Puckababy® Gogo Newborn Swaddle Wrap Review

Newborns are cute, cuddly, and they have that intoxicating new baby smell that makes you want to just snuggle them for hours. With all the cuddling that’s in store with family and friends, some soft baby blanket wraps can be the perfect baby gift idea, especially this time of year. New babies deserve a soft and snuggly swaddle wrap to keep them warm and comfortable from their earliest days. Whether you wrap them up for snuggles with loved ones or swaddle your infant at night for a better sleep, a newborn swaddle wrap is an essential for any family’s new addition.

Enter the cute and functional Puckababy® Gogo Newborn swaddle design. This newborn swaddle wrap offers the ultimate luxury in fleecy softness. This multifunctional wraparound is safe for use at home and on the go, whether feeding, playing, after bathing, in the stroller, or in the car. This baby swaddle wrap is designed to protect a little one’s delicate skin and body against the cold, the wind, and other stimuli. The Puckababy newborn wrap is closed at the bottom to keep your infant’s feet warm and comfortable at all times.


Puckababy is a Dutch design constructed in Europe according to the highest safety standards for baby sleep textiles. This baby sleep wrap swaddle is doubled layered, comprised of 50% cotton and 50% microfiber, resulting in a snuggly wrap you’d wish was available in your size. In fact, when we received our Puckababy Gogo Newborn for the purpose of review, my three-year-old daughter exclaimed that she wished she were a baby so that she could have it.

The Gogo Newborn is machine washable and should just have all Velcro closed before putting it in the washing machine. It is meant for babies from 0 to 7 months, and from 8 to 18 pounds. Unlike a baby blanket, this newborn swaddle wrap ensures baby’s feet are constantly covered and that her head is kept warm and protected.



I volunteered Snoopy as the model for this review, but I honestly can’t wait to wrap my own little bundle of joy into this super soft, wonderful baby wrap.

If you’ve never learned how to swaddle a baby, it’s a good skill to pick up at the hospital when your little one is born. The nurses there could probably swaddle in their sleep. Swaddling offers many benefits, like better sleeping and less fussiness, for starters. Swaddled babies are also less likely to scratch themselves with their teeny, tiny fingernails.


Puckababy carries an innovative collection of delightfully warm and useful baby sleepwear and swaddle alternatives for children from birth up to three years of age. The goal is to keep babies safe, comfortable, and happier, allowing them to sleep better and longer. For more information on the Gogo Newborn or one of the other styles, be sure to check out www.puckababy.us.

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