Cheap Honeymoon Ideas for USA and Abroad

Did you know you can enjoy a romantic honeymoon and not spend much? The wedding itself charged you a significant cost, so it’s understandable that you would prefer not to go home with piles of additional unpaid bills. On a dry season of financial constraints, you may have the need to budget your honeymoon getaway. Consider these cheap honeymoon ideas to help you plan your first vacation as husband and wife on a budget.

Cheap Honeymoon Cruise
Every woman dreams of a honeymoon cruise with a pampering spa and Jacuzzi, diverse on-board cuisines, cocktail parties, moonlit dance, island adventures, and a plain, romantic walk on the beaches. But a honeymoon cruise is often associated with extravagance; originally only moguls and high-profile personalities could afford.

Through time, prices dropped significantly as competition went up. Opportunities to cruise islands are now more enticing over a gamut of cheap honeymoon cruises offered for sale online. The most prominent among the cruises, the Caribbean cruise can be availed from the most lavish experience to the most affordable yet still satisfying honeymoon cruise. Reasonable prices of the Mediterranean, Hawaiian, and Mexican cruises offer a great deal of prices on the Internet, allowing couples to enjoy honeymoon cruises on any budget.

If you notice it’s getting nearer to the set honeymoon date, you can do a last-minute booking instead, as they offer cheaper rates to fill up untaken spaces on-board. If you’re flexible with the date, you can also choose an off-peak season for your honeymoon.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations
A honeymoon cruise may still be too much for your budget. Then you can resort to cheap off-the-country honeymoon destinations and still create lingering honeymoon moments. Consider going to Europe. Not all places there are expensive as Paris and London. Europe is an enormous territory and you can check the rest of the countries with low cost of living and still enjoy the best historical or natural exploration experience.

Let’s say for example, try one of the top honeymoon destinations, the new Paris – the Prague of Czech Republic. Fall in love again in this old city with imperial castles and ancient cathedrals. Make your own fairytale on its magical air carrying serenades from Charles Bridges. 

Breathe in a warmer romantic breeze at Peru and get to know more of your marriage on its biodiversity. Take a sip on your champagne in a yacht exploration of Peruvian coastal wildlife sheltering sea lions, penguins, and migratory birds. Own the night over an enchanting moonlit dinner amidst the extensive desert and its surrounding dunes.

Countries like Switzerland, Greece, and Sweden are some other options for cheap honeymoon destinations in Europe. Off peak seasons, though, are on the spring months April and May or late September.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas in the United States
If time is limited for your honeymoon getaway, astounding destination places in the United States feature a number of incredible resorts. The USA is much bigger than Europe. If you haven’t yet explored the entire land, doing so will give you great deal of savings. Some honeymoon destinations are available in just a few hours drive and some may take only a day.

The City of Newport Beach stretches across Southern California, one of the most accessible honeymoon destinations. Surfers from California and other states go all the way to “The Wedge” for its ideal waves for bodysurfing. A romantic view of grey whale migration can be spotted sometime during spring, as these whales return home to Alaska on the summer season.

Disney cruises and honeymoon vacations in Florida can also be wonderful United States honeymoon destinations. Consider some of Florida’s wonderful cities and towns, including Orlando, Kissimmee, and Cocoa Beach, as well as Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach. You might also consider California’s wine country – Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley – for middle of the road honeymoon budgets.

If none of these suits you, further probing the Internet for more US honeymoon destinations will provide you with more options.

Cheap Honeymoon Packages
Spend time on the Internet looking for the most reasonable prices and best honeymoon getaways. Normally travel agencies give a variety of packages from expensive to cheap honeymoon packages. Choose the option that both you and your spouse are going to enjoy together. There may be unnecessary services included on the packages that you’re not after. You don’t need to have too much to celebrate the blossom of your marriage; in fact having too many activities can overpower the honeymoon’s relaxing and romantic essence.

Remember, what counts most is the process of going deeper and further into your best adventure: marriage.