Indulge Your Body and Tempt Your Senses with Earthly Elements

Beauty products are one of those items that women can indulge in numerous times a day without ever getting tired of them. From delicately scented perfumes to body washes and gels with fresh aromas, the array of women’s beauty products is amazingly varied.

While women love to stick to their favorites when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and perfumes, they also like to try new products every now and again. Why not consider Earthly Elements’ collection of NEW beauty products yourself or consider buying them for a gift? This brand new line of women’s products helps to set a romantic mood with its sexy scent and ability to encourage a woman’s skin to become rejuvenated with a touchably soft and silky feeling.

Whether you are picking up a last minute holiday gift or searching for the perfect birthday gift, Earthly Elements body products offer an exceptional Moroccan Vanilla body wash that smells fantastic, glides on like silk, and rinses with a hydrating action laced with a heavenly sweet vanilla scent.

This invigorating body wash comes in an attractive plastic bottle filled with 8 fluid ounces of sweetly scented product that feels nice to the touch. It helps to soothe and nourish a woman’s skin with its careful inclusion of several body-softening ingredients: aloe, lavender, chamomile, white tea, and arnica. These ingredients also help to provide a soothing influence that is unmistakable. Just open your mind to the possibility and you’ll feel it too! I found Earthly Element’s body wash to provide just the right amount of lather while also feeling really nice to the skin.

The moisturizing body lotion by Earthly Elements includes a bevy of natural ingredients to help provide essential hydration for the skin. They include rose hip, flax seed, jojoba, cucumber, green tea, white tea, extracts of lavender, and borage oils. Earthly Element’s body lotion is creamy and fragrant- perfect for a bit of indulgence.

Each bottle is adorned with an attractive charm that adds a little something special when giving this item as a gift. The charms feature special messages including the words, HOPE, SERENTIY, OR SPIRIT. In addition to being attractive and offering a word of encouragement, the charms can be used for a keychain, hair tie, or trinket that you can attach to almost anything including your favorite perfume, water bottle, or umbrella.

I received both the moisturizing body lotion and hydrating body wash free for the purposes of this review. I’m glad I did because I might not have discovered them otherwise! Earthly Elements body products are available at a number of health food stores as well as the following Web site: Earthly Elements.


Bounce Your Curls Back to Style with Curls™ Hair Products

Having curly hair can be a blessing or a curse depending on how well you take care of those fine locks of bouncy, trouncy curls. Of course, providing excellent care for your curly tresses depends on your ability to discover hair products that actually work for your hair.

If you are like me, then you probably have already gone through a lot of trial-and-error trying to discover shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and styling aids that actually work on your hair. While I do enjoy hearing those questions “Is that your natural hair” and “Did you get a perm,” and comments like “I simply love those gorgeous curls,” sometimes it does take a lot of work to keep my full set of curls looking their best.

As most women know, it isn’t easy getting your hair to look great each and every single day. After all, there’s a lot going against us at times. The weather loves to play tricks on women and our hair giving us too much humidity or too much rain. And let’s not even talk about the blustery gusts of wind that can turn a head of curls into a bunch of tumbleweeds in minutes!

Plus, women (and men) have to deal with shampoo and conditioner buildup as well as dyes used in hair products that can dull the glisten and gleam that adds to the beauty of a full set of curls. For me, the best solution has been to regularly try new hair products specially designed for women with curly hair in mind.

Recently, I sampled some great products that I received to review. I have to be honest and say that the creamy white color put me off initially. Despite my age, I am still fond of pale lavenders, pinks, peaches, and yellows as colors used to brighten my hair products as well as blues and greens that simply seem to make products more attractive and desirable to use. I am still trying to get over the fact that many naturally organic products aren’t as colorful since they avoid chemicals and dyes. All the more reason to use them!

Therefore, I was anxious to try these products out due to the fact that I love having curly hair and the products simply screamed “We are good for your hair!” Curls™ hair products are paraben free, silicone free, and do not contain any mineral oils, sulfates, or petrolatum oils. Carefully created from certified organic ingredients, Curls™ hair products are designed to be gentle while accomplishing their purpose.

Curls™ hair products include four individual creamy concoctions designed for multi-ethnic women who have been blessed with curls. Curls™ promotes its products as a four-step regimen designed to give your curls the best cleansing, moisturizing, and styling routine possible.

Step 1 is to use the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream to gently cleanse your curls. Its coconutty scent is reminiscent of long days at the beach, tropic isles, and of course, coconut candy. It’s low sudsing too!

