Romantic Summer Hairstyles

Out with the cold, in with the humid! Warm weather brings us wonderful opportunities for things to do outside in the sunshine, but also sends us a few curve balls when it comes to keeping our appearance—and especially our hair—intact. Summertime often mixes up humidity in the air, intense thunderstorms, hot and sticky weather, and of course, salt and sea. Even the chlorine from swimming pools can take its toll on our locks, leaving hair dry and dull. Thankfully, a few simple tips can help you to still achieve sexy and romantic summer hairstyles no matter what the weather.

No matter what your hair color, you can find a perfect summer hairstyle to suit your mood and personality. Try these quick and easy tips to get gorgeous hair that looks great for any occasion this summer and beyond.

Volume All the Way
Girls with fine hair can especially appreciate this summer hairstyle tip for getting more volume and body in your hair. After your shower, gently towel off your hair a bit and then apply a golf ball sized amount of mousse to your hair, starting from the roots down. (I’ve been using Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse.) If you have it, apply some root boosting spray (My pick is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster.) Next, blow-dry your hair upside-down using the normal heat setting. Finish with a moment or two on the cool setting, and style as desired. Spritz with a light finishing spray to hold everything in place and enjoy your new-found body and volume!

Waves and Curls
We think it’s safe to say that waves and curls will be here to stay as far as romantic summer hairstyles go. No matter if you sport sexy red hair, black hair, blonde hair, or brown hair, a wavy or curly hairstyle can be just what you need to spice up your summer. Try a set of hot rollers to give your hair some shape and dimension. Add a sweet hair accessory like a bow or a romantic hairclip to enhance your look. You can also place a flower behind your ear for a true hint of exotic romance.

Sweet and Flowing
Face it, lots of guys love long and flowing hair that teases as it drifts in the breeze. Fight the urge to go with a ponytail for the sixth day in a row and go for a long, straight hairstyle. Bust out your flatiron if you need it, have your best hair products on hand, and take the needed steps to nail down a look that leaves you looking like you just stepped out of a fairy tale.

You may also benefit from a blow-drying technique that smoothes your air nicely as it dries. Towel-dry your hair for a few minutes first. Then, pin most of your hair atop your head. Starting at the back of your head, blow-dry sections of hair about two inches wide and not very thick. Use a round brush with a metal insert to curl the ends under or flip them out, if you like. Keep setting free small sections of hair to blow-dry until your entire head of hair is dried and smooth. This beautiful look should last fairly well, but consider spraying a touch of finishing spray if you think you’ll need it.

When all else fails, you can also twist your hair into a messy bun or toss it up into a ponytail. These looks make it easy to look great, whether you’re a mom on the go or a busy career woman hopping between conferences, trainings, and life in the fast lane. A fancy alligator hairclip can be a wonderful accessory for any woman and you’ll more than likely get your money’s worth if you choose one that you can wear for work or for play.

These are just a few ideas for fun and romantic summer hairstyles. What is your favorite hairdo to wear in the summertime? What do you think of these tips? Feel free to share your thoughts in our comments below.