Aubrey Organics Inc. Natural Organic Spring Beauty Products Review

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle CoQ10 Lotion reviewThis month I’ve taken a trip down memory lane. March is a very busy month for my family. In addition to everyday life, between my family and my husband’s family, we have roughly a dozen birthdays to celebrate. It’s hectic, but lovely to spend time with people we care about.  Time is precious, so building memories is important. In the midst of our celebrating, we’ve also been compiling genealogy information.

I was presented with a group of products from Aubrey Organics, Inc., and was immediately taken with a surprising correlation; Aubrey is my Great Grandfather’s name. Now, I’m sure there is no relation, but it brings a pleasant, familiar feeling. So in the spirit of the occasion, the research began.

Aubrey Organics, Inc. was started in 1967 by Aubrey Hampton who was born in rural Indiana, and developed his first products at the age of nine in his mother’s kitchen. Since then he has personally developed 200 products that are sold world-wide. Aubrey Organics, Inc. is hailed as having the most natural herbal products available and sold in most health food stores. The company began in New York and the manufacturing plant is currently in Tampa, Florida.

Aubrey is a pioneer in the field and has a long list of firsts to his credit. He was the first to use coconut fatty acids in hair and skincare; the first to formulate cosmetic products with jojoba oil, evening primrose, blue chamomile, Rosa mosqueta® and Matcha green tea; the first to develop a natural preservative with citrus seed extract and vitamins A, C, & E; and the first to be certified as an organic processor (1994). In addition to developing products, Aubrey is also an avid environmental and animal rights activist. His products contain no petrochemicals and are not tested on animals.

He is an author of health and beauty books, including Natural Organic Hair & Skin Care, which is in its 6th printing, What’s in your Cosmetics, and The Take Charge Beauty Book, which was co-authored by his wife Susan Hussey. He is an award winning playwright, GBS & Company and Wolf Trilogy. He is the co-founder of Gorilla Theatre in Tampa, Florida and the publisher of Organica, an arts and environmental publication with 70,000 readers nationwide.

The company is dedicated to being natural; “Protect the Earth…Promote the well being of People…Nourish the Soul.” Please see for more information about the company and its products.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle CoQ10 Lotion reviewNow, my opinion on the products I tried…. My favorite by far is the Honeysuckle CoQ10 Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion. Partly for sentimental reasons, Honeysuckle is one of my favorite fragrances. It instantly reminds me of my Grandmother and sunshine. It never fails to make me smile. The lotion itself is lightweight and non greasy, yet lasts all day. It hydrates and seals in moisture with a noticeable, but subtle fragrance that also lasts. It soothes and smoothes dry skin. In addition to hydrating the skin, coQ10 provides the benefits of powerful antioxidants by supporting cell growth helping to reduce the signs of aging. My husband tried it after shaving a particularly rough beard. It noticeably reduced the redness in only a few minutes.

Next comes Treat’ Em Right Lip Balm. It comes in five fun flavors. I tried Vanilla Honey, Tangerine, and Raspberry. The Raspberry and Vanilla Honey have the best flavors. The Tangerine smells great, but has a bitter taste, closer to the rind than the fruit. All three were lovely though with lasting comfort. They did not dry out or wear off easily. They honestly lasted for hours and I highly recommend them.

Finally is Crème de la Shave. My daughter was surprised that the texture was different than the shave gels that she is used to using. It’s not foamy, but more like a lotion. Crème de la Shave is very nice. Smooth on a thin layer, shave and rinse. It provides a close shave while protecting the skin and leaving it fresh and toned. I like the Raspberry Honey scent. My daughter likes the Toasted Almond. The Orange Cream is just yummy. It’s a great pick-me-up mood lifter that helps wake you up in the morning. All in all, I really enjoyed both the research and the products.  Happy March!

Makeup Tips for Mother’s Day

Creating special makeup looks for holidays like Mother’s Day can be a lot of fun. You can try a fresh new look for spring and especially for Mother’s Day by trying soft and pleasant colors during the day and more exciting colors at night. Whether you are the mom of honor or you’re mom’s daughter dressing up to celebrate with her, you can enjoy a number of lovely Mother’s Day makeup tips and tricks.

Daytime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Dressing up your eyes with makeup is one of the best ways to make a statement. You can go for a subtle look or a bold look depending on the time of day and depending on your mood. For spring and Mother’s Day makeup, consider the following expert cosmetic tips.

