Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life Review

Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life ReviewIf you are looking for a scent that everyone loves, look no further. Earlier this fall I received a full size of shower gel and body lotion of one of Bath & Body Works’ newest scents, Charmed Life. As a lifelong fan of Bath & Body Works, I was beyond excited to try these products out! This new scent is a truly amazing as a fusion guava, apple, pear, and red berries as top notes. Floral scents of peony petals, jasmine, lily of the valley, as well as coconut milk are used as mid notes. To finish off this mesmerizing smell, apricot, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, and musk are used as the dry notes.


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Creative and Fun Bachelorette Dessert Ideas

No bachelorette party, hen’s night, or hen weekend would be complete without some sexy and sassy bachelorette dessert ideas. Go heavy on the chocolate and let the naughty ideas fly. This is your one chance to mix sexy with sweets and what better way to enjoy it than with all your best gal pals?

Of course, depending on the guest list, you may have some shy girls mixed in with the bold and outspoken ones. You can take these bachelorette dessert ideas at face value or tone them up or down to suit the guests and most especially the bride-to-be. Consider these suggestive bachelorette party dessert ideas for your bride’s special night out.

Suggestive Cakes and Cupcakes
It won’t take you long to find a cake or cupcake mold in the shape you’re seeking for your bachelorette dessert ideas. Be sure to have fun making the naughty cake or cupcakes and frosting them up for the bride-to-be and all the bachelorette party guests. You can go very naughty or only mildly so – consider a bare man’s chest complete with a black frosted bow tie. You might even consider making a cake out of cupcakes so that you can shape your bachelorette party dessert any way you like (ahem).

Also, as another suggestion – remember those cupcakes in an ice cream cone we used to have as kids? You can also try making those and adapting the shape by adding creampuffs or other delicate pastries at the base of each ice cream cone cupcake.

Risqué Cookies
Bachelorette Dessert Ideas (image courtesy of morguefile)You can make your own batch of suggestive shapes or mischievous gingerbread men (and women if you like). First and foremost, look for a cookie cutter that fits the bill. Consider anatomical cookie cutters, bikini or lingerie cutters, or even simple high heel shoe shaped cookie cutters. You will more than likely find something that you can use or share for any future bachelorette parties as well. If you don’t want to do suggestive shapes using cookie cutters, you can still get creative by using a cookie press to make custom cookies shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy. Finally, have fun icing the cookies or decorating them with little candy pieces and sprinkles.

Naughty Ice Cream Sundaes or Banana Splits
Two scoops and a banana ought to do the trick. Be sure to have all the fun supplies on hand, too – chocolate syrup, whipped cream, caramel, cherries, you know the drill. For added fun, have each guest create her own special sundae to enjoy. Simple ice cream cones might be another big hit, depending on your crowd. Either way and whatever you decide, be sure to take lots of pictures!

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V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies Review

V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies ReviewSometimes it can seem almost impossible to get the right serving of fruits and vegetables every day. Whether it’s a case of being too busy or simply not having a big enough appetite, some days we just can’t seem to satisfy the recommended daily amounts of these important nutrients. Thankfully, V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies come to the rescue, offering a variety of tasty beverages to help you get your daily fruits and vegetables in liquid form.

One of the greatest things about V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies is that you can help to satisfy your nutritional needs quickly and easily, drinking up a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables any time of day, even before you rush out the door to work or school each morning. V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies also make a delicious snack partway through the day or even as a quick refresher after a workout.

I received three flavors of V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies to try for the purpose of this review – Wild Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Mango. These tasty concoctions contain a full serving of fruit plus a full serving of vegetables in every glass. Because of this extreme fruit and veggie content, the smoothie juice is true to its name, coming in quite a bit thicker than your usual juice. My brother recommended finding vanilla sherbet to blend up with these drinks for a more authentic smoothie experience. Plus, how can you go wrong turning it into even more of a dessert type treat?

