Flirty Texts to Send

Text messaging is hotter than ever, so it helps to have a small arsenal of flirty texts to send to the one you like or love. If you are in a committed relationship, you can more easily get away with sending flirty texts to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. If you are in a new relationship or simply pursuing your crush, you might want to take it easy on the flirty text messages until you can see how your love interest feels in return.

Flirty texts can spice up your existing relationship. You can entice your lover or share some of your romantic thoughts. Consider these suggestions for flirty texts to send to the person you like.

Sweet and Flirty Texts to Send
Try these romantic things to say to your lover in a text message:

•    I like you.
•    You’re cute.
•    You’re mine.
•    Thinking of you.
•    You’re hot!
•    Hey Good Lookin’.
•    I like your [insert compliment here]

Meaningful or Useful Text Messages to Send to Your Crush
If you like someone, consider these text message ideas to help get you together for a date:

•    Want to grab a bite?
•    Milkshakes – my treat?
•    I challenge you to [ insert sport or activity here]
•    What’s the last movie you’ve seen? (Next text: Want to see [movie name] tonight / this weekend?)
•    Let’s grab a drink after work…

While fun and a great way to stay connected to your significant other, sending flirty texts doesn’t come without its risks. You should be careful when sending flirty or racy text messages in case you accidentally select the wrong contact from your phone book. Few things could be worse than sending a sexy text message to your boss, coworker, or family member. You should also be wary of sending flirty texts to your ex when you’ve had a little bit to drink. It’s important to avoid situations that could become uncomfortable whenever possible.

If you have other ideas for flirty texts to send or flirty text messages you would like to receive, please share them in our comments!


When is Touching Flirting

If you are wondering, when is touching flirting, think about your intentions or the intentions of the other person. Touching can be flirting in a variety of instances, mainly when a person’s intentions are romantic or lustful. Touching is a key form of flirting, along with eye contact, which both help to convey your feelings for someone without use of words.

Flirting is a playful and often mysterious way to express romantic feelings or to urge on sparks in a relationship. Find out what kinds of touching can be considered flirting.

Some examples of flirting through touching can include:
•    Holding hands
•    Putting your arm around the person, especially at a movie
•    Touching or rubbing the person’s arm, leg, or shoulder
•    Placing your hand on someone’s arm while talking to them
•    A playful shove

Other kinds of touching can also be considered flirting in certain contexts. If you challenge your crush to a competition of some sort, you can give a playful shove or even a high five with a flirtatious smile. A pinch or flipping a girl’s ponytail can also be considered flirting through touching.

Remember, flirting with touching can be sweet and innocent or in some cases it can be risky. You don’t want to come across as pushy or physically aggressive. If you flirt too frequently with someone who may not be interested, your advances may become more visibly unwelcome and in some cases may be perceived as sexual harassment when conducted in inappropriate situations or with inappropriate people.

Use your best judgment when flirting with friends, too. You can permanently change the dynamics of a friendship by flirting with a friend who may not share the same romantic feelings. When you engage in flirting with touching, it is often best to proceed slowly and innocently with caution. If your crush returns your flirting advances, you may be in a better place to flirt more often or more seriously.

Gauge the body language and facial expressions of the person you’re flirting with to understand if you are both on the same page. Your relationships will be stronger if you stay in tune with the signals you are given through another person’s flirting or lack thereof.


Fun Rainy Day Dates

Fun rainy day dates are one of the most memorable kinds of dates you can have. Bad weather can make us hesitant to go out and have fun, but it can still be romantic even if it’s the worst weather that you encountered in your life. The important thing is that you had the chance to spend it with your special someone. Lovers will definitely rekindle the relationship and it can add spice to your relationship in having a date on a rainy day. Here are some tips and suggestions that you can use while the rainy season strikes for both of you whether you like to spend time indoors or outdoors in the rain.

Rainy Dates: Activities

1.    Enjoy a movie together. You can watch one of the all time favorite romantic movies “The Notebook” starring Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling — that is, if you are the type of person who is a hopeless romantic. This movie will open your mind to believe that love still moves even if your memory fades out.

2.    Play indoor games like chess, scrabble, card games, or even Wii games that will leave you smiling and laughing out loud. Wii sports allow you to work out and burn calories in the house without going outside.

3.    Read books or any magazines together while sitting on the couch or bed.
This is one of the relaxing rainy dates that would be nice to do all the time.

