Ideas for Hen Party Bags and Bachelorette Goodie Bags

Hen parties and bachelorette parties can be so much fun for everyone involved! Putting together personalized hen party bags can make the occasion even more memorable. You can include elements related to the upcoming wedding in your hens’ party bags or simply include sexy gifts and trinkets for your girls to enjoy. Typically the bridesmaids or the bride’s friends will plan the bachelorette party or hen do. Sometimes it is on an entire weekend while other times it might just be a single girls’ night out. Whatever the case, bachelorette and hen party bags can make the entire experience so much more interesting and exciting!

So what exactly do you put into hen night party bags or bachelorette goodie bags? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I have a wide variety of ideas for both racy, sexy party bag goodies and of course, the PG and PG13 items to include in your hen party gift bags. Consider these suggestions as you plan and put together your bachelorette and hen goodie bags.

PG Rated Contents for Bachelorette and Hen Night Party Bags
•    Flavored lip balm
•    Scented lotion
•    Candy
•    Chewing gum
•    Wine charms, corkscrews and other wine accessories
•    One-time use cameras
•    Flip-flops matching the wedding colors

PG13 and R Rated Contents for Bachelorette and Hen Party Bags
•    Candy shaped like the male anatomy
•    Lingerie items
•    Sexy dice or other racy games
•    Thong or sexy panty / boyshorts
•    Condoms
•    Gift certificate to adult store or lingerie shop
•    Personal lubricant
•    Massage candle
•    Just about anything lingerie themed or sexy

These are just a few ideas for your bachelorette or hens’ night party bags. You can include anything you think your group of ladies and the bride will enjoy. The entire party bag doesn’t have to be sexy in nature, but you can include any goodies that you feel are appropriate for your crowd.

Don’t forget to make a special hen night party bag for the bride-to-be herself! The bride’s hen party bag can contain fun bachelorette and bride-to-be themed items like a sash, pin or button, and a miniature veil or even the fun devil bride veil. Include lots of candy, lip balm, a thong or other lingerie, and other fun and sexy goodies. If you have other ideas, please share them in our comments below!


Top 10 Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A baby shower is a special occasion and a variety of baby shower centerpiece ideas can help with decorating for the party. No matter if the mommy-to-be is having a baby boy or a baby girl – or even a surprise – you can find dozens of cool, cute, and creative baby shower centerpieces to dress up the tables at your event. Consider these top 10 baby shower centerpiece ideas for an upcoming baby shower that you’re planning.

Here are a number of creative and cute baby shower centerpiece ideas:

Best Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

1.    Cute stuffed animals in the baby’s nursery theme

2.    Oversized baby blocks – ABC

3.    Baby shower mini cakes or cupcakes

4.    Balloons tied to a cute paperweight

5.    Potted plants in gender appropriate or gender neutral colors

6.    Edible fruit centerpiece

7.    Candy centerpiece featuring baby themed candies

8.    Pastel watering cans with flowers spilling out

9.    King cake (Mardi Gras tradition with a plastic baby)

10.    Floating rubber ducky in a glass bowl

These are just a few ideas for cute and creative baby shower centerpieces. Customize these baby shower table decorations for a boy, girl, or surprise baby by choosing colors that complement the appropriate color scheme or baby’s nursery theme. Don’t forget to put together other room decorations as well as little goodie bags for your guests, if you wish. You can also check out craft sites and online sites for great baby shower centerpiece ideas!

Cocktails for Spring – Neon and 80s-Inspired!

Try these fun neon spring cocktails for Easter, Mother's Day, or anytime.Get the party started with creative and colorful cocktails for spring! Whether you’re a child of the 80s, a parent of the 80s, or born after the 80s and still old enough to drink, some fun, brightly colored cocktails may be the perfect way to welcome springtime. These neon cocktail drinks are perfect for any party, barbeque, or black light setting, especially as the weather is getting warmer. Get ready to party with bright, fluorescent mixed drinks for spring, fun music, and all your best buds.

Here are a few recipes for springtime cocktails to enjoy at home or at your next gathering.

