Summer 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

Consider pretty nail colors for summer. OPI is a great brand.Although spring hasn’t yet concluded, we wanted to give you a preview of all the hot nail polish colors to come for summer 2010. After all, why wait to get in on the nail polish trends for the warmest season of the year? The trends for summer 2010 hot nail polish colors range from bright and cheery to smooth and muted to bold, rich and dark. You can paint your manicures and pedicures to match your mood this summer!

Hot nail colors for summer 2010 include everything from retro glam to cheery, modern hues. You can find a nail color trend for any occasion – formal or casual, day or night. Blues, teals, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, magentas, silvers, and greys are all hot nail colors for summer 2010. Other popular summer nail colors include pale pinks and off-whites, sparkly metallic purple or gold, and iridescent pearl.

Consider these hot nail polish colors for summer 2010 to help you create unbelievable and gorgeous manicures and pedicures.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #1: Bright and Cheery
Consider these bright and cheerful summer nail colors by Nicole by OPI.One of my favorite finds in this summer nail color preview is Nicole by OPI. This brand offers the most cheerful and bright collection of nail colors I’ve seen, with cleverly designed bottles that are both interestingly shaped and ergonomic – offering perfect flat place to press your thumb when opening each bottle!

The bright and cheerful colors of Nicole by OPI may be some of the hottest nail colors for summer and beyond, comprising bright and sparkly pink, green, orange, yellow, and vibrant red. Each color has its own built-in sparkle and sheen, and they are all so lovely that you’re bound to want to mix and match them on your nails at the same time. I received each of these colors for the purpose of review, and can’t tell you how excited I am to paint my nails in these bright and sparkly summer colors this season. They sort of remind me of the Starburst candies!

With names like Make Mine Lime (sparkly green), You’re an Angel (sparkly pink), Yellow It’s Me (sparkly yellow), Fresh Squeezed (sparkly orange), and I Stop for Nicole (sparkly red), it’s easy to see that this brand leaves no detail out of production. Each color shows off its sparkle even on a single coat, but you may want to jazz things up by painting a second or third. The soft and subtle sheen of a single coat of this nail polish is still lovely and very pretty, though. Just add another coat if you want a stronger depth of color!

OPI also offers a variety of nail colors for summer, including Panda-monium Pink and Lucky Lucky Lavender, two pretty shades that seem to be mostly in the purple family when in the bottle, but seem to carry just as much pink once applied. Both these colors are a lovely light nail color option for summer 2010.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #2: Smooth and Muted (or maybe not…)

The hottest nail lacquer shades for summer just wouldn’t be the same without…

Protecting Your Skin with Sunscreen: Banana Boat, Bethesda, and Azur

Protecting your skin from the harshness of the sun is extremely important if you want to avoid skin cancer, dry skin, and even the terrible pain of severe sunburn. While dressing properly and avoiding the sun during the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm can help, using sunscreen products is certainly the best way to go. I like to use a variety of products simply because my need for sunscreen varies according to the plans of my day. Sometimes light protection is sufficient, while other days, a stronger level of protection is merited.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80
Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 offers long-lasting UVA/UVB protection. The packaging states that this product is absorbed quickly and in fact, it actually is. This gives it 5 stars in my opinion as I despise those cheaper sunscreen products that seem to take forever to become absorbed by the skin. Of course, sunscreen should be applied about 30 minutes prior to the time when you are going to need full protection.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 is sold in the convenient size of 3 fl oz. It comes in a tube that is easy to tuck away in your purse, tote bag, or even in the pocket of a jacket or bathing robe. Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 has been designed to provide strong protection that is waterproof, offering excellent cover from the sun. It includes the benefit of having Aloe Vera as one of its soothing ingredients so it also hydrates the skin. I like the fact that this sunscreen product absorbs into the skin quickly and effortlessly.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 50 Ultra Mist Clear
Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 50, an Ultra Mist Clear product that offers a continuous spray sunblock featuring long-lasting UVA/UVB protection is sold in a 6 fl. oz. size. The container is attractive and perky so it tempted me to pick it up to look at it right away. Once I did so, I quickly discovered that this sunscreen is enriched with Aloe Vera, an ingredient that I have a lot of respect for ever since my dad told me as a child to break open a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant and rub it on my skin to soothe my poison ivy problems. It really worked, so I have been a fan ever since.

The Banana Boat Ultra Defense Ultra Mist Clear SPF 50 Sunblock product sprays on easily, quickly, and evenly. I like its nice, clean scent and the fact that I do not need to rub it on or into my skin. The spray is absorbed by my skin quickly, giving me the protection that I need. Since it is a spray, you can easily use this sunscreen product to cover hard-to-reach areas of the body. Plus, it is waterproof so if you have children or decide to go swimming, your skin continues to receive the protection it needs from the sun even on pool days!

