Tips on Reducing or Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common concern for women, especially when weight gain is involved. Pregnancy is a popular time to start thinking about stretch mark prevention, or at least reduction in appearance of stretch marks. Like scars, stretch marks can permanently change the look of the skin on various parts of the body like the tummy, legs, and even breasts. If you are worried about stretch marks, this article should help to give you an overview of some easy remedies you can try at home to help diminish or even eliminate those unsightly skin changes.

If you look up remedies for stretch marks on the Internet, you will find everything from herbal and natural at-home treatments to cosmetic surgery procedures, cocoa butter lotions and skin creams, oil treatments, and so much more. Many women have shared remedies they concocted on their own, containing such ingredients as Vitamin E oil, olive oil, white sugar, skin moisturizer, and others. It seems different bodies may react differently to certain concoctions and remedies, so it may be necessary to ask your doctor or dermatologist. You can also do research online to see what works for most people with similar stretch marks to those you have.

Some popular skincare products to try include Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks (Cocoa Butter), Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, and Bio Oil for stretch mark reduction. If you plan to use any products for stretch marks while you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to speak with your OB or your family doctor to be on the safe side. You might even get a better recommendation!

Some doctors believe that a woman’s body is either destined to get stretch marks or destined not to get them. This could be due to genes and heredity. Of course, you never know if they’ll go away if you don’t try. If you are newly pregnant, you can try to eat a healthy, balanced diet for the baby without packing on more weight than is needed for the little one. Remember, you aren’t really eating for two – the tiny person inside of you takes what he or she needs from you and in many cases, that is only a couple hundred extra calories than you normally eat. Of course, you should speak with your doctor to confirm what kind of diet and caloric intake you should be achieving. The point is – keeping the overall pregnancy weight gain at a reasonable level should help to keep stretch marks to a minimum.

What other tips do you have for reducing, preventing, or eliminating stretch marks? Please share them in our comments below!


The Many Uses of Johnson’s Baby Powder and Cornstarch

Johnson's Baby Powder and Baby Cornstarch PowderBaby powder has got to be one of those products that every family should have in their home. Just last night we used Johnson’s baby powder to treat a grease stain on a pair of pants. The powder soaks the oil up like you wouldn’t believe! It works wonders in removing grease, oil, butter, and other slick stains from many different types of fabric. I’ve found great success with just about every application on these types of stains.

But Johnson’s baby powder also has great results in beauty applications as much as household fixes. I have a bottle of the regular baby powder, which I like to use for the laundry and cleaning tasks, and a bottle of Johnson’s Calming Lavender and Chamomile baby powder, which I love using for beauty purposes.

In case you didn’t know, baby powder works amazingly as a dry shampoo. Just like it sucks the oil and grease out of stains on your clothing, it also soaks up the natural oils released by your hair. So if you’ve slept through your alarm and can’t afford to be late, or if you just need a quick fix to tide you over till your next shower, a few dabs of baby powder in your hair can instantly take away that shiny, greasy look when your hair is due for a wash. Another perfect time to try this is after working out if you won’t make it to your home shower for a little while and you don’t want to wash up at the gym.

Johnson’s Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder with Aloe and Vitamin E offers another wonderful beauty fix – it gently absorbs moisture from the skin, whether from baby’s skin or your own. You can use the powder on baby’s bottom or apply it to your own skin on a hot summer day to prevent excessive perspiration. You might be amazed at the results and how well it works at keeping your skin soft, clean, and dry. (Note – Women have also used baby powder for these purposes but some recent studies suggest cornstarch is a better alternative due to the talc component in baby powder being questionable for links to certain reproductive cancers, etc.)

Finally, another favorite home and beauty use for baby powder products is freshening up your family’s sneakers and cleats. Simply sprinkle a dash of the powder into each shoe after they’ve been worn quite a bit and enjoy the diminishing odor associated with many athletic shoes.

I received Johnson’s baby powder and baby pure cornstarch powder for the purpose of this review. I am also a frequent purchaser of Johnson’s products for skin and face.

What other uses do you have for baby powder? Please share them below in our comments!


