Five Tips for Throwing an Emmys Viewing Party at Home

This year is the first time I’m ever throwing an awards party that is coordinated with one of the red carpet events. I’ve learned a lot in my experience in planning an Emmys party so far and I’d like to share my tips in case you are also looking to throw an Emmys party, Oscars party, or some other kind of red carpet event at home.

First things first, you must decide on your date, times, and guest list. Once you have those three key items nailed down, you can get into the fun part of the planning for your Emmys party. Consider these tips to help you plan a fun red carpet event at home!

1.    Invitations
– Send out an Evite so you can keep tabs on how many guests are coming. This will help you with planning the amount of food and beverages to have on hand.

2.    Drinks
– Get some wine and champagne for a truly luxe Emmys party experience. You can also plan a signature cocktail for all to enjoy in pretty glassware. Consider a colorful Cosmo or another bright and potent libation.

3.    Food – Make the night special with some classy hors d’oeuvres and elegant entrees. Or, opt for the mix and mash of dishes from your favorite takeout places, gathering fried food, Chinese food, and more. Make sure you check for any food allergies prior to planning your menu. Don’t forget decadent desserts!

4.    Dress Up – Or don’t. It’s up to you if you would like your friends to get glammed up for the Emmys party. You can give the girls a great excuse to enjoy wearing a gown and doing up their makeup and hair, or you can go to the opposite end with a pj party or simply casual attire.

5.    Goodie Bags – You’ve got the food, drinks, the guest list, and the dress code nailed down. Now what could be missing besides some fun take-home items for your pals?! If you are feeling so inspired, put together a little goodie bag for each friend who is coming to your party. You can include makeup, lotion, hair care products, candy, and more. Of course, this tip is entirely optional and based on your budget.

If you are planning an all-girls Emmys party, you might also keep in mind a few things to do in addition to noshing and checking out the celebrities on the red carpet. Consider setting out some items for manicures, pedicures, and makeovers if anyone feels so inclined. You can also pick up a few gossip tabs and magazines like Cosmo for some additional commentary throughout the night.

If there will be guys at your Emmys party too, don’t be too surprised if the talk turns to sports. Be sure you have some beer on hand for the guys. You can also enjoy some games while you are watching the Emmys. Consider playing cards, dice games, or board games.

These are just a few ideas for different ways you can spin your Emmys party, Oscars party, or other red carpet event at home. Consider these tips or come up with your own. Most importantly, have fun!


LUSH Product Reviews: Glorious Mud, Grass Body Wash, and More

If you’ve ever been fond of long baths and extended shower time, then you’re really going to love this company, their products and the prices. LUSH is all about making their customers happy by bringing an all natural, freshly handmade product line that’s great for the skin and intoxicatingly addictive to the senses.

About the Product: LUSH beauty products are freshly handmade cosmetics for bath, shower, hair, skincare, and fragrance. The products are made fresh from organic fruits and vegetables. They also use the finest essential oils and safe synthetics that result in very aromatic products that will leave you feeling soft, clean, and fresh. The fragrances of many of the products linger beautifully through your day. For the purposes of my review, I received LUSH Glorious Mud, Grass body wash, Stepping Stone for smooth and soft feet, and Ultrabalm body balm to fix up minor scrapes.

Where to Purchase:
You can purchase LUSH products online at

Pros: Great prices, awesome bath time products, and beautiful gift sets make LUSH a winner for sure. The atmosphere of the Web site makes ordering from them so much more rewarding. The Web site seems to take on a personality of its own. It’s very inviting and makes you want to stick around and browse for a long time.

Cons: The only downfall to these products is that some of them (such as the Body Balm) don’t have that much of a smell. I know that the balm serves a purpose; to smooth any dry and chaffed skin. Sometimes though, for most people, the smell (or lack of) will determine the avid use of that product.

My Thoughts: Have you ever smelled the rain before it comes… or the spring flowers before they bloom? It does something to the senses. It makes you feel alive. After all, these are the smells of this beautiful home we share. This home called Earth.

Through the use of these products, I felt emotionally drawn to the imaginations of being outside; one with nature. I smelled the clay from the Atlas Mountains while soaking in my tub with Glorious Mud.