Try these fun neon spring cocktails for Easter, Mother's Day, or anytime.Spring Cocktail #1: The Atomic Daiquiri

2 oz. Flor de Caña 7 Year Grand Reserve
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Coco Lopez
Splash Lucid Absinthe
Teal Elixir #5

Atomic Daiquiri Instructions:
1.    Combine Flor de Caña, lime juice, Coco Lopez, and Teal Elixir in a shaker with ice.
2.    Strain into a tall rocks glass with ice and top with Lucid Absinthe.
3.    Garnish with a lemon, lime, and maraschino cherry.

Enjoy this lovely spring cocktail on the deck or patio, by the beach, or poolside with a burger or hotdog!

Spring Cocktail #2: Bangin’ Blue Lagoon
2 oz. Russian Standard Vodka
0.5 oz. Pineapple Juice
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
Blue Elixir #9

Bangin’ Blue Lagoon Instructions:
1.    Combine Russian Standard, pineapple juice, lime juice, and Blue Elixir in a shaker with ice.
2.    Strain into a martini glass and pour grenadine so it sinks to the bottom.
3.    Garnish with orange, cherry, and sprig of mint.

As a bit of a tropical twist, this fun spring mixed drink takes the spring alcoholic beverage to new heights. Bright colors and fruity flavors make this spring themed cocktail perfect for any occasion!

Spring Cocktail #3: Sex on the Beach 2.0
1.5 Flor de Caña 7 Year Grand Reserve
1 oz. Cranberry Juice
0.5 oz Peach Schnapps
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
Pink Elixir #69

Sex on the Beach 2.0 Mixed Drink Instructions:
1.    Combine Flor de Caña, lime juice, Coco Lopez, and Pink Elixir in a shaker with ice.
2.    Strain into a coupe style glass.
3.    Garnish with raspberry, lemon, and lime.

Take an old favorite, a classic fruity cocktail, and make it into a wild neon drink for spring. Sex on the Beach 2.0 is the perfect spring sipper for parties or a fun after-dinner drink after a long day at work.

These are just a few suggestions for spring cocktails and neon alcoholic beverages for warmer weather. Whether you want something cool and fun to sip by the pool or a chill nightcap, these spring drink ideas should fit the bill! Don’t forget your tropical bar ware or tiki glasses! Have fun mixing up springtime cocktails at home and please share in our comments what you think of these drinks or if you have any other fun spring cocktail suggestions.

March Madness Party Tips and Food Ideas

March Madness Party Planning TipsIf you and your friends are basketball fans, it makes perfect sense to throw a March Madness party during college basketball season. Basketball parties can be a lot of fun with the right group of family and friends. You can watch the games, enjoy some great food, and socialize with your guests. Take turns hosting March Madness parties within your social circle or consider migrating to a local sports bar for some of the more exciting games. A few March Madness party tips can help you get your festivities moving in the right direction.

No matter whom you plan to invite – only fans of your team or enemies alike – your March Madness event is sure to be a success if you put a little time and thought into the planning. Consider these March Madness party tips and food ideas to help you plan an awesome basketball party for yourself and all your friends.

March Madness Party Planning Tips
Consider these March Madness party planning tips to help get your gathering organized for fun and excitement:

•    Decorate your home with your favorite team’s colors or choose paper and plastic party ware in the team colors.

•    For fun or for a small wager, offer everyone their own bracket to fill out for the week’s games or for the whole season. You can also fill out a huge bracket board as a group.

•    Have everyone wear their favorite college basketball jersey or clothing in their preferred team’s colors.

•    During intermissions and commercial breaks, have a little competition of trashcan basketball or Nerf basketball.

March Madness Party Food Tips
Consider these March Madness menu ideas for your party food:

•    Go for a fun and authentic menu of basketball game food like you would find at a sports arena – popcorn, hotdogs, chicken fingers, fries, soft pretzels, soft drinks, and of course, beer!

•    Make up your March Madness party food menu using creative names and food ideas to taunt your opponents, like roasted Jayhawks!

•    Don’t forget dessert, like Blue Devil’s Food Cake. You can also make a bracket cake!

•    If you can’t find creative food to make, at least put your party food in basketball themed serving ware.

These are just a few ideas for March Madness parties and party food. If you have hosted or attended a March Madness party, please share your favorite tips in our comments below.


