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In the Love section home page of Life Love Beauty, you can lose yourself in so many fun and exciting topics! From parenting to caring for pets, from dating to wedding planning, coping with relationship troubles, and more – you can read about it here. We hope you will find some great tips on relevant relationship topics like communication styles, flirting, eye contact and body language, tips for planning your wedding or celebrating an anniversary, and more. At Life Love Beauty, we want to help you get the most out of your LOVE LIFE! Check out these articles so you can make each day even better and also so you can enhance your relationships. When you have a moment, check out our main Home Page for the latest news and articles at Life Love Beauty.

Pros and Cons of Planning a Destination Wedding instead of a Traditional Wedding

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and continue to be on the rise while the economy remains bottomed out. A destination wedding offers an unforgettable experience for the bride and groom as well as their guests. To … Keep Reading

Romantic Body Bliss – Scandle Candle Product Review

I’ll just jump right in to tell you how I felt about using the Scandle Candle… I’ve sat here far too long trying to give this product an introduction, when in fact, the Scandle Candle needs no introduction. It’s amazing, … Keep Reading

Romantic Stocking Stuffers for your Sweetheart

For the holidays, why not spice up your sweetheart’s Christmas stocking a little bit this year? Instead of all that candy and travel sized toiletries, socks, and chewing gum, stuff your honey’s stocking with gifts of romance. Consider these sexy … Keep Reading

20 Tips for Surviving a Broken Engagement and Moving on with Your Life

Starting over is rarely easy but often necessary in life. From starting a new job or a new school to ending a relationship and moving on, starting over can be challenging, exciting, frustrating, intimidating, and excruciating, not to mention any … Keep Reading

Top 10 Cold Weather Winter Adventure Date Ideas

When it comes to cold weather, most people either love it or hate it. Despite the potentially cold and snowy conditions this time of year, winter can be an exciting time to plan a date. Fireplaces, hot cocoa, and snuggling … Keep Reading

Pros and Cons of Friday Weddings, Saturday Weddings, and Sunday Weddings

After you get engaged, chances are it won’t take long for your friends and relatives to start asking the same common question – when is the wedding date? Choosing your wedding date can be an easy task for some couples … Keep Reading

Top 10 Spring or Fall Adventure Date Ideas

Spring and fall offer so many possibilities for exciting and adventurous date ideas. The mild and temperate weather, the changing of the seasons, and especially the feeling we all start to get before or just after winter – we often … Keep Reading

Long Distance Love – Spending the Holidays Together While Apart

Romantic ideas to express your love across the distance… Sometimes duty calls, or weather restricts our best intentions, or an unforeseen event may come up and change all the plans. Whether it springs up all of a sudden or you’ve … Keep Reading

Holiday Gifts for the One You Love

With the holidays fast approaching, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends begin the ultimate quest of the year: the search for the perfect gift. For some, it’s off to the mall. For others, shopping outlets, independent merchants and superstores like … Keep Reading

Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Winter Double Date Ideas

Sometimes winter drags on and we wonder when spring will finally arrive. Rather than wishing away wintertime, get together with your sweetheart and another couple who are your dear friends and go on a fun and adventurous double date instead. … Keep Reading

Fail Proof Tips for Flawless Beach Weddings

Beach weddings can be a dream come true, but they can also be a risk when it comes to hoping for the right kind of wedding weather to enjoy your outdoor shoreline wedding. Despite the chance that it might rain … Keep Reading

Top 10 Most Important Wedding Expenses

Just getting ready to plan your wedding? Congratulations! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’d like to offer you some sage advice. During your wedding planning process, you may hit some bumps in the road, and everything … Keep Reading

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