Fun, Relaxing, and Exciting Vacations for Seniors

seniors vacationsWhen it comes to taking vacations, seniors have a wide range of travel options. The possibilities for mature travelers include weekend getaways, cruises, and guided tours, to name a few. There are also trips for single seniors looking for some time away. Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, here are some enjoyable options.

All-Inclusive Vacations for Seniors

You can find a whole world of destinations to choose from when planning a vacation. If you are looking for a relaxing trip away from home, an all-inclusive vacation provides a stress-free environment. All-inclusive vacations allow you to leave your worries behind. This type of vacation includes food, drinks, and activities in the cost of the trip. All-inclusive trips to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic provide relaxing vacations for seniors looking to spend their time in a tropical environment.

Educational Trips

Educational trips make great vacations for seniors looking for an enjoyable learning experience. Historical locations, such as Greece and Riviera Maya, are rich with historical landmarks and expeditions. Guided tours take you to several destinations while providing you with historical information to create a memorable experience.


Cruises offer a wide range of possibilities for seniors. Seniors can choose from multi-city destination cruises, European cruises, and Caribbean cruises. In addition, you can find themed cruises tailored toward mature travelers, including trips for single seniors. Cruise ships have a wide range of activities available on-board, including swimming, golfing, dining, and a variety of entertainment. Opportunities to explore new cities offshore also exist when traveling from port to port.

Weekend Getaways for Mature Travelers

Senior vacation ideasWeekend trips for seniors provide the perfect excuse to take a brief break from life. Plenty of convenient and affordable weekend destinations may include wineries and bed and breakfasts. Wineries make a great romantic escape, especially if you are looking to relax and try various samples of wine. Bed and breakfasts are ideal for seniors interested in spending a cozy weekend enjoying nature walks and daily activities. Try exploring wineries and bed and breakfasts in your area to find your best option.

Planning a vacation can be difficult, especially if you do not know what you are looking for in a week or weekend away. Consider what type of vacation you want and how long you would like to travel. This information will help you get started on planning your perfect escape. Whether you are a senior looking for a relaxing getaway or a fun-filled adventure, you’re sure to find an ideal vacation that is perfect for you.

4 Romantic Weekend Destinations for Couples

top-10-romantic-weekend-getawaysIt can be tough to keep the love aflame in the oh-so busy world of today. After arriving home dead tired from a hard day’s work, you and your beloved would want nothing more than to sit down on the couch and cuddle while watching whatever’s on the TV before finally crashing to bed. Luckily, that’s why we have the weekend, the time where you can finally give each other the attention you both deserve and blow off some steam. And what better way to spend a romantic weekend than to go on a nice, relaxing trip with your honey? If you’re in need of an inspiration of some perfect couple’s weekend getaway ideas, you are in luck.

Here are some attractive and unique weekend destinations for couples that will completely win you over.

1) New Orleans, LA – There is a reason why New Orleans is called The Big Easy – the entire city lives at a stroller’s pace and that is just what the two of you need. This bohemian city oozes with a relaxing atmosphere that will soothe the soul and rest the mind, which is exactly why it’s so romantic and the perfect getaway for every free spirited couple. Take long, relaxing walks in this exotic paradise, take a cruise down the Mississippi river, enjoy a romantic carriage ride for two around town, have a candlelight dinner with a bottle of their finest wine, and to conclude the night, go to a spicy jazz concert that will bring your bodies closer and your passions aflame.

2) Aspen, CO – The mountains, the snow, the cabins, the fireplace crackling… Can you imagine a scene more romantic than this? Aspen is the perfect retreat from everyday life and will charge your batteries while dazzling you with its beauties. If you’re going in the summer, you can take mild hikes or bike rides and enjoy the nature alone or you can stroll around town and have a romantic lunch. For winter activities, you can finally go and take up on skiing for an exciting bonding experience.

3) Niagara Falls, NY – Stand together mere feet from one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire region and watch as the water droplets explode into a million colors when reflected from the sun – if that doesn’t shout romance, then I don’t know what does. Niagara Falls offer everything a couple would desire – the peace and serenity to devote to each other, the breathtaking nature scenery you can take in together, and tons of activities you can do for an exhilirating time together. Whether you just want to take moonlight strolls beside the falls or take on adrenaline-inducing rafting rides, Niagara is the place to go.

