Labor Day Party Ideas for Sunshine or Rain

Decorate with red, white, and blue for Labor Day parties.As the end of the summer approaches, Labor Day serves as our one last hurrah. We can celebrate one last time with an end of summer party before the school year starts back up again and the cooler weather starts to move in all around us. The right Labor Day party ideas can give you all that you need to get your party off the ground. If no one in your group is already doing it, consider planning a Labor Day party for all your friends and family to enjoy. It’s a great way to enjoy the last long weekend of summer.

As with any party, lots of factors come together to create the perfect party atmosphere from the guest list to the drink menu to the spread of food. Don’t forget Labor Day decorations and music of course! Consider these Labor Day party ideas for food and drinks, decorations, and even venue.

Labor Day Party Venue Ideas
Most people will choose to throw a Labor Day party at their own homes. This is great and can be the perfect party setting for most folks. The trouble comes when the people you want to see on Labor Day are spread far and wide across the region. If this is the case, consider venues where you and your family or friends can meet at a more central location, such as a campground or a social venue. You can enjoy a rustic camping style Labor Day party for smaller groups with fire-cooked food, or you can plan a more detailed, less fussy Labor Day party at a restaurant or other venue that is centrally located.

Still, if you are able to plan your Labor Day festivities at your own location that can be much easier for the party planning phases. It will also be more cleanup in the end, but you just need to decide if you can deal with that.

Labor Day Food Ideas
Who doesn’t love a good barbeque! Labor Day parties often revolve around whatever you can cook on the grill with a variety of sides prepared inside or refrigerated. You can use the traditional bbq plan for your party or consider coming up with your own non-bbq Labor Day party food ideas. Consider these suggestions for food and your party menu for Labor Day.
Grill lots of yummy food for Labor Day Parties!
Labor Day BBQ Ideas
If you are wondering what to throw on the grill this time, consider these suggestions for a barbeque grill full of Labor Day party food:

–    Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers (and Veggie Burgers)
–    Hotdogs
–    Barbeque Chicken
–    Corn on the Cob (or Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob!)
–    Baked Potatoes
–    Shrimp Skewers
–    Hawaiian Chicken Skewers (chicken and pineapple)
–    Grilled Pork Chops
–    Steak
–    Grilled Vegetables

Non-BBQ, No-Grill Labor Day Food Ideas
If you don’t want to grill for Labor Day (or if you don’t have a grill), here are a few other party food suggestions that can keep your party menu especially interesting. Most of these dishes can be cooked and served in a crock pot or similar small kitchen appliance for preparing and serving food. Consider these party food suggestions or come up with your own!

–    Meatballs
–    Baked Ziti
–    BBQ Pulled Pork
–    Hot turkey
–    Mashed potatoes
–    Salad
–    Baked or Fried Chicken Breast
–    Fried Rice
–    Fruit Salad

Easy Labor Day Food Ideas
Best yet, these low-effort party food ideas barely involve you lifting a finger! Consider these Labor Day food suggestions where someone else does most of the cooking!

–    Potluck party – every guest brings a covered dish, snack, or dessert.

–    Catered party – Get some trays of hors d’oeuvres or cold cuts and fresh veggies as well as some main course type food.

–    Takeout party – order pizzas, Chinese food, long hoagie subs, and other specialties.

Labor Day Drink Ideas
Perhaps most important of all in some circles, make sure you have a fun drink menu picked out. Beer is a classic Labor Day weekend and barbeque party beverage, but you can also include wine and spirits for a full array of libations. Choose some colorful drinks or spirits for the bar at your Labor Day party, and don’t forget to pick out some cocktail recipes or mixers for drinks that are red, white, and blue. See if you can find a layered drink including all three colors!

Labor Day Dessert Ideas
Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to include some delicious sweets in your Labor Day party food planning. You can make your own desserts of find an array of festive, brightly decorated desserts at your local bakery or grocery store. Consider these suggestions for some creative and pretty Labor Day desserts:

–    Brownies frosted like a flag
–    Sugar cookies with red, white, and blue sugar crystals
–    Colorful freeze pops
–    Firecracker popsicles (already red, white, and blue!)
–    Frosted cupcakes in red, white, and blue
–    Cake with festive decorations
–    Frozen chocolate covered bananas with colorful sprinkles
–    Fruit salad in a carved watermelon

Labor Day Decorations and Party Activities…


Summer Sipping – Corzo Tequila Product Review

Tequila can be enjoyed year round, but summer is the season it really shines. Corzo’s Silver Tequila is a great tequila: light and clean. I admit I’m not much of a straight tequila drinker myself (although a friend was able to detect the “tropical fruit and peppery spice” finish that Corzo promises on its website. So, I chose to see how Corzo stood up in my favorite tequila drink: the Margarita. The Corzo stands up really well in a Margarita. It blends smoothly and certainly gets the job done.