“For the eyes I recommend going with mauve colors,” says freelance makeup artist Erica Maniscalco. “Give the eye a nice neutral base to start then you can go two different ways with this look. If it is a day look I would add a medium tone mauve color to the base of the eye. Always go back with your base color and blend both colors together with a blender brush, so the line between the colors is not severe. You can then add a shadow to the bottom eye line as a drop shadow to bring the look together and top it off with mascara – black, brown, or plum mascara.”

Nighttime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Nighttime makeup looks can be much more daring and dramatic. Consider the following expert tips for makeup looks on Mother’s Day.

“For a night look, start off with the neutral base, then go in with a darker wine color that has a sparkle to it,” suggests Maniscalco. “You can look for colors that have specs of other colors within the shadow. For example, a dark wine shadow that has specs of black in it is nice. Add that shadow in the crease of the eye from the inner to outer corner. Then bring down the shadow to the lash line on the outer corner of the eye only. To tie the look together, go in with that same color and line the lower lash. Always go back in and blend the colors together with a blender brush. To complete the look add true black mascara to give it a more dramatic look.”

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Lips
Create the perfect smooch for Mother’s Day by keeping your lips soft and smooth with your favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or ChapStick. Wear your favorite shade of lipstick or lip tint, but be sure it doesn’t compete with your eye makeup. If your eye makeup is bold and daring, go for a more understated look on your lips, and vice versa.

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Face
For a fantastic facial, start out your day with an invigorating facial scrub and/or face mask. Renew your skin so it feels fresh and soft. You can use a touch of gold eye shadow beneath your lower lashes to cleverly disguise tired eyes. You can also smooth out your complexion with a nice foundation or powder compact matched to your skin tone. Don’t overdo the makeup on your face – keep things light and airy for spring.

Happy Mother’s Day!

About the Experts:
Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit

Choosing Easter Flowers for Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Grandmother

Giving a gift of Easter flowers is a very nice gesture for family and friends. Your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law will appreciate the flowers, which can serve as a symbol of thanks or a symbol of hospitality. As you think about the different types of Easter flowers, keep in mind your recipient’s favorite colors, fragrances, and preferences, if you know them. If not, don’t worry – your gift of Easter flowers will still make a great statement of thanks and appreciation.

Consider the following tips to help you select beautiful and fragrant Easter flowers for your mom, grandmother, or mother-in-law.

Different Types of Easter Flowers
Some of the earliest flowers to bloom when spring gets here are daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and Easter lilies. You can find daffodils in yellow, white, or even a blend of white and pink or peach. Hyacinths most commonly come in pink, purple, blue, and white. Easter lilies feature white trumpet shaped blossoms on hardy green stems. Tulips come in just about every color imaginable, with many boasting a pretty two-toned or tie-dyed effect.

You can choose a perfect plant or bouquet from the different types of Easter flowers available, keeping in mind your mom’s, grandmother’s, or mother-in-law’s favorite types of flowers, favorite colors, or preferred fragrance. If you don’t know the best Easter flower off the top of your head, simply take your best guess – it is hard to go wrong with a gift of flowers!

Tips on Giving Easter Flowers as a Gift
Giving Easter flowers as a gift is a great option when you want to show appreciation for those you love. You can give pretty spring flowers as a gift when you go visiting for the Easter holiday or you can offer Easter flowers as a take-home gift if you are hosting the holiday at your own home. Consider these tips on giving Easter flowers as a gift in the springtime.

•    Consider giving each important female figure in your family or in-laws their own Easter flowers.

•    Think about giving potted flowers at Easter instead of a bouquet. Your recipient can plant the bulbs to keep the flowers coming back every year.

•    If you are hosting the Easter holiday, use the flowers as part of your décor and then offer them as parting gifts to your special guests.

•    If you do opt for live flowers, remind your recipients that they can plant the bulbs for new blooms next year.

You can usually find pretty spring flowers at your local nursery and even your grocery store or pharmacy from time to time. Be sure to water the flowers if you buy them in advance. If you opt for cut flowers, consider pairing the bouquet up with a nice glass vase to keep them fresh and fragrant. Enjoy!