Minus417 Skincare Contest on Life Love Beauty

Minus 417 anti-aging skincare products giveaway

Life Love Beauty is teaming up with the anti-aging skincare brand Minus417 to offer LLB Readers a generous prize opportunity! Minus417 is the lowest point on Earth and situated at 1,373 ft (-417 meters)below sea level, where time stands still. -Minus417 specializes in combining ancient knowledge with high technology. Their products are based on an optimal balance between the components’ proportions and their cosmetic effects. Find out more and enter for a chance to win!

These products present a unique cosmetic development, the Vitamin Mineral Complex, a scientific combination of natural active components, like moisture-balancing select minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing anti oxidantvitamins and unique plant extracts from France, designed to assist in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. All –Minus417 products are paraben and mineral oil free. For the first time ever, they are now available to American consumers! For more information, please see

Minus 417 anti-aging skincare products giveaway

Prize: A set of -417 products valued at $228.97.

Eligibility: Open to residents of the United States (including Hawaii) age 18 and up or age 13 through 17 with written parental permission. One entry per person. All state and local laws apply. Void where prohibited.

Time Frame: October 25, 2011 until November 11, 2011

Rules: Please note: You MUST follow the rules in entirety to be eligible for a chance to win this contest.

1. Join and confirm your subscription to the Life Love Beauty Newsletter. If you are already a member, skip this step. To join, simply enter your name and email in the newsletter signup form on the left sidebar.

2. If you are not already a fan on Facebook, “like” us in order to enter. Write on LLB’s Facebook wall with your favorite way to feel young.  We will add you to the winners’ circle page if you win! If you do not want your name published on this page, please let us know.

Winners will be selected by a random drawing.

How to Win:
• Comment on the LLB Facebook page.
• No purchase necessary. You have not yet won.
• Winner will be contacted via email or Facebook message, and will be added to the list of winners posted on following verification.


Fashion in the Home – Dressing up Your Windows with Curtains and Blinds

Terry's Curtains Como in RougeMany things can dress up the look of a home. Some quick and easy ways to enhance the home’s appearance include new artwork, new bedding, throw pillows, and even seasonal throw rugs. More permanent upgrades can improve the home setting even more, from the paint colors you choose to the style of carpets or hardwood flooring, and certainly not to be forgotten – window treatments.

Curtains, drapes, and blinds are available in a wide array of styles, colors, and fabrics, making it easy to choose the perfect pair for each room. Ready-made curtains work well for a lower level of effort and easy swapping for the seasons. You can even change your kitchen or bathroom curtains to match the latest holiday!

Hardwood blinds or bamboo roman shades add elegance to the rooms in your house, giving a more versatile look with color choices that can complement your hardwood floors, upholstery, and other furnishings. Mini-blinds make a nice choice for shading the sun in rooms where you’ve already selected curtains or drapes that match the décor.

Terry's Fabrics - Hardwood Blinds

When it comes time to choose your window treatments, consider shopping online at a store like Terry’s Fabrics, offering a vast selection of curtain fabrics, styles, textures, and colors, plus options for hardware, curtain rods, and other accents so that you can create a complete look for each room. Your home is sure to look fantastic!


Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil – Cocoa & Shea Butter and Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Review

Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil ReviewLife Love Beauty recently received an invitation to team up with Johnson’s for a one-month span in testing out a variety of their mild and gentle products for skincare. Since these products are formulated for babies, I can only imagine the safety and health benefits of using them as compared to my regular arsenal of lotions, body creams, shampoos, and other assorted skincare goodies. Johnson’s sent me a generous shipment of products to try and I am so excited to tell you about each and every one. This article is the first in the Johnson’s series on Life Love Beauty, featuring Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in both Cocoa & Shea Butter and Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

After using these products only a short while, I am already noticing baby soft skin that is so different from my skin when using a lot of the “normal” lotions and skin creams. My palms remind me of the silky soles of babies’ feet and my dry elbows have smoothed out remarkably. Even hours later, the roughness and dryness are still gone! This becomes especially important this time of year in the Northeast, as our nights are getting longer, the weather is getting colder, and soon winter will be knocking at our doors. I’m so glad my skin has a head start on the seasonal changes!

I think my (other) favorite part of these products (besides the smooth and incredibly soft skin) is the amazing scent each product offers. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in Aloe Vera & Vitamin E happened to be the first product I tried. I adore the soft and clean fragrance, which somewhat reminds me of a cucumber melon type scent, even though it may just be my imagination due to the pleasant green bottle. I really enjoy this light and delicate fragrance that is subtle enough for anytime use and so nice if you want to massage a dab onto your little one’s skin.