30th Birthday Party – 80’s Theme with Costumes and Party Food Ideas

The 80’s brought so many unforgettable trends in fashion, music, and more. Some things we may miss or still hold close, others we wish we could forget. Still, being a child of the 80s – pretty much anyone celebrating a 30th birthday in the next decade (well, almost) – has its advantages and fond memories as well. Consider these ideas for throwing a fabulous 30th birthday with an 80’s party theme.

Planning a 1980’s party for a birthday or any occasion can be an exciting and fun experience. Consider these ideas for your 80’s party, including music, food and snacks, and of course, costumes from the 1980’s.

80’s Party Costumes and Clothing
No matter what your usual style preference, throw it all aside for the 1980’s. Check out these 80’s party costume ideas.

•    Slouch socks
•    MC Hammer pants
•    Bright neon colors
•    Spandex
•    Leggings with short skirts
•    Oversized sweatshirts or t-shirts
•    Jean jackets
•    Iconic costumes from movies like Top Gun, Flash Dance, etc.

80’s Party Snacks and Food Ideas
As you plan the menu for your 80’s birthday party or other special event, try to remember some of your favorite snacks and candies from your childhood. Here are a few 80’s candy and snack suggestions:

•    Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones
•    Ellios Pizzas
•    Pop Rocks
•    Whistle pops
•    Fruit Rollups
•    Anything you enjoyed eating as a child

80’s Party Music Ideas
To ensure your 1980’s birthday bash is a success, be sure you have a special 80’s music playlist on someone’s iPod. Be sure to get some of the greatest hits and one-hit-wonders alike.

•    Bon Jovi – “Livin’ on a Prayer”
•    Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing”
•    Def Leppard – “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
•    Van Halen – “Jump”
•    Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean”
•    Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
•    The Bangles – “Walk Like an Egyptian”
•    A-Ha – “Take On Me”
•    Poison – “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”
•    The B-52’s – “Love Shack”
•    Paula Abdul – “Straight Up”

There are really too many good 80’s songs to mention here in the article. If you have more to share, and especially if we didn’t list your favorite 80’s tune, please help us keep the list going in the comments below!

Cool Traditions and Other Fun Things to Do on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to get together with friends and family, indulge in all the fantastic football foods you love, and kick back, relax, and watch the big game and all the funny commercials. Even if you aren’t a football fan you can still have a great time socializing with the ones you love during the Super Bowl. Consider these ideas for cool traditions and other fun things you can do during or in lieu of a Super Bowl party.

No matter if you are spending the day with friends or family, consider these ideas for Super Bowl alternatives or related activities you can enjoy on the big day of football:

•    Play your own game of backyard football! For many people this year, it may be a very strenuous game of “snow football,” which may be better yet since the snow can make tackling your opponent less dangerous.

•    Have your own playful bet on the outcome of the game. The winner with the closest predicted score goes home with a case of beer, a bottle of booze, or a few dollars from each participant.

•    Keep a running tally of the best commercials. Then, after the game, compare your choices online with all the confirmed fan favorites.

•    Set up a card table off to the side. Anyone who isn’t interested in the game can play poker, blackjack, or Go Fish.

•    Go out to a bar or restaurant to enjoy the game. Instead of planning a Super Bowl party or watching the game at your house, go to your favorite sports bar and enjoy the festivities on the big screen.

•    Watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Who doesn’t love adorable, scrambling puppies that play together on TV? Don’t miss this annual classic on the day of the big game! (Or have your own puppy bowl by inviting a few friends and their dogs or puppies!)

These are just a few ideas for things you can do on Super Bowl Sunday in addition or in lieu of watching the game at your home. What other ideas can you think of?

Valentine’s Day Cocktails and Drink Recipes

Sweet Surrender Valentine's Day CocktailValentine’s Day is a romantic time to enjoy a special cocktail or drink recipe with your loved one. You can enjoy a romantic martini or mixer, a fun and fruity frozen drink, something pink or red, or even a nice glass of wine. Choose Valentine’s Day cocktails and alcoholic beverages that complement what you are eating, whether an entire meal, an appetizer, or just dessert. Try these Valentine’s Day drink recipes for some fun beverages that are sure to impress!

Just a few words of caution – observe the legal drinking age and remember not to drink and drive! Now let’s have some fun with these red and pink and super flirty Valentine’s Day drink recipes!