Step 2 is to use Curls™ Coconut Sublime Conditioner after cleansing your curly tresses. It’s designed to be a super-hydrating instant rinse-off conditioner that leaves your curls untangled, bouncy, and full of life. As you might expect, this conditioner smells of coconut. It’s creamy and non-oily to use.

Step 3 is to use Curls™ Quenching Curls Moisturizer as a second day curl refresher or as a daily leave-in conditioner. It comes in a spray bottle and smells kind of citrusy. It’s light and non-oily to the touch.

Step 4 is to use Curls™ Milkshake, a hair product designed to moisturize those gorgeous curls. It doesn’t offer any hold capability, but it does provide an easy way to moisturize your hair, preventing unnecessary frizz and wayward tendrils.

While I did enjoy using Curls™ hair products and my hair looked great, you’ll have to try them yourself to see just how well they work for your curly locks. Curls™ hair products can be purchased at Stay tuned for our Curls Giveaway on Life Love Beauty – coming very soon!

Eastern Ideas for Human Wellness – Refreshing Sokenbicha™ Tea Blends

Time-honored Japanese traditions are sometimes based in the belief that nature is an important element of our well being. Drawing upon those beliefs, Sokenbicha™ offers a fine line of authentically brewed tea blends with natural botanicals.

Creating a modern taste laced with a generous helping of ancient wisdom, Sokenbicha™ provides five flavorful, natural tea blends without preservatives or sugar as ingredients. These flavorful teas are unsweetened so they contain no calories, a real benefit for women over 40 or those individuals who are simply trying to lose a bit of weight.


Drawing from the ancient wisdom embraced in the 5 Elements Theory, Sokenbicha™ strives to provide a refreshing beverage blended to offer proper balance for the body’s elements in an effort to restore good health and well-being.

The holistic approach of the Five Elements Theory follows the ancient belief that the interrelationship of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) is responsible for changes in the natural world. The ancient Japanese firmly held to the belief that the proper balance among these elements should lead to an individual’s well being.

Therefore, Sokenbicha™ designed its blend of teas and botanicals to bring about a balance within the human body. Five varieties have been created including Revive, Defend, Purify, Shape, and Skin.

Revive is crisp and cool. This oolong tea blend offers a delicate fruity flavor of pomegranate and raspberry blended with rose hips and black tea.

Defend is flavorful yet mild in taste. Defend is an oolong tea blend created with ginseng and guava leaves.

Purify is deliciously aromatic. This green tea blend offers the calming experience associated with chamomile and the healing effect of aloe.

Shape is bold. This barley tea blend features notes of the peach flower.

Skin is very bold. A delicious barley tea, Skin is blended with hints of ginger and cinnamon.

Sokenbicha’s tea blends are authentically brewed from natural teas and botanicals in an effort to provide women with an alternative beverage that brings the positive back into a woman’s life.

While I did receive these products free for the purposes of this review, I did enjoy their flavorful taste as well as the feeling of calmness I experienced while drinking them.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky – Perfect Workout Snack or Beer Pairing Treat

If you are looking for a yummy snack that is satisfying and pretty healthy for you, beef jerky might not be the first thing to come to mind. Truth be told, this savory, flavorful snack goes great with beer, makes a perfect road trip snack, and is even a great pick-me-up to enjoy after a strenuous workout. Jack Link’s offers such a wide variety of jerky flavors you’d be hard pressed to get bored with this nutritious, meaty snack.

Jack Link’s products originally came to mind as a great pairing option for a variety of different beers. In my recent workout frenzy, I found the many benefits of eating beef jerky as a post-exercise snack. Jerky is traditionally low in calories and high in protein, a great combination for anyone looking to lose weight, burn fat, and satisfy their hunger in between meals.

I received a generous supply of many different flavors and varieties of Jack Link’s Jerky for the purpose of this review. I was astounded at the countless types of jerky, and found each to be as delicious as the next. Jack Link’s offers jerky nuggets as well as the standard style of beef jerky. Even if you aren’t a fan of red meat, don’t write off this company just yet! Jack Link’s also offers the innovative turkey jerky, ham jerky, and buffalo chicken jerky – three very satisfying snacks that are out of the norm but very worth the change in pace.

