Beautiful Hairstyles for Groom’s Mom

mother-of-the-groom-hairstylesAs the mother of the groom, you will be playing an important role in the wedding. There are many things that you need to take care of in the lead up to the wedding. One of the most important things that you have to consider, however, is your hairstyle. Hairstyles for the groom’s mom should look polished and chic. Your hairstyle for your son’s wedding should also compliment your face shape and your outfit.

The French Twist

A French twist is a classic hairstyle for formal occasions. It is stylish, chic and polished. It is the perfect hairstyle for a formal wedding, and it is fairly easy to achieve this look. Begin by brushing your hair until it is tangle-free. Bring all of your hair neatly over your left shoulder, while ensuring that it remains smooth and tangle free. Then, take a few bobby pins, which match the color of your hair, and pin all of your hair to the left side. Place the pins in the hair vertically, as the hair will stay in place better.

Next, begin to twist your hair to the right, until you create a roll. You can twist the hair around your finger if it is easier for you. After this, hold the roll that you have created with one hand and place a few bobby pins, vertically, on the underside of the roll, near your scalp. If you have any hair sticking out of the roll, then simply tuck it in and hold it in place with bobby pins.

Loose Waves with a Side Part

An ideal hairstyle for your son’s wedding is loose waves. Wearing your hair wavy, with your hair parted to the side is a stylish hairstyle, which works particularly well for weddings with a more casual tone. Achieving this style is easy. Simply take small to medium sized pieces of hair and curl them using a curling iron. Make sure that the pieces of hair aren’t too small. If you curl sections that are too small, you will end up with tight ringlets, rather than loose waves. For an extra glamorous look, sweep all of your hair over one shoulder, and secure it using bobby pins, which match the color of your hair.

The Half-Up Do

One of the best hairstyles for the groom’s mom is the half-up do. This hairstyle is highly versatile and it looks great for both formal and casual weddings. This hairstyle is ideal for those who don’t want to wear all of their hair down, or wear an up-do. Achieving this look is easy. Simply take the front portion of your hair and clip it in place at the back of your head, using bobby pins. You have a great deal of freedom with this hairstyle. You can part your hair however you want, and you can decide how much of your hair you want to clip back.

Irish & Celtic Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding DressPicking the right wedding dress can be a very tricky affair. However, with the coming of the Internet, and Pinterest, things are easier than ever. The Celtic wedding dress presents a testament of individuality and passion on your wedding day. The bride can either choose a formal or informal dress. A Celtic wedding gown also carries a medieval, romantic aura that makes the bride feel like a princess in a fairyland. These gowns also offer a wide range of styles to consider. The bride can choose from minimalistic gowns, ball gowns, the flamboyant, detachable trains, or even the fuller, naturally flowing wedding gowns.

Another available option is the Irish crochet wedding dress. With this wedding dress, it is advisable that you order it way before the wedding day because it takes quite some time to get it ready. The bride who chooses this crochet wedding dress should be creative when it comes to accessorizing it. It is a good idea to get a crocheted veil and headpiece for that glamorous look. Irish wedding dresses come in a variety of designs and styles. The bride can either go for the cathedral length trains or the tea-length gowns.

A bride who loves Celtic traditions can incorporate them by looking through Celtic wedding dresses. This is a good way of adding flair to your wedding for a memorable occasion. These wedding dresses are much more vibrant and colorful than the traditional gown. They come in a variety of colors, like blues, greens, and reds. Your wedding will even be more colorful if you have the maids wear Celtic bridesmaid dresses. The Celtic dresses and gowns are the best choice if your wedding has an Irish theme. The dresses are stylish and elegant and a good way of honoring heritage.

Yet another unique wedding dress is the Irish lace wedding dress. Adorning your wedding gown with a handmade Irish lace is the best way of reflecting the Irish heritage in your gown. With the Celtic dress, you can embrace the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. This wedding dress can go well with Celtic jewelry, which is a perfect way of touching the Celtic flare. To complete the look, you can go for a Celtic ring, necklaces, and pendants, all available on the Internet or in specialty Celtic and Irish boutiques. A lovely Celtic or Irish wedding dress truly allows your sense of fashion to stand out on your wedding day.

Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding Ideas

Wedding CakePlanning your wedding on a holiday weekend definitely has its pros and cons, so be sure to give it some thought before you set your wedding date in stone. If you are interested in considering a Labor Day weekend wedding (or a Memorial Day weekend wedding, for that matter), be sure to keep these points in mind. If you decide to move forward with the wedding planning, here are some holiday weekend wedding ideas for you to consider.

In planning a Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend wedding, one thing to consider is that your guest attendance might be somewhat lacking due to folks being out of town or having other plans for the holiday. As long as you are comfortable in knowing this may impact the responses you get, you can keep moving forward with your wedding plans. The Memorial and Labor Day weekends also offer some benefits – such as guests being able to make it into a fun long weekend away and the flexibility you have to plan more events for your wedding during the extra weekend days. You can also plan your wedding on a Saturday or a Sunday since most people should have Monday off for the holiday.

Wedding CakeThe wide array of Memorial Day and Labor Day wedding ideas all comes back to whether you want to have a patriotic wedding or simply a wedding taking place over the long weekend. Here are some tips on planning both a long holiday weekend wedding and a patriotic wedding.

Top Ideas for a Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding

A Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend wedding can be a lot of fun for so many reasons. Consider these ideas for a holiday weekend wedding as well as a patriotic themed wedding.

Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding Tips

•Consider planning your wedding at a location where your guests may wish to make a long weekend stay out of it.

•Give some thought to having a brunch on the morning after the wedding and invite all of your guests who choose to stay overnight.

•Consider planning a few different events following your wedding and leave for your honeymoon on Tuesday or Wednesday instead.

•Put together a list of Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend activities for your guests who may be coming from out of town. They may like to have some options for things to do during the rest of the long weekend, if they choose to stay.

Patriotic Wedding Tips

•Coordinate your wedding flowers with the patriotic color scheme. Choose reds, whites, and blues in a variety of blossom shapes.

•Look at red or blue wedding shoes and a red or blue wedding garter to keep with the patriotic colors in your holiday weekend wedding.

•Consult with your baker to come up with a fun and patriotic wedding cake design, or choose a variety of creatively decorated wedding cupcakes.

•Choose table linens and other wedding decorations in a red, white, and blue color scheme.

•If you are feeling a bit funky, consider trying some Memorial Day or Labor Day beauty tips, like a bit of body glitter or a touch of blue mascara if you feel especially bold.

Another idea for a Labor Day or Memorial weekend wedding is to plan a destination wedding or a wedding out of town at a nice location you enjoy. Your family and friends can make a mini-vacation out of your wedding weekend. If you do choose a destination wedding, you can also get a jump start on your honeymoon.

Remember, many people plan vacations or other social events over the three-day weekends in the summertime. If possible, be sure to send out save-the-date cards to give your guests as much notice as possible so they will be more likely to attend your wedding.


The DIY Bride: Hair and Makeup Looks that Dazzle

Information courtesy of Gocha Hawkins,

Every bride deserves to look and feel like a queen on her wedding day; however, not every bride has the budget of a queen. Do it yourself hair and makeup looks have increased significantly in popularity in the last few years, with YouTube tutorials abound and products at our fingertips that take the hassle out of the process. Here, Gocha Hawkins, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist, and owner of Gocha Salon, delivers three show stopping hair and makeup looks that are easy enough to pull off yourself, and still make you feel like the queen that you are.

“As a general rule of thumb, shimmer does not always photograph well. Do your best to keep makeup matte and be sure that foundation is blended thoroughly as the camera detects oily skin. For summer brides, humidity is their worst hair enemy. Dry hair downward at a 90-degree angle to avoid frizz while styling, and ask your hairstylist beforehand about products that will work with your hair’s natural texture. Additionally, every bride should have a touch-up kit on hand the day of the wedding to avoid a beauty disaster,” Gocha advises.

