Pros and Cons of Planning a Destination Wedding instead of a Traditional Wedding

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and continue to be on the rise while the economy remains bottomed out. A destination wedding offers an unforgettable experience for the bride and groom as well as their guests. To help you decide whether a destination wedding is right for you and your significant other, consider the pros and cons of planning and having a destination wedding.

The following pros and cons of destination weddings should help you to envision both the challenges and the stress relief involved with planning a wedding in a remote location. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a bride or groom planning a destination wedding to ensure you are comfortable with all that goes into this type of event. Check out these pros and cons for destination weddings to help you make up your mind for your own special day.

Pros of Planning a Destination Wedding
Destination weddings offer many benefits and advantages, from lower costs to beautiful beachfront nuptials and more. Below, Sharla Ault, hotel inspector for Condè Nast Johansens Guides, shares her favorite pros and benefits to the planning of a destination wedding as opposed to a traditional wedding.

–    You’ll enjoy a more intimate atmosphere. The maximum number is typically 50 guests, and this returns a lower overall cost for a higher level of venue, Ault explains.

–    Planning your wedding at a remote destination often allows you to extend your festivities for more time celebrating with your guests. “The wedding is a three-day affair, usually rehearsal night and party, wedding night, then brunch all together,” Ault adds.

–    Destination weddings typically offer lower stress. Due to assistance from the hotel’s wedding planner, who typically handles most of the details for your wedding planning, from flowers to services, etc., bride and groom can usually rest easier knowing most if not all of their wedding is squared away.

–    Destination weddings often equal vacation for your guests as well. Guests often appreciate the chance to remain in an exotic location for a bit longer to enjoy a bit of vacation. Even if they can’t extend their trip beyond the wedding weekend, most guests still like to get a break and get away from the daily grind.

–    Many resorts offer cheaper rates to the bride and groom who plan to stay at the same resort for part or the entire honeymoon. Bride and groom could also travel around the country or check out different venues for more privacy.

–    Your host hotel or resort may clue you in to some hot happenings and destinations. The resort or hotel staff will likely offer the bride and groom some special insider tips on little-known attractions, best restaurants, and hotspots they can visit while in the area.

–    The different foods, landscape, and customs make a destination wedding especially memorable and special for the bride and groom as well as their guests. Don’t be afraid to incorporate local customs and décor into your destination wedding ceremony and reception for an unforgettable experience.

–    Destination weddings often cost less than traditional weddings. “Because you are coming from abroad, you are not restricted to the weekend and you will have lower rates and better service for everything, from the restaurant, to rooms, to church availability, photographer, etc.,” says Ault.

Cons of Planning a Destination Wedding…

Romantic Body Bliss – Scandle Candle Product Review

The Scandle Candle is a moisturizing body candle you can use for manicures, pedicures, and massages.I’ll just jump right in to tell you how I felt about using the Scandle Candle… I’ve sat here far too long trying to give this product an introduction, when in fact, the Scandle Candle needs no introduction. It’s amazing, impressive, and so worth sharing with others. In fact, after reading about the Scandle Candle, you might want to purchase a few for family and friends this Christmas; here’s why…

When I received this “candle” in the mail for review I was already impressed; not because I’ve used it before, but because the name grabbed me. Next, smelling it made me crazy – happy crazy! It truly fits the harvest themed product segment we’re featuring here at Life Love Beauty.

Scandle Candle in PumpkinOkay, so in order to give you an idea of how great this is and how I felt while using the candle, let me whisk you away for a moment, to a place of pure serenity, a place of sheer and utter peacefulness with beautiful sounds of trickling water and soft, subtle winds blowing in the distance. Now, imagine the calm of beautiful music whispering in the background as the hot oils drip over your arms, legs and… too far, come back!

Yes, I’m a little taken away by the feel, smell and actions that this candle gives off. I know that I used a little creative writing there, but the sheer feelings I felt with the Scandle Candle were perfect and so real to me. It was like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… you know, that feeling of pure excitement for something you finally got your hands on – yeah, that feeling.