Here are a few notes on some of the flavors of Jack Link’s Jerky that my husband and I have enjoyed so far:

Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Nuggets
Jack Link’s Teriyaki jerky products are a refreshing change from the typical beef jerky flavors. This variety had a sweet and savory flavor that was a perfect snack during an Eagles tailgate earlier this season.
14g protein, 5g sugars, 1g fat, 25% DV sodium

Peppered Beef Jerky and Nuggets
A traditional favorite of ours, the peppered beef jerky offers a slightly spicy taste that leaves you craving more. It is a perfect complement to a tall beer or a snack on your road trip or anytime in between meals.
15g protein, 3g sugars, 1g fat, 25% DV sodium

Original Hickory Smokehouse Beef Jerky
This flavor of Jack Link’s may make you want to drive on over to your nearest steakhouse. This delicious type is rich in flavor and one of the classic Jack Link’s favorites. It’s a very satisfying snack or a great appetizer.
12g protein, 5g sugars, 1g fat, 23% DV sodium

Original Turkey Jerky Nuggets
For the jerky fan that is ready for a change, consider turkey jerky, which is a healthy and fun alternative to traditional jerky. This flavor is dangerously good – you might have to apply some self control once you open the package of this delicious turkey jerky. This type is low in sugars and sodium – enjoy!
11g protein, 2g sugars, 1g fat, 16% DV sodium

Maple & Brown Sugar Ham Jerky Nuggets
If you like the idea of turkey jerky, you are going to love ham jerky. These diverse flavors can’t be beat and they are some of my very favorites so far. This type of jerky is satisfying the same way stealing a few slices of pepperoni off a pizza would be. Enjoy this unusual snack anytime – it’s a great change from the usual routine. A great bonus, this one is lower in sodium!
9g protein, 6g sugars, 1g fat, 15% DV sodium

Flamin Buffalo Chicken Nuggets
If you like buffalo chicken dip, this flavor of Jack Link’s is a must-have! These delicious bites of spicy, seasoned chicken can’t be beat. Try them as a snack whenever you need a little kick in your day. Added bonus – very low in sugar!
9g protein, 2g sugars, 1g fat, 25% DV sodium

In addition to being a great weight loss snack, Jack Link’s jerky products also make a great addition to your Super Bowl spread. You can set out a few bags along with your chips and pretzels or simply pour your favorite Jack Link’s into a dish for all to enjoy. You can even get portion-controlled sizes so your family can take the jerky to school, to work, or on the go.

If you are interested in pairing jerky with beer, you will find this is a great combination to enjoy at home or on the go. You can mix and match your favorite beers with your favorite jerky products at random or you can actually coordinate special courses to test and enjoy. If you are interested in pairing beer with jerky, be sure to check out the Jack Link’s site and their beer pairing section!


Winter 2010 – 2011 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

It’s hard to believe winter is here again in full swing! Many places had their first big snowfall just a few weeks ago, and again this week. It’s time to break out the hottest nail polish colors for winter 2010 – 2011 so you can rock a sexy manicure for New Year’s Eve, January, and February, especially Valentine’s Day. No matter if you like reds, pinks, metallic nail polish, or something else entirely, you are sure to find hot nail polish colors to love for the wintertime.

This is our preview for winter 2010 – 2011 hot nail polish colors so you can stay on top of the nail trends. Consider these hot and sexy nail polish colors for winter.

Winter 2010 – 2011 Nail Polish Trend #1: Metallics Are Still in Style, but Don’t Forget Sparkle!

As always, nail polish brand OPI is on top of the hottest nail colors and shades for the season, in this case winter. OPI offers the Katy Perry Collection, which includes colors such as Last Friday Night NL K10, a beautiful glitter blue that is as bright and pretty as it is sparkly, Teenage Dream NL K07, which is another swirly, glittery nail color but this time in a captivating rosy pink, the subtle sparkling Simply Smashing NL S17, which is a lovely cross of fresh lime and olive green, Not Like the Movies NL K09, which is a tough color to peg – I think it is a kind of grayish green, and finally another gorgeous shade – The One that Got Away NL K08, which is a vibrant and sparkly magenta color that is great for making a statement!

The glittery nail colors for winter are extra fun, boasting large, chunky sparkles and glitter instead of the usual subtle sheen. Perhaps the most exciting new offering from OPI (in my humble opinion of course) is the Black Shatter topcoat, which can give your manicures and pedicures an edgy look with great ease. To create a shattered manicure, simply apply one coat of the Black Shatter polish over any completely dry Katy Perry shade of OPI nail color.