Next I sniffed the fresh cut grass as I washed my body clean and then smelled freshly squeezed lemons and pure sea salts as I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet with a foot scrub. This was all before finally starting my day.

I really enjoyed the bath products and especially loved the smell and feel of the fresh mown lawn body wash — talk about a very earthy green smell. It was really nice. It awoke my senses and just made my day rich with color. I’m such a “Lush” for these smells and a new fan for this line!

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by Lush for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

What Is the Perfect Hairstyle for the 2010 Emmy Awards?

The Emmy Awards offer a special excuse for the stars to show off glamorous gowns and sensational hairstyles. With so many celebrities ready to walk the red carpet, the stylists creating Emmys makeup looks and glam hairstyles need to stay on their toes. When it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for the 2010 Emmy Awards Ceremony, keep in mind the length of each celebrity’s hair as well as up-dos and long, flowing hairstyles when wearing hair down. Expert celebrity stylists will be sure to weigh in on the best look for each star based on face shape, hair length, style, texture, and even the style of her gown.

Some of the most popular hairstyles in general include those created with curls or waves, the sleek, straight styles created with flat irons, and of course, the beautiful up-do or partial up-do. With these popular hairstyle trends in mind, Celebrity Stylist Jenny Cho with the Suave Professionals hair care line has prepared three possible hairstyles for celebrity Sofia Vergara of ABC’s “Modern Family” to wear to the 2010 Emmys. Suave is preparing to style Sofia Vergara’s hair for the Emmys and has asked America to vote on the hairstyle she’ll wear to the awards this weekend.

Emmy Awards Hairstyle #1: Glamorous Waves
For one choice of a gorgeous celebrity hairstyle, Sofia Vergara could wear glamorous waves in her long, flowing hair. This style is modern, trendy, and relatively carefree. This long and flowing hairstyle with waves would look especially great with a gown with a low-cut back. If you are a fan of beach waves or wavy hair of any kind, consider the cool and glamorous waves hairstyle for Sofia Vergara at the 2010 Emmy Awards.

Emmy Awards Hairstyle #2: Modern Sleek, Straight Hair
Pin-straight layered hair is a beautiful option for a special occasion like the 2010 Emmys or anytime. You can achieve a beautiful straight hairstyle to wear down with the right styling products and possibly a flat iron. Suave suggests a straight and sleek hairstyle for Sofia Vergara to wear at this year’s Emmy Awards. This modern style offers a sophisticated and downright sexy look for the red carpet. If you like to wear your hair straight all the time or for special occasions, consider this modern sleek long hair look.

Emmy Awards Hairstyle #3: Sexy Partial Up-Do
Half-up half-down hairstyles or partial up-dos are an extremely popular hairstyle for weddings, proms, graduations, and other special events, but they’re also a great red carpet hairstyle. Sofia Vergara could wear a lovely partial up-do to the Emmys this year, showing off style and grace. Suave also suggests a pretty up-do for Sofia’s red carpet look.

American viewers can visit to review the three hairstyles proposed for Sofia’s Emmys look and “Like the Look” that is their favorite. After voting, visitors can also enter for a chance to win a swag bag of goodies from Suave, and one lucky winner will get the grand prize of VIP pampering and attending the awards show. For more details, please visit Suave’s Facebook page.

“One of my secrets for gorgeous hair on the red carpet is the Suave Professionals line – it’s trusted by professional hairstylists because the products provide true salon-quality performance,” says Sofia Vergara. “In fact, I have so much confidence in the products that I know any of the three looks America chooses will be fabulous!”

“Red carpet styles have always inspired everyday women – dresses are recreated, jewelry looks imitated and hairstyles mimicked,” says Celebrity Stylist Jenny Cho. “And celebrities aren’t the only ones who can achieve fabulous red carpet hair – all it takes are a few secrets from the pros and salon quality products, like Suave Professionals.”

If you like any of the looks proposed for Sofia’s red carpet Emmys look, consider recreating the style for yourself at your next big social gathering or special event. You can view how-to videos for these three celebrity hairstyles on Suave’s Facebook page. Even the most glamorous hairstyles can be recreated at home or at your local salon for a special occasion.


PRIVE Hair Care Product Review

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to use products that only your favorite actors or actresses use, here’s your chance.