I tried Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in Cocoa & Shea Butter next, and let me tell you – it smells as good as a chocolaty dessert that you might be dreaming of as you begin to hydrate your skin with this winning formula. The light tan colored container makes it easy to associate the pleasant, lightly chocolate fragrance with the bottle. This scent also reminds me of sun-kissed days at the beach, wearing a delightful sunscreen hinting at coconut or cocoa butter.

Both products are mild and gentle on your skin, generously sized at 8 ounces, and honest-to-goodness non-greasy formulas that are just as good for you as they are for baby. Find them at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, and stay tuned for our next feature on additional fabulous skincare products from Johnson’s!


Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen birthday party ideasPlanning a birthday party can be a lot of fun but it can also be stressful, especially if it is a surprise party or if you are trying to get every detail to be perfect. Teen birthday parties can take a lot of special planning and preparation, whether it’s a large birthday bash or a smaller gathering for a sleepover or a special outing. Consider these teen birthday party ideas for girls and guys.

Before you get too far in your teen birthday party planning, be sure to consider your budget and your guest list. The amount of money you have to spend and the number of people invited to the party will definitely have a strong impact on the overall outcome of the event. Be sure to keep within your budget and plan an event that works for the group size you plan to invite.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Consider these special teen birthday party ideas for girls:
•    Hawaiian Luau Party
•    Pool Party
•    Ice Skating Party or Roller Skating Party
•    Bowling Party
•    Limousine Party – Day or night on the town
•    Spa Party / Mani-Pedi Party
•    Makeover Party
•    Ice Cream Party
•    Girls’ Sleepover Party
•    Pink Party

Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Guys
Check out these fun teen birthday party ideas for guys:
•    Minor League Baseball Party
•    Pool Party / Pizza Party
•    Laser Tag Party
•    Paintball Party
•    Video Game Party
•    Man Hunt Party

Co-Ed Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Consider these co-ed teen birthday party ideas for your teenager and all their friends:
•    Pool Party
•    Skating Party
•    Fiesta Party
•    Music Party / Dance Party
•    Hawaiian Luau
•    Beach Party
•    Bowling Party

What other teen birthday ideas do you have? Please share them below in our comments for all to enjoy.


Plus Size Fall Fashions

Fall is a fabulous season to break out your favorite boots and try new fashions that are perfectly fit for the season. From cute skirts and sexy boots to fall jackets and countless dazzling accessories, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spicing up your autumn wardrobe. Fall fashions come in all colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, so don’t overlook the classy and fun plus size fall fashions just waiting at your favorite stores.

Numerous stores like Kohls, Target, and Dress Barn – not to mention lots of department stores and other top retailers – offer their own selection of plus size fashions for fall, giving curvy girls a wide array of choices for dressing up, dressing down, and accessorizing. Plus size fashions have come a long way in recent years, though. Now women can find top styles online at the click of the mouse as well.

When shopping for plus size apparel and accessories online, it helps to first determine what you’re hoping to find. Plus size dresses for work and business events may be readily available at one shop while plus size holiday dresses and pants suits may be in full swing at another retailer. Sometimes you can find entire department store type sites devoted to offering the widest range of plus size apparel imaginable.

One Stop Plus is one such shop, giving women and men alike a full collection of fashionable clothing for every season and every reason, including holiday wear, casual garments, jackets, jeans, bathing suits, intimate apparel, and pretty much anything under the sun when it comes to fashion for everyday, for business, and for special occasions. Accessories, shoes, and even wide calf boots are available for sale. Visitors to the site can shop by item type, brand, sale items, or new release items. There’s also a great end of season sale offering deeply discounted prices on lots of fashion finds. Another enticing tidbit – One Stop Plus has a free returns and exchange policy so you don’t have to worry too much about sizing and fit.

Some other fun shops specializing in plus size fashions and accessories are Silhouettes, Woman Within, and Avenue, but there are countless others to consider. You can even find the wide calf boots at Zappos! (Again, with an amazing return policy.)

Feel free to share any of your favorite plus size fall fashions or related questions and thoughts in our comments below.


