Flirty Things to Say to Your Lover or Crush via Text Message… AKA: Flirtexting

Thanks to technology, girls and guys now get to interpret text messages as a means of communication, flirting, and joking around. Texting back and forth with friends and significant others becomes a habit as much as a convenience. There’s something to be said for being able to instantly and silently communicate with your sweetheart anytime, anywhere (just about).

Flirting via text message can be a lot of fun in an established relationship or a new relationship, but while fun and exciting, it can also be partially confusing in a new relationship. I recently had a male friend of mine ask me what he should respond to his new love interest’s text message, “Just bought a cute sundress for the weekend!”

Flirtexting: How To Text Your Way To His HeartAt the time, I wasn’t sure how serious the two of them were, so I asked my friend if they usually joke around or if they tend to be pretty straightforward. I could think of half a dozen flirty text messages for him to text back, but I didn’t want to give him the wrong advice or even the right advice at the wrong time. He took my advice to simply gauge his response based on the dynamics of their relationship – joking around.

Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz recognized the rising trend of flirting through text messages and thus came up with their book, Flirtexting: How To Text Your Way To His Heart. Together, Goldstein and Baniuszewicz share the following fun flirtexts, or flirty text messages, that guys could send to girls as well as a few somewhat racy flirtexts that girls could send to their steady boyfriends.

Here is a list of some fun flirtexts guys could send girls – mostly to ask them out – from Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz:

Flirty Texts for Guys to Send to Girls They Like:
•    What’s a guy gotta do to get a 5’8 (pretty attractive) brunette to go to dinner with him? (*Girls like it when you don’t gush and awe over them right off the bat. Small subtleties or hints of her attractiveness will make her blush and speak volumes without outright saying it.)

•    Drinks with a handsome funny guy named Phil. Who’s in? OR Drinks with a handsome funny guy named Phil? If you’re in raise your hand.

•    Dinner and a movie? Please inquire within.

•    I was just talking with X (your best friend), she/he thinks we should get married. Spring wedding sound good? (Expect an LOL response.)

•    Your company, my American Express. You name the spot.

•    Cancel all your plans. You’re mine tonight.

•    Word on the streets is Resto has the best hamburgers in town. I don’t believe it. Taste test this weekend?

•    Be ready at 8. I’m taking you out.

– Suggestions courtesy of Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz

Here are some great flirtexts for girls to send their boyfriends to keep relationships exciting! Please note, Goldstein and Baniuszewicz only recommend these flirty text messages to girls in serious relationships.

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Top 10 Fun Spring Date Ideas for Couples

Springtime is a wonderful time to explore a new love or reignite the spark of your established relationship. Whether you are looking for a first date idea in the spring, a springtime double date idea, or a romantic date for your steady relationship, spring is the season of love and new beginnings in nature. Consider these top 10 fun spring date ideas for couples to help you easily plan your romantic date or double date.

1.    Pick wildflowers together. Visit a meadow, park, or other nature-filled location and pick a few wildflowers together. See who can find the most beautiful flower during your date, and then place a blanket on the ground and lay back to find shapes in the clouds together.

2.    Go fishing together and see who can catch the biggest fish or the most fish. What fun a spring date becomes when you add in the element of competition. Challenge your date to a fishing contest and see who wins. Just be sure you have a fishing license if your state requires it.

3.    Go for a walk in the park or other nature habitat and try to identify different bird calls.
You can have a lot of fun learning new things about nature together. Before your bird-watching trip, check out the birds that are native to your area and try to identify at least a few that you can keep an eye and an ear out for. You may be able to find recordings of their specific bird calls online to help acquaint you with each different species. You could also go for a hike along a scenic canal, river, or up a beautiful mountain.

4.    Visit a park with an onsite lake and spend some time skipping stones. Your spring date idea doesn’t have to cost money and it surely doesn’t have to be elaborate. Relax, enjoy the beautiful, natural scenery, and skip stones, casting your cares away.

5.    Rent a boat on a nice sunny day and cruise around the lake. Consider a canoe or a rowboat for the two of you or a larger boat like a pontoon boat for a group date. Boating can be lots of fun for a spring or summer date.

6.    Plan a picnic lunch. One of the most romantic warm weather date ideas is going on a picnic with the one you love or like. Make up some sandwiches or kick things up a notch and pick up a bottle of wine and a ring of shrimp cocktail for an especially romantic picnic lunch. Find a beautiful spot to set your blanket and indulge in each other’s company.

7.    Take an early trip to the seashore, even though the ocean may not be warm enough for swimming. As long as you have some sunshine and a decent temperature, you can comb the shoreline for seashells, beach glass, driftwood, and pretty stones. You can also take a walk along the boardwalk to enjoy the sights and discover if any of the attractions are open to the public yet. This makes a special and memorable spring date idea.

