Product Review: MS. Manicure & MS. Pedicure Nail Care Sets

Oh how excited I was this past weekend. The Ms. Manicure set is available at’s funny is that I had so much fun with my girls, yet we never left the home. My girls and I rocked the soles of our feet and buffed our fingernails as we took turns giving each other the most perfect manicure and pedicure treatment ever!! What made it more fun was doing the whole “girly thing” with Patience and Piper because they had never experienced any of this before…needless to say, THEY LOVED IT!

I have actually been to a spa once or twice and had a wonderful time (I won’t even begin to down play that), but because of the cost, I wasn’t able to experience it with my girls, which is what I’ve always wanted to do. So when I was asked to review these particular products, I jumped at the chance and happily accepted (knowing good and well that doing this was going to require a bit of “help” (wink-wink) from the little ones…you know, in order to really try out the products for durability and satisfaction).

Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure productsWhen I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with how many products MS. Manicure and MS. Pedicure offer. The names they give each product are catchy and cute too. Here’s a list of the products I tried along with a short description of what they are:

1.    There’s the Ms. Pedicure Rock ‘n Sole ($1.99); a pumice stone that’s great for exfoliating and smoothing dry skin and calluses, it’s got an easy-grip shape with a rope (good for hanging) and it’s a great aid for softening your feet (but be aware, if you have sensitive feet…stay clear of the arch- it TICKLES!).

2.     Ms. Pedicure Smoothy Groovy ($2.99); the Smoothy Groovy is a 2-in-1 foot brush & pumice. It’s similar to the Rock ‘n Sole but it’s on a non-slip handle (also with a rope for hanging) and comes with a brush which allows you to scrub feet clean after you’ve used the pumice to clear away dry skin and calluses.

3.     Ms. Pedicure Heeling Fine ($3.99); The perfect healing cream for those dry, cracked heels or great for maintaining those already soft feet.

Ms. Pedicure Toe Riffic Tools, available at Amazon.com4.     Ms. Pedicure Smooth Talker ($4.99); a 2-in-1 callus reducer. Now, I have to say that I really enjoyed this product…a lot. It resembles a grater, but it’s for your feet. The coarse side exfoliates dry skin while the fine side smoothes. Much like the Smoothy Groovy, it crafted on a beautiful, pink non-slip, easy grip handle.

5.     Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani ($9.99); a 9 pro tool set for that perfectly marvelous manicure. This set includes: nail brush, wood cuticle sticks, cuticle nipper, nail clipper, nail scissors, washable salon board, 4-way nail buffer (the best buffer ever…no need for nail gloss ever again), tweezers and all these items come in a double-zippered pocket bag to take with you on your travels.

6.     Ms. Manicure Block Party ($.99); a 6-way buffer on an easy-to-handle handle. The buffer is conveniently numbered for step-by-step buffing to make smoothing and shining a snap. You might as well throw away the nail gloss because this buffer will leave your nails shining for days (without the nail gloss chips).

Ms. Pedicure Spa Retreat for Legs & Feet, available at Amazon.comNow, these are just a few of the many products to be had at MS. Pedicure & MS. Manicure. Every product is perfectly packaged with in the cutest shades of pinks & blues and the smells from the healing cream are so minty; you’ll literally feel the tingle in toes as an “Ahhh” or an “o-o-oh” escape your mouth. Seriously, they smell (and feel) that good!

After trying all of these products, I can assure you that they’d make the perfect gift for anyone on your “gift” to-do list (or yourself). The prices are practically unbeatable and come with the satisfaction of many, many months of spa goodness.  I give every one of these products a big thumbs up for appearance, quality and long lasting results.

Please visit Ms. Pedicure and Ms. Manicure if you’re interested in purchasing any of the products listed above or for more information. You can buy Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure products at

Spring 2009 Beauty Preview

Spring traditionally marks a time of new beginnings and nothing could be truer when it comes to the seasonal beauty scene. While softer looks usually take center stage, this year splashes of bold, beautiful colour also make a statement.