4) Monterey, CA – As you’re walking barefoot down the beach hand in hand, the Pacific Ocean sings its song and you feel like you’re never been closer. What’s best about Monterey is that it’s full of beautiful, deserted beaches you can enjoy all for yourselves when looking for that sweet solace. There is no price one can pay for that. When you’re not enjoying the peace and quiet of the sea, you can take horseback rides with your beloved or have a romantic picnic at Marina Dunes Natural Preserve while watching the beautiful sunset, which is romance in itself.

If you feel that these destinations are too far for you to go for just the three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), you can take a long weekend for this trip. Pack your bags, take each other’s hands and give yourselves the nice romantic treat you both deserve.

Romantic Weekend in Northeast United States & Canada

Consider these romantic getaways in northeast USA and Canada. Travel the East Coast for a weekend!A romantic weekend in northeast United States could be just what you need to recharge your batteries and reignite the passion in your relationship. You can plan a romantic weekend in the northeast with little notice and even a relatively small budget. Depending on the time of year, you can find a lot of different things to do on your romantic weekend getaway. Consider these suggestions to help you plan an unforgettable escape with your sweetheart in the northeast.

Some of the most romantic weekend getaways are the spontaneous ones that just happen on a whim. Don’t be afraid to try a new destination, a bed & breakfast, or a new weekend activity. You’ll be sure to make a ton of wonderful memories no matter what you decide to do for your romantic weekend in the northeast United States or Canada.

Top Destinations for a Romantic Weekend in the Northeast
Check out these ideas for a romantic weekend in the northeastern part of the country.

Consider these romantic getaways in northeast USA and Canada. Travel the East Coast for a weekend!1.    Niagara Falls, NY or Canada
2.    New York City, NY
3.    Philadelphia, PA
4.    Boston, MA
5.    Cape Cod, MA
6.    Cape May, NJ
7.    New England
8.    Nova Scotia, Canada
9.    New York’s Finger Lakes
10.  Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Top Fall Ideas for a Romantic Weekend in the Northeast
Consider these northern East Coast weekend getaways for couples seeking a little romance in the autumn season.

1.    Take a cruise through New England area or Nova Scotia during fall foliage.
2.    Visit Boston and soak up the history and the beautiful fall colors.
3.    Catch a ghost tour in Gettysburg, PA.
4.    Visit wineries of New York’s Finger Lakes or any of the other amazing wine trails along the northern East Coast.

Top Winter Ideas for a Romantic Weekend in the Northeast
Once it starts to get cold, you might not want to venture outside too much, unless you enjoy the snow and the cold temperatures. Consider these ideas for fun and romantic East Coast weekend getaways in the northern USA and Canada.

1.    Visit Killington, VT for a ski trip of a lifetime.
2.    Hide away at a bed & breakfast or resort in the Poconos, like Pennsylvania’s Skytop Lodge.
3.    Travel up to Boston to watch a hockey game.
4.    Visit New York City for the ultimate romantic weekend in the northeast.

Top Spring Ideas for a Romantic Weekend in the Northeast
For many people, springtime is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and exciting adventures to come. If you have an East Coast weekend getaway in mind for spring in the northern states or Canada, consider these ideas.

1.    Check out the beautiful botanical Longwood Gardens, not far from Philadelphia.
2.    Renew your body, mind, and spirit with a spa getaway at a top resort like Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.
3.    If you both enjoy it, plan a golf weekend at a resort like the picturesque Turning Stone Resort and Casino.

Top Summer Ideas for a Romantic Weekend in the Northeast
Summertime lends itself to all kinds of activities and a wide variety of romantic weekend plans in the northeast or anywhere. Consider these ideas for a relaxing and romantic weekend away or come up with your own fun ideas on the upper East Coast.

1.    Spend time at the beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Cape Cod, MA.
2.    Take in the pristine beauty of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York.
3.    Enjoy a weekend at the shore in Cape May, NJ, and even consider tossing in a fishing line or two.

In addition to these suggestions, you and your sweetheart can enjoy so many other kinds of getaways together. Consider camping, hiking or biking, and wine excursions, to name a few. Plan your northeastern romantic getaway with your own special interests in mind and you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.