Fun and Flirty Halloween Costumes for Couples

As the days grow closer to Halloween, the stores are already featuring their festive fall items, delicious candy items in bulk, and of course, Halloween costumes. No matter what you’re seeking, you’ll surely find countless Halloween costumes for couples or costumes for individuals. Mermaid and Fisherman costumes by Shirley of HollywoodFrom adorable to terrifying, innumerable trendy and unique Halloween costumes can be found at costume shops, online specialty stores, and merchants of all kinds.

For a fun spin on your traditional Halloween costume, consider donning fun couples Halloween costumes with your sweetheart. From traditional favorites to pop culture and everything in between, the possibilities for couples Halloween costumes are virtually endless. Depending on your preferences, you and your sweetheart can pick out Halloween costumes for couples in just about any theme and category. Consider the classic couples’ Halloween costumes, funny couples’ costumes, trendy couples’ costumes, edgy couples’ costumes, and more.

Even if you don’t have a significant other when Halloween rolls around, you can still plot and plan to come up with an exciting and creative costume. Team up with your best friend, a family member, or a group of friends to select a great themed Halloween costume. Just think of all the fun you could have, showing up at Halloween parties as a team.

Halloween costumes for couples are becoming more and more popular. From favorite Flintstones characters to Hugh Heffner and the Playboy Bunny, you’ve got a big decision ahead of you. Consider the following Halloween costumes for couples for your own Halloween costumes:

Character Costumes for Couples
From Mickey and Minnie to Bonnie and Clyde, couples costumes can feature any characters from any time period. Use your imagination, entertain all the possibilities, and you will be sure to come up with the perfect Halloween character couples costume.

Consider these fun and adorable Halloween character costumes for couples:
•    Adam and Eve
•    Aladdin and Jasmine
•    Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles
•    Batman and Catwoman
•    Dorothy and / or Scarecrow, Tinman (or Tin Woman!) or Cowardly Lion
•    Little Bo Peep and her Sheep
•    Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
•    Musketeers
•    Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
•    Popeye and Olive Oyl
•    Superman and Wonder Woman

Don’t forget about your favorite fairy tales too – Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and all the others!

Classic and Traditional Halloween Costumes for Couples
If you tend to like the more traditional Halloween costumes, you will be sure to enjoy these classic and traditional Halloween costumes for couples. From the angel and the devil to royalty, pirates, and more, these are great tried and true, standby costumes for you and your sweetheart to don this Halloween.

Consider these traditional and classic Halloween costumes for couples:
•    Angel and Devil
•    Bride and Groom
•    Caveman and Cavewoman
•    Cowboys
•    Cowboy and Saloon Girl
•    Football Player and Cheerleader
•    Hippies
•    Indians
•    King and Queen
•    Pirates
•    Prince and Princess

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Tips to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Being apart from your loved one on a regular basis can cause some very trying times. In many cases with long distance relationships, couples often spend more time apart than they do together, even early on in the relationship. Keep in touch! (Photo courtesy of the inability to be together, couples can still find special ways to show their love and keep the romance alive in their long distance relationships.

When many miles stretch between you, it can be especially difficult to develop a strong bond or a true sense of commitment with your significant other. The good news is that many long distance relationships do survive and ultimately result in one or both of the parties making a move to be closer to the other person. If you and your partner are both willing to put in the effort to keep your long distance relationship alive and to enhance the romance despite the miles, your relationship will be so much better for it.

Here are some tips to keep the romance alive in your long distance relationship. Take them or leave them – everyone’s relationships are different, so some tips that seem romantic and sweet to one person may seem cheesy to another. Get to know your long distance lover and choose romantic notions that best match up with your relationship.

Tips to Keep the Romance in the Long Distance Relationship Alive
1. Take turns visiting each other as often as your budget permits. One person should not be doing all or even the bulk of the traveling unless there are certain special or extenuating circumstances.

