2012 Wedding Dress and Color Trends

2012 wedding dress and color trendsWe’re already well into closing the first quarter of the year, and that only means one thing: Spring and summer collections will be at their height a few weeks from now. So if you’re a spring or a summer bride (or wishing to be one someday or for your wedding), you may want to read on for more juice on 2012 wedding dress trends.

Spring and summer 2012 will be all about bright colors. Drawing inspiration from fruits, flowers, sand, and sea, wedding color trends will be having this cheerful vibe to them. We’ve listed wedding varieties according to the formality and how to choose a wedding gown in keeping with the latest trends.

For formal weddings, we have the traditional, evening, and black tie weddings. While the recommended dress code is strictly adhered to, brides are still free to move about in choosing the designs and colors of their wedding gowns.

Traditional, Evening, and Black Tie Weddings
Black tie weddings and traditional weddings typically require white to be paired with another color, usually black. Sheer necklines would most definitely be something to look out for. Ever since the paparazzi snapped pictures of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the world suddenly had an interest in wedding gowns with lace sleeves and cover-ups. These reflect the conservative and elegant nature of this ultra formal type of wedding.

Semi-Formal Weddings
Semi-formal weddings call for a simpler silhouette and a wedding dress with lesser embellishments. Satin, chiffon, and silk are your safest fabrics. In addition, multi-tiered skirts, capelets, and sexy backs are all going to be big hits among brides. There is a little more leg room for them to choose the color as well. Light, airy pastels such as rose, blush, gray, and peach all fall within the range of colors brides can consider for semi-formal weddings.

Day and Afternoon Weddings
Day and afternoon weddings call for wedding themes with bright colors. So, like semi-formal, casual, and destination weddings, brides are free to transition from wearing white to cream, blush, or any other light color. Since day and afternoon weddings have a light atmosphere, brides are free to cut their hemlines short, say tea-length, or keep them long enough to reach the ground. Birdcage veils are quite popular among this type of wedding as well. Long veils seem to be too much for a day or afternoon wedding, so future wives like to stick to birdcage veils with dramatic makeup underneath.

Casual and Destination Weddings
Casual weddings and destination weddings provide the most options for brides when it comes to wedding dresses. In these types of weddings, themes may vary from creative ones such as yacht weddings to wacky ones such as those inspired by cartoon characters. Casual weddings allow brides to be more flexible, giving them the liberty to wear knee-high dresses or colored wedding dresses.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a second time bride, choosing a wedding dress is always a difficult hurdle. However, one thing to keep in mind is to wear what you feel best in, and let all eyes fall on you and your husband.


St. Patrick’s Day Date Ideas and Activities

St. Patrick's Day Date IdeasMarch 17 can be a fun day to spend with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Planning a St. Patrick’s Day date can be easy as long as you and your sweetheart enjoy the same things. St. Patrick’s Day date ideas can be relatively simple to plan and they often don’t cost a lot of money either. This year St. Patty’s Day is on a Saturday, so it really is appropriate to make plans for date night. Consider these ideas for St. Patrick’s Day dates with the one you love.

Before you get started planning your St. Patty’s Day date, consider your budget as well as the weather and any other plans you and your sweetheart might like to make. This can help you to dress appropriately while keeping the date plans within your means. Here are some St. Patrick’s Day date ideas to consider.

Date Ideas for St. Patty’s Day
Check out these date ideas for celebrating the luck of the Irish:

1.    Find a St. Patrick’s Day parade to attend. This becomes a great tradition you can enjoy with your family or friends every year going forward.

2.    Seek out an Irish or Celtic festival or carnival near you. A lot of times churches will host a cultural festival at different times in the year. If you can find such a festival around St. Patrick’s Day, with an Irish twist, it could be the perfect St. Patty’s Day date idea.

3.    Hit up your local Irish pub. You can enjoy some corned beef and cabbage or shepherd’s pie and a nice glass of Guinness or another Irish drink of choice. Better yet if you can find an Irish pub that has live music for St. Patrick’s Day.

4.    Chill at home with green beer and takeout food. Not every date night has to be extravagant and expensive. Play it simple with a date night in, instead. If you like, try to find a movie with an Irish setting or Irish actors.

5.    Schedule a brewery tour and tasting. You may have to have an afternoon date instead of an evening date, but a beer tour and tasting can be the perfect date activity for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. You can make this even more fun by including a few other couples as a group date idea for the Irish weekend.