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap
Bethesda sunscreen soap protects while it nourishes the skin. The protection aspect begins immediately as washing with this bar of soap provides a layer of invisible protection from the sun. Bethesda offers an SPF of 10 so it helps to protect your skin from the harshness of the sun. One of the reasons that I like this particular soap is that I can use it in the morning when I get up and my skin is protected without the need to spray, spritz, or rub lots of sunscreen on my skin just to let the dog out or step outside for a few moments of peace and quiet to get me ready for my day.

I liked the smooth feeling that Bethesda sunscreen soap gave to my skin when I used it. The all-natural ingredients include Aloe Vera gel, glycerin, chlorophyll, and healing balm of Gilead. Each bar of soap is supposed to provide more than 50 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. By the feel of my skin, I have to say that I think this is definitely true. The soap lathers with a rich, creamy substance that simply glides onto my skin. The bar is oval-shaped and comes in a calming, light-green color. Even if Bethesda sunscreen soap hadn’t been designed to offer sunscreen protection, I might find myself using it anyway simply because my skin felt better for it!

Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes
Another of the really nice sunscreen products that I feel have been designed with women in mind is Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes. It comes in an attractive, blue 0.5 fl oz container. This product has been designed for use with the face and eyes. In addition to being water resistant, it also offers moisturizing and anti-aging elements that the face can definitely benefit from when using it. After all, the face receives sun on it almost every single time we step outside our doors. While wearing a hat can help to dissuade the sun from damaging our faces, a reliable sunscreen product such as Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes can certainly go a bit further toward that end.

One of the added benefits of using Azur SPF 40 Face and Eye crème is that I can wear it underneath my makeup. Plus, while I like to think of it as a product for women, it can be worn by anyone except children under the age of six. The tube is small, so it is easy to cart it along with you wherever you go so you can reapply it as needed.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all of these products for the purposes of reviewing them. I’ve used Banana Boat before, and I already knew that I like it. These two products offer exceptional protection since they have SPFs of 50 and 80. The Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is just so nice, that even with a low SPF of 10, I intend to continue using it for the protection that it does offer. The convenience of getting under-makeup protection from the sun is just too good to be true, so the opportunity to continue using Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes is definitely a welcome one. Remember to protect your skin as well as the skin of the ones that you love this spring and summer, and well, every season.

Stir Up Your Love Life with Sensational Scents: “The Triple Threat,” “Scent by Alexis,” and “Queen”

As most women know, fragrances can be worn not only for your own personal pleasure, but also to drive your significant other crazy beyond sensibility. Men are quite in tune with their senses. They enjoy using all five of these senses, especially when women are involved. Finding and wearing the perfect perfume is often a simple matter. After all, there are so many wonderful fragrances to choose from these days. Once you discover the fragrance or fragrances that stimulate your man’s interest, you can use your pulse points to maximize the benefits of wearing your favorite scents.

The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat
, one of the most recent celebrity fragrances to hit the market, is one of fifteen scents created by Ashley and Courtney Peldon. This show-biz inspired scent offers a pleasant whiff of fragrance that is quite sweet and strong. It is infused with elements of orange, starfruit, chocolate, vanilla, and brownie. Sounds almost good enough to eat, doesn’t it?

The Triple Threat ranges in price from $14 to $40, depending on what size you purchase. Each fragrance is created from organic ingredients that are paraben-free. One of the unique aspects of these fragrances is the fact that each bottle of fragrance contains a star-shaped gemstone. It’s like discovering a tiny piece of treasure that turns your day or evening into a wonderful adventure.

Scent by Alexis

Created by Alexis Karl, Scent by Alexis is a delightful collection of ten aromatic, oil-based perfumes. Each scent has been designed as an artistic masterpiece from the mixing of the perfumes to the creation of the bottles that have been carefully crafted in artistic displays that appeal to the eye in much the same way that the fragrances appeal to the nose. Each of the perfumes in the Scent by Alexis collection have suggestive names that offer a hint of the fragrance before you even open the bottle.

Delicate almost beyond belief, the scent of Courtesan is flirtatious, seductive, and sensual. It is designed to remind one of delicate satins, silks, and brocades along with coquettish smiles. I can almost guarantee that the wearing of Courtesan will bring a coquettish smile to your lips along with a delicate fragrance to those around you. This fragrance includes notes of violets, florals, and green tea.

Impish grins instantly come to mind when I reflect on the rich, sweet scent of Vixen. Blended with Ethiopian coffee and red currants, the scent of berries is strong as it invokes an expectation of playfulness.

White Sable is another of the fragrances that scream seduction. It offers the warmth of vanilla and amber along with the airiness of white florals. Its scent seems mysterious and yet comforting at the same time.

The femininity of Goddess is unmistakable. From its touch of citrus to the warmth of its vanilla notes to the delicacy of jasmine, this fragrance is as gentle as it is alluring. It is a real winner as far as attracting attention.