2. Find special ways to let the other person know you are thinking of him or her. Call or leave a voicemail message, send a text message or a picture message, or send an e-mail or an e-card. You can also go a bit old fashioned and send a letter by postal mail.

Talk as often as you can... (Photo courtesy of Mary Thorman, Send a letter through the mail, but first spray it with your favorite fragrance that you wear. This is a great way to bring yourself to the front of your long distance love’s mind. They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, so strike up those good, romantic memories with a little spritz of your perfume or cologne.

4. When you visit each other, you can also spritz some perfume or cologne on your significant other’s pillow. This is another special and effective way to keep yourself on your sweetheart’s mind. Just be careful not to spray too much!

5. Send surprises in the mail – cookies, greeting cards, singing telegrams, etc. Who doesn’t love getting good mail? Any day that doesn’t involve a mailbox full of just bills has got to be a better day than it would otherwise. Make some cookies for your loved one or send your sweetheart some candy or another small but special gift.

6. Send cookies to your sweetheart. No matter if you are a guy or girl, you are fully capable of making cookies to send to your partner. Whether homemade or the cookies in the pre-made packages in the refrigerated aisle of your supermarket, it’s the thought that counts!

7. Send photos often. Just like when there is a new puppy, kitten, or baby in the family, take pictures often to send to your loved one. Send general photos of you with your friends, outside in nature, or just relaxing and being yourself. You can also take special photos specifically for your significant other, which really lets him or her know you care.

Long Distance Love (Photo courtesy of xenïa antunes, Talk on the phone as often as possible, but don’t be discouraged if you run out of things to say. Sometimes being in a long distance relationship can be as taxing on the mind as it is on the emotions. To get the most out of your phone time, try to share interesting or exciting tidbits from your day and ask your partner to do the same. Talk about your goals, your passions, and things that make you laugh. Don’t be discouraged if your conversation includes a couple of awkward silences – it happens to everyone.

9. Avoid fighting whenever possible. When it comes to being apart in a long distance relationship, couples may face a tough time during times of conflict. If disagreements do arise, try to mitigate them and do your best not to pick a fight on purpose. Being in a long distance relationship naturally adds more stress and anxiety to the equation, so be sensitive and understanding whenever possible.

10. Schedule time to see each other as often as you can, in advance so you both can look forward to it. Holidays and birthdays are a great time to get together with a loved one, especially during a long distance relationship. You might also consider planning a vacation at a half-way point or an interesting destination where you can meet.

As you consider these ideas, remember that they are just suggestions and there are always many more things you can do to help your long distance romance survive. Follow these tips on keeping the romance alive or make up your own. Remember that every relationship has different dynamics than the next or the last, so each couple must find their own way on the road toward each other.

Best wishes in your long distance relationship. We hope you find success in drawing yourselves closer together and in keeping the long distance romance alive!

Anniversary Gift Guide – Modern and Traditional Gifts for Celebrating Each Year of Your Marriage

As you prepare to celebrate your wedding anniversary, don’t forget about selecting the perfect gift – no matter if it is your first anniversary or your 50th. If you want to give your husband or wife a special gift according to the traditional wedding anniversary gift themes or the modern wedding anniversary gift themes, this anniversary gift guide will help you to select an item that is a good match for your mate.
Send a gift certificate for travel!

Celebrate each year of your marriage with a special anniversary gift according to the traditional themes or the contemporary gift themes. It can become a fun tradition for you and your sweetheart to see who comes up with what kind of great ideas for celebrating according to the year of your marriage. Even if you have another special anniversary gift in mind for your spouse, you can still accent the gift with a present selected according to the traditional or modern themed anniversary gift list.

If you find that you still cannot decide upon the perfect gift for your husband or wife in the traditional theme or contemporary theme, there is nothing wrong with going out on your own to find a gift that better suits your sweetheart’s personality, interests, or needs. Remember, in gift giving – even for anniversaries – it is the thought that counts!