Pumpkin Body Candle -- Scandle CandleI was so impressed with this candle that I invited a dear friend over for coffee. While the candle prepared us to indulge in its presence, I explained what the candle was, we shopped the site and enjoyed the sweet fragrance the candle let out. Anyway, yes, our time was wonderful – the candle performed lovely and I am so addicted to this product forever more. My friend is now insanely impressed with this “candle” because it’s, as my friend called it – A TWO-FER!!!

What’s a “two-fer” you ask? Why it’s only a spectacular ‘two-for-one” deal. You have a candle that also acts as a uniquely, yet very intriguing body oil (and then some). Technically speaking, you can also use it for the perfect massage and pedicure treatment. You can also use it every day as a moisturizer… the possibilities are endless and it’s truly unbelievable!

If you’d like to read more about the Scandle Candle and take a look at the many products and fragrances they have available, please visit and while you’re there, please read what other’s have to say about their experiences with the Scandle Candle. You’ll see that I’m not the only one that was thoroughly impressed!

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Please know that I was given a Scandle Candle Travel Tin in the seasonal scent of Pumpkin, for free, via The Body Candle. The gifts that I receive help me form an opinion based on my experiences with the product. I am in no way responsible for anyone that feels differently. If you’d like to learn more about this or any other product featured on Life Love Beauty; please visit the featured product’s official website. Thank you.

Romantic Stocking Stuffers for your Sweetheart

Don't forget some rich and delectable chocolates with the rest of your stocking stuffer ideas!For the holidays, why not spice up your sweetheart’s Christmas stocking a little bit this year? Instead of all that candy and travel sized toiletries, socks, and chewing gum, stuff your honey’s stocking with gifts of romance. Consider these sexy stocking stuffers and gifts for your sweetheart this year – or even for your bride-to-be friends.

Be sure to fill your sweetheart's stocking with sexy stocking stuffers for a romantic holiday season.Romantic stocking stuffers practically ensure that you and your significant other will have a memorable holiday together. Enjoy some holiday fun by emptying your Christmas stockings together – best yet if you can sit beside your sweetheart in front of a roaring fireplace sharing a bottle of wine. By taking some special time for yourselves to relax, you can enjoy special quality time with your sweetheart amidst the other things you’ve got planned this holiday season.

If you have a friend who is about to get married sometime around or after the holiday season, prepare a creative bachelorette gift! A romantic and relaxing present for your soon-to-be newlywed friends would be a holiday stocking filled with gifts that they can enjoy on the honeymoon together.

As you prepare to stuff your sweetheart’s (or bride-to-be’s) holiday stocking with stocking stuffers and romantic goodies, consider your loved one’s favorite things while also thinking along his or her wild side. You’ll be sure to come up with a romantic collection of items to place in their stockings with care.

Stocking Stuffers for a Romantic Mood and Atmosphere at Home
Try these romantic stocking stuffers to help set a truly romantic mood for you and your sweetheart or a bride-to-be and hers this holiday season:

Product provided free to writer for review–    Scandle Candle – This mood-setting candle is naughty but nice – enjoy the soothing effects of its wax dripping over your skin and follow with a romantic massage. Choose from lots of irresistible fragrances.

–    Rich, Delicious Chocolates – Depending on your sweetheart’s preference, find the best chocolates for his or her tastes. Try raspberry and dark chocolate, chocolates with liquors, truffles, or most romantic of all, chocolate-covered strawberries.

Stocking Stuffers for Relaxation and Romance
Consider these stocking stuffers to bring more romance and relaxation into your home or on a bride’s honeymoon for the holidays:

–    Massage Oil – You and your sweetheart can both enjoy giving and receiving massages all holiday season long and throughout the New Year. Choose a fragrance you both love for best impact.

–    Extra Foamy Bubble Bath – Enjoy special relaxing time in the tub to rejuvenate yourself during the stressful holidays. Bubble baths can be good for the mind, body, and soul simply by letting your cares drift away. You can also try bubble bath petals.

Fill your stocking of seduction with care… place romantic stocking stuffers inside to ensure a relaxing and satisfying holiday season. Be creative and think about all the fun you both will have, unwrapping the contents of your Christmas stockings and then enjoying the gifts together. Have fun!

