Romantic Holidays for Couples

Do romantic holidays for couples’ packages entice you more and more each day? Truly, running away with your spouse on the next holiday is the best counterpart of a crazy work life. Be sure to plan some romantic holidays for couples throughout the year to ensure you get to enjoy some special time together despite your busy lives.

Luxury Romantic Holidays
Perhaps the Web is the most accessible and the richest place teeming with the best suggestions for a romantic getaway. But for a luxurious one, it’s always a European tour that dominates the search list.

There are all-inclusive tours for a romantic vacation with an itinerary of the best spots in Europe. These packages start from the popular City of Lights, Paris, and the majestic London up to Italy’s leaning tower of Pisa and Anne Frank’s home, Amsterdam, where the best of the cheeses are made.

Normally, romantic tours squeeze in several stops in a few days itinerary. To get the best of your couples’ vacation, make sure you aim for a qualitative rather than a quantitative tour. Opt for vacation packages that are longer in days if you aim to visit more romantic spots, or if you’re facing a time constraint, get a package of fewer stops. I bet you and your spouse would prefer to go home from your luxury romantic holiday with pretty keepsakes rather than a number of regrets.

Romantic Beach Holidays
As for a romantic beach holiday, catch your breath upon seeing the islands of Maldives. This island nation, south-west of Sri Lanka and India, has 25 islands and islets to choose from for another romantic getaway of absolute seclusion.

A romantic Christmas holiday in Maldives keeps the love burning amidst the winter season. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in the season of giving, this is the finest gift for your spouse that makes a good end as well as the best start to a year.

Scout for packages suitable for your bonding time and budget. Couples can either lodge right on a water suite founded on the sea bed for total seclusion or get a beach front villa on the warm sands of Maldives.

You can choose from a fully packed island adventure or a more intimate experience on the shore. As it is awarded as the world’s leading dive destination, own the beach and go skinny dipping on its blue waters to experience a close-up encounter with the sea creatures, or indulge in a luxurious spa in your own suite. Know more of your partner in this romantic beach holiday by venturing into water activities ranging from scuba diving to snorkeling, hand-line fishing, and parasailing. You may even opt for a romantic Christmas holiday cruise in the Maldives group of islands.

At most, you can relax and enjoy the view of the sky and the beach on a fascinating sunset exclusive to its islands’ vacationers. Either a summer vacation trip or a winter retreat at its warmer sea and sands, Maldives is a prescribed getaway of island travelers.

Romantic Winter Holidays
Romantic escapes may not be too far. If you’re living in America and haven’t booked a grand vacation yet in Paris, Colorado is within a reasonable drive or flight.

One of the largest American forest reserves is maintained on the mountains of Colorado. If you opt to spend your romantic winter holiday with nature, nothing is better than a log cabin experience amidst a large forest reserve.

You can explore this immense biodiversity by a horse ride, a white water raft trip, or by skiing on the renowned Aspen ski resorts. A massage or a spa waiting after the end of the day will complement the action-packed adventure. Spending a romantic log cabin holiday is just perfect if you’re done with the beach getaways and island-hopping cruises.

Each season is a time for romance. You don’t have to wait for the season of love as the best romantic holidays for couples can satisfy the whole year.


Luxury Family Holidays at Home and Abroad

Taking a vacation is an ideal way of gaining relief from the stress and pressures of life. Luxury family holidays are essential to the emotional well being of everyone in your brood. Holidays, or vacations, provide pleasant memories and are also a source of bonding for the family members. Luxury family holidays might mean different things to different people, but it is essentially a trip that the whole family deserves and enjoys together. There are several luxury family resorts that families can go to without spending a fortune. However, this is not always possible due to the increasing workloads in an effort to make ends meet.

Whether to have the family holiday at home or abroad is mainly determined by the available budget. You should not have to remortgage your house to enjoy your luxury family holidays. You can have the family holidays at home if you have an already overstretched budget. You can have fun with your family at the beach. It is also adventurous to have your family holidays in more exotic locations. Once you have decided on your destination, you will then need proper organization and trip planning if you are to enjoy the luxury holiday. You can use the services of a travel company to do all the luxury family holiday arrangements.

All Inclusive Luxury Family Holidays
There are many ways of having fabulous all inclusive luxury family holidays. If you do proper planning, you should be able to travel at discounted rates. It is advisable to look for coupons for the places you are interested in visiting. You can browse through the Internet in search of these coupons for any luxurious family getaways that you plan.