V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies contain a purposeful blend of fruits and vegetables in such proportions that the taste remains light and sweet. Just an eight-ounce glass has ½ cup of fruit and ½ cup of vegetables to help satisfy your recommended daily allowance. Also, V8 V-Fusion contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

I enjoyed the taste of the Wild Berry and Strawberry Banana fruit smoothies the best, purely based on my own fruit preferences. The Mango flavor was tasty as well. I like having these in my fridge so I don’t feel as guilty if I can’t sit down for a real breakfast and instead have to grab a glass of juice and a breakfast bar on the go. If you find you and your family have a tough time getting your recommended daily fruits and vegetables, consider trying the V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies as a convenient and tasty alternative.

To learn more about V8 V-Fusion Fruit Smoothies, please visit

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What to Do about a Persistent Cough

What to do about a persistent coughWintertime often leaves us vulnerable to catching colds, viruses, and even the flu. Many colds leave you with a persistent cough even after the usual sinus symptoms subside. If you are unlucky enough to get a cold, many times it can resolve itself in a matter of two weeks. Sometimes antibiotics can speed up the recovery process in cases where the cause is bacterial. Consider these tips on what you can do about a persistent cough.

Before you try to self-medicate or use at-home remedies for your persistent cough, make an appointment to see your doctor to ensure your cough is not a symptom of a more serious condition. Whenever possible, seek professional medical advice to ensure you get the best treatment possible, even if you just have a little cough.

Here are some tips to help you fend off a persistent cough:

•    See your doctor to determine if you need antibiotics, over-the-counter medicine, or even a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia and other serious conditions.

•    Consult your doctor for a recommendation on a good cough syrup or expectorant to help you treat your cough symptoms.

•    Try your best not to cough whenever possible. If you can get your body in the habit of stifling the coughs, you may begin to see a difference in the number of times you cough per day.

•    For an annoying, raspy cough that starts with a tickle in the back of your throat, try to soothe the tickle and the cough by eating a dill pickle or taking a small sip of pickle juice. You can also try cough drops or throat lozenges.

•    For a productive cough, do your best to expel anything you cough up to get the germs out of your body. Keep in touch with your doctor to be sure you get medicine if needed.

•    For a persistent cough, try using a humidifier to add some moisture to your room while you sleep. For a winter cold, use a warm vapor humidifier to soothe your cough and cold symptoms.

These are just a few suggestions to help you deal with a persistent cough. If you are pregnant, the humidifier can be a fantastic option for soothing a cough without taking medicine. If you have any additional tips or suggestions for getting rid of or treating a persistent cough, please share them in our comments below.


Six New Year’s Resolutions for Your Relationship

New Year's Resolutions for your Marriage / RelationshipJanuary is often a month of refreshing changes. Many people pledge to lose weight, pay off debt, or become more organized as a new year arrives. Others may search for their dream job or try to smooth out other areas of their lives. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your significant other is to make a commitment to better your relationship for the New Year. Consider these tips on New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship.

Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or newly dating, there are definitely things you can do to improve the quality of your relationship or at least the interactions between you and your husband / wife, or boyfriend / girlfriend. If you take the time to wonder what men want in a relationship or what women want, you can almost always improve your romantic life. Working on these little improvements can go a great way in making your relationship more stable and overall, more satisfactory for both of you.

Here are some top New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship this year:

1.    Pledge never to go to bed angry. Resolve any conflicts before you go to bed, and avoid fighting in your bedroom if at all possible. If you can’t resolve a certain matter before you have to head in for the night, at least set it aside for now, agree to disagree for the time being, and take a few moments to let the other person know how much you care.

2.    Work on changing the things you do that annoy your partner. Whether it’s being perpetually late or having clutter around the house, take the time to address these areas and do what you can to maintain the improvement. Your relationship will be so much better for it.

3.    Choose your battles. If it seems like you and your partner fight a lot, it might be something you both need to work on together. If it seems one-sided with you being the aggressor, you can start to take steps toward a more peaceable relationship. Remember, each person is entitled to his or her emotions as well as his or her opinions. Choose your battles means having the important fights when necessary and overlooking some of the smaller things that aren’t really damaging your relationship.