A warning to the wallet conscious, though. Corzo is definitely a luxury liquor. My tequila loving friend was very surprised when I pulled out the bottles (and very, very grateful). At 100% Agave, this tequila is the real deal. The spirit is available in three varieties: CORZO® Silver, “clear in color with a dry, light-to medium-bodied palate,” at $47.99, CORZO® Reposado, “with warm hints of a white oak and a custard finish,” at $52.99, and CORZO® Anejo, “the perfect tequila for full-bodied sipping,” at $56.99.

You can find more information about purchasing Corzo Silver at They also recommend the Corzo Bliss, to “Add a burst of color and fresh fruit flavor to the menu. Created by New York City mixologist Jonathan Pogash.” Here’s the recipe for a bright and cheerful cocktail for summer sipping:

The CORZO Bliss

2 parts Corzo Silver Tequila
3/4 parts Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
5 one-inch chunks of watermelon
5-7 mint leaves

1. In a mixing glass, muddle the watermelon and mint.

2. Then add remaining ingredients and shake well with ice.

3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

4. Garnish with a watermelon cube and mint leaves.

Products provided free to writer for reviewSounds refreshing, no?

Hen Party Games and Dares

What would a girls’ night be without hen party games and dares? Since a hen party is meant for girls only, hen party games will also be for only females. Hen party games and dares can take place anywhere – it can be something as simple as a night of games at someone’s home to playing Truth or Dare at a bar or even in Las Vegas. Your hen party games and dares can be completely off the wall, wild, and crazy, or they can be rather innocent, basic, and tame – it really depends on the crowd of hens.

Once you have the guest list and the location of the hen party in order, it is time to start thinking about your options for activities and hen party games. Consider these suggestions for fun hen party game ideas for any age.

Top Hen Party Games to Enjoy
Consider these fun and exciting hen party games for your bachelorette party, birthday party, or other hen night outing.

Try these games and dare suggestionos for a hen party or hen weekend.1.    Scavenger Hunt – Participate in a Girls-Only Scavenger Hunt. Even more fun at the bar!

2.    Old School Games – Play M.A.S.H. or other old school games from your childhood.

3.    Poker Night – Have your own poker night – use poker chips, candy, or real money.

4.    Naughty Board Games – Play some risqué board games if your group of girls is up for a thrill.

5.    Drinking Party Games – Take part in various drinking games if all of your guests are of the legal drinking age (and if no one has to drive later).

6.    TP Wedding Dress Creation – have two teams compete to design the best dress using rolls of toilet paper.

7.    Bar Games – Rate the guys you see at a bar or nightclub with your own secret rating scale, or make up a game where the next guy to step on a certain crack or walk on a piece of paper on the ground is your future husband.

8.    Never Have I Ever – With drinks in hand, each girl takes a turn finishing the sentence “never have I ever…” with something they have or have not done. Each participant who has done said deed must drink a sip of her beverage. There are other variations of the game, but this is the simple way – drink if you did it, don’t drink if you didn’t.

9.    Clink and Drink – As a getting-to-know-you game, have everyone at the hen party ready with a drink, and each person gets to mention how they know the guest of honor. Anyone else who can agree with the comment also clinks glasses and takes a sip. For example, “we went to high school together” would result in anyone who went to high school with the guest of honor cheers-ing and taking a sip.

Best Hen Party Dares to Use
Try these games and dare suggestionos for a hen party or hen weekend.Hen party dares can be wild and crazy to the max. You should just keep in mind the safety and comforts of your group as you play a classic game of Truth or Dare. If you are looking for exciting hen party dares to include in your festivities, consider the following. Remember, not every dare is right for every girl or every group, so please use discretion.

1.    Sing a song at Karaoke… and make it somewhat embarrassing.
2.    Ask a hot guy for a phone number.
3.    Throw your bra on stage at a venue with live music.
4.    Dance on a table or on the bar if permitted.
5.    Grab a single guy’s butt.
6.    Drink a disgusting shot like a Cement Mixer.
7.    Streak through the yard if you are at someone’s home.
8.     Start dancing with a guy the group picks out for you.
9.    Yell out an embarrassing comment or phrase.
10.   Call a crush or send a flirty text message to someone you like.