Easy and Adorable Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Halloween can be lots of fun whether you decorate by yourself or with the help of your entire family. You can do simple little Halloween decorations like window cutouts and clings or you can go all out by turning part of your home or garage into a haunted house. Consider these easy and cute ideas to dress up your home for Halloween!

Halloween decorations are available to suit any budget. You can do a few tasteful Halloween decorations for $10 – $20 or less, or you can spend quite a bit more for a spookier effect. Check out these Halloween decorating ideas for fall.

Halloween Decorations for the Windows
The simplest Halloween decorations of all may be the cardboard cutouts of bats, cats, jack-o-lanterns, mummies, witches, and other spooky ghouls. Your kids will fondly remember putting up their favorite Halloween decorations in the windows each year, so be sure to get a set of window clings or cutouts that will stand the test of time.

You can also decorate your windows with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders or spider rings if you like. You might even find adorable Halloween light sets, such as candy corn light strings or other fun Halloween window decorations.

Little Ghosts in the Trees
If you want a classy and simple way to decorate for Halloween without going overboard, consider this simple and stylish decorating tip for your trees.

White handkerchiefs
Twist ties
Fishing line or thread
Ping pong balls

1.    Wrap a hanky around a ping pong ball and secure with a twist tie. It should look like a little ghost.
2.    Using a needle threaded with fishing line or thread, sew through the top of the ghost’s head and pull through enough line so you can tie the ghost from a tree branch.
3.    Repeat to create as many ghosts as you like.
4.    Take your ghosts outside and space them throughout your favorite trees. Tie them securely to various tree branches.

That’s it – this is a simple yet adorable way to decorate outside for Halloween.

Interior Halloween Decorations
If you’d like to decorate the inside of your house for Halloween, you can find quite a few cute and simple touches to add to your décor. Consider these ideas for interior Halloween decorations.

•    Swap out your usual kitchen and bathroom hand towels for orange and black or Halloween themed towels.
•    Set out Halloween and fall fragranced candles.
•    Get a Halloween tree – a cute tabletop tree that has room for tiny Halloween decorations to hang from its branches.
•    Carve a jack-o-lantern and set a tea light candle inside.
•    Place a bunch of small gourds and pumpkins in a basket for a festive centerpiece.
•    Consider a Halloween or fall themed throw rug to spice up a room or living area.
•    Don’t forget the plastic pumpkins filled with candy!

What other ideas do you have for Halloween decorating inside or out? Share your tips and favorite suggestions below in our comments.


Dream Water Review for Sleepless Nights

Dream Water ReviewsAre you always tossing back and forth in bed trying to fall asleep? Still feeling jittery from your morning coffee or energy drink when it’s time you should lay down? Finding it hard to wind down at the end of the day? If you can relate to these statements, then Dream Water is the perfect product for you! It’s an all-natural dietary supplement designed to help you to relax and fall asleep right before bedtime.

Sleep is very valuable to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. It can make or break you. If you are not getting enough rest, you are likely to be irritable and feel fatigued. Lack of sleep will also affect your memory. Caffeine and other energy products may relieve some of your symptoms and make you feel less drowsy, but there is no replacement for sleep. Think of Dream Water as the opposite of your caffeine or herbal energy supplements. While these products will give you that much needed pick me up, Dream Water will be there for you when you need to rest at night.

Dream Water ReviewsDream Water is perfect for people of varying lifestyles. It can aid those who have trouble sleeping due to health issues, excess of caffeine, and ever-changing schedules due to work or school. It is also helpful for those who are experiencing jet lag during times of traveling and is the perfect size to go on the plane in a carry-on bag. This product can also ease tension at the end of the day for people who deal with anxiety and stress.

For the purpose of this review, I received two samples of Dream Water free of charge in Snoozeberry and Lullaby Lemon.

Dream Water is designed as a 2.5 oz “shot” of enhanced water as well as an 8 oz drink. It contains natural active ingredients (GABA, Melatonin, 5-HTP) that aid in the process of relaxing and falling asleep.This product is calorie free and comes in aptly named flavors: Snoozeberry, I Dream of Kiwi, and Lullaby Lemon.


