Top 10 Fun Dinners to Cook Together with Your Significant Other (or Family)

Making dinner together with the ones you love can be an enjoyable, memorable experience. From a simple homemade pizza to an elaborate Thanksgiving turkey dinner, you can make your meal as easy or as complex as you like. Cooking and baking as a couple, or even as an entire family, can be a great bonding experience. When you cook or bake with your sweetheart, it can also be a romantic activity for the two of you to enjoy.

Cooking and baking together give you a chance to work together toward a goal, piecing together a project until it’s complete and you get to enjoy the results. Consider not only the main course of the meal you plan to cook together, but also the side dishes, appetizer, bread, dessert, and wine or other beverages. Plan the menu together and also complete the meal preparation. Most importantly, have fun!

Consider these suggestions for fun dinners to cook together with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. You can select one of these or make up your own gourmet meal to cook.

Top 10 Dinners to Cook Together
1.    Turkey Dinner with All the Fixins
2.    Homemade Pizza
3.    Homemade Stromboli
4.    Chicken Parmesan (or Eggplant Parmesan)
5.    Spaghetti and Meatballs
6.    Stuffed Pork Chops
7.    Seafood Stir Fry (or Vegetable Stir Fry)
8.    Shrimp Scampi
9.    Surf and Turf
10.   Lobster Risotto

Cooking dinner together for two just wouldn’t be complete without homemade dessert! Be sure to prepare a dessert that appeals to both of you or to the entire family if you are preparing the meal as a group. Here are a few suggestions for the top 10 desserts to bake or make together with your sweetheart.

Top 10 Desserts to Bake Together
1.    Decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cake (or another flavor you prefer)
2.    Chocolate Chip Cookies
3.    Homemade Cheesecake
4.    Homemade Ice Cream
5.    Pies (Pumpkin Pie / Apple Pie)
6.    Strawberry Shortcake
7.    Tiramisu
8.    Baked Alaska
9.    Lemon Meringue Pie
10.    Peach Cobbler

No matter what you decide to cook with your sweetheart or your family, be sure to have a little taste here and there – after all, that’s half the fun!


Football Food Ideas for Parties

Fall is here and football is in season. Whether you want to have a football party on Sunday or a Monday Night Football gathering, you’d better be sure your menu is on par with the appetites you’ll be hosting. A great football party has a variety of food to satisfy all tastes, but usually finger food, hot sandwiches, and cold beer will suffice anytime. Consider these sports food tips to help you come up with the perfect football party food ideas for your upcoming football gathering.

Football party food can be as easy or as involved as you like. You can create football shaped food or football themed food, or very simply, finger foods for parties, desserts, sandwiches, and drinks. Definitely don’t forget the beer! Here are a few different football party food suggestions to consider. (You can also check out our Super Bowl Party Food Ideas.)

You can also have fun with football themed desserts like football themed cupcakes, frosted with your favorite team’s colors (or mascot if you are crafty!). You can also do cupcakes with both teams if you have friends on either side, or you can simply decorate the cupcakes with icing designs of a football, goal posts, and helmets.

You can make your own football themed food or you can usually find football party food platters at the grocery store with hot wings, cheese and meat trays, and more. If you still haven’t found your perfect party food, keep reading for our last batch of football party food ideas.

Football Shaped Food for Parties…


Cooking Game Guide: Great Gifts for Kids and Adults Who Love Cooking

Cooking games and food games can be great gift ideas for all ages. What child didn’t grow up with a kitchen play set, play food, and toy pots and pans? Even adults can enjoy cooking games from video games to board games. If you need a present for a family member, you can find countless cooking games for girls, for boys, and for kids in general. Cooking games and baking games are great gift options for children since they can be educational as well as fun. Consider these suggestions for cooking games for all ages.

Cooking games come in all shapes and sizes for kids and adults. You can find bona fide cooking board games or cooking video games for the tech savvy. You can find food games and play sets for kids or maybe even vintage Barbie cooking games on eBay. You can play cooking games online or you can purchase them as gifts. Once you determine the kind of cooking games and baking games that you need, you can move forward in the search for the perfect cooking game.


Check out this guide of cooking games for kids and adults to help you find the perfect one.

