Polaroid Zip Zink® Instant Printer Review

When welcoming a new baby into the family on the earliest days at the hospital, family members and close friends often come to meet the little one and share in the joy. This is a special time to capture these early moments in a format that can be treasured forever. The Polaroid Zip Zink® Instant Printer offers a quick and easy way to share hard copies of photos immediately with your visitors, printing out digital images sent via Bluetooth on a smartphone to the printer itself.

My husband and I had fun tinkering with this gadget and playing with the features on its app. We have decided to bring the Polaroid Zip Zink® Instant Printer with us to the hospital so we can print out images of our newborn with family and friends who come to see us.

Sharp, Clear Photos

We printed out one of our favorite photos of our daughter as a test and the image came out clear, sharp, and beautiful. It printed on the Zink 2×3 paper with lovely borderless printing, right to the paper’s edge. The printed photo is the perfect size to stick in your wallet as a memento of a special occasion or an updated photo of your child or grandchild. I can’t wait to see what our newborn’s photos look like! We are excited to thank our hospital visitors with an instant photo.

polaroid zip printer

Quite Literally Instant Printing

I sat patiently while my husband sent the photo to print from the app on his Android smartphone. The status update came up on the phone immediately and the printer began to print on the blue paper first and then on the actual Zink paper. The entire process seemed to take only seconds to complete, making this a perfect printer for immediate turnaround on photos.

No Need to Replace Ink

The Zink photo paper works like magic! No ink replacement is necessary for the photo printer—you simply need to keep a supply of Zink photo paper on hand so you can print your favorite photos on demand. The small 2×3 photo size is an easy fit for your wallet, inside a card or letter, or the corner of an existing picture frame. You can order the photo paper online for about 50 cents per sheet.

Robust, Full-Featured Application

My husband, who is well-versed in mobile applications and smartphones as well as being quite technical in nature, was impressed with the Polaroid Zip App. The application updates the firmware on the printer via Bluetooth from your smartphone, transmitting wirelessly without any tether, which is nice and convenient. The app gives you access to the battery level, device status, number of pages printed, and allows you to order paper as needed.

As you are preparing to print, the app also allows you to change filters to get a more retro look, a sharper, brighter look, and so forth. You can brighten or darken an image or creatively use the app to add borders or captions.

Portable Photo Printer Instructions

The instructions provided are somewhat limited and it may benefit you if you are somewhat tech savvy. The blue card provided is not explained as far as how often you need to use it with the printer. My husband spent some time researching it and we still aren’t totally sure.


Perfect Tiny Printer for Smartphone Digital Photos

The Polaroid Zip Zink® Instant Printer is the perfect device for instantly printing your favorite cell phone photos, whether for yourself or with family and friends. Use it with Android® or the iPhone® for convenience and enjoyment. It’s a great device that allows you to instantly have a keepsake from a special day or a fun night. Retailing at just $129.99, this portable photo printer is a clever Christmas present or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

I received a blue Polaroid Zip Zink® Instant Printer and a pack of paper to check out for the purpose of review. It has not colored my opinion or my review. I do highly recommend this item for a wide variety of uses with printing digital photos from smartphones.

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