Perfect Formula is another nail polish brand keeping up with the trends in metallic nail polish colors. Chambord is one of my new favorite nail colors, showing off the look of wonderful wine before you even open the bottle. The nail color goes on smoothly and evenly and looks great with two coats. Where OPI The One that Got Away is more in the pink family, Chambord is more in the purple family. It is a really fun and sexy nail color for winter. Beyond the color though, I am honestly amazed at how quickly my nails dried when I painted them with Perfect Formula nail polish!

Another metallic nail shade for winter 2011 from Perfect Formula is Mystic, which can best be described as liquid opal in a bottle. While I love the look of the nail polish in the bottle, it gets a little washed out on my nails when I apply it. I can’t really see the opal tones as well as I wish I could. The moral is this – if you want va-va-voom color for winter, Mystic is not your shade. However, if you are interested in a subtle nail color for a job interview or a nice understated look on your manicure or pedicure, this color could be perfect for you. In fact, if you prefer the natural look of your nails, this color adds a bit of shine without taking away from the natural beauty.

Dazzle Dry nail colors offer two sparkly shades for winter, a slightly sheer mauve-type shade known as Bleu Rosé and a gorgeous, glittering silver sparkle shade of nail color, Silver Lamé, which is reminiscent of minx nails. Bleu Rosé seems to dry into a flat shade rather than an overly sparkly shade. Silver Lamé, on the other hand, allows you to live all your sparkling dreams with a wild and reckless glitter coat. Nail colors by Dazzle Dry really do dry in a flash, with or without the three-piece vegan nail care kit offered by VB Cosmetics, the parent company of Dazzle Dry.

Finally, Unforgettable Moments nail colors, distributed by Payless ShoeSource Worldwide Inc, arrive in a fine array of sparkly, metallic nail shades for the winter season. Bringing back the gemstone outlook, the nail colors come in trios of mini nail polish bottles in colors such as Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, and of course, the metal tones, Gold, Bronze, and Platinum. These rich metallic nail polishes make a great winter statement and look especially great with dresses or even with jeans. These sparkly shades go on your nails nice and evenly and can look great even with one coat. Zoe&Zac Naturals, another nail brand offered by Payless, also has a fun and rich sparkly brown nail color known as Bronze Lady. What a lovely change from the typical nail polish colors!

Rachele Greco, Spa Director at Viana Hotel & Spa in Westbury, NY, shares her outlook on nails trends and colors for winter 2011. She recommends the following nail polish products this winter:

Gold: OPI’s Rising Star takes on a rich hue, and is not too yellow,” Greco says. “Unless you are a nail biter, this will look good on any nail length. Want to be daring? Use gold as the base for a French manicure instead of pale pink.”

Silver/Platinum: “A completely silver nail looks great for evening wear, but for a day look, it might be too flashy,” Greco tips. “I’ve used it just on the tip of my nails for a subdued yet elegant option. Nars’ Full Metal Jacket fits the bill.”


“Always a great winter choice on nails and lips… Be careful to select a shade that complements your skin color,” Greco cautions. “If you are a woman of color, or just got back from San Tropez, select a more orange-based red like Zoya’s Haley. Those who have more of a pink tone to their skin should look for “true red” nail colors or ones with more of a blue pigment such as Le Vernis Pulsion from Chanel.”

Winter 2010 – 2011 Nail Polish Trend #2: Bright Colors…

White Sands Moisturizing Conditioner Product Review

In harsh winter months we subject our hair to cruel extremes: cold drying weather outside, intense heat from the hair dryer inside, not to mention hats, earmuffs, holiday parties. Forget trying to keep your color looking fresh: it’s amazing we still have hair come spring.

White Sands wants to give hair the TLC it deserves. They promise a lightweight formula that will provide long-lasting moisture that maintains shine and body and keeps color bright. I cannot speak to the color as I recently stopped color-treating my hair, but I can agree that my hair has body and shine. The best part of the White Sands Moisturizing Conditioner is that it saves hair from one more indignity: harsh sulfates. The formula is sulfate-free.

On the down side, I have not noticed a substantial difference in my hair since switching from cheaper conditioners from the drugstore. Additionally, I hated the smell of the conditioner: it’s a pretty heavy baby-powder smell. The lightweight formula does not go on easily; it’s a bit sticky – which would be fine if it were worth it. For $15 for a 7.6 oz bottle or $34 for a 33.8 oz bottle, it’s not good enough.

Product provided free to writer for reviewAll White Sands products can be purchased through their Web site:

Deep Sea by KC Kang Product Review

Totally blown away. Being that it was crunch time between my son’s birthday and Christmas, when I began using these products, I’ve done things completely backwards. I usually like to research a product thoroughly before testing it. Instead, I jumped in with both feet. Hydration with water, what a concept!