8.    Attend a major league or minor league baseball game, or playoff hockey game if that is more your speed. A baseball game can be great fun for sports fans, and springtime makes for nice weather to plan a date to the ballpark. Buy a couple of beers, hotdogs, and soft pretzels and you should be all set for a delightful and fun spring date.

9.    Challenge your sweetheart to a round of miniature golf or chip-n-putt. After you putt up or shut up, the loser buys ice cream or Italian water ice for both of you to enjoy.

10.    Take a workshop or art class and learn to do a new craft or skill together. You can do something creative like pottery or ceramics or something a bit more outrageous for your spring date idea – like glassblowing! Look for venues offering classes near you as you plan your fun and exciting spring date.

Perfume: Your Handy Little Seduction Sidekick

It happens to all of us. You’re standing in a room or passing by a crowded street or sidewalk and all of the sudden, a truly tantalizing scent catches you completely by surprise. Almost unconsciously, your head swivels as you crane your neck to catch a glimpse of the one who nearly lifted you off your feet with such an arousing fragrance. You, too, can seduce men with your favorite perfume fragrance, simply by following these easy tips and getting a little creative on your own.

The general consensus seems to point out that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Selecting the right fragrance to suit you becomes a sort of art as you attempt to find the perfect blend between flirty flowers, juicy fruits, musk and more. Once you find the ideal scent to match your personality – sexy, playful, subtle and so forth – you can begin to take advantage of the powerful impact fragrance has on members of the opposite sex. Consider investing in a travel-sized vial of your preferred perfume as well, so you can easily transport it and always have it with you for a quick freshening up.

As you become comfortable with your new fragrance, take things to the next level by introducing it into your love life. If you won’t see your sweetheart for a number of days or weeks, be sure to pen a passionate love letter, and don’t forget to spritz a little of your perfume on the stationery before you pour your heart onto it. If you’re feeling especially daring (or sappy) you can complete the romantic effect by sealing the envelope with a lipstick smooch.

Another great tactic is to spray a bit of perfume on yourself just before you borrow an article of his clothing. If you’ll be wearing his jacket for a while in the colder weather, spray a little perfume on the back of your neck without getting any directly on his coat. This way it will subtly adhere to the coat’s collar so he notices your fragrance and thinks of you immediately the next time he wears it.

If you forget to bring your pajamas and have to borrow a t-shirt one night, just spray a tiny bit of your fragrance on your body to gently introduce it onto his clothing. Whether he wears the shirt again or washes it when he gets it back, he’s sure to recognize your fragrance.

For the grand finale, linger in bed just a little while longer than your honey does. When he leaves the room to brush his teeth or shower, spritz some perfume on his pillow, either on top or bottom, or a little bit on both sides.

This tactic is especially effective if you won’t see each other for a little while, because you know you will be the last thing he thinks about before he falls to sleep, and also the first thing he imagines when he wakes up. As soon as his head hits the pillow you will be on his mind, and if not in his arms, what better place to be?

Seductive Places to Target with Your Perfume:
–    Spray a little perfume on letters and birthday or holiday cards.

–    Let a little of your fragrance remain on his clothing that he lets you borrow.

–    Apply a little perfume to your pulse points while you are in his car so the fragrance lingers just a bit.

–    Leave him a gentle, sexy reminder by spraying a little bit of perfume on his pillow, especially when you won’t be around.

–    If he keeps a blanket in his car or draped across his couch, be sure to introduce just a touch of your favorite fragrance so he thinks of you right away when he uses it.

Perfume is a wonderful invention, allowing you to make your presence known, even in your absence! Get creative and realize that this aromatic accessory can enhance your romantic side, intrigue your partner, and bring your face to mind even when you aren’t physically present. With perfume, you can seduce your man in a number of ways, but you’ve just got to be creative. Instigate more intimate moments with a spritz here and there of a sexy, flirty fragrance. You won’t regret it!

Great Gifts for Groomsmen

Tired of tie tacks and wallets? Here’s an array of unique gift ideas for the groomsmen in your wedding!

When it comes down to it, guys are the best kind of friends to have. Whether you are a guy or a girl, the males stick with you through it all. They are more of a brother to you than a friend. They never talk trash about you behind your back. They usually don’t go after your significant other. If they have a problem with you – they usually tell you, you both throw a few punches, and you’re friends again.

These reasons and many more make it easy to see how much a guy appreciates his compadres. When it all comes down to it, he knows they are there for him. As a man prepares to give up his freedom, so to speak, or to shackle on the ball and chain, as some might say, it is only appropriate that his brothers and best friends see him off.

To convey to his groomsmen just how much their loyalty and support means, the groom typically chooses a special gift to give his attendants on the big day. Below are a number of options to fit just about any personality type, and just about any budget.