Cooking Games for Adults
Adults are sure to love a variety of cooking games with trivia and interaction. Many adults love to cook and bake, and a game with a focus on cooking or baking could be the perfect gift idea for that person. Consider this list of cooking games for adults:

1.    What’s Cookin? Game by University Games – This foodie friendly game is for adults 18 and up, offering challenges in five food-themed categories. Answer questions related to kitchen utensils, kinds of desserts, and more. The game can be different every time and works for even two players. The What’s Cookin? Game was designed with cooks, food lovers, and friends in mind. ($14.98)

2.    Celebrity Chef! The Game by Idea Farm NYC, LLC
– Designed to be a great dinner party game, the Celebrity Chef! Game presents challenges like Land a TV Show, Run a hot restaurant, Get product endorsements, Sign a cookbook deal, Be acclaimed in the press, etc. Celebrity Chef! The Game gives you questions about Chef School, Tools & Techniques, the Bar, Name that Dish, Chef Pop Culture, and more. ($14.93)

3.    Convivium: Cooking Entertainment Game – This cool cook game features a race to the finish as well as interactive cooking tasks and responsibilities to create a full meal. To prepare for Convivium, the party host can choose to provide all the ingredients for the meal or can ask each friend attending to bring something. This food related activity starts as a board game and finishes up as a full meal. ($27.75)

4.    What’s Cookin’? The Ultimate Party Game for Cooks – This interesting party game is great for the host or hostess who still needs to finish up the cooking while also entertaining guests. A great concept, the What’s Cookin? board game features more than 700 questions developed by foodies and chefs across the country. The game involves lots of guessing around kitchen tools, ingredients and dishes, restaurant history, and more. ($40)

5.    Food Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit – While this may not be a true game, it can be a fun way to pass the time with food in mind. This kit contains more than 240 word magnets with Roman type on a white background. A plastic storage case is included with the Food Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit. This food-themed item would make a great gift for any chef or foodie. ($12.90)

6.    Reveal Entertainment Food Lovers Trivia Game – Test your culinary smarts with this food trivia game that uses edible game pieces. You can get creative with candies, snacks, veggies, fruit, or drinks, and be sure to include recipes of the right color. Dedicated solely to food trivia, this Food Lovers Trivia Game is another great choice for dinner parties. ($24.48)

7.    Eat It Game by C-Me – Rated well on Amazon, this food game focuses on trivia for snacks and sweets. Designed for two to six players, Eat It includes a game board, die, thousands of trivia questions, and game pieces to help you get to the top of the Snack & Sweets Pyramid. This candy and snacks themed food game recreates the food pyramid and allows you to indulge in trivia about your favorite treats. ($28.53)

8.    Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers – More than 1000 food trivia questions keep players busy as they try to determine the answers to questions centering on culinary science, celebrity chefs, exotic cuisine, food history, and more. Rated well on Amazon, Foodie Fight makes another great addition to your dinner party. ($12.89)

Cooking Games for Girls…


Timothy Jay Candles Review – Fresh, Clean, and Elegant Scents for Men and Women

Timothy Jay Candles of West Hollywood, California, are the ultimate sensory gift for men or women for just about any occasion. These luxurious candles appeal to the senses with fragrances in four themes – Florals, Naturals, Greens, and Fruits. The candles are available as subtle gift ideas, home décor options, and more extravagant gift sets including nine 10-oz candles. Read on to learn about my experience reviewing two fragrant Timothy Jay candles.

I received two lavish 10 oz. Timothy Jay candles to check out in my own home and so far the experience has been great! I received Grapefruit (a pretty yellow candle), which is one of my husband’s favorite fruits, and Celadon (a lovely blue to teal colored candle). Both fragrances are full yet subtle enough not to overwhelm. The scents are clean and fresh, offering an inviting aroma to your home. They are pleasant to burn during the day or at night during or after a meal.

The 10-oz. Timothy Jay Candle is poured into a three-inch diameter glass container with a specially designed paper wick. The candles are made of soy-based wax and should burn for 50 hours. I’ve already burned mine three times for several hours at a time, and I don’t even notice the wax getting lower. Attention to detail on these candles is astounding! Besides the lovely fragrance and the high quality of the containers, the base is covered in felt to protect any surface where you’d like to burn your candle.

The candles are beautifully packaged in black and white boxes with bows – a very classy and truly elegant packaging style that is perfect for men and women alike. Each candle carefully wrapped in tissue and surrounded by a layer of sisal. These candles would make great gifts for the bachelor, a guy coworker who just bought his own home, or even for a guy friend, brother, father, or boyfriend. While these candles are neutral enough for men, they are surely not exclusively for men. The Timothy Jay collection offers just as many lovely options for the women you know.