Cherry Kiss Valentine's Day DrinkValentine’s Day Drink #1: Cherry Kiss

1 part UV Cherry
2 parts champagne


Shake with ice and strain into a champagne flute.

Sweet Surrender Valentine's Day CocktailValentine Cocktail #2: Sweet Surrender

2 parts UV Lemonade
2 parts cranberry juice
Splash of triple sec

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.

Love Potion #9 Valentine's Day CocktailValentine’s Day Alcoholic Beverage #3: Love Potion #9

1.5 oz   Prairie Organic Vodka
.5 oz     Peach Schnapps
3 oz      Blood Orange Juice

Combine with ice in shaker, pour into a pink sugar rimmed martini glass and garnish with a blood orange and cherry. (If blood oranges are not available, you can soak regular oranges in grenadine for the garnish).

Broken Hearts Club Martini Valentine's Day CocktailValentine Drink #4: Broken Hearts Club Martini

4 parts Prairie Organic Vodka
(choice of adding vermouth or olive juice to taste)

1.    Pour Prairie into a shaker over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.
2.    Garnish with three olives.

– Recipes courtesy of Phillips Distilling Company.

If you are in an anti-Valentine’s Day mood, you can also make these drink recipes into Anti-Valentine cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Simply change the names of the different cocktails to be more fitting of the occasion. Change “The Cherry Kiss” into “The Heartbreaker,” swap “Sweet Surrender” with  “Single and Ready to Mingle,” and turn “Love Potion # 9” into “The Prairie Prowler.” You can also make up your own Valentine’s Day drinks and cocktails or find more recipes online. Enjoy!


Mardi Gras Party Favors, Centerpieces, and Fat Tuesday Decorating Ideas

Mardi Gras parties can be a lot of fun no matter what time of year, but they are especially popular in the first few months of the year, especially during the month of February. You can easily plan a Mardi Gras party at your home with a little advanced planning. Choose authentic New Orleans style cuisine and get ready to decorate to your heart’s content. You can also find a variety of fun and exciting Mardi Gras party favors and centerpiece ideas to try.

To fully capture the theme of Mardi Gras, be sure to choose a color scheme of gold, purple, and green, the three colors of Mardi Gras.


Mardi Gras Party Favors
The most important Mardi Gras party favors to have at your Fat Tuesday party or Carnival party are Mardi Gras beads. You can find beads in countless colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even find the more expensive Mardi Gras beads that the krewes throw from their floats in New Orleans during Carnival. Depending on the number of guests you are inviting, you can purchase Mardi Gras beads in bulk or you can look for some of the specialized beads and give each guest a gift of one special set of beads.

If you would like to give out other party favors at your Mardi Gras part, consider the other items that the krewe members throw at Mardi Gras. Small stuffed animals, plastic cups from each krewe, doubloons, and decorated coconuts are a few great options for Mardi Gras party favors you can give out at your party. If you are looking for specific Fat Tuesday party favors, consider giving each guest his or her own Mardi Gras mask. You can find lots of fun and unique ways to dress up your Mardi Gras party. Check out the selection of Mardi Gras party supplies from PartyMart for starters!

Mardi Gras Centerpieces
Mardi Gras centerpieces can be created or purchased in many shapes and sizes. Consider making your own Fat Tuesday centerpieces for your Mardi Gras party. Use your creativity to help you come up with the perfect centerpiece idea for your festivities. Here are a few suggestions for Mardi Gras themed table decorations:

•    Colorful Beads in Bowls and Vases – Order your Mardi Gras beads in bulk and use them to decorate your tables. You can strew the beads across the tables randomly or place lots of colorful beads in a glass or crystal vase or decorative bowl.

•    Mardi Gras Masks on Sticks – Instead of flowers, place pretty decorated Mardi Gras masks supported by sticks or thin dowels inside vases on your tables. These centerpieces can be just as pretty as flowers, showing off feathers and sequins in the festive Mardi Gras colors.

•    Mardi Gras King Cake – Rather than making an elaborate centerpiece for your Fat Tuesday party, consider making king cakes for each table so your guests can all enjoy and participate in this great tradition. The guest who gets the plastic baby is supposed to buy the next king cake. You could also award that guest with a prize!