Here is a list of the traditional anniversary gifts and the more contemporary wedding anniversary gifts:

 Anniversary YearTraditional Themes Contemporary /
Modern Themes
 3rdLeatherCrystal / Glass
 4thFruit / FlowersAppliances
 6thSugar, Candy, IronCandy / Iron
 7thCopper / WoolDesk sets
 8thBronze / PotteryBronze / Pottery
 9thPottery / WillowLinen / Lace
 12thSilk / LinenPearls
 13thLaceTextiles / Fur
 14thIvoryGold Jewelry
 60thDiamondDiamond Jubilee

The First Year: Your First Wedding Anniversary!
Wow – where did all the time go? It seems that only yesterday you were planning your wedding, and now here you are getting ready to celebrate your first wedding anniversary! Time goes by when you’re having fun, as they say, and now you’ve got a major decision on your hands. How will you set the stage for your future years of swapping anniversary gifts?

To celebrate your first wedding anniversary, consider a gift that shows your spouse how much he or she means to you. You can offer a traditional first wedding anniversary gift of paper, such as artwork or travel vouchers, or you can select a modern first wedding anniversary gift such as a wall clock or desk clock.

If you can’t find an appropriate paper anniversary gift to celebrate your first year together – or if you just don’t want to follow these traditions – you can easily find a great gift for your partner with a little creativity and a bit of shopping. Just don’t forget that first anniversary greeting card!

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Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Weddings: A Gift Card Shower!

When it comes to second weddings, many brides and grooms are doing things much differently than the first time around. They tend to plan the ceremony and reception to match their interests instead of their families’ preferences, and they often cut costs that they didn’t for their first weddings. When it all comes down to it, second weddings can be just as much fun as first weddings, even as early as the bridal shower!

Bridal shower themes vary widely and often play upon the special interests of the bride. For second weddings, bridesmaids and the family of the bride may want to do things differently than they did the first time. Rather than running through the same bridal shower games and themes, they may decide to do something different with a focus on what the bride really needs. Gift card showers are a great way to present the bride with freedom and flexibility to choose the gifts that make the most sense for her new life with her husband-to-be.

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The Perfect Wedding Gift for the Groom or the Bride – A Rolex Watch

What do you get for the person you love most on the most important day of your lives together? As a tradition in many circles, brides and grooms often tend to exchange gifts on their wedding day. The gift can be as simple as a sentimental greeting card or love note, or as elaborate as a special piece of jewelry. One of the most desirable gifts a bride can give to her groom on the wedding day – depending on her budget – would be a Rolex watch that would serve as a keepsake of their wedding day.

Rolex watches are a great gift for men or women. These high-end, classy watches are elegant and timeless. To make the gift even more special for your new spouse, you can add a special inscription to the back of the watch face. A young woman in Pennsylvania presented her husband with the two-tone Submariner Rolex watch as a special wedding gift to him, and she had the watch engraved with our wedding date and the phrase “Yours for all time”. Of course, you can select any inscription for a Rolex watch – whether witty, sentimental, or simply the recipient’s initials and the special date.

Even for brides and grooms on a budget, it is still possible to select a sophisticated Rolex watch as a gift for your significant other on your special day. Consider checking out certified pre-owned Rolex watches, or look into your options for financing the purchase. You may be able to obtain a discount on the retail cost of the watch merely by asking for one. Also, you might consider doing a balance transfer to a credit card with zero percent interest for at least seven months to a year in order to give yourself some time to pay for this special gift.

The exorbitant cost of weddings is no secret. From the reception hall to the flowers, the DJ, the photographer, and on down the line, celebrating your marriage isn’t cheap. However, at the close of that special day, you’ve got your gown, your memories, your photographs, the top of your wedding cake (hopefully!), and not much else. To perpetuate the emotion of your wedding day for a lifetime to come, consider getting your sweetheart a special token of your love. A Rolex watch will become a family heirloom to be handed down to your grandchildren, and then to theirs, and on and on.

