First Birthday Party Ideas for Little Boys and Girls

Baby Birthday Party Ideas - Turning One

A baby’s first year flies by so quickly, bringing tons of memories and exciting things to share with family and friends. Before you know it, your little one is 10 months old and her birthday is just 8 short weeks away. Planning a first birthday party can be a lot of fun if you approach it the right way. Saving it all to the last minute can be stressful, so get started in planning your little one’s party ahead of time!

To give yourself a head start, bookmark the websites featuring the themes you want to consider for your little one’s party and start a Pinterest board for your kiddo’s first birthday well in advance. This makes it easy to collect ideas you find as well as those shared by other people.

Some first birthday parties can be Consider these fun and memorable first birthday party ideas for your little one’s big bash:

1. Rubber Ducky Birthday

2. Under the Sea Birthday

3. Wild Animal Birthday (Zebra, Cheetah, etc.)

4. Sesame Street (or Character) Birthday

5. ABC Party

6. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Party

7. Puppy Party

8. Circus Party

9. Princess Party

10. Colorful Party Theme – Red, Blue, and Yellow or All Bright Colors

You can also customize the party if your child shows a particular interest in a character, animal, or toy. You can have a racecar or truck party, a monkey party, or tropical party. Something else unique about the first birthday – if you don’t have a theme in mind for your child based on his or her favorites so far, you can always pick out a theme that you like. So bring on the Hawaiian luau or the Angry Birds party! Happy First Birthday to your little loves!

Feel free to share other ideas in our comments below.