20 Tips for Surviving a Broken Engagement and Moving on with Your Life

Starting over is rarely easy but often necessary in life. From starting a new job or a new school to ending a relationship and moving on, starting over can be challenging, exciting, frustrating, intimidating, and excruciating, not to mention any combination of other emotions. If your engagement has just ended, it’s no doubt a considerably difficult time for you. You might be able to benefit from some tips on surviving a broken engagement and moving on with your life.

Whether you or your significant other broke the engagement, chances are your relationship may have had some underlying issues. Engagements can end for many reasons, from an unfaithful partner to family issues to disagreements on goals in life and so much more. In most if not all cases, it’s better for your relationship to end during the engagement phase rather than ending in the first few months of marriage.

“My engagement was broken back in 2001 just months before the wedding,” says Relationship Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist Debra Berndt. “It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me (although I did not know it at the time). I also lost my job a week after we broke up and had to move out of the condo we lived in. I was jobless, homeless, and manless.”

Berndt continues, “After I broke the engagement, I left the corporate world and changed careers to become a clinical hypnotherapist. I made more money and became a successful business owner. A few years later, I met the love of my life and life couldn’t be better. I look back at that time as a crossroads and I am so glad the dead-end showed up on that road with my ex so that I could be free to pursue my life’s work and love destiny.”

Remember, even if it doesn’t feel this way right now, it is generally better to be single with a chance to find your ideal partner than to be taken advantage of or stuck in an unhealthy relationship. To help you survive your broken engagement, consider these tips from the experts to help you move on with your life.

1.    Remember why you are better off without this person.
“Focus on all the reasons that you are better off without your partner (think about the ways you did not make a good match),” says Debra Berndt, relationship coach and hypnotherapist. “I found out the truth of what my friends really thought of him after we broke up. Interview your friends and family.”

2.    Let yourself grieve. “Feel as bad as you really feel,” says Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed., author of Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You. “You’ve had a loss. You’re sad, mad, discombobulated. Let that be okay. Feel your feelings. Your hurt is not a measure of how irreplaceable your ex is, but how human you are. To move on, you have to honor your grief.”

3.    Reconsider your “type” and reasons why you may be a magnet for the wrong person. “Look inside to find out why you attracted Mr. Wrong and make adjustments internally so that you can change your attraction magnet and bring in a more suitable partner,” instructs Debra Berndt, who wrote Let Love In: How to Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner.

4.    Pamper yourself as often as you can. “Do something every day that supports your well-being. Whether it is getting a massage, taking a walk, or indulging in a great book,” reminds Debra Berndt. “This may sound trivial but it will make a big difference in how you feel as you nurture and care for No. 1.”

5.    Avoid contact with your ex. “If you need to make arrangements, try to do it through a friend,” says Debra Berndt. “Each time you are around him you risk revisiting those old feelings and it will only make you miss him more.”

6.    If you must be in contact, keep things business-like.
“Keep the focus on you,” says Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. “Stay out of your ex-fiancé’s head. Keep conversation to a minimum and business-like. Wrap up open items as soon as possible (wedding expenses, living arrangements, personal belongings etc). Go NO CONTACT as soon as you can and stay business-like when you can’t.”

7.    Get excited about…

Top 10 Cold Weather Winter Adventure Date Ideas

When it comes to cold weather, most people either love it or hate it. Despite the potentially cold and snowy conditions this time of year, winter can be an exciting time to plan a date. Fireplaces, hot cocoa, and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie all come to mind as an ideal relaxing winter date idea… but what if you’ve got a more adventurous date in mind?

Adventure dates can be fun for all ages, depending on the activities you choose to include on your winter date. You can do things indoors or outdoors, depending on your tolerance for frosty weather. You can plan a local adventure date or schedule some vacation time and travel plans and possibly even visit a warmer climate for a winter adventure date without the winter weather.

No matter what your preferences, you can really enjoy a winter adventure date once you’ve decided on the level of intensity for your date idea. To follow are 10 cold weather winter adventure date ideas.

1.    Skiing or snowboarding

2.    Heli skiing

3.    Snow tubing

4.    Cross-country skiing

5.    Snow-shoeing


6.    Ice fishing

7.    Snowmobiling

8.    Tobogganing

9.    Indoor water park or swim club

10.    Indoor rock climbing

Most of these winter adventure date ideas require snow or ice for the date to successfully take place. If you opt for ice skating, you may be better off visiting an ice skating rink rather than taking your chances on a pond or lake that may not be fully frozen.