PRIVE is a hair care line made exclusively for the stylist at heart… and also with the environment in mind. Their products have been featured in magazines such as Allure, Red Book, and O. Everyone is using it and is in love with its abilities to transform your hair from “Drab-To-Fab”… in no time flat!

About The Product: PRIVE is not your typical hair care product. In fact, their mousse (froth) is enriched with Amazon acai and babassu oil. It is a revolutionary non-aerosol mousse that provides intense body, volume and definition to your hair. Also offered, PRIVE Extended Texture Clay is enriched with Shea butter and ocean kelp. This clay delivers amazing results. It provides texture as well as volume to any hair style (both short and long).

Where to purchase: Right now, PRIVE products can only be purchased at select salons. Please visit

These products work very well… almost too well. They are used by many actors and actresses in Hollywood (such as Angelina Jolie and Teri Hatcher) and simply bring hair styles to life. I was amazed at how well these products worked for me, even though I don’t use them often. 

Cons: If you don’t usually ‘do-up’ your hair or even style it, these products may not be what you need. PRIVE is more of a hair care line for women that texture, style, blow dry, straighten, and curl their hair.

Also, there’s no way of finding the prices for these products online, much less where to purchase them.  This makes it harder to purchase as I think they are not found in your typical salons. 

My Thoughts:
I really do like using PRIVE. It makes me feel classy once I’ve styled my hair. Oh, and I need to mention that the products (froth and clay) smell very clean. I caught myself a few times during the day, pulling hair towards my nose to smell the fragrance. I only wish these products were more easily accessible.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by PRIVE for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure Reviews: Handy Dandy Mani, Tips & Toes, and Best in Toe

Nail care is an important part of a girl’s beauty routine. It doesn’t have to take a long time to trim, file, and paint your nails. You can glam them up with color and nail art products or you can keep the natural look with a clear gloss coat or nail strengthening product. No matter what you decide to do, though, you will need a good nail file, set of clippers, and nail scissors at the very least. Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure are here to provide you with those essential nail tools at a super affordable price in a handy nail care gift set.

When it comes to keeping your nails looking great and keeping your feet soft and smooth, Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure have got you covered. These products are nice as gifts for the favorite girls in your life. The Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure kits include just about every kind of nail tool you would need to keep your fingernails and toenails looking great. What’s better yet – the prices are very reasonable for the number and quality of products included in each set.

The Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani kit includes nine professional nail care goodies: cuticle nipper, nail clipper, nail scissors, washable salon board, four-way nail buffer, slant-tip tweezers, nail brush, wood cuticle sticks, and a double-zippered pocket bag. This set is great for perfect nail care at home or on the go. The Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani kit retails for $9.99.

The Ms. Manicure Tips & Toes kit offers nine great nail care items for a manicure or a pedicure. The set includes toenail clipper, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, pumice stone, nail brush, washable salon board, toe separators, wood cuticle sticks, and a double-zippered pocket bag. This nail care set includes everything you need to keep your nails smooth and as short as you like. The Ms. Manicure Tips & Toes kit retails for $7.99.

The Ms. Pedicure Best in Toe kit
offers six nail care items for perfect pedicures at home or on the go. The set includes a toenail clipper, mini salon board, nail brush, pumice, comfortable toe separators, wood cuticle sticks, and a reusable pouch. This nail care set offers a great travel kit for touching up pedicures on vacation – just don’t forget your nail polish! The Ms. Pedicure Best in Toe kit retails for only $3.49.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThese cool and compact nail care kits are great for experienced nail artists and beginners alike. Each kit includes a tip sheet on the back of the pouch, offering Q&As about nail care and how to care for hands and feet at home even if it’s your first try. The Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure sets are great for adults, teens, and young girls first learning about nail care.

For more information about Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure, please see and

Incorporating Energy Medicine to Stay Healthy, Happy, and Balanced

The daily grind at work can often cause stress that follows us home. Even home life, finances, kids, and major social obligations can cause us undue stress. Stress throws off the balance in life and may even negatively impact our health. By incorporating Energy Medicine into our daily lives, we can help to alleviate some of the stress and return more balance to our lives.

