted Candy Canes and Holly Berries
Find a wide variety of candy cane shapes and sizes for your peppermint centerpieces. Choose a nice glass bowl or vase that will allow you to creatively arrange your many candy canes. Drape real or artificial holly berries throughout the bowl or vase. Add a mirror below and scattered white votive candles if you like.

Red Flowers Paired with Peppermint Sticks in a Vase
Fill a tubular vase with old-fashioned peppermint sticks. Leave a little room open in the center. Place a small container with water in the center and add lovely red flowers like roses, carnations, or even gerbera daisies. This way, the peppermint sticks give the illusion of red and white striped stems!

Peppermint Trees
Create your own peppermint tree using peppermint pieces and starlight mints. Glue the mints to a decorative cone or find another fashionable way to affix them. You might even want to consider adding them to a miniature evergreen Christmas tree. You can check craft supply stores like Michaels and AC Moore for additional ideas on creating your peppermint tree centerpieces.

Red and White Ball Ornaments in a Glass Vase
If you want a non-edible centerpiece, consider adding red and white Christmas ball ornaments inside a large glass vase. You can choose all the same size or large ones and small ones. This pretty and elegant display makes a great peppermint themed holiday centerpiece.

Your peppermint centerpieces will look lovely at your winter wedding, holiday party, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch, or New Year’s Eve party. No matter if you choose vase centerpieces with peppermints or something along the lines of flowers or greenery, your party or special event is sure to be a hit!


Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen birthday party ideasPlanning a birthday party can be a lot of fun but it can also be stressful, especially if it is a surprise party or if you are trying to get every detail to be perfect. Teen birthday parties can take a lot of special planning and preparation, whether it’s a large birthday bash or a smaller gathering for a sleepover or a special outing. Consider these teen birthday party ideas for girls and guys.

Before you get too far in your teen birthday party planning, be sure to consider your budget and your guest list. The amount of money you have to spend and the number of people invited to the party will definitely have a strong impact on the overall outcome of the event. Be sure to keep within your budget and plan an event that works for the group size you plan to invite.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Consider these special teen birthday party ideas for girls:
•    Hawaiian Luau Party
•    Pool Party
•    Ice Skating Party or Roller Skating Party
•    Bowling Party
•    Limousine Party – Day or night on the town
•    Spa Party / Mani-Pedi Party
•    Makeover Party
•    Ice Cream Party
•    Girls’ Sleepover Party
•    Pink Party

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Guys
Check out these fun teen birthday party ideas for guys:
•    Minor League Baseball Party
•    Pool Party / Pizza Party
•    Laser Tag Party
•    Paintball Party
•    Video Game Party
•    Man Hunt Party

Co-Ed Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Consider these co-ed teen birthday party ideas for your teenager and all their friends:
•    Pool Party
•    Skating Party
•    Fiesta Party
•    Music Party / Dance Party
•    Hawaiian Luau
•    Beach Party
•    Bowling Party

What other teen birthday ideas do you have? Please share them below in our comments for all to enjoy.


Easy and Adorable Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Halloween can be lots of fun whether you decorate by yourself or with the help of your entire family. You can do simple little Halloween decorations like window cutouts and clings or you can go all out by turning part of your home or garage into a haunted house. Consider these easy and cute ideas to dress up your home for Halloween!

Halloween decorations are available to suit any budget. You can do a few tasteful Halloween decorations for $10 – $20 or less, or you can spend quite a bit more for a spookier effect. Check out these Halloween decorating ideas for fall.

Halloween Decorations for the Windows
The simplest Halloween decorations of all may be the cardboard cutouts of bats, cats, jack-o-lanterns, mummies, witches, and other spooky ghouls. Your kids will fondly remember putting up their favorite Halloween decorations in the windows each year, so be sure to get a set of window clings or cutouts that will stand the test of time.

You can also decorate your windows with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders or spider rings if you like. You might even find adorable Halloween light sets, such as candy corn light strings or other fun Halloween window decorations.

Little Ghosts in the Trees
If you want a classy and simple way to decorate for Halloween without going overboard, consider this simple and stylish decorating tip for your trees.