Mardi Gras Ceiling and Wall Decorations
To complete your decorating scheme, don’t forget to look for festive Mardi Gras decorations to hang from your ceiling and walls. You can find tons of pretty Mardi Gras decorations in yellow, purple, and green, from regular party streamers to Mardi Gras door panels, street sign decorations, banners, and so much more. Make sure you create a special decoration for Bourbon Street!

If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your party decorations, consider festive Mardi Gras lights, Mardi Gras masks, and feather boas. Pretty much anything you do in yellow, green, and purple should look great as well!

What other ideas do you have for decorating your home or apartment for a Mardi Gras party or Fat Tuesday celebration? Please share in our comments below.

Celebrating Groundhog Day: Dates, Ideas, and Activities

Groundhog Day comes once a year, often without much change in pace from a normal day. Rather than letting this once-a-year event pass you by, you can celebrate Groundhog Day, or even just recognize it with an activity with your family or significant other. You can plan a Groundhog Day date to enjoy with your sweetheart or plan activities for the day with your kids or family. Try these suggestions for a fun and festive Groundhog Day this year!

Celebrated each year on February 2, Groundhog Day is a holiday where a groundhog leaves its burrow to help determine whether winter will end soon or if we will have six more weeks of winter. The biggest celebration for Groundhog Day takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil makes an appearance each year.


If you are interested in celebrating Groundhog Day with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or family, consider these suggestions for Groundhog Day dates, ideas, and activities:

•    Visit Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for the biggest Groundhog Day celebration ever. Crowds as large as 40,000 have gathered to celebrate this annual holiday.

•    Find Groundhog Day celebrations in other parts of Pennsylvania, including Quarryville in Lancaster County, the Anthracite Region of Schuylkill County, the Sinnamahoning Valley, and Bucks County. You can also check out groundhog celebrations around Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland; Shenandoah Valley, Virginia; Woodstock, Illinois; Lilburn, Georgia; and various Amish populations throughout the United States (Credit: Wikipedia).

•    Enjoy Groundhog Day celebrations in Wiarton, Ontario and Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia in Canada.

•    Stay home and watch the movie Groundhog Day featuring actor Bill Murray.

•    See if the groundhog “Queen Charlotte” sees her shadow at the Charlotte Nature Center in North Carolina.

•    Snuggle up under blankets and watch movies to avoid more weeks of winter.

•    Do Groundhog Day crafts and games with your kids, including word finds, coloring pages, and making cutout groundhogs.

•    Play board games, eat snacks, and relax in the comforts of your home.

•    Go out for dinner and dancing and pretend you are in on the Punxsutawney festivities.

•    Make groundhog cookies using a sugar cookie cutouts recipe and circle or oval cookie cutters. Use frosting to make the groundhog’s face.

Relaxing and enjoying movies and snacks may be the easiest way of all to enjoy Groundhog Day with those you love. What other things can you think of doing for Groundhog Day?

Valentine’s Day Cookies – Tips & Tricks for a Fun Valentine Activity

You might not need an excuse to bake cookies, but baking beautiful heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun. Whether you are baking for your family or for your sweetheart, you can create gorgeous, delicious valentine cookies that look and taste great. Consider these tips and tricks for making Valentine’s Day cookies this year.

Before you get started in making your valentine cookies, be sure you have all the necessary ingredients, especially eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips, and everything else in the cookie recipes that you will be using. You might also want to make sure you have a nice selection of heart-shaped cookie cutters or other Valentine’s Day baking accessories.

Consider these tips as you make your own Valentine’s Day cookies:

•    Choose the type of cookie based on your sweetheart’s or family’s favorites. Even if you want to decorate hearts for Valentine’s Day, you can still have fun making other types of valentine cookies. If your boyfriend or husband prefers chocolate chip cookies, just spruce them up for the occasion with pink and red M&Ms!

•    Try a variety of heart cookie shapes for a pretty display. You can craft your cookies to look like conversation hearts, lace-trimmed valentines, cupid hearts with arrows, double hearts, and so much more. Find a nice heart cookie cutter set so you are prepared to make a fine selection of Valentine’s cookie shapes!

•    Bake cookies together with your sweetheart for a romantic activity to do on V-Day. You might have to twist his arm a little bit, but you can definitely have a great time baking cookies together, or making anything in the kitchen for that matter.