Traditional Groomsmen Gifts



Keepsake box

Key chain (engraved)

Money clips


Groomsmen Gifts for Business

Business card case or holder

Checkbook cover

Desk clock

Leather travel sets

Luggage tag

Passport case

Personalized pen set

Groomsmen Gifts for Pleasure

Beer mugs (filled with goodies, and/or engraved)


Fancy lighter

Flask (engraved)

Gift cards

Golf accessory caddy

Monogrammed professional baseball bats

Personalized glassware

Personalized golf putter

Pocket watches

Poker set

Something Useful as a Groomsman Gift

If the groomsmen are fishermen, how about a new fishing pole or a tackle box? For hunters, consider a filet knife… for outdoorsmen, a compass, etc.

Stainless bar set

Swiss Army knife / pen knife


No matter what you select for your groomsmen gifts, remember that your heartfelt sentiments are also especially important. Be sure to thank each groomsman with a personal thank you, a handwritten thank-you note, or even a special toast to all of the groomsmen.

Selecting Tropical Wedding Invitations and Beach Theme Stationery

As you plan a beach wedding or tropical wedding, or even a destination wedding, chances are you’d like to keep your theme consistent throughout all phases of your planning and interactions with your guest. Cross - my - heart seashells Save the Date by (photo courtesy of you want to give your guests their first taste of the wedding’s beach or tropical theme, customized or themed wedding stationery is a great way to set the stage for your upcoming nuptials.

As you prepare to pick out your wedding stationery and invitations, give some thought to the number of correspondences you plan to send to your guests. You can often find a coordinated set of wedding stationery that keeps your tropical or beach theme consistent throughout the planning process. A few typical wedding stationery items include announcements, Save-the-Date cards, wedding invitations, wedding programs, and Thank You notes. Many times you can purchase a set of wedding stationery that coordinates and carries the theme throughout all of these items.

Brown Palm Tree Wedding Invitations by (Photo courtesy of Invitations for Destination Weddings
If you are planning a destination wedding, you may find some perfect tropical or beach themed wedding invitations that are a great fit for your upcoming wedding day. Depending on the level of formality you want for your destination wedding, you might consider an array of tropical and beach themed symbols, such as a flip-flop theme, a palm tree theme, hibiscus theme, nautical theme, and more.

Planning the theme for your tropical destination wedding can be lots of fun, but it can also be a challenging task. You’ll most likely want to keep your destination wedding theme consistent throughout your planning, and especially in your wedding stationery and destination wedding invitations.

Where to Find Themed Wedding Invitations for Tropical and Beach Weddings
Brides can turn down a number of different paths when it comes to picking out the perfect wedding invitations to match their wedding theme. Crafty and creative brides may wish to make their own tropical or beach themed wedding invitations, or lean on a friend or bridesmaid to assist. Busy brides may opt for a full-service, one-stop-shop that handles all the details of the wedding invitations.

Party planning stores, office supply stores, craft stores, and wedding shops typically carry anywhere from a limited selection of wedding invitations to an extensive collection of styles and colors to consider. Some stores carry the wedding invitations in stock while others have catalogs on display, featuring volumes of different wedding invitations.

Shopping for tropical or beach theme wedding invitations online can be a breeze as well, with a wide selection of pretty wedding invitations available.

Offering a wide array of wedding invitation themes, reaches out to brides who want the traditional wedding near where they grew up as well as more daring brides who wish to say their vows in a remote, tropical location. The wedding invitations and wedding stationery items at are available in a variety of colors and styles, not to mention themes and levels of formality.

The following beach and tropical wedding invitations are’s suggestions for a destination wedding or beach wedding: Beach Wedding, Tropical Wedding, and Destination Wedding Invitations

• Nautilus Wedding Invitation Set - Reply Card (Photo courtesy of FlipFlop
•  Brown Palm Tree
•  Hibiscus
•  Nautilus
•  Sylvan Green

Another online invitation company, offers a tremendous assortment of wedding invitations and stationery. As far as beach and tropical themed invitations or wedding stationery that would be a perfect match for a destination wedding, shows off lovely designs with seashells, starfish, flip-flops, palm trees, and more. The variety of colors available in the company’s 19,000-some product line is sure to please. offers the following suggestions for destination wedding, tropical wedding, and beach wedding stationery for brides:

Cross - my - heart seashells Save the Date by (photo courtesy of Save the Dates for Beach Weddings
•    Crane & Co. Golden Ecru Announcement
•    Starfish & Dreams Tropical Save the Date
•    Sarah Clere Palm Tree
•    Stevie Streck Designs’ Palm Tree & Vellum Overlay
•    Itty Bitty Blanco Flip Flop
•   Cross My Heart Seashells

Chloe B’s Palm Tree Invitation, by (Photo courtesy of Tropical Wedding or Destination Wedding Invitations
•    Inviting Company’s Palm Shores Wedding Invitation
•    Inviting Company’s beach Wedding Feet
•    Chloe B’s Palm Tree Invitation
•    Chloe B’s Aqua Invitation

Whether you are planning a casual beach wedding or a more formal tropical wedding, you can consider a nice selection of customized paper products to make your wedding day even more special.