You can also go away to a quaint bed and breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Soak up some culture, relax, and get away from the normal things you see and do on a daily basis. If you have other fun ideas for what to do on St. Patrick’s Day and the St. Patty’s Day weekend, please share them in our comments below.


Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Lifesavers – Gift Ideas at the Last Possible Second

Last-minute Valentine's Day giftsSome of us are procrastinators. Some of us work too much or get too busy with life in general. Sometimes we are really on top of things and just have an “off” week, or month, or year. Whatever the case – running out of time before Valentine’s Day can be a common occurrence for many people. Here are some last-minute, lifesaving Valentine’s suggestions to help you survive if you find you are down to the last day, hour, or minute before your plans are set to begin.

Consider these last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts and activities to save the day when you’ve either forgotten or just didn’t have time to prepare ahead of time.

1.    At the very least, be sure you have a card. Nothing says I care quite the same as a romantic card with a personal, handwritten greeting. Consider adding a special Valentine’s Day message from the heart. If you forget the card, and can’t get to a card shop in time, make one at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy – even a handwritten letter can make all the difference between disappointment and romance.

2.    Grab a bunch of flowers, even on the same day. You may still have luck if your local florist carries loose flowers that you can piece together. If not, head to your local grocery store and check their flower section – you are sure to find some leftover roses or other bouquets if the other last-minute shoppers haven’t beat you to it.

3.    Bake or cook. Seriously – who doesn’t love homemade chocolate chip cookies (or sugar cookies, brownies, etc.)? You can also throw together a candlelit dinner with very little effort. Simply be sure you have the groceries in the house and whip up some chicken parmesan with pasta, dinner rolls, and a salad or grill up some steaks. You can also order takeout from a local place and still set up your dining area to be romantic and personalized.

4.    Get a gift card or gift certificate. You may know your sweetheart well enough to choose a gift card for something they’d absolutely love – perhaps a spa treatment or massage, an electronics store, or maybe even a local cigar shop. Try to find something personal to your partner rather than just grabbing a cash card or a generic gift card with no special meaning.

5.    Create or offer something from the heart. If you are a musician, throw together a song or just play a few of your partner’s favorites. If you are an artist, make a quick sketch or small painting to mark the occasion. If you are good at giving massages, light some candles and play some soft music and offer a great massage, back rub, or foot rub. Think of something you can offer using your talents rather than your credit card.

If you are still looking for a physical last-minute gift you can wrap and present to your love on Valentine’s Day, you may still have some time to find something, depending on what stores are nearest to you. Consider these additional options for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts:

•    Bath and body products (lotions, creams, bubble bath…)
•    Candles
•    Chocolates or candy
•    Cigars or cigar accessories
•    Clothing (fuzzy socks, boxers, lingerie, etc.)
•    Cologne or perfume
•    Decorative figurines (crystal or blown glass, sun catchers, prisms, etc.)
•    Gourmet food (chocolate covered anything – pretzels, strawberries, etc.)
•    Lip balm or flavored lip gloss
•    Jewelry (cufflinks, bracelet, necklace…)
•    Movies or music
•    Photo album or frame with special pictures
•    Scratch-off Lotto tickets
•    Slippers or moccasins

These are just a few ideas for last-minute Valentine’s gifts you can find at most stores local to your home or place of work. What other ideas do you have for a same-day gift for the one you love? Please share them in our comments so you can help others find great gifts at the last possible second!


Top 10 Snowy Date Ideas to Enjoy

Wintertime is definitely one of those love-it-hate-it seasons. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, and some of us just plain love to hate it. Snow, ice, wintry mix, and freezing rain don’t exactly lend themselves to comfort. Thankfully, even with the cold weather, the darker days, and the unpredictable storm forecasts, it is still possible to enjoy the snowy season with the one you love. Consider these top 10 snowy date ideas to enjoy with your love.

Before you get started, consider whether you will be spending the day alone as a couple or potentially inviting other guests to join you. If you enjoy the winter weather now and then, you may enjoy a few fun and romantic things to do in the snow. Here are 10 snowy day date ideas to enjoy with your sweetheart:

1.    Go skiing or snowboarding.

2.    Stay inside bundled up under blankets, sipping hot chocolate and nibbling on cookies.

3.    Warm up in front of the fireplace and watch a movie together or simply snuggle.

4.    Make a snowman together.

5.    Have a snowball fight to lighten the mood.

6.    Go for a romantic hike in the snow and take pictures of all the pretty sights.

7.    Try your luck with cross-country skiing to see if you enjoy it.

8.    Visit a local winery or brewery as long as they are still open.

9.    Once the snow stops falling, try to find a place to play some pond hockey if possible.

10.    Start your date on a snowy day, but change your mind and take your sweetheart on a romantic, last-minute getaway somewhere warmer.