Remember, with any adventure situation, these winter adventure dates can be dangerous and may pose various risks to your health and even your life. Take all necessary precautions and do not attempt anything dangerous on your winter adventure dates such as stunt jumps if you are a beginner skier. Involve a guide for adventurous tours and involve an instructor for adventurous activities where you are a beginner or novice. Put safety as your first priority in your winter adventure date ideas and then the memories and great experiences are sure to follow!

Pros and Cons of Friday Weddings, Saturday Weddings, and Sunday Weddings

After you get engaged, chances are it won’t take long for your friends and relatives to start asking the same common question – when is the wedding date? Choosing your wedding date can be an easy task for some couples and quite the difficult feat for others. The wedding date becomes your anniversary, so it should be a date that you and your sweetheart both like. You should also consider the pros and cons of Friday weddings, Saturday weddings, and Sunday weddings to help you put your special day on the calendar.

When planning your wedding date, you should consider the seasons and which time of year you want to get married. Consider the weather and consider the setting, especially if you plan to hold an outdoor wedding. Remember, you’ll be vying with other brides and grooms for wedding dates as well, based on the wedding hall or venue, your preferred photographer, priest or minister, and so on and so forth. This is why considering the pros and cons of holding a wedding on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday can come in handy in your planning.


As you prepare to select your wedding date, consider these helpful pros and cons for Friday weddings, Saturday weddings, and Sunday weddings to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Friday Weddings
Friday weddings can make your planning cheaper and possibly easier in getting what you want, but sometimes may cause complications for your guests and special members of your family and bridal party. Consider these pros and cons of Friday weddings to help you decide whether you would like to plan your wedding on a Friday.

Pros of Friday Weddings
Here are some pros for holding your wedding on a Friday:

+ Friday weddings often cost less than Saturday weddings.

+ Wedding venues and banquet halls are often more willing to offer a bigger discount for Friday weddings and Sunday weddings.

+ Friday weddings give you the option of extending your wedding celebration through the entire weekend, with opportunity to host additional parties and celebrations throughout Saturday and Sunday.

+ Friday weddings give you an easy day out of work.

+ Friday weddings allow you and your new spouse to relax for the rest of the weekend and then fly out for your honeymoon on Monday, when flights most likely cost less than they do over the weekend.

+ It’s more likely that your photographer and preferred pastor or priest, wedding venue, DJ or band, etc. will be available on a Friday than a Saturday.

+ The guest minimums should typically be lower on a Friday for those venues that require you to book your event with a certain number of guests or more.

Cons of Friday Weddings
Here are some cons for holding your wedding on a Friday:

– All of your guests who typically work during the week will have to take either a day off or a half-day on Friday to attend your wedding. The out-of-town guests may have to take off Thursday as well for travel arrangements. You may get fewer guests if they cannot afford to take time off from work.

– Your entire bridal party and immediate family will most likely have to take a half-day or an entire day off on Thursday as well as Friday for the rehearsal dinner.

– Some of your bridal party may not be able to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner if they are flying in from out of town or if they cannot get out of work.

– Some churches or other wedding ceremony venues may give you a hard time about planning your wedding rehearsal. They may not have the venue available on Thursday evenings.

– Fewer guests may attend the actual wedding ceremony at the church or marriage venue.

Pros and Cons of Saturday Weddings…

Top 10 Spring or Fall Adventure Date Ideas

Spring and fall offer so many possibilities for exciting and adventurous date ideas. The mild and temperate weather, the changing of the seasons, and especially the feeling we all start to get before or just after winter – we often find ourselves inspired to add new experiences to our lives. Trying out a few spring or fall adventure date ideas is a great way to bond with your significant other and to make some exciting memories.

Depending on the level of adventure you are seeking, you can try a number of exciting outdoor activities for your fall or spring adventure date. You might also find something exhilarating to do inside as well. To follow are 10 exciting spring and fall adventure date ideas for you to consider trying with your sweetheart or with your significant other and one or more couples for an adventurous double date or group date.