Fun, Flirty and Frisky – What Does the Color of Your Lingerie Say About You?

So ladies, what thoughts swirl through your mind as you choose your undergarments for a day at work, a lazy afternoon at home, a night that you’ll be spending with your lover? And guys, do you even notice the color of your sweetheart’s panties? Is the color or style of her panties more important?

Of course we all know that most guys totally dig thongs. Plain as can be or boasting all the bells and whistles of buttons, buckles, and beads – it really matters not. As long as they’re sexy, skintight, and barely there, you’re a shoe-in with your mate. Even though they aren’t always the most comfortable skivvies in the world, thongs save our tails when it comes to erasing panty lines.

“Granny panties,” a term popularized by some teen movie, sure seem to take a lot of heat from males who get too spoiled by their girlfriends’ selection of sexy unmentionables. If women are not feeling well, if just bumming around the house, or even if they are just too lazy to do wash, “normal” panties often come in handy. Some women refuse to call these panties grannies. Others tend to like these styles of underwear best. It really all comes down to individual, personal preference.

So we’ve been through the style sequence… But what does your choice of color say about you?

Black: Sexiness, Seduction, Secretive or just plain “I want to get some tonight, baby!”

Red: Passionate, Romantic, Erotic… “I want to be romanced tonight…take my breath away, lover…”

Pink: Delicate, Flirty, Youthful… “You might get lucky, you might not… but I am yours tonight!”

White: Innocent, Virginal, Pure… “Be gentle with me, and I may have some fun with you!”

Blue: Bold, Strong, Mischievous… “I’m in control tonight, sexy” *wink*

Purple: Mysterious… “I like to keep you guessing…I’ll spring you when you least expect it!”

Orange: Playful… “Let’s have some fun tonight!”

Green: Anything Goes… “No location is too risky for me!”

Leopard Print: “Rwar, I’m an animal, baby. Let’s get wild!”


DISCLAIMER: These descriptions were created on a passing whim – they are meant to make you chuckle or dispute their meanings, nothing further… just food for thought, for pure enjoyment purposes! Please consult your Victoria’s Secret Specialist or other lingerie shop attendant if you are seeking true advice!

Irish and Celtic Inspired Wedding Dresses and Bridal Attire

For anyone planning an Irish wedding or a Celtic wedding, the wedding gown is surely one of the key elements helping the bride to carry on the wedding’s theme.

Irish inspired bridal gown by Alfred Angelo.

Irish and Celtic wedding dresses and bridal attire truly lend themselves to the overall theme and ambiance of the special day, while also creating a lovely silhouette for each girl in a gown.

If you are planning a Celtic or Irish wedding, perhaps you will want to consider an Irish themed or Celtic themed wedding gown for your nuptials. Consider these pictures and styles of Irish and Celtic themed wedding dresses.

Celtic theme and Irish style wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo...Irish and Celtic Inspired Bridal Attire
“Celtic bridal wear has been modified to fit modern flavor since the medieval times,” says Gretchen Viles managing editor. “However, if you are a traditionalist and want to embrace the renaissance, then go for it. Common elements carried throughout old and new styles include a fitted bodice with plenty of floral embroidery. Head jewelry beneath a veil is also a common element in the bridal wear.”

As you prepare for your Irish wedding or Celtic wedding, remember to consider your heritage and your family. Perhaps your sister, cousin, and mom would like to accompany you on your shopping trips as you search for the perfect Irish wedding gown or Celtic wedding dress. Either way, enjoy your hunt for the perfect wedding gown!

Trends in Irish and Celtic Wedding Gowns and Bridal Attire
“Adding color to your wedding is one of the hottest trends in bridal,” says Amanda Sheronas, director of public relations and special events for bridal attire design company Alfred Angelo. “For brides wanting to celebrate their heritage through Celtic or Irish theme weddings, Alfred Angelo offers many beautiful options in its Alfred Angelo, Alfred Angelo Sapphire, and Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids and Flower Girl collections.

Celtic theme and Irish style wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo...“In the Dream In Color collection, brides have several silhouettes to choose from, where they can select one of eight different shades of green or ten shades of blue (the Irish believe blue is a lucky color) for the trim and/or back panel of the Dream In Color dress. This allows them to personalize their gown to their own taste or with the family’s colors, as well as coordinate the wedding party.

“The Alfred Angelo collections additionally offer beautiful gowns, with intricate lace and beading, similar to Celtic patterns, if they choose an all white or all ivory gown. These gowns’ subtle details are in keeping with the craftsmanship of the Irish lace workers, and create drama through the beautiful hand-workmanship on each dress.”

Now that you know what you’re looking for in regards to style and intricacies of the Irish or Celtic wedding gown, enjoy exploring the photos in this article and elsewhere on the Web. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect Irish or Celtic style wedding dress!

