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In the Love section home page of Life Love Beauty, you can lose yourself in so many fun and exciting topics! From parenting to caring for pets, from dating to wedding planning, coping with relationship troubles, and more – you can read about it here. We hope you will find some great tips on relevant relationship topics like communication styles, flirting, eye contact and body language, tips for planning your wedding or celebrating an anniversary, and more. At Life Love Beauty, we want to help you get the most out of your LOVE LIFE! Check out these articles so you can make each day even better and also so you can enhance your relationships. When you have a moment, check out our main Home Page for the latest news and articles at Life Love Beauty.

Fun and Flirty Halloween Costumes for Couples

As the days grow closer to Halloween, the stores are already featuring their festive fall items, delicious candy items in bulk, and of course, Halloween costumes. No matter what you’re seeking, you’ll surely find countless Halloween costumes for couples or … Keep Reading

Tips to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Being apart from your loved one on a regular basis can cause some very trying times. In many cases with long distance relationships, couples often spend more time apart than they do together, even early on in the relationship. Despite … Keep Reading

Anniversary Gift Guide – Modern and Traditional Gifts for Celebrating Each Year of Your Marriage

As you prepare to celebrate your wedding anniversary, don’t forget about selecting the perfect gift – no matter if it is your first anniversary or your 50th. If you want to give your husband or wife a special gift according … Keep Reading

Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Weddings: A Gift Card Shower!

When it comes to second weddings, many brides and grooms are doing things much differently than the first time around. They tend to plan the ceremony and reception to match their interests instead of their families’ preferences, and they often … Keep Reading

The Perfect Wedding Gift for the Groom or the Bride – A Rolex Watch

What do you get for the person you love most on the most important day of your lives together? As a tradition in many circles, brides and grooms often tend to exchange gifts on their wedding day. The gift can … Keep Reading

A Chat with Authors Sandra D. Bricker and Andrea Boeshaar

Summerside Press’ Love Finds You™ series gives readers a peek into the flavor of local life across the United States. The novels — uniquely titled after actual American towns with quirky but intriguing names — inspire romance and fun. Each … Keep Reading

Ten Ways to the Average Man’s Heart

Relationships are always a learning experience. Even in long-term relationships, couples continually learn new things about each other, their likes, dislikes, and favorite things. When it comes to finding a way to your man’s heart, you may need to try … Keep Reading

Anything for Love: Crossing Lines

She picked up the phone and dialed, hoping his wife was at work. He answered. He gave her the brush off. Things were not right at his house but maybe in the future things could work out for them. She … Keep Reading

Anything For Love – A Not-So Perfect End to the Perfect Day

“Gosh! What a beautiful sunset…” Marie sighed as she dipped her toes in the cool, aqua colored water. They stroked across the surface, creating miniature ripples in the ocean. Everything was so perfect; I was relaxed in my oversized Marathon … Keep Reading

Anything For Love – Bumps, Bruises, and Burns Along the Way

He was my very first love, first kiss, first feeling that I couldn’t quite describe, and I was his. We were so young though and just before the snow season started he and I parted ways. I knew that this … Keep Reading

Anything for Love – Dare to Be Deflated

I’m afraid that the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love might qualify me as a stalker in some states. Ryan was in one of my college classes, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get him to … Keep Reading

Anything for Love – Love Is for the Dogs

I don’t know if it’s the craziest thing I’ve done for love, but it’s definitely the stupidest. I had been dating Jeff for a couple of months, and I felt pretty sure that things were moving toward getting serious. He … Keep Reading

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