4.    Prepare a candlelight dinner and cook his / her favorite dish while playing romantic music in the background. Isn’t it romantic to eat your dinner on a rainy day while listening to your favorite song? What the best romantic rainy dates have in common is that you and your sweetheart get to spend special time together, even if the weather isn’t very nice.

5.    Cuddle with your pet dog or or cat and play with them together.
Having a pet of your own, will make you a more optimistic person and reduce stress all the time.

6.    Play hide and seek inside your house. Try to turn off the lights so that it will make your game more intense, which for both of you heats up the moment.

7.    Play videoke. Sing your favorite songs together with your special someone.

8.    Play truth or dare. Try to share your deepest secrets or challenge each other with a wild task when playing truth or dare.

9.    Make a craft. Making a scrapbook can be a very special activity to enjoy with your loved one as a rainy day date idea. Having a scrapbook will give you memories that you can share and enjoy from time to time. It also relieves stress seeing your scrapbook and thinking of all your happy times, rain or shine.

One of the amazing rainy dates that you can enjoy outside with your partner is to walk along in the rain using your umbrella. This is very romantic, even if it’s already kind of cliché, but it works. For men out there who wish to attract their date’s attention, consider taking your date in the park and while walking along the street, share your funny jokes and snap a stolen picture of her.

You will love the idea that there are a lot of great things to do even if it’s the rainiest season that you experience in life. It will not be boring because you have found someone beside you to make it through the rainy season in life. Remember that weather is not a hindrance when you want to share quality time with your partner; it is the quality time that matters most. Spending quality time with your partner in the rainiest season will allow you to have a memorable date that you can remember for a lifetime. Everyone is not given a chance to do this with their partner. Now it is your chance to show your special someone how romantic it is to have a date in a rainy day. Don’t just sit there when the rain pours. You will now surely know what to do to surprise your partner and show how beautiful life can be, even when you need to enjoy a date on rainy days.

Top 10 Fun Dinners to Cook Together with Your Significant Other (or Family)

Making dinner together with the ones you love can be an enjoyable, memorable experience. From a simple homemade pizza to an elaborate Thanksgiving turkey dinner, you can make your meal as easy or as complex as you like. Cooking and baking as a couple, or even as an entire family, can be a great bonding experience. When you cook or bake with your sweetheart, it can also be a romantic activity for the two of you to enjoy.

Cooking and baking together give you a chance to work together toward a goal, piecing together a project until it’s complete and you get to enjoy the results. Consider not only the main course of the meal you plan to cook together, but also the side dishes, appetizer, bread, dessert, and wine or other beverages. Plan the menu together and also complete the meal preparation. Most importantly, have fun!

Consider these suggestions for fun dinners to cook together with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. You can select one of these or make up your own gourmet meal to cook.

Top 10 Dinners to Cook Together
1.    Turkey Dinner with All the Fixins
2.    Homemade Pizza
3.    Homemade Stromboli
4.    Chicken Parmesan (or Eggplant Parmesan)
5.    Spaghetti and Meatballs
6.    Stuffed Pork Chops
7.    Seafood Stir Fry (or Vegetable Stir Fry)
8.    Shrimp Scampi
9.    Surf and Turf
10.   Lobster Risotto

Cooking dinner together for two just wouldn’t be complete without homemade dessert! Be sure to prepare a dessert that appeals to both of you or to the entire family if you are preparing the meal as a group. Here are a few suggestions for the top 10 desserts to bake or make together with your sweetheart.

Top 10 Desserts to Bake Together
1.    Decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cake (or another flavor you prefer)
2.    Chocolate Chip Cookies
3.    Homemade Cheesecake
4.    Homemade Ice Cream
5.    Pies (Pumpkin Pie / Apple Pie)
6.    Strawberry Shortcake
7.    Tiramisu
8.    Baked Alaska
9.    Lemon Meringue Pie
10.    Peach Cobbler

No matter what you decide to cook with your sweetheart or your family, be sure to have a little taste here and there – after all, that’s half the fun!


AXE Twist Deodorant Body Spray Review – Great Fragrance to Keep Women Interested

Consider this review of AXE Twist body spray and deodorant.AXE Twist brands itself as the fragrance that changes to keep guys interesting to girls. It is an appealing concept with a clever and amusing commercial to keep the marketing and advertising efforts interesting to both guys and girls. The AXE Twist products are nicely packaged with yellow and green accents on the outside of the bottles or deodorant containers. The external styling is attractive and inviting.