Autumn Jackets for the Whole Family

As the weather gets cooler, shopping for fall fashions like boots and autumn jackets becomes a priority. Nice fall jackets tend to be an important outerwear item for the whole family, so it’s essential to ensure your little ones are bundled up as much as yourself and your significant other. Consider these tips to help you find stylish and functional autumn jackets for the whole family.

No matter what your favorite color, style, or fabric, you can find autumn jackets to suit your fashion needs as well as your personal comfort. Check a few different stores and scope out the styles online so you can find your favorite fall coats for yourself and your whole family.

Fashionable Autumn Jacket Tips and Trends
Many different styles and colors of fall jackets are available for women, men, and children. You can find casual fleece jackets and warm, durable parkas and everything in between. Long coats, shorter jackets, and even leather jackets are some popular choices. Here are a few of the trends you can expect to see in 2011 fall jackets.

•    Shades of bold red for a pop of color – pair these coats with subtle skirts or slacks for the perfect look.

•    Bright white coats offer glamorous style – don’t be afraid to brave the elements in a bright white coat.

•    The trench is in – trench coats make a great statement in your wardrobe and they work well for so many occasions.

•    Leather never goes out of style – enjoy lovely leather coats in a variety of styles for adults. Check out a bomber jacket or a classic leather coat.

•    Don’t be afraid of faux fur – you can sharpen your look without changing your eco-friendly beliefs. Spice things up with a faux fur collar if you aren’t ready for the full fur.

•    Embrace prints and patterns – try your luck with animal prints, geometric designs, and plaids for a fashionable look.

You might also consider grays, beiges, and even bright colors like blues and purples if you’re in the mood for a new hue. Watch for styles that suit your fancy, from military type coats to more ornate designs. Good luck in your search – remember, the most important things are your comfort and confidence while wearing the coat.

Tips on Finding Fall Jackets for Your Family
Whether you are seeking a sleek fall coat for yourself or stylish coats for men to help your husband choose a new jacket, you can’t go wrong by searching online first. Narrow down the many styles, colors, and fabric choices to reduce your overall shopping process. Here are a few tips to help you choose fall jackets for yourself, your husband or boyfriend, and/or your children.

•    Decide whether you need a formal coat or a casual jacket.

•    Consider the warmth factor – should it be more of a windbreaker or are you looking for something to keep you warm on a blustery day?

•    Narrow down your color choices. Determine whether you are looking for neutrals and classics like black, khaki, camel, gray, and chocolate, or if you prefer something a little more on the wild side.

•    Look into all your options for fabrics and styles to find the best fit. Will you choose corduroy, leather, or something along the lines of a rain jacket?

•    Consider what length you would like the coat to be. Are you looking for something like a trench coat or more of a standard coat length?

When in doubt, simply go to the store and try on coats until you find one that looks and fits great while suiting all your needs. You can bring your family with you in the hopes of finding coats for everyone in time for the cooler weather. Happy shopping!


10 Baking and Cooking Theme Party Ideas

Cooking themed party ideasCooking and baking parties can be a lot of fun when you get the right group of friends together. Whether you are thinking about a holiday cookie bake or a night of fine Italian cuisine or something else entirely, you can have a lot of fun with food and friends. Consider these 10 creative and enjoyable baking and cooking theme party ideas for your next social gathering.

From dessert parties to main courses or ethnic cuisine, use your imagination to come up with fun and creative food and cooking theme party ideas. Here are 10 food theme party suggestions to get you started:

Top 10 Food Themed Party Ideas
Try these food and cooking themed party ideas:

Anything Goes Salad Night
Invite all your friends over and have them all bring at least one different topping for your salad extravaganza. Be sure you have a variety of greens like lettuces and spinach, some fresh veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes, and clever topics of fruits, nuts, and cheeses. Don’t forget your proteins as well – salmon, chicken, steak, hardboiled eggs, and other yummy meats and poultry. Last but certainly not least, ensure you have enough different salad dressings to appeal to your group.

Italian Night
Get everyone together to make an assortment of Italian food and then serve it all family style. Consider dishes like homemade lasagna, huge meatballs, garlic knots, Italian bread, and of course, Italian pastries, cannolis, or Italian bakery cookies for dessert. Don’t forget the wine!