Ok, humor aside, most moisturizers use petroleum, or other oil-based products, to help seal moisture into skin. Deep Sea uses water to moisturize at a cellular level. Granted, it’s deep sea water from depths of over 2400 meters by Kume Island near Okinawa, Japan. At that depth the water is full of minerals and nutrients, free from pollutants and bacteria. The deep sea water is closer to the chemical composition in our bodies, which makes it easier for the cells to absorb and use.

The products themselves are fabulous. The Coral Wash starts as a paste, very thick. You only need a little to do the job, but it lathers nicely and rinses clean. It cleans deep into pores yet leaves them minimized, feeling fresh and smooth. My skin does not feel dry, or tight, at all and it looks brighter overall. The product uses coral powder, sea kelp, and natural sources of AHA to gentle exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth.

The Hydrating Rejuvenation Lotion combines the deep sea water with marine collagen to hydrate the skin at a more basic level and protect it from free-radical damage. It is very light. It feels watery with a lotion after-feel. It’s not greasy, but you can feel the lotion aspect. It absorbs quickly and even controls flaky winter skin. It is light enough to not clog pores, but binding enough to wear under makeup and achieve a smooth finish. You can apply it generously multiple times throughout the day to refresh your skin, or simply as a morning application. 

I am very impressed, and pleased, to say that I have actually gotten compliments on my complexion since starting these two products alone. I am a mom of four, toddler to young adult, with dry skin prone to blemishes and irritation. It’s nice to be complimented. It’s very nice to have dry skin relief!

The Highly Absorbable Marine Collagen Gel is definitely a gel. It may be highly absorbable, but it takes a few moments to absorb. Once again though, I am impressed. It is great as a night treatment to help rebuild collagen for firmer skin. It is also great under makeup for a smooth finish, once again without clogging pores.

Delving into the research portion of testing these products, I like them even more. I love history and Japan has long been revered for its skincare secrets. These products were developed by KC Kang, a clinical hypnotherapist and holistic health practitioner searching for relief for her own allergies and eczema. Realizing the mind-body connection and believing that natural beauty starts from within, she delved into the positive attributes of the mineral rich deep sea waters of Okinawa’s Kume Island. With the help of a local manufacturer, Deep Sea was born. It is the first of its kind to be released in the U.S., also paraben free and untested on animals. It may be a tad pricier than expected, but you get generous amounts and great results. All in all, it’s a very nice product line.

Travel Beauty Kit on the Go for Holiday Parties, Special Events, and Fancy Dinners

While routine beauty care is the best strategy for maintaining gorgeous skin and hair, a woman often needs to perform a touch up or create a completely different look for herself at the end of work or after a day journeying from one location to the next. This is when having a beauty travel kit can be quite helpful. With only a bit of careful planning, it is easy to create one simply by tossing a few carefully chosen beauty care items together in a bag of some type. I like to keep my beauty kit ready and accessible at all times so I can simply toss it in the car before I leave home.

What types of items should a woman put in a travel beauty kit? The most obvious items are cosmetics, personal hygiene items designed for use away from home, and attractive fashion accessories that can be used to transform an outfit from ordinary to spectacular. Here is a break down by category with a few suggestions that I found to be quite helpful to include.

Fashion Accessories

Tom’s Footwear: Offering a fantastic array of stylish shoes, Tom’s shoes are quite popular these days. If you had a pair, you would understand why this is. The high quality of Tom’s shoes is readily evident once you take a good look at them. Toms’ shoes offer an elastic V that makes them easy to put on and take off (a real plus for anyone) as well as their signature TOMS toe stitch. Most styles also feature a latex sponge arch for comfort and support, a classic suede insole with rubber cushion for comfort, and a one-piece outsole constructed from a mix of rubbers to offer flexibility, durability, and resilience. My pair of pomegranate cords also offered a super soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. The eye-catching designs are pure magic for those of us women who simply adore adding another pair of shoes to our already large collections. From canvas classics to cords to grommet styles to cordones, Tom’s shoes have enough variety that you should be able to find a favorite style for yourself.

For every single pair that is purchased, Tom’s Shoes is donating a pair of shoes to a child in need. With such a worthy cause, it is difficult to resist the purchase of one of these attractive styles of shoes. Personally, I found it difficult to select just one pair of shoes as each style is just as attractive as the next. In fact, my youngest daughter was so envious of my new pair of Tom’s that she just about cut off her toes to squeeze her feet into them. I highly recommend Tom’s shoes for a beauty travel bag because they are stylish and oh, so adorable. Plus, if you purchase a pair, you can help out someone less fortunate than yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the Web site and see just how attractive these shoes are. I found my pair to run a bit small, so make sure you order the right size. Available for purchase at Tom’s Shoes.