You can also make up your own hen night dares or purchase card sets of hen night dares and challenges. Just remember to be sensitive to the comforts of the bride or guest of honor as well as your other guests.

Remember to take a lot of pictures at your hen party, during the games, dares, and even a group shot before everyone goes home. Make it a time to remember forever!


Hen Party Planning and Hen Night Ideas

These days women don’t always need a special reason to host a hen night or a hen party. Hen parties are events for women only, and all the females enjoy fun activities, games, or excursions together. Sometimes a hen party or hen night may be in honor of a special milestone like a birthday or a bachelorette party. In fact, “hen party” is often used synonymously with bachelorette party. Other times, though, it’s just a great excuse to get together with the girls.

Since hen parties are for women only, many times the hen party may end up being a sleepover or slumber party or a special night out to a male revue. However, all hen nights don’t have to go this way. A low key hen party could involve simple makeovers, manicures, and pedicures, while a wild and crazy hen party would be more likely to involve the male strippers and lots of booze. The type of hen party you have really should depend on the guests you are inviting.

Top Reasons to Host a Hen Night or Hen Party
While you can host a hen night for any reason or no reason at all, consider these suggested reasons for when would be a great time to plan a hen night.

1.    Bachelorette Party
2.    Milestone Birthday
3.    Recent Breakup / Divorce
4.    Anti-Valentine’s Day for Single Hens
5.    Husband / Boyfriend Away on Business

Best Hen Night or Hen Party Ideas
No matter what the age of the hens in your party, you can plan a spectacular evening, full day, or even an entire weekend for your group of girls. If you are about to plan a hen party, consider these tips for things you could do or places you could go for your hen night!

Consider these fun activities you can plan for your hen party, girls night, or bachelorette weekend.1.    Winery Tours
2.    Day at the Spa
3.    Spa at Home – manis, pedis, and facials
4.    Makeover Night
5.    Bowling Party
6.    Shopping at the outlets or a major mall
7.    Nightclub Outing
8.    Chick Flick Movie Night (with pints of ice cream)
9.    Hen Party Games
10.    Night at the Bar
11.    Karaoke Night
12.    Smoothie Night
13.    Wine Tasting Party at Home
14.    Fondue Party – what can’t you dip in chocolate?
15.    Deep Fryer Party – what can’t you deep fry? (Think Oreos, Shrimp, Pickles, Candy Bars!)
16.    Movie Theater Night
17.    Hen Party at the Beach
18.    Hen Party in Vegas
19.    Casino Night
20.    New York City Trip

Whatever you decide to do for your hen party, girls’ night, or hen weekend, be sure you take the time to snap a few photos. You’ll really appreciate having them to tide you over till your next girls’ only event!


4th of July Recipes and Food Ideas

Enjoy a barbeque for the Fourth of July!Fourth of July parties are the perfect time to have a barbeque with lots of yummy grilled food, snacks, desserts, and side dishes. You can use special Fourth of July recipes, adapt older recipes to include the red, white, and blue theme, or create your own food ideas. To prepare for your 4th of July picnic or barbeque, plan your party menu ahead of time and make sure you have something for everyone – kids, adults, vegetarians, and anyone else.

Consider these 4th of July recipes and food ideas to help you complete the prep work for your Independence Day party.

Easy Enhancements to Favorite 4th of July Recipes
You don’t have to change your normal party routine to enjoy a special new recipe here and there. Sometimes a small change in ingredients can make all the difference. Consider these tips with suggestions for how to spruce up some of your current favorite recipes.

•    Burgers: Use fresh ground beef instead of boxed hamburger patties. There’s nothing like a homemade, handmade burger! For an extra little bit of zing, add a teaspoon of A1 Steak Sauce for each pound of beef. Add a dash of salt and pepper, too.

•    Corn on the Cob: Instead of your standard corn on the cob, try a delectable bacon-wrapped corn on the cob. Simply remove the silk hairs but keep the leaves on the corn cob. Soak them for about 15 minutes to a half hour to prevent burning. Then wrap the bacon around the corn cob, replace the leaves and toss the corn on the grill.

•    Hawaiian Chicken Skewers:
For a tasty snack, Fourth of July appetizer, or main course, cube the chicken and place it on a bamboo skewer. (Soak the skewers for a half hour first.) Place freshly cubed pineapple on the skewer next and continue to alternate between chicken and pineapple. If you or your guests like peppers, they also make a nice addition.