Reminiscent of the scents of 1930s Hollywood, Femme Fatale offers a rush of secret ingredients along with a few discernible ones. From the tingle of nutmeg to the zest of amber to the warmth of vanilla and ylang-ylang, you get a medley of deliciously fragrant notes that might make you want to wear this one over and over again.

Upon first whiff, the deep, lush notes of amber of Venus in Furs offer to whisk you away to an exotic city on a cold brisk night. Its blend of vanilla, freesia, and florals add a touch of sophistication and intrigue that scream “I am woman” rather than whisper “I am girl.”

The name, Black Valentine, hints at the deep, rich fragrance of this sensual blend. Mixed with notes of tuberose, caramel, and brown sugar, Black Valentine offers excitement and intrigue. It even provides the hint of sweetness and romance that women associate with Valentine’s Day.

Offering a hint of nature’s bountiful gardens, Eve’s Revenge provides a fresh fragrance laces with the scent of pomegranates, figs, and freesia. As the Web site states, this one is irresistible. Eve’s Revenge is light enough to be worn at any time of the day.

Minx offers a seductive scent that oozes sexuality along with a healthy dose of a blend of fruits mixed with chocolate and merlot. While this fragrance offers a decidedly chocolaty scent upon initial contact, it transforms itself into a warm, elegant fragrance that oozes sensuality. I definitely suggest wearing this one for your next important romantic encounter.

Although Duchess is a scent that doesn’t exactly tingle my personal fragrance meter, it is undoubtedly one of the more commanding fragrances in the line along with Minx. It offers the rich, sinfulness of the aroma of chocolate blended with pear and linden blossom. If ever you wanted to play at being royalty, this is the fragrance to try.

My only regret with this collection is that my sample for each scent offered a one-time use that simply begged to be repeated. You can visit for more information or to purchase any one of the Scent by Alexis collection.

“Queen” by Queen Latifah is not for the faint of heart. This is a hearty fragrance that is full of body while offering a woody oriental scent. Offering a touch of the latest trend in fragrance, cognac and tequila, this fragrance is bold and instantly commanding. With a touch of mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, vanilla, baie rose, coriander, jasmine noir, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, and incense, Queen provides a warm, sweet fragrance that can overpower you if you accidentally spray on too much. If you want to avoid subtle when it comes to your fragrance, Queen Eau de Parfum Spray is the one to use. It is a nice clean scent that can be worn with elegance and style. (Queen Latifah’s fragrance is also available in the Queen by Queen Latifah Gift Set.)

Products provided free to writer for reviewFragrances can offer an entirely new facet to any outfit that you wear, any hairstyle that you try out, and any persona that you are trying to portray. Experimenting with more than one fragrance is one of the best ways to discover new facets to your own personality while also revving up your love life. I received a generous sample of Queen for the purposes of this review along with smaller samples of Scent by Alexis and The Triple Threat.

Mark Instant Vacation Illuminating Powder Review

There are two kinds of people in the world: the glitterati and everyone else. Mark has introduced a product for both.

Just in time for summer, New Glowdacious Illuminating Powder is a pressed powder that enhances skin tone by brightening and illuminating. It comes in three colors: ‘Prettied Up’ (light), ‘Shimmied Up’ (medium), and ‘Amped Up’ (dark). Each color comes in three shades pressed into one compact. Mark suggests the best effect is from blending all three onto your brush, but you can use individual shades as subtle eye color, or for illuminating specific areas.

I used the ‘Prettied Up’, since I have fair skin. The first time I used the product, I brushed it all over my face. Immediately, my face was imbued with a sheer glitter when the light hit it. If you’re into body glitter, then the effect is perfect. It’s subtle, but visible without being gauche. I, however, generally do not like to sparkle–it’s not my thing. So, the next time I used the powder, I used it only to highlight my cheeks. This was perfect for my style. It called attention to my cheekbones for a perfect summer look. I also use the white shade in the ‘Prettied Up’ compact to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my summer make-up rotation.

A friend of mine of South Asian descent happened to be visiting while I was testing the product. She tried the dark shade, ‘Amped Up’ on her cheeks. She loved it because it defined her cheekbones without looking fake. She frequently finds that blush or bronzer never looks natural on her skin tone. She found ‘Amped Up’ to be a great alternative for the more traditional blush hues. We both loved the bright summery feel of the product.

Product provided free to writer for reviewMark’s Glowdacious Illuminating Powder will be available from Mark in May 2010 ( or through your Mark representative. Each compact includes the pressed powder, a mirror, and a brush and costs $12. If you plan on using the product heavily, $12 might be a little steep. If, like me, however, you intend to use it for a special summer look, then $12 is a bargain. The color lasts all day without reapplication, is non-comedogenic, and oil-free. Should be good for all skin types.

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Fashion: Green View™ Readers

Do you know when the first Earth Day occurred or who was behind it? Well, the very first Earth Day happened forty years ago on April 22 in 1970. However, Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, started worrying over the state of our environment in 1962. At that time, he sought and received assistance from President John F. Kennedy as well as Attorney General Robert Kennedy in getting some visibility for the issue of environmental concerns. This was the beginning of what eventually flourished into what we now celebrate – Earth Day.