Bold Bride

Gwen StefaniThis summer, it’s all about the pop of color in the makeup world. “The runways for spring and summer 2012 collections were sprinkled with bright neon shades not only in terms of the clothing, but also in makeup,” explains Gocha. “This has definitely prevailed as a trend for the more fashion forward bride this season. Also, it’s very versatile and can work for women with short hair. Pairing this with a structured yet whimsical teased ponytail achieves a stunning, bold statement. Think rocker mom Gwen Stefani’s electric style.”

·         Choose one feature to focus on; whether you’re going with a bright eye or lip, having both will be distracting and take away from your overall look. If drawing the focus to the eye, begin by using a powder-based primer to set. MAC Cosmetics has countless shadow options and at $15.00, it’s a steal. As far as a show-stopping lip, go with a matte lipstick. NARS’s semi-matte lipstick is a safe bet and cost-effective at $24.00.

·         A volumized ponytail is stunning and works with warm weather instead of against it. To create this look, leave out the hair at the crown of the head when pulling hair back. Curl hair with a large-barreled curling iron for a bouncy, wavy texture or pin up for a more traditional updo. Tease hair at the crown for volume, spraying hairspray at the same time to set the look. To smooth, apply wax pomade and secure with a hair pin.

Vintage Glam

January JonesFor the bride that wants to play up her sex appeal on her wedding day, a slightly heavier makeup look with a glamorous yet simple ‘do is the way to go. “Creating a dramatic eye with a red lip gives off that eternal essence of old-Hollywood charm and epitomizes class for a sophisticated affair. A great role model for this look is January Jones, who keeps it in her repertoire for big ticket red carpet events. If your wedding’s theme leans toward romantic vintage, this look is definitely for you,” says Gocha.

·         Spend time testing different shades of the perfect red. Depending on skin tone, a red with a tint of orange or undertones of pink will look best on most brides. Keep other makeup simple, but still stunning by lining the upper rim of your eye in a black kohl liner. Use an eyelash curler for added volume (or if you’re even more adventurous, fake lashes) and make sure to apply ample mascara. Sweep a natural looking blush on cheeks for the full effect.

·         Retro waves are flattering on every face shape and most hair lengths, except for very short. Following your shower, use leave-in conditioner to keep hair moisturized. Dry hair and part to the side. Curl in 1-inch sections and then roll forward. Set with an anti-frizz serum that will moisturize your hair throughout the night.

Natural Beauty

Charlize TheronMinimalism is a dominant trend for summer that emerged during the collections for 2012 designer campaigns. As Gocha explains, “With a natural makeup look, I like to do something fun with hair, like take a classic style and evolve it to be more modern. One of my favorite hairstyles of the past year was Charlize Theron’s look at the Oscars. Not only does she pull off a modified version of the classic chignon, but she elevated the headband and transformed it into a formal hair accessory.”

·         For makeup, choose a blush that is as close as possible to your natural flush color. Define your features by shading eyelids with a soft, natural hue that is a shade darker than your skin tone. Lightly line eyes with a black liner if desired, or just stick with a few coats of mascara to make them pop. For lips, stick to a shade or two darker than your lip hue in a moisturizing, lightweight tint.

·         Curl small sections with a 2-inch curling iron to create waves. Spray with a shine-enhancing product and brush to eliminate the threat of separation. Sweep hair to your preferred side and roll hair into a loose bun. Pull out some face framing strands to create an unstructured, wispy look. Finish by spraying with holding spray and carefully place your headband.

“The most important advice I can give to any DIY bride is to test your looks beforehand, thoroughly. Entrust one of your bridesmaids with the duty of spending a day helping you test out makeup and hair looks with a digital camera and under fluorescent lighting. This way, there are no surprises when you take your photos, and you can feel confident that you’ve achieved the exact look you want. Because, after all, that’s the most important thing; that the bride is happy on her wedding day!” says Gocha.

For more tips and tricks from Gocha Hawkins, follow @GochaSalon on Twitter, “Like” Gocha Salon on Facebook, and visit the salon’s website at

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Bridal Laundry Gift Ideas and Laundry Themed Gift Baskets

Bridal showers invite all kinds of cute, elegant, and luxurious gifts from guests attending in honor of the bride and groom. With an open mind you can find dozens of creative bridal shower gifts for the happy couple, from home items to electronics, gift cards, and so much more. A popular trend in bridal shower gifts is putting numerous similar gifts together into themed gift baskets, like a cooking or baking gift basket, a wine themed gift basket, or even a laundry themed gift basket. This article focuses on various bridal laundry gift ideas for the bride-to-be.

