Product Review: Caress Forever Collection Body Washes

When choosing a body wash, fragrance choice is typically one of the key factors of consideration. From florals to fruits, ocean scents, and everything in between, there’s surely no shortage of choices when it comes to picking out a delightful shower scent. Caress launched its latest body wash line, the Caress Forever Collection, with a new spin on shower fragrances—scents that last.

It’s true that most body wash products smell great when you’re in the shower, but they quickly fade after you’ve stepped out and toweled off. Most people apply scented body lotions, perfume, or body spray after they’ve finished dressing to get that all-day scent. The Forever Collection by Caress features Caress Fragrance Release Pearls™ breakthrough technology, allowing your skin to release a bit more fragrance every time it’s touched.


I received a bottle of each special fragrance in the Caress Forever Collection for the purpose of this review. The red version is Caress® Love Forever body wash, and the pink style is Caress® Adore Forever body wash. I can certainly vouch for the claim that the fragrances in these body wash products lasts up to 12 hours. On two separate occasions, when my husband climbed into bed at night after we’d both had a long day, he complimented me on smelling great. To my recent recollection, this has happened only with this particular body wash. And, the showers I took those two days both occurred in the early to mid morning, meaning the fragrance really, truly does last – even on your shoulder blades, for up to 12 hours.

Caress-forever-collection-reviewsThe Caress Forever Collection was designed by famed perfumer and fine fragrance expert Loc Dong. The fragrances are sensual and floral, delicate and feminine. The Love Forever™ fragrance carries a floriental note mingling with dark, luscious berries and a touch of scarlet red rose. The body wash formula itself is bold, vibrant red. Meanwhile, the Adore Forever body wash combines notes of melting honey, vanilla, and amber, adding in petals of Angel Face Rose to reach the scent of a real rose, alive and in bloom. This formula comes out of the bottle bright pink, and I think it’s been my favorite of the two.

You can find this line of body wash at your favorite mass retailer or drugstore. Both scents in the Caress Forever Collection are a pleasure to use and it’s certainly nice to be complimented hours after you’ve already forgotten the steps you’ve taken in your beauty routine.

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