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From cosmetics to cleaning products, our reviews section gives you the full scoop on many products that we think you’ll enjoy, and even a few we think you should avoid. Find out about hair care products, makeup, sunscreen and skincare products, accessories, clothing, gift ideas, food, and more. We’ll give you our honest opinions no matter what — that’s our pledge. Also, we’ll be sure to disclose everything according to FTC regulations… even though we may receive free items to review from time to time, those freebies will never color our review commentary.

Product Review of BeautyScoop

A rejuvenating scientific Beauty Breakthrough that will have you sipping your way to sensational beauty…it is but a “scoop” away. With BeautyScoop, you can have a radiant, healthy glow. BeautyScoop works from the inside out and is an edible peptide … Keep Reading

Workout DVD Review: Get in Shape with Lalo Fuentes and LaloFit Freeze Technique

I can’t remember feeling this exhilarated and accomplished in my workout routines since college when I just finished racing a 5K or playing an entire game of rugby. I tried out the LaloFit Freeze Technique with Lalo Fuentes and I’m … Keep Reading

Delicious Fruit Flavored Margaritas and Margarita Drink Recipes

For a fun and festive alcoholic drink with a delicious fruit flavored kick, fix up some fruity margaritas for yourself and your friends. Cinco de Mayo is a great time to celebrate the margarita. With this in mind, feel free … Keep Reading

Fun and Easy Nail Fashions with Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kits and the Manhattan Collection by Dashing Diva

Hands are one of several things people are instantly drawn to. It is more so because hands are what we use to greet and communicate. These are also the tools we use to cook, clean, hug, and praise our little … Keep Reading

Fun with Bendaroos – A Cool Springtime Activity to Do with Your Kids

There’s so much to say about Bendaroos (I don’t even know where to begin)… They bring fun and excitement to any room, windows or wall. Bendaroos are perfect for kids of all ages; they open eyes to the world of … Keep Reading

A Great Way to Organize Your Shoes – “As Seen on TV” Shoes Under

Like many women, you probably own a ton of shoes – possibly with more than one pair to match each of your favorite outfits. With dozens of shoes and only so much closet space, what’s a girl to do? Rather … Keep Reading

Fun Easter Activities to Do as a Family; PAAS Easter Egg Dye Kits Review

I’ve always enjoyed crafts that the kids and I can do together. And, no matter what the occasion; family fun is (in my home) always a must. It’s a way for my kids to feel included in whatever it is … Keep Reading

Product Review: Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap, Available with the Reusable Pump and Disposable Base

If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your home for spring, look into the inexpensive extras that can turn an ordinary room into a pretty, relaxing sanctuary. You can add fresh flowers, potted plants and flowers, and … Keep Reading

Artistry Microdermabrasion System: The Tools for a Flawless Facial Masterpiece

The world’s greatest artists took weeks, months, even years to meticulously transform their once barren canvases into stunning works of art, pervaded with smooth, crisp lines and doused with strokes of color. We, however, as women on the go, are … Keep Reading

Best of Spring Beauty 2009 for Hair – H2Pro 300 Special Edition Flat Iron

It didn’t take long to complete my review for the newly released H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron. From the moment my hair met the flat iron I was in awe. Each strand was left with a silky shine that … Keep Reading

Best of Spring Beauty for Hair 2009 – Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner

The name Jan Marini is one to be remembered. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner over the past seven days.  And after trying this product I can happily say that it’s one of the top conditioners … Keep Reading

Become the New, Flawless, Fresher You — Product Review: Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel

At each stage of life, as females, we dream of becoming. As young girls, we wish to be become flawless, fresh-faced replicas of the models that graze the pages of a magazine. Then, as time works its inevitable aging process, … Keep Reading

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