Shark Week Nails

shark-week-nailsTo get into the Shark Week spirit, I created a themed manicure. Adding to the already over 470 species of this cartilaginous fish, please welcome the Great Fingernail Shark to the bunch. I decided to play with the ever-so-trendy accent nail and really make the shark ~*POP!*~

First, choose your shark color. I mixed a few different polishes to get the color I wanted since I didn’t have it on hand. Choose a more muted color for the rest of your nails. Mine is a bit of a mauve-y gray.

After painting your accent nail some shade of blue, create a mouth with a red triangle on the tip of the nail. Use a dotter tool or a toothpick to outline the mouth and create teeth once the red polish has dried.

To make the eye noticeable, I dotted some black on top of a larger dot of white. To finish the design, add gills beneath the eye.

To create a tidal wave nail, I first dotted the design with white polish to get an idea of the shape of the wave. I added additional dots in blue along with stripes in blue and white.

Voila! Enjoy the rest of Shark Week!

Pretty Nail Art Ideas

Painting Nails by PixelandsoulEvery woman should allow her nails to make a fashion statement by decorating them with pretty nail art ideas. Creating beautiful fingernail art designs can be achieved with only a little effort and patience.  You can create nail art designs that are perfect for that special occasion. Apart from accessorizing your wardrobe, the nail art ideas will also express your individuality and complement your personality. These designs range from subtle to simple to elegant, quirky or even bold. If you wish to get in the holiday mood, you need to allow your nails to be part of the celebration with one of the many designs.

One nail art that is common and a favorite for most women is the French nails design.  This nail art is admired both for its simplicity and the elegance that it exudes.  With the French manicure, the tip of your nail is painted with a white nail polish. Depending on your available budget, you can opt to try out the different variations of the French manicure. You have the option of either using the different materials available or nail coatings, such as nail acrylics, gel, or even air polish, all depending on your individual taste. Other French manicure designs come with flower decorations or cartoon character designs. Check online for the latest designs and decorations of French manicure designs.

It is now possible to keep up with the trends with fashion nails without emptying your paycheck. A spectacular manicure does not have to be complicated or even cost a fortune. The 3D nail design is a hot trend that will leave your nails looking glamorous. It is fun to experiment with different polish colors and different nail designs as often as you like. Alternatively you can allow the style that suits you best to be your signature look, though it is important that you match your nails with your outfit if you want to get noticed.

Some nail polish designs are definitely more beautiful than others. To come up with the best designs, you should go for a long-lasting nail polish. Though a little bit expensive, they are worth the cost because they are perfect for a woman who wants to be creative with designs; they go on smoother but still do not chip. It is a perfect idea to go for nail designs that are original. For example, at Christmastime, you can have your nails painted with a moon, star, and Christmas tree to tell it all. To make your nails striking at all times, you can get the best nail polish online. Here you may find your favorite right off the bat or have fun trying a few different types.


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2012 London Olympics Nail Ideas

Olympic nail artGet into the Olympic Spirit by donning your nails with themed nail art! The Olympics are full of colors, symbols, words, and flags that can be used for inspiration.

If you are painting your own nails, make sure you are able to do a decent job using either hand. If you are not ambidextrous (at least when it comes to painting nails), consider only doing a statement nail on each hand by having art on your ring finger.

Olympic Nail Art

Word Play: You could do the classic ‘London 2012’ to decorate your nails or sport something more team specific. Use the Olympic code of the country or countries you are rooting for (Ex. USA, GRB, CHN). Write any phrases your favorite Olympian uses for example Ryan Lochte’s ‘Jeah!’ If letters are difficult, try to limit what and how much you write. Stretch the phrase or number across your nails so you have enough space.

Patriotic Patterns: There are so many counties involved in the Olympics that you could have your pick for each finger and toe and still have leftovers! Mimic patterns or colors of your favorite uniforms or pick a country’s flag. Pick your top one, two, ten, twenty, what have you and decorate one or all of your nails with pride!

American Flag How To

Depending on what colors you have available, start with either a red or white base. Use a nail art pen, a fine polish brush, or toothpick to stripe your nail. Paint a ‘corner’ blue. Use a toothpick to dot the blue. If you have the confidence, try painting tiny stars.