Make sure that you know all that is included, for example meals and drinks. In case you will be staying in a resort, it is important to know all the amenities offered. You can request an upgrade if one is available on your first night. This is a good way of saving as well.

Luxury Family Adventure Holidays
Taking luxury family adventure holidays is gaining popularity in recent years. While it can be hard to pick something that both parents and children will enjoy, it is worth trying to enjoy such a unique holiday experience for the whole family. Consider white water rafting, hiking, and other outdoor activities for the best family adventures.

Look for a holiday destination that offers something for all family members. You can look for activities that call for team work in order to involve everyone during the family adventure holidays. Remember that when you do these fun and wild activities together, you will be reinforcing the family ties.

Luxury Family Holidays Abroad
Despite the hard economic times, planning your dream holiday abroad is now very possible. You can take luxury family holidays abroad in a number of destinations, especially Europe. Your family may have to spend a considerable amount of money to finance such a trip, but it can be worth it once in a while.

If you shop around you may be able to find some savings. Always plan for the expenses you will need by controlling any unnecessary spending. You can do this by going on holiday during off-peak seasons in order to get discounted rates on just about everything.

Trends in Caramel Hair Color

Hair color trends change with each season like everything else. During the spring and summer seasons, hair colors tend to lighten while hair tends to darken during the fall and winter seasons. While choosing the right color for your hair or that of your client, you ought to be guided by one’s lifestyle, hobbies, skin tone, and current haircut. Caramel hair color is a light brown or yellowish brown color. It is a versatile hair color that fits a variety of skin tones. It also works for women of different nationalities.

When your hair loses vitality and when the color loses radiance, it is time to get a caramel hair color that works for you. Always replenish and refresh your hair color. Do not choose a caramel hair color simply because it is the trend or because it looks chic on another person.

You should always choose a shade that is close to your natural color. Caramel hair color will give you a sensational look if you find the right tone for your complexion. This hair color can stand perfectly on its own but can also be made warmer, ashy, or even cool. With the caramel hair color, you can be chic and candy sweet. Its variations depend on the individual and the look one is craving for. There is much to achieve from caramel hair color. For the black hair, caramel hair color can soften any harshness in the face. Caramel is a natural complement and super cool color for brunettes.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color
Caramel blonde hair color is a popular hair color for many women. If you wish to brighten your hairstyle, do not worry about your skin tone. There is always a shade of caramel hair color to suit everyone.

If your brunette tone hair is shoulder-length, you will look classy if you apply caramel highlights throughout your style. This creates an eye-catching look. If you currently have bleached blonde hair, you can choose a richer shade of the caramel hair color. On the other hand, if you have a pale skin tone, then your caramel hair color should be a bit lighter.

Caramel Brown Hair Color
If you feel that your hair now has a dull look and you wish to add some spice to the color, you can opt for caramel brown hair color. Decide whether you want highlights of brown hair color or whether you wish to completely color your hair. A complete color gives you a brand new look. Caramel hair color is mostly meant for those people who fall in deep brown shades. When you decide to use the brown hair color, it means that you want to look serious and sophisticated.

Light Caramel Hair Color
Light caramel hair color is best used during the warmer seasons which are spring and summer. Never choose a light hair color that is too light for your natural shade. You sure do not want hair that is too brassy or even orange. Consult a professional otherwise you could end up with burns on your scalp and skin due to incorrect use of the chemicals.

Veggie Pizza Recipes You Can Make at Home

Veggie pizza recipes can be a lot of fun to create at home with your family, friends, or significant other. You can make easy veggie pizzas using premade, refrigerated pizza dough or you can create your own pizza from scratch using veggie pizza recipes that you find online or receive from someone you know. Most of the time it is fun to make your own veggie pizzas from scratch if you have the time and inclination. Here are some veggie pizza recipes, ideas, and tips to try at home.

First things first – the defining factors in just about any pizza are usually the dough and the sauce. You can get creative adding ingredients and cheeses to your heart’s content, but without a good base of pizza dough and sauce, you aren’t really going anywhere with your vegetarian pizza or vegetable pie. I am a firm believer that handmade dough makes the best pizza or Stromboli. In fact, I use the same dough recipe for my Stromboli as I do for my pizzas, when I have time. (If you simply don’t have time, you can find premade refrigerated pizza dough from Pillsbury and similar brands.)