Energy Medicine is a modern harmonizing form of medicine that blends Eastern and Western medicine. To overcome illness and maintain the best health through Energy Medicine, our bodies need their energies to flow evenly and steadily without pause. Dr. Thom Lobe, Founder and Medical Director of Beneveda Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, shares the following tips on how to integrate energy techniques into your life at work, at home, or on the go so you can enjoy a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

Draw pictures upside down – “This stimulates your intuition and creativity and generates energy,” says Dr. Lobe. “We think with our left brain and we can burn ourselves out and suppress our right brain creativity. This saps our energy. One way to combat this is to stimulate our right brain more, and a simple and effective way to do this is to draw objects upside down. In other words, look at something and instead of drawing it as you see it, draw it standing on its head. This requires a different part of your brain to activate and the process not only enhances your creativity, but it energizes you as well.”

Exercise and stretch in your chair – “Take breaks based on keyboard/mouse usage and time at-the-computer,” Dr. Lobe suggests. “DeskActive Software is an efficient, economical way to maintain your energy and balance without leaving the chair at your desk. It allows you periodic stretch and exercise exactly when you need it most. It is very effective at keeping you awake, alert and energized.”

Take mini breaks 20 minutes out of every two hours – “Biologically speaking, we need to recharge our batteries for about 20 minutes out of every 90-120 minutes of work,” Dr. Lobe instructs. “A simple way to do this is to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and visualize yourself going on a mini-vacation. Put your work aside, take a deep breath and let your mind wander to pleasant and relaxing thoughts for 20 minutes. You’ll find that this gives you more energy, keeps your mind sharper, promotes creativity, and allows you to be more productive in the time you spend at your desk.”

Healthy snacks – “Eat a good breakfast that includes proteins (such as eggs; either whites or whole eggs work),” Dr. Lobe recommends. “Healthy snacks during the course of the day that include protein but not sugar (such as a hardboiled egg, cheese sticks) provide longer lasting energy to avoid the sugar slump. Minimize caffeine.”

Energy Medicine allows you to chase the stress away from your work life and your home life. Remember to try these tips to keep your body and mind balanced and healthy.

About the Expert:
Dr. Lobe has more than 30-years experience in traditional and alternative medicine. He has written more than 200 books, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles. For more information, please see:


20 Common Habits that Make You Look Older Faster

Coffee can make you look older faster!If you are wondering what you can do to keep your skin and your appearance looking younger without expensive creams and treatments, you are in luck. Dr. David Bank, President of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, has pinpointed the top 20 daily habits we engage in that speed up the aging process for our skin. Rather than wonder what causes you to age or going by trial and error to delay the aging process, find out the top 20 common habits that age your skin.

Once you know what is causing your skin to age faster, you can more easily curb those habits or avoid them altogether. Check out these top 20 daily habits that age your skin from Dr. Bank.

Top 20 Skin Aging Culprits from Dr. David Bank

1. Overdosing on coffee / caffeineStress can be a factor in looking older sooner.

2. Stress

3. Not knowing your skin type

4. Chewing gum

5. Your DNA

6. Facial expressions

7. Not exercising

8. Chemicals in your sun screen (Octocrylene)

9. Being angry

10. Your manicure (UV Lamps)

11. Cutting fruits and vegetables from your diet

12. Sleeping on your side / face down

13. Skimping on your daily moisturizer Smoking definitely accelerates the aging process!

14. Skipping your yearly visit to the dermatologist

15. Not drinking your standard eight cups of water a day

16. Not getting enough essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins

17. Not getting enough quality sleep

18. Not exfoliating

19. One too many cocktails and cigarettes

20. Skipping the SPF

Did you also know that your state of mind might have an impact on your skin’s condition? Many doctors agree that various skin conditions can be a result of psychosomatic factors. You can try various products such as β-endorphin boosting skincare treatments to ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant as long as possible.

“Knowing the aging culprits is the first step to keeping your skin looking young and refreshed,” says Dr. Bank. “Learning how to combat the aging process is second.”

About the Expert:
Dr. David Bank is president of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. For more information, please see the Web site for The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery at


Labor Day Cards, Messages, Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

Labor Day is a great way to celebrate the end of the summer and the change of seasons into fall. To show your family and friends how much you care, consider sending Labor Day cards, greetings, and letters to your loved ones on the holiday weekend. Even if you can’t be together for Labor Day weekend, sending a Labor Day letter or card to your parents, grandparents, or other relatives can be a special reminder of your kinship.

