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He loves me, he loves me not…. Whether you’re just starting out, newly single, looking for someone on a dating site, or in it for the long haul, read about the greats and gripes here! We’ve got everything from communication issues to flirting tips, info on eye contact and body language, to date ideas, engagement ring advice, and much more.When it comes to relationships and dating, there’s always so much to learn and share. You can find out how to choose the perfect gifts for your significant other, or try tips on planning incredible dates with just a few simple ideas for each season. Read up on the topics here about online dating, communication styles in new relationships, and much more.

9 Reasons Why He May Not Propose (Right Now or Ever)

Waiting for your boyfriend to propose can be a tiresome, exasperating experience, especially if you don’t know where he is coming from. Having conversations about your future can help, or it may leave you dangling with even more questions. Why … Keep Reading

Book Review – “Stern Men” by Elizabeth Gilbert

A novel with an interesting tale to tell, “Stern Men” by Elizabeth Gilbert is a book for those who enjoy reading as much for the style as for the tale. Despite this fact, this is not a story for those … Keep Reading

Top 10 Fun and Exciting Summer Double Date Ideas

Summer creates the perfect time of year to plan fun and exciting double dates. You and your best friend or your sweetheart and theirs can have a blast enjoying countless summer double date ideas, from the adventurous and athletic to … Keep Reading

Top 10 Date Ideas for Weeknights

Weeknights can be a tricky time to fit in a date, but dates on weeknights can be essential to strengthening your relationship and your romantic bond. Whether you are boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife, a weeknight date every … Keep Reading

Flirty Things to Say to Your Lover or Crush via Text Message… AKA: Flirtexting

Thanks to technology, girls and guys now get to interpret text messages as a means of communication, flirting, and joking around. Texting back and forth with friends and significant others becomes a habit as much as a convenience. There’s something … Keep Reading

Top 10 Fun Spring Date Ideas for Couples

Springtime is a wonderful time to explore a new love or reignite the spark of your established relationship. Whether you are looking for a first date idea in the spring, a springtime double date idea, or a romantic date for … Keep Reading

Perfume: Your Handy Little Seduction Sidekick

It happens to all of us. You’re standing in a room or passing by a crowded street or sidewalk and all of the sudden, a truly tantalizing scent catches you completely by surprise. Almost unconsciously, your head swivels as you … Keep Reading

Fun, Flirty and Frisky – What Does the Color of Your Lingerie Say About You?

So ladies, what thoughts swirl through your mind as you choose your undergarments for a day at work, a lazy afternoon at home, a night that you’ll be spending with your lover? And guys, do you even notice the color … Keep Reading

Five things they never tell you about dating: What you need to know about dating before “The One” gets away…

Been dreaming about your wedding or your soul mate ever since you were old enough to spell “romance”? Admit it, we’ve all scrawled our desired future married names across our notebook covers at some time or another. Everyone yearns for … Keep Reading

Brief Calls May Be Best at First in a New Relationship or Friendship, Long Calls for Established Relationships or Long Distance Relationships – Test the Waters

When beginning new relationships, many people decide to proceed with caution and take their time getting to know the other person. With the slower pace in mind, many couples begin with brief phone calls to first test the waters of … Keep Reading

Old Fashioned Telephone Strategy vs. Modern Telephone Strategy in New Relationships

When it all comes down to it, some things never change and some things always change. Telephone strategy in new relationships seems to be one of those ever-changing, never-changing things for people. Some women even today still like for the … Keep Reading

Balanced Telephone Strategy in New Relationships – Men and Women Can Both Call, Sometimes Wait for the Guy to Call First

In many new relationships these days, men and women are sharing the responsibility of calling their new love interest. Modern couples tend to be taking a balanced telephone strategy in their new relationships. While many women may still prefer for … Keep Reading

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