Consider these fun and festive bridal laundry themed gift ideas for the next bridal shower you attend:

Laundry Themed Gift Basket
A laundry themed gift basket can be the perfect bridal shower gift. It may not be a widely popular gift, so you may be the only person offering this present, which makes it a unique and exciting gift. Choose a high quality laundry basket and add a ribbon and bow in the colors of the wedding. Fill your laundry gift basket with laundry detergent, fabric softener, cute clothespins, mesh bags for washing bras and intimates, and other laundry accessories. Consider adding a stain kit or create your own with little index cards offering tips and instructions – baby powder to remove oil and grease, hairspray to remove ink, and dish soap to remove spaghetti sauce.

Monogrammed Towels, Blankets, or Sheets in a Wicker Laundry Basket
While it may not be a total laundry themed bridal shower gift, a nice set of monogrammed towels, sheets, or blankets can be a luxurious present that the bride and groom will love forever. A nice dark wicker laundry basket lined with canvas or another fabric adds an elegant touch to your thoughtful and personalized gift.

Laundry Basket Containing Various Cleaning Supplies
Sometimes bridal showers may ask guests to bring one cleaning supply or solution to add to a laundry basket to give the bride and groom a jump start on what they will need to spruce up their new home together. If your next bridal shower doesn’t request something like this, you may enjoy making up your own laundry basket of cleaning supplies – a feather duster, rags, cleaning products, and whatever else you can find that makes a nice addition to this themed laundry basket.

Towel Warmer Device
Again, this may be another stretch in the laundry gift ideas department, but a towel warmer can be a luxurious gift for a newlywed couple. Just like visiting a spa every day, the bride and groom can enjoy fresh and warm towels for every shower if they like. Be sure to include a gift receipt in case they don’t have the space for the gift in their bathroom.

High-End Clothing Drying Rack
A nice drying rack can be a fine addition to a home’s laundry area. Instead of the flimsy aluminum or lightweight wood drying racks, consider something sturdier with a nicer look. You should also get a gift receipt for this item in case the bride and groom already have their drying rack and laundry drying plans in place.

These are just a few bridal laundry gift ideas to consider. Remember, you might find quite a few items on the bridal registry to include in your laundry themed gift baskets. What other ideas do you have for laundry themed gifts? Please share them in our comments below.


2012 Wedding Dress and Color Trends

2012 wedding dress and color trendsWe’re already well into closing the first quarter of the year, and that only means one thing: Spring and summer collections will be at their height a few weeks from now. So if you’re a spring or a summer bride (or wishing to be one someday or for your wedding), you may want to read on for more juice on 2012 wedding dress trends.

Spring and summer 2012 will be all about bright colors. Drawing inspiration from fruits, flowers, sand, and sea, wedding color trends will be having this cheerful vibe to them. We’ve listed wedding varieties according to the formality and how to choose a wedding gown in keeping with the latest trends.

For formal weddings, we have the traditional, evening, and black tie weddings. While the recommended dress code is strictly adhered to, brides are still free to move about in choosing the designs and colors of their wedding gowns.

Traditional, Evening, and Black Tie Weddings
Black tie weddings and traditional weddings typically require white to be paired with another color, usually black. Sheer necklines would most definitely be something to look out for. Ever since the paparazzi snapped pictures of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the world suddenly had an interest in wedding gowns with lace sleeves and cover-ups. These reflect the conservative and elegant nature of this ultra formal type of wedding.

Semi-Formal Weddings
Semi-formal weddings call for a simpler silhouette and a wedding dress with lesser embellishments. Satin, chiffon, and silk are your safest fabrics. In addition, multi-tiered skirts, capelets, and sexy backs are all going to be big hits among brides. There is a little more leg room for them to choose the color as well. Light, airy pastels such as rose, blush, gray, and peach all fall within the range of colors brides can consider for semi-formal weddings.

