Tastes of the Season: Holiday PEEPS® Candies

The company that makes PEEPS® Brand Candies, Just Born, is located in Bethlehem, PA. I’ll be the first to point out I have a bias for my “hometown” foods-soft pretzels, tasty cakes, and of course, cheese steaks of all varieties. However, that does not mean that they aren’t worthy of my praise and affection. The brand has expanded into an online shop and even recently opened a hometown store, which I always liken to a mini-Willy Wonka’s factory.

Whenever I think of the fluffy marshmallow PEEPS®, I’m brought back to springtime, pastels, and bunnies. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my products to review and opened a box filled with what seemed like an endless supply of wintertime variety.

The complete holiday collection features seasonal flavors, seasonal shapes, and even seasonal plush PEEPS® chicks! The candies are available in Christmas flavors like peppermint, chocolate, candy cane, sugar cookie, mint, and gingerbread.

The traditional PEEPS® chicks come chocolate dipped and regular. Mint flavored trees are available completely covered in chocolate. These treats are individually wrapped so you can one up for your personal indulgence. Another individual sweet treat is the PEEPS® pop- four chicks on a stick.

For a colorful addition to the dessert table or a sugary gift for someone sweet, consider the bigger PEEPS® packages. Stars, snowmen, trees are available in counts of nine. Gingerbread men and reindeer come in a package of six.

Find out what stores you can purchase these candies here.