Homemade Veggie Pizza Recipes from Scratch
Use these steps to create your own veggie pizza at home!

1.    First make the dough. I use this recipe from Fabulous Foods for my pizza and Stromboli. Knead the dough for 5-10 minutes and set aside to rise.

2.    I also make my own sauce from scratch (well, sort of), using my best friend’s dad’s recipe. Here it is:

Enhance your favorite jar sauce with these steps.

Put some olive oil on the bottom of a saucepan and warm to medium low. Mince or slice garlic to your liking and sauté lightly in oil until golden. Pour red jar sauce into pot and stir well. Bring to low boil. Add some sherry or Marsala cooking wine. Bring to low boil again. Add parsley, oregano, and fresh ground pepper to taste. Keep at a low boil until the sauce reduces and thickens. Set aside. (I do this all without measurements, but you will get the hang of it and find how it works best for your tastes.)

3.    After the dough has risen, roll it out to make a pizza in your favorite shape – round, rectangular, heart – whatever you like.

4.    Use a ladle to add as much sauce as you like.

5.    Sprinkle cheese on top using mozzarella, or a blend including provolone, parmesan, or whatever you like.

6.    Add a variety of vegetables to complete your veggie pizza recipe.

Try any of the following:

a.    Peppers
b.    Mushrooms
c.    Onions
d.    Olives
e.    Tomatoes
f.    Broccoli
g.    Cauliflower
h.    Zucchini
i.    Spinach

7.    Bake your pizza until dough is cooked all the way through and cheese is melted. I turn the oven to 375, but the timing depends on the size and thickness of your dough. The pizza dough should turn a little golden brown when it is about ready.

This is a simple veggie pizza to try at home. If you have other favorite veggie pizza recipes, share them or at least your favorite toppings in our comments below!

Crackle Nail Polish Colors and Trends

A woman’s look is not complete without nail polish – especially crackle nail polish or shatter nail polish these days. Nail polish speaks a lot about a person. It can actually change how one expresses her personality a great deal. A wide variety of nail polish colors are available so everyone can pick what suits them best. Since nail polish colors reflect so much on you, it is fun to choose a color that best suits your mood. (Did you know there are even “mood nail polishes” on the market?!)

If you want to add drama and mystery to your appearance, choose dark shades. To give your nails that shiny look, go for metallic nail polish. To portray a gentle and feminine personality, use lighter shades. To stand out in a crowd, use trendy polish. This will show that you are interested in fashion. Look out for nail polish colors that celebrities are wearing since they are trendsetters but remember to look for hot new nail colors depending on the season.

There are several websites that offer all shades of nail colors, for example, which has a wide selection of both crackle nail polish and shatter nail polish varieties. The occasion that you will be attending should also help determine the nail polish colors that you pick. For example, for a night out with other girls or even a dinner date with someone you hold dear, you should pick brightly colored nail polish. It is a chance to be daring. For a sophisticated night out to the ballet or opera, you can go for darker, intense nail polish colors. For an interview, it is advisable to pick pale to neutral nail polish colors. This is a time that you do not want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Such colors also give you a more professional look and this is what your interviewers will notice.

Different colors have different meanings, so it is important that you pick nail polish colors with this in mind. A color like green, which comes is several shades, says that you are an exciting person. Colors like chrome, graphite, gold, and bronze will normally leave eyes fixed on you. These colors are a perfect choice that can be worn with almost anything.

Since there are different colors of crackle nail polish and shatter nail polish to suit all skin tones, you should focus more on your mood. Some of the suitable crackle polish and shatter polish colors for today’s woman are Mia secret nail polish purple and China glaze nail polish fault line, a very cool graffiti style polish, which come both in crackle and shatter, have recorded very good sales. These are clear and soft colors that work on your nails like a whisper.

Other crackle nail polishes that can look extremely stunning on you are the Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish Orange, which is very strong and durable. It is meant for women who are more daring. Still others are OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Polish, which includes a Silver Shatter. OPI Simply Smash-Ing is another fun shatter polish in a gold-green this time, inspired by tennis star Serena. With these popular colors, you will always stand out in a crowd.

Perhaps the hottest of the season, another color that will give you a stunning look is OPI E53 Black Shatter. With black nail polish, you should take care of even the slightest details. This is because even the smallest mistake with black nail polish will draw a lot of attention.

Crackle nail polish is relatively inexpensive and it’s a great way to give your nails a special makeover with the changing seasons. You can apply the crackle or shatter topcoat on virtually any nail polish base color, so get creative!


Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Spring finally arrived a couple of weeks back and before you knew it, summer was hot on its heels. Time is on the fast track and there are upcoming events ahead where you can flaunt your new looks. Have you made up your mind on what look you’ll be sporting for the coming chapters of your life? If not, then let’s start on the top: your hairstyle.

Prom is nearing and so is the summer break. Although you look pretty with that long, smooth hair, people are too accustomed to it and you need a lift to get back into the limelight. A retreat to a short curly hairstyle will not only seize second and third glances, but it also inspires a light, bouncy feeling, oozing with confidence – a great aura for the summer season.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
Before you choose the new style you want to achieve with your hair, always seek advice from an expert first. Hairstyles should match certain features like the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Hair maintenance and styling change significantly upon transition to a bob cut. Short hair is definitely more manageable than long hair, as long as you know how to style it.

If you’re aiming for a cute, charming look this summer season, try something like the short, layered, curly hair of Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna, or Charlize Theron. These celebrity hairstyles are suitable for round, oval, or diamond-shape faces and best for medium to thick hair texture. You can browse through the Internet to get a clearer picture of hairstyles for the short curly hair of women.

When wearing the curls, perfect your evening look for a dinner date with your partner by putting on a stylish headband or pretty hair clips. If you’re off to a shopping spree with your mom, add more volume on your short, curly hair and wear a headband with scarf topping a shirt, shorts, and flats outfit. Enhance that sweet, charming look by putting on a tan hat, or feel young at heart by clasping the curls on colorful kiddie barrettes for a weekend getaway on the beach with your friends.

You can do so much to achieve that cute hairstyle for your short curly hair. You just have to apply your creativity to achieve the appropriate look for each occasion and every season.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
The prom is one of the moments when any young woman feels she’s indeed a real lady. Parading in elegant gowns and toting chic, glimmering bags and accessories, it is not only a social gathering, but a venue to celebrate our femininity. You’d better be sure your hairstyle down to your shoes agrees with this goal.

Short curls can emanate a sexy and romantic aura. Put on a glittering headband teeming with stones or style the curls with hair gems and sparkling clips to match your sophisticated look. Nice Swarovski earrings and more sparkling jewelry will complete the dramatic look. But don’t overdo it. Remember, simplicity is elegance.

If you want to try a trendy prom hairstyle for your short curly hair, you may use tinsel to glam your hair. Make sure it blends nicely with both your gown and hair color to achieve that evening princess look. Apply hair mouse to add volume and bring the best of the curls. Once again, it’s good if you can take time to research on the Internet, and even better to ask an expert about the most suitable prom hairstyle for your short, curly hair. In seeking advice, consider your gown’s style and color to make sure your hairstyle complements your outfit.

You can mix and match with short curly hairstyles. A couple of hairstyles can transform you into different looks that one may not recognize you at all. Keep in mind that your transformation isn’t purposely a total change of you, but a fun and fancy upgrade of your look.

Things to Do on a Sunday

Most people have trouble finding something to do on Sunday. To many people, Sundays and especially Sunday afternoon can be boring. Most of those who go to church on Sunday morning find themselves with nothing to do after church. There are several things one can do with family or with friends.

Continue reading Things to Do on a Sunday

Top 10 Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A baby shower is a special occasion and a variety of baby shower centerpiece ideas can help with decorating for the party. No matter if the mommy-to-be is having a baby boy or a baby girl – or even a surprise – you can find dozens of cool, cute, and creative baby shower centerpieces to dress up the tables at your event. Consider these top 10 baby shower centerpiece ideas for an upcoming baby shower that you’re planning.

Here are a number of creative and cute baby shower centerpiece ideas:

Best Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

1.    Cute stuffed animals in the baby’s nursery theme

2.    Oversized baby blocks – ABC

3.    Baby shower mini cakes or cupcakes

4.    Balloons tied to a cute paperweight

5.    Potted plants in gender appropriate or gender neutral colors

6.    Edible fruit centerpiece

7.    Candy centerpiece featuring baby themed candies

8.    Pastel watering cans with flowers spilling out

9.    King cake (Mardi Gras tradition with a plastic baby)

10.    Floating rubber ducky in a glass bowl

These are just a few ideas for cute and creative baby shower centerpieces. Customize these baby shower table decorations for a boy, girl, or surprise baby by choosing colors that complement the appropriate color scheme or baby’s nursery theme. Don’t forget to put together other room decorations as well as little goodie bags for your guests, if you wish. You can also check out craft sites and online sites for great baby shower centerpiece ideas!

Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

The West Indies, originally “The Indies”, is a name given by Christopher Columbus to the Caribbean Islands, having thought he landed in Asia centuries back. Situated on the Caribbean Plate, the region has more than 7,000 islands and islets engulfing the Caribbean Sea. Today, it’s now a renowned tourist spot southeast of America. Despite its rich resources, the region preserved its simplicity and kept commercialism from seizing its scattered land. Seclusion is its best asset, worthy to be depicted as an escape from commercialism, polluted air, and busy, noisy streets.

The West Indies presents the most visited and the best Caribbean honeymoon destinations of the world. This is its expertise, to take you on a gratifying cruise or stay in a remote island free from nearly any mark of civilization.

All Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations in the Caribbean
A satisfying Caribbean vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant. There are several all inclusive honeymoon packages you can find if you book especially during peak seasons. It’s at these times competition is high between islands and resorts, thus they offer a range of the most competitive deals.

Most resorts and cruise lines offer variety of packages honeymooners can choose from. Packages from pocket-friendly to full-inclusion are the most hit searches on the Web even before summer arrives.

Normally, all-inclusive packages include two-way transportation from the airport to the island and vice versa (of course, this is normal for cruise packages), accommodations, meals and drinks, and a couple of island adventures. If adventures are limited to two or three, packages include the most significant activities among all the island adventures like free tours and on-site recreation. They also often include the main, specialty excursion that the island is known for. 

Full inclusion Caribbean packages add on more features like access to a Jacuzzi or spa treatments, on-line casinos, golf spots, and a better accommodation. For full-inclusion Caribbean cruises, better accommodations may mean a cabin with an instant view of the sea. Otherwise, for an island stay a better accommodation is a larger room with Jacuzzis and round-the-clock service.

Honeymoon Cruise vs. an Island Stay
If you are still undecided on what honeymoon package you’re going to take, whether a cruise or a vacation stay on an island, let me name a few of their differences.

A honeymooner who’s more adventurous and opts for island hopping is recommended to take a Caribbean cruise. At least four islands are visited on a cruise with a pack of adventures awaiting each island.

If one of your options is a Western Caribbean cruise, islands are normally farther from each other compared to the Eastern Caribbean. Although this is where the most beautiful shipwrecks can be spotted, you are most likely to spend more time travelling. You’ll get a longer travelling experience for a Southern Caribbean trip where islands are farther than Eastern and Western Caribbean islands. If time is an issue for you and you can only go on a vacation less than seven days, you may opt for an island stay.

Some large cruise ships cannot dock in small ports of smaller islands so if you’re sailing on a larger cruise ship, expect less contact with smaller islands, which are the most preserved from commercialism.

Honeymooners who opt for more intimate time with each other can choose a vacation on a single island. Most all-inclusive packages resorts don’t include free amenities of chartered yachts, though, so if you decided to visit an island or islet near your resort, it costs more money out of your pocket.

There are about 7,000 islands in the Caribbean boasts. This variety of islands offers a variety of all-inclusive honeymoon destinations as well. For a vacation on an island, you only get to choose one that fits well with you and your spouse’s personality. Make sure you get a package inclusive of more activities that can take up your daytime on the beaches if you wish to remain active and adventurous as opposed to leisurely.

Some of the best Caribbean honeymoon destinations west of the region are Mexico, Costa Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, and Belize. Southern Caribbean destinations, where the most secluded and fascinating beaches are, include Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Aruba islands. The Eastern Caribbean cruise, the most availed and the cheapest among the cruises, lists itineraries ranging from Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, to Puerto Rico.

Several top Caribbean honeymoon destinations can fill volumes of travel brochures, but it’s only you who can decide which is best for your tropical honeymoon. Whether it’s a cruise or an island stay, it’s one of the good ole days you’ll love to remember and a place you will surely want to go back and visit from time to time.

Have you been to any of these islands? Share your favorite recommendations in our comments below!

Nail Art Designs for Any Occasion

When you wear nail art designs on your fingernails or toenails, it’s not always because you want to flaunt your glamorous and trendy style. This may be a part of the reason. But more than this, women have ways of rewarding themselves for a job well done at work or a whole week satisfying the needs of their husbands and kids. Putting some art on the fingernails is a simple pleasure and a relaxing experience for women. You’ll spend more of your spare time with your nails as you get to know various nail art designs achievable even by your own hands.