Many Labor Day weekend celebrations focus on a barbeque or a picnic theme, but others may have their own special themes. You can bring a Labor Day card and small gift for the hostess of the party. You can also send Labor Day e-mails, letters, or greeting cards to your family before the festivities get started. Here are a few suggestions for nice things you can say or write to your mom, dad, husband, wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, or stepparents.


Labor Day Greetings for Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law
Consider these Labor Day Greetings and things to write in patriotic greeting cards.Labor Day greeting cards may be the perfect way to show mom and dad you care. You can create your own Labor Day cards or choose patriotic greeting cards from your favorite card shop. Consider these special Labor Day greetings for Mom, Dad, stepmom, stepdad, mother-in-law, or father-in-law.

•    So thankful for all that you have done for us! Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you on the Labor Day holiday.
•     We’re so happy that we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. It means a lot to be here with you!
•    Happy Labor Day! Wishing we could spend the holiday together, Mom and Dad, but looking forward to seeing you soon!

Special Labor Day Wishes for Grandmom and Grandpop
If you will be seeing your grandparents for Labor Day, it’s sure to be a special day. Be sure to cherish the time you have together. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to see everyone on the holiday weekend. If your grandparents won’t be at the party with you, you could really brighten their day by calling to wish them a Happy Labor Day. You could also send Labor Day greeting cards if you’d like. Consider these suggestions for special Labor Day wishes for your grandparents.

•    Sending all our love today and always – Happy Labor Day!
•    Happy Labor Day! We love you very much and wish you could be here with us to enjoy the holiday.
•    Wishing you a special Labor Day weekend knowing your grandchildren are thinking of you. We love you!
•    So happy we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. Love you lots!

Heartfelt Labor Day Sentiments for Husband or Wife, or Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Most of the time, you probably expect to spend the holiday weekend with your significant other. If you will be spending the day with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, be sure to take a few moments to share a special Labor Day sentiment with the one you love. Express your gratitude to have this person in your life, even if it is as simple as wishing “Happy Labor Day!”

Remember to give your sweetheart a kiss, hug, or a squeeze throughout the day. If you won’t see your sweetheart for Labor Day, be sure to make a special phone call to talk and exchange heartfelt Labor Day sentiments.

Friendly Labor Day Thoughts for Friends and Neighbors
If you are hosting your own Labor Day party, you can invite your closest friends and neighbors to join you for the fun. If you just happen to see your neighbors on the Labor Day weekend, simply wish them a Happy Labor Day. You can also send your friends a text message, a Facebook message, or an e-mail to let them know you are thinking of them on the Labor Day holiday.

Creative Labor Day Comments for Anyone You Won’t See for the Holiday Weekend
Lots of people end up planning special parties for Labor Day. While you can’t attend every single event that takes place on the same day, you can let those you won’t see know you are thinking of them. Simply send a text message, e-mail, or a special greeting to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.


Summer Giveaway Series – Dermacyte Skincare Giveaway

Enter our Summer Giveaway for a chance to win Dermacyte skincare products.Can you believe the summer is just about over? Even though the warm and super sunny days are numbered, it is still important to protect your skin throughout the year. If you are interested in keeping your skin happy and healthy through all the seasons, you can enter our latest giveaway at Life Love Beauty for a chance to win Dermacyte. Our latest summer giveaway includes the Oxygen Concentrate and the NEW Oxygenating Eye Complex. Find out more about how you can enter our giveaway for a chance to win!

Our giveaway features two great skincare products for the winner to try.

Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate
Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate is a unique and ultra-soothing formula that helps restore a youthful glow to your skin. Your complexion appears instantly brighter and energized after it is applied.  Apply morning and night onto clean skin before any other products. Think of Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate as an oxygen bar for your skin! Price: $30 for 3.2ml  & $84 for 10 ml.