Other Fourth of July Food Ideas
The above Fourth of July recipes are classics and make nice snack options. In addition to those main courses, you can simply modify something on your party menu until it fits your needs. For the Fourth of July Desserts, you can easily dress up the confections with red, white, and blue decorations.

Here are a few food ideas to consider for your Fourth of July party:

•    Brownies
•    Cookies
•    Salad
•    Veggie tray
•    Fruit salad
•    Baked ziti
•    Potato salad
•    Pasta salad
•    Chips and dip

Remember, these are just a few recipes and food ideas for the Fourth of July. Come up with your own accents, main courses, sides, and desserts or ask guests to bring a covered dish or dessert to round out the offerings. Happy 4th!


Memorial Day Cards, Messages, Greetings, and Comments for Loved Ones

Memorial Day messages and greetings for family and loved ones...Memorial Day weekend is a fun time to go away on vacation, throw a party, shop the Memorial Day sales, or just plain relax. If you are getting together with special relatives or friends, a Memorial Day greeting card might be a nice way to show you care. You can also send a Memorial Day e-mail or e-card with photos of your family, write Memorial Day poems for your parents or grandparents, or simply wish all those you know and love a Happy Memorial Day on Facebook, Twitter, or your preferred social network.

Consider these tips to help you share your Memorial Day comments, thoughts, and sentiments with those you love, whether in person, on the phone, through the mail, or via e-mail.

Memorial Day Greeting Cards for Loved Ones and Friends
If you can’t be together with your special family members for Memorial Day, consider sending Memorial Day cards to let them know they’re in your thoughts. A Memorial Day card can lift the spirits of those who are lonely, sick, or hurt. Put your kind thoughts into words and send a special greeting or poem to anyone who could use a smile on this holiday weekend.

Memorial Day picnics are a great time to exchange holiday greetings.If your intended recipients are Web savvy, you might consider sending a Memorial Day e-card to each person instead of sending a greeting through the mail. A Memorial Day e-card is an instant way to brighten someone’s day and best of all many e-cards are free!

You can also offer a Memorial Day greeting to those you get to see on the holiday, even if it is something as simple as “Happy Memorial Day!” You can bring a Memorial Day greeting card with your own message or simply sign your name below the existing message.

Memorial Day Poems from Kids to Parents or Grandparents
Having your children create their own Memorial Day poems can be a great activity for the Memorial Day holiday.  Ask your child or children to create their own poem about Memorial Day for your spouse or their grandparents. This poem may become a special keepsake that you’ll cherish for years to come.

For this activity, have your kids create poems that rhyme and those that don’t rhyme for a variety of results. You can also have the kids draw pictures to go with the poems. This can be a fun activity for your kids to do for every holiday, not just Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Messages for Those Who Have Passed Away
Memorial Day is a good time to remember loved ones we have lost.Losing a loved one is very tough, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you lost a loved one in the armed forces or another close family member or friend, recognizing this person on Memorial Day is a nice way to pay tribute. Create your own Memorial Day greeting for your lost loved one and consider placing a Memorial Day flower or marker on their grave.

Oftentimes Boy Scout troops do special things for Memorial Day to honor the veterans who gave their lives for our country and its people. Recognizing veterans is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day.

No matter what you decide to do for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, be sure to let your loved ones know you care!


Graduation Party Themes and Ideas

Graduation party themes and ideas...Graduation is such an exciting time for the graduate and loved ones alike. Graduating from high school or college opens the door to a wide-open future full of possibilities. Planning a graduation party is one special way to commemorate the occasion and solidify the transition from one phase of life to the next.

Graduation parties can be a big bash with everyone you know or a nice, intimate occasion for only the closest friends and family. Consider these graduation party themes and ideas to help you plan your own graduation party or a party for a son or daughter.

Fun Graduation Party Themes
For the most part, a graduation party typically focuses on fun and being social. For a fun graduation party you won’t soon forget, consider these fun party themes to help you plan your event.

•    Pool party graduation bash (the classic, timeless graduation party!)
•    Travel themed graduation party (neat decorations and possibly a surprise gift?)
•    Tropical or Hawaiian luau graduation party (great colors, music, and fantastic food!)
•    Movie themed graduation party (fun decorations!)
•    Memory Lane graduation party (lots of photos!)