Comfort and Dryness in Talc-free Style – Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts

Try Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts for a comfortable and talc-free experience.Today, we know that talcum powder might soothe even the most delicate of skin, but it isn’t the safest for us to use. That is one of the reasons that the folks at Herban Renewal have created their own line of wonderful body dusts. Each one of their body dusts are safely made with earth-friendly products including vegetable powder, tricalium phosphate, and water-based colors or fragrance oils.

Talcum powder has been used for decades to absorb moisture from lots of delicate places including babies’ bottoms, mothers’ bosoms, tender feet, and more. Talc is composed of tiny particles of silicates along with other finely-ground minerals. Today, these are considered carcinogens that are suspected of causing lung tumors if inhaled. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid using talcum powder for your little ones as well as for yourself.

Try these pretty body dusts by Herban Renewal! Great for gifts for little girls.If you are new to the delights of body powders or dust as Herban Renewal likes to refer to it, you should definitely indulge in a bit of white-powdery bliss. First of all, body dust isn’t just for the body. Herban Renewal suggests that you dust your bed all over with their body dust for a bit of pampering bliss. Sounds like a nice romantic idea, doesn’t it?

Herban Renewal offers two lines of body dust. The first is their flagship line that happens to be called Herban Renewal. The second line is Arcelia, the line targeted for younger women or those women with younger preferences.

The Herban Renewal line features the delicate scents of First Rose, Garden Mint, Dream Dust Lavender, and Love Dust. Each one is just as appealing as the other. I loved them all, but then again, I have a fondness for body dust. I love to treat my feet to a delicate dusting each morning before stepping into my shoes for the day. The powder keeps my feet (and shoes) sweet smelling and dry throughout the day. I also like to dust myself all over with lightly-scented powder.

Try these non-talc body dusts by Herban Renewal.Herban Renewal’s body dusts are available in two sizes: a 1-oz. salt shaker and a 4-oz. crystal shaker. The smaller size currently sells for only $2.00 while the larger size has a price tag of $14.00.

Arcelia body dust is sold in the bolder scents of Mango, String Bikini, and Calming Cucumber varieties so that you can shake it up a bit and put a little zest into your life. Arcelia body dust is also sold in attractive glass containers. However, these dusts are available in three different sizes: a 1-oz. petite shaker, a 4-oz. glass shaker, and a 16-oz. glass refill container. Prices, respectively, are $2.00, $10.00, and $12.00.

The containers are reusable and it is rather cool that the company is using shakers. Personally, I like using them better than the body puffs since it creates a bit less mess in my boudoir. Products provided free to writer for reviewTry them for yourself ( and indulge in a bit of body dust for pure pampering pleasure. I received one of each scent in a variety of sizes so that I could review them for Life, Love, Beauty. I do like them and I believe they are worth their price tags.

Some Serious Goodies for Bath & Body: Herban Renewal Bath & Body Care Product Review

Bath gift sets by Herban Renewal can be a nice going away to college gift or present for other special occasion.Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; that’s what everyone will think the minute they receive a gift, package, or product from Herban Renewal (at least that’s what we experienced… along with an awful lot of excited squeals).

So what is it that Herban Renewal has to offer? In my opinion, they offer great gift bags, soaps, lotions, stuffed toys, and sea salts the whole family can enjoy.

Herban Renewal is out of Abilene, Texas and was started in 1996. Their initial goal was to create a line of products based on only the very best and natural ingredients they could find (right from the garden). They blended only the freshest, most fragrant herbs and botanicals, added vegetable oils that were known to produce the most healing and moisturizing effects, and added only the purest sea salts to their collections. The results allow you to experience a complete and luxuriously “Herban-istic” moment.

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.Herban Renewal offers four very unique lines that present a range of luxurious, earth-friendly, cost-competitive nourishing products that are perfect for adults and kids alike. I especially enjoyed the plush toy / gift bag duos – these things were just too cute, too soft, and impossible to keep your hands off of!

In reviewing these products I realized just how fun and exciting these gifts can be to receive. My kids went ballistic on me and literally tore me to shreds. They enjoyed everything so much that, at one point, my youngest even got a little emotional. When asked why, all she could say was, “they’re all so beautiful mommy – I can’t help it; thank you!” I melted as she reached over and gave me the most heartfelt hug known only to moms.