Day and Afternoon Weddings
Day and afternoon weddings call for wedding themes with bright colors. So, like semi-formal, casual, and destination weddings, brides are free to transition from wearing white to cream, blush, or any other light color. Since day and afternoon weddings have a light atmosphere, brides are free to cut their hemlines short, say tea-length, or keep them long enough to reach the ground. Birdcage veils are quite popular among this type of wedding as well. Long veils seem to be too much for a day or afternoon wedding, so future wives like to stick to birdcage veils with dramatic makeup underneath.

Casual and Destination Weddings
Casual weddings and destination weddings provide the most options for brides when it comes to wedding dresses. In these types of weddings, themes may vary from creative ones such as yacht weddings to wacky ones such as those inspired by cartoon characters. Casual weddings allow brides to be more flexible, giving them the liberty to wear knee-high dresses or colored wedding dresses.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a second time bride, choosing a wedding dress is always a difficult hurdle. However, one thing to keep in mind is to wear what you feel best in, and let all eyes fall on you and your husband.


Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Destination Wedding Centerpiece IdeasWhen you opt for a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding near your home, a number of factors change. Most brides say it is a lot easier to plan a destination wedding based on the wedding coordinator arranging the bulk of the details. Brides still have decisions to make, but the stress and time required for planning become considerably less demanding. Still, there are a lot of fun things for destination brides to pick out, from her dress and bridesmaids gowns to shoes, accessories, style of wedding cake, bouquets, and especially the destination wedding centerpiece ideas she likes best.

When it comes to choosing the flowers and centerpieces for your destination wedding, you’ve got to keep a few things in mind. First of all, your wedding destination may have certain flowers that are native to the locale while others would need to be shipped in sometime before your wedding. This can be a bit costly if you opt for something out of season or out of region. Before you decide on your flowers, consider the indigenous species first. You might find that you love the idea of a birds of paradise bouquet or a hibiscus flower in your hair. Once you know what your bouquet will be, you can more easily coordinate the flowers for the wedding ceremony and especially those for the destination wedding centerpieces.

Centerpieces for destination weddings come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances. You can speak with your wedding planner about the typical centerpieces they offer and see what you think. You may be able to browse a large collection of photos from past weddings and special events to give you some ideas. You might also like to coordinate your bouquets and other flowers with the destination wedding centerpieces for a consistent look throughout your special day.

Destination Wedding Centerpiece Ideas (courtesy of morguefile)If you are doing a tropical or beach wedding, consider large shells with tropical flowers spilling out as one option. Another choice to consider may be a clear or translucent glass or crystal bowl with floating tropical flowers and floating candles. Consider large shells with tall, cream colored pillar candles or starfish and smaller shells in glass bubble bowls. You can do so much when you combine mirrors, candles, and flowers into a single centerpiece for destination weddings. The oft tropical theme of most destination weddings makes it easy to find a great style with a fun pop of color.

Of course, if your destination wedding is more on the other side of the spectrum – a big city wedding or a wedding at a winter ski resort – you can find additional destination wedding centerpiece ideas that would be more appropriate for your special day. In most of these cases you may want to consider floral centerpieces that match the theme or colors of your wedding. Showy flowers like calla lilies in clear glass water-filled tubes may be an elegant centerpiece choice for your destination wedding. You can also choose more extravagant centerpieces or over the conversation centerpieces for big city destination weddings or similar.

These are just a few destination wedding centerpiece ideas to consider for your tropical or big city wedding escape. Please share any other ideas or suggestions you may have related to centerpieces for destination weddings in our comments below.


Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

Bridal showers offer a lot of fun ideas and activities, from games to crafty centerpieces, to themed bridal shower gift baskets that different guests may make up and bring with them for the bride. These special gift baskets for bridal showers show a lot of creativity and thoughtfulness from the women giving the gift baskets. Sometimes it is very easy to put together a bridal shower gift basket while other times it may take a little extra time and effort, depending on your theme.

Consider these suggestions to help you create fun and memorable themed bridal shower gift baskets for the bride-to-be.