4.    Avoid lying to your partner. Adhere to a foundation of trust and truth so that you can both enjoy a secure relationship where your love can flourish.

5.    Make a point to sit down to dinner each night, or as often as possible. Rather than watching television with your meal, sit down at the kitchen table and relax through your dinner. Enjoy a conversation and take the time to find out how your partner’s day went. Try to do this a couple times a week at the very least, as it is a good practice to instill for your future together.

6.    Say ‘I love you’ everyday and mean it. Take the time to express your feelings for your sweetheart and be sure you fully absorb the meaning behind it. Sometimes we get into a routine or habit of doing things – be sure to make each ‘I love you’ special by looking your partner in the eye, following with a kiss, or at the very least, having some meaning in your voice as you say it. Be sure to let your sweetheart know how you feel each and every day.

Do your best to put these five New Year’s resolutions for your marriage or relationship into practice and take note of the positive changes you experience. Fighting less, increasing trust, and expressing your love for one another can go a long way to improving your relationship and cementing things for the long haul. If you have other suggestions for  New Year’s resolutions for your relationship, please share them in our comments below.


Winter Party Themes and Reasons to Celebrate

Fun winter party themesWintertime can be dull, cold, and a season that drones on and on, leaving you wishing for spring and warmer weather. Rather than wish away the coldest season, though, you can make the best of it by throwing a party or planning a special annual event that you and all of your friends or close family members can look forward to time and again. Consider these winter party themes and ideas for winter get-togethers to help you make it through the colder, darker months of the year.

Remember, winter is what you make of it. You and your friends can take turns hosting winter parties or events to get you through what is often a slower season socially. You can plan low key gatherings or grand scale events – the details merely depend on your budget and your inspiration.

Here are some fun winter party themes and ideas for winter gatherings with family and friends.

Winter Party Themes

1.    Hawaiian Luau – Defy the cold and plan a party that makes you warm all over. A Hawaiian Luau can be a blast no matter what the weather. Consider grilling your food – the usual barbeque spread or some ham, chicken, and pineapple dishes with rice. Put on a tropical soundtrack and enjoy thoughts of warmer days.

2.    Wine Party or Wine Tour – Visiting wineries in the winter can be a lovely experience with sprawling vistas of vineyards covered in snow and a fine selection of wines to taste to your heart’s content. Planning a wine tour is a fairly big undertaking, but you can also enjoy a simple wine tasting party at home. Choose a selection of wines and complementary meal items or courses to go with each bottle.

3.    Mardi Gras Party – No winter season is complete without a Mardi Gras party! Be sure to decorate in the Carnival colors – green, gold, and purple, and don’t forget to make or order your own king cake. Give out Mardi Gras beads to your guests, consider having a few party games, and be sure to put on some fun music to keep your party going.

4.    Snowy Celebration – Get your friends together for an impromptu party the next time it snows enough to have some fun. Plan an all-out snowball battle, go sledding or skiing / snowboarding, and enjoy hot chocolate (with your favorite flavors added, of course).

5.    Red Carpet Party – Invite your friends and family over to get all dolled up for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, champagne, and photos. Make or order a fun backdrop for your photos and take pictures of all your guests as they arrive. Match up your event with one of the popular Hollywood awards shows, like the People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Grammy Awards, or Academy Awards (The Oscars). Give a prize for the best dressed, best celebrity look-alike, etc.

Reasons to Celebrate or Get Together in the Winter
In addition to throwing your own winter party, here are some other reasons to get together with your family and friends this winter season.