The package we received for review included products from the following lines:
•    Livi.Lu.Lu – Skin nourishing products for adolescent “tween” girls, including lotions, body washes, and lip balms (which smelt and felt so yummy!).
•   Plush cats make great gifts for girls. Twinkle Toes – An ALL-natural, ALL-pink, ALL-glittery powder to sprinkle in ballet slippers, dance bags, and all over your body (Talc-free). The scent is an amazing “pirouette peppermint.”
•    Shoo! Monster (the cutest little anti-boogeyman dust). If your kids are afraid of monsters lurking in their closets and under their beds, give them this 100% all natural dust to sprinkle in their most feared places… no more boogeyman!

This package we received was filled to the brim with all things “girly-girl.” From Shoo! Monster dust to Twinkle Toes pirouette peppermint powder; from lotions and body washes to lip balms and gift bags; my girls couldn’t have been happier. They especially loved the beautiful, soft plush cats; they were so, so soft and cuddly. They were all shimmer and shine; they were impeccable with their beautiful soft fur and shiny wings. It’s been the only thing they’ve slept with since. I think they’ve even snuck them to school a time or two (but I’ll let them continue to think they got away with that one). Okay…shall we move on?

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThe smells from the Livi.Lu.Lu collection were…

Loreal Gives Back

Now and again, life deals us some difficult situations. We may hit a roadblock in a personal or career relationship that seems impossible to get over. When that moment happens we tend to stop taking care of ourselves.

Loreal arranged a class to give women back their power by feeling beautiful! Partnering with celebrity stylist David Evangelista, we taught women new, flattering hair and makeup tips. The two-day class of Loreal pro-students transformed these women and each one left confident and glowing!

The experience was beyond fulfilling! Special thanks to Kate Oechsle-Truesdale and Tanya Martinez for organizing such a wonderful project.

About the Expert:
Leora Edut, celebrity makeup artist. shares tips on how to get the looks of Beyonce and the Single Ladies at the VMAs.Leora Edut has been transforming people’s looks since 1995. She began her career with MAC Cosmetics, training with some of New York City’s top makeup artists. After several years there, she branched out on her own and began working with celebrities, fashion, and corporate clients. She has traveled worldwide doing shows for Redken in Las Vegas and Ports International in China. Leora has been personal makeup artist to several artists on major record labels. She has worked with Rihanna, Kate Voegele, and Dawn Richards for both print media and television appearances. For more information, please visit online at

Pampering Tips: Smoother, Softer Skin with Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub

What do you think of when someone mentions the word indulgence? Are you thinking about delicious bites of decadent chocolates? Perhaps you are thinking about luxury hotels, spas, and vacations. No matter what images the word “indulgence” conjures up for you, there’s always time to explore the indulgence of using beauty products that pamper our skin and allow women to enjoy the benefits of skin-softening agents, aromatherapy, and skin exfoliants.

While our mothers before us might not have grown up with the indulgence of aromatic, skin-softening body scrubs that is no reason for us not to use these fine beauty products that allow us to slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate new skin growth. I must confess that while I do not indulge in skin-softening body scrubs each day, I do like to take advantage of their pampering pleasures weekly.

One of the best aspects of using a well-formulated body scrub is its instant ability to make our skin feel smoother and more alive each time we use it. The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub is no different in this respect than any other. It reacts similarly to my skin as a dozen other body scrubs, so I am not going to tell you that it is the “best.” To me, there isn’t any “best” beauty product. There are only those that perform well, perform not so well, and perform poorly.

The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub performs well and does what it is supposed to do. As I gently massaged it onto my damp skin, I reveled in the delicate grittiness that I knew was removing dead skin cells gently. As with any beauty product intended for the skin, I paid special attention to problem areas such as my elbows, heels, and knees.

Manufactured by the The Boots Company out of Nottingham England, Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub has been dermatologically tested so it is safe on your skin. It features a light camel color with brownish red specks and a light nutty scent. This isn’t one of those scents that instantly take you away with an awakening energy. It might very well be one of those scents that you either like or dislike with no in between. After using this product, my skin did feel smoother as I toweled off and throughout the rest of the day.

The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub has been formulated with moisturizing brazil nut oil, fragrant organic vanilla, and a bevy of natural exfoliants- all of which help to leave the skin feeling smooth. I received a generous 13.5 fl. oz. container for the purposes of reviewing it. Why not get one yourself (available at or and soak up the amazing ingredients in this exotic concoction for a chance at softer, smoother, healthier skin?