A Chat with Authors Sandra D. Bricker and Andrea Boeshaar

Summerside Press’ Love Finds You™ series gives readers a peek into the flavor of local life across the United States. The novels — uniquely titled after actual American towns with quirky but intriguing names — inspire romance and fun. Each fictional story draws on the compelling history or the unique character of a real place.

The first two novels in the series will be available in bookstores October 1st:  Sandra D. Bricker (“Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas”) has been with us for more than a month as we’ve hosted the “Anything For Love” contest. Today, she brings her friend, Andrea Boeshaar, the author of the second book in the series launch, “Love Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky,” to, and the two of them sit down for an exclusive chat.

Sandie: Thank you so much for having us! I’ve really come to love this site, with all its focus on girl power and the issues that women face, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share the environment with Andrea.

Andrea: Thanks, Sandie, and I’m thrilled that you asked me in for this chat today!

Sandie:  It’s been a lot of fun starting to see what the contest entrants had to say about what they’ve done for love. Personally, I’ve done some pretty crazy things, too … none of which I’m willing to write an essay about, but many of which you’ll find behind the mask of some of the heroines in my books.

Andrea:  Well, okay, I’ll fess up to something crazy I did for love. When I was seventeen (“back in the day” as my sons would say), I babysat a lot and one night I wanted so badly to see this hunky guy I had the hots for, so I persuaded the man whose kids I watched that night to drop me off at the bar instead of at home. The bar was a hangout for my high school as well as a local Catholic school (yes, Catholic kids hung out at this bar too!). At this particular bar, the guys liked to shoot pool and the girls liked to get the guys to dance with them. (Think Saturday Night Fever.) Anyway, the man whose kids I watched was hesitant to let me off in front of the bar, but I managed to convince him that my parents wouldn’t care. (HA!). So he dropped me off and I got to see my honey. Later, Daniel dropped me off about 2AM and my folks thought I babysat the whole night. CRAZY! Well, I ended up marrying this handsome fellow I liked to go meet at the bar and dance with – to Johnny Rivers’ “Slow Dancing.” Daniel and I have been married now for more than 30 years. J

Sandie:  Andrea! I’m SHOCKED!  … You know, love is the bottom line of all our books. Mine, a full-on, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, is set in the Ozarks on a church retreat where lovable goofball Lucy Binoche is hot on the trail of her dream guy. The problem is that Mr. Dreamboat and Lucy have nothing in common. He’s an outdoorsman and, as the blurb on the back cover of my book says, Lucy’s idea of roughing it is standing in a long line at Starbucks!

Andrea:  I can’t wait to read your story, Sandie! My book is what I like to call “real live fiction.” My character, Meg Jorgenson, finds that wrong decisions have caused her to hit rock bottom and, in an effort to turn things around in her life, she moves in with her grandmother who lives Miracle, a small rural area near Stanford, Kentucky. She gets a job at the elementary school, teaching 3rd grade, and is drawn into the life of one of her students, little Cammy Bayer who’s been in a wheelchair for the last three years of her young life. Cammy’s dad, Vance, is a single parent, doing his best to make it from day to day, caring for his little girl while earning a living. He, like many of the single men in town, is curious about Meg, although she doesn’t seem interested in dating. But when their lives collide because of their deep concern for Cammy’s future, falling in love seems an unlikely option – unless you believe in miracles!

Sandie:  I’ve read many of Andrea’s books, and my favorite thing about her writing is the way she paints a picture and sets a scene. Her characters have depth, and her stories have the ability to really tug at the heartstrings because of the accessibility of the people in them.

Andrea:  Thanks, Sandie. What I love about your books is the humor. I’m just finishing “Wish I Weren’t Here.” What a fun read!