Olympic Nail Art

The Rings: Accent one nail with all the rings or make a pattern out of them. One pattern idea is to paint overlapping semi-circles at the top of your nails leaving the rest of your nail blank.

Rings How To

Olympic nail art

Unless you have a fine tipped brush or pen, toothpicks can help you create the five circles. If you want the logo exact, leave spaces in the circles for the rings to loop.

Olympic Nail Art


If your polish is bold, for instance the black ring may not show other colors painted over it. Don’t get lost in the details though, I doubt many people will get close enough to your nails or be rude enough to comment on the inexactitude of the Olympic rings.


The Torch: The torch may be the easiest theme to paint. The shape is a simple elongated triangle and the flame can be any shape or style you want.

The Medals: Paint some medals on one or more fingers by creating a circle and painting a royal purple ribbon.

London Specifics: If you’d like to sport some London inspired nails, there are many options for your nails. Of course you can paint the flag and write whatever you’d like, but there are also more complicated ideas. If you want to take a challenge, try your hand at replicating the London Olympic Logo or some London Landmarks like Big Ben.

London Logo How To

I outlined the logo in black and filled in in with red polish. Make sure you plan the nail before you start so you have enough room to complete the logo. (I nearly ran out of room and the middle of the logo suffered a bit from that.)

Keep it Simple: Paint each nail a solid color, either to represent each of rings or the country you’d like to win. Another spin on this is to play with metallics with silver, gold, and bronze to represent the medals.

Olympic Nail Art

Don’t forget to use a top coat on all your nails to protect your art and to have long lasting wear!


Easy Manicure Ideas with an Irish Spin for St. Patrick’s Day

4leaf-clover-nail-designsHolidays give us a fun excuse to paint our nails and get all dolled up for the occasion. St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive holiday that brings together the Irish culture along with the spirit of drinking and socializing. Hues of green, gold, black, and silver tend to bedeck the bars and other social venues where people will gather to celebrate. Consider these easy manicure ideas with an Irish spin to help you create lovely St. Patrick’s Day nail art designs.

Before you get started, be sure to gather all of your manicure and pedicure supplies as needed. Try to have a few different nail polish colors to give you some flexibility in painting your Irish nail designs. You can also try nail art decals if you find Irish or St. Patty’s Day themed nail tattoos and decals.

Easy St. Patty’s Day Manicure
Perhaps the simplest of all is the basic green and silver or green and gold manicure. Paint your nails in a shade of green that you like. Consider hunter green, jungle green, mint, and teal as just a few options. You can add a gold or silver glitter top coat to seal in the green base coat.

Shattered Irish Manicure
Try these steps for a fun and easy Irish manicure using the shatter nail polish products.
1.    Paint your nails green or teal.
2.    Apply a shatter top coat in gold or silver to get a stunning manicure.
3.    Apply a clear top coat to seal and protect your Irish nail art.

Clover or Shamrock Nail Art Designs
Painting a clover or shamrock on your nails can be the perfect way to prep your fingers and toes for St. Patty’s Day weekend. Try these steps for an easy shamrock or four-leaf clover nail design.
1.    Paint your desired background color, even a light green.
2.    Paint a single dot of darker green nail polish.
3.    Paint a second dot next to the first.
4.    Paint a third dot below one of the other dots.
5.    Paint a fourth dot in the open space between the others.
6.    Add a thin line for a stem.
7.    Apply a clear top coat to seal and protect your Irish clover nail art designs.

Mini Lucky Charms Nail Art Designs
Take inspiration from the cereal with the leprechaun mascot! Paint a different lucky charm on each fingernail… a purple horseshoe, blue moon, pink heart, red balloon, yellow and orange pot of gold, green clover, and a colorful rainbow. For a more consistent look, paint all your nails with the same background color.

These are just a few suggestions for easy manicures to try for St. Patty’s Day weekend. You can also try to do St. Patty’s Day pedicures for a fun and festive look that keeps your toes and feet fresh for springtime. If you have other ideas for Irish themed nail art designs or easy manicure ideas for this festive holiday, please share them in our comments below.