First and foremost, skin serves as the foundation for our beauty and is the most important aspect of any makeup look. Obtaining a good moisturizer is the first step to achieving beautiful, glowing skin ─ no matter what your skin type, hydration is critical to skin’s overall health and appearance. Follow this with a light-weight foundation to give skin an even color, without looking heavy. For example, ARTISTRY® Tinted Moisturizer will give you the even color you want, but it also contains a moisturizing formula and UV protection that helps shield skin from the sun’s damaging rays for naturally gorgeous, younger-looking skin.

For Spring 2009, during a season inspired by nature’s beauty, three standout makeup directions are emerging.

Bright Eyes
A single pop of colour adds a playful twist to spring beauty. Apply colour from lashline to crease and enhance the look with full, flirty lashes. Get the look of the season with ARTISTRY Eye Colour in Sapphire or Tulle. Keep the rest of your look light with a gentle blush on the apples of cheeks and gloss for shimmering lips.

Beautifully fresh-faced is a season standard. Turn to shades of soft sands and earthy browns to capture a look so natural that it’s barely there.

Created with tonal colours applied to eyes, cheeks and lips; it’s effortless beauty at its best. One easy way to achieve this look is to use a customized makeup kit, such as the ARTISTRY essentials makeup kit. The kits come complete with everything you need to create this simply flawless look, from mineral foundation to mascara to lip shine, and more.

Bold Lips
Springtime-chic took an unexpected turn with bold lips and a classically defined eye. Think updated Hollywood glamour with signature red lips transformed into berry-stained hues and dramatic liner redefined with surprising colour. Get in on the action with ARTISTRY’s high-dimension lip colour in Opulent or Sheer Chance.  And for lips that are picture-perfect, shape and contour them with ARTISTRY Lip Define in Downtown or Nuance.  Keep the rest of your face bare for a sophisticated, modern finish.

Experiment with one look or try all three. Spring is the perfect time to update your makeup, try new things, and remember just how much fun colour can be!

About the Expert:
Barb Alviar is the US Beauty Marketing Manager for ARTISTRY Cosmetics. For more information on ARTISTRY products, please visit online at

How to Use Concealer and a Product Review: Mary Kay Concealer

Using a concealer can be… Mary Kay Concealer helps achieve a clear complexion.well, let’s just say that it’s one of the more rewarding steps to the whole “applying” makeup experience, but it can be a bit tedious and even disastrous if you don’t have the right shade to cover with.

Let’s look at it this way: if the shade is too light, you risk looking a little ghostly and you’re not actually “concealing” anything you set out to hide in the first place; if it’s too dark, you end up looking splotchy and again, defeat the whole purpose of using the product; essentially, you end up drawing more attention to the problem rather than disguising it.

The goal of using a concealer is to cover those unsightly blemishes, swathing those miniscule scars or brightening up those dark, under the eye circles (without looking like you tried). A concealer is merely a “helper” for covering up the areas that regular liquid foundation can’t fix or mask.

One of the reasons why I was so eager to review the New Mary Kay Concealer was because I knew that I was the perfect candidate. I was born with bilateral cleft lip and have endured 23 facial surgeries to date. Without the use of a concealer, my scars stand out like a sore thumb. I had already been using the yellow concealer from Mary Kay, so I knew how well the product worked…when asked to try one of the color shades, I was more than excited about it. If you’re not sure what a yellow shade is used for; it is used to reduce the appearance of redness on the skin (much like a scar or for women who suffer from rosacea). It can also be used to cover red blemishes in women with ivory to beige colored skin tones.

The other reason I was so thrilled to accept and do this review is because I know that it’s made from one of the leading companies for skin care and color cosmetics. I know that the minute I apply this product to my face I’m getting the best treatment possible.