1.    Christmas Parties
2.    New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day Parties
3.    Groundhog’s Day
4.    Super Bowl Parties
5.    Hockey Party
6.    Mardi Gras
7.    Valentine’s Day (or Anti-Valentine’s Day)
8.    St. Patrick’s Day
9.    March Madness Parties
10.    First Day of Spring (take that, winter)
11.    People’s Choice Awards
12.    Golden Globe Awards
13.    Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards
14.    Grammy Awards
15.    Academy Awards (The Oscars)

These are just a few suggestions for party themes and events you can enjoy in the winter. Please share any other ideas or party theme suggestions you may have in our comments below!


Physician’s Advice on Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare Tips and AdviceI recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar with Dr. Ronald L. Moy, a leading Dermatologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles as well as the founder of DNAEGF Renewal skincare. This webinar focused on how to take care of your skin during the harsh winter weather and how to use some products from the DNAEGF Renewal skincare to pamper your skin during these cold months coming up. I received travel sized products of the skincare line in DNA Defense 30+, Intensive Renewal, and Night Renewal to try for myself.

Winter weather can be tough on your skin, The air becomes drier, especially when the heat is on in your home or office. The change in temperature from outside to inside doesn’t help either. At this time hand washing increases to avoid illness, however this can cause your hands to become very dry and even cause cuts in your skin. Even the hot water in your shower or bath will create drier skin anywhere on your body. Hot water strips your skin from natural oils. As you age these oils decrease. These oils cause skin cells to stay together and keep your skin moisturized.

For extreme dry sensitive skin, the best protocol is to avoid very hot water, to dress in layers, and to stay hydrated. To keep your skin feeling fresh, put your moisturizer on while your skin is still moist from a shower or bath and after you have washed your face. If your skin is persistently dry and can’t be remedied by over-the-counter skin products, consider seeing your dermatologist for a stronger defense.

Dry skin is far from comfortable. Dryness leads to irritated skin and a flaky appearance of skin. Lucky for us, there are plenty of tips as well as products from DNAEGF Renewal skincare that can pamper our skin and protect it from getting dry and irritated. These products are perfect for both men and women and are fragrance, paraben, and sulfate free. If you fear your skin is starting to show your age (or wanting to prevent it), the DNAEGF Renewal skincare line is a great plan to treat your skin. The DNAEGF Renewal skincare line focuses on keeping skin young. The line contains DNA Repair Enzymes and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), both which target skin damage and encourage faster skin repair and thicker skin.

DNAEGF Renewal created products that are ideal for daily use to create the best version of your skin. Use DAN Intensive Renewal during the day and DNA Night Renewal right before you lay down for the night. In no time, your skin will be looking great thanks to these two products.

DNA Intensive Renewal is a thin product that you can use day after day that works in the sun, unlike some facial products that can incidentally cause sunburn. This product will keep your skin moisturized and prevent age spots or pigmentation. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles while revealing an even tone finish to your skin. It feels light on your skin and won’t clog pores.

DNA Night Renewal rebuilds your skin to make it feel smooth and look great. This product reduces fine lines, and wrinkles in addition to repairing signs of photodamage which can make skin appear ‘splotchy’. It calms the skin while thickening the skin cells to create a younger looking, stronger skin.  If you are in the sun a lot, it would be a great idea to start using sunscreen daily, and use the DNA Night Renewal creme before bed. This would be ideal to reduce pre-cancer and cancer on the skin in addition to making your skin look better than ever! Even if you are only in your 20s, you can start using some anti-age products to reduce the signs of wrinkles and prevent any skin damage.

Even though it’s winter, your skin is still in danger of sunburn. High altitudes, which you may encounter if you are into outdoor sports, increase your exposure to the sun and UV rays. More skin protection is needed in snow covered areas than at the beach. Use at least SPF 30+ to protect your skin. DNA Defense SPF 30+ is a lightweight lotion clinically tested and given a three star rating for high UVA protection. The lotion goes on smoothly and is not greasy or strong smelling as other sunscreens can be. Put it on and be safe in the sun for longer than 2 hours! If you have not used sunscreen meticulously in the years before, this DNA repair skincare line is also a great way to revive your sun-damaged skin. The enzymes target the decline in your skin’s response to damage and can treat and prevent skin cancer.

