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From interesting day trips to exotic, faraway lands, travel keeps life exciting and interesting. Sail away yourself, or read about travel destinations and cool travel tips here. You can get helpful advice on planning your perfect honeymoon, a romantic getaway for two, or an exciting (or relaxing) family vacation. Booking hotel reservations online is easier if you know where you plan to visit. We’ll also try to make traveling easier for you with various tips and packing advice, too.Life Love Beauty helps with your travel needs by suggesting travel ideas that are great for anyone, from spring breakers to young adults, families with children, and even grandparents or seniors. In this section you can discover interesting things about places you may not have visited, or you can take a break and daydream about some much-needed vacation plans.

Top Travel Destinations and Honeymoon Locations for the Month of December

If you are planning a vacation or a honeymoon during the month of December, you may be wondering what some popular travel destinations would be for this time of year. In a number of places, December tends to be on … Keep Reading

Top 10 Seniors Travel Getaways for Older Singles and Mature Couples

No matter what your age or what activities you enjoy, you should be able to find the perfect seniors travel getaway to suit you and your friends or your sweetheart without stressing over it. From cruises to secluded retreats, you … Keep Reading

Healthy Holiday Travel

The holiday season is upon us, which means lots travel, unhealthy food, memorable moments, and our famous excuses such as, ”I’m traveling, there are no healthy options!” and “I’ll work it all off when I get home.” A typical American … Keep Reading

Honeymoon Destinations by Month – Where and When to Travel

With so many honeymoon destinations out there, how will you ever pick where to travel after your wedding day? You can consider honeymoon destinations as a couple or work with a travel agent for some honeymoon advice. One important thing … Keep Reading

Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Carryon Luggage for a Comfortable and Enjoyable Flight

Packing for a flight can be an easy task or quite a difficult one, depending on the kind of packer you are. If you tend to be especially efficient at packing, you may already know what to throw in your … Keep Reading

Restaurant Review: Mardi Gras Fun at Ralph Brennan’s Red Fish Grill, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tantalizing seafood and a fun, festive atmosphere are just the beginning at Ralph Brennan’s Red Fish Grill in New Orleans, LA. Whether you find yourself in the French Quarter of the Big Easy during the Mardi Gras festivities or any … Keep Reading

Tips for Taking Your Dog or Puppy with You in the Car on a Road Trip or a Long Drive

Some dogs love being in the car, others hate it. Getting your dog used to the car when he or she is a puppy can make going on long drives or road trips infinitely easier than if you only take … Keep Reading

Travel on the Cheap – 10 Ways to Save on Vacation Costs

In a tough economy, people’s travel plans often suffer. Luckily, despite the waddling economy, folks can still take advantage of travel deals to enjoy fabulous vacations at a fraction of the cost. If you want to travel on the cheap … Keep Reading

Financing Your Summer Vacation in Style

Summer vacations often become the coveted gem glistening ahead after a year’s worth of grueling workweeks. Everything about a summer getaway gives us a happy-go-lucky feeling inside…except maybe the funding necessary to make it fly. Cost effectively getting the most … Keep Reading

Steps for a Carefree Vacation: Escaping Your Bills the Right Way

Far away, carefree and relaxed at a stress-free vacation destination – when you finally manage to escape the everyday grind, paying off bills and credit card debt is perhaps one of the last things on your mind. Consider the following … Keep Reading

Swine Flu Travel Safety – Honeymoon and Vacation Tips to Prevent and Avoid Catching Swine Flu

When it comes to travel safety, a number of factors come into play, from transportation to street smarts and everything in between. But, up until recently, Montezuma’s Revenge held the top spot for travel health concerns when visiting Mexico or … Keep Reading

Top 10 2009 Honeymoon Destinations

Brides and grooms seem to be a little more daring with their honeymoon destination choices for 2009. Some of the tried-and-true honeymoon locations still find favor in the eyes of today’s brides and grooms, and many are taking the more … Keep Reading

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