Thank you so much! Even my suspense books have had some degree of humor in them. It’s just a huge part of who I am, and how I cope with life. Aside from that, I think the foundation of my books has always been my fascination with destiny. God has a Master Plan for our lives, and I always find it so amazing the way He pulls together seemingly unrelated events and makes something beautiful and cohesive out of them.

Andrea: I love putting humor in my stories too, but my books are healing fiction for hurting hearts. I think so many women have been hurt in life and don’t quite know what to do with the pain. I’ve been there because it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses in my marriage. But Daniel and I recovered and now I find it rewarding to encourage other women to go past the heartache and start living – and loving – again.

Sandie: Before we close, I wanted to take this chance to thank the members for participating in the contest and for making this such a fun experience. We’ll be awarding the top 3 entrants with an autographed copy of my new book, and I hope everyone else will pick up a copy as well, and then stop by my Web site ( and let me know what you thought about it. I really love hearing from my readers, so I look forward to getting to know all of you.

  I’ll be having some fun book giveaways, too. Just log on to my Web site at: and sign up for my FREE e-newsletter. I’ll be announcing BLOG tours and contests via my newsletters.

Sandie: Oh, and if anyone is interested in having a look at the video trailers for our books, they’re posted on at the following links.

Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas:


Love Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky:


Andrea, thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing this great experience with me.

Andrea:  Thank you, Sandie, for asking me in. And thank you members for allowing me drop in and visit!

Ten Ways to the Average Man’s Heart

Bake your way to your man's heart! (Photo courtesy of

Relationships are always a learning experience. Even in long-term relationships, couples continually learn new things about each other, their likes, dislikes, and favorite things. When it comes to finding a way to your man’s heart, you may need to try a few different approaches before you find what he really loves best.

If you want to show your man how much you care, consider these ten easy ways to the average man’s heart.

1. Make him cookies. Unless your guy has an aversion to all things sweet, this should be a shoo-in. Pretty much every guy loves to snack on chocolate chip cookies or other delights.

Share a romantic evening with a delicious meal! (Photo courtesy of Make him dinner. Set the table with linens and the good china, and complete the ambiance with candlesticks. Dress to kill and your romantic evening is complete. Not the cooking type? Order some of your favorite food as takeout and spend a cozy evening at home together.

3. Watch sports with him. Most guys love their sports and especially their favorite teams. Bond with your man by sitting down and yelling at the television when his team scores or makes a bad play. Share a six-pack of his favorite beer for an even way to your man’s heart.

4. Straighten the house or clean up something he’ll notice. Some guys don’t mind, but a lot of them like having their personal space. If you are living together, do your best to keep your things neat, organized and put away. If you and he have your own domiciles, consider straightening up things for him, so long as you can guarantee he won’t be missing whatever items you put away!

5. Surprise him with sexy lingerie. Every once in a while, a new lingerie item may pique his interest. It shows him that you care about his level of desire and also shows that you want to look good for him.

6. Buy him a little “something” for no reason. Surprise him with a new golf shirt or something as simple as his favorite candy bar. You didn’t have to do that, and he knows it. All the more reason to love you!

7. Give him his space, but tell him – or show him – you miss him. Your man deserves his time to go out with the boys for poker night or to head over to the golf course to get a break from it all. Don’t make a big deal out of your time apart, but make it a point to do something special together when he gets back. Let him have his time away, but also let him know how much he means to you.

Flaws schmaws. Learn to live in peace. (Photo courtesy of Let him keep his minor flaws – we all have them. One thing that really turns guys off is knowing their mate wants them to change. The guy has to want to change too, or else this can be a real pain point. If you want your man to quit a bad habit, encourage him and be supportive – don’t be argumentative or negative. And for those lesser evils, learn to live with his flaws rather than battling over them.

9. Choose your battles and opt not to fight when possible. Realize that you cannot win every battle in a healthy relationship. Also realize that some battles are not even worth fighting in the first place. Try to avoid fighting with your man unless the issue is of true importance to you.