The DNAEGF Renewal skincare line in addition to normal product sizes comes in convenient travel sized products making them perfect for commuting  to work or holiday trips. They are perfect to keep handy in your purse or travel bag. They are TSA compliant, so you will have no trouble getting them through security on your winter flights.


Luxurious Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life

Last-minute gift ideasAre you still searching for a few last minute gift ideas for the special woman in your life? Not to worry – Julep has a few perfect gift ideas of its own for this holiday season. In fact, to put it in Julep’s words, “ Julep loves… nailing the perfect holiday gift.”

Along with cookies, Pollyanna gifts, and parties filled with fun and laughter, the holiday season brings with it lots of hugging and hand shaking. This means that everyone’s hands are going to be front and center, where they are clearly visible.

With that in mind, giving the gift of the ultimate choice in hand-and-nail sets is a great idea. Every woman enjoys showing off beautiful, healthy hands and gorgeous nails, especially if they are hoping to have one or more of their fingers bejeweled with a shiny new diamond or colorful gemstone.

This season, Julep revs it up with holiday offerings that shout out with festive cheer, classic sophistication, and modern sass. Their newest nail kits are adorable and you can find them at Julep Gifts.

Two of the most popular kits include “The Girlfriend’s Essential Nail Vernis Gift Set” retailing for only $28. This must-have set includes Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Catherine Nail Vernis, and Jennifer Nail Vernis. The Julep Essential Cuticle Oil delivers essential oils and vitamin E for luxurious hydration as well as nail and cuticle strengthening. Plus, you get Catherine Nail Vernis – a classic red color that is perfect for a hot romantic date, and Jennifer Nail Vernis, a sheer polish offering just the tiniest touch of pink for a sophisticated night on the town.

The Glowing Hands Gift Set retails for $48 and features a delightful array of beauty care products including Facial for Hands, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, Jennifer Nail Vernis, Catherine Nail Vernis, and Julep Crystal Nail File – all of this is packaged up in an adorable Julep makeup bag. The Facial for Hands beauty-care product delivers a skin-soft facial for hands- infused with apricot seeds for a quality exfoliating experience that coaxes your hands into luxurious softness. The Julep Essential Cuticle Oil hydrates and strengthens the nails and the nail file is designed for longevity, so you can keep it forever.

A lot of other kits are available, so you are sure to find a great last minute gift idea for someone you care about or even for yourself. I received these two kits for the purposes of the review and now my daughter and I are playing tug of war with them. Guess we will be checking out Julep Gifts soon as well.

Happy Holidays!


Fingernail Designs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Fingernail Designs for Christmas and New Year's EveThe holidays are a great time to dress up from head to toe. Don’t forget to create your own special fingernail designs for Christmas and New Year’s to complete your stylish look. Your holiday manicures can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can do your own nails or go to your local nail salon with an idea you’d like them to try on your nails. Here are some tips to help you craft your own special fingernail designs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Before you get started, be sure you have some gorgeous winter nail polish colors on hand. Choose a premium brand like OPI, nubar, Julep, Physician’s Formula, or another one of your favorites for a long-lasting manicure or pedicure that looks great and stays put.

Hot Fingernail Designs for Christmas
Check out these suggestions for pretty fingernail art designs you can try for the Christmas holiday:

•    Try a basic manicure or pedicure with a holiday themed base color and a sparkly topcoat. Consider emerald green with silver or gold sparkles, blue with white or silver sparkles, or wine / red with gold glitter.

•    Paint all your nails the same festive color. Then add a holly berry cluster or a delicate snowflake on a single nail (on each hand) to complete your look with an elegant twist.

•    Paint your nails red or green. Next, apply the gold or silver shatter topcoat for an edgy but fun Christmas fingernail design motif.

•    Try something a little casual but just as pretty. Look for Christmas nail decals or nail art stickers to dress up your manicure or pedicure. You can also look for holiday or winter themed Fimo nail art slices.