Irish inspired bridal gown by Alfred Angelo.Irish and Celtic style wedding gowns by Alfred Angelo...
Celtic theme and Irish style wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo...Celtic theme and Irish style wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo...

About the Experts: Gretchen Viles is Managing Editor of, an online wedding planning company that offers assistance for brides in many different regions. Visit online at

Alfred Angelo: Amanda Sheronas is director of public relations and special events for bridal attire design company Alfred Angelo, which designs countless wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and other bridal attire for all kinds of weddings. Alfred Angelo online at

Five things they never tell you about dating: What you need to know about dating before “The One” gets away…

Been dreaming about your wedding or your soul mate ever since you were old enough to spell “romance”? Admit it, we’ve all scrawled our desired future married names across our notebook covers at some time or another. Everyone yearns for that one special person to make our corner of the world that much warmer and more wonderful.

Life teaches lessons in funny ways, and we don’t always get a map and guidebook to lead us in the right direction. Often, the best teacher is experience after experience after experience, or, if we are lucky, the experiences of others shared before we cash in on the same heartbreak. So here, to help prevent unnecessary heartbreak, I have compiled some well-known and some little known hints about finding—and keeping—a dream relationship.
1. Make allowances for minor faults.  
As much as we would like to believe the perfect partner exists, no one is literally flawless in every respect. The key is to find someone whose faults are few and something you can tolerate in the long run.
Going along with that notion…

2.  Do not expect or convince yourself you can make a person change. People behave in certain ways for a reason. Sometimes it is to attract attention or to make a statement, but most times it is because it is their simple human nature.

One thing a lot of people do not realize is that for such a change to take place, the person must truly want to change. Smokers often do not just wake up one day and decide to quit cold turkey. At least not most times, because change is a process that takes time, commitment and adjustment. In most cases, it can be done, but generally not without great care and determination.

3. Do not plan your dream house location and children’s names on your first date… or until you have some form of security, for that matter. Too often we think we have found “the one” – our “perfect match”, before we really even get to know the person. Relax, be yourself, let your new love interest get to know your personality and its quirks before you delve into planning your future life together. It is perfectly fine and healthy to daydream and imagine these things, but do not obsess about them – and if you are unsure about whether or not that person reciprocates those feelings, perhaps it would be best to wait until you know before sharing the intense ones.

Sometimes one of the hardest things is realizing that someone is not the person you built them up to be, and with this revelation comes the smack in the face that you are back at square one once again. In time, though, reality sets in to remind you that this person was not right for you, and that so many other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are waiting for their perfect match as well.

4. Don’t lose sight of your friends and family members.    
Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the novelty and flirtation of a budding relationship that we forget – or disregard – times we would normally spend with friends and family members or the plans we made with them.

Many people are understanding and accept the sudden lapse in time spent together, but every so often there may be a friend or loved one who takes your absence as a personal foul. It is very important to mend hard feelings if this should happen to one of your friendships at the risk of losing a friend if you wait too long.

I advise from personal experience in this case—my best friend at college changed her attitude and behavior toward me a great deal for the worse when I consistently spent more time with my boyfriend than I did with her. She felt as though I was avoiding her on purpose, ignoring her and our plans and generally letting the friendship slip. Well, the friendship slipped so far into the danger zone that it took months to retrieved it, and four years of a best friendship nearly went right down the tubes.

Because I have been there, it is very easy for me to warn you – it is much wiser to make time for your loved ones before things get out of hand and still find time to spend with your new flame.

5. If the glass slipper doesn’t fit, hold out for another prince or princess.
If you begin to get the feeling that things just are not “meant to be”, there is nothing wrong with giving the relationship a shot and seeing how things go. When you are certain that you cannot picture yourself with this person beyond a few dates to the movies or a night out to dinner – if you stopped getting butterflies or if you simply do not get excited when you hear their voice on the phone or see them throughout the week, chances are you may need to reconsider your relationship status.

Due to personality traits, likes and interests and general compatibility, reasons exist why everybody does not just wind up with anybody. Dating is a game of trial and error, but once a suitable match is made, everything seems to fall into place. If your dream relationship crumbles at your feet or if you simply cannot find your match-made-in-heaven, fret not, for love often lurks when and where it is least expected.

Brief Calls May Be Best at First in a New Relationship or Friendship, Long Calls for Established Relationships or Long Distance Relationships – Test the Waters

When beginning new relationships, many people decide to proceed with caution and take their time getting to know the other person. Shorter calls in the beginning of a new relationship may be a good way to break the ice. (photo courtesy of the slower pace in mind, many couples begin with brief phone calls to first test the waters of the new relationship.

By making brief phone calls at first, couples may make more time to spend together in person. Brief calls give a glimpse into each person’s life without becoming overwhelming or divulging too much at once. Brief phone conversations preserve a level of mystery while increasing small bits of knowledge about each person. These shorter phone calls offer a great way to keep both parties interested and coming back for more.