10. Roll with the punches. Have you heard of the term “high-maintenance”? Sometimes it is best to stay as far away from this word as possible. Try to keep a casual, carefree attitude with many things you do in life. You’ll be happier, he’ll be happier, and you’ll probably both live longer for it!

Anything for Love: Crossing Lines

She picked up the phone and dialed, hoping his wife was at work. He answered. He gave her the brush off.

Things were not right at his house but maybe in the future things could work out for them.

She said, “Oh…..that’s okay.”  She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth.

Her husband walked into the bedroom. She quickly hung up the phone. “Who was on the phone”, he asked. “No one”, she said.

All day long she pretended that everything was fine. It was not! 

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Anything For Love – A Not-So Perfect End to the Perfect Day

“Gosh! What a beautiful sunset…” Marie sighed as she dipped her toes in the cool, aqua colored water. They stroked across the surface, creating miniature ripples in the ocean. Everything was so perfect; I was relaxed in my oversized Marathon 2007 tee, and watching the sunset, with my best friend in the whole universe.

I flipped my jumbled locks of oatmeal colored hair and leaned back, enjoying the sunset, fading into brilliant shades of coral, chocolate, and firebrick. Suddenly, out of the corners of my pale blue eyes, I spotted him. He was sporting this wonderful navy blazer with a shiny zipper that ran like railroad tracks all the way down to his khaki cargo shorts. His hair was perfectly groomed, and his eyes sparkled like a pearl from the sea.

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Anything For Love – Bumps, Bruises, and Burns Along the Way

He was my very first love, first kiss, first feeling that I couldn’t quite describe, and I was his. We were so young though and just before the snow season started he and I parted ways. I knew that this would be ok, not because I would ever move on, but because we had a whole life time to find our ways back to each other.

We worked at a ski resort together and that winter and I was forever trying to make my impression on him. I figured that when he was finding the freedom, independence, and adventure that he was looking for, he would see that I too was finding those things, and conclude that we could do all of that together and that it would be even better.

Trying to impress this upon him while working in a run down ski chalet’s cafeteria was quite difficult though. When it was time to bake the giant chocolate chip cookies, the ones that made parents wonder why ski club wasn’t helping their kids lose their baby fat, well I wouldn’t just bake them. I hand shaped each into hearts, snowflakes, animals, even the circle ones were suns and moons as I handed them out with a smile to my regulars.

And what crazy girl would take on the very most dangerous and dreaded job of all, emptying the fryer at the end of the night, well that would be me of course! Anyway it couldn’t be that heavy. I saw that by the time a full day’s orders of French fries and chicken fingers had been made, half the grease vat had dripped onto the floor anyway. I realized maybe that wasn’t such a convenience as I sailed in the air, landing on my tush, a bucket of congealed fryer remains landing on top of me. And that was just what I did at work.

Out on the slopes I would be the fearless girl that dropped in the half pipe, that played chicken with the trees just like the boys . . . that accidentally fell off the chair lift and had the entire hill shut down.

That winter passed, and quite a few after that, but eventually my first love came back. I had traded in mountains for the ocean and was living in Florida. He flew half way across the country to tell me in person that he loved me and was never able to forget me. He confessed that he almost gave up pursuing me because I seemed so independent, adventurous, and free.

Each year that we go home to visit our families for Christmas and New Years, as husband and wife, we make sure to take a trip to our ski hill. Even if we can’t get in a ride we park at the bottom of the hill and talk about that winter.

Editor’s Note: The views are exclusively in the authors’ perspective and do not necessarily represent the views of the Web site or its management.


Sandra D. Bricker’s book, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, is available at! 

Anything for Love – Dare to Be Deflated

I’m afraid that the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love might qualify me as a stalker in some states.