3D Nail Art Designs
One trend making a buzz in the nail art scene is a variety of 3D nail art designs. These nail accessories have a raised appearance and texture on your nails, adding more fun and elegance to your hands. Swarovski, rhinestones, sequins, 3D stickers, and dried flowers are some 3D nail accessories.

You can complement your long black gown by putting on glistening Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. You can highlight a funky appearance by applying 3D stickers of flowers and hearts, or build up a feminine side of you by putting on dried flowers for your nail art designs.

Fimo Nail Art Designs
Fimo canes are made of polymer clay in the forms of logs with a design on their core. When sliced into thin sheets, fimo slices makes charming and lovely nail accessories.

Fimo nail accessories can be purchased either as fimo canes or as fimo slices ready to apply on the nails. Fimo nail art designs mostly come in fruits, flowers, animals, or even pastries, and in attractive pastel or vivid colors.

Acrylic Nail Art Designs
If you’re looking for a more subtle look, you can resort to acrylic nail art designs. You may be the type who doesn’t want to overdo fashion. Given you already wear the best dress in your closet, a simple acrylic nail art design can blend well into your overall look.

You can experiment with acrylic nail paint. Put on some dots using a dotting tool or a toothpick, or achieve color swirls using a liner brush. You can do a lot of nail art designs simply by using your creativity. When you get more experienced, you can work with acrylic nail powder and liquid to create your own fake nails and nail extensions. You can also mix a style of acrylic nail art with the previous designs mentioned if your mood shifts to a more extravagant look.

Freehand Nail Art Designs
If you want every aspect of your appearance to be a creative expression of yourself, try the freehand nail art designs. No matter what mood you are in or how you want the world to perceive you at a given moment, you can show it through your fingernails.

A fine brush, nail paint, and a base color of nail polish will do in applying freehand designs, but you can be more creative with your nails with the aid of nail art kits. A kit normally has a striping brush, mini-liner brush, liner brush, and nail art brush. Some kits even include nail art pens, a dotting tool, and a nail art tray.

A good choice of base color won’t overpower your hand-painted nail art designs. Mix your freehand nail design with the rest of the nail art accessories to expand your creativity. You can also add a little texture by putting on some glitter, crushed seashells for nail art, or colored sand.

Whatever you want to do with your nails, keep in mind that this is a rewarding experience for you to conclude and start another busy week. As you practice your nail art designs from one month to the next, you should also notice your nail art skills improving.

Please share any nail art tips you like to use in our comments below!

Revolutionary Hair Styling – Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters

If you are a woman who was born in the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s, then you can probably remember when it was necessary to set your hair the night before in order to create a head full of gorgeous curls. In fact, from hard plastic rollers to stiff bobby pins, the tools needed to give women beautiful curls were anything but beautiful themselves. Today, however, women have lots of choices once they decide to curl their hair including curling irons, rollers, and heated hair setters.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters
Using dual heating technology, Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters are designed to create long-lasting curls within as little time as five minutes. One of the nicest features about this hair setter is that it heats the curls from the inside out and the outside in due to the fact that you get a heated clip as well as the heated roller to set your hair.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters includes 12 large rollers and 8 medium rollers along with matching clips. Since the rollers feature cool-touch end rings, you can roll your hair quickly without ever needing to say “Ouch!” The clips are hinged and easy to put on and take off.

Pearl Ceramic Technology
Treasured for centuries as one of Mother Nature’s finest treasures, the fresh water pearl is surrounded with mystery and a magical allure. As the only gem to be created by a living creature, the fresh water pearl symbolizes an innocent beauty as well as the ability to withstand adversity and change.

Partially crafted from fresh water pearls that have been crushed into a nano-sized powder that is then infused into each Remington tool, the T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters seals the hair cuticle, creating long-lasting curls with a frizz-free shine. That means less static to deal with too!

Due to the unique pearl ceramic technology used in the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters, it only takes 90 seconds for the rollers to heat up and 5 to 10 minutes for your curls to set. Fast, easy, and reliable!

Hair-Curling Tips When Using Heated Rollers

•    If you want full, wide curls, set your hair with large rollers.
•    Use hair gel if your hair is very thin or fine.
•    For tiny curls, set your hair with the smallest roller size.
•    Remember that the longer you leave the roller on, the tighter your curl will be.
•    If you are using a hair setter for the first time, you should experiment with different sizes of rollers as well as different brands of styling gels.