This year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, a Thursday. A lot of us will make a conscious effort on that day to conserve energy or use renewable resources. Why not take that energy and initiative and turn it into an everyday event? Using recyclable products and renewal resources is one of the best ways to do that.

While many younger women might not yet need reading glasses, those of us over 40 certainly have used them or know someone who does. Well, Smithfield, RI FGX International Inc. has created an attractive line of reading glasses that are environmentally friendly. These reading glasses are perfect not only to help make us more earth-friendly in our use of things, but also because they offer good quality. This collection is the result of the combined efforts of Foster Grant and Magnivision, well known names in the industry.

Foster Grant and Magnivision’s Green View readers are perfect for the environmentally conscious woman who wants to wear reading glasses that are trendy, unique, and earth-friendly. Green View Readers are crafted from 100% recycled materials. How cool is that? I think it is pretty cool for a lot of reasons.

One, now that I have four children and the hopes of one day having grandchildren, I would like to have an earth left for them to enjoy life. You know what I mean, a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about toxic landfills all of the time and where the water is safe to drink and the air is safe to breathe. Well, using environmentally friendly products is one of the ways that I can contribute to that effort.

Another reason that I like earth-friendly products is that it makes my youngest daughter extremely happy to see me trying to find new ways to contribute to an earth-friendly movement. Plus, I get to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Each frame in the Green View collection is made completely from recycled materials. One of the added niceties is that these readers also come with renewable fiber cases in attractive colors. The cases, which feature tiny draw strings at one end, are just as slender as the reading glasses, but they achieve their goal of protecting the glasses from scratches.

The Green View Collection draws attention to its earth friendliness with the “earthy” style names including “Autumn,” “Summer,” “Sunshine,” “Earthy,” “Journey,” and “Breezy.” The colors span a wide range including bright purple, soft gray, bold black, and earthy tortoise. I think the frames look nice on the face partly due to the style and partly to the coloring. At any rate, they are attractive and neutral enough to be worn with an outfit of almost any color.

Foster Grant® and Magnivision® Green View Readers feature hard-coated lenses that have been designed to reduce distortion. You get a close, comfortable fit due to the spring hinges, a personal favorite of mine. I always look for glasses that offer spring hinges simply because they usually feel better on my face.

Since these non-prescription, over-the-counter reading glasses are very affordable, your purchase is easy on the pocketbook. The Green View Collection is available in stores across the country, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a pair that suits your needs and fancy. You can find the Green View Collection in WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, and Barnes & Noble. Prices start at $16.

Product provided free to writer for reviewI received three pairs of the readers so I could review them honestly. I like them. So does my husband. This line of over-the-counter reading glasses features women’s, men’s, and unisex styles.

Add to Your Fashion Statement with Spring Accessories

As spring arrives bringing the soft tread of make-believe Easter bunnies and the sweet taste of delicious Easter candy favorites, most women take stock of their spring wardrobe with an eye toward updating it with a few fashionable accessories. Whether they take note of what the hottest celebrities are wearing these days or simply look through the shops and boutiques looking for trendy new favorites, most females are going to be tempted by more than a few new accessories to brighten up their wardrobes.

For myself, the moment the freshly-scented aroma of early spring flowers wafts up to my olfactory senses on the wisp of spring winds, I immediately think that it is time to bring out all of my spring favorites while putting away all of my winter clothing and accessories. This year is no different, and I am ready to tackle this task with all the gusto that it deserves.

I have even been given a head start with the gift of a few spring fashion accessories that I found to be attractive and useful. Always on the alert for a new pair of chic sunglasses to protect my eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, I love the  Sunset Strip sunglasses that I received. Each pair is crafted with skinny frames that offer a hint of stylish color (tortoise, burgundy/pink, or black/grey) with a glint of metallic shine. Plus, the protective case is colorful and well designed to keep these babies safe whenever I’m not wearing them.

One of the nicest features about these sunglasses is that the lenses provide UV 400 protection. Fortunately for me, my youngest daughter is away at school or I think I might have to play tug of war with these sunglasses. Yes, that is exactly how stylish and sophisticated they are! You can visit or to order a pair for yourself. While you are there, why not check out some of their other fashionable accessories?

One cool fashion trick that I like to use each year is to switch up the look of certain tunics, tops, skirts, slacks, and skorts by getting myself a few new belts. This is an easy way to draw attention to the waistline while creating a whole new look too.

I did receive an attractive, easy-to-wear belt from that provides a lavish look of shimmer since it is crafted from metal and faux gemstones. Although the belt is sold in one size fits all, it is adjustable using the jeweled brooch to cinch it tighter along the three rows of chain that make up the belt. You have two choices if you are in the market for an easy way to add a bit of color to your wardrobe: antique brass in a rose-colored look with pink and purple gemstones or antique gold with olive and amber gemstones.