When it comes to actually trying the new AXE Twist body spray, I really enjoyed the scent of it on my husband. On first application, Twist smelled citrusy and alluring, reminding me of romantic and exotic vacations and those perfect, warm summer days. As I was waiting and thinking so hard about the fragrance changing, I might have missed some of the keynotes, though. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing – I just might not have as sensitive a sniffer as the next. I’ve read there are notes of cedar and sandalwood in addition to the initial citrus blast. Both these additions sound lovely. I am not sure if I picked up on these notes as I am not super familiar with picking them out in a mixed bouquet, but I did notice that the Twist fragrance tames and tones itself down throughout the day, leaving a pleasant and refreshing fragrance that I could still detect toward the end of the day when my husband got home from work. I really enjoyed it and felt it was an upbeat and fun fragrance.

Consider this review of AXE Twist body spray and deodorant.My husband on the other hand, is more of a fan of the older, more traditional AXE fragrances. He wasn’t a huge fan of “walking around smelling like lemon-lime,” he said, but the fragrance does change a bit over time to become more subtle. Usually my husband tends to be more of a fan of rugged and woodsy scents, so I am not entirely surprised or turned off by his impression. I think if AXE reversed the order of the notes in the Twist fragrance to start out with cedar or sandalwood that might have been more his speed. The truth is, nothing is for everyone and you can’t always make everyone happy.

I think AXE Twist is the perfect product for your guy to toss in his gym bag on the go. It’s a nice and refreshing scent that is definitely noticeable. For more corporate events, perhaps a traditional cologne will do, but I have no personal objections to the new and exciting AXE Twist. In fact, I think it is the perfect fragrance for guys to enjoy this summer at the beach, pool parties, after the gym, around the house, and beyond!

AXE Twist is available at your favorite drugstores and at most of your favorite mass retailers. AXE Twist deodorant body spray and deodorant products retail for roughly $4 – $6. You can also order them in bulk at Product provided free to writer for reviewFor more information on AXE Twist and other AXE products, please visit

Important Things to Discuss with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before Marriage

Talk about these important things BEFORE marriage.Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with can be challenging or very easy. Once you and your significant other are thinking about taking your relationship to the next level, it’s important to discuss various issues to ensure your future together works. Whether you want kids or not is surely an important discussion to have. Even if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are on the same page regarding children, there are still many issues to consider and discuss before getting engaged.

Consider these tips on various discussions you should have with your boyfriend or girlfriend before walking down the aisle. practitioner, Financial Planner Julie Murphy Casserly CLU, ChFC, CFP shares various important financial discussions you should have with your sweetheart before getting married. Be sure to bring up these important topics before you and your significant other get married.

Discuss and be honest about debt levels

“When you marry someone, you also marry their money and their debt,” says Casserly. “Everyone brings financial baggage into a relationship but it’s important that each of you disclose exactly how much debt you are carrying so you can develop a picture of your financial responsibilities after marriage. It’s also not a good idea to hide some of your debt from your future spouse. As the old adage goes, “it’s never good to start a marriage on a lie” and it will just create negative energy between the two of you once the secret is out.”

Examine your credit scores

“If one person’s score is below 700, consider keeping your finances separate for awhile until you can work to improve the score,” Casserly recommends. “Work as a couple to help the person with the low credit score pay off debt and take care of overdue bills. Do not apply for any joint credit cards. Instead, put the cards in the name of the person with good credit and make the other person an authorized user.”

Set goals together

“It’s important that you both have a clear vision of your financial goals so you can help each other achieve them, or talk about the differences before trouble starts,” Casserly says. “Create a complete picture of your financial situation in the following three areas. It is easier to stay on track when you understand your full financial situation.”

Financial Planner Julie Murphy Casserly CLU, ChFC, CFP, shares the following tips for setting goals with your significant other:

  • Past – “Review and discuss all of your past choices and work to pay them down now.”
  • Present – “Review your current monthly bills and purchases and set a budget that fits into your allotted incomes.  Try to live the quality of life you want today on a cash basis, not a credit basis.”
  • Future – “Plan for your short-term, mid-term and long-term financial goals and make them a priority. Enlist the help of a financial planner who can help you set up savings and investment accounts that will help you reach all of your life goals.”

Make choices for two

“Once you have created your complete financial picture, make sure you agree that you will both clear a space in your life to obtain these goals and make life choices that align accordingly,” she says.