•    Decorate your sugar cookies with sugar crystals, sprinkles, and frosting or icing. You can have lots of fun decorating each valentine cookie with a different color, pattern, or style of baking decorations. Use your creativity to make a batch of beautiful heart cookies!

•    For a different look, consider dyeing your cookies pink with food coloring! You will love how nice the pink cookies look, especially if you are making heart-shaped cookies. You can also do some regular cookie dough and some pink cookie dough so you can make lacey-heart valentine cookie styles as well.

If you like your cookies to stay soft, you can place a slice of bread in the Tupperware container. The bread will get hard, but the cookies will stay nice and soft. Soft and chewy cookies often steal the hearts of cookie lovers everywhere, so be sure to try this trick at home.

What other Valentine cookie baking tips do you have? Please share them in our comments below.

Delicious Cheese Options for Your Holiday Festivities and Special Occasions

Cheese for any occasion, formal or casual!Few things go so well together as wine and cheese! Next time you are planning a party, like New Year’s Eve, a festive birthday, baby or bridal shower, or even a casual get-together, be sure to think about some nice and tasty cheese options to give your guests a delightful snack that pairs perfectly with the wine your serve. If interested, you can even plan your own wine tasting party or an easy-breezy night of movies, wine, and cheese with the girls.

Check out this wide variety of cheese products by Alouette that you can enjoy with your sweetheart, your family, or the next time you have guests or a party at your home. Alouette Cheese makes it easy to keep your party going with delicious snacks no matter what the occasion.

Simple Snacking with Cheese and Crackers
Alouette Cheese offers a wonderful variety of soft, spreadable cheeses that go oh-so perfectly with your favorite crackers for any occasion. If you are in the mood for simple snacking, you can enjoy one of the round 6.5-ounce tubs of soft spreadable cheese in flavors ranging from zesty to sweet, perfect as appetizers or even a subtle dessert type bite after your main meal concludes.

The Alouette tubs of soft spreadable cheese are available in a delightful range of flavors including the award winning Berries & Cream, limited edition Cheesecake, Spinach Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Garlic & Herbs, and Pepper Medley, among others. I received a generous selection of these cheeses to taste and enjoy. I am a sucker for sweets and especially raspberries, but also enjoy a nice kick of garlic here and there.

These soft cheeses spread so nicely and evenly across your favorite crackers. As a helpful tip, be sure to choose a cracker that complements the signature flavors in each different variety of soft, spreadable cheese by Alouette. A buttery cracker goes nicely with the garlic and herbs while a neutral cracker on the sweeter side works well with dessert-style cheese. Don’t forget you can add toppers too, like fruit and berries to go with your cracker creations!

Elegant Entertaining Options with Alouette Cheese
If you are looking for more of a formal cheese display, look no further. Alouette offers a fine selection of brie, an ever-popular party staple. You can pair your brie with crackers, fruit, and nuts for the perfect bite-sized snack. I received a lovely selection to try, including Crème de Brie, Baby Brie, and Extra Creamy Brie, any of which would be a perfect complement to a Thanksgiving feast, Christmas dinner or brunch, or New Year’s party, not to mention wine nights, birthday gatherings, and showers. I am looking forward to enjoying the Extra Creamy Brie and double crème Baby Brie this weekend for New Year’s!

The Alouette brie products offer a fantastic creamy texture and a buttery taste that can’t be beat. I love the smooth flavor that works beautifully with different types of crackers, but pairs nicely with cranberries, walnuts, or a fruit and nut blend. Try the brie and crackers with wine and you might be surprised at how nicely they complement each other’s flavors. Alouette brie products make a great match for any day or evening of entertaining.

The Gourmet Spreadable Cheese Logs are another delicious way to enjoy your cheese and crackers. You can have mini appetizers made with Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic or Garlic & Herbs without going to any trouble at all beyond opening the packaging. These small cheese logs go a long way, giving your guests the option to enjoy as much or as little as they like. The cheese logs are packaged in a two-pack so the host or hostess can determine the right amount of cheese for the party. The flavorings and spices coating the outside of the cheese logs work beautifully with a nice variety of crackers and these cheese logs are so good you will keep coming back for more. I actually couldn’t decide which type was my favorite out of the two flavors of the gourmet spreadable logs. Maybe you will have better luck, but for now I am enjoying both!