Life Love Beauty readers have kindly share their own thoughts on having brief phone conversations at first in new relationships and then having longer conversations in a more established relationships. Read on for more insight into testing the waters of new relationships with brief phone calls.

“My strategy in a New Relationship would be to avoid “drawn out conversation” during the first few phone calls/first couple of weeks at best. Your calls should be very brief and to the point and should be limited to twice a week (at the beginning of course).

“A quick call in my eyes would be, “Hey, it’s me and I was just wondering if you’d like to catch a movie with me later this week; let me know, catch ya later”. This is in the case that you catch his voice mail or you’re sending a text message. If by chance he’s watching his phone for your calls, then maybe a bit more of a lengthy phone call would or could be necessary. I guess this would all depend on how the first date went and how the connection was between the two physically.”
– Barbara Baker, TX

“In a new relationship I have always been a little shy about calling first but I manage to work up the courage eventually. In the beginning the calls are short and sweet but as I get to know the person better the calls get longer as the awkwardness fades and we begin to learn more about each other and find more things that we have in common. The more you find you have in common the more you have to talk about and thus better and longer more interesting conversations.”
– Michael Pease, VT

“I always prefer to make the first call short and very fun.  I think its safer for me to obtain his phone number and decide when the right time to call will be. I also always block my number until I am comfortable allowing him to have it.”
– Jayne Burchfield, KY

“My style is quick, to-the-point and off the phone as quickly as possible when I am calling anyone except my mother or my best friend.  When I call my mom, I let her mood be the guide. If she wants to talk, I’m ready to converse as long as she wants.  If she doesn’t feel well, I let her go when I sense she is too tired.  With my best friend, actually, the call could go on for hours into the night, stopping for snacks and bathroom runs!”
– Debbie Christie, KY

Taking communication in new relationships at a slow pace may inspire more interest in some cases. (photo courtesy of“I usually wait for him to call me once I give him my phone number. Then when he calls I see how well the conversation is going. Is he interesting, funny, open, has the same interests as me, does he talk about his family and friends and what’s going on is his life. If he doesn’t pass those qualities the phone call will end quickly.

“I’ve had long phone conversations. I was in a long distance relationship once and we use to call and watch movies together on the phone. Even have dinner together on the phone. We text all day as well. It seemed like each month I had to up my minutes and max them out.”
– Jennifer Clark, GA

“Being female, I have found the best strategy is to let the guy call first. That shows that he is interested.  From there, I keep the conversation short and casual. I have found that guys like to feel that they are chasing and you benefit best with acting coy.”
– Margaret Smith, NJ

“Calling strategy: I think it is important to give people space.  So I would not call right away, but wait a day or two. I would leave a message if they weren’t available but texting is too informal when you first meet someone. Phone style: Somewhat short phone calls as I am usually busy but I think it is important to make the calls positive (not just when you need something) to let them know you care.”
– Heather Simone, GA

“In regards to phone I tend to keep everything short and sweet. I prefer to do things in person. If I get the answering machine I do the courtesy of leaving a message–short and sweet!”
– Thomas Gerber, NE

Best Bridesmaid Gifts – Creative Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts

Choosing the gifts for your maid of honor and bridesmaids should neither be as stressful nor as hectic as Christmas shopping. Put a lot of time and thought into finding your creative bridesmaid gifts, and get started in your search as early as possible. You will be sure to find the perfect tokens of your appreciation.

As your wedding day nears, you will probably find yourself leaning on your bridesmaids more than ever. Every little detail must be perfect, and your girls are there for you to make sure it is. To show your best friends and sisters just how much you appreciate them, choose a thoughtful gift. Countless options are available to help you select the best bridesmaid gift within your budget. Shop in the factory outlet stores, clean out the clearance rack at your favorite department stores, and don’t forget to shop online.

As you scour the racks and various Web pages for the perfect bridesmaid gifts, take your time to find the perfect trinkets and tokens of your appreciation – but don’t wait until the last minute to begin your search. Give yourself at least a couple of months to get everything squared away.

Remember – it isn’t the cost of the bridesmaid gift that matters. You can get an expensive piece that may just collect dust on a shelf, or you can select an item that your friend or sister will cherish for years to come.

Here are some diverse and creative bridesmaid gift ideas for a wide variety of budgets:

Traditional Bridesmaid Gifts

Embroidered hanky


Jewelry boxes

Keepsake box

Key chain (engraved)

Picture frames / photo albums

Votive candles

Business Bridesmaid Gifts

Business card case or holder

Designer pen set

Engraved stainless luggage tag

Glass or crystal paperweights

Personalized stationery

Bridesmaid Gifts for Pleasure

Aromatherapy kits

Chocolates or candy

Embroidered (personalized) tote bags, stuffed with spa goodies

Embroidered terry robe and slippers

Evening bag or a special purse


Gift cards

Jewelry trays


Mirror compact (engraved)



Personalized glassware

Personalized pillows

Piece of custom artwork

Printed bud vases


Wine and wine charms or a special bottle stopper

Tips for choosing and preparing your bridesmaid gifts:

Shop and select everything way ahead of time. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day, or as it approaches, is whether or not you will have your bridesmaid gifts in time.