Being honest and open with your loved one is vital to a successful relationship, and most importantly, a successful and lasting marriage. Be sure to discuss these important topics with your soon-to-be-spouse before you tie the knot. Best wishes!

Relax and Enjoy a Good Book: So Into You by Sandra Hill

If you are up for some lighthearted fiction with a touch of sexy playfulness to it, So Into You by Sandra Hill is a perfect pick. The story brings readers into the life of the heroine, Grace O’Brien, as she tries to hide from the truth. Grace has led an interesting life as a rebellious teenager, ex-nun, championship poker player, treasure hunter, and folk healer. She has secrets as do most of us, but the biggest secret of all is the one that she hides from herself – her love for Angel.

So Into You engages readers with the behavior of the hero, Angel Sabato, who runs from what he believes to be the truth and the antics of the most animated woman in the Bayou, Tante Lulu, who tells it like she sees it. As I read the book, I found each new chapter to contain believable events and real-life people. However, personally, I found too many metaphors, too much slang, and too much “talking in the head” for my own personal liking.

If you enjoy reading a book that focuses on dialogue, then you will thoroughly enjoy this one. If you prefer a touch of mystery, you are not going to find much of it in this book. I found the heavy use of metaphors and the constant use of dialect a bit too annoying. I like a book that I can read without trying to get around the text. While there is only a touch of bad language, I didn’t enjoy its use either as I personally find it unnecessary in a good novel. However, if certain words are in your vernacular, you won’t have any problem reading So Into You. It isn’t the kind of book that I am going to pass on to my mother to read as I already know what her reaction is going to be.

So Into You is perhaps best for the younger crowd (under 40) who are looking for romance in their own lives or something to wile away a few hours of boredom. I could put this book down without qualms and for me that is reason enough to say that I could have done without it. Nothing in the storyline had me clamoring for more.

The storyline is transparent from the very beginning of the book, so if you are looking for some cloak-and-dagger type of reading, this isn’t the story for you. The plot is rather lightweight for my tastes, but for women who enjoy a novel to relax by, So Into You offers an easy-to-read story presented with a touch of humor, a lot of sex talk, a steamy sex scene, and quite a few colorful characters.

While the book speaks of emotional reactions – love, sadness, guilt, anger, and more, I did not empathize with any of the characters. The build up to each of these feelings is too riddled with “talking in the head” instead of actual emotion from the characters. Maybe I am just too old-fashioned in my tastes for books, but I would rather feel what the characters are feeling than read what they are saying to themselves while conversing with others.

A graduate of Penn State, Sandra Hill works as a freelance writer and education editor. She enjoys writing lighter fiction such as what you will discover in her latest book, So Into You.

Product provided free to writer for reviewI received this book for the purpose of reviewing it and I have offered my honest opinion. Give yourself a chance to disagree and grab the book for yourself.

Romantic Desserts, Sweet Dessert Beverages, and After Dinner Drinks to Try at Home

Try dessert for two for a romantic evening.It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or even a special occasion to enjoy a romantic dessert at home with your sweetheart. You can really maximize the romance of your meal with a decadent dessert or a rich and inviting after dinner drink, cocktail, or liqueur. Romantic desserts and sweet and dreamy dessert beverages offer more than just a delightful taste, so take the time to enjoy them once in a while.

Romantic desserts need not be extravagant and difficult to prepare. On the contrary, some of the best desserts-for-two can be store-bought or special ordered. Of course, you can always go to the trouble of creating a romantic dessert recipe from scratch to impress your significant other, but it may not always be necessary.

No matter if you plan to make your own romantic desserts or purchase something that is premade to enjoy, consider the following suggestions for desserts and after dinner drinks to enjoy.

Romantic Dessert Ideas
From decadent chocolate cake with raspberry sauce to chocolate-covered strawberries, the list oBanana Splits can be a romantic dessert to share.f romance-inspiring desserts and treats goes on seemingly forever. Remember the most important thing about selecting your dessert options is to ensure you and your sweetheart both like them. To some men, chocolate chip cookies, while simple, may even be romantic if prepared especially for them.