The Timothy Jay Serenity Bowls are a lovely option for the home, whether a gift or a home accent for your family room, living room, or bedroom. These candles are contained in a black ceramic bowl with three separate wicks and 50 hours of burn time. You can also consider the Timothy Jay votive sampler (set of four votives), the Signature Selection (set of nine 10-oz. candles), or of course, the standard 10 oz. candles. Timothy Jay also offers the “Send A Candle Service,” which ensures an elegant shipping container and a hand written note for each and every candle sent.

Timothy Jay Sullivan started out as an advertising executive and left the business after 25 years to pour candles in his kitchen. Soon after, he found himself with a growing list of buyers, including many celebrity clients like Ryan Seacrest and Diana Ross and private clients like the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Bel Air Hotel, and Qatar Airways.

Timothy Jay Candles are available for sale online or at the store on North Harper Avenue in West Hollywood. For more information or to order Timothy Jay Candles, please see


Dressing with Confidence and Style – Speed Stick for Men and Women

Dressing these days is as much fun as shopping for the outfits you wear, provided you have discovered the perfect antiperspirant / deodorant stick that not only smells nice, but actually works. In fact, one of the most important facets of women’s and men’s antiperspirant / deodorant sticks these days is their ability not only to keep perspiration to a minimum but also to keep unappealing yellow stains and telltale white marks from appearing on your clothes!

How many times have you secretly placed your antiperspirant / deodorant on after getting dressed just so you wouldn’t have any white streaks slashed across the bodice or sides of your shirt, sweater, or dress? All too many most likely. Well, if you haven’t already discovered Lady Speed Stick Stainguard and Men’s Speedstick Stainguard, then it is certainly time to try them out. Just put some on and see for yourself if you don’t agree.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard is refreshingly delicate in scent and amazingly powerful in keeping away unwanted perspiration and yellow stains. Halleluiah! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered the perfect scent in an antiperspirant / deodorant stick only to discover that it does not provide the underarm protection that I want and need.

I am happy to say that both scents, Powder Fresh and Daringly Fresh, smell amazingly crisp and clean. Plus, the 24-hour protection against wetness and odor is excellent, although I do have to admit that I never actually kept either one on for a full 24 hours.

Men’s Speedstick Stainguard also provides the same 24-hour protection against wetness and odor. Sold in two crisp scents, Fresh and Clean, Speedstick Stainguard for men offers a light and yet not overpowering scent that is clean and crisp. The men folk in my household liked them well enough, but you know most men aren’t quite as discerning as women. Available in a 2.7-ounce size, Men’s Speedstick Stainguard fights yellow stains and white residue for men helping to keep odor and moisture away from their clothing, allowing them to smell nice and sweet for their womenfolk.

I did receive four generous samples for my review and I must say that I am totally pleased with them. If you are particular about the scents that you like to use, make sure that you take a sniff before making your purchase. The “Daringly Fresh” is a bit sweeter while the “Powder Fresh” is exactly that – kind of like the fresh scent of a newly powdered baby. For the men’s scent, well it was an even split so your guess is as good as anyone’s as to which one your man will appreciate.


Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment Product Review

Got Hair? Infusium 23 has a product line to fit every hair type. The Repair & Renew Collection is designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair. The Moisture Replenisher Collection hydrates dry hair. The Frizz controller Collection smoothes frizzy, stressed hair and the Color Protector Collection protects and optimizes the vibrancy of color treated hair. 

Each line starts with a specific shampoo, followed by a conditioner and leave-in-treatment. Affordable and easy to use, they provide mixed results. Be aware that it takes time for desired results.

The leave-in treatments are light and work very well as a spray. They can be used on dry hair or damp, after shampooing and conditioning. Just comb through to the tips and style as usual. While the product is light and watery, it does feel like a styling product when dry.

After three weeks, the Repair & Renew Leave-In did give my hair a shiny, healthy appearance. It took daily use and time, but since my hair is very straight, it lost some of the bounce and volume it had prior to trying the product. On one hand, it helped with texture and held curl well. On the other hand, it felt like a mousse and I needed to wash my hair every day to get volume when I left it straight. 

On the flip side, my daughter has very thick curly hair, almost combination. It is coarse in the back and fine around her face, subject to fly-a-ways. It took a lot of coaxing, and again time, to tame her frizzies. Originally, we needed to saturate her hair with the Frizz Controller Leave-In Treatment. Again, it took over a week before we were pleased with the results. As time went on, less product was needed, but it helped to re-apply it later in the day. 