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 snowy date ideas to consider, be sure to choose the one that is the best fit for you and your significant other. If you have other fun or exciting winter date ideas, please share them in our comments below.


Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Destination Wedding Centerpiece IdeasWhen you opt for a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding near your home, a number of factors change. Most brides say it is a lot easier to plan a destination wedding based on the wedding coordinator arranging the bulk of the details. Brides still have decisions to make, but the stress and time required for planning become considerably less demanding. Still, there are a lot of fun things for destination brides to pick out, from her dress and bridesmaids gowns to shoes, accessories, style of wedding cake, bouquets, and especially the destination wedding centerpiece ideas she likes best.

When it comes to choosing the flowers and centerpieces for your destination wedding, you’ve got to keep a few things in mind. First of all, your wedding destination may have certain flowers that are native to the locale while others would need to be shipped in sometime before your wedding. This can be a bit costly if you opt for something out of season or out of region. Before you decide on your flowers, consider the indigenous species first. You might find that you love the idea of a birds of paradise bouquet or a hibiscus flower in your hair. Once you know what your bouquet will be, you can more easily coordinate the flowers for the wedding ceremony and especially those for the destination wedding centerpieces.

Centerpieces for destination weddings come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances. You can speak with your wedding planner about the typical centerpieces they offer and see what you think. You may be able to browse a large collection of photos from past weddings and special events to give you some ideas. You might also like to coordinate your bouquets and other flowers with the destination wedding centerpieces for a consistent look throughout your special day.

Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas (courtesy of morguefile)If you are doing a tropical or beach wedding, consider large shells with tropical flowers spilling out as one option. Another choice to consider may be a clear or translucent glass or crystal bowl with floating tropical flowers and floating candles. Consider large shells with tall, cream colored pillar candles or starfish and smaller shells in glass bubble bowls. You can do so much when you combine mirrors, candles, and flowers into a single centerpiece for destination weddings. The oft tropical theme of most destination weddings makes it easy to find a great style with a fun pop of color.

Of course, if your destination wedding is more on the other side of the spectrum – a big city wedding or a wedding at a winter ski resort – you can find additional destination wedding centerpiece ideas that would be more appropriate for your special day. In most of these cases you may want to consider floral centerpieces that match the theme or colors of your wedding. Showy flowers like calla lilies in clear glass water-filled tubes may be an elegant centerpiece choice for your destination wedding. You can also choose more extravagant centerpieces or over the conversation centerpieces for big city destination weddings or similar.

These are just a few destination wedding centerpiece ideas to consider for your tropical or big city wedding escape. Please share any other ideas or suggestions you may have related to centerpieces for destination weddings in our comments below.


Six New Year’s Resolutions for Your Relationship

New Year's Resolutions for your Marriage / RelationshipJanuary is often a month of refreshing changes. Many people pledge to lose weight, pay off debt, or become more organized as a new year arrives. Others may search for their dream job or try to smooth out other areas of their lives. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your significant other is to make a commitment to better your relationship for the New Year. Consider these tips on New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship.

Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or newly dating, there are definitely things you can do to improve the quality of your relationship or at least the interactions between you and your husband / wife, or boyfriend / girlfriend. If you take the time to wonder what men want in a relationship or what women want, you can almost always improve your romantic life. Working on these little improvements can go a great way in making your relationship more stable and overall, more satisfactory for both of you.

Here are some top New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship this year:

1.    Pledge never to go to bed angry. Resolve any conflicts before you go to bed, and avoid fighting in your bedroom if at all possible. If you can’t resolve a certain matter before you have to head in for the night, at least set it aside for now, agree to disagree for the time being, and take a few moments to let the other person know how much you care.

2.    Work on changing the things you do that annoy your partner. Whether it’s being perpetually late or having clutter around the house, take the time to address these areas and do what you can to maintain the improvement. Your relationship will be so much better for it.

