Q-tips® Precision Tips™ Product Review

qtips-precision-tipsI guess you could call me a bit of a girlie girl. I really enjoy makeup and beauty products and especially eye makeup. That being said, I was super excited to learn about a new product offering from Q-tips®—their Precision Tips™ products combine all the things you love about normal Q-tips with bonus functionality through a tapered point on each end, designed especially for makeup touchups and for cleaning tight spaces. Finally, a product that understands how makeup works and how tricky it can be to touch up or remove altogether!

Completely by surprise, I received a generous shipment of these new and exciting Q-tips Precision Tips for the purpose of my review. I received boxes of 170 as well as several adorable travel sized packs of 30 in blue plastic cases. I plan to stick one in my overnight toiletries bag, one in my swim bag, and keep a couple as spares. I also received a lovely acrylic display jar for the Q-tips with my initials imprinted on the front – a very thoughtful item that will have its home on the counter near my makeup case.

To be honest, I’ve been using generic store brand pointed cotton tips to handle my makeup touchups to date. They are pretty pointy and the cotton is anything but cottony. I’ve had a time or two where they seemed to almost scratch the delicate skin under my eyes, making me think twice about trying to touch up anything else.

These new Precision Tips Q-tips seem much softer to me, with a looser weave of cotton that isn’t so rough on the skin. I especially like them for under-eye makeup smudges, especially eyeliner that’s shifted or bits of mascara that have smeared off. Another ideal application for these precision cotton tips is to dip them into a tiny bit of nail polish remover for manicure and pedicure touchups. And, if you have the tiniest amount of concealer to apply, consider using one of these bad boys to get just the right dot of coverage in exactly the right spot.

qtips2In the event that you fall asleep with your makeup still on, these handy pointed cotton-tips can easily remove dark streaks from under your eyes. Simply moisten the Q-tip with a little water and soap or some eye makeup remover gel. I know, I know. It sounds like I’m speaking from experience… well, because I am. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on—I think it happens to the best of us—and you can imagine how tough it is to wash away caked-on mascara and eyeliner after six or seven hours of sleep. Ugh! Not fun at all. Thankfully, Q-tips Precision Tips are especially helpful for removing and touching up smudged eyeliner or smeared mascara, as well as managing other makeup touchups with ease.

Product documentation also suggests using Precision Tips for application and blending of makeup, such as on lips, eyes, nails, and brows. Of course, as you might already suspect, they also make exceptional cleaning tools around the house. I’ve recently used them to clean where my electric toothbrush comes apart, and it was the perfect fit for those tiny spaces. You can also use Q-tips Precision Tips to clean jewelry, electronics, appliances, window sills, molding, and more. Another fun and convenient use of these new tapered Q-tips is to use them for different arts and crafts projects, especially related to painting and gluing.

With so many possible uses, I highly recommend keeping at least one box of these Q-tips in your home. You may find even more uses for them beyond those that I’ve mentioned. If interested, you can find these handy helpers at your favorite mass market retail store or online at Amazon and other stores. For more information, be sure to check out Q-tips® Precision Tips™ on the Web.