SummerJasmines: A compactable evening and pedicure shoes, SummerJasmines are one of the greatest fashion creations of our time. Cleverly designed to fold up, SummerJasmines tuck easily into a travel beauty kit or purse. This stylish pair of sandals is designed with elastic cords separating the toes, allowing you to leave them on while getting a pedicure. No more waiting for your nails to dry. You can simply walk away with these stylish sandals on since they keep your toes separated and the tender bottom of your foot protected. You can bring SummerJasmines along in their tiny black pouch to offer your tired feet some comfort while still allowing your feet to look stylish. Check out for a look at all of your color options. More supportive than a traditional flip flop, this crystal-studded sandal is perfect for almost any occasion. Check out SummerJasmines for a look at these adorable pedicure / comfortable dressy sandal.

Wallaroo Hats: The attractive line of hats offered by Wallaroo should be considered for inclusion in your travel beauty kit. Not only are they fashionably stylish, but they are also lined with sun protection to guard against damage created by the sun’s harmful rays. I included the Tamworth in my travel beauty kit and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, I hadn’t been aware that the Tamworth would offer UPF 50+ protection. Since I need to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh rays, this is an important facet of this line of hats. As a side note, the Wallaroo hat company pledges to donate a portion of their profits to skin cancer research. If you are like me, then you probably know one or more individuals who are dealing with skin cancer or who may even have died from it. This is a worthy cause, so even if you aren’t creating a beauty kit, maybe you can consider a Wallaroo hat and participate in the effort to help treat/cure skin cancer. Visit for a look at the newest collection of hats for 2011. Keep your skin safe in the sun with a fully-lined, sun-protective hat by Wallaroo.

Leonisa’s Shapewear: All too often, it is difficult to stay in shape, and that is where Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear can come in quite handy. Designed with advanced powernet technology, Leonisa’s shapewear is designed to tighten the abdomen and reduce the waist size while toning the body into a finely shaped masterpiece. Leonisa’s styles are quite comfortable since they have been designed with an anti-bacterial microfiber that feels cool and soft, allowing women who wear this brand of shapewear to feel fresh no matter what the temperature is. Wearing Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear on a regular basis helps to tone a woman’s body while also improving her posture. It all sounds good to me, so I was anxious to try out the style (brief panty compression body shaper) that I generously received for the purposes of this guide. After all, like most women who have gained a few pounds, especially after the age of 40, I am always looking for a little help returning to a slimmer body shape. I give this style of lingerie a thumbs up. This particular style can be found at Leonisausa along with a wide assortment of other shapewear styles.

Hygiene Travel Products

Best Selling Author of Romantic Comedy Says Romantic Notions Run Deep

Always the Baker Never the Bride“When I pick up a book by Sandra D. Bricker, I know I’m going to have to strike a delicate balance between two certain facts,” writes Sherry Ann Braddock from Covington, Kentucky. “#1: I’m going to laugh my rear end off, and #2: the romantic in me is going to be absolutely thrilled!”

Bricker receives a high volume of reader mail via her Web site that reads just like this one. From her first inspirational romantic comedy, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, unleashed on readers several years ago, she’s been inspiring them to find that same delicate balance between hilarity and a belief in happy endings—A fact which begs the question: What makes Sandra D. Bricker so funny, and yet such a hopeless romantic?

Always the Baker Never the Bride“Ah, the question of my lifetime!” she says with a chuckle. “But the truth is I have no idea why I look at things the way I do. I’m always the person who will find something funny about the most un-funny things, often to the complete horror of the people around me. But my romantic notions… those run deep, all the way back to a goofy teenager growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

Bricker’s “first love” came in the form of a burning crush on a local Cincinnati musician. “His name was Gary, and he was beautiful!” she exclaims. “Dark hair, blue eyes, tall and lean, really funny, and just as sweet as they come. Of course, the fact that he was a musician didn’t hurt either. How romantic is it to look up at a stage from the second row, and feel like every song is being performed just for you? Of course, I didn’t figure it out for a few years that every other girl in that audience felt the exact same thing!”

And when she says those first romantic notions ran deep, she isn’t kidding. “A few years later, I fell in love for real with—guess what!—a musician. Dark hair, blue eyes, tall and lean … Well, you get the idea. And he was the love of my life. He never grew tired of teasing me about my former crush. ‘Look, I know I’m no GAAAARY!’ he would say, just to embarrass me.”