3.    Choose your battles. If it seems like you and your partner fight a lot, it might be something you both need to work on together. If it seems one-sided with you being the aggressor, you can start to take steps toward a more peaceable relationship. Remember, each person is entitled to his or her emotions as well as his or her opinions. Choose your battles means having the important fights when necessary and overlooking some of the smaller things that aren’t really damaging your relationship.

4.    Avoid lying to your partner. Adhere to a foundation of trust and truth so that you can both enjoy a secure relationship where your love can flourish.

5.    Make a point to sit down to dinner each night, or as often as possible. Rather than watching television with your meal, sit down at the kitchen table and relax through your dinner. Enjoy a conversation and take the time to find out how your partner’s day went. Try to do this a couple times a week at the very least, as it is a good practice to instill for your future together.

6.    Say ‘I love you’ everyday and mean it. Take the time to express your feelings for your sweetheart and be sure you fully absorb the meaning behind it. Sometimes we get into a routine or habit of doing things – be sure to make each ‘I love you’ special by looking your partner in the eye, following with a kiss, or at the very least, having some meaning in your voice as you say it. Be sure to let your sweetheart know how you feel each and every day.

Do your best to put these five New Year’s resolutions for your marriage or relationship into practice and take note of the positive changes you experience. Fighting less, increasing trust, and expressing your love for one another can go a long way to improving your relationship and cementing things for the long haul. If you have other suggestions for  New Year’s resolutions for your relationship, please share them in our comments below.


Luxurious Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life

Last-minute gift ideasAre you still searching for a few last minute gift ideas for the special woman in your life? Not to worry – Julep has a few perfect gift ideas of its own for this holiday season. In fact, to put it in Julep’s words, “ Julep loves… nailing the perfect holiday gift.”

Along with cookies, Pollyanna gifts, and parties filled with fun and laughter, the holiday season brings with it lots of hugging and hand shaking. This means that everyone’s hands are going to be front and center, where they are clearly visible.

With that in mind, giving the gift of the ultimate choice in hand-and-nail sets is a great idea. Every woman enjoys showing off beautiful, healthy hands and gorgeous nails, especially if they are hoping to have one or more of their fingers bejeweled with a shiny new diamond or colorful gemstone.

This season, Julep revs it up with holiday offerings that shout out with festive cheer, classic sophistication, and modern sass. Their newest nail kits are adorable and you can find them at Julep Gifts.

Two of the most popular kits include “The Girlfriend’s Essential Nail Vernis Gift Set” retailing for only $28. This must-have set includes Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Catherine Nail Vernis, and Jennifer Nail Vernis. The Julep Essential Cuticle Oil delivers essential oils and vitamin E for luxurious hydration as well as nail and cuticle strengthening. Plus, you get Catherine Nail Vernis – a classic red color that is perfect for a hot romantic date, and Jennifer Nail Vernis, a sheer polish offering just the tiniest touch of pink for a sophisticated night on the town.

The Glowing Hands Gift Set retails for $48 and features a delightful array of beauty care products including Facial for Hands, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Jennifer Nail Vernis, Catherine Nail Vernis, and Julep Crystal Nail File – all of this is packaged up in an adorable Julep makeup bag. The Facial for Hands beauty-care product delivers a skin-soft facial for hands- infused with apricot seeds for a quality exfoliating experience that coaxes your hands into luxurious softness. The Julep Essential Cuticle Oil hydrates and strengthens the nails and the nail file is designed for longevity, so you can keep it forever.

A lot of other kits are available, so you are sure to find a great last minute gift idea for someone you care about or even for yourself. I received these two kits for the purposes of the review and now my daughter and I are playing tug of war with them. Guess we will be checking out Julep Gifts soon as well.

Happy Holidays!


How to Live a Romantic Life

How to Live a Romantic LifeIf you want to know how to live a romantic life, you might want to take a look at your current relationship first. Romance comes naturally to some people, but others struggle with it. Different lifestyles can lend themselves to romance and romantic gestures. Even if your significant other isn’t an inherently romantic person, you can still stir up some romance in your life. Consider these tips for how to live a romantic life, no matter if you are married or dating, living together, living separately, or even in a long distance relationship.

One of the key things to remember in living a romantic life is to express your feelings and share sweet sentiments whenever you feel comfortable doing so. Simply saying “I love you” is a great place to start. You can find other romantic things to say to your loved one, or you might also try sending sexy text messages. Here are some more tips on how to live a romantic life.