These are just a few suggestions for fun and festive fingernail art designs for Christmas. If you have other suggestions, please share in our comments below.

Sexy Fingernail Designs for New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays where fashion meets fun in a big way. The perfect New Year’s outfit gains even better marks with a fun and festive New Year’s Eve manicure to match your style. Consider these tips for sexy fingernail designs for New Year’s Eve:

•    Choose a nail polish color that complements your outfit, or even one that can be somewhat neutral like black or silver. Use a shatter coat (black, silver, gold, etc.) that will complement the overall look. Consider nail art combinations like purple and silver, dark blue and silver, green and gold, black and gold OR silver, etc.

•    Go for a classic French manicure with a single rhinestone and decorative swirl or line on your ring finger.

•    Keep it simple with an iridescent, solid nail color like a pearly aqua, sapphire, or purple polish. Check Five Below for a great selection of nail colors at rock bottom prices.

•    Go all out and try water marbling on your nails. You can choose any color combination that you like. Because this is a somewhat involved process, it may be best to do your nails in the morning if you have an hour or two to set aside for your New Year’s manicure.

What other ideas do you have for New Year’s Eve fingernail designs? Please share them in our comments below. Happy Holidays everyone!


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Ideas

New Year's Eve Party Themes and IdeasNew Year’s Eve is one of those holidays where just about everyone hopes to have somewhere to go. If you are hosting your own New Year’s Eve party, some great end of the year party themes will be a great way to get your guests in the mood for a good time. Consider these New Year’s Eve party themes and ideas to kick off your party in style!

Before you choose your NYE party theme, keep your budget in mind as well as your guest list. Think about the friends and family members who are most likely to come. Does your party need to be kid friendly? Will you have a full house or just a few close pals? Once you know the expected dynamic, you can plan a more successful New Year’s Eve party theme.

Top New Year’s Eve Party Themes
Here are a few exciting NYE party themes to consider for your holiday shindig:

•    Semi-Formal – Encourage your friends to dress up for the occasion!

•    The Big Apple – Plan your NYE party as if you are really celebrating in Times Square.

•    80s Party – Get your pals to dress up in classic 80s getups and be sure to have an appropriate playlist for your iPod.

•    Casino Night – Set up a few card tables and other fun games for your guests to enjoy.

•    Bad Sweater Party – While typical for the holidays, you can certainly extend this one for New Year’s.

•    Kegger – Break out all the beer games you enjoyed in college and be sure to keep it authentic with an actual keg of beer, or more if needed.

•    Murder Mystery Party – Host a Clue Party or other live murder mystery party to enjoy with your guests.

•    Fight Night – If there’s a fight or other sporting event on television, be sure to take advantage of the built-in party theme.

These are just a few ideas for New Year’s Eve party themes. What other ideas would you suggest for a New Year’s party? Be sure to share your suggestions in our comments below for all readers to consider.


Peppermint Centerpieces for the Holidays, Winter Weddings, and Other Elegant Events

Peppermint centerpieces offer a lovely decoration for your tables, whether for a wedding, a holiday party, or a small gathering at your home. You can create simple centerpieces with peppermint candies for an elegant look at your holiday event. Consider a red color scheme to match the red and white peppermint coloring as you contemplate your peppermint centerpiece ideas.

Peppermint centerpieces can be relatively simple or they can be quite grand scale. The number of centerpieces you need, as well as your budget, can ultimately dictate what style of peppermint centerpiece you choose.

Here are a few options to consider for your peppermint themed centerpieces:

Vase Centerpieces with Peppermints
Fill a pretty vase with wrapped peppermints for your guests to enjoy. You can choose traditional starlight mints or other bite-sized peppermint pieces. You could also mix up an assortment of differently shaped peppermints.

Peppermint Sticks with Ivy or Flowers
In a glass vase or tall bowl, drape some dark green ivy and intersperse some old-fashioned peppermint sticks throughout the arrangement. You can also place a mirror underneath and add a few vanilla scented white votives around your arrangement for added effect.