Consider these ideas for romantic dessert ideas:

–    Banana Split
–    Chocolate-covered Strawberries
–    Chocolate Fondue
–    Crème Brulee
–    Baked Alaska
–    Hot Fudge Sundae or Banana Split for Two
–    Pie of any kind with Whipped Cream
–    Strawberry Shortcake with Extra Whipped Cream
–    Triple Chocolate Cake (or some variation)

Keep Reading: Romantic Dessert Beverages and After-Dinner Drinks…

A Thumbs Up Book Review: Leave Your Clothes on, but Prepare to Get Financially Naked

I love reading books – romance, finance, cooking, mystery, science fiction, gardening, and just whatever. I enjoy them even more when they are easy to read, offer great facts, or grab my attention. This particular book, Get Financially Naked by Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA, and Sharon Kedar, MBA, CFA, did all of that.

While the book is designed to teach you “How to talk money with your honey,” it can definitely be helpful for singles too. Many couples fail to discuss money before they move in together or get married, so they don’t know what to expect. While it is best to do this prior to signing on the dotted line, talking about finances is even more important once you are married. Get Financially Naked is designed to empower women with the ability to take control of their financial life and get it together.

Several exercises are contained throughout the book, designed to provide insight into how people think about money. These mini-exercises are designed to be taken individually, making it possible to learn important personal truths about the way that you think about money, spend money, and save money, even if you don’t currently have your own honey.

The primary goal of Get Financially Naked is to teach you how to manage your financial life responsibly while achieving your financial dreams and goals. It offers techniques that can be used on an individual basis, while also providing pointers and lessons on how to talk about your finances with your significant other, married or not.

Even if you believe that you already have a firm grasp on your financial life, reading the book can open up a few new possibilities while also giving you some food for thought. One of the aspects that I especially like about the book is that it provides examples of other couples and how they approached certain types of financial scenarios. This is great for anyone who wants to start up a conversation about finances with a significant other, but simply doesn’t know where to start.

I like to approach a book such as this with the expectation that even if I only take away one new, valuable tool or thought, I have come away a winner. It is an easy read as well as being a book that you can put down for a few days and pick it up again without wondering what you were reading about last. Just the title alone is enough to get your guy to take a look through as well – honestly!

I did receive Get Financially Naked for the purposes of reviewing it, but to tell you the truth, I did request this type of book. Even if you aren’t quite sure that you need to improve your financial house of cards, consider picking this one up for an extra touch of motivation when it comes to realizing your financial dreams and getting in tune with your significant other as far as how to spend and save joint funds.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Sexy Lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood

Sexy lingerie is perhaps the most intimate style of clothing that a woman can wear. And why not wear it? The full-bodied You can't go wrong with black lingerie by Shirly of Hollywood.sensuality and delicate femininity of intimate apparel is undeniably appealing. There is no doubt about the fact that sexy lingerie tantalizes, tempts, empowers, and caresses all at the same time. Wearing sexy lingerie can make a woman feel gorgeous, desirable, beautiful, powerful, appealing, confident, sexy, and oh, so much more.

Whether a man is buying his Valentine a few seductive pieces of flimsily-designed, see-through, skimpy lingerie or the woman is boldly selective a few tempting pieces to express her inner vixen, beautiful, hot lingerie is the direction to go this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about the cost either, since the gift is definitely worth the price ten times over.

Whether seduction is in the picture or you simply want to feel beautiful, I highly recommend treating yourself to a delicately-designed balconette and thong ensemble in pastel pink or a sexy red outfit that leaves little to the imagination. If you are looking for something a bit less revealing, why not pick up a form-fitting, body-smoothing corset in your favorite color.

Consider sexy lingerie to spice up your love life.Even when no one can see my lingerie, just the simple fact that I feel the soft fabric caressing my body while it shapes and offers a smoothing effect is enough to enhance my mood for the day. Try it and discover the empowering effect of a bit of finery that has been designed to barely cover what the sun does not shine on.

While you can purchase sexy lingerie in almost any fine department store along with linger boutiques across the globe, I recently discovered the line of Shirley of Hollywood to be attractive and alluring. Offering exceptionally fine fabrics to daring styles, Shirley of Hollywood features a wide variety of collections that cater to an assortment of lingerie tastes.

I received two adorable baby doll sets from their H.O.T. Collection. Designed as a one-size-fits-all ensemble, both baby dell sets were crafted in sheer fabric, trimmed in ribbon, and adorned with sequins. The straps are adjustable, a nice feature; and the panties feature that ever-popular style of a G-string. Currently, Shirley of Hollywood is featuring a lacey, fringe baby doll with a halter neck. It is only available in white or black, but it is quite fetching. They have lots of other styles and colors as well.