1.    Spelunking

2.    Horseback riding

3.    Skydiving

4.    Bungee Jumping

5.    Hot air balloon rides

6.    Rock climbing or mountain climbing

7.    Mountain biking

8.    Paintball

9.    Authentic haunted house tour or ghost tour

10.    Triathlons

Your fall or spring adventure date can be extremely exhilarating like bungee jumping and skydiving or somewhat low key but still exciting, like horseback riding or mountain biking. Be sure to discuss your options with your significant other to be sure you are both on the same page regarding the level of effort and the degree of intensity of your date.

If your anniversary takes place in the same season, a spring or fall adventure date can be a great way to celebrate your relationship. You may also enjoy a spring or fall adventure date for a birthday or other special occasion. Adventure dates can also be a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Remember, all adventurous activities carry some element of risk. Be sure to follow all the instructions and safety guidelines for whatever spring or fall adventure date you choose. Discuss any safety concerns with your significant other prior to booking your adventure date.

Long Distance Love – Spending the Holidays Together While Apart

Romantic ideas to express your love across the distance…

Sometimes duty calls, or weather restricts our best intentions, or an unforeseen event may come up and change all the plans. Whether it springs up all of a sudden or you’ve known for quite a while that the holidays would be spent solo, your relationship can withstand the physical separation imposed by the distance.

Even if you can’t be together for the holidays, rest assured that you and your sweetheart will be in each other’s thoughts. Be sure to stock up on stamps, stationery and calling cards so you can let your loved one know the distance keeps you apart only physically.

Here are some long distance ideas for celebrating the holidays together, even in each other’s absence…

–    Send love letters, emails and text messages to let your sweetheart know you are thinking about him or her. Spritz some of your perfume or cologne on the notepaper before you write your letter so that your scent arouses some emotion.

–    When you both have time to talk, call and have a passionate conversation about your love. Leave a sweet and romantic message if you cannot meet up on the phone.

–    Be old-fashioned. Send a telegram or a singing telegram with “your song” or one that makes you think of each other. Or just aim to be funny and select a song that will make your sweetheart laugh.

–    Make a radio request for a song that the two of you love. Be sure your honey knows which station to listen to at the right time.

–    Send a mixed tape or CD with songs and the reasons why they fit your relationship.

–    Make a video tape to send to your loved one. Make a funny documentary, a heartfelt confession of your love or a live recording of you singing or playing a song you wrote for your partner.

–    Burn a candle, play some soft music, take a bath or just relax as your thoughts meet from across the miles.

–    Make a phone call to your love as the last thing you do before the two of you hit the hay. Tell a bedtime story that will put a smile on his or her face and send butterflies right to the stomach. Then the two of you can fall asleep with smiles on your faces.

–    Send a special present in the mail with instructions for opening. (Ex: Close your eyes, shake it gently and make a guess. Think of me and unwrap.)

–    Send flowers – either a whole bunch at once or a few smaller arrangements throughout your time apart.

–    Make a puzzle with a handwritten love note or an adorable photo of the two of you. Send a card or love letter each day with one piece of the puzzle included. Spray a bit of your perfume or cologne to tease the senses.

–    Make plans for the weekend before or the weekend after the holidays where you can revel in each other’s company.

New Year’s Eve carries the burden of a first kiss of the year – traditionally exchanged just after the ball drops or the final minute of the year ticks by. If you and your sweetheart cannot be together to share in that special moment, consider some of the following ideas.

–    Make your honey’s number the first one you dial after the New Year arrives. Give a big smooch over the phone to surprise and delight him or her.

–    Resist kissing anyone else – even just a peck on the cheek – so that you and your love can share the first kiss of the year.

–    Surprise him or her by dropping by early the next morning if possible.

–    Next year, make a point to spend the holiday together!

Holiday Gifts for the One You Love

With the holidays fast approaching, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends begin the ultimate quest of the year: the search for the perfect gift. For some, it’s off to the mall. For others, shopping outlets, independent merchants and superstores like Wal-Mart, Target and the like. For still others – the lazier, or more time efficient, whichever way you look at it – the Internet plays a key role.