White handkerchiefs
Twist ties
Fishing line or thread
Ping pong balls

1.    Wrap a hanky around a ping pong ball and secure with a twist tie. It should look like a little ghost.
2.    Using a needle threaded with fishing line or thread, sew through the top of the ghost’s head and pull through enough line so you can tie the ghost from a tree branch.
3.    Repeat to create as many ghosts as you like.
4.    Take your ghosts outside and space them throughout your favorite trees. Tie them securely to various tree branches.

That’s it – this is a simple yet adorable way to decorate outside for Halloween.

Interior Halloween Decorations
If you’d like to decorate the inside of your house for Halloween, you can find quite a few cute and simple touches to add to your décor. Consider these ideas for interior Halloween decorations.

•    Swap out your usual kitchen and bathroom hand towels for orange and black or Halloween themed towels.
•    Set out Halloween and fall fragranced candles.
•    Get a Halloween tree – a cute tabletop tree that has room for tiny Halloween decorations to hang from its branches.
•    Carve a jack-o-lantern and set a tea light candle inside.
•    Place a bunch of small gourds and pumpkins in a basket for a festive centerpiece.
•    Consider a Halloween or fall themed throw rug to spice up a room or living area.
•    Don’t forget the plastic pumpkins filled with candy!

What other ideas do you have for Halloween decorating inside or out? Share your tips and favorite suggestions below in our comments.


10 Baking and Cooking Theme Party Ideas

Cooking themed party ideasCooking and baking parties can be a lot of fun when you get the right group of friends together. Whether you are thinking about a holiday cookie bake or a night of fine Italian cuisine or something else entirely, you can have a lot of fun with food and friends. Consider these 10 creative and enjoyable baking and cooking theme party ideas for your next social gathering.

From dessert parties to main courses or ethnic cuisine, use your imagination to come up with fun and creative food and cooking theme party ideas. Here are 10 food theme party suggestions to get you started:

Top 10 Food Themed Party Ideas
Try these food and cooking themed party ideas:

Anything Goes Salad Night
Invite all your friends over and have them all bring at least one different topping for your salad extravaganza. Be sure you have a variety of greens like lettuces and spinach, some fresh veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes, and clever topics of fruits, nuts, and cheeses. Don’t forget your proteins as well – salmon, chicken, steak, hardboiled eggs, and other yummy meats and poultry. Last but certainly not least, ensure you have enough different salad dressings to appeal to your group.

Italian Night
Get everyone together to make an assortment of Italian food and then serve it all family style. Consider dishes like homemade lasagna, huge meatballs, garlic knots, Italian bread, and of course, Italian pastries, cannolis, or Italian bakery cookies for dessert. Don’t forget the wine!

Personal Pizza Party
Work together with your friends to make your own pizza dough and then have everyone make their own personal pizza pies using any kind of sauce, cheese, and toppings they like! Consider Hawaiian pizza, meat lovers, supreme, vegetarian pizza ideas, and anything else you might like. You can even make a dessert pizza if you’re feeling creative! (Just be sure you have the right dough for that one!)

‘Can You Deep Fry It’ Party
Ask each of your guests to bring something they would like to deep fry, be it an appetizer, entrée, or dessert. You can also assign items or have your guests tell you what they are bringing ahead of time so you don’t have duplicates. Be sure you have enough cooking oil. You’re sure to have a blast with a deep-fry party!

Wine Tasting Party
Assign each of your guests a different wine and ask them to bring a dish that complements the flavor. You can also have your guests just bring the ingredients for their dish and prepare everything together as a group.


Football Cupcakes – Ideas for Tailgate or Football Parties

The NFL has finally agreed on terms and preseason games are in full swing. Players are getting back into their groove and sports fans across the United States can enjoy all the action. In tandem with watching football games on television or actually going to the games, football fans are big on partying with football food, whether enjoying the game at home or tailgating in the parking lot. Main courses and side dishes range far and wide, from pork sandwiches to burgers, hotdogs, cheese steaks, crab cakes, and so much more, especially depending on what team the sports fans follow. Football cupcakes make a wonderful dessert for sports fans – consider these ideas for some fun football cupcakes!