To top it all off, I received a gift of a Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat from the folks at Three of the things that I really like about this hat are the removable sash, the fact that it is adjustable, and its wide brim. Wearing a hat allows me to shade my face to protect it from the sun. This is especially important to me since I have incredibly fair, sun-sensitive, sunburn-prone skin. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of wearing hats, try it and you might like it. Hats can offer you the benefit of protecting your face from some of the aging effects that the sun provides so freely. Plus, you can always tip the brim to hide your facial expression should you need to do so.

The Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat is sold in olive, pink, blue, orange, white, and tan. Each of these items (hat, sunglasses, and belt) runs about $40. Products provided free to writer for reviewI did receive one of each of the items described free for the purposes of reviewing it for

Why You Should Use Skin Care Lotions Such as Herban Renewal’s Hand & Body Lotions

Try Herban Renewal Love Lotion or Lavender lotion to moisturize your skin.Are there any good reasons for using hand and body lotions? Of course there are! Most of us already know that hand and body lotions help to moisturize the skin and keep it supple. In fact, skin lotions generally moisturize the outer layer of skin known as the epidermis. Since the primary job of the epidermis is to protect our bodies, it is important to keep it in excellent shape. The skin, after all, is the largest organ that the human body has.

When we use hand and body lotion, we protect our skin from drying out. In fact, the best time to put hand and body lotion on is when we are fresh out of the shower or bath. Our skin is clean, so we don’t need to worry about trapping in any dirt or grime. Plus, if we put our skin lotion on before we towel dry, we can trap in moisture so that our skin stays nice and supple.

Consider Herban Renewal and Arcelia lotions to keep your skin smooth and soft.Herban Renewal has created an entire line of wonderful hand and body lotions that are manufactured from earth-friendly ingredients. In fact, all of their products are made by physically and mentally challenged adults from Disabilities Resources, Inc. in Abilene, Texas. The company, Herban Renewal, relies on its social consciousness to help make this world a better place. If for that reason only, you should consider a visit to the Herban Renewal website to browse their products for a few skin care items.

They offer two lines of hand and body lotions: the Herban Renewal lotions and the Arcelia lotions. These all-natural products smell so fresh that you’ll be imagining fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers right near you. The lotions are light in body and creamy in texture, making them perfect to use any time of the day or night. Plus, they don’t leave any greasy residue or stains.

The Herban Renewal line is intended for women of all ages. It is the flagship line, and as such, it offers the gentlest of fragrances and the crispest of scents. You can purchase this one in Garden Mint, First Rose, Love, and Lavender. While I do like all of the scents with the exception of mint (sorry, but I am just not a minty person), my all-time favorite is the First Rose because it offers a spring-like floral aroma.

The Arcelia lotions are designed with the chic woman in mind. It’s a lively line that is sassy and sexy in fragrance. Just like all of their other Arcelia products, the lotion is featured in three cool fragrances: String Bikini, Calming Cucumber, and Mango Ole. The Calming Cucumber is my favorite at the moment, but that might have something to do with having two children in college and the need to remain calm despite all the stories circulating these days of armed intruders (yes, I did get a phone call about that one) and muggings on campus (this one came in an email.)

Both lines of hand and body lotions are sold in four sizes: 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 8 ounces, and 16 ounces. Prices currently range an affordable $1.00 to $16.00. The smaller sizes offer screw-on caps while the larger ones have a push top.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all of these lotions free (quite a generous gift) for the purposes of reviewing them for this Web site. I do like them and think that you will too if you decide to try them. Perhaps, you’ll even like the Garden Mint, which offers the crispest scent of all!

Must-Have Products for Female Confidence

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewI think we all can agree when I say that there are a few items on a woman’s list that must be bought, at minimum, a couple times a month. That’s because we need them to feel better about ourselves. It’s called maintaining our femininity. We use these products religiously (whether we’d like to or not), so why settle for what’s offered on the shelves at the store, unless of course they offer it at your local supermarket. Otherwise, it’s nice to splurge a little on “the good stuff” if it’ll make you feel better.

I may have confused some of you with where I’m headed with this post. Don’t worry, I’m getting there.
Some of the necessities I am referring to are: panty liners (gotta have those), razors (some of us need to shave way too often) and workout clothing (and I’m talking comfortable attire so we feel better while we’re sweating our behinds off).

Did I get your attention? Great, because some of the products I’ll be talking to you about may come as a surprise. Maybe you wouldn’t think that shopping for these things could come from any place other than at your local grocery store. They do (or at least two out of the three products do) and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you see. I did. From the moment I received the products in the mail I have been thinking of ways to share the products with others (by ways of gift ideas, etc.).

Titan6 men's razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewThe first product I’m going to share with you is available anywhere hygiene products are found.  I’m talking about razors, but not just any razor. I’m talking about the new Shave Mate razors. They are amazing (by all accounts – mine of course) and I don’t think I could ever try another. I’ll tell you why.