Red and White Flowers with Scattered Peppermints
Choose a nice red and white holiday flower arrangement, even the typical poinsettias or amaryllis, and place them in a festive vase. Scatter peppermint pieces or starlight mints around the vase in random patterns.

Red Candle in Hurricane with Peppermints
Place a hurricane candle holder on a mirrored or glass dish, and add a beautiful red pillar candle inside. Scatter loose peppermints along the base of the glass hurricane, in the dish, and around the centerpiece.

Assorted Candy Canes and Holly Berries
Find a wide variety of candy cane shapes and sizes for your peppermint centerpieces. Choose a nice glass bowl or vase that will allow you to creatively arrange your many candy canes. Drape real or artificial holly berries throughout the bowl or vase. Add a mirror below and scattered white votive candles if you like.

Red Flowers Paired with Peppermint Sticks in a Vase
Fill a tubular vase with old-fashioned peppermint sticks. Leave a little room open in the center. Place a small container with water in the center and add lovely red flowers like roses, carnations, or even gerbera daisies. This way, the peppermint sticks give the illusion of red and white striped stems!

Peppermint Trees
Create your own peppermint tree using peppermint pieces and starlight mints. Glue the mints to a decorative cone or find another fashionable way to affix them. You might even want to consider adding them to a miniature evergreen Christmas tree. You can check craft supply stores like Michaels and AC Moore for additional ideas on creating your peppermint tree centerpieces.

Red and White Ball Ornaments in a Glass Vase
If you want a non-edible centerpiece, consider adding red and white Christmas ball ornaments inside a large glass vase. You can choose all the same size or large ones and small ones. This pretty and elegant display makes a great peppermint themed holiday centerpiece.

Your peppermint centerpieces will look lovely at your winter wedding, holiday party, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch, or New Year’s Eve party. No matter if you choose vase centerpieces with peppermints or something along the lines of flowers or greenery, your party or special event is sure to be a hit!


SentrySafe’s Pink 1100 Fire Chest Review

SentrySafe Pink 1100 Fire ChestNo matter where you live, every home, apartment, or place of residence should have a fireproof safe. Even if it is a small fire safe for personal use, like the SentrySafe Pink 1100 Fire Chest, which has its own handle so you can easily move it from one room to the next or take it with you on the go as needed. The SentrySafe Pink 1100 Fire Chest literally is pink and purchases of this product include a $1 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I received my very own pink SentrySafe product for the purpose of this review. I am thrilled with the look of the safe, especially its fun color, as well as the great features it offers. First you have the ETL Verified 1/2-hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and memory sticks up to 1550°F, giving you peace of mind in the event of a fire. The safe also has UL Classified 1/2-hour proven fire protection. Its privacy lock secures your private documents, media files, valuables, and keepsakes and protects them against vandalism or unwanted access by others in your residence.

SentrySafe Pink 1100 Fire ChestI also enjoyed the carrying handle, which works very nicely with the size and shape of the fire safe. This safe is a great size for someone living along, a college student, or as your daughter’s first safe. You can certainly fit items for the whole family if needed, including passports, social security cards, cash, and valuable items.

The pink exterior of the safe is sturdy and durable – I like the texture and find the shape nice for sliding under the bed, stacking on a closet shelf, or placing in another convenient household location. The safe is relatively heavy and gets heavier as you add items to it, but it still seems manageable for almost anyone to get it out of the house if needed.

My positive impression of the SentrySafe 1100P fire chest matches what many reviewers are saying on Amazon – ample space, nicely constructed, cute, affordable, and sturdy. One thing to be aware of – the key is required to open and close the safe. A good practice would be to put it on your keychain or in your wallet or even in a safety deposit box.

The SentrySafe Pink 1100 Fire Chest also comes with a one-year limited warranty and lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee.

This cool pink fire safe by SentrySafe retails for $39.99 and can be purchased at,, and, as well as in select retail locations like Academy Sports & Outdoors and Staples Canada. For more information, please visit SentrySafe online at