Mary Kay Concealer helps achieve a clear complexion.Now, some of you ladies may only need to use a concealer for a week or two out of the month; others (like me) need to use it daily. So, it’s one of those extra makeup products worth having around. It is a lightweight waterproof formula that is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance-free and is non-comedogenic (meaning it does not block pores).

For as little as 10.00 per .3oz tube; you’ll have the ability to conceal for (literally) years to come (*depending on how often and how much is used per application*). I’ve had my yellow concealer going on 2 years now and haven’t even reached the bottom of the tube yet. All you need is an itty-bitty speck (much less than half the size of a pea) and you’ve got yourself great cover that will last all day. There are seven shades in all; perfect for blending naturally with an even wider array of skin tones. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and has been dermatologist tested. This concealer can be used in conjunction with your regular foundations and powders or can be used as a standalone. It’s definitely something worth adding to your makeup bag.

In conclusion; I recommend the new Mary Kay concealer to anyone who is seeking flawless-looking skin, wanting to conceal blemishes and other imperfections and for anyone who suffers from dark under-eye circles. You’ll absolutely love the way it evens out your skin tone, hides those dark circles under the eye and masks marks and other imperfections.

If you are interested and want to know more about this product; please visit Mary Kay online by going to can also call 1 (800) MARY KAY (627-9529) or swing by your local representative’s house (maybe you can call her first…LOL) for your ordering convenience. Thanks for reading the review and I hope it’s helped with the decision in your next concealer purchase.

Rave Review: Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection – Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes

I am completely and utterly impressed by the new Mary Kay Body Care Collection (spring line). Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)The smells are absolutely tantalizing and the feel of your body after you’ve washed is incredibly invigorating!!! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a spa and are being pampered beyond your wildest dreams; the seas will part, the birds will sing and your body with thank you…

Without fail, Mary Kay has done it again; she has put together two wonderful new shower gels that will drive your senses wild. You can choose between the fresh scents of Red Tea & Fig or Lotus & Bamboo. The choice is yours, but I can say that without a doubt; you’ll be indulged with fragrances that will awaken your inner soul.

I’m actually tickled with excitement as I sit here writing this review. I have been a user of Mary Kayfor many years and have always anticipated the new and improved products that immerge. My mother was a representative back in the day (yes, it was that long ago). I remember seeing her place orders, try new products and occasionally, she’d even let us girls (my sisters and I) have small lipstick samples or she’d douse us with the latest fragrance that had just come out; such fond memories.

The fact is; Mary Kay is one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics worldwide. They have achieved record results in years past and are exceeding in independent sales by 1.8 million. Mary Kay has been taking care of women’s needs for many years and has been trusted by all who have come to know and use the products.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection Body Wash (Photo by Barbara Baker)


Upon receiving these products for review; I had to literally toss a coin in order to choose which one I’d use first (don’t worry; you’ll be faced with this dilemma too). The coin landed me on the Red Tea & Fig… I used it and loved it. I thought the smell was absolutely wonderful; it reminded me of the green tea smells that I’m so fond of, but the red tea does have a distinct difference. Red tea is a bit stronger; sweet but stronger and the fig is just an enhancement to those already invigorating smells. I even found myself smelling my arms and smiling throughout the day.

I later showered again (you know, you’ve gotta have two showers a day, right?) and this time, I used the Lotus & Bamboo; nothing out there compares. This particular fragrance is very different from anything I’ve ever tried; in fact, I don’t think there is anything to compare it with except for maybe a hint of aloe. The Lotus & Bamboo is one of those smells you’ll have to experience for yourself, but trust me; it’s anything but “normal”.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)I sat here trying desperately to find something that might have made any one of these “just another” product; just another scent, but honestly…I can’t. The gels not only purify and revitalize your every sense; they nourish the body and leave you feeling breathless. The smells are wonderful, they stay with you long after you’ve showered/bathed and your skin feels so soft too. I’ve even considered purchasing a few sets for some special friends of mine for Valentine’s Day.