Remington offers a 4-year warranty for their T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters. I haven’t had my set that long, so I cannot vouch for this guarantee. However, I can state that I thoroughly appreciate the fact that this product is easy to use, performs well, and is attractive to look at. Thank you Remington for providing me with this gift and the ability to create long-lasting curls whenever I want.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas for USA and Abroad

Did you know you can enjoy a romantic honeymoon and not spend much? The wedding itself charged you a significant cost, so it’s understandable that you would prefer not to go home with piles of additional unpaid bills. On a dry season of financial constraints, you may have the need to budget your honeymoon getaway. Consider these cheap honeymoon ideas to help you plan your first vacation as husband and wife on a budget.

Cheap Honeymoon Cruise
Every woman dreams of a honeymoon cruise with a pampering spa and Jacuzzi, diverse on-board cuisines, cocktail parties, moonlit dance, island adventures, and a plain, romantic walk on the beaches. But a honeymoon cruise is often associated with extravagance; originally only moguls and high-profile personalities could afford.

Through time, prices dropped significantly as competition went up. Opportunities to cruise islands are now more enticing over a gamut of cheap honeymoon cruises offered for sale online. The most prominent among the cruises, the Caribbean cruise can be availed from the most lavish experience to the most affordable yet still satisfying honeymoon cruise. Reasonable prices of the Mediterranean, Hawaiian, and Mexican cruises offer a great deal of prices on the Internet, allowing couples to enjoy honeymoon cruises on any budget.

If you notice it’s getting nearer to the set honeymoon date, you can do a last-minute booking instead, as they offer cheaper rates to fill up untaken spaces on-board. If you’re flexible with the date, you can also choose an off-peak season for your honeymoon.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations
A honeymoon cruise may still be too much for your budget. Then you can resort to cheap off-the-country honeymoon destinations and still create lingering honeymoon moments. Consider going to Europe. Not all places there are expensive as Paris and London. Europe is an enormous territory and you can check the rest of the countries with low cost of living and still enjoy the best historical or natural exploration experience.

Let’s say for example, try one of the top honeymoon destinations, the new Paris – the Prague of Czech Republic. Fall in love again in this old city with imperial castles and ancient cathedrals. Make your own fairytale on its magical air carrying serenades from Charles Bridges. 

Breathe in a warmer romantic breeze at Peru and get to know more of your marriage on its biodiversity. Take a sip on your champagne in a yacht exploration of Peruvian coastal wildlife sheltering sea lions, penguins, and migratory birds. Own the night over an enchanting moonlit dinner amidst the extensive desert and its surrounding dunes.

Countries like Switzerland, Greece, and Sweden are some other options for cheap honeymoon destinations in Europe. Off peak seasons, though, are on the spring months April and May or late September.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas in the United States
If time is limited for your honeymoon getaway, astounding destination places in the United States feature a number of incredible resorts. The USA is much bigger than Europe. If you haven’t yet explored the entire land, doing so will give you great deal of savings. Some honeymoon destinations are available in just a few hours drive and some may take only a day.

The City of Newport Beach stretches across Southern California, one of the most accessible honeymoon destinations. Surfers from California and other states go all the way to “The Wedge” for its ideal waves for bodysurfing. A romantic view of grey whale migration can be spotted sometime during spring, as these whales return home to Alaska on the summer season.

Disney cruises and honeymoon vacations in Florida can also be wonderful United States honeymoon destinations. Consider some of Florida’s wonderful cities and towns, including Orlando, Kissimmee, and Cocoa Beach, as well as Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach. You might also consider California’s wine country – Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley – for middle of the road honeymoon budgets.

If none of these suits you, further probing the Internet for more US honeymoon destinations will provide you with more options.

Cheap Honeymoon Packages
Spend time on the Internet looking for the most reasonable prices and best honeymoon getaways. Normally travel agencies give a variety of packages from expensive to cheap honeymoon packages. Choose the option that both you and your spouse are going to enjoy together. There may be unnecessary services included on the packages that you’re not after. You don’t need to have too much to celebrate the blossom of your marriage; in fact having too many activities can overpower the honeymoon’s relaxing and romantic essence.

Remember, what counts most is the process of going deeper and further into your best adventure: marriage.