The packaging for the H.O.T. baby dolls states that the one-size-fits-all style will fit women between the height of 5 feet and 5 feet, 10 inches. The suggested weight range is 90 to 155 pounds.

Sexy lingerie can ignite the spark in your marriage.Don’t be discouraged if this isn’t your sizing because Shirley of Hollywood’s “Intimate Attitude Collection” is perfect for the full-figured woman with a taste for sexy intimate apparel. They also offer pamper-perfect luxuries such as soft robes and spa products.

I also received a strapless, black corset featuring a hook & eye side closure, waist-slimming lace-up back, ruffled front, ribbon trim, body-controlling boning, and G-string panties. Talk about creating a sizzle! Even if you haven’t indulged in sexy lingerie before now, it is an experience that every woman should try.

From charming see-through baby dolls to lacey corsets to fishnet stockings to camisoles to bras to panties to bustiers and more, Shirley of Hollywood’s lingerie collections have something to offer everyone in a delightful array of colors and styles. Create the whole package and purchase an expensive bottle of perfume to go along with the lingerie.

Products provided free to writer for reviewFor a look at some of the latest lingerie styles, visit Shirley of Hollywood Collections.

Valentine’s Gifts for Dad and Son

As much as we’d like to think that Valentine’s Day is geared towards moms and daughters alike, the fact is that dads, husbands, ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones are an excellent Valentine gift for any man in your life.and sons are very much worthy of some special treatment, too. To celebrate our love for the men in our lives, we’ve come together, along with some very willing companies, to offer you some great gift ideas that may not have been considered….

Dads – We appreciate all that you do for us and to celebrate, here are some great products worthy of your honor! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gifts over $100.00:
Shred Sled Casterboard Skateboard is a great gift for boys and men of many ages.The Shred Sled has got to be the most absolute, must-have perfect Valentine Gift for Boys ages 9 and into their 40’s even. The Shred Sled Casterboard Skateboard is by far, the coolest thing my son says you can get a kid. It’s like riding a skateboard, but better.

The Shred Sled combines skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and even rollerblading Shred Sled is a great Valentine gift for kids to give their dads or for parents to give their sons.into one slick board. It’s composited with Caster Aluminum alloy with polyurethane wheels (4) and comes in three colors (Black, Blue, or Red). These babies are virtually indestructible and offer increased foot control — better than any “board” I’ve ever seen!!!

ARP: $119.99
Available at: or by visiting your local toys R us and also at


Gifts under $100.00:

ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones would make any man fall to his knees. With exceptional noise canceling technology, your husband, son, dad (or anyone) will hear speech clarity and sound quality like he’s never heard before. They’re even compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, and Airline Audio Systems.

ableplanet Linx Audio True Fidelity (NC300B) Head Phones are an excellent Valentine gift for any man in your life.The minute I opened the box, my husband stood beside me, eagerly looking over my shoulders. Much like a kid in a candy store, every move I made, he was right there, waiting to pounce. Once he was given the “okay” to use them, it was all over for me. I think he forgot I was even home. Not one word rang out for me nor was he even aware that my music was blared in the other room (what? I had to test its quality too – LOL). I give this gift an A+ for quality and performance (and because they offer a lifetime warranty).

ARP: $99.99
Available at: Costco, Staples,, or

Gifts under $20.00:

Jovan Satisfaction for men is an affordable option for Valentine's Day.Jovan Satisfaction for Men is a wonderful idea if you’re on a budget for men’s fragrances, but don’t want to slack on the quality. Impressed? Yes, I was thoroughly impressed by the wonderful smell this cologne had. It fit well with his body chemistry and made for a wonderful day of “sniffing” his neck. The fragrance wasn’t overpowering nor was it too understated. It was perfect and lasts even when they’re working outdoors.

I hate to say it, but I never did care for the traditional smells of Jovan. I can’t say that anymore because my husband and I have, 9 out of 10 times, chosen Jovan over our regular colognes and perfumes. The smells complement each other and definitely prove to be “satisfactory.” I’m pleased to say that Jovan is now our favorite fragrance collection, without a doubt.

