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How to Get Two-Tone Hairstyles at Home

You may not need a special trip to the salon to get the cutting-edge, two-color hairstyle you desire. For a great two-tone hairdo, look no further than the beauty aisle of your favorite store and your own bathroom. Here are … Keep Reading

How to Blow Dry Hair for a Straight and Smooth Look

Want that silky, touchable hair that Pantene Pro V and other expensive products claim their shampoo will give you? Look no further—you can have that flawless look by spending only a few extra minutes blow-drying your hair! Ditch the designer … Keep Reading

20 Ways to Relieve Stress

When did daily life become so hard? Between jobs or school, household chores, typical errands, raising a family, and maintaining general sanity, days are packed to the gills with more than even Wonder Woman could handle! Here are 20 tips … Keep Reading

Do-It-Yourself French Manicure

Want professional looking nails without spending your day’s pay in the salon? With some practice and a little patience, you can enjoy fancy nails anytime you want for just the cost of your nail polish! An at-home French manicure is … Keep Reading

Centerpieces for Tropical or Beach Weddings

Choosing decorations for your wedding can be quite the daunting task. You’ve got flowers, candles, miles and miles of tulle, and of course, centerpieces. For many brides, centerpieces are a fun and unique way to express their artistry and creativity. … Keep Reading

The Perfect 12-Step Program: Perfect Pedicures at Home

Ready to break into spring and get those toes into strappy sandals, flip-flops, and yes, even bare feet? Polish away the dry skin and bid winter goodbye with a pampering, relaxing at-home pedicure. Just follow this fabulous 12-step pedicure program … Keep Reading

Romantic Summer Vacation Getaways in the United States

The warm sand beneath your toes, the gentle lapping of salty water tickling your feet – what could be better than a seashore vacation to escape your cares? In today’s day and age, romantic vacations need not always consist of … Keep Reading

Review: Suave Skin Therapy Daily Exfoliating Body Wash

Luxury in the shower doesn’t have to come at a steep price. Just take Suave Skin Therapy Daily Exfoliating Body Wash for example. This gentle body scrub infuses delightful coconut fragrance with apricot seeds for ultimate cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenation … Keep Reading

Fun Gifts for Newlyweds

When your favorite couple decides to tie the knot, a gift on their bridal registry just may not cut it. If your friendship is especially close, you may wish to present the happy pair with a gift that comes with … Keep Reading

Personal Wedding Gifts from the Groom to His Bride

As the love of your life prepares to walk down the aisle to begin your life together, your spirits are high and emotions run deep. To make this moment and the entire day even more special and memorable, many couples … Keep Reading

The Benefits and Basics of Pilates

Concentration, control, flexibility, alertness, shape, alignment, strength…. These wonderful characteristics unite in an effort to give you the body you’ve always wanted, merely using your strong mind and your determination. Pilates is a fun and exciting way to get your … Keep Reading

First Date Ideas – Adventure, Excitement, and Intimacy

The most nerve-wracking moments of a new relationship are arguably the last few moments before your first date begins. When you barely know someone or even when you’ve known that person for a long time but finally decide to take … Keep Reading

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