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewShaveMate came out with a new razor (Diva6 for women and Titan6 for men) that has the shaving cream dispenser in the razor’s end. This is a complete, all-in-one combo razor worth getting excited about. It comes with six flexible blades for an extremely close shave. Now, normally I don’t make such a big stink about shaving. Usually, I don’t tell anyone when I shave unless I’m in a conversation with friends about the product they use, but that’s normally followed by: I have to shave everyday because my razor doesn’t perform the way it should. If this sounds like you, consider looking into the purchase of a three-pack of Diva6 shavers for yourself (and the Titan6 for the husband, boyfriend, or other).  It’s definitely the closest shave I’ve ever had, and I’ve been shaving for 20 years or so.

Available at: Walgreens, Meijer, Food City, and online at,, or


Pantzies fashionable panty liners product reviewNext we have Pantzies… sound interesting? They are. I’m going to go as far as saying this product can fit in as a perfect “novelty” type, yet very practical, item. It makes a particular product that normally has a stigma for being serious… kind of fun to share and talk about. Yes, I am talking about panty liners, but the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

I have to say, when I first received product samples for review, I was thrilled (in a personal sort of way). I just thought they were the cutest and wanted to wear them, just because I could. Surprisingly, they are both cute and very comfortable, and I say this with the utmost confidence. I mean, trust me because it’s not every day that I freely talk about something as personal as panty liners. Just saying the word makes me feel like I’m talking about something I shouldn’t…

Please consider looking at this product in a bit more detail; I think you’ll agree that Pantzies would be a great novelty item for a friend or daughter (expecting mom, a young girl learning about panty liners, a bachelorette, etc.). Also, on a personal level, these are really great items to have in your purse just in case you need them at a moment’s notice. I do recommend them.

Available by visiting:

ARP: Prices vary depending on amount purchased, but start at $7.95

And last, but definitely not least, we have Lolly 38. Talk about outrageously comfortable attire for curvy women.  The fabrics are simply beautiful and wearable – almost too perfect.

I think my husband has had to request that I wear something different. Not because he didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I simply could not get myself to do it otherwise. I felt so comfortable. So pretty and I just didn’t want that feeling to end. I really just didn’t want to change. At this point I wish I had an entire closet full of Lolly 38; that way, I could change, but I’d feel that same comfort no matter what.

Lolly38 yoga wear product review

It truly is a different feeling compared to what I’m used to.

You’re going to enjoy this part of my review. The clothing at Lolly 38’s Taffy wear; the yoga and active wear I was provided (didn’t cost any more than other good quality garments you’d buy at the mall). The quality of Lolly 38, to me, exceeds all the other brands I’ve ever worn before. I can’t even describe the difference… except. Okay, you know the bed sheets that you can’t get yourself to get out of. The softest (not silk), most stretchy (yet strong) fibered sheets that are a tie between cotton and spandex… yeah, that material. Well, it may not be that exactly, but you get what I mean right? It’s practically candy for your body. Definitely a must have in anyone’s active wear collection. But before you go drooling at Taffy, make sure you look at the underwear, sweats, and T-shirt sections. I know that my next purchase will be undies; if they feel anything like the Taffy line, I’ll be in heaven for life.

Available at:

ARP: all items vary; please visit Lolly 38’s site for more detail

I hope that you will consider visiting any of the sites listed above. Each and every one of the products made my life easier. From feeling so clean and soft to feeling positively comfortable in what I’m wearing; you will definitely find that these products are worth the rave. I am pretty convinced that once you try any one of the above products, you’ll be hooked. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that you can find use in one, or all, of the products listed above.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: The products shared in this review were sent to me in order to give you straight forward and honest opinions. The opinions written in this post are of my own and therefore, I claim no responsibility for those who feel differently. Thank you.

Indulge Your Inner Woman with a Touch of the Natori Fragrance Collection

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewHeld in deep plum-colored flacons, glass containers, and attractive plum and black bottles, Natori’s fragrance collection offers a tantalizing reason to indulge your inner woman with a touch of fragrant extravagance. The pleasure is undeniable. The appealing attractiveness of the collection is irrefutable. The price is extravagant. Nonetheless, I am so glad that I took the opportunity to indulge in a pleasurable experience such as this. Natori offers a fine collection of excellent products designed to tempt, tantalize, and perform. They are, in my opinion, worthy of being considered the cream of the crop when it comes to fragrant beauty products.

Natori’s Silk Body Crème
Sold in a generous 5 oz container, Natori’s Silk Body Crème is luxurious not only in the way that it feels, but in its floral-scented muskiness (notes of Natori’s Eau de Parfum) as well as its attractive deep-plum colored glass container. The crème is thick and creamy offering the touch of luxury with skin-softening excellence. If I can have one indulgence in these trying times, this truly might be the one. It currently sells for $75. I fell in love with Natori’s Silk Body Crème the first moment that I allowed it to glide onto my skin. It provides a silky feel as it glides over the skin without any of the greasiness that lesser brands are so prone to give. You can use it for your entire body, making it a perfect luxury crème for your boudoir.