What ever happened to the man she labels the great love of her life? “He died in a car accident some years later,” she says sadly. “I often imagine that we’d still be together to this day if not for that heartbreak. But then experience has kind of taught me that heartbreak so often plants the seeds of deeply-rooted romantic notions.”

Those seeds of romance, whether planted by heartbreak or her penchant for “sappy old Doris Day and Cary Grant movies,” have paid off in a big way for Bricker. She has won multiple awards for her books over the last few years, and she is now considered a “best-selling author” since being named as one of Doubleday Book Club’s Top 100 Best Sellers. In fact, in 2010 alone, the author has created quite a bit of buzz with the release of three romantic comedies, all receiving high acclaim.

The Big 5-Oh! from Abingdon Press greeted the year to stellar reviews and propelled the author to #3 on’s list of Most Downloaded; and Love Finds You in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California from Summerside Press brought the author’s passion for the era of classic film to the forefront. But September’s publication of Always the Baker Never the Bride took Bricker to new heights.

“It was released in September,” she says, seemingly a little stunned by the news even now. “It went into its fourth or fifth printing before the end of the year, and Abingdon came back to me and asked me to write three more novels based on those characters and set in the same location. It was just astonishing! … In a great way, of course.”

Always the Wedding Planner Never the Bride, Always the Fashionista Never the Bride, and Always the Baker Finally the Bride will be released by Abingdon Press over the next couple of years, starting this fall.

“This is what I love about Sandie’s books,” says Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary Group, Bricker’s agent for the last couple of years. “She is the consummate romantic, and she’s so funny that you always close one of her novels feeling really, really good. There aren’t many authors in the inspirational fiction market these days who offer readers what she does. She sort of re-created a very specific niche, and she continues to fill it with book after book.”

“Sandie is one of the sharpest, funniest people I know,” says David Page, a special friend to the author for more than ten years. “Combine her wit with that deeply romantic thread running through her—the one that makes her cry at commercials or make up a happy ending for a movie before she’s finished watching it—and there you have it. It’s impossible not to see the connection between the person of Sandie and the author of Sandra D. Bricker. There’s really no one like her, and I think her readers sense that in a big way.”

It would appear that Bricker cherishes her readers just as much in return. An avid supporter of organized book clubs across the country, she has recently lent her name (and countless free copies of her books as well) to The Book Club Network, a new organization devoted solely to providing support and fellowship to readers and book club members. “They have created an awesome community,” Bricker says, “where readers can meet and discuss books. Plus—Score!—Fred and Nora St. Laurent run some really fun contests, with great prizes.”

If readers haven’t tried a Sandra D. Bricker novel yet, and they would like to, is hosting a full week of FREE Kindle downloads of Always the Baker Never the Bride, starting on Friday, January 7. Hilarity, heart-pounding romance and a happy ending almost certainly guaranteed!


CYGALLE Healing Spa’s Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème Product Feature

Before I begin sharing information on CYGALLE Healing Spa’s Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème, let me first say that it was so nice to use a facial cleanser that not only smells good, but did wonders to the feel of my skin for the day’s entirety.

Okay, here’s my idea of the perfect facial cleanser: I prefer suds, lots and lots of suds, but it’s not absolutely necessary. What I do expect though, is a cleanser that is going to smell clean, one that will leave my skin feeling soft (no residue), and one that will inhibit breakouts. Oh, and above all, one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to use.

When I tried CYGALLE, that’s what I got… my ideal facial cleanser (minus the suds). After the very first use, I could tell I was going to love it. The cleanser had these little specks of oatmeal particles that gently exfoliated my skin and all its impurities. The Almond and Jojoba Oils nourished and moisturized my skin making it feel so nice and soft… and the smells, oh those smells were simply intoxicating. It was the perfect combination of sweet smelling goodness, all wrapped up into one bottle! Yes, it was divine.

About the Product:
CYGALLE Healing Spa Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème
Buy Online at:
Origin: Made in Canada
Cost: The Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème sells for $65.00 (8oz), but is available in mini 2-oz bottle for $25.

This product is specifically formulated for dry to normal skin types and contains organic Almond and Jojoba oils, which are blended with Seabuckthorn and Aloe to nourish, moisturize and promote elasticity, all without leaving oily residue in its place.

Also available: Licorice Spice Face Wash, Herbal Soy Balancing cleanser, and Grapefruit Organic Foaming Cleanser.