Plan a special graduation party menu for the graduate.Delicious Food for your Graduation Party Menu
With most graduation parties taking place in the late spring and throughout the summer, a barbeque is a common food theme. It’s hard to go wrong with hamburgers and hotdogs—even if you have vegetarian friends or family members, you can still have garden burgers and veggie dogs, salads, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and other veggie friendly snacks.

If manning the grill is too much work for your graduation party style, consider getting your event catered or simply ordering a bunch of pizzas, long hoagies, and other food that is easy to share in large groups. You can get a cake from the local bakery or supermarket and set out a tray of cookies and some snacks like chips, dip, a veggie platter, and so forth.

If you are interested in a more upscale menu than hamburgers, hotdogs, or pizza, consider setting up a buffet style meal so that guests can help themselves as often as they are hungry.

Try these tips for a fun and memorable graduation party.Memorable Details of the Graduation Party
Once you’ve figured out the graduation party’s theme and menu, don’t forget to deal with the details like decorations, guest list, and beverages, to name a few. You should also make a point to ensure lots of photos are captured so you and your family can enjoy them later.

Another nice thing to do for a graduation party is to set out a few photos or photo albums of the graduate for friends and family to enjoy. You might also consider getting a photo frame or signature stuffed animal for all the guests to sign.

No matter how you decide to plan the graduation party, keep the graduate’s personal style in mind. The guest of honor should feel happy and at home in the party atmosphere. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful future!

8 Fun Things to Do after Prom

Prom is one of those special events that girls often anticipate for years before it finally gets here. When prom time finally rolls around, it’s important to have most if not all of the special details in place – the prom gown, shoes, purse, hairstyle, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and more. Another element of prom may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is still important. What are you planning to do after the last dance?

Once you have settled all of your dress and accessory concerns for prom, it’s time to start thinking about what you would like to do when prom is over. How would you like to spend the rest of your prom night? Consider these tips for a few PG-13 things you can do after prom.

1. Go to your school’s post-prom party (if applicable). Many high schools plan a post-prom celebration for students who attended the prom, featuring lots of food and activities to enjoy. It’s often a big party of sorts with a focus on fun without drinking alcohol.

2. Visit a diner for a yummy milkshake, ice cream, or dessert of some kind. Many 24-hour diners and restaurants make great post-prom destinations for a sweet snack.

3. Sleep over at a friend’s house. Play games, watch movies, and enjoy snacks. Cherish these times because graduation often comes too soon!

4. Head down to the beach and stay at a condo, cottage, or hotel. Enjoy the rest of the weekend on the beach, at the boardwalk, and maybe even playing miniature golf.

5. Go to a late-night bowling alley. Imagine the fun of bowling in your prom dress!

6. Catch a late-night movie, complete with candy. Go with friends or just your date.

7. Make your own virgin daquiris, margaritas, and pina coladas with friends. You might also be able to find great virgin frozen drinks at a restaurant that stays open late.

8. Watch the stars with your date and enjoy each other’s company. Prom can be such a special time for existing couples and new romances alike. Enjoy your time together!

These are just a few ideas of fun things you can do after your junior or senior prom is over. Talk to your friends and parents to come up with other fun and exciting things you can do on prom night once the dance portion is done. No matter what you decide, have fun and be careful to avoid any potential drunk drivers on the roads. Take lots of pictures and enjoy your special time with friends and your date.

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Throwing a Memorial Day party can be a great experience for family, friends, and all other guests. Memorial Day parties can be as casual or as elaborate as you like. You can host a Memorial Day barbeque or a potluck party, plan a Memorial Day family reunion, or a huge gathering with friends.

Memorial Day weekend can be anything you want it to be. Your party can be great or small, expensive or budget-friendly. Consider these tips to help you plan your Memorial Day party with much success.

1.    Choose a theme. Plan your party around a theme, whether the theme is barbeque, Hawaiian luau, pool party, patriotic theme, or something else entirely. Coordinate your menu, your music, and your decorations to satisfy the theme.

2.    Invite your guests. Send printed invitations through the mail or send an Evite instead for a more immediate and easily trackable response.

3.    Plan your menu. Memorial Day parties often center on the barbeque theme, but you can take your party in a different direction if you like. Consider choosing a menu different from hotdogs and hamburgers once in a while. You can enjoy other fun grilled foods like bacon-wrapped corn on the cob, barbeque chicken, shish kebobs, and more.

4.    Consider having games or activities. Fun yard games like volleyball, croquet, bocci ball, and others can keep guests occupied and having a great time all day.