Help Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain with Stretchsitting

Today’s corporate culture often involves sitting in cubicles in front of computers and telephones for the majority of the day, if not the entire day. Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time often leads to slouching down in the desk chair and other poor posture habits.

Did you know you can actually improve the way your back feels on a daily basis simply by maintaining better posture? Try Stretchsitting – a comfortable way to sit that also helps to reverse the damage caused to your back by constantly slouching or hunching over in your chair. Improved posture can lead to reduced back pain, so why not give Stretchsitting a try?

Esther Gokhale is an expert in pain-free living and the author of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. She developed Stretchsitting, which she describes as “lengthening the spine against the back of a chair” as a means of immediately decompressing discs in your back and preventing new damage. Gokhale’s technique has shown that over a period of months, individuals practicing Stretchsitting can actually become ¼” to 1” taller over time.

Some of the other benefits of Stretchsitting include improved circulation and better nerve function around the spine.

To practice Stretchsitting for yourself, follow these steps by Esther Gokhale:

1.    Before you begin, attach a cushion to your chair so that it hits you at mid-back, below the shoulder blades. (Esther Gokhale offers a Stretchsit Cushion for sale.)

2.    Scoot your bottom all the way back in the chair.

3.    Lean forward from the hips, and tilt your ribcage forward, like you are doing a mini-crunch.

4.    Hold the armrests or side bars on your chair and, while still tilted forward, press against them to get a gentle stretch in your lower back.

5.    Keeping the stretch, lean back from your hips and stick your mid-back on to the Stretchsit cushion.

6.    Come out of the mini-crunch and relax completely, letting the Stretchsit cushion keep you in mild traction.

7.    Roll each shoulder back and rest your hands close in to your body.

8.    Angle your chin down slightly, letting the back of your neck be long.

–    All steps provided directly from Esther Gokhale.

You can feel healthier over time by practicing Stretchsitting, and you might just grow a tiny bit taller. The health benefits of good posture make Stretchsitting worth a shot. For more information on Stretchsitting and Esther Gokhale, please visit To buy 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, please find her book at

For Prettier Eyes, Treat Yourself to CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance

As a youngster, my biggest beauty problem was getting my mother to buy my favorite bubble bath. As time went by, I discovered new problems that tormented me in varying degrees. Only adult women like curly, red hair on little girls – kids absolutely hate it. My fair skin did not like the sun and turned red within minutes of being out on a hot day. Then, as I passed that milestone of turning into an adult, my skin began to wrinkle and crow’s feet began to develop around my once gorgeous eyes. Oh horrors!

This last beauty problem is the one that I am going to talk about today. Not one of us, absolutely not one, wants to have the telltale signs of getting older, taking in too much sun, or hydrating too little to show up on our faces as crow’s feet. Sure, we can try and play it off that our crow’s feet are the result of having a fun-loving personality and laughing or smiling all the time. Guess what? No one, absolutely no one, believes that fairly tale except for very young children.

While there’s no point in looking back and thinking about all of the activities that we should have avoided or all of the beauty treatments that we should have applied, there’s a huge reason to think about what we can do now. After all, improving our facial expression and enhancing our beauty should be at the top of our to-do list. One of the products that I have been given the opportunity to try recently (for free, my favorite price in the world), is the CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance product. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have even been interested.

However, today, I am interested in every beauty product that is going to make me feel better or look better. So, for prettier eyes, treat yourself to CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance cream and see if you like it as much as I do. This collagen product is designed as a targeted eye treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles by filling them in. It is also designed to lighten those dreaded dark circles that make us look as though we haven’t slept in days.

Now, I do have to advise you that just as with any similar product, this isn’t designed to work overnight. Give it a few weeks for the best results. Be consistent with your use of the product, which you can use twice daily. I like the fact that it is fragrance free so it does not interfere with my cologne or lotion of the day.

While the product is both ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, it does sting if you inadvertently get it into your eye. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you are one of those people who constantly rub your eyes or rub your tear ducts. I found that waiting a few moments after a hot shower before applying the CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance cream worked best for me since it gave my pores a chance to settle down.

Product provided free to writer for reviewAs stated earlier, I did receive this product for the purposes of reviewing it, so feel free to disagree with me. I am however going to continue using it until it is all used up!