Simplify. Choose the same gift for each bridesmaid. It keeps things easy and avoids hurting feelings. For a special touch, get things embroidered or engraved with each bridesmaid’s name or a special message from you to her.

Get a special gift for your maid of honor, if you wish. You can also get her the same thing as the other bridesmaids but add a special trinket or token of your affection and appreciation. After all, she is your right-hand gal!

Personalize with engravings or embroidery. Gifts for your bridesmaids don’t need to cost a fortune, but going the extra mile to put your special gals’ names on the items will make the gift so much more meaningful.

Ten Tips to Saving Even MORE on Your Wedding

Many of us want that picture-perfect wedding. The one where the guests all arrive and “oooh” and “ahhh” at every teensy detail…. The one complete with the white horses and the carriage riding off into the fairytale happy ending….

Depending on the theme and style of your wedding, you may wish to cut different corners. For example, if it’s very important for all your extended family and college friends to be at your wedding, a destination wedding might not be for you. (They can be surprisingly less expensive than you would imagine!) If, however, the thought of a big pouffy white dress and miles of tulle make you want to gag, it might be just the ticket.

Regardless of your style and theme, shopping smart and cutting corners that don’t really matter much at all can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Here are just a few ways to save:

If the month of the year doesn’t matter:

1.    Plan your wedding during off-peak season. This is typically November through February.

PRO: You can get a great discount on the overall cost of your wedding reception.

CON: Depending on where you live, you may have to worry about snow and ice, colder weather (if you aren’t fond of it), and other similar elements.

If the day of the week doesn’t matter:

2.    Plan your wedding for a Friday or a Sunday.

PRO: Discounts for choosing an off-peak day are often quite generous.

CON: Many people have to work on Mondays and Fridays. If you plan your wedding on either a Friday or a Sunday, you might lose some guests due to scheduling conflicts. Also, for a Friday wedding, that puts the rehearsal dinner on a Thursday. In many people’s cases, especially close family and the bridal party, it may require taking an extra day or two off from work.

If the day matters, but the time of day does not:

3.    Plan your wedding for a Saturday afternoon.

PRO: You can still cash in on a day when most people have off the following day, and you’ll have more of your night to yourselves as husband and wife.

CON: If there is another event at the same venue after yours, the staff may “rush” you out.

It’s all in the details…

4.    Make your own invitations.

PRO: You can save megabucks doing the invitations on your own.

CON: It’s time-consuming. It can be stressful. Did I mention it’s time-consuming?

5.    Rely on friends to help with creative tasks in their areas of expertise.

PRO: You can save a LOT of money this way. This is great for calligraphers, gardeners, various crafters, videographers, and so forth. If you receive significant assistance and you so desire, you can tell your friend not to worry about a gift.

CON: Sometimes asking a friend for help when you didn’t invite her to be in your bridal party may seem awkward. Try to spin it so it’s a chance for the two of you to spend some special time together despite that.

6.    Look into getting your flowers done at a Vo-Tech school or at a local college that has a floral design program.

PRO: You could save yourself a bundle!

CON: They’ve only got one chance to make it right.

If the type of food doesn’t matter:

7.    Have an hors d’oeuvres reception.

PRO: This route is definitely more affordable, and can still include a wide variety of foods, from cheese and cracker and veggie and fresh fruit trays to mini meatballs, mini crabcakes, small strombolis, and the list goes on.

CON: This is not the most traditional route, but it is becoming more popular for couples on a budget or those who wish for a different style of party. Just make sure you don’t run out of food!

8.    Host a dessert reception.

PRO: This reception can be a blast when paired with the right atmosphere, the right alcoholic beverages, and the right music. Think about it….

CON: Many people have come to expect the whole meal deal. If you host things strategically, and opt for a shorter reception, you should be able to pull it off.

Forego the extras…

9.    That means no chocolate fountain, no whiskey sour and cosmopolitan fountains, no ice sculptures – you get the idea.

PRO: You can save a bundle if you bypass the more expensive wedding entrapments. And, you can always find a less expensive, just as suitable alternative, like a table full of cookies baked by all your favorite aunts.

CON: No chocolate fountain, no beverage fountains – you tell me the negative here.

10.    If applicable and if available, borrow a parent’s fancy sports car instead of a limo for the end of the night.

PRO: Who wouldn’t like to ride off in style in a fancy-schmancy sports car, an eye-catching muscle car, or a classy classic?

CON: Your groom had better be sober enough to find the pedals and not take any chances on this all-too-special night.