Nail Art Designs for Any Occasion

When you wear nail art designs on your fingernails or toenails, it’s not always because you want to flaunt your glamorous and trendy style. This may be a part of the reason. But more than this, women have ways of rewarding themselves for a job well done at work or a whole week satisfying the needs of their husbands and kids. Putting some art on the fingernails is a simple pleasure and a relaxing experience for women. You’ll spend more of your spare time with your nails as you get to know various nail art designs achievable even by your own hands.

3D Nail Art Designs
One trend making a buzz in the nail art scene is a variety of 3D nail art designs. These nail accessories have a raised appearance and texture on your nails, adding more fun and elegance to your hands. Swarovski, rhinestones, sequins, 3D stickers, and dried flowers are some 3D nail accessories.

You can complement your long black gown by putting on glistening Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. You can highlight a funky appearance by applying 3D stickers of flowers and hearts, or build up a feminine side of you by putting on dried flowers for your nail art designs.

Fimo Nail Art Designs
Fimo canes are made of polymer clay in the forms of logs with a design on their core. When sliced into thin sheets, fimo slices makes charming and lovely nail accessories.

Fimo nail accessories can be purchased either as fimo canes or as fimo slices ready to apply on the nails. Fimo nail art designs mostly come in fruits, flowers, animals, or even pastries, and in attractive pastel or vivid colors.

Acrylic Nail Art Designs
If you’re looking for a more subtle look, you can resort to acrylic nail art designs. You may be the type who doesn’t want to overdo fashion. Given you already wear the best dress in your closet, a simple acrylic nail art design can blend well into your overall look.

You can experiment with acrylic nail paint. Put on some dots using a dotting tool or a toothpick, or achieve color swirls using a liner brush. You can do a lot of nail art designs simply by using your creativity. When you get more experienced, you can work with acrylic nail powder and liquid to create your own fake nails and nail extensions. You can also mix a style of acrylic nail art with the previous designs mentioned if your mood shifts to a more extravagant look.

Freehand Nail Art Designs
If you want every aspect of your appearance to be a creative expression of yourself, try the freehand nail art designs. No matter what mood you are in or how you want the world to perceive you at a given moment, you can show it through your fingernails.

A fine brush, nail paint, and a base color of nail polish will do in applying freehand designs, but you can be more creative with your nails with the aid of nail art kits. A kit normally has a striping brush, mini-liner brush, liner brush, and nail art brush. Some kits even include nail art pens, a dotting tool, and a nail art tray.

A good choice of base color won’t overpower your hand-painted nail art designs. Mix your freehand nail design with the rest of the nail art accessories to expand your creativity. You can also add a little texture by putting on some glitter, crushed seashells for nail art, or colored sand.

Whatever you want to do with your nails, keep in mind that this is a rewarding experience for you to conclude and start another busy week. As you practice your nail art designs from one month to the next, you should also notice your nail art skills improving.

Please share any nail art tips you like to use in our comments below!

Spring Flower Nail Design Tips

Spring Flower Nail Design SmallSpringtime is a wonderful time to give your nails extra special attention. You can create beautiful and unique flower nail at designs to welcome the warmer weather. Create lovely flowers in your favorite colors with these tips for spring flower nail art.

Flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors exist all around the world. Try these tips to create pretty flower nail art designs.

  • For a full flower, start your design in the center of the nail.
  • For a partial flower or a more elegant half flower, start your design on the edge of your nail.
  • Create a French manicure or pedicure and then add a flower design to a single nail. Use your favorite colors for the flower design on your nail.
  • Apply tiny nail rhinestones or gems for the center of the flower.
  • Use a medium tip nail art brush for the flower and a thinner brush or striper for the stem and and detail work.
  • For a two-tone flower nail design, dip one corner of the nail brush in one color and the other in your second color. When you paint, you will get two-tone petals.
  • Be sure to add a clear topcoat to protect your designs and help your spring flower manicure or pedicure last longer.

Spring Flower Nail Design Big

To get inspiration for your flower nails, first find the flower style you like best. You can browse the Web or pictures in magazines to find some ideas. Use a few of your favorite colors to create lily nails, hibiscus designs, daisies, and countless other kinds of pretty flower nail art.