•    Laundry Themed Gift Basket for Bridal Shower – This fun shower goodie basket can be a blast to make. Get a nice quality laundry basket and include laundry detergent, fabric softener, color-safe bleach, cute clothespins and hangers, machine washable garment bags for lingerie and delicates, and other fun and assorted laundry themed goodies and gifts.

•    Shower Spice & Seasoning Gift Basket – Ask each guest of the shower ahead of time to bring their favorite seasoning or spice to help the bride start out with her own collection. Put them all together nicely in a decorative basket with a big ribbon in the wedding colors.

•    Wine Themed Gift Basket – For the bride and groom who like a little vino, a wine themed bridal shower gift basket could be just the ticket. Get a nice set of wine glasses, a corkscrew, decorative bottle stopper, and even the Vinturi wine aerator for a nice touch. Include a bottle of their favorite wine – or one white and one red if you aren’t sure – and don’t forget to enclose a small box of chocolates for a special effect.

•    Relaxation Themed Gift Basket for the Bride – While most showers focus on what the bride and groom need for their new home, it never hurts to create a relaxing bridal shower gift basket especially for the bride. Include relaxing items like scented candles or incense, lotions, bubble bath, eye mask or eye pillow, and a gift certificate to a local spa.

•    Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets Gift Basket – Put together a fun gift basket for the bridal shower with kitchen items like all the spoons, tongs, and spatulas the couple has requested. Include the measuring cups, measuring spoons, and other fun kitchen utensils and don’t forget a ribbon with a nice, big bow.

•    Bridal Registry Gift Basket – Make up a special bridal shower gift basket containing any of the smaller items on the couple’s bridal registry. Since they already picked out exactly what they want to receive, they are sure to love it!

These are just a few fun bridal shower goodie baskets to consider making up for the bride. What other ideas do you have? Please share them in our comments below so all can enjoy and benefit from your ideas!


Mother of the Groom Dresses and Trends For 2011

The wedding of a son is a very important occasion to a mother. This is why the mother should look for special dresses for mother of the groom to wear on this special occasion. The 2011 trends of mother of the groom dresses come in several designs and styles that portray a motherly charm and elegance. There are several tips that will guide you in getting the perfect dress to wear to your son’s wedding. The color of the dress will be determined a great deal by what color the bridesmaids are wearing. The mother of the groom should chose a shade of the color that perfectly suits her skin tone. It should be a color that she will be comfortable in and also feel confident wearing.

The mom of the groom must have an idea of what she wishes to wear on her son’s wedding day. This will make searching for the perfect mother of the groom dresses easier for her. Dresses for mother of the groom should be in a style that is fitting for the season and venue of the wedding. Go for a classic style that will be eye catching. The mother of the groom will want to look stunning and stylish during the son’s wedding without upstaging the bride or mother of the bride. The dress should also be the right size for her. You can have the mother of the groom dresses tailor-made in order to fit perfectly, or if it is ready-made, you should purchase the dress far enough ahead of the wedding so that you can have time to make the necessary alterations.

The Internet is a perfect place to search for the most beautiful mother of the groom dresses. Be sure to look for a money-back guarantee and also a quick delivery, especially if you are placing a late order. A wide variety of designer mother of the groom dresses are also available in boutiques and over the Internet. Searching over the Internet is easy, saves time and money, and, it is very convenient.

Casual Mother of the Groom Dresses
The type of mother of the groom dresses that a mother will wear also may depend on where her son’s wedding takes place. More people are now having their weddings outside the church.

Some are choosing garden venues or even the beach as the place to exchange their marriage vows. If your son has chosen a less formal wedding, then you will definitely look stunning when considering casual mother of the groom dresses. The casual dress should not be boring and dowdy. It is a special occasion that calls for unique casual attire. Maintain all the wedding etiquette in making your choice. It is proper to wait for the bride’s mother to choose her dress (and dress color) before you pick yours.

You casual dress should complement her choice in both style and color. Your casual dress should very much be age-appropriate. It should reflect your motherly figure. This means that it ought to be a respectful casual outfit.

Designer Mother of the Groom Dresses
Mothers can wear designer mother of the groom dresses to their son’s wedding since quite a number of eyes will be fixed on her. Long dresses are an ideal choice for the groom’s mother if she wants to make heads turn. Mom of groom dresses can either be tea length, ankle length, or even floor length. Formal pants suits have always been a great choice of mother of the groom dresses.