I actually dyed my hair a cheerful brownish-auburn to test the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. While I love my color, I did not notice any difference between the Moisture Replenishing Leave-In Treatment and the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. Both products kept my hair hydrated and my color looked healthy with shine and no obvious fading. Again my hair lost volume when straight, but held curl well.     

The products are not ‘WOW, AMAZING’ instant cures, but they do a very nice job over time. Figure in that they are affordable and easy to use; they are worth a try. Results might also be better if you use the entire collection – shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Everyone’s hair is different and they could be perfect for yours.

For more information, check out Infusium’s Web site at

Amazing Fall Travel and Getaway Ideas for Couples, Families, and Friends

If you are looking for fall vacation ideas that won’t break the bank, you can find a lot of fun places to visit during the gorgeous autumn season. Depending on how far you would like to travel, you can find fall vacation spots near and far, some perfect for a day trip or even just a few hours, others suitable for a long weekend getaway or a longer autumn vacation. Consider these suggestions and ideas for fall getaways for couples, families, and friends.

As you plan your fall getaway, keep a few things in mind to ensure a successful trip. If you are a big baseball fan, remember to check the schedule for the playoffs and World Series to ensure you don’t miss your favorite team at bat. If you are a big fan of Halloween, you can find countless spooky places to visit with your sweetheart, your friends, or the whole family. If you just want a romantic fall getaway to ease you away from stress, you can find hundreds of bed and breakfasts and dozens of places to check out the fall foliage.

Top 10 Fall Getaway Travel Ideas for Couples, Families, and Friends
Consider these 10 fall travel ideas for couples and groups of any age:

1.    Halloween Adventure
– You can find countless Halloween attractions, festivals, and even theme parks to enjoy a good scare.

2.    Fall Foliage Tour
– The beauty of the changing colors is perfect for couples on a romantic weekend, but can also be fun for friends and family – just be sure to mix in some hiking, biking, or even boat tours through the changing colors.

3.    Cruise through New England – A cruise through New England or even Nova Scotia can be a great fall getaway for couples, family, or friends. Take lots of pictures, enjoy some great food, and relax to your heart’s content.

4.    Apple Picking
– Depending on the location of the nearest orchard, you might enjoy an apple picking excursion as a day trip or part of a fall weekend getaway with your sweetheart or your family. Be sure to throw in a hayride if you can!

5.    Pumpkin Patch Tours – What’s the fall season without a visit to the pumpkin patch?! Wander through the corn maze and pick out a pumpkin to turn into the perfect jack-o-lantern when you get home.

6.    Fall Festivals – Did you know there are a bunch of food and wine festivals to enjoy in the autumn season? You can also attend Halloween themed festivities. If traveling with a significant other or friends, you might check out the food and wine festival in the Orlando area.

7.    Niagara Falls Excursion – What better place to go for gorgeous fall scenery than Niagara Falls? There’s plenty to do for the whole family or even just a couple who wants to enjoy some romance. Check out the local cuisine, shopping, wine, and attractions. Don’t miss the falls or the fall colors.

8.    Southern Getaway – If it’s getting a bit too cold in the late fall where you live, travel south for a warmer fall getaway. You can enjoy the southern USA or a trip into the Caribbean or beyond. This may be higher on the budget scale but it’s bound to be worth it! Just watch out for the hurricane season.

9.    Lahaina, HI Halloween Experience – Have fun at the Mardi Gras of the Hawaiian Islands! On the island of Maui, you can visit the shore town of Lahaina on Halloween to enjoy a festive costume parade you will never forget. The whole town basically shuts down for the day so costumed guests can masquerade through the streets, bars, and shops.

10.    Camping / Hiking Getaway – For a more low key fall getaway for family, couples, or friends, consider a simple camping and hiking getaway not far from your home. You can enjoy the perfect weather and the great outdoors at the same time. Hopefully you can coordinate with the turning of the leaves.

These are just a few suggestions for a lovely fall vacation for romance, adventure, or relaxation. You can expand your horizons to include fall winery tours, stays at bed and breakfasts, or even the ultimate Disney World vacation. The overall experience you create for your fall travel getaway depends mainly on the amount of time you want to get away and the budget you’ve set. If you have kids but you still want to experience a romantic couples getaway in the fall, you can plan separate fall weekend getaways, some with the kids and some without, or if your budget permits, you can invite your babysitter along on the trip.

