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How to Appear More Attractive: 10 Steps to a Sexier You!

When you meet a new guy for the first time, can you tell right away whether he’s a one-night-stand or more of a take-him-home-to-mom kind of guy? Maybe he isn’t either, in fact, maybe you’ve got your best friend calling you in, oh, about five more minutes to save you from a dud date and some potentially regrettable decisions. Whatever the case, you can probably tell fairly early on if you’re attracted to someone and whether or not you have chemistry together. Sex appeal is a two-way street. Men are quickly figuring out the same thing as they’re meeting you for a first date or simply seeing you walk by.

The question above isn’t really important; the point is that sex appeal is an important part of both new and long-term relationships. A recent study entitled “Gender Differences: What We Seek in Romantic and Sexual Partners” found that men and women both look for partners with physical attractiveness, sex appeal, and a fun and engaging personality. Sexiness and physical attraction can ignite a spark on a first date or can help keep the fire burning years if not decades later. So what can you do to appear more attractive to the partners you are trying to attract?

Work for That Body.

There’s a saying that goes, you can lose weight to look good in clothes, or exercise to look good naked. A body that is physically in good shape is a huge turn-on for members of the opposite sex. You can appear more attractive by making your physical condition a priority on a day-to-day basis.

– Exercise several times a week if not daily to achieve a fit figure and good muscle tone.

– Run! A recent survey from Brooks Running Company found that running has the power to spice up couples’ sex lives—just another great reason to take to the trails.

– Stick to a healthy, balanced diet as best you can. For maximum results, increase fruits, vegetables, and proteins and reduce carbs and sugars as appropriate.

– Speak with a nutritionist or dietitian to ensure your food choices jive with any underlying health conditions you may have.

Take Care of Your Skin.

Youthful looks are a hot commodity. A study entitled Color homogeneity and visual perception of age, health, and attractiveness of female facial skin found that uneven coloration on the faces of female participants correlated to a perception of age and did not correlate to health or beauty. Women with younger, healthier looking skin were the ones to appear more attractive time and time again. Try these tips for great skin:

– Wear moisturizers with sunscreen daily to keep your skin soft, supple, and free from visible signs of aging.

– Turn back the clock with proven anti-aging skincare solutions.

– Consider specialized, minimally invasive laser treatments to refresh your youthful looks or to treat uneven pigmentation.

– Take good care of neglected parts of the body like your elbows, knees, and feet with a rich, emollient moisturizer that brings your skin back to healthy and glowing in no time.

Wear the Right Makeup.

Choose your cosmetics products based on what hues best complement your skin tone, eye color, and wardrobe as desired. Appear more attractive with a makeup application style that suits your facial features and works nicely with your choice of fashions. Try these tips:

– Enhance and set off your eye color with shades designed to coordinate with brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes.

– Ensure your foundation and powder cosmetics match your skin tone.

– Cover up under eye circles and other blemishes or imperfections. If you hate your freckles, hide them!

– Set off voluptuous lips with a chic shade of lip stain or lipstick, or if your pout needs a boost, try a lip plumping product for fuller lips.

Keep Your Hair Vibrant and Healthy.

Studies show guys love long hair. Psychology Researcher Dr. Kelley Kline of Florida State University in Panama City, FL, conducted a study ranking the attractiveness of women based on hair length. Participants were shown six photos, three featuring the same Caucasian woman modified by computer to depict a short hairstyle, medium length style, and long, luscious style, and asked to provide ratings. Her findings showed that men and women both overwhelmingly preferred long hair to shorter lengths. No matter what length you choose, you can appear more attractive by keeping your hair healthy.

– If you dye your hair, opt for a color that makes you feel happy and upbeat.

– Try to avoid causing damage to your tresses with too much processing or the harsh chemicals included in some dyes.

– If your hair is dry, try a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

– Treat any underlying conditions that leave your hair feeling dull or lifeless.

– Add volume with a good mousse or styling product. Go for a new cut or color to give you an exciting change and start loving life!

Embrace a Signature Fragrance.

A sweet, sexy, or sultry fragrance can arouse the senses, lingering long after you’ve left a room. Bring the sense of smell into play by selecting a scent that appeals to you and wearing it on your pulse points. They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, able to unlock forgotten memories and thoughts of people from our past. Allow fragrance to help you make a positive impression on others’ perception of you and your sexiness.

– Perfume can be appealing where body odor is typically a real turnoff. Be sure you are using the proper strength of deodorant or anti-perspirant so you stay comfortable and fresh all throughout the day.

– Wearing perfume can make you feel sexier. The Social Issues Research Center reports that a woman who feels sensual may behave differently, and that behavior may be perceived by potential mates as more attractive or appealing.