The groom’s mother will look extremely elegant in all these choices. Consider all the options for mom of the groom attire and make a choice that is fitting and flattering for your figure and the occasion.


Tips on Mother of the Bride Speeches and Toasts

A daughter’s wedding can be one of the most emotional times of all. In most weddings it is not exactly customary for the mother of the bride to give a speech or a special toast in celebration of the wedding, but it can be a nice touch as a small part of the reception or as a bigger aspect of the rehearsal dinner the night prior. Mother of the bride speeches can be on the shorter side or the longer side, and they can be general or personal, emotional or humorous, or a bit of both.

The tone and length really depend on the mother of the bride and her comfort level and what she wants to say. Consider these tips on preparing and giving mother of the bride speeches and toasts at your daughter’s wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Mother of the bride speeches and toasts are a nice touch for this formal occasion for several reasons. First, the bride’s mom is an important member of the family and special honored guest of the wedding. Giving a speech or a toast allows her to address all of the guests at once, and allows the guests to figure out who the mother of the bride actually is, if they don’t know her personally. Mother of the bride toasts and speeches also allow the mom of the bride to thank all of the guests for being a part of her daughter’s special day. For these reasons and more, a mother of the bride speech can be a great way to kick off the festivities.

Tips for Planning and Delivering Great Mother of the Bride Speeches and Toasts
No matter if you are outgoing or timid and shy, mother of the bride speeches and mother of the bride toasts are a great way to commemorate your daughter’s wedding. Here are a few tips on giving mom of the bride speeches and toasts.

•    If you are nervous about public speaking, consider giving your mother of the bride speech or toast with the father of the bride, mother of the groom, or another important family member or guest. Sharing in the effort will make you less nervous about speaking in front of a large group.

•    Most weddings feature toasts from the best man and maid of honor on the wedding night, so you might consider giving your mother of the bride speech during the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

•    Practice your speech a couple of times to ensure you are comfortable delivering it on the day or night of the occasion.

•    Consider your audience in determining how much emotion and humor to inject into your speech or toast. Including some humor can be good, but try to avoid embarrassing the bride on her wedding day.

•    Try to keep it short and sweet, especially if there is a chance you might become overwhelmed by emotion.

•    Don’t forget to express your appreciation and love for your daughter and her husband (or soon-to-be hubby).

•    Make sure you introduce yourself as mother of the bride or have the DJ introduce you and your special speech or toast.

•    Be sure to thank and recognize special folks with significant roles, such as the parents of the groom, the bride’s and groom’s siblings, grandparents, and so forth.

•    Welcome your son-in-law into the family and express your happiness that they have found each other.

•    Conclude your mother of bride speech with a warm toast to the special couple!

These are just some general tips on delivering special mother of the bride speeches and toasts for your daughter and her husband on their special day. Don’t be afraid to inject some of your own personality into your mother of the bride toast or speech. You should come across as the real you, genuine, honest, and true. Best wishes on the marriage of your daughter!

Red Wedding Dresses for a Glamorous Wedding

Red is one of those beloved colors. Red grabs attention, it screams sexy, bold, and in some cultures may be considered a color for good luck. Beautiful red wedding dresses may not be especially common in your favorite bridal magazines, but the right red wedding gown can be an unforgettable part of your wedding ceremony and reception. Ballroom style red wedding dresses are like something out of a perfect fairy tale, but you can make them your own reality by considering such a dress for your own bridal attire.

Red wedding dresses are available in many styles and price points. You should be able to find a few cheap red wedding dresses, but remember the pricing goes up with quality and one-of-a-kind nature. You may get lucky in your search through dozens of red wedding dresses or you may have to spring for a personal dressmaker to create your picture-perfect dream wedding gown.

Where to Buy Red Wedding Dresses
Before you get ahead of yourself, consider what shade of red you want in your red wedding dress. You may find the reds out there range a bit from scarlet to burgundy with other shades available as well. Red and white wedding dresses and some wedding dresses with red accents are also common in this classy and dramatic style of wedding fashion. You should also consider the fabrics you like as well as the styles – neckline, ruching, and so forth.

