A Delightful Kitchen Addition – The Miallegro MiTutto, an Immersion Hand Blender That Does It All!

Even if you’ve never been handy in the kitchen before now, the Miallegro MiTutto is about to change that up for you. This is a great kitchen addition whether you receive it as a gift or you purchase it yourself.

I found the Miallegro MiTutto to perform like a dream come true when using it. Incredibly fast, the MiTutto did its work so quickly that I felt like I had blinked and missed it. I’ve used quite a few choppers in my time, and this one is by far my absolute favorite. It offers five different speeds, so you’ll be able to prepare a variety of recipes in little to no time at all.

You can mix up so many different recipes from smoothies to soups to shakes to quiches to puddings to so much more. In fact, the Miallegro MiTutto is styled to mix, crush, chop, mince, mix, blend, puree, and whisk your food with relative ease. Among its many offerings are four innovative attachments intended to chop, puree, aerate, and blend with little effort on your part.

strawberriesmilkshakeIt has a number of accessories, including a beaker, a stainless steel blending shaft, and a food processing container. Plus, it’s easy to grip and use due to its ergonomic styling, enabling a firm, secure grip. Its 550-watt motor has five speeds, including a turbo option, so you can work with foods of all temperatures.

Reasonably priced at approximately $70, the MiTutto certainly delivers great value for a small financial investment. This hand immersion blender features a compact design that gives it convenient portability, makes it easy to bring this with you on extended vacations or to visit a friend or family member.

It makes it easy to prepare nearly any recipe, and you’ll feel like a pro doing so! You can use it to chop all sorts of vegetables, including onions and garlic without creating any odor or making your eyes tear up uncontrollably. Now is a great time to make up a batch of homemade applesauce. You can find a wide variety for sale and with the MiTutto, so you can dice up your apples quickly, giving you a head start on the cooking process!

If you one of the many consumers who enjoy taking something out of the box and using it right away without any side tasks like putting it together, just give yourself a couple of minutes. It’s not that difficult to set it up, particularly once you’ve done it. It’s easy to let yourself become overwhelmed by the number of blades and parts, but in actuality, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy using this handy implement without them. The blades offer the kind of versatility that any well-versed cook desires, and does so in a way that is highly effective.

Whether you are looking for quick preparation for your meals or the fastest way to get to the delicious taste of a breakfast shake, the MiTutto is armed and ready. It offers an 18-month warranty, and it’s easy to store. You can even use the MiTutto in your own pots and pans without any worries over scratches or nicks in the finish. The Miallegro MiTutto is available in two colors – kiwi and blueberry.

I received the kiwi version free for the purposes of this review and I love it! Of course, I began with the sweet stuff (a milkshake) and progressed to sauces (sweet and spicy) to food preparation for a variety of delicious recipes.