5.    Don’t forget the sparklers! Some states don’t allow fireworks, but sparklers are usually an acceptable substitute, especially at parties involving young children.

No matter what theme you choose for your Memorial Day party, be sure you have plenty of cold refreshments to keep your guests cool. Ice cold beer and fruity cocktails make great drink options for your adult guests, but don’t forget about lemonade, iced tea, and punch for the young guests. Be sure to offer sunscreen and areas of shade for your guests if the day is very hot.

These are just a few ideas for a Memorial Day weekend party. Use these tips if you like them or feel free to come up with your own. Enjoy your long weekend!


Mother’s Day Cocktails and Drink Recipes

Try a fun Mother's Day cocktail this year like the Yin & Yang Martini from The Melting Pot!Mother’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy a special cocktail, whether you are enjoying brunch, lunch, or dinner at home or even if you are going out to a restaurant to celebrate the occasion. Mother’s Day cocktails and drinks are a great way to share a special toast to Mom or a nice way for a group of friends to celebrate motherhood with each other.

Consider trying delicious Mother’s Day cocktails and drink recipes to help you celebrate this year.

The Happy Mom, featuring Oval Vodka
This delicious pomegranate and citrus-flavored martini from OVAL vodka is sure to make moms smile. From Vienna, Austria, OVAL vodka is an ultra-premium structured vodka that’s extremely smooth and has the ability to blend seamlessly into well-balanced cocktails.

1.5 oz Oval Vodka
1/2 oz Grand Marnier
1/2 tsp sugar
1.5 oz Pom Wonderful
Fresh cherry for garnish

1.    Shake first four ingredients with ice in a shaker.
2.    Strain into chilled martini glass.
3.    Garnish with cherry.

– Recipe courtesy of Oval Vodka

Fountain of Youth
Inspired by Florida’s hidden fountain and its rejuvenating properties, the exotic libation combines two super-foods, Acai and ZICO pure coconut water.  ZICO contains cytokinins, which expel free radicals from the body and aid in the regeneration of new skin cells, leading to healthier, younger-looking skin.

2 oz VeeV Acai spirit
3 oz ZICO Natural Coconut Water
3/4 oz Passion Fruit puree
Pinch of Fresh Grated Orange Zest

1.    Combine all ingredients to a mixing glass.
2.    Shake and strain over fresh ice.
3.    Grate fresh Orange Zest on top.

– Recipe courtesy of the Gansevoort Hotel in South Beach, where this drink is exclusively served

Korbel Royale
Let Korbel help you raise a sparkling toast in honor of Mother’s Day with the Korbel Royale. Refreshing Korbel from California’s Russian River Valley infused with Chambord’s raspberry flavor is sure to make mom’s special day sparkle.

Korbel® California Champagne, chilled
1/2 oz Chambord® Black Raspberry Liqueur

1.    Pour Chambord to cover the bottom of flute.
2.    Fill glass with Korbel.

– Recipe courtesy of Korbel

Mother’s Love
A refreshing drink with an irresistible berry flavor, Mother’s Love is a wonderful alcoholic beverage to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

1.5 oz. 10 Cane Rum
1/2 oz. Chambord
1/2 oz Chandon Brut Classic
Garnish: Cherry or Blackberry

1.    Combine 10 Cane and Chambord in a mixing glass.
2.    Add ice and shake vigorously.
3.    Strain into in a chilled martini glass.
4.    Top off with Chandon Brut Classic.
5.    Garnish with one cherry or blackberry

– Recipe courtesy of 10 Cane Rum

Mom’s Sweet and Spicy Bloody Mary
For a sweet and spicy Mother’s Day drink, consider this Bloody Mary, which is perfect for brunch or lunch with Mom!

2 oz. 10 Cane Rum
4 oz. Bloody Mary mix (Zing Zang recommended)
Dash of Angostura Bitters
Garnish: Celery Stalk/Olives/Lime
The Bigger the Better!

1.    Combine 10 Cane and Bloody Mary mix in a mixing glass.
2.    Add ice and shake vigorously.
3.    Pour all contents into a highball glass.
4.    Add dash of bitters.
5.    Garnish with celery stalk.

– Recipe courtesy of 10 Cane Rum

Sanderson’s Divinitini
This amazing, and very popular, cocktail was created by the barman of the ultra-chic Sanderson Hotel, in the west-end of London. It’s normally only available in the Purple Bar to residents, where it’s served in chilled martini glasses garnished with a purple pansy!