Cupcakes are super portable and serving sized, making them a popular snack for any environment. Try these ideas for delicious and fun ideas for football cupcakes.

Football Cupcakes – Ideas to Wow Your Guests and Friends

Football themed snacks are always a hit during the sports season. Check out these fun ideas for football cupcakes:

•Bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to appeal to all of your guests and friends.

•Decorate your cupcakes with the logo of your favorite team.

•OR, decorate your cupcakes with logos from both teams if you have fans from both sides.

•Decorate your cupcakes with green frosting that looks like grass and use a cake decorator to make football shapes.

•Look for cupcake papers in the colors or boasting the logos of your favorite team.

•If your party is at home, place your cupcakes on a football shaped platter.

•Pack your cupcakes in shirt boxes if you don’t have a cupcake carrier.

These ideas for football treats should get you started on making your own football cupcakes to share with your guests or friends. What other ideas do you have for the perfect cupcake for tailgating or watching football at home?


Great Food – Party Hawaiian Style!

Tropical food and drink ideasHawaiian party food can be some of the best you will ever serve, especially if it is for an outdoor event, barbeque, or a special occasion like a milestone birthday, retirement party, or even a summer party. You might not realize it, but party food with a Hawaiian theme doesn’t have to be difficult to make. In fact, sometimes you can even wing it with a fun recipe or your own twist on a standard dish. Consider these tropical food ideas for your food; party Hawaiian style!

If you are planning your Hawaiian luau or Hawaiian beach party on the fly, you can still come up with fun and easy tropical food ideas at a moment’s notice. Here are some of my favorite Hawaiian food ideas for parties and large groups:

Tropical Party Food Idea #1 – Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple
Fast preparation food for a large group or party scene can be the key in reducing your stress. One of the easiest Hawaiian party food dishes I’ve made involves nothing more than a crock pot, a bone-in ham, and a can of pineapple. Simply rinse off the ham, pour the canned pineapple over it – slices, chunks, crushed – whatever your preference, and set the crock pot to its low setting for six to eight hours. When it’s ready, you can slice the ham or pull it apart – it’s so tender and yummy. You and your guests will be sure to love it! Serve it with sides or buns so folks can make their own sandwiches. For a special touch, slice up a fresh pineapple and arrange it next to your crock.

Tropical Party Food Idea #2 – Chicken Skewers with Peppers and Pineapple
I have recently become known for this dish in my circle of friends. Every 4th of July my husband and I make Hawaiian chicken skewers on the grill, featuring pineapple and red peppers. You can also add maraschino cherries if you like. The key is to chunk the fresh chicken and let it marinate for a few hours before you put it on the skewers. For the marinade, I used pineapple juice, a bit of soy sauce, brown sugar, sherry (cooking wine), ground ginger, and garlic powder. I also added a touch of coconut oil this year, but it solidifies a bit in the fridge, so it’s up to you.

Make sure you soak your skewers entirely in water for at least 20 minutes to a half hour before you load them up! This will usually prevent them from catching on fire. Chop up a fresh pineapple into cubes and slice a few red peppers into squares or wedges so you can get them all onto the skewers. Grill until done, serve, and enjoy! These are a huge hit at our house.

food party hawaiianHawaiian Party Food Side Dishes
You can’t go wrong with a few Hawaiian side dishes. Here are a few sides to consider for your Hawaiian party food menu:

•    Sticky Rice
•    Fruit Salad with Dip
•    Veggie Stir Fry – green beans, carrots, cauliflower…
•    Mandarin Orange Salad
•    Baked Beans

Perhaps most importantly of all, don’t forget your tropical drinks! You can make wonderful cocktails with fresh fruit or a Hawaiian punch for all your guests to enjoy. Don’t forget the little drink umbrellas!

Finishing Touches for Your Hawaiian Party
If you want to expand your menu, you can always add on hotdogs and hamburgers or other easy favorites. But don’t forget your Hawaiian decorations! Use some tropical flowers to set the mood and grass skirts to dress things up, Hawaiian leis for your guests, and tropical music playing in the background – steel drum bands make awesome mood music for a Hawaiian beach party!