The shower gels come in clear tubing (enabling you to see the clear shower gel within) and are beautifully crafted with flowing flares of colors and springing leaves for added texture. They are appealing to just about every sense; smell, touch and feel. What’s more; it can be applied using your hand, sponge or wash cloth and still has the ability to lather quite nicely leaving you to feel clean and fresh like you’re sitting amongst the flowers on a beautiful spring day.

I truly recommend these products to anyone out there that care about their bodies, who has the need for self pampering without leaving the home, for all those moms out there that have used the statement “…,take me away” far too many times. They are truly invigorating products worth every cent.

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser without exfoliation and are interested in trying any one of these products; you can go to; by phone at 1 (800) MARY KAY (627-9529) or make that much needed visit to your local representative and experience this phenomenon yourself. The shower gels I tried have an SRP of $14.00 each. The body lotions and spritzers are also available for (lotion) $16.00 and (spritzers) $18.00; and right now, if you order any of the collection sets for yourself (or someone special) you will receive a striking gift bag for displaying and/or gifting your new products.

Product Review: Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Emotional Balance Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion with Shea Butter

For a fruity and energizing pick-me-up, Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Emotional Balance Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion with Shea Butter (photo courtesy of nubar)try Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Emotional Balance Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion with Shea Butter. This healthy hand cream boasts antioxidant contents as well as essential oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Emotional Balance Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion delivers a truly provocative fragrance that lifts the senses and your mood.

Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion carries enticing hints of citrus in its fragrance. The lotion has a pale pink hue and a vibrant color label introducing the citrusy components. The aromatherapy element is said to enhance emotional balance and increase well-being.

When I tried out Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion, I immediately fell in love with the fragrance. It offers a youthful yet demure aroma that lasts beyond the initial application. I found myself searching for a connection to this fragrance – something that may have triggered my memory on this particular scent. The closest thing I could come up with is an old type of fruit snacks my mom used to pack in my school lunches in the 1980s, which seem to be no longer available these days. At any rate, the scent of this lotion is appealing, to say the least.

In using Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion, I found that my hands soaked up every drop that I applied. Winters in Pennsylvania can be fairly brutal, so I find myself reapplying every so often when my skin shows signs of dryness again. For best results, I would recommend applying Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion generously to your hands and body as desired.

As a company, Nubar prides itself on using only healthy ingredients while avoiding harmful ingredients such as parabens, toluene, etc. Nubar also commits to being a cruelty free company. With this in mind, you can really count on healthy and humane products by Nubar.

A two-ounce bottle of Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion is available for $4.99. You can buy Nubar Skin Essentials Hypnotic Hand and Body Lotion at

Rave Review: LUSH Cosmetics Emotibombs for the Chinese New Year – Double Fast Luck

Start off the Chinese New Year on the right foot with a lucky coin that turns your shower into a spa with potent aromatherapy effects. LUSH Cosmetics Double Fast Luck Emotibomb for the Chinese New YearThe Double Fast Luck Emotibomb is a special limited edition product celebrating the Chinese New Year, which began on January 26, 2009.

This coin-shaped bath goodie releases an incredible fragrance of patchouli, ylang ylang, lavendin, orange, and lemongrass for a citrusy, relaxing shower. The Double Fast Luck Emotibomb emits a delightful fragrance that not only wraps your shower in pleasurable aromas but also wafts into neighboring rooms or areas, leaving a relaxing scent lingering there as well.

LUSH Cosmetics created The Double Fast Luck Emotibomb especially to celebrate the Chinese New Year and to bring good luck and fortune. This year (2009) is the year of the Ox. This crafty shower treat is said to possess a spell to bring growth, prosperity, vitality, and energy.

On a personal note, I tried the Double Fast Luck Emotibomb during a shower one day and absolutely loved it. My husband was already at work, so when he arrived home, he raved about the delightful fragrance in our master bathroom and our bedroom. To be honest, I didn’t expect my hubby would fawn over a bath and shower product as much as he did with this one. Now I feel kind of guilty I didn’t wait for him so he could also enjoy a luxurious, invigorating spa like shower! Ah, well, maybe next time. Lucky me, I got to enjoy the immediate effects of the emotibomb and the lingering fragrance.