Natori’s Perfumed Candle
Natori’s perfumed candle, a sheer luxury by any standard, sells for $75.00 and is worth every single penny. Offering an elegant, sophisticated look that resonates extravagance with each and every glance at the candle and whiff of the rich, deep scent it exudes, this perfumed candle is a must have item for any woman. The bone-colored wax has been poured into a 6.35-oz. container crafted in black glass and decorated with a river stone atop the lid. For those of you who are new to the pleasures of candle burning, the packaging provides easy directions for burning. Light one up for your shower, a romantic encounter, or some quiet time on your own.

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewNatori’s Silk Shower Crème
Natori’s Silk Shower Crème is sold in a generous 8-fl. oz. plastic bottle, which is perfect since containers tend to get a bit slippery in the shower. Offering a touch of the Natori fragrance, this silky gel smells so good that I kept holding my hands up for a closer whiff. Something about it just made me feel alive and energized. Add to that the fact that this shower crème is so silky that I can’t seem to get enough of it and Natori’s Silk Shower Crème becomes one of those products that is going to show up on this year’s Christmas list. It lathers up really well and feels silky the entire time. It’s a luxuriating experience, so if you are into a bit of self-indulgence, it is definitely worth taking a chance to try it out.

Natori’s Eau de Parfum Spray
The Eau de Parfum Spray by Natori is delightfully oriental with a floral scent deeply immersed in an opening bouquet of rose petals and enhanced by deep notes of plum. The heart notes feature an alluring blend of purple peony, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Together, these floral notes provide a tantalizing aromatic experience that touches the inner being through its effervescent fragrance.

For the best results, use your pulse points (inner elbow, wrist, ankles, base of the throat, and behind the ears) to enhance the fragrant scent which also has a fine touch of amber, black patchouli, and musk. It is sold in a convenient 1.7-fl. oz. size for $80 as well as a larger, 3.4-fl. oz. size for $110. If you want to feel truly decadent, purchase the Eau de Parfum in the adorable .25 fl. oz. flacon. It is petite in size and adorably appealing!

I received the generous gift of these items for the purposes of reviewing them for Life Love Beauty. I am so glad that I did! If luxurious products are your thing, you should try these because they certainly fulfilled my expectations. Of course, since we are all different, there is always the possibility that you might not like them, but I doubt it. They are wonderful!

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The Benefits of Taking a Bath with Herban Renewal Bath Salts

Herban Renewal bath salts are a great and relaxing gift idea.The therapeutic benefits of taking a bath have been understood for centuries. While television commercials from the latter half of the nineteenth century depicted taking a bath as a soothing, relaxing experience, there really is more to it than that. The ingredients found in bath salts are credited with soothing powers that relieve tension, soften skin, ease muscle ache, and reduce pain.

Most bath salts contain some combination of sea salts, essential oils, and fragrance. The exact reasons behind the soothing benefits of bathing need a bit more investigation as the evidence is primarily derived from observational methodology. But do you really care? I know what I need to know and that is the one unequivocal fact that taking a bath simply makes me feel 100% better most of the time.

Try Herban Renewal and Arcelia Bath Salts! Colorful, fun, and relaxing...The fragrance emitting from the scented waters give me a mood boost that can include anything from an elevated sense of relaxation to a renewed sense of energy to an elated feeling of euphoria. Fragrance-related mood transformation is one of the benefits of taking a bath no matter how long you have to indulge in a nice hot soak. The essential oils in bath salts helps to soften and soothe dry or irritated skin.

The warm scented waters do soothe away my tension – both muscle and intellectual. Soaking up the sea salts, my body relaxes and so do my muscles. My back or leg pain is less evident and whether that is due solely to the sea salts or to the total combination of ingredients and the effect they have on my entire being is yet to be discovered. All I know is that a bath offers a unique experience like no other. If you don’t believe me, buy yourself a bath pillow, a few bath salts, a good book, a few scented candles, and maybe even a glass of wine and try this experience for yourself.

Recently, I was given the pleasure of trying out several bath salts produced by Herban Renewal. I received the 2-oz. size (they also come in a 10-oz. size) in the following scents: lavender, first rose, mint, and safflower. These are made with earth-friendly ingredients. I also received a sample of their hope lavender bath salts. A portion of the sales from the hope salts is given to the Cancer Services Network, a worthy cause.

This company also puts out a line of products aimed at the younger crowd, Arcelia. Similar to the soaps and lotions in this line, the bath salts are available in String Bikini, Calming Cucumber, and Mango Ole. They all smell great and include sea salts, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and fragrance.