Living a Romantic Life as a Married Couple or When You Live Together
If you are in a serious relationship where you live with your significant other, either married, engaged, or seriously dating, consider these tips for how to live a romantic life:

•    Always say “I love you” and give a kiss goodnight before you fall asleep.
•    Leave little love notes around the house for your sweetheart to find.
•    Burn candles, incense, or wax burners to set the mood.
•    Enjoy a glass of wine with a candlelit dinner here and there.
•    Make your loved one breakfast in bed on a special morning.
•    Make time for cuddling and intimate times together, especially if you’ve been busy.
•    Do special things together like taking a hot bubble bath, trading massages, making a meal together, and snuggling up to watch a movie.

Living a Romantic Life in Separate Homes or in a Long Distance Relationship
Even if you are living apart, you can still live a romantic life. Try these tips:

•    Send snail mail to your loved one. Everyone likes getting something personal in the mailbox.
•    Spray your perfume or cologne on the letter and, if you’re a girl, seal with a lipstick kiss.
•    Send sexy text messages when you can’t be together, or just during the day as you’re thinking of your sweetheart.
•    Plan a surprise visit when you know your significant other will be there.
•    Send cookies or other homemade treats in the mail.
•    Send flowers or a gift basket to their office with a sweet note.

These are just a few suggestions for ways you can stay close and add romance to your life, no matter where you live. What other tips do you have on how to live a romantic life? Share them below in our comments for others to try.


Four Authors Chat Over Coffee; Not a Decaf in Sight

His Grace is Sufficient, Decaf is Not Book PreviewBest-selling author Sandra D. Bricker has been a longtime friend of LLB, and we think it’s time she stopped by again to tell us about her latest books. And I’m happy to tell you that she’s brought along a few friends.

LLB: Sandie, welcome back! It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I think the last time was when your romantic comedy, Always the Baker, Never the Bride, came out. What have you been up to since then?

SANDIE: Baker was a bit of an unexpected sleeper. It was far more successful than we’d anticipated, and the publishers came back and asked me to write three more books in the series. I’m really excited about the second book, Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride (Emma Rae Creation), which came out just recently. Number three releases in late spring, and the last one — Always the Baker, Finally the Bride — gives Emma and Jackson their happy ending when it comes out in the spring of 2013.

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the BrideLLB: That sounds awesome! And did I hear that there’s going to be a very special contest for readers that centers around that final volume?

SANDIE: There is. I think it’s going to really be fun. It will run from November 1st through the end of the year, and people can get the specifics on my Web site if they’re interested. The bottom line is that the lucky winner will be allowed to choose Emma’s wedding cake from five or six options, and then I’ll write that person into the novel as an actual character.

LLB: That’s so great. I imagine there will be a lot of readers playing along.

SANDIE: I hope so.

LLB: Meanwhile, how about you introduce us to your friends, and tell our readers about the new book you all have coming out this month?

SANDIE: Absolutely. These ladies are three of my favorite chicks on the planet, so putting together this book was a joy. It’s called His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not, and it’s the third volume in a line of lighthearted devotionals from Summerside Press that’s geared toward busy women.

Loree Lough has several millions (yes, I said millions!) of books in print, most recently the acclaimed First Responders series of novels centering around the post-tragedy lives of 9/11 responders.

Trish Perry has published nearly a dozen novels, such as this year’s historical, Unforgettable. In addition, she’s written countless articles, short stories and essays.

Cynthia Ruchti is a radio personality and columnist, and she received high acclaim and several award nominations for her debut novel, last spring’s They Almost Always Come Home.

LLB: Welcome to Life Love Beauty. We’re really happy to have you all with us. Can you tell our readers more about His Grace is Sufficient?, and perhaps also tell them why Decaf is Not?

LOREE: Well, for the latter part, I think that’s speaks for itself, right?

LLB: You have a point.

LOREE: As for the devotional, it was a really great opportunity to work on another one with Sandie.

SANDIE: Loree was one of the authors of the first book, Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry.

LOREE: That was such a great experience that, when Sandie invited me to work on this one, how could I say no?

TRISH: It was pretty much the same for me. I contributed to the second one that was titled Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days. I was thrilled to be asked to join in on another one. In addition to the general fun of it all, working on these books leads one to quite a bit of introspection, prayer, and listening for God’s guidance. It’s truly a blessing to us as writers.