Ryan was in one of my college classes, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get him to give me a second glance. I heard that he was going to have a party at the house he shared with two roommates one weekend, and I moved heaven and earth to wrangle an invitation. I’d heard that Ryan didn’t have a girlfriend, but he was so busy with the ladies that night that it seemed like every time I saw him, he was with a different girl. I left the party at 1 a.m. because he’d disappeared for the night, and I hadn’t even been able to say five words to him the whole time I was there.

In a last-ditch effort to get access to him, I devised a plan. Fairly early on a Sunday morning, I drove by his house to make sure his car was parked there and he was in the house, and then I parked my car on the shoulder of a fairly deserted road about a mile away. I produced a steak knife from the glove compartment (and no, I’m not kidding!), and I plunged it into my right front tire. Then I walked the mile to Ryan’s house and knocked on the door.

I’d practiced what I was going to say the whole way there. I’d partied too hard the night before and had to crash on someone’s sofa, then got a little lost on the way home. When my tire went flat, I realized I’d left my cell phone behind, but thankfully I realized I was close to the house where I’d attended a party a couple of weeks earlier and could go there for help. I’d even left my cell phone behind so that I wasn’t nailed in the lie.

I remember thinking at the time, in my young college-aged mind, that it was a brilliant plan. What I hadn’t thought of was the possibility that he’d gone out with his roommates, in one of their cars, and they had collectively stayed out all night. I knocked and knocked on the door until my knuckles ached, then walked around and looked into windows. Every room was empty. I sat on the front porch for three hours waiting for someone to come home, which they never did.

The silver lining to this thunderstorm cloud was that their next-door neighbor saw me and when she heard my flat tire story, she fetched her husband to give me a ride back to my car. He even changed the tire for me.

Editor’s Note: The views are exclusively in the authors’ perspective and do not necessarily represent the views of the Web site or its management.


Sandra D. Bricker’s book, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, is available at! 

Anything for Love – Love Is for the Dogs

I don’t know if it’s the craziest thing I’ve done for love, but it’s definitely the stupidest. I had been dating Jeff for a couple of months, and I felt pretty sure that things were moving toward getting serious. He went out of town for a couple of weeks on business, and then called to invite me up to visit him one weekend. When I said yes, he asked me if I would bring the dog along since he was really missing him.

Sport had been staying with me since Jeff had been gone. Since the dog had a penchant for chewing things (my favorite shoes, the corner of the bathroom door jamb, my comforter … he’d even bitten me twice!), I was more than happy to take him with me rather than search for somewhere to board him while I drove the two hours and spent the weekend with my new boyfriend! Certainly, none of my friends were going to take the monster in.

Well, in the week before I left to see him, the list of things he wanted me to bring with me grew longer and longer. Not to mention stranger! He was just going to be there another couple of weeks, so I couldn’t help but wonder why he needed things like his bedroom pillows, his blender, and one of the chairs to his dining room set. He explained that he was staying somewhere devoid of anything personal, and it was really getting to him, so I loaded the trunk and back seat of my car on Saturday morning, and the dog and I set out on the drive to see Jeff.

The anticipation was electric. I could hardly wait to see him again. Until I got there, and he met me outside with an unenthusiastic embrace and began unloading things from the car and setting them on the lawn of a small duplex. When my car was completely devoid of his belongings, Jeff stood there with his dog’s leash in hand, and proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t coming back. In fact, he was moving in with a woman he’d met while there on business.

He had actually gotten me to pretty much move for him on the pretense that we were still a couple! As I started to pull away, the new girlfriend joined him in the front yard. In my rearview mirror, I watched as she crouched down in front of that horrible dog of his and let him lick her entire face. I spent the drive home fantasizing about the first time that little angel she was cooing over destroyed her purse and all of its contents.

Editor’s Note: The views are exclusively in the authors’ perspective and do not necessarily represent the views of the Web site or its management.


Sandra D. Bricker’s book, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, is available at!