– Studies have shown that one’s scent may have a little something to do with chemistry and romantic attraction between two people. Very simply, one such study showed that one’s own body odor contained clues regarding genetic compatibility, perceivable on a subconscious level to potential mates through the sense of smell.

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Keep Some Mystery about You.

Despite pinning down numerous factors that impact one’s ability to appear more attractive, the science of sex appeal still leaves a lot to the unknown. But a little mystery can be a good thing. Don’t give away all your secrets, or your life story, on the first date or first time meeting someone. Leave some things to the imagination and others for a future revelation at another time and place.

– Flirt playfully but avoid blatantly throwing yourself at someone. It’s never good to appear desperate.

– Compliment him and make sexy comments without going too far.

– Play a little cat and mouse. It’s fun to play a little chase or a little hard-to-get every once in a while to keep things exciting.

– Don’t ever play games with someone’s head, but if you like him and he likes you, it’s only a matter of time until the courting and wooing turns into an actual relationship.


Accentuate Your Best Assets.

You likely already know if you’ve got amazing boobs, a great butt, or the perfect hourglass figure. You’ve been told your eyes are gorgeous or your lips are to-die-for, on more than one occasion. You know what some of your best features are, so play them up. Send the attention from the opposite sex to your sexiest features!

– Choose fashions that fit you the way you’d like to be seen. Show off your curves in all the right places and don’t be ashamed to show off miles of legs or a little cleavage in appropriate situations.

– Discover what colors best complement your skin tone and hair color and then add them to your wardrobe.

– Try wearing a garter belt with thigh-highs or other sexy lingerie under your clothes. Even if no one else gets to see, it certainly changes how you feel, giving you flirty boost of confidence and a sexy secret no one else knows.

– Likewise, you can also give a little boost to certain body parts or features that need a little help. Choose empire waist dresses and tops to hide less-than-perfect midsections and opt for summery skirts and dresses rather than shorts if you are concerned about your thighs. Every once in a while, we all find that we need a little special help with a certain flaw or feature. It happens to everyone in some way or another. It’s why they invented push-up bras and lip plumper products!

Boost Your Confidence.

Most people have at least a little something they wish they could change about themselves. Now’s your chance! Reward yourself for all your hard work and make your confidence soar with a special enhancement to some aspect of your appearance.

– Take charge of your ‘chest-to-waist ratio’ and show off that hourglass figure. Enhance your breasts with an augmentation or a lift. You can also fix breast symmetry issues. A skilled plastic surgeon understands the science behind the ideal chest-to-waist ratios and will align your breast augmentation with your body’s natural proportions and your dream shape and size. In a research study at the University of Central Florida, entitled What Is Appealing?: Sex and Racial Differences in Perceptions of the Physical Attractiveness of Women, the researcher found that men of various races overwhelmingly (and women, too) found large breasts (and sometimes medium-sized breasts) and an hourglass figure to be the most attractive among given choices.

– Brighten your smile! If you want whiter teeth, try an at-home or professional whitening treatment.

– If you feel your teeth just need a little straightening, ask about Invisalign or other options.

– Take a class, travel, or do something special to improve your overall mood. An Intrepid Travel survey conducted by an Australian online dating site and an article on com recently agreed that people who travel gain an edge in sexiness.

Make Eye Contact.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Embrace this philosophy as reality and make a point to use eye contact to your advantage when interacting with guys you may find attractive.

– Let him catch you looking. Your boldness lets him know you are interested and makes him want you to look even more.

– Make eye contact when speaking and let it linger a bit. Don’t look away right after you’re done talking and avoid the urge to look away while you’re talking.

– Some guys have a thing for glasses. It doesn’t hurt to wear them instead of your contacts once in a while.

– Catch his eye from across the room and don’t let it go. The power of eye contact between two physically attracted people can make the rest of the room and everyone in it start to melt away. Everyone should have at least one moment like this to cherish and remember. But, I ended up marrying the guy.

Be Yourself!

No one wants to spend time getting to know someone, and possibly falling for them, only to find that they’ve fallen for the wrong person for the wrong reasons. Try these tips to ensure you always stay true to yourself.

– Embrace your sense of humor. A good sense of wit can be attractive far beyond how long looks will last.

– Don’t hide your smarts. Girls who can carry a conversation (not in a bucket) will do well in engaging potential partners mentally as well as physically.

– Have fun! Having a good time can be contagious and if it looks like you are enjoying yourself, he’ll likely want to join in.

– Never feel obligated to change yourself for someone else. If you ever decide to make a change to your looks or your body, do it for yourself.

Sex Appeal Doesn’t Expire!

Enhancing your appearance and adding more dimension to your life is a great way to up the ante on your sex appeal, no matter what your age. Focus on the ‘whole package’ as you work to make changes in your looks as well as your attitude—and don’t forget to keep it fun. Remember, it’s possible to be sexy at any age!

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