•    0.5 oz Eau De toilette Spray: $12.00
•    1.0 oz Eau De toilette Spray: $18.00
Available at: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Kmart and at

Surya Brasil Cosmetics has just introduced its first men’s line, called SAPIEN, and what a wonderful line it is. My husband tried it last night when he took his evening shower and liked it. He said it didn’t feel soapy like other body washes he’d used before. He also said he didn’t know what it was about the products that he liked, but that he liked them. The smells were nice and made him feel clean, like there was no residue left behind.

Surya Brasil Cosmetics has just introduced its first men’s line, called SAPIEN....The reason my husband wasn’t feeling the residue after washing is due to Surya Brasil products being beneficial to society and the environment. These products are 100% plant-based and do not contain any synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, or any other by-products. The products are purely organic and natural. If your husband, son, or father has wanted an alternative to the norm when it comes to men’s products, I can assure you that Surya Brasil will be a great replacement to any product used in the home now. My husband received a tube of shower gel, shave cream, and styling gel, all of which will be used in his daily washing regimen.

ARP: Vary according to product, but average around $13.00 to $20.00
Available at:


Consider a team grill as the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man if price is no option.Now, we’d also like to mention, if price is no object in your shopping this Valentine’s Day, let us turn your head to this kick-butt, to-die-for, gotta-have-it product for dads that is sure to make every man, woman, and child jealous of your backyard grilling machine. Yes ladies, I’m talking about something that every man wishes they had (besides beer and football). This Valentine’s day, get him a TEAM GRILL! And ladies (gentlemen), these are no ordinary grills; these are “Team” Grills. That’s right, every sports team imaginable can be painted on these beautiful grills to make it custom to his likings. The paint is made of a special material that will resist stripping with high heat levels.

I know that, after visiting I’m one jealous woman. Just imagining the excitement on my husband’s face brings me to tears because I know how much he’d grill for us each week and how I’m totally missing out on it already.

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How to Have a Sexy Kiss

Try these tips to have a sexy kiss.Whether you plan to pucker up for a special date, a blind date, or pure bliss on Valentine’s Day, perfecting your kissing technique can work wonders for your relationship. If you want to know how to have a sexy kiss, you might first try by taking cues from your lover. How does he or she tend to kiss you? Try to follow suit and spice things up here and there when you can.

When all else fails, talk to your sweetheart about their impression of the perfect kiss and then work to create it! Whether you are a beginner at smooching or an expert kisser, consider these kissing techniques to help you have a sexy kiss.

Try Casual or Hard-to-Get during the Day and Passionate at Night
Kissing can of course lead to other things, so sometimes keeping your kisses casual during the day can be a good thing if you don’t have time to spend quality time together. You can offer soft and sweet kisses to show you care, or you can throw all your cares to the wind and attack-kiss your sweetheart. It all varies on how you want to approach the day with your kisses.

“I believe that just a casual kiss on the cheek throughout the day builds to a more passionate night,” says Kathy Scott of Idaho.

Try these tips for a sexy kiss.Vary your Kisses with Short Pecks and Longer Kisses
Keep your kissing technique exciting and sexy with a variety of short pecks and longer, sensual kisses. You can entice your lover, tease, or tempt, all with the way you deliver your sexy kisses. Sometimes a short, quick peck on the lips is all we get on the way out the door to work, but don’t let that be the only kind of kiss you get. Make sure you set aside quality time to spend with your mate, and be sure to share a few sexy kisses.

“A sexy kiss is made up of short pecks which lead into longer kisses,” Michele Guinsburg of Texas recommends.

“I think the perfect sexy kiss includes soft little puckers on the lips,” adds Tatiana Masone of New York. “This is my favorite way to kiss my boyfriend; also to create the perfect little pucker, I keep the lip gloss and lip stick to a minimum during this time because when I’m done kissing him, I do not want him wearing the same color lipstick as me.”

Sweeten your Smooch with Flavored Lip Gloss or Lip Balm
Many girls and guys alike are suckers for sweet flavored lip balms and lip gloss products. Avoid chapped lips, which can be a real drag and sometimes a turnoff, by simply using lip balm, ChapStick, or lip gloss on a regular basis. If you get dry and chapped winter lips, you will be happy to hear that Neosporin is now offering lip therapy treatments to combat dry and chapped lips.

“For a sexy kiss I use flavored lip gloss,” says Catherine Kister of OH. “It not only makes your lips soft, supple, and kissable, it adds a little surprise of tasty flavor for your sweetie when you smooch. You can even make a sexy game out of guessing what the flavor is.”

Enjoy your sexy kisses!