LUSH Cosmetics Double Fast Luck Emotibomb for the Chinese New YearNot only did the powerful spa fragrance last all day, but it lasted well into the week. About four or five days later the fragrance finally dissipated, but we loved the lasting effects of the Double Fast Luck Emotibomb and look forward to using them again and again.

Directions for Using the LUSH Cosmetics Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of LUSH Emotibombs, simply turn on your shower and place the Emotibomb on the floor or on a soap shelf where the water can hit it, releasing the aroma that brings you out of your bathroom and shower, into a serene spa setting. When you exit the shower, the potent aroma remains to delight your senses.

Tip: When the water hits the emotibomb directly, it dissolves at a rather fast pace. If you’d like your emotibomb to last for more than just one shower, place it on a soap shelf where the water hits indirectly or less frequently. You may not experience the same depth of fragrance, but you can enjoy the emotibomb on more than one occasion!

Cost: $3.95

Buy Lush Emotibombs: Online at
Or Buy Other Awesome Bath and Shower Spa Products by LUSH at


Romantic Weekend Escape for Couples in the Poconos – Skytop Lodge

For a secluded, romantic weekend getaway, surround yourself with nature and enjoy a place where you can focus on just the two of you. The Inn at Skytop in the Poconos (Photo by Justin Van Druff)Skytop Lodge in the Poconos of Pennsylvania is that kind of place. The resort is enveloped by natural wonders like waterfalls, visited by wildlife like deer and squirrels, and painted in the most beautiful colors as every season arrives. Take a trip to Skytop Lodge for a romantic weekend getaway you won’t forget.

Skytop Lodge offers all-inclusive packages so guests can preplan some of their trip without having to worry about paying for meals on the fly. Special bonus packages are available, such as the romance package, which includes a fresh floral arrangement in the room, champagne for two, and embroidered robes as gifts to take home.

Skytop Lodge in the Pennsylvania Poconos (Photo by Justin Van Druff)Review of Skytop Lodge, Poconos
My husband and I spent two days and one night at Skytop Lodge, where we found ourselves amid the peak of fall foliage in late October, surrounded by the most beautiful hues of yellow, red, and orange, reflecting off the lake at Skytop. An encircling walking trail presented a pleasant option to stroll around the lake with many picturesque photographic opportunities.

Our room sat above the 18th hole at The Inn at Skytop. A wrap-around deck style balcony stretched across the length of our room and the rest of the second floor rooms, facing the golf course below.  Our favorite feature, our own in-suite gas fireplace, offered instant warmth and true ambiance. The room also featured a flat-screen television, full size closet, loveseat, desk, and bathroom.

Customer service at Skytop Lodge surpassed all expectations. The Inn’s Windsor Dining Room overlooked part of the lake, and the wait staff truly aimed to please. The cuisine selections matched the upscale atmosphere of the lodge, and truly satisfied the palate. The food alone is an exceptional reason to visit the Skytop Lodge for a romantic weekend getaway.

On the lower level of the Lodge at Skytop, a tea room offered a quick bite and a variety of hot and cold beverages. While it was nothing glamorous, the turkey clubs we enjoyed with chips really hit the spot for a late afternoon lunch.

Skytop Lodge also offers a lunch buffet in the two main dining rooms, with such selections as fish, pork, chicken, and more, with dessert options and hot beverages as a finishing note.

All in all, we enjoyed a completely amazing time at Skytop Lodge. The atmosphere, the food, the activities, and the customer service all contributed to a perfect romantic anniversary weekend getaway.

