Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant Review

In case you didn’t know, I am one of those people who stands resolutely next to my preferred brands in a number of things—particularly ketchup, Qtips®, toothpaste, and deodorant (anti-perspirant). I have my favorite brands, and in a pinch, or sometimes just for kicks, I will use a different product in lieu of my own. It’s funny how you come to be a strong supporter of certain products in life, based on their fragrance, flavor, performance, or a combination of the above. It’s definitely a good thing to try new products and brands, especially since that is how new favorites can arise. And in this case, it is how I came to find a new favorite deodorant for running and working out. Keep reading for my Dove Advanced Care Deodorant Review.

I should probably disclose that Degree deodorant / anti-perspirant is my usual go-to. I like the scent, and the performance is usually great, keeping me dry and covered and smelling great, often without rubbing all over my clothes. When I had the chance to do a Dove Advanced Care Deodorant review, I excitedly accepted. I’ve been fond of Dove anti perspirant deodorant products in the past, especially their GoFresh line and the Dove Cleartone™ Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 48h odor and wetness protection in pink / rosa, which helps to restore skin to its natural tone. (In fact, I thought the Dove Cleartone pink was the best Dove deodorant scent I’ve found to date.)

Dove Advanced Care DeodorantDove anti perspirant adheres to a strong approach to skincare in addition to wetness and odor protection. The dove advanced care deodorant launched as part of Dove’s “PitiCure™” campaign, inspiring women to pay more attention to the neglected skin under their arms. The PitiCure™ program encouraged ladies to exfoliate their armpits with a gentle scrub or with wipes, then rinsing with warm water and drying with a soft towel, and finally to “Care”—applying Dove Advanced Care Deodorant for 48-hour protection. The PitiCure aimed to give women softer, smoother skin in the underarm area in just three days.

Dove deodorant ingredients are carefully selected to give the skin special treatment for softness and smoothness. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant contains rich humectants to help the skin stay moisturized over time, as well as occlusives to lock in moisture, and sunflower seed oil plus tearic acid, helping with the skin’s ability to naturally restore itself. The products are designed to restore skin to its natural tone. Dove’s NutriumMoisture™ is meant to help moisturize the skin—an essential step considering that 36% of what you remove when shaving is actually skin, according to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

And yes, I did say that this advanced care formula is meant for up to 48 hours of wear. You may be wondering who would actually go 48 hours without applying deodorant. (I know I was, at first.) Most of us would agree that we reapply every morning and after every time we shower or swim. However, surely I am not the only person who’s forgotten to apply deodorant once or twice on the way out the door for work or for some other social plans. Usually that resulted in borrowing from a friends (yes, I know it’s gross, but better than the alternative) or stopping at the store somewhere along the way. Now, having that extra level of odor and wetness protection can give you confidence and peace of mind until you are able to grab your stick and reapply.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant retails for between $4.99 and $6.49 at your favorite mass retailers and drugstores. You can find it in a variety of scents, including Original Clean, Shea Butter, Beauty Finish, Caring Coconut, Clear Tone Skin Renew, Clear Tone Sheer Touch, Clear Tone Pink Rosa, and more.

Disclaimer: I received three sticks of deodorant for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own and are not impacted by the samples sent to me by Dove.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Dove deodorant review. Check out my other Dove anti-perspirant deodorant reviews if you’d like to read more, and please share your favorite type of Dove deodorant in the comments below!

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