CYNTHIA: I’m new to these books, but Sandie and I met at a writers’ conference a few years ago and felt an instant heart connection. I don’t know about Sandie, but from that moment sitting at the dinner table with her, I had a desire to serve on a writing project with her someday.

SANDIE: Yep! Same here. The chance to work with Cynthia has just confirmed what I already knew. She and I are very much like-minded. As I was laying out the final book, several of her very personal stories had me laughing, and then crying like a dork. Like Loree and Trish, Cyn is just an awesome storyteller.

LLB: As I recall, a portion of the proceeds of these books is earmarked for ovarian cancer research.

LOREE: That’s another part of the attraction for me. During the planning phases of the first book, the authors decided to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. We chose them largely because Sandie is a survivor.

TRISH: And our friend, Diann Hunt, one of the authors of Bad Hair, is fighting it a second time now. Her attitude and grasp of faith in the midst of this onslaught are amazing and inspiring.

SANDIE: We actually dedicated Decaf to Diann. So giving some of the proceeds to OCRF feels a little like we’re helping with her fight.

CYNTHIA: Everything I’ve heard about OCRF tells me it and its leadership have the heart, the diligence, and the passion to make a difference in the fight against this devastating disease and the families and friends it affects.

His Grace is Sufficient, Decaf is Not Book PreviewLLB: It sounds like a worthy cause. Hopefully, some of our readers will pick up a copy of the book and help out with cancer research at the same time.

SANDIE: Well, if they do, I don’t think they’ll be sorry. Decaf is a really fun and uplifting read.

LLB: Speaking of DECAF, how do you ladies take your coffee?

SANDIE: I like crème brulee coffee, with a quick shot of vanilla.

LOREE: Frappuccino with extra caramel and whipped cream, please.

CYNTHIA: I’d love a Milky Way latte with whipped cream.

TRISH: Just strong and black, with heavy cream.

LLB: There you have it! Authors, books, cancer research, and coffee.

SANDIE: All the important stuff, right? … Thanks so much for having us. We’re all big fans of this site, so it’s a pleasure to spend a little time with you like this.

His Grace is Sufficient…Decaf is Not is available for order now everywhere books are sold.


Sweet and Romantic Things to Text or SMS to the One You Love

Sexy and sweet things to text to your crush or true loveMore and more people are using text messages to make plans, share news, and to communicate in general. Flirty text messages can help you break the ice with your crush, but be careful. Text messages can also give someone the wrong idea if a person reads into them too much. If you are in a steady relationship or bravely putting yourself on the line for your crush, you can use sweet and romantic text messages to test the waters and have a little fun in the process.

Here are a few different flirty and sweet text messages you can SMS to your love.

Flirty Text Messages to Send to Your Crush

Consider sending these flirty SMS text messages to your crush to see if he or she feels the same way:

•Hey Hottie!

•I like your dress.

•You look extra cute today.

•What’s shakin babe?

•What’s up babe?

•How’s it goin, hot stuff?

•You rub my back, I’ll rub yours?

•Wanna grab fries and a shake after (work / school)?

•Where have you been all my life?

•You’re the sweetest thing…

Sexy SMS to Send to Your Sweetheart

Consider these sexy text message ideas to send to your sweetheart’s phone:

•I like the way you say my name.

•I love the way you look at me.

•I miss your sexy face. (or I miss your cute face.)

•Meeting you was the best thing ever!

•What are you wearing right now? I’m wearing…

•You make my heart race…

•I wish you were here with me right now. I’m all alone and missing you.

Romantic Texts to Message to Your Love

Here are a few ideas for romantic text messages you can send to your longtime love:

•You are my one and only true love.

•My heart beats for you alone.

•You are my perfect match.

•I love you so much!

•You’re my favorite thing in the whole world.

•I can be your teddy bear. / You can be my teddy bear.

•You’re the best part of my day.

If you are looking for a few tips on sending flirty, sexy, or romantic texts, consider these additional tips:

•Challenge your crush to a little competition to get the sparks going while you hang out for the first time or two.

•Compliment your crush or your sweetheart. Make nice comments about clothing, hairstyle, smile, laugh, or personality.

•Text from the heart. Share your feelings honestly and openly with your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband, or wife.

What other flirty, sexy, or romantic texts can you think of or have you shared or received? Please share them in our comments to help everyone who reads this!