Room with a balcony and a view at Skytop (Photo by Justin Van Druff)View of the green from the Inn at Skytop (Photo by Justin Van Druff)Room with a fireplace at Skytop Lodge (Photo by Justin Van Druff)

Things to Do in the Poconos at Skytop Lodge
The first thing many people notice about the activities at Skytop is the lovely golf course, meandering across the grounds with a few challenging holes. Beyond golf, Skytop offers everything from a spa to a florist shop, with both indoor activities and seasonal outdoor activities such as fishing, tennis, volleyball, and an exercise course, to name a few.

Beautiful fall foliage in October at Skytop Lodge (Photo by Justin Van Druff)Some seasonal activities and offerings at Skytop include:
•    Canoeing
•    Fishing
•    Geocaching
•    Ice Skating
•    Kayaking
•    Mountain Biking
•    Paintball

•    Rock Climbing
•    Shooting
•    Skiing
•    Sledding / Tobogganing
•    Snow Shoeing

Skytop’s Skyview Spa also offers couples spa packages for the romantic weekend getaway. On their romantic weekend, couples can enjoy massages (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Sports), European facials, wraps, manicures, and pedicures. Guests can also relax at the pool or get a good workout in the Lodge’s fitness center with cardio and weightlifting equipment.

For More Information about Skytop Lodge:
For additional information or to view the Skytop Lodge in depth, please visit online at

Winter 2008 – 2009 Nail Polish Trends and Hot Colors

If you want to know the latest nail polish trends and hot colors for manicures in the winter of 2008 – 2009, look no further.

Nubar Holiday Nail Booty

We’ve caught up with the experts to bring you a long list of hot winter nail polish colors and fabulous manicure trends for this year’s winter season. Find out what the trends say about nail polish colors and manicure styles and then decide how you’d like to do your own nails for the holidays or for the winter in general.

Continue reading Winter 2008 – 2009 Nail Polish Trends and Hot Colors

Gadgets and Gizmos Technology Gift Guide for Guys and Girls

Wenger Swiss Army Clipper Knife for Men or Women, available at Amazon.comTechnology is all the rage for many people, so why not fuel the fire by offering gifts that play to your recipient’s talents and interests? Here in our Gadgets and Gizmos Technology Gift Guide for Guys and Girls, we offer a variety of holiday or birthday gift options for your tech savvy friends and loved ones.

Read on to check out the cool presents technology has to offer this year.

Gadget Lovers Gift Guide – Housewares and Tools

Both male and female gadget lovers will enjoy these exciting housewares and power tools. Home repairs, gourmet cooking, and hosting / entertaining are a snap with these small appliances, tools, and kitchen gadgets. Read on for our top housewares and tools gadget guide.

Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool, Available at Amazon.comDremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool System

Power tools are a surefire gift that men love. The Dremel Multi-Max is an oscillating tool that will let your handyman tackle many projects with ease.  Dremel has become a household name because of the popularity of their multipurpose rotary tools, however the Multi-Max brings new versatility to the Dremel line of products – It’s a grinder, sander, scraper, grout remover and cutting tool all-in-one.

Don’t let the compact design fool you, it is a powerful power tool with variable speed. The accessories are also very easy to change as part of their Quick Fit feature. Even if you don’t understand anything about power tools, you can be sure this is a gift he will love.

To see the Dremel Multi-Max in action, visit online at

Cost: starting at $99.99

Accessories, when sold separately, retail for between $5.99 and $39.99.

Buy the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool: Available at, and at hardware and home improvement centers nationwide.

Dremel 6300-01 1.5 Amp Multi-Max Oscillating Kit

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, available at Amazon.comMr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with eLume Touchscreen Technology JHX33

For java lovers and hostess types alike, the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with eLume Touch Screen Technology makes a lovely gift for all to enjoy. This high tech kitchen gadget is a breeze to use with its removable filter basket, Brew Strength Selector, Fresh Brew Timer, and eLume Touchscreen Technology. The eLume screen displays the settings and options buttonswhen the coffeemaker is in use, but they disappear when the machine is off, giving a sleeker look.