No matter what you decide to do for a beautiful autumn getaway, make sure you bring your camera, enjoy some fresh air, and share that special time with your loved ones and friends. Plan a fall getaway each year to enjoy the changing colors and the perfect Indian summer weather.

Fall 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

While the last few weeks of summer wind down, we’ve already got fall colors, fall fashions, and fall makeup trends on our minds. Perhaps most importantly, many of us are wondering what the hot nail polish colors for fall 2010 will be. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the nail polish trends by checking out what the celebrities are doing (you might notice Minx nails). Other times we can check out our favorite brands to see what the fall product lineup will contain. This is our preview for fall 2010 hot nail polish colors so you can stay on top of the hottest shades for autumn and beyond.

e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Sets – Only $3!

The trends for fall 2010 hot nail polish colors range from shiny and metallic to jewel tones to the same kinds of shades the leaves turn between seasons. You can paint your autumn manicures and pedicures to match Mother Nature’s palette or you can follow the shiny shades toward stardom. Be sure you keep your nail bed shape and size and your skin tone in mind when choosing which fall nail polish trends you will follow – due to these and other factors, some colors of nail polish look better on some people rather than others.

The hot nail colors for fall 2010 include a wide array of hues and finishes to suit your fancy. You can choose stunning metallics like gold, platinum, or even metallic purple, or move toward brilliant jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst colored nail polish. If you are more comfortable in the family of reds and pinks, you can find a bunch of shades in the red, fuchsia, and even copper families in the hot autumn 2010 nail polish color lineup. Thanks to dozens of new nail polish shades just for fall, you can find a great nail color for any occasion, no matter how formal or casual.

Reds, greens, purples, silvers, blues, burgundy wine, and bright pinks are all hot nail colors for fall 2010. Other popular autumn nail colors include sparkly metallic purple and gold, or even glitter green. Consider these hot nail polish colors for fall 2010 to help you design beautiful manicures and pedicures for autumn.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #1: Metallic All the Way
Perhaps my most favorite discovery in this fall nail color preview is the array of sparkly and shiny metallic nail polish colors for autumn. From Mary Kay to Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer to OPI, everyone wants a piece of the metallic nail polish pie. If you also enjoy the look of glamorous metallic nails, you are in luck. Some of the fall’s hottest nail colors to watch for include metallic purple (Diva of Geneva by OPI), iridescent purple (The Color to Watch by OPI), sparkly deep purple Intensity VK 27 (Mary Kay – a little deeper purple and less pink), a golden mustard color (Serious Cinnamon 399 by Dazzle Dry), metallic burnt red (Savory Cranberry 400 by Dazzle Dry), sparkly silver Glitzerland NL Z19 (OPI), sparkly cerulean blue Yodel Me On My Cell NL Z20 (OPI), sparkly grey Lucern-Tainly Look Marvelous NL Z18 (OPI), and Platinum (Mary Kay).

These are just a few of the sparkly, glittery, and metallic nail colors for fall 2010. Depending on the look you are going for, each of these and others have a lot to offer your manicures and pedicures. The metallic nail colors also look great with nail art adornments and painted nail designs.

Something I should mention about the Dazzle Dry products – while these are lovely, you’ll get a lot more pleasure and mileage out of them if you also use the Dazzle Dry Quick Drying Three-Piece Advanced Vegan Nail System (nail prep, basecoat, and topcoat) by VB Cosmetics, which allows your nails to dry before you even finish painting one hand. I couldn’t even believe how quickly the nail polish on my thumbnail was dry just as I checked it after finishing painting my pinky nail. This trio of nail products by Dazzle Dry is everything you need besides a bottle of Dazzle Dry nail polish to get your nails dry in less than five minutes. I was amazed at the speedy response the polish gave once applied! Dazzle Dry products are free of the toxic ingredients Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate, as well as nitrocellulose and camphor. This nail kit retails for $28.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #2: Nail Colors of Autumn Beauty
The beautiful fall colors, inspired by changing leaves, offer another choice for popular nail polish colors for fall 2010. Reds, oranges, golden mustard, cinnamons, cranberry, and a range of other warm toned shades make the perfect nail colors for fall 2010. Warm up your fall manicures and pedicures with nail colors of autumn beauty from OPI, Dazzle Dry, and your other favorite brands.