Employee Gift Ideas for Birthdays, Retirement, Weddings, and Holidays

Not all employers and employees exchange gifts, so it’s sometimes tricky to find the right employee gift ideas for someone when you need them. Exchanging gifts or offering a special sentiment to a colleague or an employee can be a wonderful way to build closer relationships and better teams. If you happen to be close friends with your colleagues, it is also a nice gesture to offer a present for special life events like the birth of a child, a wedding, birthday, or their retirement.

Consider these suggestions for employee gift ideas that you can offer to anyone at your office or place of work.

Employee Gift Ideas for Holidays and Birthdays
Birthdays and holidays are a common time to give gifts to those you know. Consider these ideas for employee gifts around the holidays, as part of a Pollyanna, or for a birthday present.

•    Sweets and snacks gift basket
•    Baked goods gift basket
• gift card
•    Chocolates
•    Restaurant gift certificate
•    Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card

Employee Gift Ideas for Weddings
When in doubt, check the couple’s wedding registry to get ideas for what the bride and groom would like for wedding gifts. You can chip in with other employees to choose a wedding gift for your colleagues.

•    Wine backpack
•    Personalized throw blanket
•    Personalized wedding album or frame
•    Airline gift card
•    Home Depot or Lowes gift card
•    Target gift card
•    Bed Bath and Beyond gift card

Employee Gift Ideas for Retirement
Retirement is a very special time in a person’s career. Oftentimes a company will throw a small retirement party for a key employee when he or she is moving on to retirement. Other times a family may throw a special retirement party for family, friends, and colleagues. Retirement gifts can be funny or serious. Consider these employee gift ideas for retirement parties.

•    Airline or travel gift cards
•    A watch or clock
•    A frame or plaque
•    Golf gift certificate
•    Spa gift certificate
•    Relaxation gift basket
•    Candy and treats gift basket
•    Cash

These are just a few employee gift ideas for you to consider. If you have other suggestions for employee presents, please share them below in our comments.


How to Make DIY Fish Cupcakes

Adorable DIY fish cupcakeLooking to make a splash at your next party? These cute desserts are sure to be a hit with any age group! These fish cupcakes are easy to decorate and will look terrific even if you haven’t an ounce of artistic skill. Fellow party goers are sure to be impressed with this treat.

Things you will need to make these cupcakes:

– Box of cake mix or personal recipe with all the called for ingredients
Adorable Green and Orange DIY fish cupcake– Frosting
– Food Dye
– Bowls and knives to mix frosting colors and to decorate cupcakes
– M&M’s
– Milk chocolate or White Chocolate (or yogurt) covered pretzels

Step 1- Prepare and bake cupcakes according to box or recipe. Wait for cupcakes to cool before frosting the cupcakes.

Step 2- Prepare the colors of frosting that you want your “fish” to be and then frost one cupcake. Keep in mind the colors of the M&M’s that you have if you want to coordinate the frosting with the candy color. You could special order certain colors of M&M’s if you want a non-traditional M&M color. Another Adorable Blue DIY fish cupcakeidea is using multiple colored M & M’s to create a rainbow fish cupcake.

Step 3- Gently place the pretzel on the cupcake. You want to place the pretzel on less than a fourth of the cupcake. This will help keep the pretzel on the cupcake during transportation. Use a little bit of frosting to attach the pretzel to the cupcake and to ensure that it stays on. Also place a bit of frosting on the adjacent side you are putting on the cupcake so that you can attach the M&M’s to it. Two or three M&M’s should fit on top of the pretzel. Instead of a pretzel you could use fruit slices or some type of fruit roll.

Adorable Colorful DIY fishy cupcakesStep 4- Place the M&M’s on the cupcake in two lines in front of the pretzel. Be sure that you place the M&M’s down so that the side that says ‘m’ can’t be seen to the eater! Also place an M&M on top and below the pretzel.

Step 5- Place one M&M (I used brown) in place for the eye. Instead of an M&M, white frosting could be used with a dot of black frosting on top to create an eye.