Spring 2010: Top 10 Makeup Tips and Trends

When springtime comes, the weather is warmer and nature keeps reminding us how beautiful the world can be. Spring 2010 is especially welcome due to the record-breaking winter storms faced by many regions this year. Take a page from Mother Nature’s book and update your makeup look to embrace the beauty of spring. Consider these top 10 makeup tips and trends for spring 2010.

1.    Try various shades of green this season. Green nail polish and eye makeup are still hot!

2.    Wear softer shades of makeup on your eyes, like pinks, purples, and blues. Steer away from the dark eye look for a little while.
– Makeup artist Erica Maniscalco

3.    Go for pink cheeks and pink lip gloss for a feminine look you’ll love. Stay soft and sweet.
– Makeup artist Lindsey Caldwell

4.    Embrace the dewy finish for your face this spring. Simply blend in a drop of moisturizer to your foundation and apply highlighter to your cheekbones.
– Makeup artist Lindsey Caldwell

5.    For St. Patrick’s Day, try shades of green and brown for your eyes. It can be a fun look that sets you apart from the crowd.
– Makeup artist Erica Maniscalco

6.    For a pretty spring makeup look, try a palette of mauve colors. For daytime cosmetics in the spring, try a medium toned mauve. For a sexy nighttime look, use a wine colored shadow with flecks of black.
– Makeup artist Erica Maniscalco

7.    Energize your look for spring 2010 with colored mascaras. You can find great shades in green, purple, blue, and more. Of course, black and brown mascaras are still great looks as well.
– Michael Todd Cosmetics

8.    Don’t neglect your piggies! Keep your feet soft and sexy with a pedicure and don’t forget to paint your toes in your favorite shades for spring.

9.    Keep your eyes looking sharp with colored eyeliner. You can find brilliant shades of teal, purple, navy, and everything in between.

10.    Keep your lips kissable and soft with your favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or ChapStick. Use lip balm with SPF15 or SPF20 for added protection from the sun’s UV rays.

These makeup looks for spring 2010 are just a sampling of the fresh and fun spring looks you can achieve this season. Don’t be afraid to mix trends or come up with your own lovely looks for the warm weather. We hope you enjoy these spring 2010 makeup tips and trends!

2010 SAG Awards Makeup Tips for Getting Katrina Bowden’s Look

If you would like to get the makeup look of 30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden, look no further. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg shares expert tips on how she created Katrina Bowden’s sultry, sexy look for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony. Find out how you can achieve the same stunning makeup as this popular star.

To get 30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden’s makeup look from the SAG Awards, follow these steps:

How-To: Makeup for Face – Katrina Bowden
To achieve similar makeup styling as Katrina Bowden, try these step-by-step makeup tips:

1.    Prep your face with mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion.

2.    Apply mark Kiss Dry Goodbye Lip Smoother onto your lips.

3.    Even out your complexion with mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup in Golden.

4.    Apply buffed Champagne onto your cheek bones for emphasis.

5.    For a rosy glow, apply mark Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Peachy, smoothed onto the apples of your cheeks.

6.    Add a dash of mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder.

7.    Eliminate any remaining shine with a final brush of mark Matte-nificent Oil-Absorbing Powder.

8.    Add a lovely glow to your skin with mark Jewel Body Cream on any exposed areas of skin.

How-To: Makeup for Eyes – Katrina Bowden
To get a similar makeup look on your eyes as Katrina Bowden wore to the SAG Awards, follow these steps:

1.    Begin with mark It Kit in Latte and blend into the crease of the eye.

2.    Next add I-mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow in Corset. Brush it onto your eyelid and blend it slightly upwards into the crease and dashed below the bottom lash line.

3.    Then use mark Eyemarker Color On Line in Jet and carefully rim the top and bottom of your eyes.

4.    Add some definition with mark On The Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner in Cleo to create a perfect line on the top eyelid.

5.    Finish the look with two coats of mark Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara in Blacklash. Pay close attention to the corner of your lashes to emphasize them.

How-To: Makeup for Lips – Katrina Bowden
To create a perfect smooch like Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock, apply mark Dew Drenched Moisturlicious Lip Color in Mist for a natural and subtle look. Depending on your complexion, you may need to vary the recommended products, as they were selected with Katrina Bowden in mind.