One of the nicest aspects of the Herban Renewal line of bath salts is the fact that they feel sugary soft to the touch as you pour them out of the packaging and just as sugary soft when you step into the tub. The scent from each fragrance is mild so it does not overwhelm the senses, and they do linger afterward in a mild way. This allows you to use your own perfume, eau de toilet, or spray without competing against the bath salt fragrance.

It’s only $2.00 for the smaller size and $10.00 for the larger 10-oz. size, so these bath salts are more than affordable. Plus, you can always decide to purchase one of the Herban Renewal gift sets, which include bath salts in them. For more information, please visit:

The World of Bar Soaps: Organic, Aromatic, Cleansing, and Moisturizing – Tisserand, sukibody, and Herban Renewal

Consider these top bar soaps for your bathing needs.Bar soaps have come a long way over the years. Today, we have soaps crafted from all types of ingredients, an entire bevy of fragrances, a myriad collection of shapes and sizes, and variations of every color of the rainbow. Deciding which bar of soap you are going to purchase for your personal use usually has its roots in your childhood. Which bar of soap did your mother or grandmother purchase for her family? Have you ever purchased the same one or are you perhaps still purchasing it?

While soap is used primarily to cleanse, it is often used for other reasons as well. Some of us also like to indulge in a bit of inexpensive aromatherapy with the soaps that we use and why not? Today’s soap comes in so many interesting and delightful varieties and fragrances that it would be a shame to enjoy these soaps simply for their cleansing purposes.

Try Tisserand Aromatherapy's bar soap for a refreshing experience.Organic soaps offer the best opportunity since you can indulge in a bit of all-natural aromatherapy and cleansing without the need to expose your skin to synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances. If you haven’t tried organic bar soaps yet, you should since the fragrances are uplifting rather than overpowering. The lack of synthetic ingredients also means that organic bar soaps offer the perfect cleansing experience for delicate skin or for women who are interested in using products obtained from sustainable sources.

Tisserand offers a refreshing pure vegetable soap with a sweet orange, jasmine, and macadamia scent. The fragrance is just as delicate as the soap. It lathers nicely and quickly providing a whiff of its scent as it does so. The scent lingers on the skin afterward, so you smell good all day long.

Its attractive oval shape and color make it perfect for use at the basin, shower, or bath. Never having been tested on animals, Tisserand’s refreshing pure vegetable soap is made from ethically harvested plant extracts and essential oils including orange leaf oil, jasmine oil, macadamia oil, and orange oil. Since it contains cocoa butter, it also moisturizes the skin, something that is noticed each time it is used. You can get your own at

Try the Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar for an organic bathing experience.Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar is another of the organic offerings that the world of body soap has to offer. In fact, it is a vegan bar that is designed to hydrate the skin while clearing up clogged pores. Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar features an invigorating lemongrass scent (a bit stronger than Tisserand’s orange scent) that awakens the olfactory senses to a heightened awareness. It is composed of solely 100% organic ingredients- shea butter and lemongrass extract and designed to exfoliate without the exfoliators while effectively cleansing the skin, awakening the senses, and invigorating your skin to a new-found vivacity.

The Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar lathers nicely and feels silky-smooth on the skin so it is perfect as a facial soap as well as a body soap. Its chunky, rectangular shape with rounded edges is eye-appealing, so you can use it at basin, bath, or shower. I found it to be perfect as a go-along for an overnight bag since it is relatively small in size. Visit and get one of these fantastic organic bars of soap for yourself.

Products provided free to writer for reviewHerban Renewal soaps took me on a… (continued)

Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash Product Review

Neutrogena Rainbath has been a favorite product of mine for quite some time. I’ve used it since high school, through college, and even beyond. The product always delivers, so to me, Rainbath is a keeper. From rich, foamy lather to a subtle yet delightfully clean fragrance, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The pretty blue color of translucent turquoise in my bottle of Neutrogena Rainbath Gel (Moisture Rich) Citrus Marine body wash was a lovely sight during shower time each day. The pump bottle made it easy to dispense as much or as little body wash as I wanted, and it was quick and easy to get more if I found I did not dispense enough the first time, as opposed to opening a lid or cap.

The Citrus Marine fragrance is truly delightful. It is light and fresh, subtle and pleasant. While not truly the same, it reminds me of the clean linen scent and the fresh rain fragrances offered by many candle and home fragrance companies. The scent is still noticeable a little while after your shower, but light enough that you can still wear your favorite perfume while the light hints of Rainbath may still linger just a bit.

Neutrogena Rainbath produces huge amounts of lather and suds to cleanse every inch of your body. The product is gentle and soothing, cleansing away any impurities and leaving your skin feeling super clean and soft without any residue. I don’t know why it seems this way to me, but I really feel there is a different level of clean achieved with this Rainbath body wash product.

Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash retails for about $8 – $10 for an 8.5-ounce bottle. You can find it at most mass market retailers, drugstores, and online at