Goat Cheese – A Gluten Free Option
Alouette has all their bases covered, offering those with Gluten allergies and Celiac’s Disease a nice option for snacking. I had never tried goat’s milk cheese until Alouette sent me a few varieties to try. At Thanksgiving, my uncle and I found it to be similar to cream cheese in texture and consistency. It still isn’t my favorite cheese of all, but I am more open to it and will consider baking with it in the future when I have time to experiment with new dishes.

Chavrie Goat’s Milk Cheese from the carton is very spreadable and works well as a salad topper while the traditional Chavrie Fresh Goat Cheese log can be used in a multitude of recipes. Consider swapping ricotta out for goat cheese in your next lasagna or consider a goat cheesecake. You can find countless recipes online if you are interested in trying goat cheese.


No matter what your special occasion or preferred time of day for snacking, the cheeses offered by Alouette will not disappoint. There are so many flavors and styles to try – just get a little creative with your snacking and find your favorite combination!

For more information about Alouette Cheese, please see

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Apartment, Dorm, or Flat

Holiday decorating, whether you live in an apartment, dorm, or flat, is an old tradition that comes and goes each year during the festive winter season. With a little imagination and some planning, it is possible to put your place together without going over your decorating budget. Holiday apartment decorating makes it feel less temporary and more like home. Most importantly, sometimes decorating your apartment is what you really need to make the place festive for the holidays if you won’t be going home to celebrate with family. Avoid going overboard when you are decorating in a small space. You will enjoy the place with a few lovely holiday accents or a small Christmas tree.

With Christmas around the corner, everyone is excited about the old tradition of decorating a Christmas tree even if you live in an apartment, dorm, or flat. Most people learned this when they were young. The Christmas tree for your apartment, dorm, or flat is the main attraction during this holiday season.  You have a wide variety of Christmas trees to consider for your living space. However, when decorating your Christmas tree for your apartment, it is wise to change the way you did it when you were young. The Christmas tree should reflect the mood of the season.

Christmas is an occasion of fun, happiness, togetherness, blessings, and love.  The Christmas tree for your apartment or dorm should be beautifully and elegantly decorated.  A real Christmas tree should be measured according to the size of the location where you plan to place it. The size of Christmas tree is very important if you are decorating in a small space. When choosing a tree for your apartment, you should also consider the type of needles and especially if there are young children or pets in your home. The Christmas tree usually offers a pleasant smell to welcome your guests.

When embarking on holiday apartment decorating you should put away all other seasons’ decorations.  For example if you are decoration your apartment for Christmas you should put away all your Thanksgiving and fall décor. For holiday apartment decorating you can consider using lights, for example, along handrails or fireplace mantles.

Holiday decorating in smaller spaces should also include clearing all books from the coffee table and introducing a snow globe or cluster of holiday colored candles. You can also use Christmas stockings for your holiday apartment decorating or even ornaments scattered everywhere. Candles, candles, candles in clusters of three are an ideal style of holiday decorating for apartments and smaller living spaces. They give a warm and cozy holiday look. In your apartment decorating, do not forget the front door where you can hang a wreath or a dried bouquet of Christmas themed plants or flowers.

When decorating in a small space you should aim at creating what you have been dreaming of by making the most from your limited space. You can use the services of an interior designer or better still, search online. When decorating in a small space you should avoid putting too much in the limited space. When decorating your apartment you should have a focal point of each room. When decorating in a smaller space the big pieces like the bed or big couch should be your focal point. Use these to enhance the room and reflect the aura. Add a festive holiday throw or some holiday themed pillows.

When decorating your apartment, dorm, or flat, you should consider nice and warm colors on the walls. Consider using mirrors when decorating in a small space. They serve the same purpose with wall hangings by creating an illusion of additional space. Mirrors and the right colors give dimensions when decorating in a small space. Always keep it simple when decorating in cramped quarters because it is storage space you are most likely lacking here. When decorating your apartment, get pieces that express the same theme. Matching pieces will help draw your eye from area to area.

When decorating in a small space, consider bamboo furniture, which gives the impression of a wide place. Also suspend the curtains from a high point. Use built-in shelves and libraries whenever available. If you get stuck and can’t seem to find the right style for your holiday decorations, invite a few friends over for a glass of wine or some beer and put your minds together to come up with a more exciting holiday setting.