(For each cocktail)
4 squares of Divine milk chocolate, melted
1 oz orange vodka
1 oz vodka
A dash of Grand Marnier
A dash of Crème de Cocoa
1 slice orange
To garnish – a purple pansy, if desired!

1.    Put the melted chocolate, orange vodka, pure vodka, Grand Marnier, Crème de Cocoa into a cocktail shaker.
2.    Crush the orange slice and add.
3.    Shake well and then pour into a chilled glass, decorated with a pansy on the side, and sip.

– Recipe courtesy of Divine Chocolate Heavenly Recipes Book

Yin & Yang Martini
The Melting Pot fondue restaurant’s signature cocktail, the Yin & Yang martini, was awarded the “2008 best signature drink of a national chain restaurant” by Cheers Magazine.  This very popular and beautiful cocktail is a great choice for Mother’s Day. The taste is simply delicious – much like a milkshake with chocolate crunchies similar to ice cream cake!

1 oz Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka
1/2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1/2 oz White Crème de Cacao
3 oz Island Oasis Ice Cream base

1.    Blend all ingredients for 15-30 seconds.
2.    Pour into chilled martini glass almost to the rim.
3.    Garnish with dark chocolate shavings in the shape of a Yin Yang.
4.    Place one white chocolate disc on the dark chocolate shavings and one dark chocolate disc on the white side.
5.    Serve immediately.

– Recipe courtesy of The Melting Pot

Pink Torpedoes
This Rachael Ray classic drink is perfect for Mom on Mother’s Day. This alcoholic beverage recipe makes enough for six drinks.

2 cups vodka, chilled
1.5 pints strawberries, hulled and sliced
2 tsp granulated sugar
One 750-ml bottle sparkling wine, chilled
6 sugar cubes

1.    In a large bowl, stir together the vodka, two-thirds of the sliced strawberries and the granulated sugar.
2.    Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature until the vodka turns pink, about six hours.
3.    Refrigerate overnight or up to three days.
4.    Strain the vodka and divide among six tall glasses.
5.    Add a splash of limoncello to each glass and top off with the sparkling wine.
6.    Drop in a sugar cube and garnish with the remaining strawberry slices.

– Recipe courtesy of Every Day with Rachael Ray, May 2009 issue

Strawberry Cheese Cake Mar-tiki
How can you go wrong with strawberry cheesecake for Mother’s Day? Consider this delightful cocktail for mom.

1 oz Voodoo Tiki Anejo Tequila
1 oz Strawberry Schnapps
1/2 oz Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Cranberry Juice
2 oz Half and Half Cream

1.    Rim the glass with graham crackers or sugar.
2.    Combine all ingredients.
3.    Serve the drink up.
4.    Garnish with a cherry and whipped cream.

– Recipe courtesy of Voodoo Tiki Tequila

Apple Pie A La Mode Mar-Tiki
If strawberry cheesecake isn’t Mom’s thing, consider a tasty Mother’s Day drink featuring the flavors of fresh apple pie.

1 oz Voodoo Tiki Platinum Silver Tequila
1 oz DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps
3 oz apple juice
1 Heaping Bar Spoon Vanilla Ice Cream

1.    Rim the glass with cinnamon or crushed graham crackers.
2.    Combine all ingredients.
3.    Serve the drink up on the rocks.
4.    Garnish with cinnamon coated apple slice and whipped cream.

– Re
cipe courtesy of Voodoo Tiki Tequila

For a peachy drink that Mom is sure to love, try the Bellini from BRIO Tuscan Grille on Mother’s Day.

4 oz Peach Daiquiri Mix
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
1.5 oz Prosecco
1 scoop crushed ice

1.    Mix in blender until smooth.
2.    Pour into wine glasses and garnish with strawberry.
3.    For Raspberry or Mellon Bellini: Add 3/4 oz of Chambord or Midori to Bellini Mix

– Recipe courtesy of BRIO Tuscan Grille


Try this delightful and fruity Mother’s Day cocktail featuring a lovely palette of flavors for Mom.

2 oz. Absolut vanilla cherry
2 oz. Absolut rasberry
3/4 oz. Godiva
1/2 oz. Cointreau
3/4 oz. Baileys
1/2 oz. Pineapple
Paint martini glass with 1/2 oz. Cranberry
Chocolate sauce
1/4 oz. Prosecco

1.    Combine all ingredients.
2.    Paint martini glass with 1/2 oz. cranberry.
3.    Serve and enjoy!

– Recipe courtesy of BRIO Tuscan Grille

Wine Cocktails for Mother’s Day…


101 Party Ideas for Adults

Planning parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a cool party theme in mind. When planning parties, your only limitations are really your budget for the party and your imagination. If you are interested in throwing a party for adults and you want a cool party theme, consider these 101 party ideas for adults.