NEW! Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex
Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex is a smooth, delicate treatment to refresh, hydrate and restore the appearance of youth to your eye contour area. It is designed to enhance the skin’s hydration, elasticity and smoothness while protecting it against environmental stress. Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex is a gentle marriage of modern technology and nourishing emollients extracted from avocado essence, oat kernel, sunflower oil, the calming High Ash, a tree indigenous to European forests rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and seeds from the Pacific Northwest Meadowfoam plant among other nurturing ingredients. It provides a lightweight solution with its patented technology, a powerful oxygen-carrier developed to infuse oxygen for a fresher appearance and overall improved complexion.  It immediately imparts a cool, moisturizing effect while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These effects along with skin brightening and anti-irritating benefits deliver a lighter and healthier feel to your skin. Price: $120, 15 ml.

Read on for more instructions on how to enter our summer giveaway for a chance to win these two Dermacyte products.

Prize: Our Dermacyte Summer Giveaway features both the Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate, valued at $30, and the Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex, valued at $120.

Eligibility: Open to residents of the United States (including Hawaii) age 18 and up or age 13 through 17 with written parental permission. One entry per person. All state and local laws apply. Void where prohibited.

Time Frame: Contest begins Thursday, August 19 and ends Thursday, September 2 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Enter our Summer Giveaway for a chance to win Dermacyte Skincare products.

Rules: Please read these instructions carefully and follow accordingly. Please note: You MUST follow the rules in entirety to be eligible for a chance to win this contest.

1. REQUIRED: Complete one or more of the following to enter. You may earn multiple chances to win by doing several of the below entry methods.

A. Facebook Entry: Become our fan on Facebook and post a comment on our wall offering your favorite skincare tip. Please also mention how you found the contest. Email us at [email protected] to notify us of your entry. If you are already a fan, you may simply post your tip!

Bonus entries for:

Suggesting our Facebook page to 1 or more friends (1 bonus entry for every friend you recommend us to up to 5) Please only recommend to friends whom you think would be interested.

B. Twitter Entry: (Up to three entries possible for the Twitter entry method. If entering more than once, your tweets must be on separate days and you must email us each time so we can keep track.) Follow us on Twitter and then retweet the message below. You can also retweet any message we put out about the contest on Twitter, but you must e-mail [email protected] with a link to your tweet or Twitter profile to complete your entry.

#giveaway @lifel0vebeauty – Enter for a chance to win Dermacyte Skincare Products.

C. Social Bookmarking: Share one or more pages of Life Love Beauty on your favorite Social Bookmarking site (DIGG, StumbleUpon, etc.) and e-mail us at [email protected] to send us a link to your profile so we may add you as a friend! You can search for existing LLB pages on the bookmark sites or add one or more of your choice. Up to 3 entries possible per person based on submitting 3 or more links.

Bonus Entries: Earn one extra entry for each of the following…

Become our friend on DIGG

Become our friend on StumbleUpon

*** Include your real email address in the entry so we can contact you if you win.

We will email you to collect your shipping info if you are selected as a winner.

To learn more about Dermacyte products, please visit or

Note: When you enter, you will automatically be subscribed to the Life Love Beauty Monthly Newsletter. (If you are already a subscriber, you won’t need to subscribe again.) You can opt out at any time. We will never give away or sell your email address.

How to win:
• Multiple entries possible per person unless otherwise indicated above.
• No purchase necessary. You have not yet won.
• Winners will be contacted via email, and the winners will be added to the list of winners posted on following verification.

Good luck!


Labor Day Recipes

Make food with a patriotic theme for your Labor Day Party!Labor Day is a popular time to throw a party or host a barbeque. You can invite your very close friends or just immediate family, or you can throw a big Labor Day bash for the whole neighborhood and everyone you know. No matter what you decide, make sure you have some good Labor Day recipes to try for the festivities. You can get Labor Day recipes from your family for a traditional meal or you can find a ton of great Labor Day food ideas online.

Consider these delicious Labor Day recipes and food ideas or create your own!

Labor Day Recipe #1: Sliders on the Grill
Burgers are a classic barbeque entrée, but you can spice them up just a bit for a fun and unforgettable Labor Day recipe. To make your own sliders on the grill for Labor Day, follow these steps:

Ingredients for Sliders on the Grill:
–    Ground Beef
–    Salt
–    Pepper
–    A1 Steak Sauce

Recipe Instructions for Sliders on the Grill:
To add some zing to your burgers, simply add about one teaspoon of A1 steak sauce for each pound of ground beef. Add a dash of salt and pepper and make enough handmade burger patties for your guest list. Pat the burger patties well so that they don’t fall apart on the grill. Remember, sliders are smaller than normal burgers so they will take less time to cook and they will also need smaller slider-sized rolls!