Step 6- Carefully place two red M&M’s bent inward to each other to be the fish’s lips.

Voila! You created one fish cupcake! Continue the same process for each cupcake. Only make one cupcake at a time so the frosting is still fresh and the candy will stick to the cupcake and not fall off of it.

Colorful fish cupcakeIf you don’t have a cupcake tray or another type of transfer container, you can create one from a shirt box lid. Cover it in tin foil and use plastic wrap on the top after you’ve placed the cupcakes inside. You could even decorate the sides with marker or green paper to look like sea plants to create an aquarium for your fish cupcakes!

Have fun creating these delicious and adorable desserts! Use your imagination to substitute candies if you have any food allergies or simply don’t have them in your pantry.


Independence Day Goodies – Crafty Articles in Honor of the 4th of July

Fun fourth of july articles to read and enjoyThe 4th of July is a favorite holiday for many folks, not purely for the remembrance of our freedom and independence, but also because it’s a great holiday to celebrate with family and friends. No matter if you prefer to throw a party, go to someone’s Fourth of July barbeque, or head down to the shore for the weekend, there are certainly a lot of ways you can enjoy your holiday weekend. These 4th of July themed articles should give you a few fun ideas to celebrate Independence Day in style.

4th of July Recipes and Food Ideas – If you are going to host a 4th of July party, these 4th of July recipes and food ideas are sure to please. You can also consider them if you need a dish to bring with you to an Independence Day potluck. Think creatively and consider foods that are red, white, and blue, or stick with the barbeque theme. Enjoy!

Patriotic Nail Designs for 4th of July – Hand-painted holiday nail designs can be a lot of fun whether you wear them yourself or paint your little girl’s nails. From fireworks to flags, you can dress up your nails for your next summer barbeque or beach trip. Consider these fun and fashionable patriotic nail art designs especially for the 4th of July / Independence Day!

Fourth of July / Independence Day Messages, Cards, Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones – No matter what you decide to do for the Fourth of July holiday, you should take a moment to wish your loved ones a special day. Let your grandparents, parents, and significant other know you are thinking about them, whether in person with a hug and a kiss or across the miles with a phone call, email, text message, or an old fashioned letter or greeting card via snail mail.

These ideas should help you start off your patriotic weekend with a bang. Stay tuned for our latest and greatest upcoming article for Independence Day – 4th of July Cocktails and Mixed Drinks!

Fun and Exciting 21st Birthday Party Ideas

At age 21, the best 21st birthday party ideas are usually the ones that involve close friends and sometimes even family. At this age you should be inspired by adventure and the birthday party ideas should have a touch of maturity because you are at one of the most exciting ages in life. Make your 21st birthday memorable with outdoor activities, especially if you enjoy adventures. You can look for sports that you and your friends love, for example, flag football, soccer, water balloon fights, clay shooting, quad biking / four-wheeling, archery, and several others.

Some other 21st birthday party ideas are having a barbecue or a buffet party with family and friends. Your menu can include burgers, grilled hot dogs, and drinks. If you live in a wine country, you can enjoy a tour of the winery and look for something perfect as a souvenir for your 21st birthday.

Since this is an exciting time in your life, you should ensure that you host a successful party. This will however, depend on the available budget, number of people in attendance, and venue. If you will have a themed birthday party, it is sometimes fun to dish out gifts for the theme, for example, to the best and worst dressed guests. However, it is alright to celebrate your 21st birthday in a restaurant with family or at a bar with friends. Most 21-year-olds decide to spend at least part of their birthday or birthday evening at the bar with friends.

21st Birthday Theme Party Ideas
There are a number of themes that worked out well as 21st birthday party ideas. One of these is Luau, which is a Hawaiian word meaning feast. Your 21st birthday party can be feast time. In the past people ate at Luau feasts sitting on the floor. They rolled out mats, which was great fun. You can have a replica of this on your 21st birthday party. Improvise plates and have some slightly unusual foods like sweet potatoes, roasted meat, and dry fish. You can add humor to it by having your guests use their hands to eat.