From sports themes and game themes to parties centralized on food or beverage, costumes, and so much more, you can plan the perfect party with a little creativity and a bit of planning. Check out these 101 party themes for adults and choose the best one for your needs or use these to come up with your own ideas.

Sports and Game Themed Parties
Sports and game themed parties can be a lot of fun. From a competitive nature or simply to cheer on your favorite team, these kinds of parties can be a great time for everyone involved. Consider these sports and game party themes.

1.    Super Bowl Party
2.    Beer Olympics  / Beer Fest
3.    Football Party
4.    Baseball Party
5.    Hockey Party
6.    Basketball Party
7.    World Cup Party (Soccer)
8.    World Cup Party (Rugby)
9.    Fight Night
10.    Poker Party
11.    Casino Party
12.    Video Game Night
13.    Old School Board Game Party
14.    Kentucky Derby Party
15.    Daytona 500 Party
16.    Tailgate
17.    Golf Outing

Themed Beverage Parties
From wine to beer to cocktails, you can plan a party based on a signature drink or a main beverage you plan to serve to your guests. Think about your desired beverage to help you come up with different party themes.

18.    Wine Tasting Party
19.    Wine Tour Party
20.    Brewery Tour Party
21.    Cocktail Party
22.    Keg Party
23.    Happy Hour
24.    Kamikaze Party
25.    Pub Crawl

Holiday Parties
Holiday parties are an easy place for you to get started with a party theme since they are already scheduled throughout the year. Consider these holiday party ideas to help you choose your next special event to host.

26.    Mardi Gras Party
27.    Cinco de Mayo Party
28.    Holiday Party (Christmas, Etc.)
29.    Secret Santa Party
30.    April Fool’s Day Party
31.    Halloween Party
32.    Fourth of July Party
33.    New Year’s Eve Party
34.    Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Sorority / Frat Parties, Dress-up Parties, Food Themed Parties

Tips for Planning a Fantastic Hockey Party

If you love the game of hockey, then you will love the idea of hosting a hockey party for your friends and/or family. Even if you aren’t a fan of the game yourself, you can still have a lot of fun planning a hockey party for your better half who might just be an avid hockey fan.

Depending on your preference, you can center the entire party on a hockey theme or you can tone it down a bit and focus just the decorations on this theme. You should be able to find hockey-themed party goods including plates, cups, napkins, banners, etc at most brick-and-mortar or online party stores. Buy plastic silverware in the team’s colors. Make a list so that you can stick to your budget. This is important if you don’t want to have an overly large credit card bill next month.

All Out Hockey Play for Your Party

Okay, while you might find some of the following suggestions to be a bit over-the-top, die-hard hockey fans are sure to appreciate them. Use a white tablecloth and colored markers to create your own hockey floor, but be sure you leave some space for the fans. If you want to go all crazy, use colored candies instead of markers to create the blue lines, etc.

Since you can’t exactly serve pucks for food, serve biscuits in a basket otherwise known as scoring a goal. Place these down at one end of the table in the goal section. Down at the end of the table where the net would be located, set up the cookies in place of the “cookie jar” or top section of the net.

Put the chicken wings out where the left and right wings would be in play. Set up the “hot dogs” in the center of play somewhere on the hockey rink that you have created.

Put some boobirds (blue marshmallow peeps) up in the nosebleed section. While you are at it, place a few puck bunnies (pink marshmallow bunnies) near the hockey floor so they can cheer the players on.

Draw up a penalty box area on the tablecloth and sit your burgers in there. Use some red hot dollar candies out on the ice for pucks. Turn some lollipops upside down along the penalty box for hockey sticks. For some true hockey fun, place a couple of toy zebras out in your homemade rink as well. With a little bit of imagination, you are sure to come up with a few good ideas of your own to add a personal touch to your display.

Whichever way you decide to set things up for your hockey party, make sure that you put some effort and time into your menu planning. A full tummy is a happy tummy and a happy tummy makes a happy guest. So, if you provide plenty of yummy treats everyone will go home happy whether or not the guest’s favorite hockey team won the game.

Planning the Hockey Party Menu…