Once you are ready to buy a red wedding dress, your best bet is to do a few searches online to help you locate the perfect dress. Check your favorite designers and bridal magazines first and then try a search on Google Images for an easy way to find the styles you like. Maggie Sottero red wedding dresses would be a great place to start, as this designer offers countless styles with fancy adornments and gorgeous, princess-like silhouettes. Alfred Angelo red and white wedding dresses are exquisite as well, often offering a perfect complement to the wide array of Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns in the same hue of red.

These are just two well-known wedding gown designers, but you can surely find a wide array of dresses and designers to consider. You can even find red wedding dresses on Amazon!

Red Wedding Dresses Not Your Thing?
If you aren’t bold or comfortable enough to consider red wedding dresses for yourself, you still have a few options to keep the color red as part of your special day. For one thing, you can find plenty of wedding dresses with red accents – sashes, corset style lacing, and other adornments. Red and white wedding dresses can be a lot of fun, most especially when the color scheme coordinates perfectly with what your bridesmaids are wearing.

Wearing red wedding shoes is another option – after all, if your dress is long, no one has to know. Or you can always flaunt your colored wedding shoes!

If you want to wear a more traditional white, ivory, or diamond white wedding gown, you could always dress your bridesmaids in red, especially if you love the color. Red bridesmaid dresses look fantastic around Christmastime or in the fall or summer with the right wedding flowers.


Wedding Etiquette: How to Navigate Tough Situations

Wedding Etiquette Tips and TricksWedding etiquette is a completely different language. There are certain things you are supposed to do, things that are forbidden, and wording to everything you say is key. A bride can feel extremely overwhelmed when trying to figure out what she should do and how to do or say it! Here are a few situations that you may find yourself in and how you should respond.

1.  Adults only wedding and reception.
Many couples opt for an adult only wedding, especially if they are really going for a sophisticated atmosphere and feel.  How do you tell people that kids are not allowed without saying it that blatantly?  You have a few options.  Address invitations to the parents only and don’t mention the kids or ‘family’ anywhere on the invite. You can have your friends spread the word that it’s adults only. But sometimes, depending on the type of crowd you’re inviting, you need to spell things out clearly. Put ‘Adult Reception’ on the bottom of the RSVP card.


2.  No presents, just $$.
Wedding Etiquette Tips and TricksThis is a tough one. It is usually considered to be rude to only ask for money as wedding gifts. But with more wedding couples financing their own wedding and with the cost of weddings rising, money is becoming much more desirable as a wedding gift. The best and easiest way to ask for money without looking tacky is to let your friends and family spread the word for you. Don’t put any gift registry information on your invitations and guests will most likely inquire to those who know you best. If you want to go even further down this road, decide what you will spend your wedding money on – whether it’s your house, bed, or to help with your honeymoon. People like to know what they are contributing to!

3.  Taking on the seating chart.
Don’t hyperventilate when it’s time to develop a seating chart for the reception. Where does a bride even start? The usual guidelines are to seat people by age groups or their relationship to you. For example, you would seat your guests with each other, and the groom’s guests with each other. Or if you have several older couples from both the groom’s and your sides, seat them together as they will have more in common than if you seated them with younger people. Make sure you designate a specific seat for each person around the table. This will reduce quibbling and every person will feel special to know that you thought enough about them to put them in the best seat possible.

4.  Bridesmaid gifts.
How much should a bride spend on gifts for her bridesmaids? It is tradition for a bride to give her bridesmaids something special, usually at the rehearsal dinner. Use these two guidelines: how much you’re budget will allow and how much you are asking them to shell out for you. If they must buy their $150 dress, $50 shoes, your gift, and a plane ticket to your destination wedding, your gift to them should be more than a $10 frame from Fred Meyer. Use the “would I want it?” test before purchasing anything for them.

Most importantly, remain calm and don’t let yourself get easily frazzled. Etiquette is very important to any wedding, but it isn’t the make all or break all. If you find yourself in any of these sticky situations, having these etiquette guidelines in your back pocket will help you through each of them! Good luck! 

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