No matter how early you plan to accomplish your shopping this year, some careful thought and anticipation are necessary to ensure that you an appropriate gift for your sweetheart. Below are some suggestions for him and for her – consider them for a special treat or use your imagination and start searching the stores!

Holiday Gifts for Him: A holiday treat for the one who gives you butterflies…
1.    For the sports fanatic, get him a warm and cozy blanket of his favorite athletic team so the two of you can snuggle while you watch the game together. See, everybody wins.

2.    Nothing says “Happy Tailgating” like a case of beer, snacks and a delicious dinner for two, all packed into a brand new thermal cooler. Do some research and you will find that some have both heating and cooling capacities so you can bring your meals along for longer road trips.

3.    Make him a calendar to kick off the New Year with photos of the two of you throughout the year, or simply with photos of yourself that you know he will enjoy.

4.    Pay attention to what he talks about on a daily basis – does he want something electronic? A new gadget for his car? A couple of new movies or CDs or video games? Start to think like a guy and you should have a much easier time finding the perfect gift!

5.    Books, magazines and board games may also appeal to him if you know his particular tastes. Try to link his hobbies with the publications and print items you select.

6.    Men’s fashion accessories and grooming kits are always a possibility for that special present. Consider engraved stainless steel collar stays and cufflink gifts for your guy this holiday season!

Holiday Gifts for Her: A special gift for the one who never ceases to dazzle you…
1.    A silk robe is a sexy yet sophisticated gift for a woman of any age. Adding a bottle of bubble bath or a bath-related gift set is a nice touch. To follow up with the theme, you can give her slippers and a book you know she’s had her eye on for Valentine’s Day!

2.    Scented candles, if she likes them for burning or decorative purposes, are a wonderful gift because of their diversity. Based on her tastes, candles can be purchased in a wide array of shapes, sizes and fragrances. Aromatherapy candles are nice for someone who likes to relax while candles with a hurricane votive are great for those who share a love in interior decorating. Couple them with massage oil (that you intend to use for her aching muscles), pajamas or a snuggly stuffed animal and you should be on her nice list for months to come!

3.    A bottle of wine and a nice set of wine glasses make for a classy gift while some chocolates or desserts will likely earn you extra favor. (Or save the chocolates as an escape hatch in case you need one…)

4.    Anything handmade will really get her heart going. If you do wood crafts, make something special just for her. If you like art, paint or sketch something that you know she loves. If your talents are more within the realm of words and music, compose a song for her or write her a poem. Frame it or give it to her as a scroll, loosely tied and penned on parchment paper.

5.    Take her to see a show, a concert or the orchestra, or for a romantic walk through one of the holiday locations. Many public gardens and some theme parks are decorated especially for the holidays, encouraging couples, families and friends to stroll through the winter wonderland.

6.    Though we may try to hide it sometimes, women love jewelry. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets and rings, it is pretty hard to go wrong with a delicate adornment as long as you have a general idea of her style and know whether your love prefers gold or silver. If you want to be different, get her a jewelry box for the holidays. Just don’t be surprised if she expects you to fill it!

Holiday Gifts for Anyone:
1.    Preserve the memories by putting together a nice photo album, scrapbook or collage. Include pictures from events long past that he or she might smile with surprise upon seeing. If you wish, include movie ticket stubs and sporting event stubs, or other memorabilia from dates you have shared.

2.    If it realistically fits into your collective lifestyle, a puppy or kitten will melt their heart on even the chilliest winter’s eve. As a word of caution, do not attempt this gift if you are not 100% sure that your sweetheart would be completely thrilled with the pet and able to take care of it. (Keep their work schedule in mind as you make your decision.)

3.    A brand new watch can instantly become a favorite new possession – as with the jewelry, keep in mind the preferred color of the metal and size, etc.

Expressing one’s love is far more important during the holidays than the gift beneath all the bows, ribbons and wrapping. The spirit of Christmas may be the spirit of giving, but giving does not always have to relate to money. Be sure to give of your time by visiting those who are most important to you – parents, grandparents and those you know who could use a shoulder to lean on if times are tough. Sometimes the gifts without the price tags are far more valuable when coupled with the love and compassion shown on a friendly face.

Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Winter Double Date Ideas

Sometimes winter drags on and we wonder when spring will finally arrive. Rather than wishing away wintertime, get together with your sweetheart and another couple who are your dear friends and go on a fun and adventurous double date instead. You can get some exercise, have a healthy competition, see new sights, try new things, and best of all, do these fun winter double date ideas with people who you love.

For a fun winter dating adventure, consider these top 10 fun and adventurous winter double date ideas:


1.    Go ice skating together or play two-on-two pond hockey. If you are playing or skating on a real pond, just make sure the ice you’re playing on is completely frozen. Do not take any chances here, folks!

2.    Snuggle up on a sofa or loveseat and watch a movie with snacks. This one classifies as fun, not so much adventurous. Each couple can have a different part of the sofa or their own loveseat, of course, but the point is that you can all enjoy some popcorn or pizza, candy, cookies, whatever, as you watch a movie of your choosing.

3.    Plan a ski trip together.
Many couples love planning weekend getaways or long weekends with friends for a double dating adventure like a ski trip. You can go skiing or snowboarding depending on your preference, and when the day is done (or you just need a break), cozy up in the lounge and sip some hot chocolate.

4.    Visit a lake and try ice fishing. You’ll have to do your homework first to make sure the lake is frozen enough to be on top. A good rule of thumb would be to contact the township or a park office for more information so you can make sure your ice fishing double date adventure is a safe one.

5.    Go snow tubing or sledding.
A fun winter group date or double date is surely snow tubing or sledding. These activities are easy enough for just about anyone to do and they are fun in single tubes or tandem tubes. Once you are done playing in the snow, you can get some hot chocolate and snacks or food at the lodge. Yum!

6.    Rent snowmobiles and careen around the Winter Wonderland. If you are comfortable with operating a motorized vehicle outside in the cold weather and snowy terrain, snowmobiling might be right up your alley. Get your group together for a fun ride around the area. Just be careful as you drive and make sure you don’t do any silly tricks that could cause collisions. Also, if you plan to snowmobile across a lake, first be sure that the lake is fully frozen to support the weight.

7.    Find an indoor arena to get competitive and have some fun.
Try some doubles bowling or visit an indoor arcade. You could also check with your local YMCA for a guest pass to play racquetball, volleyball, basketball, or even use the swimming pool.

8.    Escape the cold and take a long weekend somewhere down south.
There’s something to be said for visiting a warm weather location in the dead of winter. That brief period of warm air, sunshine, and being outside in less clothing can really rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit during the colder months. Even more fun if you can explore the destination with good friends.

9.    Visit a winery or a brewery for a tour and tasting. Most wineries tend to be open for business even during the colder months, so this could be a great group date or double date for winter. If you plan to partake in the wine or beer, be sure at least one of you takes it easy so you can have a safe ride home. For a more relaxing spin, arrange some chauffeured transportation to get you from place to place safely without anyone missing out on the fun.

10.    Visit New York City to see the beautiful holiday scenes. You can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center or in Central Park – one of the true must-see, must-do activities in NYC in the winter. Your group can also take a carriage ride, visit the many shops, and stop for a bite to eat in one of countless eateries.

Fail Proof Tips for Flawless Beach Weddings

Beach weddings can be a dream come true, but they can also be a risk when it comes to hoping for the right kind of wedding weather to enjoy your outdoor shoreline wedding. Despite the chance that it might rain on your wedding day, thus altering some of your plans for your beach wedding, you may still enjoy an exciting beach wedding with these great fail proof beach wedding planning tips.

As you plan your beach wedding, you’ll doubtless be focused on many of the same wedding elements as other brides who are not having beach weddings, but you will also have other planning tasks on your mind. Minoo Hersini, creative director at Au Ciel Design Studio, shares the following fail proof tips to ensure a flawless beach wedding.


•    Research locations.

•    Inquire about the rules and regulations of the particular area where you will tie the knot.

•    Based on those regulations and your budget, make your guest list.

•    Send a “Save The Date” at least nine months in advance and request a response two months prior to your wedding.

•    Make several copies of all your documents, passport and photo IDs (at least two).