The hottest nail lacquer colors for fall 2010 can look even better when you match them up with the right outfit or accessories. Some hot nail colors to consider for autumn manicures and pedicures are flat reddish orange Red Hot Chili 401 (Dazzle Dry), metallic reddish Savory Cranberry 400 (Dazzle Dry), golden glittery Serious Cinnamon (Dazzle Dry 399), the glittery green Jewel Effects Emerald 402 (Dazzle Dry), bright red Color So Hot It Berns NL Z13 (OPI), burgundy wine fuchsia wine I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic NL Z11 (OPI), another wine color Just a Little Rosati at This NL Z14 (OPI), and matte fuchsia wine From A to Z-urich NL Z12 (OPI).

For some people it may be no surprise that the hottest nail polish colors for fall match the colors you see on the trees and falling to the grass throughout the season. You can have fun with mixing and blending hues of red, orange, and burgundy in your manicures and pedicures.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #3…


Product Review: Native Remedies Nail-Rx for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

My nails are a bit worse for wear these days, so I’ve been trying to be a bit gentler with them. I’m not sure if I am leaving my nail polish on too long, washing too many dishes (if only!), or what! When I heard about Native Remedies Nail-Rx, a natural and herbal product designed to give you healthy and beautiful nails, I couldn’t wait to try it. When I removed the protective seal and opened the bottle, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Anything you already know about nail products and nail polish, forget it right now. The awful stench of nail polish and nail polish remover, mainly acetone, is nowhere to be found here. I should have seen it coming, and I did, but I was still very surprised at the immediacy of the pleasant lemony fragrance that escaped the bottle when I unscrewed the cap. Native Remedies Nail-Rx contains tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and clove oil – the perfect cocktail of essential oils for a fragrance you’ll love to use as often as you possibly can!

I followed the directions and applied a small amount of Native Remedies Nail-Rx to a Q-tip and gently swabbed it onto my fingernails and toenails. They stayed slick for a few moments, but I was still able to type without getting the oils everywhere. The lovely fragrance still lingers beautifully about five or ten minutes later. The bottle says you can apply this product two to three times daily. I am unfortunately one of those people who pretty much always must have nails painted, so my applications will be between paintings. I am still excited about the product and the possibility that it could help to strengthen and protect my nails.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is designed to help protect the nail itself and the nail bed to give you beautiful, natural nails. This would actually be a great product for those who don’t like to paint their nails or anyone whose profession makes painted nails out of the question. This herbal treatment for nails is one I’m really going to enjoy using for a long time to come, even if I do paint my nails regularly.

In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Native Remedies offers a wealth of natural remedies for just about anything that could be wrong – cold and flu care, allergy relief, eye and ear health, joints, nerves, muscles, memory and brain health, stress, and travel care, among countless others. The Boca Raton-based company also offers countless remedies for pet health, including products for eyes, ears, oral health, first aid, fleas, ticks, skin and coat, weight, behavior, joints, muscles, bones, and more.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is made in South Africa. This nail care product is available in a 12ml bottle and retails for $47.95. Right now Native Remedies is running a special where you can get one bottle for $37.95, or buy two and get one free. For more information on Nail-Rx and any of the other Native Remedies products, please see You can also order Native Remedies Nail-Rx at for $34.16 with free super saver shipping.

Back to School Fashion Tips

Consider these back to school fashion tips.The last remaining days and weeks before the new school year starts can be full of fun, last-minute summer plans, time with friends and family, and back-to-school shopping. Make the most of your last few days and weeks before school starts again and get yourself ready for the new school year. You should pick out a few new things to add to your wardrobe or your makeup kit so you can go back to school in style.

Styles and trends change so frequently that it’s often hard to keep up with the newest, latest, and greatest. If you aren’t comfortable with the latest trends (or with buying more and more stuff to keep up with them), find a style that works for you and stick to it. You can always add in trendy new accessories and a few pieces here and there, but don’t feel obligated to fill your whole closet with trendy stuff that may not be in style anymore in a few months. Also, don’t feel that you have to embrace every trend. Some fashions look best on certain body types, people with really long legs, etc. Go for the fashions that make you feel most comfortable and beautiful.

Consider these back to school fashion tips.Andrea Behar, Chief Fashion Designer of her self-titled women’s apparel line, shares her favorite must-have fashion essentials for a comfortable and versatile fit for back-to-school.

