Irish & Celtic Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding DressPicking the right wedding dress can be a very tricky affair. However, with the coming of the Internet, and Pinterest, things are easier than ever. The Celtic wedding dress presents a testament of individuality and passion on your wedding day. The bride can either choose a formal or informal dress. A Celtic wedding gown also carries a medieval, romantic aura that makes the bride feel like a princess in a fairyland. These gowns also offer a wide range of styles to consider. The bride can choose from minimalistic gowns, ball gowns, the flamboyant, detachable trains, or even the fuller, naturally flowing wedding gowns.

Another available option is the Irish crochet wedding dress. With this wedding dress, it is advisable that you order it way before the wedding day because it takes quite some time to get it ready. The bride who chooses this crochet wedding dress should be creative when it comes to accessorizing it. It is a good idea to get a crocheted veil and headpiece for that glamorous look. Irish wedding dresses come in a variety of designs and styles. The bride can either go for the cathedral length trains or the tea-length gowns.

A bride who loves Celtic traditions can incorporate them by looking through Celtic wedding dresses. This is a good way of adding flair to your wedding for a memorable occasion. These wedding dresses are much more vibrant and colorful than the traditional gown. They come in a variety of colors, like blues, greens, and reds. Your wedding will even be more colorful if you have the maids wear Celtic bridesmaid dresses. The Celtic dresses and gowns are the best choice if your wedding has an Irish theme. The dresses are stylish and elegant and a good way of honoring heritage.

Yet another unique wedding dress is the Irish lace wedding dress. Adorning your wedding gown with a handmade Irish lace is the best way of reflecting the Irish heritage in your gown. With the Celtic dress, you can embrace the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. This wedding dress can go well with Celtic jewelry, which is a perfect way of touching the Celtic flare. To complete the look, you can go for a Celtic ring, necklaces, and pendants, all available on the Internet or in specialty Celtic and Irish boutiques. A lovely Celtic or Irish wedding dress truly allows your sense of fashion to stand out on your wedding day.

Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding Ideas

Wedding CakePlanning your wedding on a holiday weekend definitely has its pros and cons, so be sure to give it some thought before you set your wedding date in stone. If you are interested in considering a Labor Day weekend wedding (or a Memorial Day weekend wedding, for that matter), be sure to keep these points in mind. If you decide to move forward with the wedding planning, here are some holiday weekend wedding ideas for you to consider.

In planning a Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend wedding, one thing to consider is that your guest attendance might be somewhat lacking due to folks being out of town or having other plans for the holiday. As long as you are comfortable in knowing this may impact the responses you get, you can keep moving forward with your wedding plans. The Memorial and Labor Day weekends also offer some benefits – such as guests being able to make it into a fun long weekend away and the flexibility you have to plan more events for your wedding during the extra weekend days. You can also plan your wedding on a Saturday or a Sunday since most people should have Monday off for the holiday.

Wedding CakeThe wide array of Memorial Day and Labor Day wedding ideas all comes back to whether you want to have a patriotic wedding or simply a wedding taking place over the long weekend. Here are some tips on planning both a long holiday weekend wedding and a patriotic wedding.

Top Ideas for a Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding

A Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend wedding can be a lot of fun for so many reasons. Consider these ideas for a holiday weekend wedding as well as a patriotic themed wedding.

Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend Wedding Tips

•Consider planning your wedding at a location where your guests may wish to make a long weekend stay out of it.

•Give some thought to having a brunch on the morning after the wedding and invite all of your guests who choose to stay overnight.

•Consider planning a few different events following your wedding and leave for your honeymoon on Tuesday or Wednesday instead.

•Put together a list of Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend activities for your guests who may be coming from out of town. They may like to have some options for things to do during the rest of the long weekend, if they choose to stay.

Patriotic Wedding Tips

•Coordinate your wedding flowers with the patriotic color scheme. Choose reds, whites, and blues in a variety of blossom shapes.

•Look at red or blue wedding shoes and a red or blue wedding garter to keep with the patriotic colors in your holiday weekend wedding.

•Consult with your baker to come up with a fun and patriotic wedding cake design, or choose a variety of creatively decorated wedding cupcakes.

•Choose table linens and other wedding decorations in a red, white, and blue color scheme.

•If you are feeling a bit funky, consider trying some Memorial Day or Labor Day beauty tips, like a bit of body glitter or a touch of blue mascara if you feel especially bold.

Another idea for a Labor Day or Memorial weekend wedding is to plan a destination wedding or a wedding out of town at a nice location you enjoy. Your family and friends can make a mini-vacation out of your wedding weekend. If you do choose a destination wedding, you can also get a jump start on your honeymoon.

Remember, many people plan vacations or other social events over the three-day weekends in the summertime. If possible, be sure to send out save-the-date cards to give your guests as much notice as possible so they will be more likely to attend your wedding.