•    Ensure all requirements are indicated in your contract such as the permit for the location, limitations in regards to the number of guests, décor, sound, alcohol, food, chairs, canopies, etc. Also, try to have witnesses present if possible. Public beaches require permits and are usually limited to a certain number of guests. Private beaches also require permits, yet, the owners usually give you more leeway.

•    Watch out for the weather!
Always plan for rain and thunder even though that type of weather is not always expected during that time of year.

•    Plan for transportation to and from your wedding location.

•    Be on site at least three to five days before.
You will have enough time to verify all details and if needed, you will be able to rearrange certain aspects of your wedding.

•    Buy fancy flip-flops for your guests if your wedding is directly on the beach.

•    You are not expected to provide travel and accommodation for your guests. If they accept your invitation, the expense is usually considered as your wedding present; however, the bride usually provides accommodation for the bridal party.

•    Lastly, the ideal situation is to rent a house by the beach. Therefore, you will be able to utilize the beach for the ceremony and the house for the reception.

– Tips courtesy of Minoo Hersini.

About the Expert:
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Top 10 Most Important Wedding Expenses

Just getting ready to plan your wedding? Congratulations! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’d like to offer you some sage advice. During your wedding planning process, you may hit some bumps in the road, and everything that you always dreamed about your wedding day may not come together as smoothly as you’d like. With that being said, we encourage you to be strong about your heart-set choices and try to be flexible about the options that matter less to you.

Here 10 of the most important wedding expenses you may encounter. Of course, if you are planning an extremely lavish wedding, you may begin to add other items to the list. No matter what, though, these 10 wedding expenses are the foundation of a great wedding event. Consider these expenses individually to help you plan your wedding without a hitch.

1.    The Venue – For many brides and grooms, the venue is one of the most important elements of the wedding. If you’ve found one you like, you may even end up planning your wedding date around it. Whatever the case, remember that some wedding venues are more expensive than others. If the venue is your top priority and the fees are astronomical, you may simply have to make some budget cuts in other areas.

2.    The Food – One important element that you should pay great care is the food at your wedding. If the food is bad, guests will talk. If the food is great, guests will remember. If the food is mediocre, it will probably just blow over with the rest of the mediocre weddings. Attending a food tasting prior to your wedding is the best way to select your menu.

3.    The Alcohol – Unless you are having a dry wedding, or having your wedding in a dry town, alcohol is often a consideration in the planning of your wedding. You may have to select the types of beer, wine, and liquor you’ll be serving. You’ll also need to decide if you are going to have an open bar.

4.    The Dress – For many brides, the wedding dress is the top priority. Even though it is a gown to be worn on one day only, the symbolic nature of the wedding gown makes it worthy of being on the list of top 10 most important wedding expenses.

5.    The Flowers – From bouquets to church arrangements to centerpieces, the flowers at the wedding are another major consideration. If you plan your wedding around Christmas, you may benefit from the poinsettias that may already dress up the church. Depending on what’s in season and what type of flowers you’ve dream of having at your wedding, you’ll find the prices vary considerably.

6.    The Photography (video too) – Many brides and grooms will agree – documenting your wedding properly can be priceless. Wedding photos and even a wedding video can cement your wedding memories for a lifetime.

7.    The Invitations (and other stationery)
– Your invitations and wedding stationery are essentially the calling card to your wedding. You initially create the theme and feel of your wedding with the invitations and style of stationery items that you choose.

8.    The Music – Whether you opt for a DJ or a band, music is an important element of your wedding as far as the atmosphere and the social theme. You may even wish for a string quartet during your wedding ceremony for an especially elegant touch.

9.    The Decorations – Decorations at your wedding further flesh out the theme of the event. You can go easy on the decorations for a natural look and feel, or kick things up a notch with ice sculptures and other fancy wedding decorations.

10.    The Transportation – From a charismatic trolley to a timeless limo or a horse-drawn carriage, the transportation for your wedding is both functional and memorable. You might also consider arranging a shuttle for your guests to get to and from their hotel.

Remember, these are just 10 of the top wedding expenses you’ll want to consider when planning your wedding. Countless other expenses could come up depending on the scope of the wedding of your dreams and the wedding budget you’ve set. Take your time in planning and establish a budget to help you plan for all the expenses that mean the most to you. Your wedding is sure to be unforgettable.