There are dozens of ways to cut the costs on your wedding. You just need to get a little creative and think outside of the lines from time to time. Remember that your day is as special as you make it, but mainly because you are sharing such a momentous life event with the ones you love. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Old Fashioned Telephone Strategy vs. Modern Telephone Strategy in New Relationships

When it all comes down to it, some things never change and some things always change. Do you prefer the old fashioned telephone strategy or a more modern approach? (Photo courtesy of morgueFile)Telephone strategy in new relationships seems to be one of those ever-changing, never-changing things for people. Some women even today still like for the man to do the calling, while more and more other women are taking the lead in calling their love interests.

Old fashioned telephone strategy and modern telephone strategy can both work in relationships as long as both parties are comfortable using the telephone. If one party is not a fan of the phone, shorter telephone calls and more in-person meetings may be beneficial for this relationship.

Many of our readers have shared their perspectives on telephone strategy in new relationships, such as when to call and who should do the calling. We’ve found a fair split with a number of women preferring the man do the calling with a number of other women being happy to make the first call in the new relationship. Read on for personal accounts of telephone strategy and preferences in a new relationship.

Old Fashioned Telephone Strategy in New Relationships – Let the Man Call the Woman
“My calling strategy for a new relationship is to wait at least 24 hours before I call him. (If I really like him, I pray that he calls in that 24 hours.) After that, I may wait a little longer depending on the situation – up to 3 days.  If he hasn’t called by then, I call when I do not think he will answer and leave a message.  That puts the ball in his court.  If he calls, great. If not, we both move on. All of that being said, I would prefer that he do the calling. I’m an old-fashioned thinking southern belle, after all!”
– Cindy Badon, LA

“In a new relationship, I NEVER EVER call the man. He must call me to show me he is into me as in my experience men take much longer to fall!”
– Kayleigh Ann Farris, CA

“I don’t call the man first.  Most men don’t like it.  I let him do most of the calling.  I like long conversations, but it really depends on the reason for the call.  It is also nice to have brief calls to let him know I am thinking about him if he likes that.”
– Donna Kozar, IN

“Call me old fashioned (pun totally intended) but as a woman, I feel it is crucial that a man ask for my number first and he call me. Then, after the first date if she is still interested, communicate that clearly with tone and body language and let him call again. Women have grown too available and need to consider that part of the fun of dating and romance is the chase.”
– Sarah Conaway, VA

“My strategy is hard to get in a new relationship and to rely heavily on all the phones special features like, but not limited to caller Id. My phone style I wish I could say was brief and to the point – not, but tends to be long and very wordy!”
– Diane Baum

“I’m middle age so I’m a bit old school. I would let the man do the calling in a new relationship. If he leaves me a message to call him then I will. I don’t text so I would be leaving him a voicemail. I wouldn’t just call to talk until I really know him better and know that he likes to talk on the phone.  A lot of men do not.  I wouldn’t want him to think I’m being pushy.”
– Susan Smith, KS

“I waited for my husband to call first.”
– Aprill Marie Coleman, MS

Who should do the most calling - guys or girls? (Photo courtesy of“In a new relationship? I haven’t had a new relationship in years.  But if I did I think I would not make the calls, I would let him. I would limit the time of his calls or my return calls at first to keep things fresh until we both feel comfortable with each other.”
– Marleen Davis, CA

“In a new relationship I usually don’t call first, that’s his job. After that I’ll call every once in a while just to say hello and I’m thinking about him. My typical phone conversation style is quick and to the point unless I’m talking to my hubby, my mom or one of my siblings then it’s a gab fest.”
– Laura Griggs, TX

“I always wait for him to call me first (Just picky I guess). I always keep my conversation 10 minutes or less – always leaving him wanting more and leaving more to talk about when we do see each other.”
– Suzy Horvath, OR

“I never make the first call, I was raised very strict and was taught never to call boys. I dated back in the seventies and if my parents ever caught me calling a boy it was a mortal sin according to them.

“Now I still wouldn’t call him, he would have to call me but I might make myself available at a spot that I know he might be and strike up a conversation there. I usually don’t hang on the phone too long. My conversations are rather short unless there happens to be a lot in common to chat about!”
– Joni Chadwell, PA

“I’d love to say I’m a liberated woman of the 21st century, but I’m not crazy about phoning a guy.  As much as I wish we were all equal, it always seems a guy loves the thrill of the hunt.  Sad, but true.  I’d love to find the man who wouldn’t feel threatened by something as minor as a phone call.  Until then, I still believe it’s best to wait for them to call ME. Sigh.”
– Jean Delehant

“Since I have not dated in 25 years, my ideas are probably antiquated. I do not think that women should call men. I would not want a text. I think that it is good to leave a message. I am not a talker so it is always short and sweet. I never called but of course I am old and have been married forever.”
– Kathy Scott, ID

Modern Take on Telephone Strategy in New Relationships – Women Can Do the Calling, Too…