10 Rainy Day Date Ideas

Bad weather often brings the need for alternative plans, so a few rainy day date ideas can really come in handy on a dreary day. Whether you are looking for romantic rainy nights indoors or rainy day activities you can enjoy during the day, you should be able to find something to do despite the disappointing weather. Consider these rainy day date ideas so you can still enjoy a wonderful date with the one you love.

Fun rainy day dates don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can find a number of rainy day activities, date ideas, and relaxing alternative plans during thunderstorms and poor weather to suit any budget. Here are a few rainy dates to consider:

Dinner and a Movie – This classic date works well rain or shine. Consider going out to dinner and then attending a movie, or put a fun spin on it for a rainy day and cook together at home, then turn on NetFlix or watch a DVD or movie on television.

Roller Skating or Ice Skating – Get some exercise at the rink despite the bad weather. Skate around holding hands or learn how to skate backwards if you don’t already know. Enjoy a soft drink or a treat following your skating session.

Wine Tasting or Beer Tasting – If you are of legal drinking age, a beer or wine tasting can be a fantastic rainy date idea. Go to your nearest winery, brewery, or micro-brewery to enjoy whatever’s uncorked or on tap. If you aren’t of legal drinking age, consider going to your favorite diner for a custom milkshake or other treat.

Playing at an Arcade – Whether you like the old-fashioned arcades or the Dave & Buster’s type scene, an arcade brings out the kid in you and lets you have a great time no matter what the weather. Go out for pizza before or after your game playing!

Jazz Club or Coffeehouse – Check out your local jazz club or open-mic nite at your local coffee house for a romantic evening with a mysterious mood that meets the weather.

Comedy Club – For a few laughs and a few drinks, checkout a nearby comedy club. You can go with your significant other or plan a ground date with some other couples.

Concert or Live Music – Live music can be a fun date idea for any season. While outdoor music is a longtime favorite for some, you can still find great bands playing at local bars, as well as concerts at local venues.

Shopping – Hit up the mall or your local retail outlets for a fun and productive rainy day date idea. You can window shop or actually buy some of those things you’ve been wanting and needing. Be sure to leave some time for lunch or dinner on your trip.

Museums & Cultural Attractions – Visiting museums and going on a variety of tours can be a great rainy day activity to enjoy with your spouse or significant other. Learn something new and get out and do something despite the weather.

Game Night with Other Couples – When all else fails, invite your friends or neighbors over to play cards or board games. You can get a great game of Scrabble going, or The Game of LIFE, Risk, or Settlers of Catan, just to name a few. Be sure to provide snacks and drinks!

These are just a few rainy day date ideas for what you can do when it’s wet outside. Consider these ideas or share your own in our comments below.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Ring Fit

If you’re looking to propose, ensuring the perfect ring fit is a key aspect to consider. There are a number of different ways to investigate your significant other’s ring size without her knowing, but it’s certainly a sensitive topic, so beware. If you are interested in looking at engagement rings and wedding ring designs together, that is one easy way to find the perfect ring fit. If, however, you prefer to keep your intention to propose a secret, you can try a few crafty ways to find the right fit for her ring finger.

Here are a few easy yet clever ways to ensure the perfect ring fit when you propose:

Buy your girlfriend a casual ring when you are somewhere together on vacation. Look at cute shell rings or natural stone rings – something she can wear every day without a big commitment. That should help you discover her ring size as she tries on different rings and selects one.

Buy her a ring as a gift first, and then get it sized if need be. My husband did this for me about a year or two before he proposed. Of course, this gift came with the all-important disclaimer – it isn’t what you think it is or might want it to be – but it certainly got him my ring size before he actually needed it. Of course, my fingers are super skinny so we had to get it resized like twice after that, but my engagement ring fit perfectly.

When she is not around, take a piece of string or yarn and measure the circumference of one of her existing rings. Mark the string with a marker or cut it where the measurement would be. Take this with you to the jeweler and they should be able to help you narrow down the ring sizes.

If you don’t mind someone knowing what you’re thinking, ask one of her friends or family members for her ring size. You might be able to get it on the sly.

These are just a few ideas on how you can get your girlfriend’s ring size for the perfect ring fit. Once you get the engagement ring, the wedding rings should be easy. You can look at all kinds of wedding ring designs and styles, including stackable wedding rings and vintage style rings. What other ideas do you have for ensuring a perfect engagement ring fit?