Final thoughts:
I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for something more from their facial cleansing crème. Though the price is a little steeper than I go for in a product, after using it the first time, I realized the price was worth it.

To find the perfect cleanser for you, please visit .

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure:
Product was provided for the purpose of my review. This was not a paid post nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.

Exercise for a New You – Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2

If you want a challenging workout that pushes you to your limits and gives your body results you never knew possible, consider this intense workout from Lalo Fuentes. Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2, is the second exercise program offered on DVD from the fitness guru who works out hard with you during each movement and each rep. Give your body a challenge with this workout video that combines strength training, cardio, and high-rep, multi-muscle toning moves.

I received a copy of Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 from Lalo Fuentes for the purpose of my review. I greatly enjoyed his original exercise program on DVD, Lalofit, and looked forward to trying out the next iteration. Volume 2 does not disappoint! His “freeze technique” reminds us to “take a second to connect” with our muscles rather than rushing through the moves. The workout lasts 55 minutes and features an onscreen timer and countdown for reps, ensuring your motivation and mental state carry you toward the end of each of the exercises. The last eight minutes are for cool-down and stretching, and you will be grateful when you realize you’ve reached this phase of the workout.

In terms of my workout challenges, my upper-body strength has always been lacking. I would rate the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 workout as a serious intermediate to advanced level workout purely due to the complicated pushup variations. I always struggle with the push-ups in both of Lalo’s workouts, but I am happy to report that I’ve been successful enough to get to 15 – 20 true pushups before switching to the variation from the knees. Lalofit v2 features a few different pushup moves than you might expect, including spider pushups and elbow-knee pushups, full rotation pushups, and jump-squat pushups. I don’t particularly like pushups, but some of these moves aren’t as difficult as others. You can also vary your pushup position to start from the knees if you have difficulty completing the moves.

The other moves work different muscle groups and some of the moves even work your entire body. On the first day I did this workout, I had not been working out regularly leading up to my first trial. I found myself sore for two or three days following the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 workout. Now, after a couple of months of working out four to six days a week, I am not experiencing any over-the-top soreness, but I do feel tighter and trimmer.

I’m a pretty busy person so I don’t always have as much time to exercise as I would like. I try to fit the 55-minute Lalofit v2 workout into my rotation about once a week. I alternate this intense exercise program with Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred and a series of 10-minute Pilates workouts. The Lalofit v2 program features six intervals and a warm-up and cool-down, with moves that work on just about every muscle in your body. Some key movements include various types of lunges, squats, pushups, jumping jacks, hops, plank, leg kicks and raises, and burpees, to name a few. I feel hardcore every time I get to the end of the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 DVD.

The workout features a number of 30-second breaks, and you may find yourself looking forward to them. This workout is going to challenge you. You will sweat. You will look forward to the end of the workout, but in the end, you will lose weight and tighten your body. I have. If you have any health issues or concerns about your ability to complete an intense workout, be sure you speak with your doctor before getting started.

For more information about the Lalofit workouts, the freeze technique, or Lalo Fuentes, check out You can order the original Lalofit DVD or Lalofit v2 at or as an autographed copy for $14.95 at Lalo Fitness.


Origami Creations: World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson Offers Fantastic Designs

The World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for origami lovers this year. This paperback offers more than 100 creations from top origami artists in the world as well as original designs by Nick Robinson. For those of you who are new to this intriguing activity, origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to create fantastic designs. Dating back to ancient times, origami stands the test of time and continues to intrigue craft lovers everywhere.

Using simple folding instructions, anyone can create origami figures that are appealing and colorful. As I thumbed through World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson, I discovered that each direction is accompanied by a diagram, clearly providing enough instruction for even the most challenged of us. Even if artistic talent is not one of your strong points, you can readily pick up this book and find more than one easy-to-create origami design.

The book is divided into ten chapters, making it easy to locate origami designs by theme. The chapters include: origami basics, birds, animals, flowers, people, containers, geometric, modular, practical, and fun. Each chapter includes several different designs from the simplest of creations to the most complex. The cover of the book is quite attractive in blue with pictures of two origami creations on the front and several on the back.

The author, Nick Robinson, has written more than 30 books as well as numerous articles on this topic. He is a member of the British Origami Society. Mr. Robinson has created several hundred original origami designs that he has shared with the world.

World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson has a selling price under $15.00 and can be purchased on I also discovered that it is available as a Google eBook for only $9.99. I received the book as a gift for the purposes of this review.