Back-to-School Fashion Tips
Consider these back-to-school fashion suggestions to find the look that suits your tastes in clothing while also nicely matching your personality.

Comfy Chic
“A combination of jeans and leggings – jeggings – act as super comfortable pants that still have style and flare to them,” shares Behar. “Paired with anything from a plain T-shirt to a tunic top, jeggings flatter all body shapes and sizes!”

Don't forget a new hairstyle for back to school!2Edgy yet Stylish
“This season, leather jackets are no longer just for motorcycle riders and rock stars,” Behar says. “Made to not only add edge to any outfit, leather jackets are the perfect way to keep warm while maintaining style when the fall crisp air settles in.”

Pile it On
“When it comes to obtaining the ultimate fall look without breaking the bank – layer!” suggests Behar. “Pile on contrasting color T-shirts with a bright cardigan for a fashionable look. Add a shawl or vest to get a more hippie inspired look!”

That’s A Wrap
“Celebrities from Christina Applegate to Vanessa Hudgens are inspiring the latest accessories for back to school,” Behar explains. “Whether you want to dress up a plain shirt or need to keep warm, long scarves act as the ultimate indoor accessory for any outfit.”

Fashion Tips for the Cool Back-to-School Dude
Consider these back-to-school fashion tips for guys:

Classic Twist
“The ultimate casual staple, jeans are at the top of the list for boys, too,” says Behar. “This year focus on wearing dark denim, especially if paired with neutral tops. It’s not just for the bottom either; denim shirts and jackets are also a great way to incorporate denim in a non-traditional way.”

Nothing Square about This
“One of the biggest trends this season is plaid shirts,” shares Behar. “While bright colors have been popular in the past, this year, neutral colors are the way to go. Incorporate layering and wear over or under a t-shirt, sweater, or jacket!”

For the Rebellious Boys
“When the temperatures start to drop, many moms struggle with their boys to ‘button up’ and make the transition from hooded sweatshirt to jacket,” Behar notes. “This year, parents can solve that problem by buying their kid a military-style jacket. Seen on celebrity kids such as Kingston Rossdale and Levi McConaughey, boys will never want to take them off.”

The Right Message
“Forget the traditional backpack,” Behar urges. “Fall accessories for boys are centralized around the classic messenger bag! Now available in various patterns, such as plaid, and various colors, messenger bags will help send boys off to a brand new school year, feeling confident and back pain free.”

Fashion experts are suggesting a more casual and laidback approach to fashion for fall 2010. Make good use of some of your favorite duds but don’t be afraid to add a few new fashions into the mix!

About the Expert:
Andrea Behar serves as Chief Designer of the Andrea Behar brand. Today, Behar continues to extend her creativity by designing exclusive collections for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Boston Proper and Dillards. For more information, please see


Breakthrough Beauty Products for Your Face

If you’re looking for a foundation with SPF protection or beauty cosmetics that are purely organic and eco friendly for both you and the environment, rest assured, the products below will do just that. In this beauty segment you’ll learn just how valuable these products were for me. I’ll share the news about an up and coming foundation that offers sun protection for your skin while still providing the right coverage and moisturizers needed to give you that beautiful lustrous finish. As well, we have an eco friendly product that will make you think twice about returning to your usual products.

Moisturizing Foundation with Sun Protection

The Product: Miracle SKIN Transformer SPF 20
is a breakthrough 3-in-1 formula that leaves skin completely transformed. Miracle SKIN comes in four shades (Transparent, Light, Medium, and Tan). Because there are only four shades, picking the right one should be easier… but if not, here’s a tip that can help you choose.

Tip: For any foundation, if you’re not really sure about a shade, combine two; one lighter and one darker. Blend them together (a pea sized dab of each) before applying. It helps if you apply each dab to the palm of your hand and rub with your middle finger. Using the middle finger usually helps apply it to your skin better and easier without a lot of pressure.

Founder & CEO: Sarah McNamara

Where to Buy: Be sure to mark your calendars because Miracle SKIN will be introduced sometime in August 2010. You can, however, request a free sample by visiting (while supplies last).

ARP: $48.00 (+ shipping and applicable taxes)

Pros: I like using this makeup because it really is a miracle worker for me.  I was born with bilateral cleft lip and have always had an issue with scars. To date I have undergone 23 facial surgeries. As a result, I have been lucky enough to be gifted with some beautiful “award winning” scars between my nose and upper lip. Yes, I’m being a little facetious but this stems from being very self conscious about my appearance.  I actually spend a lot of time applying makeup and cover-ups (and shopping for them) in hopes of one day finding that right miracle makeup that will do what others could not.