This coffeemaker works great for entertaining, thanks to its Fresh Brew Timer, which ensures the coffee is hot and ready when guests want it. The two-hour auto shut-off is another neat feature that helps to keep your coffee hot when you need it, but shuts off automatically in case you forget.

The design of the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffeemaker is sleek and sexy for any kitchen. The black and chrome combination looks great on the counter so you don’t have to find a place to store it in your closet.

Cost: $57.49 at,retails for $59.99

Buy Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker: at Target or

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup eLume CM

Oster Electric Cheese Grater, available at Amazon.comOster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater

The Oster Electric Cheese Grater sure beats grating the cheese by hand with an old-fashioned metal cheese grater. This helpful device features a cordless design with rechargeable batteries for continued use. The Oster Electric Cheese Grater grates both hard and soft cheese with fine and coarse shredding drums, giving you complete flexibility for creating the perfect meal.

A clear plastic door for the cheese allows the user to see how much cheese is still inside the compartment. Perhaps the most surprising feature of all – the electric cheese grater is amazingly small for its mighty purpose. Home-cooked Italian dinners have never been easier.

Cost: $49.99

Buy the Oster Electric Cheese Grater:

Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater

Sunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant, available at Amazon.comSunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant 2774

The Sunbeam Kitchen Assistant, like the widely known Magic Bullet, offers versatility in the kitchen in a compact blending and chopping device. This handy kitchen gadget features a cylindrical base w
ith metallic finish, rubber feet for table or counter top stability, and a powerful 220-watt motor that allows you to chop, grind, mince, and puree effortlessly.

Use the Sunbeam Kitchen Assistant to chop up nuts or other ingredients for Christmas cookies, to create the perfect salsa or spaghetti sauce, or to mix a splendid smoothie after a long day. The possibilities are seemingly endless with this cool kitchen device that will make your baking and cooking experiences easier than you can imagine.

Six small and two large chopping containers with matching six storage lids and two shaker lids are also included. The lids make mixing ingredients and storing cooking creations a snap. The chopping containers feature helpful measurement marks so you can easily work toward completing a full recipe.

To operate the Sunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant, simply press down on the bottom of the attached chopping container or run it continuously for a better blend.

Cost: $29.99 and up

Buy the Sunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant: at, Wal*Mart, or

Kitchen Assistant at – with Free Shipping

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer, available at Amazon.comSunbeam 2349 Heritage Series MixMaster Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam 2349 Heritage Series Stand Mixer offers a very user-friendly design with helpful features like off center bowl positioning for easy adding of ingredients and the handy push-button beater release.

The Sunbeam MixMaster Stand Mixer features 12 variable speeds and three-way mixing action with a bowl motor and beater motor.

Cost: $139.99 – $180

Buy Sunbeam Stand Mixer:

Sunbeam 2349 Heritage Series Stand Mixer – White

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Product Review: Aliph Jawbone Noise Assassin

I have two words for you: Military Grade. I have two more for you: Audio Processing.  Jawbone Bluetooth Headset with Noise Assassin, by Aliph and available at Amazon.comWhen you put those four words together the technology we can only be talking about is the Jawbone Bluetooth headset.

Jawbone earpiece offer exceptional noise reduction and canceling of sound in the most extreme conditions.  If you want to see a demo, check out the two videos on their Web site – they are very impressive demonstrations and they may seem too good to be true, but they are not fake.

The original jawbone featured Noise Shield technology which was revolutionary in noise cancellation for two way communication devices.  The second incarnation of the Jawbone features Noise Assassin which improved an already leading technology of sensors and software to eliminate background noise and increase the voice clarity.

People who buy a Jawbone are probably mainly looking for the superior noise cancellation capabilities, but the Jawbone also does provide some style (although, I still find it necessary to use the ear loop, which I personally don’t particularly care for).  Some may prefer other high end earpieces’ style, but the Jawbone does offer significant design improvements over many Bluetooth earpieces.  The unit is sleek with hidden buttons and the small non-intrusive light indicator is a plus – big bright light indicators can be distracting and I don’t need everyone knowing that I am having a conversation.