Labor Day Recipe #2: Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob is a favorite side dish at many barbeque parties. This delicious vegetable tastes great with a little salt and butter, but… bacon? You might be surprised at just how amazing this combination can be!

Ingredients for Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob:
–    Corn on the cob (with husks still attached)
–    Uncooked bacon
–    Basin of Water (to soak corn husks)

Recipe Instructions for Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob:
Bacon-wrapped corn on the cob isn’t tough to make but sometimes it is nice to have a few helpers for the prep work. To make your own baconated corn, follow these steps:

1.    Remove the silk hairs from each corn cob but do not remove the leaves.
2.    Place each corn cob in the basin of cold water to soak for 20 minutes.
3.    After soaking, gently move the leaves out of the way and wrap one piece of bacon around each corn on the cob.
4.    Pull the leaves back up to cover the corn.
5.    Wrap with tin foil if desired.
6.    Cook on the grill until bacon is fully done.

This is a messy dish but the taste is well worth the hassle!

Labor Day Recipe #3: Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert
For a patriotic holiday like Labor Day, it only seems right that at least one of the recipes be colored appropriately. You can easily accomplish this with a fruit tray or fruit salad and marshmallow crème dip.

Ingredients for Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert:
–    8 oz. softened cream cheese
–    7 oz. marshmallow crème
–    Strawberries
–    Raspberries
–    Blueberries
–    Watermelon
–    Other fruit as desired

Recipe Instructions for Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert:
You can take a lot of creative liberties with your fruit dessert for Labor Day parties. A fruit based dessert can be a truly refreshing treat, especially on a hot day. The marshmallow fluff dip is the white in your red, white, and blue, and the colors of the fruit should take care of the red and blue colors. To create your own festive Labor Day fruit display for your party, follow these steps:

1.    Wash and cut your fruit as desired.
2.    Hollow out a watermelon to hold your fruit salad or fruit display. Through the process, make chunks or spheres of watermelon fruit.
3.    Combine cream cheese and marshmallow crème to create the fluffy fruit dip.
4.    Scoop the fruit dip into a fancy dish that fits inside of the watermelon or something that looks nice next to it.
5.    Serve chilled!

These are just a few Labor Day recipes for you to enjoy. We’ve shared an entrée, a side dish, and a dessert for your Labor Day party food ideas, but you can easily come up with more ideas for Labor Day recipes and menu items. Search online for more fun and festive tips for this patriotic long holiday weekend!


Fall 2010 Makeup – Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in 10 New Shades

Every girl likes to play up her eyes every now and then, and Mary Kay is here to help! With a lot of muted colors coming at us for Fall 2010, what better way to add a little punch than killer eye shadow?

Pretty fall makeup colors review for Mary Kay 2010

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color boasts high-impact color that is long-lasting, crease-resisting, and filled with antioxidants. I can attest to the long-lasting and crease resistant aspects, and take the antioxidant claim on faith as a bonus. I tried the Copper Glow and Almond shades through one grueling, sweaty, and hot East Coast day during the heat wave and my eye color did. not. budge. In full disclosure, I was also wearing a primer which helped, but the eye color certainly did its part.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color has added 10 new shades for 2010: White Lily, Silver Satin, Copper Glow, Almond, Midnight Star, Lavender Fog, Emerald, Peacock Blue, Black Pearl, and Azure. These 10 shades join 21 others already produced by Mary Kay. Mary Kay claims that each color is versatile enough for all skin tones, which I did not find to be the case. As a warm-toned girl, the blues and the greens did not flatter. The colors made for warm tones, however, looked fantastic. I got a ton of compliments on the Copper Glow, which has supplanted my more expensive copper eye color as my go-to shade. I can only imagine that the cool colors would pop just as beautifully on a cool-skinned girl.

Products provided free to writer for reviewEach eye color retails for $6.50 for a standard compact amount size of powder. To get your own, you can find a Mary Kay representative near you at or call 1-800-Mary-Kay.