About the Expert:
Jamie Greenberg is a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles. She has done extensive makeup work for television, commercials, music videos, films, and print media. For more information, please see

Perfumes, Pulse Points, and the Delight of Neil Morris Fragrances

Neil Morris fragrance product reviewPerfumes provide a quick and easy way to lift our spirits, attract a mate, or simply feel better about ourselves. Whether you are one of those women who prefer to stick to a small arsenal of favorite fragrances or one who prefers to discover new favorites each fashion season, expressing your individuality with fragrances can be an enjoyable pursuit.

Personally, I have to confess that I do navigate toward my longtime favorites, at least for special occasions or when I need a “scentsational” experience to jiggle my mood to a happier plateau. Nonetheless, I love to experiment with fragrances for daily adventures in the realm of delightful, memory-invoking, unique scents. Before we explore Neil Morris’s Signature Collection, one of my newest finds, let’s take a brief look at pulse points.

Pleasurable Pulse Points

Neil Morris fragrance product reviewPerhaps one of the most important essentials to the art of wearing aromatic perfumes and colognes is to apply our fragrances to our pulse points. What are pulse points? Those areas of the skin where the blood vessels are close to the surface are known as the body’s pulse points. The blood vessels located at each spot pulse and radiate warmth, which helps to emanate or diffuse the scent that has been used.

The body’s pulse points can be found at the base of the throat, the inner part of the arm where it bends at the elbow, the soft portion of the knee where it bends, the ankles, behind the ears, and the inner portion of the wrist. Spraying each of these pulse points allows our favorite fragrance to heat up and pulsate into the surrounding air, gently sending our scent for others to enjoy.

Neil Morris Fragrances

Ultraniche perfumer Neil Morris has quite a history of producing unique scents. He loves to dabble with customized fragrances that are only available in “The Vault” on his Web site. He also has a unique “Signature Collection” that includes eight glorious fragrances designed to invoke a unique experience. I have been fortunate enough to receive all of these scents and I’ll give you a brief idea of what to expect from each so you can decide which ones might be perfect for your next special occasion or even just for your daily perfuming needs.

While the names are catchy, the notes contained in each are what matters here. “Aegean” offers the delicacy of mandarin and basil mixed with lavender and quince. The base notes of benzoin, sandalwood, and pearl musk provide that lasting musky scent that so many women enjoy.

Neil Morris fragrance product review

One of my personal favorites due to its light ctirusy scent, “Afire” offers a sweet experience that beckons one down a path of smoldering seduction. From the fresh citrus to the sweet berries to notes of frankincense and warm vanilla, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

The top, heart, and base notes of “Clear” are crisp and clean like a summer day filled with linden blossoms, mint, cedar, and a touch of musk. This is a great daytime fragrance!

One of the best notes ever to be discovered by man, or at least in my opinion, “Bergamot,” is featured in “Coral.” This fragrance is designed to take you back to a long walk on a Californian beach with the perkiness of the top notes of bergamot and pomegranate combined with the freshness of the heart notes of sweet pea, Bulgarian rose, and fig and finished with the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and incense.

“Gotham,” a fragrance inspired by Morris’s stroll along a Manhattan street on an October evening, offers a bit of mystery with spicy top notes of yuzu and black pepper and tender heart notes of narcissus and rose. The base notes of amber, ambergris, labdanum, myrtlewood, and Russian leather complete aromatic experience.

Neil Morris fragrance product reviewI love the sensual nature of “Rainflower” with its top notes of jasmine and freesia. These two are quite popular in a wide number of beauty products. The heart notes offer a floral experience filled with the scent of lilac, gardenia, tulip, and hyacinth, followed by the base of a soft musk.

“Storm” offers an exotic sense of urgency founded in lime and papaya laced with hyacinth and delphinium. Following those notes, this fragrance offers a nice touch of earth, marine, and musk scents.

“Zephyr” not only comes with an interesting name, but it offers a clever scent of papaya, tangerine, lily, and honeysuckle. A touch of white tea, amber, sandalwood, and musk complement this fragrance in a “scentsational” experience that has me drifting down memory lane on summer days.

Product provided free to writer for reviewIf the truth be told, my youngest daughter remarked that these scents all smelled like me or rather like fragrances that I tend to love. That is one of the benefits of using fragrances since they blend with our scent creating an individualized expression of sensual fragrance that can bring us comfort while invoking renewed life. Please check out for a look at his additional fragrances.