A couple of areas where Aliph (Maker of Jawbone) can improve their product is to offer a technology that allows you to connect 2 mobile phones to the same Jawbone, which would be good for people with a work phone and personal phone.  Also, I felt the audio quality on the earpiece could be improved; while the conversation comes through crisp and clear, the other party’s voice does lack some depth (I know, I am nitpicking).

All in all, I have used both the older and the newer version of the Jawbone and have been impressed with the noise cancellation and audio processing capabilities.  Then again, should I have expected anything less from technology that was borne from battlefield applications.

Buy the Jawbone Noise Assassin or Jawbone Noise Shield at

Product Review: Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth® Headset

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset, available at

The Plantronics Discovery 925 brings vibrant color and style to the world of Bluetooth earpieces.  The”V” shape design gives device a unique look while the AudioIQ technology provides noise cancellation and improves voice clarity.

Funny story – I thought I would test the earpiece by calling my parents; they surely would tell me about the quality on the other end of the phone.  The person that answered the phone was my 95 year old Grandfather.  After a couple of “what”s and “who”s I thought this was an ineffective test as his hearing aid batteries had run out…

After testing the earpiece with a couple of proper calls, I found that the audio quality was rich and full.  It didn’t rob the voice on the other end of any frequency on the spectrum.  My next test was to give the device to my wife so that I could be on the receiving end of its microphone.  The quality was also good and the noise cancelling was satisfactory – it didn’t eliminate all noise, but would certainly reduce and cancel most noise you would face in an everyday application.

The Discovery 925 was easy to pair with my phone and it also has three distinct features worth mentioning.  First, it supports multipoint technology, which is important if you have a work phone/BlackBerry and a personal cell phone.  Multipoint allows you to connect one earpiece with two different Bluetooth mobile phones.

Secondly, the earpiece comes with a protective carrying case, which also has a battery that will charge the device while away from an outlet.  Lastly, I have to say, I like the Gel Eartip which keeps the earpiece in place without the usual loop that goes over your ear.  While the ear loops have gotten better over the years, some can still make you look like a cyborg.

That being said, it all goes to back to my first sentiment, style is not lacking in the design of the Plantronics Discovery 925.

You can buy the Plantronics Discovery 925 at as a gold Bluetooth headset, pink Bluetooth headset, and more.

RAVE REVIEW: Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum

Who knew chores could be fun? And who knew having a Dyson handheld vacuum could make one’s husband do more housework with a smile, even if it is pink?Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum, available at

The Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum is a godsend to anyone who does their own household cleaning. The device is lightweight yet highly effective, featuring awesome suction power and immediate and effective results in sucking up crumbs, dust, dirt, fuzz, lint, and much more.

When my Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum arrived, my husband couldn’t even wait for me to get home before opening it. He happily hunted around the house to find this helpful cleaning device a home and he was thrilled to scour our entire first floor for any trace of dirt, cobwebs, or dust bunnies that could be swept away quickly and easily with the Dyson handheld vacuum. If I knew other women’s husbands would react the same way, I would urge you right now to purchase this wonderful handheld vacuum.

An amazing cleaning machine, the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum features a pretty pink hue and a fine selection of Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum, available at Amazon.comattachments. The dirt trap for the vacuum is easy to empty and clean. You can even take this handheld vacuum into your vehicle to do as much detail work as you like.

You can mount the charging station for the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum on a wall in your home or simply find a nice nook to plug it in and store it for fast access. This device really is easy to use and I must admit – much better than pulling out the full size vacuum or even the broom and dustpan for light cleaning in the kitchen or elsewhere.

The Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum retails for $149.99 and is available at Target and A portion of all sales of this device goes toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can learn more about the Dyson DC16 Pink Handheld Vacuum at

How to Buy It: This product is available exclusively at Target (in stores and online, also at Target’s store on