So far the results have been amazing and if I can gain enough courage by the end of this post to take a ‘self portrait’ and show you, I will.

While trying this foundation I noticed that the scars aren’t as deep, red, or even as noticeable. The makeup has truly boosted my self esteem and made me realize just how awesome it feels to look good. I should be a “paid” spokesperson for Miracle SKIN (joking- it’s just a joke… really).

CONS: Well, aside from the price (ARP: $48.00)… I haven’t experienced anything bad at this point. I’ve been using this makeup for two and a half weeks and have experienced nothing but good.

My Thoughts: This makeup will definitely leave your skin feeling smoother, more luminous than ever before (based on my opinion). The formulation hydrates and enhances skin tones while protecting you from the sun.

Organic Foundation and Powders

About the Product: Nvey Eco, made in Australia, is what you’d call a purely organic cosmetic line that is not only free of toxins and chemicals, but is also certified by the Organic Food Chain as well. Nvey Eco uses organic elements such as chamomile, corn silk, and jojoba oils. This enables you to get the most out of your product because it wears longer. The antioxidants of Vitamins A, C & E makes for an amazingly smooth finish and adds depth to the color all while offering an easier application.

Founder & Creative Director: Rohan J Widdison

Where to purchase: Nvey Eco can be purchase by visiting or by visiting Sephora online.

Pros: If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual makeup and are leaning towards something organic, Nvey Eco is a great place to start. Their products go on smooth, stay on long, and wear well. Personally, these products completed the look I was after.

Cons: Though these products are not very costly, only running a little higher than the average, I don’t mind paying it because I have used them before and know that they’re worth the cost. However, if you haven’t yet purchased, please be prepared to feel a little sticker shock.

My Thoughts: What I like most about Nvey Eco is that these cosmetics do not feel heavy. They don’t leave me feeling like I have a pound of makeup on nor do they rub away easily. Another thing I like is that the foundations and compact powders really cover nicely. They feel extremely soft when applying and stay this way throughout the day.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Nvey Eco and Miracle SKIN, through Dark PR, for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

KISS and Broadway Nails Product Review

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s spending time with the girls. One sure way to have a good time with my girls is with spa time at home. This can go on for hours and usually consists of brushing each other’s hair, doing our makeup, and making our nails pretty and fashionable. However, when it’s time to do our nails, we always turn to KISS and Broadway nails. These are usually the nails I use, but when it’s time for the girls… we usually use Pink by Kiss because the nails are smaller, brighter, and have the glue pre-applied. Having the glue already on the nails makes it easier to put on and take off when they need to. This can be done by simply soaking their hands in warm water for a few minutes and then they’re done. There is never any fear of damage to their nail bed because the glue is safe.

About the Product: KISS and Broadway Nails offer a number of different products to keep fingernails and toenails looking beautiful, healthy, and fashionable. When talking about glue on nails, there are countless styles, shades and designs to consider. Also available are files, girls’ nail kits, and more. I received KISS French Pedicure Toenails for the purpose of my review.


Where to Purchase: KISS and Broadway nails can be purchased at any national chain, grocery store, or drugstore. If you’d like to see what’s new from Kiss or Broadway, please visit

Pros: Talk about making pretty nails prettier! It’s a great way to enhance the look of your nails. Whether you want to add length to your nails or simply make them splash through with color and glam, KISS has you covered. They offer so many different options and always have new products to reflect the seasons.

Cons: The only thing I have ever found to be disappointing is, once you’ve used the nails you need, the left over ones are of no use anymore (because of the size variation). Each kit typically comes with 20+ nails; plenty for a single person to find the size they need. Unfortunately, because there is only a pair per size, the ones left usually get thrown to the side. If a nail breaks, you have to purchase a whole new kit (to ensure you have the size needed).

My Thoughts: Overall, hands down for me these are the only nail products I’ll purchase. I love the durability of the nails. I love the styles and colors as well as all the other products they have to offer.

I love that when I glue them on they’re going to last for at least two weeks. I feel confident knowing that the glue is not harmful to my skin (because I use them on a regular basis) and that when it is time to take them off, I simply soak them in nail remover (also offered by KISS) and within minutes, they’re off.

Disclosure: I was provided with product samples from KISS and Broadway nails, through Dark PR, for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor did receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.