Labor Day Party Ideas for Sunshine or Rain

Decorate with red, white, and blue for Labor Day parties.As the end of the summer approaches, Labor Day serves as our one last hurrah. We can celebrate one last time with an end of summer party before the school year starts back up again and the cooler weather starts to move in all around us. The right Labor Day party ideas can give you all that you need to get your party off the ground. If no one in your group is already doing it, consider planning a Labor Day party for all your friends and family to enjoy. It’s a great way to enjoy the last long weekend of summer.

As with any party, lots of factors come together to create the perfect party atmosphere from the guest list to the drink menu to the spread of food. Don’t forget Labor Day decorations and music of course! Consider these Labor Day party ideas for food and drinks, decorations, and even venue.

Labor Day Party Venue Ideas
Most people will choose to throw a Labor Day party at their own homes. This is great and can be the perfect party setting for most folks. The trouble comes when the people you want to see on Labor Day are spread far and wide across the region. If this is the case, consider venues where you and your family or friends can meet at a more central location, such as a campground or a social venue. You can enjoy a rustic camping style Labor Day party for smaller groups with fire-cooked food, or you can plan a more detailed, less fussy Labor Day party at a restaurant or other venue that is centrally located.

Still, if you are able to plan your Labor Day festivities at your own location that can be much easier for the party planning phases. It will also be more cleanup in the end, but you just need to decide if you can deal with that.

Labor Day Food Ideas
Who doesn’t love a good barbeque! Labor Day parties often revolve around whatever you can cook on the grill with a variety of sides prepared inside or refrigerated. You can use the traditional bbq plan for your party or consider coming up with your own non-bbq Labor Day party food ideas. Consider these suggestions for food and your party menu for Labor Day.
Grill lots of yummy food for Labor Day Parties!
Labor Day BBQ Ideas
If you are wondering what to throw on the grill this time, consider these suggestions for a barbeque grill full of Labor Day party food:

–    Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers (and Veggie Burgers)
–    Hotdogs
–    Barbeque Chicken
–    Corn on the Cob (or Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob!)
–    Baked Potatoes
–    Shrimp Skewers
–    Hawaiian Chicken Skewers (chicken and pineapple)
–    Grilled Pork Chops
–    Steak
–    Grilled Vegetables

Non-BBQ, No-Grill Labor Day Food Ideas
If you don’t want to grill for Labor Day (or if you don’t have a grill), here are a few other party food suggestions that can keep your party menu especially interesting. Most of these dishes can be cooked and served in a crock pot or similar small kitchen appliance for preparing and serving food. Consider these party food suggestions or come up with your own!

–    Meatballs
–    Baked Ziti
–    BBQ Pulled Pork
–    Hot turkey
–    Mashed potatoes
–    Salad
–    Baked or Fried Chicken Breast
–    Fried Rice
–    Fruit Salad

Easy Labor Day Food Ideas
Best yet, these low-effort party food ideas barely involve you lifting a finger! Consider these Labor Day food suggestions where someone else does most of the cooking!

–    Potluck party – every guest brings a covered dish, snack, or dessert.

–    Catered party – Get some trays of hors d’oeuvres or cold cuts and fresh veggies as well as some main course type food.

–    Takeout party – order pizzas, Chinese food, long hoagie subs, and other specialties.

Labor Day Drink Ideas
Perhaps most important of all in some circles, make sure you have a fun drink menu picked out. Beer is a classic Labor Day weekend and barbeque party beverage, but you can also include wine and spirits for a full array of libations. Choose some colorful drinks or spirits for the bar at your Labor Day party, and don’t forget to pick out some cocktail recipes or mixers for drinks that are red, white, and blue. See if you can find a layered drink including all three colors!

Labor Day Dessert Ideas
Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to include some delicious sweets in your Labor Day party food planning. You can make your own desserts of find an array of festive, brightly decorated desserts at your local bakery or grocery store. Consider these suggestions for some creative and pretty Labor Day desserts:

–    Brownies frosted like a flag
–    Sugar cookies with red, white, and blue sugar crystals
–    Colorful freeze pops
–    Firecracker popsicles (already red, white, and blue!)
–    Frosted cupcakes in red, white, and blue
–    Cake with festive decorations
–    Frozen chocolate covered bananas with colorful sprinkles
–    Fruit salad in a carved watermelon

Labor Day Decorations and Party Activities…