Personal Pizza Party
Work together with your friends to make your own pizza dough and then have everyone make their own personal pizza pies using any kind of sauce, cheese, and toppings they like! Consider Hawaiian pizza, meat lovers, supreme, vegetarian pizza ideas, and anything else you might like. You can even make a dessert pizza if you’re feeling creative! (Just be sure you have the right dough for that one!)

‘Can You Deep Fry It’ Party
Ask each of your guests to bring something they would like to deep fry, be it an appetizer, entrée, or dessert. You can also assign items or have your guests tell you what they are bringing ahead of time so you don’t have duplicates. Be sure you have enough cooking oil. You’re sure to have a blast with a deep-fry party!

Wine Tasting Party
Assign each of your guests a different wine and ask them to bring a dish that complements the flavor. You can also have your guests just bring the ingredients for their dish and prepare everything together as a group.


LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor with Digital Recording and Remote Viewing (LW2401) Review

Lorex Video Baby Monitor LW2401 ReviewBabies and young children require constant attention and careful monitoring for their safety. Parents typically set up baby monitors to do the job, allowing parents to be on another floor of the house or outside while still fully aware of their baby’s safety and current state – sleeping, playing, crying, etc. Baby monitors have come a long way since our parents’ day. Now you can get so many more features, especially video capabilities like in the LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor, which also allows digital recording and remote connectivity, Skype integration, and more.

My husband and I received a LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor for the purpose of this review. I was excited to try it because I feel a video baby monitor offers so much more to parents and caregivers than a standard audio monitor. I was thrilled to notice that my husband was even excited to check it out – primarily because it is a cool tech gadget that he could read about and test all the cool features. This is another huge win for me – if he likes it, I love it.

Video Baby Monitor’s Ease of Use
I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it took him only moments to turn everything on and set it up for practice monitoring. He set up the camera in the kitchen and kept the LCD monitor in the family room with him. The dog and I went into the kitchen to see how everything worked. It was a snap for us to adjust the volume, test all the neat features, and even practice recording footage. The most time you’ll spend setting up is charging the monitor, and you can do that while you sleep!

Two-Way Talk Feature
Then my husband tested out the two-way talk feature – very cool! You can actually talk to your baby or child from the LCD monitor unit, even if you are on a different floor or outside your house. I can see this being very useful when soothing your child. The monitor also has built-in lullabies, which we have yet to test, but this is a wonderful feature I look forward to using often.

Video Monitor’s Digital Recording
We also tested the digital video recording feature and found that to be super easy at the touch of a button and fairly easy in playback as well. This one-touch recording has got to be a huge plus for anyone who doesn’t want to miss one precious moment with a new baby in the house. Record playing, sounds, and motions your baby makes while you aren’t in the room. The video monitor is really smart in that it automatically starts recording when it detects a change in audio level in the room, such as your baby crying. The LIVE SENSE alerts you and video begins recording immediately.

Room Temperature Monitoring and Feeding Alerts
You can also rest easier knowing your baby’s room temperature is being monitored for a constant temp. You will receive an alert if the room becomes too cold or too hot – you’ll find the cool little temperature sensor on the back of the camera. Parents can also set the feeding timer to remind them when baby’s next meal should take place.

Remote Viewing of the Video Baby Monitor
When the monitor is connected to a computer via USB, working parents, remote grandparents, and distant aunts and uncles can see the child in real-time, even from miles and miles away. The unit is compatible with Skype, allowing your video monitor system to be viewed anywhere in the world using a Skype login.

Other Exciting Video Monitor Features
The LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor has a gorgeous 3.5” LCD screen for full-screen or split-screen viewing. The device is very portable, roughly the size of a smartphone or just a bit larger, making it a nice fit for your pocket, purse, or tabletop / nightstand. The night-time viewing allows you to get a good night’s sleep without sacrificing your child’s safety. There is a video on/off button for this purpose as well, with the audio remaining intact.

The LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor system is expandable up to four cameras so you can simply add to your system as your family grows. You may also wish to use this unit as a monitoring system for your pets so you can watch your dog or cat while you are at work. It also works nicely as a home security system, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is under surveillance.

The LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor comes with a camera, rechargeable LCD monitor with base, two power adapters, MicroSD memory card, software CD, and three safety clips for assembling your monitor system. The LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor works with iPad™, iPhone™, and personal computers.

For more information about the LOREX LIVE SD3.5 Video Baby Monitor, check out