You can also visit the casino with your guests and have fun playing games. You can do this in person with a card table or home slot machine, online, or simply by visiting a local casino (or making a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, and others). You can play games like craps, poker, roulette, blackjack, and more.

You can also consider having a cocktail party as one of your perfect 21st birthday party ideas. This is a very stylish and elegant way of celebrating your birthday. To add more fun, you should have chilled drinks. You can even create a signature drink named after you, containing some of your favorite things. To have the best cocktail party on your 21st birthday you should plan ahead of time. Send out the invitations in good time and make sure that you tell the guests whether it will be a formal 21st birthday party or not.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
There are a number of things that girls would like to do on their 21st birthday. Party ideas for girls do not have to cost a fortune. To create a happy and successful event, you can organize a dance party for the girls. You can hire a DJ with lights and a mirror ball. Or you can use an iPod or MP3 player to give the girls an unlimited stream of dance music. You can also consider a rock climbing or swimming 21st birthday party to add some excitement.

The girls can also have a fantastic time by having a spa party on the 21st birthday, which they will consider a royal treat. Another great 21st birthday party idea is having a mani / pedi party. This is a great way for the girls to have fun together. They can have the best spa treatment price free. They can keep it simple but make sure that there is enough space to relax and do what they want. The girls can also have a pink party. Pink is the color for girls and one can have a party with everything pink from plates, cups, napkins, to flatware, candy, drinks, and even food. Make it more fun yet but asking everyone to wear pink!

When all is said and done, it is advisable to take party time safety measures. Do not drink too much even though it is party time. Share cabs rather than driving, especially if you know that you might drink more than your limit.


Fun Things to Do on a Saturday Night

Most people think that going out during the weekend and especially on Saturday night is the only option. This is not true. There are several things to do on a Saturday night with family or friends whether you decide to go out or just stay at home. If you are a bachelor or bachelorette, you can spend your Saturday night with friends. Pick an activity that will bring you and your friends some fun. If you want to relax at home with family, that is acceptable for your Saturday night plans as well.

Things to Do On a Saturday Night with Friends
One of the things that you can do on a Saturday night with friends is going to see a movie. You can all agree on the movie you want to watch. You can either watch it at home or simply go out and have fun watching one on the big screen. For home movie viewing, get a tub of ice cream, popcorn, pizza, and other favorite snacks.

Other activities to enjoy with friends may include a trip to the local arcade, hanging out at the mall, or playing a game of miniature golf or chip n’ putt if the weather is nice. You can also go for dinner at some of the newest restaurants in town or simply go bar hopping if you enjoy it.

Things to Do on a Saturday Night with Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, or Wife
The other alternative is to spend your Saturday night with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse). Searching for things to do on a Saturday night with your loved one should not be a dilemma. It is important that you look for something that the two of you will enjoy. It should be a give and take relationship.

You can go swimming in the late afternoon and then have a romantic dinner together. You can also enjoy an evening stroll together and spend some time watching the stars and other creations of Mother Nature. You can also attend live concerts. For those who like dancing, go to a dance on Saturday night with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is also fun to sit back and watch your favorite programs on TV together. You can catch up on your TiVo / DVR. Saturday night is also a good time to play those childhood games together with your loved one – Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, Boggle, The Game of Life, and others.

For those who are married and have family, you can take the kids to a friend’s home or to their grandparents and have all the evening to yourself. You can spend time in the house without the noise and disturbance from the kids. You can go out to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner like you used to do before you got married. You can also play romantic games together like you did when you were newlyweds. Another thing that a wife and husband can do on Saturday night is listening to soothing music and relaxing.

Things to Do on a Saturday Night with Your Family
For those who want to spend their Saturday night as a family, you can either stay at home or go out. Staying at home will not make you a grandmother. Do it for the sake of your family. You can play indoor games with your kids. Do what your kids love most. You can also watch movies at home, read books, cook together, and do everything else as a family.

You can also invite friends or relatives and spend the Saturday evening together. If you love eating at a restaurant, you can go out together and have fun. You can also decide to spend the evening at a friend’s home.

All these are marvelous things that people can do together on Saturday night. Your evening should not be boring. Be creative and look for a fun way of passing this free time.