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He loves me, he loves me not…. Whether you’re just starting out, newly single, looking for someone on a dating site, or in it for the long haul, read about the greats and gripes here! We’ve got everything from communication issues to flirting tips, info on eye contact and body language, to date ideas, engagement ring advice, and much more.When it comes to relationships and dating, there’s always so much to learn and share. You can find out how to choose the perfect gifts for your significant other, or try tips on planning incredible dates with just a few simple ideas for each season. Read up on the topics here about online dating, communication styles in new relationships, and much more.

What Kind of Women Go After Married Men… and Why?

If you wonder what kind of woman goes after another woman’s husband, you are not alone. Why is it that some women are attracted to married men while others strictly only go after men who are single and fully available? … Keep Reading

Naughty Nighties – Bring out the Bad Girl Inside

They may not all be willing to admit it, but even good girls have a bad side. And by bad, we mean sexy, naughty, and mysterious. With the right attitude and a few select additions to your wardrobe, you can … Keep Reading

What to Do if You Have a Crush on a Married Man

Sometimes we just can’t help the way we feel. We may find chemistry between ourselves and another person, even if we know that person is not a good match for us. We might have a crush on someone else’s significant … Keep Reading

Easy Flirting Tips for Any Age

Flirting can be a natural response or a forced action, depending on how certain people deal with the situation. If you like someone, or if they like you, flirting is almost a complete byproduct of that chemistry. While some people … Keep Reading

Romantic Birthday Letters and Sayings to Include in a Greeting Card

To show that special someone how much you care, include a personal note in his or her birthday card or create your own romantic birthday letters to commemorate the occasion. Romantic birthday letters and birthday cards often become cherished keepsakes, … Keep Reading

Wanting What You Can’t (Or Shouldn’t) Have – What is the Attraction of Dating a Married Man?

So what is the fascination some women have with married men? Is it the thrill of the chase? The aspect of danger? The common issue of wanting what you can’t (or shouldn’t) have? Surprisingly, for women who are willing to … Keep Reading

Tips to Keep Your Marriage Exciting and Free from Boredom to Prevent your Spouse from Having an Affair

With affairs ending up in the news, on television shows, in movies, and even in some people’s social circles, many couples may wonder how they can protect their marriages from leading to an affair. While there is no true scientific … Keep Reading

Top 10 Romantic Things to Do for or with Your Significant Other on a Tropical Island Vacation

If you and your sweetheart are going on a tropical island vacation together, you’re almost guaranteed to have a completely amazing time. From the beautiful scenery of the tropics to the romance in the air all the time, you can … Keep Reading

Top 10 Fun, Exciting, and Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Fall offers a lovely backdrop of color that can best be enjoyed outside and in the arms of the one you love. For a perfect fall date idea, consider the following top 10 fun and exciting fall dates. You can … Keep Reading

Top 10 Summer or Warm Weather Adventure Date Ideas

Summertime offers the perfect excuse to try exciting new things and explore new adventures while enjoying the warm weather. Summer adventure dates can be lots of fun for couples or for double dates and group dates. Depending on your preference, … Keep Reading

“Jon & Kate Plus 8” Divorce, 4th of July Gathering, Mark Long Road Ahead

Despite trying to make nice for the 4th of July holiday with the kids, Jon and Kate Gosselin – the stars of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” – have a long road ahead – involving divorce and raising eight children … Keep Reading

The Attraction of Dating a Married Man in the Celebrity World – Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair Meet an Untimely End

Perhaps the cheating ways of celebrities and professional athletes receive more attention because of the high profile lifestyles they lead. Tabloids and gossip columns continually shout about new suspicions for who is cheating on whom and where these two people … Keep Reading

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